Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1937 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 16, 1937
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, J f ^ Three Days of Community Entertainment-Southwest Arkansas Merchants & Farmers Fair, in Hope October 21-22-23. i," w m %3 ' ' ! 5s fl Bread »ln by The Editor H Washburn Armed Neutrality Hope Star O N Monday the voters of Arkansas will go to the polls to elect H United States senator. It is the individual duly of every citizen to vole. It is our collective duty to sec that the election is fair and honest. When these two duties are performed the fnte of a self- governing nation is reasonably secure, The iSlar has been editorially silent in this campaign — and that is no accident. Whenever a newspaper finds that the people are paying undue attention to its political views it is a good time for the editor to talk about something else. The first duly of n paper is to present nil the news — and to present both sides of n controversy ct|unlly and fairly. We have done so our whole llfo. There are occasions when Bn editor considers himself justified in emphasizing his personal views --without apology— but much of (he time n newspaper finds itself in danger of being embroiled in political disputes where it can not see tho issue clearly, and so remains silent— nlso without npology. Tliis is a community newspaper, owned by this writer and accountable to no one. Wo haven't nny interest in political personalities. Patronage is forbidden to anyone connected with the newspaper. We fight only on general issues --and when these arc sadly tangled on both sides there is nothing a newspaper can offer in the way of public advice. '['here are some papers, of course, that rubber-stamp "yes" for this candidate or that candidate — but you never read a rubber-stamp "yes" for any man in this paper. It is harder to slay out of a fiRht than to get into one — but The .'.tar, now and always, refuses to lake sides without an honest conviction. Your editor was away when Senator Joe Robinson died. I was with my brother-in-law from Japan, when we saw the headline in a New York paper. 1 said: "Hell broke loose in Arkansas this morning." It's still burning— bul it's one fire I simply never was able to get to. 34 Men Killed in a Gas Blast Deep in Alabama Mine Bodies Brought to Surface Five Hours After Tunnel Tragedy NEAR BIRMINGHAM Victims Equally Divided Between Negroes and White Men BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-i/Tt-A terrific explosion killed .'*•! men Saturday at tho Mulga coal mine. IS miles west of here in an isolated mountainous region. Tile bodies were brought to the surface at f>:-4. r > a in., approximately five hours after the blast had rocked a wide area near the mine. More than 500 persons Mooc) frozen with horror fit the mine entrance as the mangled victims were brought out. The blast was blamed on coal gas by Fire Marshall Sam Williams. R, M. Marshall, vice-president of the Woodward Iron company, which operates the Mulf!/i mine, said the victims were about equally divided between negroes and whites. Accuse Rich Pair of Evading Taxes Government Says They Incorporated World's' 7 '*" Largest Ya«ht, WASHINGTON. -</l')~Thc government made a forma! charge of tax fraud Friday against a couple recently accused by n Treasury official of incorporating Ihcir $2,000,000 ynchl, the Savarona. in an efforl to reduce tax payments. John P. Wenchel, chief lawyer of (he Internal Revenue Bureau, made the charge against Emily U. Cadwaliider and her husband, Richard M. Cadwaladcr Jr., of Fort Washington. Pa. The C.idwaladers had contested before the Board of Tax Appeals a $157,57 deliciency assessment levied by the Revenue Bureau on their 1932 income. They alleged the bureau had given "no roc'is.m or gmunds" for including a 50 per cent penally in the assessment. Replying lo their request that the board reilcleriiiine their tax liability, Wem-liel .submitted a brief contending that ti.e ample filed a "false and fraudulent' joint income tax return for l'M2. The brief said "part of the deficiency asserted for said year is attributable to fraud, all with intenl lu evade lax." In the recent congressional tax investigation, Arthur H. Kent, assistant Treasury general counsel, asserted the couple had incorporated their yacht in an efforl to reduce tax payments, Kent said the •llU-fiKit vessel, reputed largest private- yacht in the world, had been built in tiernuiiiy in 1931, but never brought into American waters, When American-owned yachts built in fuix'i&n countries are brought WEATHER. Arkansas—.Qcccuiioiutl raim Saturd ay night and Sunday; warmer Saturday niyht. VOLUME 38—NUMBER 316 HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16,1937 PRICE 6c CfOPY ITALY TO QUIT -fr Rousing Reception Is Planned for Bobcats here, Kent said, a lit) per cent mu.sl ho p.nil. duty Catholic Church Not Pro-Japanese Vatican Brands as False Published Reports in United States VATICAN CITY.