The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Page 4
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PACK F THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, H. W. HAtNKS, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL f. KORB1S, Advertising Mnnnger .] (AUK.)' COURIEK NEWS Sole National Advertising Representatives-. Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New Yprk, Chicago. Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. Published Every AlU-rnoon Except Simclay Enlcred as second class matter at the post- office at Blj'thcvtlle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press . SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the Cily of Blyllieville, 15c fier week, or 65o per month. By innll, within (i radius of 50 miles, 53.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 1&c for three months; by mail In |xisla! zones two to sis inclusive, ?C,50 por year; In zones sei-cn nnd clulit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Voice of l\>fici>, Inlrtidva British stalc.smoti, clunked will) (lie conduct of the war, «rc bpsjinning lu liciir distant rinnblintjs Uml sotiiul distressingly like peace |>k';is. The British Labor party, iximin.-tll.v bt'liind (he 1 Chamberlain (rovernmcnCs war policy, is beginning to have xomi; qualms about ihc war. The iiarty has under consideration Hi Kcpitralc hilions for \vitb()raw;i| of .support. Tin: various will Ije detail cd at the Labor Parly's Whitsuntide conference Jlay 13. War leaders obviously arc disturbed. The hostility of the Labor parly would seriously menace Britain's home front. In (he meantime, other pacifist groups, emboldened by Ihc lengthy prelude to aclual wiu-1'iire, are becoming loo articulate for the novcniim.'iil to ignore. Chief among these groups i.s She Public Economy League, formed during (he World W a r t o promote sound economy. Us members argue Unit a long war might conceivably mean the defeat of llillerism nnd the prostration of an exhausted Germany, but that England, too, would be economically and morally bankrupt. On top or a;i this, II. G .Well.s, who still enjoys an appreciable British audience and who has been a constant critic of British war aims, has come to th cconclusion that the government is "grossly incompetent." Wells said Dial a recent British government, publication showed (hat "we are lighting- for the British empire and imperialism." "If this is tjio .sail!' we are lighting for," he said, "(hen it is foolish to right." The trouble i.s nol so much a conflict -wilh the Chamberlain government as with the fundamental principle' of war itself. While (he military has been getting up steam for the big offensive, the populace of Britain has had time to wonder whether it's a smart idea to have a war at all. The World War brought this cynicism and eventual disillusion, loo—but not until it was all over. This time it is cropping up before the war has .seriously begun. If looks hopeful for Ihe peace crowd. The people don't need lo go to war if they make it clear that they clon'l want lo. Finnish Spirit. Nol Cum//;em/ They're not moaning in l-'inhnul— they're buiklinjj. Instead of toji.suniiii}>- (licii- i^itcrKy in vitupci-ative against Sta- OUT OUR WAY PP lin and Ihc Soviets, Die Kiunn arc going to creel four new cities and provide homes for 500,000 persons forced lo abandon territory ceded to Russia, according to Alvar Aallo, noted Kinnish architect, recently arrived in (lie Unilcd Slates. What's more, (ho (rc- mendous building program m u s I be completed ho torn the cold sets in nexl fall. No defeatism (here. Von can'l lick a people with (hat kind of spirit. r .s Set. "\\'luil iiil|Kii-l,-i]tt |)r<ililcnih- do \n> I'MCC?" asked 700 young men altcniliiiK (lie coiivi-nlion of |'i Kappa Delta, tle- liatitiK soc-iely, in Knoxvillo, 'ruim. 