Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1934
Page 4
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A - ' % , ^ - 7 l A Philosopher Martyr HO1UXOXT.U, I Who was Answer to rrovlons I'li/.xte t.rftt martyr? " 8 Itis home city was - . 13 Reeling rtevico. MTo prevent. ISKscept. l7Tt> free. 19 Snaky fish. 20 Tree having tough wood. 22 Like. 23 Point of dura- lion. 25 Southeast. .26 Pedal digit. 27 Provided. S3 To eject. ol Company. 32 To sound as a bell. 3l.VcntiIat.ing machine. .3$ Fabulous bird. 36 Stream. 37 Natural power. 3STo fly. 40 South Carolina. 41 A rib. 42 One who imitates. 45 Lacerates. 4 7 Tea. •to Parts of plants below ground. 51 Eucharist ve.sscl. 52 N'ative Indian nurses. M Ore launder. 55 Native metal. 36 Measure ot area. 57 Model. 51? Uolf teacher. 61 He tried to make a universal law poverning conduct. 62 He preached to the . VBRTIC.AT, 2 Musical composition* 3 Pussy. ^ 4 Railroad. 5 Ragle's nest. 6 To decorate. 7 Therefore. ^ S Farewell! f 0 Sesame. ,Sk 10 Laughter «? found. 11 Greek letter. 12 Promontory. 15 To exist. 16 He was a ——• philosopher. 18 He was branded as the to* ot th« . 21 And was sentenced to di* by the cup ot 23 Small child 24 Morsel. 26 Baking di»h. 25 Because. J 30 Insane. ^ 31 Outer garment. 33 Circular wall. 35 Rough exterior ot bark. SSRait (bird). t 39.Tumuituouf u disturbance, i. 41 Carved gem. • 42 Corkwood tret. 43 Mister. 4\ Aquatic rodent, 46 To merit. 4S To suspend. I 50 Gull. 52 Form of "be." 53 Senior. 53 All Tight. "** 56 Morindin dye. 58 Pronoun." 60 Giant king ot Bashan. -When we are awake, our blood pressure is 20 points higher than when we are asleep. Sell It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy It! 1 in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, UM .quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines -in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. f2.ft - (Average 5Vz words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publi- catioib Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. Antioch Miss Audry Mahon spent Sunday with Miss Vera Mae Harris. Misses Irene and Fern Cook and Brady Cook who have been directing the singing at a revival in Union coun :y for the past five weeks spent Saturday night and Sunday at the Main Springs camping ground with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Washington ook, and their brother Llec Cook. Clifton Dugan of Blossom, Texas is visiting his brother, Elmore Dugan. Mr. and Mrs. Will Mohan visited Mr. and Mrs. John Mohan Tuesday night. Miss Frances Mohan who has been attending singing school at Piney Grove for the past three weeks is at home again. The Golden Gate Bridge, which is the only one ever authorized to be built across the outer mouth of a major ocean harbor, will cost 535,000,000 according to estimates. FOR RENT: Furnished two-room apartment. Private bath and garage. Mrs. Judson. 320 Nortn Elm. Pho. 291. 3 -3tc. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. "BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR AU, CARS. P. A. Lewis Mulor Co. WANTED WANTED: Medium sized used safe. T. S. McDavitt & Co. 3-3t-p. LOST LOST—Three honths old male Setter pup, white with light brown ear and spots. Reward. Call &IO. 4-3tp MALE HELP WANTElf I WANT 3 MEN for local Tea & Coffee Routes paying up to ?60 a week. No capital or experience required but must be willing to give prompt service to approximately 200 steady customers. Brand-new Fords given as bonus. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr., 6603 Monmouth, Cincinnati, Ohio. 5-ltp PERSONAL \VE BUY LICOI.N MEAD PENNIES. Will pay up to ?2.00 each if over ten yews old. Indian Head pennies worth up to $51.00 each. Send KJc for Buying Catalog. CONTINENTAL COIN CO., Box 1722, Chicago. 5-ltp. NOTICE DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 "She wouldn't walk down the street in an 1895 dress; but she lives with 1895 furniture." Old furniture taken in trade Hope Furniture Co. I'lioiie Five NCTICE— have moved rny hat --hop to "Cotton Row" between tliy Poot- officc and railrond Men's h:tts clt.