-</h-Tho Vatican semi-official news service published Friday an official denial of assertions by private Vatican sources that instructions had gone to missionaries in the Far East regarding their conduct in the conflict between China and Japan. The nows service .said: "News hati been distributed in America and published under sensational headlines lhal the Vatican souks to abet the fight against Communism in Japanese favor. Inslrurlion.s lo this effect are said lo have been issued to representatives of the Holy See in the Far Ku.-,t. Both pieces of news are absolutely false.' -•»»*»- - - Game Official Suggests Red Press for Hunters DENVER. 1/1V To make deer hunters poor targets-, li O. Parvin, .state game conimi.ssnner. suggests they wear red capes and huts "Last year we had only three fatalities among 1G.OOO ileer hunters but tln.s year we would like to get by without accidents," says Parvin. "And if hunters must drink strong liquor, Ihey should do so moderately," he added, "LHjuor ami bullel.s do not mix County Teachers to Meet Oct. 23 White Teahers' Session at < •" • 'City -Hall^-Negroes' at Yerger There will be a business session of the Hempstcad County Teachers Institute at Hope cily hall Saturday, October 23, at 10 o'clock. The meeting for negro teachers will be held at Yerger School at 1:30. 'Delegates to the Council of Education will be .selected and other business matters pertaining to the Arkansas Education association will be discussed. The teacher retirement law will be explained. Every teacher in the county is expected to be present and all friends of education are invited. Lindbergh Retains U. S. Citizenship Colonel Accepts Renewal of Commission in Air Corps ASHINGTON.—l/P;-Coloncl Charles WASHINGTON. — (/I') - Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh has accepted a renewal of his commission in the American Army Air Corps reserve. This action, which became known at the Department of War Saturday, is believed to have set definitely nt resl reports thai Iho noted aviator may relinquish his American citizenship and become a British subject. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct .social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below; 1, When one is invited to a holiday dinner is he usually expected to stay longer afterward than the prescribed half hour after an ordinary dinner? 2. Is il all right for Ihe hosless to give the host directions while ho carves at table? 3. Is she responsible for carrying the burden of conversalion while he carves? 4, If Ihe ho.sl is short of stature is it all right for him to sUind while he carves? • 5. With a large fowl should the meal be carved from Ihe thigh bone before serving? What would you dt> If— You were carving a turkey at table and wished to know the guest's choice of pieces? Ask— la) "What kind of meat do you like?" (b) "Do you prefer light or dark moat?" (ci "Which piece do you want?" Answers 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. . Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(b). (Cop.vri/'hl. 10,17, NEA Service, Inc.) Locals Win Over Heavier Jonesboro Hurricane by 38-20 Hope's Fifth Victory of Year, and Second Conference Triumph UNBEATEN IN STATE Hope Band and Fans Greet Team on Return From Foreign Wars A rousing demonstration for the victorious Hope High School football team is planned when the team arrives in Hope Saturday afternoon from Jonesboro. The demonstration will be led by the Hope Boys band. The 'il players of the Hope team and ,) Coach Foy Hammons arc due to arrive here at 2 p. m. They left Jonesboro at 6:30 a. m. Saturday aboard a Tri- State bus. A versatile offensive attack carried the Hope team to its fifth victory of the year over Jonesboro High School Friday night al Jonesboro. The score, Hope 38, Jonesboro 20. Second Conference Win II also was Hope's second conference win of the year, the Bobcats previously defeated Benton High School, 20 to 0. Hope's victory over Jonesboro enabled -the Bobcats* to remain undefeated in Arkansas. Hope plays Nashville here next Friday, October 22. Hope struck with power in the opening quarters, marching more than 50 yards on a sustained drive to score within four minutes after the kickoff. Vasco Bright, Hope's quarterback, swept around end from the 18-yard line lo score the first touchdown. Bright scored again in the second period, and the half ended with Hope out in front by a score of M to 0. Both teams marched up and down the field in Ihe last half, Hope scoring four more times and Jonesboro scoring three touchdowns. Touchdowns scored by Hope were: Bright two, Masters, Eason, Stone and Ramsey one each. The longest run of the game was made by Tillery, Jonesboro halfback who got loose for 7(i yards. Hope made 21 first downs to 15 for Jonesboro. A play-by-play account of the game was received by telegraph here and relayed to Hope city hall auditorium whore a large number of fans gathered. The play-by-play was sponsored by Young Busincs Men's association, with Hope Star sharing the cost. Hero is Ihe way the game was handled. Earle Little expert Western Union telegrapher, was seated in the Jonesboro stadium. He sent play-by-plaj by Ihe Morse code, aided by Dean Parsons as spotter, the messages being typewritten by another expert receiver, W. E. Briggs. The messages then were telephoned by A. D, <Doe) Brannan lo Leo Robins al Hope city hall. 