Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1934
Page 2
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HOPE STAft/HOPE, ARKANSAS •4* We'dti&sday, September 5.-10:14 . «iiininiii.jiiiiiiifflEam-LmLpi'i'i i'i!.in i>«tn ' • -i opts ;fH Still* The Big News on the World Peace Situation O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald. From False Report! •- - - every week-day nfterftwm by Star Publishing Co, Inc. s^tX 8. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburu), trt The Star building, 212-214 South tWatejt fttttrt, Hope, Arkansas, '-— ...— ...., _ . ... ,,_ . ....... . , C. E. PALMEB, President AtSX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and PnbHsbet •r" - - | _ > ttfifeted «s second-class matter nt the postoffice at Hope, Arkanu \ ^ Under the Act of March 3,1897. & BtdiflMlMi: "The newspaper is 4n institution developed by modwn civil* yttitioo to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, '*~*~ t **" Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that chick upoti "*-* which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. i „ Subscription Kate (Always Payable in Advanced By city carrier, yet \ week lOc; s« tfi6nth5,J2.75; one year $5.00. By mail, hi Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. Miller and LaFayette counfies, $3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. of The .Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively to the XJie for republlcstioa of all news dispatches credited to it or ' otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published her«ln. * National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., "Memphis, 4"enn^SterickBldg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago. 111., 75 E. Wack'**' Ve; D 6 ** 051 *' Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. * «. ,-- on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, „,„« of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial aewspapers hold to' this policy in the news columns to protect their readers i :C-£^ B f'f ° f - space - ta!un S memorials. The Star discla&ns responsibility * for tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts I Your Health By-DB, MORRIS FISHBE1N Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygela, Ute Health Magazine Keep Haimful Things Away From Baby CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton ! Auu't Rolc"is~Importaiit to Child's* Development No matter how much parents watch : their childien, the little ones will | Children are going to remember manage somehow to get things into j long after we have -forgotten, iheir mouths that are not suitable for '; And in tho years to come they arc foods or that are seriously poisonous, j going to sort those memories into two It is impoitant, therefore, that you'distinct classes, pleasant and unplcas- Vrateh your baby and keep dangerous i ant. ' substances away from it. j When they arc forty, their rocollec- , Records show instances in which : lions of their relatives will fall ubso- cluldren have eaten bichloride of mer-jlutcly into one class of another. If •Jury tables, large amounts of cathar- ; we want a monument to ourselves af- tles containing strychnine, or other j tt'r we are dead and gone, we should dangerous pieparati'ons. j think a bit ubout the treatment we TSvo Texas physicians have collect- i give to those little people today that ed the records of seven canes of ^aso- ! wt- think are only incidental scenery line poisoning and (i. r > eases of cqnl oil : in the family. What kind of aunts J poisoning m children, in one hospital, i