Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1937
Page 5
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Prtdity, October 16,1937 .,—^..tk-^,....Ai;!;* «i <H V. i^ll r.l^ ll.^ m ^ lf-|J | -Itlnl Woman Explorer Risks Own Life Mrs. William II Harkness, Jr., Captures a Baby Panda Tho most impui Innl single uchieve- miMil in the- wurlil in collecting aiiini«ls is undoubtedly the recent capture ml trmiKlxirlntion to Aini'ritu of tho baby Olitnt Pimdii Mrs. William H. Hark- ncss, Jr., succeeded in doing whnl no \vljitc IXM-SOII luid ever done before when she risked her life in the bamboo forests of the mountains of flOPJS STAft, HQPfi, ARKANSAS £zechuftn province in southwestern China and raptured the nntmnl alive. The existence of such nnimals was first discovered in 1869 and ever since that time It hns boon considered one of (ho world's most valuable trophies mid many explorers have attempted without success to capture it. Tho survival of the baby panda and its remarkable growth is credited to Mrs. Harknoss. who, with no available history to guide her, succeeded in devising a suitable feeding formula. In less than three months after its capture the panda had increased its weight from 3 pounds to 14 pounds. It is expected to eventually weigh about 250 pounds. Mrs. Itiirkness, like nil firenl explorers, realizes the importance of food in building reserve energy. She says, "I consider Quaker Outs a splendid breakfast for active people." Quaker Oals IB a wonderful source of food energy and is rich in Vitamin B. Democratic Split (Continued from Page One) A continuation of the bitter warfare which broke out in tho Democratic ranks at the lust session might foreshadow a permanent split and lead to a realignment, more on economic beliefs than parly labels. Karly day hunters lured pronghorn antelope within range by waving a red flag from the brow of a hill. Bailey's Nomination "Merely a Gesture" Seven Able Lawyers, All Lifelong Democrats, Support Congressman Miller's Contenetion That Committee Nomination "Does Not Bind Anyone." STATEMENT September 28, 1037. To whom it may concern: We arc asked to define the legal status of n candidate for the office of United States senator by commiUi'c of an organized political party. Such a nomination has no legal status whatever. Committee nominations are not recognizer) by the statute governing state elections. The election statute (Act No. :?0, approved March''!, .1801, Crawford & Moses' Digest, section 3746,) prescribes what nominations may be filed with the secretary of state, and what nominations the secretary of stale shall certify to the county election commissioners to be placed on the official ballol.H. They are (I) nominations by a convention of delegates; (2) iK-iniiiiitions by a primary election; and (3) nominations by a petition of electors. Stall- elections are governed exclusively by the election statute, r.-jrl-y rules and regulations have nothing to do \vit'll them. The Supreme four! of Arkansas has expressly so held. Stock v. //nrn's, 97 S W (2nd) <>•_!<>. (Decided November 9, 1936). The statute prescribes in detail both the duties and the authority of I he secretary of state with reference to state elections. Ho is only empowered to accept, file. and.certify nominations made by-^a convention of delegates, by a primary election, or by a petition of electors. If he certifies any other kind of a nomination he makes himself liable for the penalties prescribed by the statute. (Crawford & Moses' Digest, section 3887.) A nomination by a state committee is not a nomination by a convention of delegates, or by a primary election, or by a petition of electors. 