'Robins, through a loud .speaker, announced the game to the audience. Tile account of the game was well received. Play by Play Slone kicks to Tilley on Jonesboro 5 he returns to his own 30. Parson and Ramsey stopped him. Osmcnl went off lefl tackle no gain, stopped by Stone. Tilley went around right end for 5 yards, stopped by Eason. Alexander was stopped at the line of scrimmage by Eason for no gain. Tilley punted a high poor punt was downed by McCarty of Jonesboro on Jonesboro 48 yard line. Bright off left tackle for six. Hope's ball second and \ on Jonesboro 42 Aslin picked up 2 at center. On the next play Bright was stopped at the line of tackle bul Jonesboro was offside, penalized 5 yards. Bright goes through center for 4 yards, stopped by Whidden. Bright sliped off left tackle and side stepped three tackier;* and was finally downed by Drehor on the Jonesboro 20. Hope's ball, first and 10 to go. Eason off left tackle for 4 yards, stopped by Carey. Bright over right guard for no gain, slopped by Drcher. A pass Bright intended for Reese was high and incomplete. Bright goes around lefl end and went over for a touchdown with out a hand being laid on him. Score, Hope 0, Jonesboro 0. Parson's kick was perfect. Score Hope 7, Jonesboro 0. Stone kicks lo Alexander on Jonesboro 10. He returns to his 3!) before i,tone finally downed him. Alexander oft left guard for no gain. Stopped by Parsons. Alexander tried right tackle, stopped for no gain by Quimby. A pass, Tilley to Osmenl was completed for u first dowji on Hope's 48 yard line. Osinent goes over left guard for a first (Continued on Page Six) Quimby Shines for 1937 Cats in Dick Moore's Old Position —Photo by Hope Star Grady Quimby, Left Tackle Precinct Officials—Report Total to Star on Monday This notice is for all election officials in Hempstead county— As soon as your box is tabulated in Monday's election please telephone the totals to Hope Star, phone 768 Hope. Two telephone lines will bo available on the same number, 768, Monday night, to expedile the returns. If the call takes a long-distance charge The Star will pay for it. Simply call "Hope 76S collect." If you can't reach a telephone please semi someone to town as quickly as possible. REPORT ONLY COMPLETE TOTALS-NO PARTIAL RETURNS. In Nevada county the returns arc being compiled as usual at Prescott. Nevada precinct officials should report to Prescott—but collect telephone calls will be received by The Star from Nevada points also and relayed back to Prescott. Archie Johnson's Prescott Daily News will furnish Nevada returns to Hope Star, and in return The Star will supply Prescott with stale returns from the Associated Press election wire. The Star will have complete state returns available in Hope Monday night—and will issue an election exlia as usual about midnight, or earlier if the senatorial race appears to be decided. All mail subscribers will be .served with the election extra. Balanced Budget President's Aim So Says Kennedy, Still Critical of Business Surplus Tax HYDE PARK, N. Y.—(/P)—Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy of the Federal Mar-time Commission said after a long conference with President Roosevel' Friday that the hitter's primary ami in domestic affairs was a balanced budget. Kennedy said he discussed governmental fiscal affairs with the president, along with a survey of merchani marine problems. "That really is the thing be wants to do most—balance the budget," he said, adding: "I think he has a very, ver> good chance of doing it." Kennedy predicted the Marlimo Commission survey would result m some policy recommendations to the special session of Congress regarding federal attempts to build up an adequate merchant marine. Asked for comment on the stock market drop, Kennedy, who is a for- ffier chairman of the Federal Securi- Baptist Meet to Be Held in Hope Hope Association Ends 1937 Session South of Texarkana (Continued on Page. Three) The Hope Baplisl association concluded its meeting Friday at the Harmony Grove Baptist church .our miles south of Texarkana. One of the last acts of the assocation was the decision to meet for the 1938 session at the First Baptist church in Hope. This will be a two-day meeting. Thursday and Friday following the second Sunday of next Ovtober. The attendance at this year's meeting was the largest which has been enjoyed for many years. The following attended from the Hope church: The Rev. and Mrs. . R Hamilton, Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Camion. Dr. W. R. Alexander. A. C. Erwm Mrs. foil Bowden, Mrs. J. L. Lewis. Mrs. J. A. Embree, Mrs. F. L. Padgitl. Mrs. Anna Duffie, Mrs. W. R. Chandler, Mrs. A. C. Kolb, Mrs. Charles Routon, Jr.. Miss Marianna Hutson, Miss Alvorne Schciolcy, Miss Isabel Sehnoloy. Auto Races, Aerial Show to Wind Up Fair Week Here Fair Program October 21-23 Extended Through Sunday, 24th PREMIU"MS"IN CASH Cash Premiums Placed in Escrow at Ctizens Bank Here Some of the best dirt-track automobile race drivers of the South have been booked for performances