Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1934
Page 3
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OCLC MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 till Are You . Age is n quality of mind, Jf you have lofi yofl r dreams behind, If hope is lost, If you no lonj'er loolt nhoad. If your Ambition's fires are (lend Then you :ire old. But if from life you take the host. And if in life you keep the jest. If love you hold- No matter how the years go by. You an- NOT old.. . .'. .Selected. The Pat Cleburn chapter of the U p.C. will hold (heir September meeting at :t o'clock Thursday afternoon fit (he home of Mrs. Hen Goodlctt near Owm with Miss Alma Ifannu of Ozun and Mrs. R. T. White of Hope as associate hostesses. This meeting will bo in celebration of the 40th birthday anniversary of the ortfanitotion.' and the president Renerul, Mrs. \V. E. Massey of Hot Springs has suggested that each member bring » penny for each year the organization has existed, to be applied on one of three unfinished obligations. All members are urged to be present at this frist meeting after the sinner vacation, Mr. and Mrs. Suratt- had as week end guests, the daughter, Mrs. W.U. Lamon, Mr. Lamon and son. Stacy of Fort Smith. Osio Crane of the A. and M. colleg- er Oklahoma is the guest of Mr ant Mrs. T. E. Urey and other relative and friends. Mrs. B. E. Newton and little daughters, Annlee and Alice of Little Hock later of Birmingham, Ala., arrived on I uosdny for a .short visit will, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Diicltolt. The Jehnio Hancgan B.Y.P.U of the First Baptist church entertained at a most delightful pot puck supper on Tuesday evening at 7:45 at the parson- iifie, with Misses Mary McAdams and Lorene Green as hostess and the visiting pastor, the Rev. and Mrs. James Brewer Jr., of Louisville, Ky., as honor guests. Friends in the city have received announcement of the tnarirage of Miss Mary Louise Shoffner of Little Rock to Charles Steven Berry of Cincinnati, O. on September 4 in Little Rock. The bridegroom, partially roared in Hope is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Berry, former residents, now of Tulsii, Okla. He is a nephew of Roy Arlder- son and Mrs. J. L. Jamison. After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Berry will bo at home in Cincinnati. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brinnt have re- A Coo! Laxative It J more plnsint and belter if you refresh your slomjcri when you l.,ki- .1 laxative in liof weit!, cr . Just rhew a delicious Pem-a-mint lit* mint clii-winK irum laxam-i-. All you »i«I. low is the l.fnefifial coolinu mint flavor,helpful .uliva juices ami a laxative- whirli yoi- never title. Doctor., prfsmin- this hxativi inrrtditnt in l : cen-j-rn«>t—anil tiecaune yoi clitw it, the lixative is distributed mor« uni form y mio the intcstini's to K ,ve a Krntl«, yet thorough action. Di-lav ia clunneroai so lorf.y K .., Lacfc „„ jd.cdulc. Q,, w non- latiir furmmK l-een-a.rr.int lor constipation. Baseball Keiison is soon over. Hut "RANK NIGHT" will t;il;c its place at the- N O W o Free List The Circus IS in town ! JOE [.BROWN Wilh his troupe of clow n.s, acrobats lions and 3 big rings of thrills j s here to please and ' ' '"* CiRCUS *PC? FURNITURE *9 NIGHT THUR. & FRI. Matinee 2:30 Thur. 16 BIG STARS OF; RADIO uAND SCREEN Here They Are! DICK POWELL GINGER ROGERS 4 MILLS BROS. T€0 FIORITO & MJi r«n>.u, i.nd PAT O'BRIEN turned from a two months stay in Ashcvillc, N. C. Little Arch .Moore Ellington of Atlanta. Texas is the guest of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Moore. The September meeting of the W.M. S. was held on Monday afternoon r.tj the home of Mrs. Harry Phipps, Park Drive, with Mrs. Kline Franks as joint hostess. The devotional was given by Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp and the program was led by Mrs. W. L. Carter, with' Mrs. H. C. Whitworth and Miss Winnie Lee Floyd taking part. During the business period, it was announced that the society would sponsor a sacrificial bansuet on the evening of September 11. The hostesses served a delicious salad plate. Friends of R. D. Franklin will sym- Dick Powell Film Saenger- Thursday Ginger Rogers Shares Honors in ''20 Million •Sweethearts" An unusual east with a wide variety of talents was engtiRed to enact the vnrous roles in the radio romance, "Twenty Million Sweethearts," whith comes to the Saenger Thursday and Friday. Thsi ( was due to the fact (hat while ho picture is a comedy dramn. it carHofi mnny singing numbers as befits a story of the radio. Dick Powoll and Ginger Roftcrs have romantie roles as well as SinciriR parts nhd both are exceptionally, well qualified. Dick was a singer and orchestra oador for years before engaging .in nicluro work. He also has demonstro- cd his abilit yns an actor in "Conven- ion City," and in the musical spcctn- les, "42nd Street." "Footlight Pn- adc," and "Gold Diggers of 19:i3."