The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 1940 SARDINE 15, iuLl'yLi]! Make Prolcdioii of Brilish •Slimping More Difficult Ufiderlakinu BLYTTTEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Dropping Tire' Bombs From Air sims— ac I'.y THOMAS M. JOHNSON' NF.A service Mililary Writer Mists D, ;1 | shroud UK; North SKI win tu di-ttriiiiM! ivhellu-r Hriihh M-« blockade .shirrex Gcitiiauy u: (ieraiaii under.sea and uir blockade Maws Britain have been [ifled by (ii-njian ai tacks on liriii.-.h convoys. These attacks may herald re- r.e.ited blu.v:; ni me- thief proiK-- 11011 Of (IlL- kij^tlfHH's life-Wood How uf slilpiriiHj, the convoy system. 'Hint systtJi) pel, ),)( S ;|) W dl.-|..t vessel:; or trans|io:t.s tu sail only in groups prutcatd b v warships. It (iic-uiy helped beiii tiie- 1SH7 MiljiiiLirinc' warfare, iintl took ihc A. K. p. safe across. • Thinking n wou m wo ,| ; as wt ,j| loUny. Hie HrilUh Navy Is re- IJOHed not to have- tnliy'foreseen |£1U (levelopinents. TKEKMITE 1IOMHS JifiU) Xi;.,v T1IKEAT Events indicate uiai despile Die escort, sciinc bombers will get ihrousii and inflict some damage. That damage should increase v.iih the imminent appearance ol new weapons with sensational yossibilitlsii; lighter, faster uomoers, bearing myriad thermite bombs. 'J'heir aluminum ami iron powder bursts on contact into flame that eats into whatever it touches, as appeared in 1310 when variuis armies, ours included, used it on German dugouts—and they on ours. Now this ferocious weapon—so small thai a plane can carry (jurm- litlss—will be lurneil upon shipping, and Britain must protect nouiral vessels and equip her 7000 not with anti-aircraft guns alone, but. also willi extra protection against fire. scorn; I'OUMIDAIiLK Nazi U-boats _ sixty-odd - are sinking far fewer ships than in 1917, but considering the U-boats too are far fewer, their average is better than is believed. This i.s because, less than in 1917 do they come to the surface before launching torpedoes. Today often they get bearings afar off. duck, then sneak Up and fire under water. Against these Incite the British destroyers are less useful and more planes are needed to spot the U-boats Ihrouyh (lie water. SAtti/iNi: suns MAV IK) JOI5 Spring weather will help, but it will also spawn a shoal of "fish" of a type new and dangerous, if only because numerous as ihe .sands of the sea. They an: !hc pm^ct submarines the Nazis are said to be building in hot haste. Slapped together, hut mass-produced, .hundreds of these small submersibles will do, the Nazis hope, what the GO larger, better-built crafl cannot do — -starve Britain. To keep her belly full, Britannia is now girdling her ships with -tiarsed cables that seem to help make a fl/zle out of ihe magnetic micic.s-. But mines aren't the hair of it! Dorlor's itujgy In Mils-mil TOI'GKA. Kus. (UP)—A buggy in which Dr. George C. McKuUht ol lliau-nthn. Kas.. traveled 27,500 miles on professional calls has been placed in the Kansas .itite tli.storical Society museum in th? memorial building- here. Dr. M :• Knight begn'.!. his practice in Jln- wjitlw in 1891. Why Drive a 15o prnud of your car and pain Uic added respect of others. Our expert repair men will lie Iiapny to jjivo von an cslimale. Dented? Fenders Kent? C I UKS Itrokcn? THEN SEE US TODAY! WK'U, AIAKK VOUUCAU LOOK 1,1 KK i\B\V AT VKKY 1,1'lTf.n COST TO YOU. PHILIPS MOTOR CO. Sdi & Walnut Phone 810 On All bases I To Of He ^=^^i^==^--^ = ^ = ^ with the club reading the Colled ! Demonstration Club News Notes Chairmen ' Give Ucpurts j Chairmen of various committees] of the Armorel Home Demonstration elttb made reports at the meeting of the j club Tuesday afternoon when ID members and three visitors attended. '' Mrs. D. K. Garner gave Hie devotional alter tile song of the month had licm discussed by Mrs. ,). W. Bell. Roll call was answered by each member's telling what .she had done to improve her home since last meeting. Topics and speakers were as follows: "Flower Exchange." Mrs. W. O. Ander.'