'I'ltey jfot tlicir ;insww Iroin Ih-u dil'- I'urenl .source. 1 ;.Said ('resident Konsuvult: Making democracy work should h u the duel' consideration. Secretary of Slnle Cimloll Hull: 1) (; - \-('l(i|iiii(')il of n keen inlm'.st in j/ov- crninciil all'aii's. Senator fitirlon K. Whci'ltir: Uiieni- ployinent. Federal Sccnrily Adnjinislralor 1'ittil V. Mi-Null: iM;iink-i),-i]iri' of |i«u-e. I'lihltslief I'Vank 1C. (,'atinetl, (,'. 0. I'. preKidenliid candidate: Managing <ntr all'airs so well lhat every other nation will want to einnliilu our example. I'nt llioin loffcllior, and wu have; a rc;!l (irograni lo .shoot for. History Repeals Itself Ten years ago, (lie federal government undertook to count ils dli/.cns. No (|Uestions concerning incomes were asked in the I'.KH) census. No one wanted lo know how many times women of (he household had boon married. iVeverlheless, census enumerators ran into trouble. Many of them had difficulty getting the right answers, according to reports, because citizens didn't like to have their lives pried into. A New York man was arrested for answering the questions flippantly, lie countered by saying the whole Ihing was silly anyway. Sounds a little iainiliar, doesn't it'.' Learning the Hard Way Too many of us have lo learn things the hard way. Safely, for instance. We've go I to bu jolted good and hard before we really understand that accidents arc pretty horrible. We read about tragedies such as lhat of the 27 fruit pickers who were killed when a train smashed (heir (nick near McAllen, Tex. We nod sagely over .sound advice. We study statistics. But, too often, all these things aren't enough. We've got to see cars run together, heads cracked open, blood spilling before we're convinced. , A lot of catastrophe could be avoided if we just took the safely people's word for it lhat auto accidents are not pleasant. If everyone remembered the rules and loosed j, t a |jm c L . x ( r; , common .sense, (here wouldn't I H! ;l tiling for any motorist to worry about. I I'n-sonal appliculion mid individual lintm- | tire lire haste to economic ami social wcltare. —Oov. Julius p. licit ol Wisconsin. lnliM-ii :irr:mi: > l.nvi- ihrt-i- *; kl Itu'i -ll'I'K l,f tb.-ifiKliii/ril. lust III ISl [l.rlll. Tin. in.,, nrr Uik Slllfr n -linKIc, iilul flu- .V.irl IM 11- II.- >:I||H nil H..K-. All l* liljti tln-rf- liiMr:iil i.r S. •-, '' "•> <••', M( TUESDAY, APIUL 2, 0 SERIAL STORY K, 0, CAVALIER BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COPYRIGHT. 1940. lo j* lu- Hi.- I.M.IIi- U lilv III- :i ll:in illfs "The dears) I'm quite .sure you wouldn't part wilh one ol Ilicm lor a million dollars!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson AAUS/r HAVE A NEW TROUPE SEVENTH OF THE WORLD'S _ SURFACE. WHAT'S WROMG> C) WITH HIS EN&LISH f ,. Atolls l'<:s. I'CiiiS n singular noun, \alu-s o singular veil}, llic acoustics is hail in this place." How Ion; ilo evergreen trees keep Ilicir leaves'? ClfAPTKn IV STKVK 1IANSEN writ down (he slops, (hrce limo, a luiid Sivimlii ".'ill] Ifailiug in iijs \rako. i' just ;i liriof moment V;il felt ;is Dunifili i>;ir;ilyxc<l. TJien she llcw ;iflor Hanson, ;i Inimlrcd ls Ciicing through her head. Eddie C«v;i)icr ahoiiid HID "Noi-lh- em nolle" . . . sJuiDBhaicd by her ... no v/ojidor the Ihrcc victims had mil up such ;i leiTilit . And it must have been Cavalier \vho was blackjacked! fihe ciuitjlil »]) wilh llanspn just :is he started lo HO hckiw. "Steve," she Kayiied. "Steve, hcforc yon l:ilk to tliom, icll me . . . yon had Uiis Ihing all Jnimccl tor my rjenc- lil, didn't yon?" "Ot course, Matey, hut who'd ever dream these Ihvco eggs would happen along at jnst the right lime and right .spot. How was MacCregor to linow in that tiarkness?" He groaned. "Those throe guys Barney had lined up prob'ly didn't want 1o si^n on anyway, took their 10 bucks rach and got themselves oiled." She clutched his arm. "Steve . . . whal're you going lo do?" "Only one Ihing we c;in <lo, 1 and that's lake 'cm hack to Frisco and try to convince 'em (here's been a big mistake." ''Thai," .she murmured, "will kc an awful lot of talking. And Sieve, if we turn back now we won't be ahlc to get 01); again imtil movnins:— it then," she added meaningly. 'Toil authorities might wan! lo know why we lilt-nod hack. Anil our three friends below might cause us n lot of Iroul-j.; anil get us held tor iiivci-fifalion. We don't dfire lake Ihe chance, Sieve. That contract means too much. "I5e.McIe.s-, Sieve," she said slowly. "I've jitsl had LI wonderful idea." He siiorlcd. "Another one of your ideas-, ch. You'll be sinking the i-lijp nexl." ".Slci'o, I'm goinK down lo see Ihem wilh you. And Stcvie, do you have enough faith and confidence in me to ... to let me liamllo (bis situation? I mean il, Steve in u]\ i-eriousncfs. Take your cues from me." "Okay, honey. We're in it deep enouyh. Might as well KO deeper. Let's drop in on our quests." * t t j JANSKN opened Hie cabin door wilh liis master key ,-itid Ihey slopped inside. 'Well, if it isn't our rising young middleweight. Fancy mecl- iiiB you here, Mislei- Cavalier," V;d smiled. Kddic Cavalier Kot up from the bunk. His- handsome dark face clouded wilh iingor mid made Ihc »Rly welt above his eye stand ottl still more. H look him a full momcnl to 'MWiiizc her and ihen he let out howl. "Duffy . . . Dulfv, look who it is. That female" spoils writer! Whal'vc you gol lo do with till (his?" ^ She motioned him lo ho silent. "In due time," .she siiid coolly. •Perhaps we'd belter have some ntrodiiclions first. Captain Hau- "cn, meet Eddie Cavalier, his nitiDiiger, Dufly Kclso, and (he other t'cntleman, I believe, would >c his Iraiuer, Pop Grimes, or am ! mi.slakcnV" Hansen nodded lo all in turn. 3uffy Kclso yanked (he cigar from lis Icelh so he could have .freedom o£ action, lie was a lillle fellnw with a bristling mustache i ml .shoe-button eyes. "What's Ihe moaning of this?" ic shrilled. "Wlwil goes on? What he hell is (his? Who's rcsponsi- >lc? I'll have you locked up for ifc, you m'ralCEl" "'f;iko il easy, Duffy." Deliber- ilcly Val scaled herself in a chair. 'In the first place, Ihcrc'.s been ;i bii; mistake made but we'll have lo make Ihc most, of il." '•Mis I a Ice!" (he litlie man howled. "Tools, that's the only sensible thing you've ever .said in your life. You never did like us. You never did IIFIVC n good word to say about us in thai column of yuur's . . . you . . . V0 u ..." He spuUcrcd helplessly and V;il smiled benignly. "A question, piease. Just whnl were you gc-n- (ic-men doing on Ihal dock at llial time of Jii<;hl?" Ditn'y Kelso looked as though' lie would explode and it was Ihc li-iiincr who spoke up iiuiclly "V.'ell, lady, if it'll help clear up (Ins me.-.