11 is merely a committee gesture that is without the slightest legal significance under the statute governing state elections, and does not bind nomination of a the stale central (Signed) Chas. T. Coleman, Little Rock W. G. Riddick, Little Rock We have read the foregoing opinion, and we fully approve it. S. Brundidge, Searcy T. J. Gaughan, Camden . J. Gantt Jr., Pine Bluff W. V. Tompkins, Prescott S. II. Mann, Forrest City Hundreds of other learned lawyers in every section of the state concur in this clear-cut opinion. More than 800 Democratic party officials in the State have signed resolutions condemning Mr. Bailey's Committee nomination as illegal. .lOHX K. MJI.I.RR is the leader of the true regular Democrats, and those cili/ens who scratch Carl E. Bailey's name vole to rebuke arrogance, aHempled intimidation and deception, and will nol be barred from future primaries, THIS ELECTION IS A STATEWIDE REBELLION AGAINST BAILEYISM No Man SHALL Sit in the Seat of Joe T. Robinson Whose Word Is Not Good! CONGRESSMAN JOHN E. MILLERKSENATOR Campaign Committee ELECTION MONDAY, OCTOBER 18th —Advertisement. Series Night Farm Programs for Co. Motion Pictures, String Music and Agricultural Lecturers A series of night educational meetings have been arranged for the various communities in Hempslead county under the auspices of the Hcmpstead County Agricultural orkcrs Association and Farm Bureau Federation. The programs are free and consist of educational motion pictures, string music, agricultural lectures and various community activities. The first meeting will be held at the Patmos school Friday night, beginning at 7:30. CCC Camp, DcAnn Next Similar meetings are scheduled at the Alton CCC Cmnp Monday night, October 18, and at DeAnn Tuesday night, October 19. A special attraction at these two meetings will be n talking motion picture, "Wheels Across Africa." Other meetings for the various communities will be announced at a later dale. The membership of the Hompstead County Agricultural Workers Association is composed of local representatives from the Agricultural Extension Service. Soil Conservation Service, Experiment Station, Vocational EdU'' cational Department, Farm Security Administration and other federal and state agricultural agencies. The purpose of the association is to co-ordinule agricultural activities and promote a sound farm program for this county. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge at correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against Die authoritative answers below: 1. What is the chief difference in the shape of a man's and a woman's visiting cards? 2. Is it good taste to have cards thiil are to be used for social purposes printed 1 rather than engraved V ' 3. Is it necessary for a doctor to have his title written out instead of abbreviated on the card which he use.s for social purposes? •!, Should a man continue to add "Jr." to his name after his father dies? 5. Is it necessary for u man to ha»e "Mr." on his cards while he is still in college? \Vliat would you do if— Your maiden name was Ruth Lawson; your first husband, John Jones, dies and leaves children. You later marry and divorce Richard Fole>—and you do nol wish to he known as "Mrs. Richard Foley." Would you ehunge your name to— ' ia) Mrs. Lawson Foley? <bi Mrs. Jones Foley? (d Mrs. John Jones? Answers 1. Man's card larger than worn an's. 2. No. I!. No. He may use "Dr." •1. No. !). No. but he may if he cares to. Be.sl "What Would You Do" solution—either (c) or (a). (Copyright 1937, NEA Service, Inc.) Wlicrcvcr she goes Mrs. William Khinelamtcr Stewart looks like a lovely painting of herself. Always perfectly groomed, perfectly mannered nntl with a faint Mona Lisa smile playing across tier exquisitely chiseled face, Mrs, Stewart Is one of society's real beauties. Notice the full mouth, large, wide- set eyes, calm brow, smooth golden hair. Photographers In NewJ'ork Newport and Palm Beach know her as the woman who appears the same in every picture. Eapulpa. Okla., and will leave Hope Friday for his new position. He will be succeeded here by Louis Greed of Hope. The plant soon will be over-hauled and new machinery installed. The first free delivery of mail ip the Uniled States was in 1863. Travis Steele Accepts Position in Oklahoma TRAVIS Steele, manager of Community Ice & Produce company the past two years, has