The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAY SO. 1949. llntlio Highlights Speedway, Television Debut Take Spotlight TODAY'S A RED LETTER coverage of the Speedway DAY in broadcasting as WFEM- I sound. TV launches its inaugural day of programming, highlighted by the telecast of the 500-mile race, and WIBC - MUTUAL takes first place in -the AM world with bv Approximately three hours, via network and local reporting, PERM A-CRETE "drives Sre Gnaranttrtl Darablt and Diitlrs at LOW COST EASY TERMS nil ESTIMATES PROMPT SERVICE TRI STATE CONSTRUCTION CO. Sole Pmdneert at PERMA-CKETI 3100 E. 56th BR. 5488 Nile GL. 2627 win be devoted by WIBC to progress and conclusion of the race. MUTUAL' s Bill Slater and WTBCs Gene Kelly will divide the major announcing chores. with all of the local outlet staffers on hand to give assistance where needed. The first AM broadcast from the track will begin at 10:15 a.m., while VFBM7TV, following a half-hour racing feature (film titled "Crucible of Speed," will start telecasting the Speed-; way at 10:30 a.m. 1 The "54th Street Revue," set ; for 8 tonight, will have a dedicatory opening and closing ' saluting the city's first TV sta- tion. The CBS-built variety i show, kinescoped for use here, features Jack Sterling, Singer j Marilyn Day, Comedian Carl Reiner, Impersonator Pat Bright and Comedian Frank Marlowe, flanked by special guest stars. ' The orchestra for the show is directed by Harry Sosnick. . , , ,! "Tclenews" (6:30 p.m., WFBM- Spacious Chapel TV). a television newsreel com- I piled by International News Service and rushed by air to In- VENETIAN BLINDS Installed (it Kklllfd Korkmrn it SURPRISINGLY LOW COST Terms Uairki. and S.tllrtorllr arranged u loor Income Banner Home Equipment Co. 317 N. Capitol Are. LI. (754 Enlarged Remodeled Added PiULE. DORSEY Funerals in the levered Tradition! of All Faiths Crtdit If Sitdid 3925 E. New York IRvinqton 1173 FREEZERS Open Till 9 P.M. flr.apohs from New York, w ill ' be a Monday-throirch-Fri'hv presentation ti bv I commentary by G.ibrrt Forbos. ! W'FBM reus editor. WIRE FLAN'S TO observe Memorial Day by a special ground-to-piane and plane-to-plane interview program slated for 11 a m. Waliy Xchrling, ; Glenn Wilson and Ruth Reyn-: olds will participate. j NEW NIGHT-TIME ENTERTAINMENT finds a place on WIBC's listings tonight when "Song Fellow" bows in at 7 p.m. The weekly schedule presents Dick Haymes on Mondays; Perry Como, Tuesdays; Tony Martin, Wednesdays;" Bob Eberle, Thursdays, and Eddy Howard, Fridays. ANOTHER NETWORK ORGANIZATION from Indianapolis takes place tonight as WIRE feeds NBC a five-minute cut during the Howard Barlow phony orchestra program at 7 p.m. Harvey Firestone Jr., in Indianapolis for the race, will sneak to listeners from the local studios. THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR lour Radio P PAGE U Morning WISH 1310 AEC . : Sunrise Devotions Indiana Farmer Indiana Farmer Breakfast Revue :00 Dunkin' Time Dunkin' Time eus; Rise, Shine sei-Shine 7 ,MF XJL :!S Di :30 Nc :4 Ri: rorams V . All I.istinc Central D.ilicht Tim WIREJ43Q NBC Wake Up Time Timbertime Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol World News Musical Clock Musical Clock News For Monday ,:no Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club 8:iiu at :13 Br :30 Br :4. Br Musical Minutes Musical Minutes Woman's World Woman's World :0O My True Story My True Story Betty Crocker Earl Wrightson 9 m, ! :15 J :30 I :45 I Fred Waring; Fred Waring Road of Life Brighter Day :00 Modern Romances :15 Modern Romances :30 Ted Malone :45 Galen Drake WFBM 1250 CBS WIBCJ070 Mutual WXLW 1 593 AM fM Early Birds News. Emmy Lou Morn. Demotions Farm Nou s Back to Bible Mkts.; Emmy Lou Now s Back to Bible K. Ixiu & Chickie Sun Dial World News News . Sun Dial News; Tunes News; Tunes Sun Dial Bing Sings Eddy Arnold Sun Dial Wake Up New s Time 'n' Tunes Sun Dial Weather Man News Sun Dial Quiz Club Time 'n' Sun Dial Pat O'Brien Time 'n' Tunes Sun