- Miss Rogers, formerly a favorite on 10 musical comedy stage, has during ecent years playing bbtli straight oles and singing parts in pictures. She was one of the leaders in "Gold Diggers of 1933. and 'M2nd Street." One of the bi# novelties of the picture is the Four Mills Brothers who arc known to radio fans all over the ,-HOPE/ -A UK ANflAfl . ,'i' -Ai ''a, \' ,r.t> Softball Series Will Be Resumed Thursda The balance of the cily softbal touriximenl was postponed •Wodnead; to Thursday, night, Oliver -William announced. • ' ... Resumption of the chnmpionsh series \vil be, marked .by'n double header. . ...'•' . Results 6f Wednesday, night's ft-lin Hope Oilers, .7; Missouri Pacific, • Julia Chestet- Hospital, 20; Com press, 4. country. Tile four boys/with (heir guitar, sing and play for the screen in their inimitable way. Closcups show how th most unbelievable orchestra music i produced by simply blowing thi'ou cupped hands. THE NEWS REVIEW (Continued from Pane One) Reddies, Tigers Will Start Soon Workouts to Begin .'Sep- tember'10-11, Coaches Announce ARKADELPmA, -Ark. Coach .„„gene Sherman of Henderson State Teachers, college and Coach Bill Walton of Ouachita have called their foot- bnll squads for practice September 10, and 11, respectively, the dates of the openings. Both conches are expecting practically nil of their 1933 letter men who did not -graduate. At Ouachita it :is probable- that neither Harry Nutt, nil- SWEET HEARTS m pathi/e with him in the passing of his father, who passed away at his home in Gallatin, Tenn.. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin and son Bobby left Tuesday afternoon for Gallatin. Miss Anieta Davis .has as house guests, . her cousins, Miss Ora Ann Drcnnan of Little Rock and Miss Fay Katherinc Ogle of Benton. Mrs. J. E. Searcy and children of jcwisvlllc were Tuesday and Tucs- lny night, guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.F. McFaddin. Captain Kendall of Castle Heights Military Academy, Lebanon, Tenn., vns the Sunday night dinner guest ^ George W. Robison. . . Lieut, and Mrs. Robert Vesey and two little daughters of Oklahoma City arrived Wednesday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bridewell and Mr. and Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. Vevey- Crutchfield. As things are now it often prove; imposible to deport a man whom the country could get. along very wel without. Among those who slip'by the net, as Mr. McCorinack points out are mon accused of homicide, counterfeiting, offenses against the moral code—and as a matter of fact, practically every crime on the colendar. The loopholes in the law are numerous, and it is always the most undesirable aliens that take advantage of them. On the other hand rigid technicalities often compel the deportation of aliens who would make the most excellent citizens. A little revision that would let us keep the good ones and expel the bad ones would be a good thing. All glass used in the manufacture of glass, eyes comes from Lauscha, Germany, and only three descendants of Ludwig Mullcr-Uri know the process by which-it is made. He discovered the secret in 1835 and it has been kept in the • family ever since. tnte end and Ernest Adams, quarter* back, will ba on hand. At Henderson, in addition to th left-over Iciterment, it is expected tha Raymond Smith/star of 1932 Will b a valuable part'of the-1934 outfit. Coach 'Sherman; maintaining h. clraractcristic attitude of not-predict ing a third succesivo championship sees a lot of hard work in reconstruct ing the lino and readjusting the back field, following-the graduation of scv crul valuable men. Ouachita's problem will also bein the line. Coach Walton was not sat isfiod with'the line ho dealt with in spring practice. It was a fine defen sive lino, but .ho wants an