been trtiasfcrrcd to Radiant Heaters $7.45 Bath Room Heaters $2.25 Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 •»MMiM«M^»»«>»«*i*i i i nirniHmin.au imiii.1.. * tmil , imim , ,„ Bruce Marler, 72. Dies atWillisville Succumbs After Long Illness—Funeral Is Held Wednesday Bruce Marler, 72, died nt his home near Willisville at 11 p. m. Tuesday after an illness of several years. Funeral and burinl'services were held at Holly Springs cemetery at 2 p. in. Wednesday. Surviving are his Widow, three Sons, Lee Marler of Bodcaw, Thurman Marler of WJlusvifle, and Denton Marler; four daughters, Mrs. W. C. Waters, Mrs. Marshal McMilliah, Mrs. E. W. Russell and Mrs. Arthur West. One brother, Amos Marler of Holly Springs, and several grand and 1 great- grand children also survive. About 33 gallons of maple tree sap are required to make one gallon of maple syrup. The first cheese factory in the United States was established in 1851 at Rome, N. Y., by Jesse Williams. OAK LOGS We are in the market f6t a rmjfti lot of Forked Leaf WhIU Oik, Cow Oak, Overtop, Bttlff (Mi? ana feed Oak Log*. For Prices and SjfcattifcUtoJtt Af»pfy to Hope Headiit COMPANY It's A LANDSLID I I I I I Amazing One- Wire . ELECTRIC FENCE World's cheapest most effective live- Block fence. Controller plugged into light socket or battery gives wire harmless kick. Livestock won't go over or under it. We prove it. SAVE 80% IN FENCING COST Suvo wire. Save posts, use stakes. No t'Jile.s. use siwp. 'No up-keep cost except :ibout lOc monthly for electricity for one to 200 acres. 30 clay trial. Ask for Free Demonstration F. L. I'ADGITT, Agent, Hope. SENATOR HATTIE W. CARAWAY ENDORSES JOHN E. MILLER FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR joins Congressmen Terry, Driver, Cravens and McClellan and Mrs. Joe T. Robinson in com mending Record of Able Representative. At Jonesboro last night, U. S. Senator Hattie W. Caraway presented Congressman John E. Miller to her friends and neighbors in the following words: "All of you know I have maintained a strictly neutral attitude in regard to the Senate Race. I have felt and still feel that the people of this state have the right of free speech; that they have the right to express a preference for a candidate for any office from President, Governor, United States Senator, and Represen- .. • Uxtive, clear on down through all the County offices. ;.- Because you have elected me to the Senate does •f .not take from me my right, as a citizen. It does place "' upon me a "heavy responsibility, which I have tried to cany worthily. ELECTION MONDAY OCT. 18th PAGE'S CASH /ONLY Phone 348—We Deliver BEEF ROAST BRICK CHILI MIXED SAUSAGE LIVER—Beef or Pork BEEF TONGUES BEEF STEAKS GROUND BEEF BUFFALO FISH DRESSED Pound Mr. Miller's friends have asked me to introduce him here tonight. I have consented to do so because I am thoroughly familiar with his record through the seven years he has served his District in Congress. I have on many occasions consulted with him, and the whole delegation, on matters of legislation. I have always found him alert, sympathetic and untiring in his efforts on behalf of the people of Arkansas. I am endorsing his candidacy at this time because by his efficiency and his intelligent attention to his duties he has won the high regard of all who have served with him. Friends, I present to you one who deserves your serious consideration for the office of U. S. Senator Representative John E. Miller, of Searcy, CONGRESSMAN JOHN E. UNITED STATES FOR SENATOR Campaign Committee ROBERTS GROCERY & MAR West Third Street Home of Bettei BABY BEEF ROAST— Pound CALF BRAINS — Set CREAM CHEESE— Pound PURE PORK SAUSAGE— Pound PORK CHOPS— Pound FRESH COUNTRY EGGS— Dozen MIXED SAUSAGE— Pound HOME BAKED HAM— Pound TENDER BABY BEEF STE AKS— Lb. SIRLOIN STEAKS— 2 Pounds A Complete Line of Groceries lET f Meats 15c lOc 25c 25c 30c 30c 15c 70c 15c 45c "His Record Is CLEAN" "His Word Is GOOD" -Advertisement

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