Dial Mrs. Farrell Easy Listening Sun Dial Impressions Easy Listening Dick Haymes Judy and Jane Easy Listening Three Suns Arthur Godfrey Crosby Sings News Arthur Godfrey Easy Listening Radio Chapel Doctor Paul Love and Learn Jack Berch Lora Lawton Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Grand Slam Rosemary News, Brd. Room Speedway Race Speedway Rare Speedway Race Dinah Shore Frankie Carle Tied Pipers Pern' Como ut-inilp15 W I I :30 SI s'm- 11.,, t , 00 Welcome Traveler Plane Interview Wcndv Warren elcome Traveler The Lowe Down Aunt jenny Shopping Newsical The Lowe Down Helen Trent 43 Luncheon Party News Our Gal Sunday Speedway Race Speedway Race Country Carnival Speedway Race Make Believe Make Believe Make Believe Make Believ e . c ) 4- . ,1:30 Night WISH HOW FAR ARE k YOU GOING? There is a future In your job -if you have the training to keep step with it. V YOU DID NOT FINISH HIGH SCHOOL fv aWy at beam In apart Mate met awtaaKy ear AexerlcM Sclttl DIPLOMA Regardlau of your initiative and ambition, you are handicapping yourself M you do not obtain a high school education. Now you can itudy at homa and aarn an American School diploma while continuing with your regular job. Convenient payment plan. Our graduates hava qualified vthemselves to enter 500 colleges and universities. Don't delay another day. Sand for full information now. FOR FREE SAMPLE LESSON t BOOKLET MAIL COUPON TODAY TO AMERICA" iCJ!?Pi:2i-ieo'kBJ ttitejo 3. IB., STitt 2-1491 Urn tend ma, without ob)ieoon, your fUt Sample lesson and 41-pooe High School Sookl.r jjo t " ' Abo , State- What Would YOUSay? Do you honestly believe that women's hats are pretty f Kay Faekler, 1309 North Pennsylvania Street, P.B.X. OperatorYes, I believe that they are, usually. I think that a hat adds something to a woman's costume. I do, however, 1 i. k e more simple hats than I sometimes see. I've seldom worn a hat, but I think they are more attractive now than they have been. I recently saw a hat that I liked and so I bought it. Mae Heflin, 40 North Bolton Avenue, Sales Clerk Yes, I think that most women's hats are pretty. I be lieve that they add something to a woman's appear ance. I don't like all hats, because many of them are in poor taste, both in color and in de sign, but I still believe tnat women should wear nice-looking hats, because they add something to their costume. Patricia Hutton, 853 South Belle Vieu Drive, Car Hop Some of them. I like the style of hats that are small. -I think the large hats, with feath ers and decorations, usually are not pretty. A little, teeny-weeny feather is all right on small hats, and small hats are all right. Generally, I'd rather go without a hat than to wear the hats that I see on sale. Afternoon WISH 1310 ABC WIRE 1430 NBC WFBM 1260 CBS WIBC 1070 Mutual WXLW15i AM FM 121 00 News Bing Crosby Kay Reporter Record Review Who's Talking The Lowe Down The Lowe Down Big Sister News Ma Perkins Holiday Matinee Holiday Matinee News Tick-A-Pocket Speedway Race Dixie Four Bob Eberle ' Batter Up Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates 1 :00 Catherine Daniels :15 Catherine Daniels :30 Bride & Groom :45 Bride & Groom Double or Nothing 2i Mrs. Burton Speedway Race Double or Nothing Perry Mason Ccdric Foster The Lowe Down Nora Drake Frankie Carle The Lowe Down Make You Tick? Speedway Race 2 00 Peter Donald 5 Peter Donald 30 House Party 45 House Party Life Beautiful Ma Perkins Pepper Young Happiness Prog. David Harum Hilltop House Linda's Love Harmony Hearts Easy Does It Speedway Race Easy Does It Easy Does It Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates 3 :00 Kay Kyser Backstage Wife 5 Kay Kyser Stella Dallas :30 Ethel & Albert Lorenzo Jones 45 Hoosier Requestime Widder Brown Ed. Daughter Tunes; News Winner Take All Make Mine Music News; Easy Speedway Race Speedway Race Easy; News Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates Cubs-Pirates , :00 Hoosier Requestime Girl Marries Hoosier Requestime Portia