are we? over a period of two years. The ages j I was fortunate in my aunts and of the children ranged from 10 months j great aunts. But there was one aunt, to 4 years, i now dead these many years, to whom Just why children drank the coal 11 pay this tribute. If she is conscious oil or gasoline does not appear in the today of human events and the way AAU> MARV PKTKFORD / XSRG MAK'NGT UP/ I // Battlefield Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Smith spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Millarcl Halton at "Fairvicw. Mrs. Maggie Atkins left Sunday to visit her relatives at Lost Prairie. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Collins of Spring Hill spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Keel. Mr. arid Mrs. Perry Johnson.visitetl their mother, Mrs. Lennie Johnson near Spring Hill last week. Mrs. Elbert Tarpley and children spent last Thursday with her parents Mi. and Mrs. Ed Collins at Sprint; Hill. Mrs. Dave Townsend spent last Thursday With Mrs. Maggie Atkins. records. Apparently in the majority of cases it was simply their curiosity. cf hearts on this earth, I want her to know that in my childish but inartic- y Eleven per cent of the children died iu'.ate way I adored her. ~ as a result of drinking these sub- I Regrets Aloofness j stances, including 9.2 per cent of those | Many a time my heart contracts _, who drank coal oil ami 28 per cent of j with the thought that I was careless, r ,those who drank.gasoline. In the fa- (that I did not make my love for her tat cases,tthd children lived from two | known and never stopped to put my 'to 18 hours after drinking the poison- j arms about her and tell her she was y ,ous material. About one-third of those who drank •the gasoline or-.coal oil also got some grand. I know now that she hungered for it. She was not married and she work- of the material-into their lungs, as a j cd. Yet many a week's pay went to - result of which they developed inflammation of the lungs. Inhaling of - the coal oil'; or gasoline is far more serious than-taking the material into the stomach.' Those who, drink such fluids show symptoms of intoxication, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Those who inhale gasoline or coal oil in large amounts develop serious inflammation of the lungs. This is due to the manner in which the gasoline .'or. coal. oil irritates tissues of. the Itirigs:;-- Absorption of such material from j buy mo a new dress or a new hat or an expensive toy. Once when she went on a vacation, and I was but eleven, she took me with her because my mother was ill. She never had any thought of herself. Never was she too tired to smile or to praise or to go out of her way to do a favor for her nephews and nieces, until she .developed the disease '< that ended her. Her nam was Mar- ] gart, but we called her Aunt Maggie To me it is almost the loveliest name on earth. Then there was Aunt Sade, "Sarah" BEGIN HERE TODAY BOOTS R A K n U II N. IS nnit pretty. I* «nnl,bcd -by -wealthy SYJ.VIA HIVEHS. Dae to S I would be held responsible? Roota I the street, Mrs. Moohey hnd her nodded mutely. Sho was at the j stage now where a single kind word t-'o-.sip, iiooi» i» forced to rcnitrn j would have brought upon a spell f roTit th£ JunloTK. floth °"trls 11 vc i * v, • i York uuhorb. was KO busy she did not have time i'«r .K" szx;- sriiiss i tf ?v his 'p?"?