at the Merchants Se. Farmers Fair to be held in Hope October 21-24. Among the two ace drivers are Rex Whitfield of Shreveport and "Suicide" Collins. These two drivers have met at state fairs in Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and other southern states. They are only two out of a possible nine automobile race drivers. Five speed demons have definitely been signed to contracts, it was announced Saturday by Curley Young of Hope, race and airplane manager of the fair. Cars Here Thursday Tho race cars, factory made, will begin arriving in Hope next Thursday. They will be put on exhibition in Cash-Prizes-Escrowed at Citizens Bank Here Of the total of ?300 in prizes being offered at the Merchants & Farmers Fair, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce at the Fair grounds in Hope October 21-23, cash awards are $55.50, and the balance in merchandising prizes offered by various local establishments. All of the cash awards have been placed in escrow at Citizens National bank , which guarantees prompt payment of all cash prize claims presented to the Fair management at the conclusion of the show. Hope Star holds the following letter from Citizens National Bank: Captain Happy Harris Hope, Ark. Dear Captain Harris: We acknowledge receipt of the sum of 555.50 deposited by you to be held in escrow by use for the purpose of guaranteeing the payment of the cash prizes to be given away at the Fair to be held in Hope Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 21, 22, 23, 1937. Yours truly C. C. SPRAGIN3, Cashier Citizens National Bank Oct. 16, 1937 Hope, Ark. show windows before being moved to the race track. There will be five or possibly seven races, promising three hours of thrilling entertainment. Any professional driver wishing to compete against the drivers already booked may do so by contacting Mr. Young, who himself will drive a speeding automobile through a flaming board wall at the Fair Ground. Several auto stunt acts will be given by Young and Captain Happy Harris in connection with the auto races. Air Show Also The automobile racing and aerial show will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 24. Five of the newest type planes have been contracted for, including a tri-motor stunt plane lhal was used at the World's Fair in Chicago. The aerial show will be staged over the fair grounds, which will include various stunts by dare-devil pilots and a parachute jump. Two or more automobiles will be stationed at the fair ground to transport persons to and from the air purl' whu wish to take airplane rides. Persons taking plane rides will be photographed free of charge. Two automobiles equipped with loud sj-*akers started a tour Saturday of four counties, advertising the fair. If you pick up a phone in London and it smells like a hospital operating room, you'll know the phone cleaners have just called. They're very sanitary abort telephones in London. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. - (A>\ — December cotton opened Saturday at 8.39 and closed at 8.38-39. Spot colton closed steady four points higher, middling K.::S. Bulletins FRESNO, Calif.—(/P)—A wind- whipped fire destroyed eight buildings, injured three firemen and caused $100,000 damage here Saturday. HAGUE, Netherlands.— (/PI— Five persons were killed Saturday In the second scrieus crash of Dutch naval planes in the East Indies within three days. The accident occurred near the island of Bnnda. SLIPPERY BOCK, Pa.— (JP>— One hundred and slxfy-seven co-eds escaped safely in scantay attire Saturday from a fire which swept the historic North Hall campus of Slippery Rock college. Damage was estimated at $400,000. CINCINNATI, Ohio — OP) — Ths.. Rt. Rev. Henry Saint George Tucker, of Richmond, bishop of Virginia, was elected presiding bishop of the Prolestaut Episcopal church Saturday. JERUSALEM, Palestine — (£>) — The grand mufti of Jerusalem slipped out of Palestine Friday night, fleeing (o the Lcdancsc republic aboard a sailboat as British authorities tightened their control over Moslem activities in a determined effort to suppress terrorism in the Holy laud. CHICAGO—(/P)—Detectives hunt- Ing the kidnaped Charles S. Ross hurried to a brick yard in suburban Schiller park Saturday after receiving reports that a body might be submerged uv a deep- pool 6f water there. DJENVER, Colo. — (/P)— George Harrison, chairman of the American Federation of Labor peace committee, said Saturday "We'll be there" when (old of the latest CIO peace proposal calling for a conference in Washington October 25. Doctor and Wife Killed^ Youth Police Say High School Lad Took Bodies on Long Tour NORTH ARLINGTON, N, jr.—(/P)— Tho bodies of an elderly physician and hsi wife, bealen lo dealh with a hammer in Maine several days ago, and then driven leisurely through the New England states by a high school youth, Prosecutor John H. Bresling said, were found Saturday in a parked automobile. Paul Dwyer, 18, South Paris, Maine, who stopped the machine here to get some sleep, confessed the double-slaying, Bresling announced. The victims were identified by police as Dr. John Littlefield, 65, and his wife, Lydtii, C4, also of South Paris. Chief of Police George Shippe said Dwyer told him he killed Litllefield after the latter "made a crack about my girl," and then slow his wife after she became suspicious over her husband's disappearance. One of the first theaters in Natchez, Miss., built about 1828, was constructed over a graveyard. \ 1. Histories might differ, but who were the REAL leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition? 