Faces Life Hoosier Requestime Just Plain Bill k:45 Neighbors Farrell Series Make Mine Music News; Easy Cubs-Pirates Make Mine Music Easy Does It Cubs-Pirates Make Mine Music Easy Does It Cubs-Pirates Make Mine Music Easy, News Cubs-Pirates :00 Yukon Challenge 5 Yukon Challenge Jack Armstrong 45 Jack Armstrong 1310 ABC Animal World Melody Billboard Dinner Winner News; Sports WIRM430NBC Amber Room Music; Sports Herb Shriner Lowell Thomas WFBMT20CBS Easy Does It Easy Docs It Capt. Midnight Tom Mix Fun With Dunn Fun With Dunn Fun With Dunn Fun With Dunn WIBC 1070 Mutual WXLW 94.7 FM Only 6:00 Ed. Hill; Sports Supper Club News Fulton Lewis Jr. Kids Corner : 15 News World News Jack Smith News Dining Music :30 Lone Ranger F. Martin Show Club 13 Sammy Kaye News :45 Lone Ranger News Edward R. Murrow Inside Sports Here's To Vets 7:00 Railroad Show Cavalcade Inner Sanctum Song Fellow Hollywood Music :15 Railroad Show Cavalcade Inner Sanctum TelloTest Hollywood Music :30 Music By Martin Symphony Orch. Talent Scouts Sherlock Holmes Monday Music :45 Henry J. Taylor Symphony Orch. Talent Scouts Holmes; News Monday Music 8:00 Music In Night Telephone Hour Radio Theater Gabriel Heatter Make Believe :15 Bands On Stands Telephone Hour Radio Theater Hoosier Serenade Make Believe :30 Child's World Dr. I.Q. Radio Theater Secret Mission Make Believe :45 Pro-Golf Tourney Dr. I.Q. Radio Theater Secret Mission Make Believe 9:00 Arthur Gaeth Contented Hour My Friend Irma News; Fox's Den Reminiscing :15 Indpls Indians Contented Hour My Friend Irma Music Cavalcade Reminiscing :30 Indpls. Indians Radio Playhouse Bob Hawk Peter Salem News :45 Indpls. Indians Radio Playhouse Bob Hawk Peter Salem Fight Is On -: 00 Scores; News News News News Good Music 1 lour II :15 Dance Band This Is Story Serenade RayBloch Good Music Hour 1 11:30 Dance Band Music You Rem'br Beulah . Passing Parade Good Music Hour 1 v :45 Dance Band Music You Rem'br Guest Star Sports Good Music Hour n:00 Variety Hour News; Sportsman Million Party Sports Sign Off :15 Variety Hour Click Orch. Million? Party Dance Ore. , :30 Variety Hour Art Van Damme Millions Party Dance Orch. ! :45 Variety Hour Quintet; News Million $ Party Dance Orch. AM Sign Off 12:00 Sign Oft Sign Off News Sign Off Orch., Sign Off 7:45 P.M. t WXLW-FM 94.7 Mgc., Ch. 234; WCSI 93.7 Mgc, Ch. 229; WMUN 101.1 Mrc 267; WCTW103.1 Mgc., Ch. 276; WFMU 102.9 Mgr., Ch, 95.1 Mgc, Ch. 236. WWXI 97.5 Mgc., Ch. 248, FM Stations Ch. 281; YVSRK 101.3 Mgc., Ch 275; WKMO-FM 99.9 Mgc., Ch. 260; WFAM OE0 Q3CQIE330 1 it Mote Sur Ift KOOLVENT Accept No Substifutl ALL-ALUMINUM Koolvent Awnings are designed for all-weather,, all-season service. Their unique ventilating feature keeps you 10.20 cooler in summer. Their sturdy construction protects against wintry blasts. Just put Koolvents up and forget about them. They won't sag, rot, rust, tear, burn, warp, 'or wear out. Your choice of beautiful color combinations in baked-on enamels. No Down Payment Required For FREE color booklet and details phone LI. 3377 a. mini WCMT A,uminum Awning Co. llUUIejf Ell I 601 NORTH PEN X. ST. Hunt..,.,,,,,, , ,,. , ,,,,,, ddresi. Phone.. atT Zon State .iS ZEPHYR All-Weather Awnings Bnj DORMA.N IM. 4S7S WELCOME RACE FANS For Good Food It's LAUGHNER'S CAFETERIA OPEN TODAY 5 A. M. to 7:30 P. M. Carry Out Lunches 306 W. Wash. RI. 0454 WFBM-TV Channel 6 rROGKAMS FOR MONDAY Central Daylight Time AM 10:00 Crucible of Speed 10:30 Speedway Race PM 3:45 Test Pattern 6:25 Program Prevues 6:30 TeleNews 6:40 Racing Round World 6:50 Cartoon Time 7:00 People's Platform 7:30 Kobb's Korner 8:00 54th Street Revue 9:00 Sign Off (Note: Programs are subject to last-minute change.) f SeabeesTo Hear TalkByHinkle Paul D. (Tony) Hinkle, Butler University athletic director, will speak at an organizational meeting of Seabee veterans in Fox's Steak House at 7 p.m. Thursday. Union To Probe Laundry Tactics The executive board of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, CIO, will