- ren <M^~^T, 'that would wipe out all her small margin of savings and take two eri>t I.UND, s%vimmlnc Innlruotor. Mils. K/vrOHI/RM return* from a (rip out of town and HOOCH drendn her mother'! hcnrlne %vti:it Imw li:ii>- lienrd. On InipulKc Khe mttrric* IlUB»'%Tliu tnUr» li<*r to live \vifli liln hrolbrr nnil bi* wife. HIINM tin* no lob nnd n|>p:irt*ilT!y • ni> umfiition. !tuon Duula be^'liiit to «f*e him urn tie IH. rtuin KOPN to Miami, pron-'ulnc She item n Job In n life IH en t more nnd enex (o live in fireoim-Ji.'li \'i)l:iBe. One «l;ir it FUNtompr'o 81(1 lilll is lost nnd Boot* <» blnnivd. no o.v WITH TUF. STOHV CHAPTRR XXIV own quarters—a bed-sitting room and a kitchenette. A'narrow corn dnr bisected the length of t.he remainder of the flat and two narrow doors opened off either side. Roots' room was one of those on the left. It was tiny, not more , than eight feet-square. There was ottior procious dollars out. of her! a forlorn brass bed. and n bureau week's pny besides! [winch Had oiiee tlfien painted ivory At long last the terrible day .drow j ll| it- whose former fjciata of .paint- to a close. In the washi-onm Mi.-;;; j ''"me groon.'-KomsiTrtTiitlv lo'mbn t-ol- Apfel ramc close nnd murmured I orp.d —now showed", through it) .sympathetically. "Heard a bom H j P-vtclies. A Icn'ob was missing. •« n"i! ) i!"Tn fl n'T.iu'd,.!","',- \' }nr - U>sa shamfi ' U ""PPenorl I ' ; ""n -^ "cd Poofs now col- to me once. . . ." | lapsed, kicldng off hor sodden "Honestly?" Boots' eyes light-j ? ' 10GJt v -'' rtl (tlf! rubhars still nlinfi- fid with tlie first hopo sbn had tell '"S to them. Sha had splaslied all dr.y. Perhaps her disgrace was Uhro-.iijli so many puddles that the not so deep after all. jnihbars had been sorry protectors. l.atpr. .-,iit> told liersplf, when she , the stomach is likely to be a very ! distorted to "Sade." Aunt and Uncle Slow process, and if the case is caught j John had no children, I spent holi- early, it is possible for the doctor to > days and highways with them. Aunt ' get the material out of the stomach j Sade was a most particular house- by pumping or by causing the child : keeper. Yet we kids cluttered her to vomit. j house and used her patience up at Unfortunately, there is no specific I our convenience. antidote for either gasoline or kero- I I cannot remember so much as a sene poisoning. The only thing to do I frown. She was sweet and kind and is to get as much of the oil as you can out of the stomach as soon as possible or to send it through the bowel by use of a strong cathartic. When the material is being pumped from the stomach, there is always gagging and it is necessary to make sure that none.'of xhe gasoline or coal oil is inhaled.. For this reason the Texas doctors.feel that it is probably advisable to produce vomiting by any good method and to get the material out of the stomach in that manner, rather than by pumping the stomach wiih a long tube. Whenever there are signs of inlox- did all she possibly could to show us a good time, even rounding up the neighbors' children to come and see us. As we grew up she loaned us her saddle; horse .an,d her riding clothes. Now tell me who would do that? Did we appreciate it? We didn't. But we do now. We look back and pay her silent tribute'when it is too late. And Aunt Ella. She was another wonderful woman and probably did more to urge us children to achieve big things through theer admiration and love for us than any other force in our lives outside our parents. And the Big Family icotion and evidence that breathing is j Last, but not least, comes Aunt Til- not going on properly, the inhaling of j ] iCi stil i living . ,<$ ic and Uncle Joe a mixture of oxygen 95 per cent and j ) la d many children, and yet if we carbon dioxide 5 per cent has been I didn't go out and $ay whole summers fOUnd 0£ Considerable benefit. j ,1,™ «mnrlr.r«rlM/hSi «/:>.: «,,-rm«r Th™ GLORIFY! NG YOURSELF they wondered'M/hat was wrong. They ; were like our other parents. Almost ! my happiest memories of childhood i are those months spent at their house. i Aunts and uncles. A parade of ' memories I am now able to see with- jout the dark glass.'"