2. Cannibas, Marijuana, and Hashish are: cities in South America; narcotics; Japanese delicacies; noted Chinese .statesmen. 3. Does the city of Tokio lie north of the city of Rome? 4. Three cats caught three mice in three days. Working just as industriously, how long will it take one cat to c.'iU'h t\vo mice? 5. Here's a memory test. Read it only once. As Jack and Jill walked up the hill they saw n hawk swoop down, grasp a gopher in its talons and fly away. This frightened the children so they jumped back, almost stepping on a cottontail hiding in tho brush. Just then an owl cm the fence slowly blinked one eye, while three larks started skyward, each with u worm in its beak. Jack and Jill, forgetting the pail of water they came to get, ran home to tell their mother all they had seen. How many living creatures are mentioned? AH'Avei 1 '-. r.u (T.v : .Mfii>il 1'ajji? But Count Grandi Asks Withdrawal From Both Sides Italians Make Concession to Demand of French and British U. S. JOINS PARLEY Chinese Put Up Strong Resistance to Japs in North By the Associated Press Italy agreed Saturday to "partial withdrawal of a certain number of volunteers" from the Spanish vicil war. This concession to Franco-British, demands came from . Count Dino Grandi, Italian delegate, at the opening session of the subcommittee of the 27-power non-intervention commit* tee in London. Count Grandi specified that the withdrawals must be in "equal quantities from both sides." U. S. to Attend Parley WASHINGTON -0P)- The United 1 States formally accepted Saturday the invitatio nto participate in the nine- power treaty conference over the Far Eastern crisis at Brussels October 30. . The United States designated Norman Davis as head of its delegation. War in Far East " At Shanghai, Japanese authorities- claimed Saturday that the Chinese are using poison gas. • , The Chinese denied this. Reports from North China said the Chinese were making a spirited defense against Japanese who are marching southward toward Tsinan, captain of Shantung province. Reports from the Spanish war told of the insurgents pressing steadily toward Gijon in their drive to conquer Asturias province in northwest Spain. Patience Wearing Thin LONDON, Eng.—(/Ph-Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden Friday night demanded swift and honest action to end the danger that Spain may bring Europe to war, speaking at an obscure political rally in Llandudno, Wales, on the eve of tomorrow's Non-intervention SuSbcommittee meting in London. Eden said that Britain and France stood together to insure that the Nonintervention Committee's efforts to get volunteers out of Spain will be successful and added that any nation which obstructed the committee's work would have to suffer French and British displeasure. That Britain has not intervened in Spain with soldiers, he said, does not mean that Britain is indiferent to the fate of Spain. "A clear distinction must be made between non-intervention in what is purely a Spanish affair and non-in- trevention where British interests are at stake, he said. Italy Can't Have Spain The strong address carried an unmistakable warning to Italy that British patience is "well night" exhausted over "proclaimed intervention," Eden condemned "glorification of breaches of the (non-intervention) agreement" and indicated Italy will meet resistance if she hopes for permanent domina» tion of Spain. He recalled the Duke of Wellington's 100-year-old dictum that "there is no country in European affairs of which foreigners can interfere with so little advantage as in Spain." He echoed Prime Minister "Neville Chamberlain's recent statement weU coming President Roosevelt's Chicago peace address. He said that Britain will go to a nine-power meeting at Brussels on the Chinese situation pre» pared to "co-operate heartily with those who go there to work in the spirit" of the declaration by "the president of the most powerful republic in the world." Takes Slap at Dictator Indirectly he condemned Italy's declaration that she would not tolerate a Bolshevist Spain. "We have said more than once that we in this country have no concern With forms of governments in foreign, states." he asserted. "That is perfectly true and remains true as long as it 14 a general practice, that is, so long as foreign states as a whole observe thi» practice; but toleration must be gen* oral, and if we have no intention to seek to make all states in Europe denit ocracies, so others should not seek to make all stales in Europe it her Fascist or Communist," '$S >M v :l English film producers made their first big bid for Hollywood starts

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