arrive in Indianapolis tomorrow to investigate tactics used by the AFL in organizing laundry workers here. Joseph Romer, state director of the Union, said he was in formed of the Investigation in a telegram received yesterday from Milton Weisberg of Pittsburgh, who will head the probe. Romer said pickets again will form at the Progress Laundry, 428 East Market Street, tomorrow morning. Union officials struck the plant last week because of the firing of a union steward for alleged union activity. UmldfnH of South Slil run nlar Thnr 8tr Wnt A1i it Th Rtur'i South Sid om, 1042 Vlrnnla Avf. REMODELING: REPAIRS 1 1HM Pfnttrl $27.70 IT'S HERE! THE NfW COMPLITI . . . with built-in. kirfi HmtT, fW. tub. AO 8ptkW'Amrlf ftar .fn.itiT crystal Microphone, with 8 feet of rorii and attachment ployRanio Speak-9T Cord with ploff for attachment - in beautiful blark ata? leatherette curring; eaae. Cosy oymanff HOME TAPE RECORDER AND PLAYER SNAPSHOTS IN SOUND! Uky Ulk tmtyfm lreeYn aft fie Air Save Meaty Old hlkt, fimlly, rVeed eWc Vtln Imprtvtumt t $(ifnind Talk mmi Milk frHmiltvit$ ana iliiu H h i SaW r Caa Htmr, thi iuMv littr UTS It, ffafi ttk New Miracle of Home Entertainment Comein-see and hearforyour-elf this wonderful new way of recording and playing all sounds you would keep for home entertainment, self improvement, bunineM. If it's "on the air"it'n yours forever with the EICOR Home Tape Recorder and Player --at V4 the costs of records. Record and play baby talk, party fun, music or speech practice. personal messages of old folks, family, friends - and a thousand and one other things you'll think of yourself. The EICOR records magically, magnetically, on inexpensive sound tape. Plays back i nstantly anything you record.Tape erase for new recordings. Recordings you keep play back thousands of times without sign of wear. Other features galore. Beyond question a vast improvement over any equipment ever before devised for home recording and playing. Demonstrations free. Come in - see and hear - today! Dealers Invited VAN SICKLE RADIO SUPPLY CO. NEW LOCATION-102 S. Pennsylvania St. W carry o eompet'e lint of Television and cceisorei FNCl.OSED REBUILT CJUMA. 2255 f0 ESTIMATES NO DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED! PORCHES l ATTICS FINISHED 1 KITCHEN CABINETS SIDING AUTms GUTTERS COMBINATION WINDOWS TO 10 YEAR TERMS 1 DORMERS BATH ADDITION GARAGES (ROOFING 3 ROOMS TO HOISE STORM ICRLEN MARION CONSTRUCTION CO. DIVISION OF MARION ROOFING AND SIDING CO. 320 West Wash. St., Indianapolis POOR PETER PILLOW. Who Serer Ceti Bmthi .0 ('f We Furnish New Feather-Proof Ticks -If You Say g5 ri ii ii' QEAN PILLOW CASES hide dun and germ that luxk among (others. Only the Stcrillow proceis can give pillows complete purityl It removes all germ-laden dirt In live steam bath at 31 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The leathers are restored to natural buoyancy , then blown into separately washed ticking. We can furnish new feath er-proof field at jmal cost if you lay. We ftemeva AT LEAST ONE QUART OF DUST Fro fht Artrofe Ml Telephone MA. 2431 and Routeman Will Call Pro res s th Soft W,uS f ATINDTY 430 E. Mirkit Ohio & Illinois 16th it Illinois If IB N. Illinois 39 M0VLMTPlA(CwtIVDIA4P0US.ID. "ON TtiE'CIHCLt" Tomorrow of A, iva. 9 Final Clearance Of All Spring Garmenfs Regardfess of Cosf SPRING SUITS ViPRIC 8 Suits Orig. 85.00 Now 42.50 7 Suits Orig. 98.95 Now $50 10 Suits Orig. $110 upward Now $55 SPRING COATS Vi PR1C 8 Coats Orig. 49.95 Now $25 ; 3 Coats Orig. 59.95 Now $30 - 5 Coats Orig. 69.75 Now $35 - 3 Coats Orig. $85 Now $40 I Coat Orig. $110 Now $50 SPRING dresses : 1 1 Dresses, Orig. 29.75 to 39.75, Now $20 - 15 Dresses, Orig. 55.00 to 69.75, Now $30 ; 8 Dresses, Orig. 69.75 to 85.00, Now $40 HATS 10 Hats Orig. $20 to 22.50 Now $10 ... BLOUSES 16 Blouses, Orig. 10.95 to 16.75 Choice 7.50 All Sales Final NEW SUMTO DRESSES 16" s2275 $3975 $4975 AND UP TO s8875

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