-Not an unpleasant I hour among them. | Aunts like Grandmas have a special I niche- to fill in a child's life. Theirs not to reason why or be critical but rather to be kind—appreciated or not. The child will remember, and mcin- . _ - _ , . . ory will grow and bloom and become A Good Guest Brings Own Cosmetics, j ;l quic . t gar[len fm . rcU . cat an( , reUef _ . in thu brittle und hard hours of the • Being a charming guest is just as ; i u t ure much an art in being a gracious host- i ess. The girl who always is invited i ~ === out of town for week-ends generally i f JOSe "'earns can be substituted for is the one who, in addition to having - ;^ par f te Jars of tlean s'»S, tissue and a pleasant, gracious disposition, never ; Caching creams. You may not like bit of extra cn '>' one cream for ordinary use, but you'll find it Irandy when away from home. Modern toothbrushes, with hcliow handles for dental floss, are causes her hostess trouble. She remembers to pack every single thing that she'll need on her holiday. . She doesn't borrow toothpaste, creams ; cc ™*™ c '"': ulo ,.°; and lotions every night before she goes to bed. And, since she's brought ... along a supply of cleansing tissues, she ! cc " la '" ^is.sors and file as well as : ._ ...:' i -_ .1 ipohsh. cuticle oil and polish remover. There are compact little manicure I lets, of course. The de luxe types polish, cuticle oil and polish If vou're serious about conserving Nothing U_ more .»»*«_*•*_ » g^ ' ^£™ r ^. never wipes makeup on the guest t L wen> n,f. i ho shomnlo'r's and he Roots: i c!or«il MiOji ni B. worst or it renlly? Might not the I ."' (Ir " 1 ' 1 unrlPMtand It,' management Ri:«ppcl lifir of tiishon- j sni ' t> OM '-hn od^-o of leai-p. "1 p-.it j esty. suspect hor- of havlns flonr- 1 i! ri -"'' ar i!1 and slammed It slru.j ,-..,„,, . . . away with that particular 810 bill"!' 1 ' 1 '™ v -' p n '-ii'^d and waited. . . ."iS w " K "' 0l! om ° r !lf ' r ^^ ™« •Boots, walliin'g to tl.e soda fountain j "Tills darn fliange .;vstem ,»l • la f l !*,''* ! ", T " , n " mml - Rtlvor on leaden feet, had visirin., of an| yrars brhlnd the limns, 'that's j ' a5 lf ** U] solu " ll «- ignominJous .search. Of course thev ; wh:;.t.' Miss Apfel statrd tirinlv ;r- "^''- ''"' sn tlrp 'l." ?!m wliim " ' "Just Uon'i ! >? ?rwl Mnl] y- ' UD i (nto tlip pillow. It f;;s not would not find die monpy. simply i jiifitins a noif because she Imdn't stolpn'it.. Out • you worry. Maybe it'll turn ..„, she felt that she would never be yet." nut her ions v.-ss kind raider I a • fl '' c>nflly pil!nw - It was lurd and quito the same apaln nf:nr such an tiian finoourasiiiB. Von could sor> j "»5' i . Rl<!in ' : f "id it snmllcd i-vor s: ordeal. No, she would fr : el doliiiiie- i-^h« tielifived Hint precious l)ill «nn 3 "' :lll ' y of S()lne aprirl disin .'octant ly srnirolicd. ... 1 sv.^Hnwrd up fovevor in tho ennr- Or - r " a s'lfanl; from it.. Afte.- n mo There was no use t.rviiu; to ra! j '" Olls " 1!UV " r '- :u -y'» 'Miante »ys-j me " r - •","" sln S'4oi''Mi to her Somehow' she swallowed .hr- .so.-iid- I l< -"'- I B °" e " l ,' a " s ""f, roat ""• ins., bitter tea iviiii the horrid lii- ! '» •••" ici! rjf a lir;)v . v "pan ami n x . Pt n ",' ler w<ll 'K'n ! 