-.s, \ve been out doin' n litllc lishin' on Ihc bay. On our way back from Oakland our molor went dead on Hie lillle snccdboal we'd railed and we drifted around unlil dark when someone picked us up and towed us in. And (hat's where they han- pened lo drop us oft." "I sec." Dully Kolso, regaining his voice, glared at her. "1 don't know who's boss around here, but you'd hel- ler have your admiral friend (urn (Ins mud scow around and lake us hack to Frisco." "And what if we refuse?" Val inquired sweelly. » * » ])UFFY KEI.SO once again strangled over his attempts lo -alk and it was Cavalier who answered her. "You'd he cm j<|i 0 i ( 0 refuse. \\here you bound foe, anyhow?" "Prince Jiupert, lir/lish Columbia, ' she announced Quite calmly. "And you won't be bock for at least 12 days. I might inform you, also, lhat while on board you'll have lo earn vour keep. We're shorthandcd "and you'll have lo nil j n . However" s-he added, "you'll receive standard wages for your cfforls." Duffy Kelso's shriek almost .split the cabin walls. "You iviizy dame, you can! do that to us. We've gotta light in two weeks. Gel us off (his tub immediately or I'll murder you myself!" "Disregard the .sensitive gentleman on your left, Captain llansen. He becomes violent on the slightest provocation, lie's really harmless, however." "Quit clowning," Eddie Cavalier raid ominously. "Do we go back or not?" "The answer is 'not.' About your fight, if I recall correctly, you and Johnny Massini are mod-" ing lo see who gets a crack al (he champ. Right?" 'For (lie first lime hi your life —yes." "As much as I hate to say it, you ought to lake Miissini without loo much (rouble," i'hc said meditatively. "Look, lady . . . whal'ie yon driving at?" Duffy Kelso graied. You're killin'.me by inches. Why don'l you get it over with and cud my agony." "Okay, Duffy. Here il is," she said exultantly. "You'll be able to go Uii-ougli with your light wilh MaFsini, all right, but in so doing you're, going to give me the scoop of the year. You're going lo train for (hat fight right on board this i-hip and I'm going (o file my stories by ship's radio every day." "Yowee! What a setup," she chortled. "The more I think of it (he greater Ihc idea sounds. What a story this'll make! What a slory!" (To He Continued) R5GS-3T OR WRONG ABOUT PEOPLE Loud Ciollies |, Us Noise of TyrannosHiirus' '" r ""-' """'-""H'" »"'i aiiisi'.ior ise II , £ ,. i mri;:nilifd to; the picture Harvard, illppilKC AllSWCr j lie fays \\ K > Uic vocnl OI-RUHS „- „ - — ! '•'' preltistm-ic moiiKleis diil nol HOfalON <UI>i--A Hosldn Uni-I t.-ssilue wlun, their s-kelelons dirt vei-sily prolc-ssor has B iv,-n Holly- ; and ih.-,l it is therefore imi^Mblu voiul an answer 10 il> i-nil;lvni ol - (o dnmuinr sounds liie anl- wlial noises a Tyruiinosiiim;, aurt i nuds -.vinii \ m >\;» He K'vs lunv- Dunctroiion made vv It«- n thoy , ever, lhat nui.i-liutlcs snal-cs and ro»iiicil Ihc i-arlli in piviiKioiic j.illii;iH(ir;, ;l ,,- !h c nearest np- '"""• liroach io •!\r.,nnosa;irtis and Ui- Producer Hal Koacl;, ,J for • nii-;i-i;di>n.s in nnr tivilizallon. .the intoniiation in conua-lion I with n picliin. lie is -luiS-.iiv: Prol. Y ( ,u M-r :i ( ,p t -oxiinalelv I'JDO "- 1 ™- ™ '" IU1 lhc VEH, ITS SO WARM THAT I'LL HAVE TO PUT MVCLO'ES BAG 1C OMTO BE COOLER..' ARE MAP£- MOT By J. K. Williams OUK HOAiJDINC 3IOUSI-; ^ GREW HEAV£NS,TIFFAMY/— f —" " *~ ,"— ~~~ '— "^"*"""—^~" ^\f ^^^'GR Oi'SlNf^-tuj f-([ivi __ JOVEJWiG&SA—WOW GlWLLWL- COPEJ PRETTY SCOU OR HEU COME WiTI-lThlAT JUVENILE VAMOAU? 1 •=<$•>UP Win! ^CMc SWLSOOERTOIMSTITIJTE PHYSICAL POMlTNeSC IDF.=, |>= DC WSA9URES J BUT <5a«ETHlls!& MUST pt PONE <\ TH^ Al' : OD'E WEST ' ^TOCURB LEADER'S HOTTEMTOTTE^VENClES.' l^-^--..—.'