-ii!- cd and blocked 7.1c. F.xlr;. good t'r;j(J(.- reblockcd hat for s.-ile »8c and Sl.."<0. "Look for the sign: Stack'.; Hal Shop. South Walnut strict. ")- ( il- Ladies... We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. AH Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Wion elson "Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 8 £ ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE (m ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY ' Wednesday, September 6,1934 By WILLIAMS EW 9-W VAAT BY NOAMS B If ISNT "BROTHER 3&COB/ EGAD, "DEUGHTETi TO SEE VOU, 3A,V<E /— UM— JUST "BACK TP.Of AND I AM \-«.\OU WAVE A 'TAN—-SO YOU TE/\ CON"\£, tta. STPETGAf-IO SWAKt, T3UT YMKSHT "PALM ot Of- fAY CUFF UNK&/ I C3OT SU|AP»t^ TO "RUN OVEteTH 6R\NtiSTONk WITH YOU, SO YOU'D •.* j 1 ] T3ETTER PUT A TWOER r CflF T3UM IN THAT TEA—v "BLOOD ^ 'OV-) ^v.fVuScr-' MARTHA ^-ff-^r ^..^ V_A^I •V/ RUN AT1E WITH YOUR <^: /' 'S«> ^ & *//!#<" l?o<i) -on T M PEG. U. S. PAT. OFF LULL BEFORE THE 9-y f 1M4 BY Nt« URVKC. INC. BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Willie Isn't Foolin'! o:(?.svii.\.iAMs. j T M nto u, s.tvr. irr. «?-Sj fly MARTIN ^ WEU. . VOO 1 OU6HT TO A PUNCH MtDOUMS IKi MV AVFMRS--8UT. FOR SOME RtASOVi .1 5>\M9W -V vou _ ! .c* ,0? COUQ'at . YIN6 7O AVV. TV\\^ VOU I ,'.. . TOVO vou KiOW.&O Op «.-^Wc.> AW' 6tt OMt.CVcA GtT OUtR J MO USU'.THE =>tt OP EACH "WE. * , 1 6tV? I \ OOW WAKiNA 5NOOT \KiTO • THW A\K»T ANV OV tAV QO'b\Mt65«» BUT,I'M &OKiWA 090P IM M'Ttw'tR VUHVv Bt AROUKiO Tbtt 'tft TWb ?.M.»-AVi',\? V0v\ At^'T -WERt --WtVV.EVHtR K>'l ARE 9WETTV HAViOV AT VVKlOV^' VOU<e ' C'MOM. VOAT6OM Hi "*'&• iv.> • ALLEY OOP Flirting With Disaster! By HAMLIN LOOK.FOOZV- I TOLOJA THAT NOIS6 WAS MADE x ^ ' ~~\ ^ BV MEN/ x^ ' YOU'RE ~ _^_ _J RIGHT AS KAI.M.ITS PLAIN TO SEE -Ei. WHO C.M cAETH K. CAN TUEV BE' 7 WASHJTy BBS &KAXj;. l-OP.ATi ^x>A:-feANKr MC»>; cy- 'J )-*'>- WE SETTER LOOK THIS GANG OVER_J WITH LOTS OP CARE/ /' ~-~~-~^ THEY'RE ARMED TO TH'/YEAH,THEY TEETH AN' LOAOGP ,.\ MAY Be FOR BEAR/ / \ HOSTILE/ I OONT LIKE THEIR LOOKS / CHECK./ A LITTLE BIT-IV..-H THEM. / BUT, I SURE I'M SURE,WE'D MAKE /"' W/I5H I HAD NO HIT/ /•- ONE OF THEIR ^ AXES--AN'WHAT'S , MORE. I'M CONNA , X HAVE OME/ . / WE DO NEED AN AXE, \ / WE WONT BUNGLE/]||j(! OUT IN THIS JUNGLE, y \ COME ALON& AN' •BUT IT'LL BE OUR [/X WATCH ME/ HIDES. IF WE 5HOULD/ ; i. ! ,11 ? BUNOLE/ '•'• 'V-- 'U •W'. Pot Luck! By CRANE WAW6S tOTTH HE eves .NWJAQED ro J, O(X)J MV LE6Sj MV ARMSi~> ERV MUSCLE IM MV BODY IS SORE, !^f OH, MV STARS/ I WAS "\ WEVER SO MISERABLE. CH&BR OP. SOOU CAUGHr 'IM, AMD I FUILT RUBBIMG STICKS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Everybody's Puzzled! ^ in.n BY nt« c -rnyir.r..iMc r " fir, n •• p*r.orr. s __ __. ByBLO'SSER VIOW IM THE V/OPLD DO . _ ru YOU SUPPOSE A SKULL < *f' . AMD A <3UN GOT V •*-- ^ UOV;M THERE D^ltK IT SURE < ^TRANCE/ !3 "TV^E v -fuicv cp^-ru ) i 11»- » 13OTH , ARE WED6ED TH|MC <IN BETWEEN I EVER 1 ,-, ill SAW, 1 f/" SOME •^ ROCKS. YOU MAKE V EVEN GUESS, LET'S ) IT ' S P RET T' / HARD PUSH ON \TOFGRCETA-TVWa AWD JLIKE THAT/ ITS FORGET / A CINCH THE/ ABOUT ) DI DN 'T GET DOWN HIM... / "WE R E OP THEIR s{ OV/M ACCORD... I "\ BET IT SOUNDED ^ GOSH, V/HAT A SOUHD .' LIKE SOMEONE IT TOOK THREE SWALLOWS CACKLING J / TO GET MY HEART BACK A DRV RASP- ^- WHERE IT BELONGS LAUGH THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Maybe He Missed a Bet! By COWAN HOPE 1 . -ET , _. //VWIT THtHOUtK) LtKE.THi r ,l! WD "HEP / He. U=XD T'Bt:. I-O'//*! THE "A VBE: THE. TRWL WA'o COLD, SUHWl -/sttVWA^, HE TOOK HE FEO A W\UD GOOSE CHASE, OP TO WHY. •itHEl'S BEEH THC C*t WHO'S YELLED TV«: LO»;l)F.ST ABOUT THE THIEF-U CAU'T BC ('Bt THC TH\ET \, ,,r.^ \MSIDE.,POEBtt-1' Y \ HEVER HE1P HOUSE, vMIUE. ' COU t Tl IOUGHT OF C/jr-iiDC X \ ™ M -r"" "j?>T^ y

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