offensive team, he states. Henderson -has six letters back anc Ouachitn the same number, all o both squads being seasoned, dependable 'men. Coach Sherman lias not given oir the names of any new men who will come as freshmen, but Walton'of Oua- chitii lias announced that While, last year's star • quarterback at ElDorado wil join the Tiger squad. Walton coached White at ElDorado.' Another >ack that is expected to join the Tiger crewiis Rowland, former star.fullback at Slate Teachers College, ConwJuy. • Local dopesters-place bo'th'i the'Hen- derson and.Ouachita teams in the list if those likely' to finish high .up in he- percentages this year.. College! of he Oznrks and 'Arkansas -Tech are ther-teams in the same list. The .rest f them arc harder to dope out, ac- prding to the local fans. , . , Elmer laydeii Is ••"•: FacingBig Task 'New.t>eai'"at.Notre Dame Is Being Watched. . Cjosely .' SOll'm BENljTImU M>) -if sun . •bine follows the rain, watch out for Slmer Laydcn's "new deal" in 'foot-' >lMi{ Nolrci D.-mie. "It's been raining ,at Notre Dame ever \cjnco JI took over. the" coaching ob, 'the new.head-man of the "Fight- ng'-Irisli," who'made'football history s one of the four horsemen, said, Diking over thi sfall's, prospects. "If sunshine follows the, rain or if rocky road always leads to a smooth lifihway. rnaybe we'll start out with' good team after all this year. "To start with, it mined sad news n graduation day when we'lost. 13 f oUr best players, all but wrecking 10..line. Then 14 .more were • los hrough incligibility find two fine •6spoc(s were injured, to make their lances of playing extremely doubt- il. : Then, to top it all off, Johnny ouhg,.;i g,. ca i halfback 'whom we igurecl on as the key man of an in- xpericnccd backfield, was cut down y death." Crying erocodile tears is a favorite x>rt of college football coaches but lose,of Laydon's. arc genuine. He's n a-tough spot for a first* season as lead coach with a junior team coming, up,, Yet, he expects a hustling intei-psting team this fall. linydcn is satisfied with his ends bu face's" a task in developing probabl; an entire now sot of tackles, guard and centers. His fullback position i well fortified with George Mclinko vich, Don Elscr and Fred Ca'rideo, bu the halfback post is doubtful with..; lot of candidates, none of ,them outstanding except Andy Pilney. The schedule: Oct. fr-Texas at Notre Dame. Oct. 13—Purdue at Notre Dame. Oct. 20-Carnogic Toch at Notre Dame. Oct. 27—Wisconsin at Notre Damo. Nov. 3—At Pittsburgh. Nov. ll>-Navy at Cleveland. Nov. 17—At Northwestern. Nov. 24— Army at New York. Dec. 8.—Southern California at Los Angeles. Kitchens Denies He Will Contest Election .EL DORADO, Ark— (/P) —Wade Citchons of Magnolia, defeated by 291 'otes'in the race against Congressman 'ilman B. Parks .of Camdon, denied eports he planned to contest the elec- ion.. Kitchens, at his homo at Magolia, said reports that-he intended a ontest are without foundation. The former state representative, said e may have a statement later con- er'ning the possibility of a contest. Gentry * Bf os. Trained Shows Here Thursday ; After an /ibvonce of some years, thi rcMppcaraiJce of pretty paper here to clay .-mnoufuwd Ihe coming of Gen try Brothers Slrows to Hope T.hurs day,, •September 6. . ... . There will be two performances, one at 2;30 and another i,i K p. m. on the grounds at We.<l Avenue B near the city limits. This announcement will,bring back pleasant memories.lo parents of today They, as children, looked on the Gentry. Brothers Trained Animal Show as an event second only to the annual call of Sinnta Claus. The Gentry Show was organized to cater -to women and children. It was on the pedestal it built itself to an institution of nation-wide fame. Henry B. Gentry who brought the show here first. in 1888, comes now as "boss of everything in sight." The trained animals, nearly ;one hundred of them, bear the.familiar names of their forefathers. -Dr. Murphy, the monkey surgeon, is still on the job to make the little folk laugh. The monkey fire department still extinguishes, twice a day. the conflag- ratibn in the Hotel do Monk. The Snydcr Family of dancing dogs, the most -famous of all Gentry Show act, still steps high, wide and handsome. And thus it is with all the other favorite stunts of other days. Added atrtactions this year includ the Snyder Trio or acrobats, the