5 frork-lt waf tie muslin bag floatins around in | Krjllsc ' " f '"iponi.llny disaster the thicli r:up. .Sonu-wliere. she . dlss'i-jvon '' shn was InmKry, Thei-f- rim only one slip hart suitahli! for work at l.ary's. i|i t . prosr-rihed faint music p!a.vi:i|: bfiliind a s of greennry and waiters would IIP slipping bar-It nnd f.-,i-lli df-rr-nuil lal- ly wilb silver <lisiic3. Meantime tlio revolving door of tlie soda-fountain KWiuia inward with monotonous regularity ;md n maddening ictinoxli-wlinmth. ICvory The tf-ei. lior?oll gown and ! fliui" tiKr:«.'lf lintwer-n llio blanl;e!p. -.tablr..-! woi-fi harn white ftlahn. j :sil ° w:;s ( ' Ili1|p 'l "hroiuh. It ;;i.ompil ::r:iiT.-d lirioleiiin Hour was! 10 " 1 "' 1 ' K ' lt! wo " lc| wcr be Wiirtn :-il by th(! pr.ssaKe of many The air w;is slp;imy with ihe the i odor of <tool;inti anil wet | cloihi.'i'.;. Roots ,'• ' Jf ' f '" nft " s " " r v: "''"' Rr - u ' ?f 5' l »« found r-hi? was so tired she rould srarfply rlra» hwc-lf forth Into ihn one who '-ame In, hortip on wings of the k loolced nold, mounting puddle or under the lodge of the nounter j . . where umbrellas drippr-d and a i!is- ! . vmPNI ,,. A , . conraginK. aurifcrile-rtpsiroyln- odor i W of stale dishwater hovered o"er all. w ""'" " M " lf Db, It was no use. It VV .-| 3 simply Do use trying in l, U r-k this game, the girl ihoiisln in mtr-r f!''ip'iir In th? mirror Ijiyoml the pirn mlds of oranges, lipyund tho l,,,-.vl of cold siorage r-g^s used in thf conc-oction of "f-ho"nlnic- mill;s" sh-> could set- her own (ia | c coiintc-naiice. The tip of hor sinnll ur-f: L . vvns over so slightly i-fjildeneil. Her h;it which hue! Ijoun | ;l ;,i S011SOI1 ; , ,| ;ls i,. IUK enough "si^rls mod-l" of brown felt was v.-iiu'd by tin.. ri! j,,. -j-i,,, brim di-f.io(jed. She swulluwi-d 1.1,0 );,,;[ (j( t | H , too utt(srl> Ah. it would r." j hnavfii. f'ho told hr-i-^c-if dimly to j l';il) a.'.leep tbon nrtH Ibore . . . not to walco again for hours. Flut ! nf rom-sc that was madness, fjhe ! rniifit wi liornp. She tiuiat have slept for hours. Whp/i r,h« iiwohd tho hands of tb<? alarm clock on the bureau pointed /KHuml io 10 inimilPs pnKt 10. Rtnjiid, bo- and dis- her I'ffl In ff-.'ipo/i.'ie to ,i loud l-:norliinf, at tho iloor. "Oh. yea. Mrs. Moonc-y," she said. "Coining." "lt':i a telop.ram. Miss Raeburn, dear." The huidlacly, broad, comfortably untidy, stood In tlio aperture. "1 didn't hr-:ir you re ;ne In so 1 didn't know you wore home or noi. I jusi ihoiiKlit I'd see. Ain't you frr-liu' so u- ( -ir; You look '"«'' n thRKfi W<M i ..] ,j 0 f e? | t, little—nttle hot." (Jragglf;d elollie.s-, (d-y lit-r fioakin? i ; ; |,e .'igreoil, swallowing hard. Her •••' K ""- ! - | throat hurt. . . . Oh, well, that MI-H. Mooiu'y'K flat w:is rcaf.-lied i was i,ac;:uao elio'n .slept so hard l>y . Ili(!: " iH l)f uv " stalra - '" 1C t' a ''l)f-i3 (lurt . U]i; o](| _ d;i|il . ly "' .without any air in tiir- room. Nut- bitter li(|ui,j I,, n, 0 cll|1 ;,'„, I)U ,. |lt . d I ^ * l( "''™ l ( bacl; IK-,- il()0 |. l: ; ivin , Ij|; , f . e [fj a •-• •-• uairude must, oucn liava bc^u i»:nt of a IJOUHI; v.'ilh .soiiifj |il-ulcu:;io:a>: smelted -of j m-iiiiy shi; Ml painted i-'i- I'll trj|!(; she .iald. her hfuid ii:i aspirin." jii tlie knob pale. thin, f-jj been Use it lavishly when you're sitting in the sun—.sparingly when you put it on before rouge and powder. entertain a woman who is continually asking for beauty preparations. When you prepare for a visit to a friend's house, fae sure to take all the items you may need. If you do a great deal j "~ of week-ending, it might be worth j Cae and a naif million people U'v- \vhile to stock up with some of the j ing on farms were employed in other utility products that save space in j lines of work and 450 ; 000 urban peo- your overnight bag. j pie were engaged in agricultural pro- For instance, one of the three-pur- i duction at the time of the 1930 census. do iu.'