^^^ \ ^ ••^•/£&W,' ~J&^ liy DON'AMl A. I.AIKD I'll. I).. Sci. I). There is ii streak ot the-barbarian in U.S. so liir as -jolors and clothe--, 30. W:> are sirongly drawn to orinlit colors and fliislty clothes. Tnis m: S ht be called a suppressed lmr;iu • in thousands of in-rsons ivlio do ,:ot hnvc the iiiTvi- (o wear (he noisv clothes llu-v .sccrclly like. Tiic Ir.-ir ihi!i it vvill make p«>j)b dislike Uiem deu-is many Hum \vcuriin; Hie colorful cloine-s [m which liicv long, 'iins is no! \KA\-- i-.-intrd, hoMVi'i. ior studies have .•nown that cl;itln>s have s-.-ari.Tly ;i thing to ilo vfitli popularity. Clcuuvs are iniiHuUnu, of course, u Keep in tlie .swim ol tin. ;s: hut our popularity depends p.i nn.uiiv on n.s. nol on our dollies. "inn-t- arc nvo ivjx-; oi iii'r.,un.-> vvlu> smmld avuid joiKl or cojuniti .-lollies, n iln-y aic 10 make tnc -cst iill-artKutil impression. ,\;u- .licit (.iiavc.s Kyan points <nn in '!-T bock "Voiir domes ana i'cr- l-:il iicippli- or very lull people HIT mude in lii-cm ail tnc more ! way ;l they dci-K ln>-m dill I.I tmhy U, 3S . A:u) iii [lit- otncr extreme, eoa- | Aniiotincctnenls; Tctc Courier NCAS has been Un • mally auitutmivl to announce inc Kiilowlli!; < amiuiai-lc.s (or oil ice snj- cci to ino .ii.-t.on ol Inc L>CIIU>*I,U;I, in ami < i.iu'cti It AM-: JACKbOA I IJlHllv Tl O.IMIIAT K. (,. 'liiUA'l ' I-or .iiroiKl 'termi JAf.K )'l.M,l;V UUBINSON uiil; ami 1-run.vlt- Vll-ik 1. W. I'Oll'tU 'I'm Jjoromi tciin' <'ir<»i( Court Clerk 1IAHVEY MORK1H il-or SictonU 'let-nu | tpleiioii.sly shori pjopie are made : even more conspicuously short if i they climb insiils loud clothes. | Interestingly cnoujli. Hie urge (o wear lou;l eloliies has been found 115- psychoanalysts ( 0 be amonj, (i , osc wno ., rc : w. Mtivc about (h:'ir sltorlncss— int- very thins which is made more prominent ( 0 Uu , cvcs o) |ollu-i-:, i, y i.,,iinn,.ss. Aiwilhcr in- stance when- the cure Ls as bad I as UR- discs!,,. I'ur Ih." !:i,-at nnjority of us. their is no i-,-: ( ..on to fear Ihc el- Icct ii[ color iinil imtK-rn of our on h n ,,v others take lo us Hero is one case whurc we ra:i , salely let ourselves go mul do V what we have wanted to these ntniiy years. Someone may ar;k. "But what will others think?"'Well, they will probably Ihink, "Thai is what 1 have always wanted lo wear but, lacked the courage!" The original Amsriciuis daubed themselves with bright paints and bedecked their bodies with loiitl patterns in beads. Today, the cosmetics and textiles are better, but most of us are still original Americans at heart. N'K.VT: Win-re. Ilavi: the Old Maiils <;oue? N'ap h'ufc mi Third Kail SAN RAFAEL, Cai. (UI'J-James Calahiu), poohhoos al thr lethal ^IniiKers of touching the livid rail of electric railways. !le v.< nt lo sleep on one with lus now .square on Ihc third rail. :>olice Ollicet Louts Dallara look him to Die hospital where the e\am:niii'- doctor found (lie nose bruised, evidences of "a few too many aboard." Inu. liO trace of electric shock. Road Courier News T/aut Ads. 0 HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyris Lewis UepiTscnlnlivc il-or lite seal now licid by \V'(x>.lrou- Hiutoni J. Uiii 13EAKUEN I'oriiidi uim iii-];t DV ri'.MiB Williams MiANK WlLMAMo | l-'or Se.'onfl Tci'tin il-'or now ituiil oy ij. H. Atilty) L. II. AUTHY il-'or Second Term) I-'liANK I). .^s^e.ssor W. W. ifiUDUV) WATSON iFor Second Term) °ja^fS** fes^-.'c. _^v= sj,- '_'0-<r ' ion nut IT m« invict. IMC. T. M tic u i r»r Cf "Hey, (Ins, llic.v're shooting (iropayaiulii liack ;it \ts!"

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