Pow ell family of wire walkers, .Kapitan son of Rin Tm Tin, and himself movie actor. BLACK-DRAUGHT For -CONSTIPATION "1 am.71yeais.oldandiiave used Thedford.'s Blsvck-Draught about forty years," writes Mr. W. J. Vanover, of Home, Ky. '"We are never without it. I take it as a purgative when I am bilious, dizzy and have swimming to my heatj. Black- Draught relieves this, and helps me in many ways." ... Keep a package of this old, reliable, purely vegetable laxative in your .home, and take it ior prompt relief at the first sign of constipation. Chapman Linked ; 'in Bank Robbery a. - W >)__ " Atl . Photograph of an, much TstfuBht ban- of identification. . Atnins feaid a sheriff repw-tcd « tification of Chapman's pktttfe "M bank officials. 666 -vs. MALARIA Wi Liquid or Tablets Checks In Three Way*. Sure ffii ^IPr^^ New Coats Just received, complete line of new winter Sport Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive But Not Expensive" ~^ ''' ' ' ...... n r /V»APTABLB:to either-silk'or lightweight woolen materials ' £»• gay dress -will -Unhide service in/any junior-miss's -war Sizes 11 to 19 (2fl to 37 btist) are available. Size 15 requires yards of 39 inch labric.plus 3-4 yard of;cont.rast. To secure a PATTERN and STEP-Br-STEP sure to The FAU, ?ATWR.V BOOK, with a complete .election Julia • Boyd .tles.igns, now Is veadjv. It's 15 cents 'wh«i ' • separately. <pr, i£ you want to order ifwltli th« in just au auditioiial 10 cents with the coupon-. Mrs. C. A. Bridewell has as her guests, Mrs. Edward Bridewell of Oklahoma City. Katherinc and Jack Lambert who have spent the past two weeks visiting with their mother Mrs. W. L. Lam bcrt in this city, left Monday for their home in Batesville. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Renau and children and Mrs. Vaughan have returned to their home in Lawton, Okla., after a few days visit with Mrs. R. E. Burnett. Mrs. Roy Grain and children will .pave the last of the week for their lew home in Seminolc, Okla. The Hope Business & Professional Womens club held its regular monthly linner meeting at Hotel Barlow Tuesday evening. Miss Maude Lipscomb jresented a very interesting and in- tructive program on "Resolutions Adopted at Biennial Convention in Jhicago in 1933." Misses Thelma Moore ml Rutha Mouser took part. Plans vc-re discussed for the entertainment f the fifth district conference to con- cne in Hope October 7 and 8. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry, Mr. and Irs. Eugene Jones and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wilson took dinner with Mr. nd Mrs. E. C. Culhoun Sunday. Mat. 2:30 Night 8 p. m. HOPE THUR. SEPT. 6 West Avenue B, Near City Limits Two Performances THE ORIGINAL GENTRY BROS. TRAINED ANIMAL SHOW 100 HIGHLY EDUCATED ANIMALS K A P I T A N Wonde r Dog _*•_•• I ft H of the Movies SEVERAL ADDED EUROPEAN NOVELTIES STEINER TRIO POWELL FAMILY NEVER BEFORE AT SUCH PRICES! Adults 25c Children IOC T7VERYWHERE you go ... at the f~J clubs, the races, on the boulevards ... you'll see smartly dressed women driving their own Ford V-8's. Women who have discovered that the Ford V-8 meets every requirement of style and comfort. If you ask them about their cars they will tell you what real fun it is to drive a Ford V-8. How easily and effortlessly it can be parked. How comfortably relaxed they are when driving. How completely secure they feel behind sheltering walls of welded steel and safety glass. And they'll tellyoifof the 1 thrilling response of the powerful V-8 engine. An engine with a reserve of power that whisks the car out of any traffic pinch. And you'll be told, too, of the thrill there is of owning a car with such beauty of line that people just seem to have to want it! Call your nearest Ford dealer. Ask him—without the slightest obligation on your part—to send a new Ford V-8 to your door for a tryout. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS ' This handy compartment is an ideal Javelling home for purse and gloves, « Tlie Fold V-8'e easa of haailing aim- pliiies parking and driving j n j ra liic. $ 5O5 FORD R A I) F O PROGRAM- W I T H W A R I N G • S ANDUP 7 F.O.B. DETROIT Kusy terms through Universal Credit Company — (he Authorized Ford Finance Plait. P E N N. S Y I. V A N I A N S.: K V E R Y S II N 1) A Y E V F. N I N O - C O L U M B I A NETWORK

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