-t diat linn?. boy rallerl "Anoihr-i special. . . .-•(;„ inlo tin; r;in ;i r .':!i'i pi R j r | who 'hud waiij nR f 0r her to Boots b;:d her kf.-y all rosily io fit into the- lock but ur, she bcui lo Tlift (.-oiniter I ;' find it, hi UK; <•(!:,! Ill ..vitii i.ho the dim bulb, iht- ,ln»r Bwung open drified out | arid a, dark man brushed ! past her v.-lth a niiiilf-rf-d "B'-g par -Ami thank you KO iijuch. Mrs. .MoDiioy. 1 ' j->ei-|jai)s this was I he cud of tlie uifjliinwre for l!<:r. Russ wirios to say, "Here's a check, Come by the next tniin." roiifil £ rj t.ac-y'.s in the nioru- ing, Btvaigbtcn out the al'fn'.r of the lost money, leave for Florida nncl Bliss fiuesrionr-fi h,. ! dou." She did uoi ("vi.-ii glaiKe up | at him, K« hunk was sbc lit tier i her husband on thu morrow . I'ji'lui'e. Mr. | anulliy. All i:i the v.-m-hl she w.ini-I JJnt the eheet Miitlcrcd froij) lipr r iigaiu. Him j erj at that moment was to i-tr;k iht lax fingers ao she read. Klie sanl; bj || !u | so |-jce of bur liny roo shut iln-jto ber knees beside ihe Uie container? \Vc-ll i| jey would door on UK; world ouislde. j "0!i. my Oocl, my Cod." t.lie mill :hc'ck up on the duy'-j rcceipta. Of ' The ap:irn:ieut was part of u lercd. "What am I suing to cl :oim.e t'liw ijiiiie ii-i('orL : t oot i [ na; j made-over browustone front. ly now?" iit.- o A Terrifying Slmlv of War's Uai-li- wn^i-Nursc's AccinuH of Ilos- j pllal -Scenes Is- Reissued I Farmers', Convention CAtlS. Avk. (UP)—The Arknnshs Farmers' Union wit hold i(s nmutal convention here September 11 with tho CrniKhcnd county locals. Dr. M. V. Dickinson,'stiUe president, 1ms announced. n,v HRI;CE During the war yours, no allied »!(>v- crtimonl would permit the solo of Kl- len N. LiiMottc's liltle hook, "The Backwns of War." This book is now ut in 11 new edition (Minton-Bnlch: l.lCil nnd it is oasy lo see why it was 0,'inncd. Miss I<iiMott'.* was a war nurse. ;uui her hook is u xorics of Sketches of war | hospitul life. It is written with tin- pmolioriiil dctiu'hmont, hut its effect is darnniti:?. Here we Rot v/nr at its iipliest—i .-. pain nnd fillh and insan- lily coin[.u-.-,:,c-d into a few piigo.'i. Turning to ^omolhinj; much lipliter I , . H. J. Yrntiiiiifi rind W. C. Sollar. , i who wrote the very amusini; booklet, "IfitlC and AH Tluit," are out with an- I i other laufjh-provolcor. "Horse Non' sense-" (Morrow: $1.50). In this they hike up tlio cull of the horse {ind tell you just what yon should do if you 1 wish lo enter Die world's .snnppicsl hunt club circles. Current liteniry gossip . . . Mary Cubic Dennis, author of "My Normandy," is a daiii'hlcr of the late George W. Cable, filmed southern author of a generation aj;o . . . Ucrnnrd DeVolo. of Harvard's English department, who has a novel comini; out next month, is a slnpnotch pistol and rifle shot. Good books do sell well, ffimelimes—James Millon's "Goodbye. Mr. Chips," has already sold 20.000 copies. . . . On the other hand, the novels of Geoffrey Dennis, one of the finest living novelists, have an nvcr- ase American sale of about 700 copies. One hundred and forty-eight forests are controlled by tho United States government. Many Auj-trtm'an tribes consider snakcr. a delicacy. 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