.oi-; ••clolhiiijj." Mrs. R. C. Bla;kwe!l; "Belter Hom?3 Week." Mrs. Gnrnor; -Ponliry Kcport-;" Mrs. J. W. Rehstock. ' Plans were made for an interior decorating clnss and the p:r«'iit:i- tion of a play ;n the todi-innifnt ii April. A club iniilt v.-lll be (liiillnl in the rear rmiiri 1 . A d:'mon.stralion on i.-lorjiin^ uii:l scwint; was given by Mrs. Bluc.- 1 ;:- •iell. The business :;:\ssioi, clov.'tl which was led by Mrs. Vlnsou. During Ihe social hour. Mrs. Taft Metajcr directed names and refreshments were .served by Mrs Worth Godwin. Mrs. Ashby and Mrs. Kyle Bell n.veived priV.cs in the grimes and contests. The next meeting will be held Thursday. April 11, al the home of Mrs. George W. Barham. Excavation to Be Made in Indian Burial Ground BILLINGS, Mont. (Ut>> — The first large-scale excavation of an Indian burial nroimd on the Long Pines division of the Ouster National Forest in cas'/jru Montana will be undertaken this year by the Carter County Goolojjlrnl society. I'lelimimiry surveys by W. It. IVck. director of the society, nnd other scientists indicate the presence of many arehi:oloi;ic['] and piileojilologlcal specimens of historic anil scientific value. if findings warrcni. application will be made for a WPA project to complele the excuviitlons. Peck said. Work will begin not later than July 1. The society is affiliated with Ihe American Museum ol Natural History. New York City, and the American Association for thr Advancement of Science, Washington , C. The United Stales contributes only I per cent of the world's output of shipbuilding. PBESORBPflONS Kroshcsl Stock (I'liiirantccd [Jcsl I'rices fiirliy Drug Stores " With iribe Time wns wlicn nets, not guns, were essential in hunting birds . , . But was before the development of the Pointer. Endowed with a natural love of competition, this speedy, stylish worker is first among gun dogs. 1 o acquire a "tender" mouth for retrieving, your young Pointer is taught to carry an egg without cracking the shell. He quickly learns the art of hunting ... On finding his quarry he stands as stone. Of course, dogs, unlike humans, safely drink any otd water . . . But we feel sure your smart bird dog would "point" with pride to the• sparkling pure water furnished this city. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. ncrnarif Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Ohe.ipest t.'nmmoillty" CU!VKI.AN1). o., April 2. illl'i-.. There W i|| be a boiau In Ihe win-el- cluiir Intlusiry iiml n d,.|»T.y;lim In llm nlshl club business In «-lentlsts call "Ilie America ol i'ir> l'"lltUIC." 'I'he basis for that urcdlciLnn Is tlllll America Is HllV.vl .>; up, III'. MID. dirccior nf the Si'rl|>i>s H.mi- diuloii tor Hcs-eaich at Mininl Unlversliy. Oxfoia. U. 'I'lu- iivi-rauc i^e of AniiThMii-; IIILS Increased In ih,. i;i s i j,,..,, i^ II "ill i;,. . S ||]| Klrau .,. („ ,„, ll( |,, T •>!> years, he believes. And the el- ri'Ol.s mi Ijiisl.u-ss. Industry, education mid Jiiilluiml hublts will be short of IreiiH-iidous, I Then- will be fewer (piirk for| tmie.s made. Dr. Thompson point.' out, and [ewer school homes, hut I hero 'will U e more winter vaca- tlas.i sueix In the sunshine ol Ploiida or California. lApkilus Itnom of '211s H was u population .shift I hut caused the boom of Ihe 'SUs he snl<l. In Iliul decade the- population Increased by 11.000,1)30 and business raced to keep ii)> Ihe IHICC of produclion. Then n,e mti- O r Increase drclined in the Has. luvice the depression. A lower population! says Dr. Thompson, menus less «i|iitnl Investment, more .stublll/ji- Uon of Indii.stry. therefore fewer (liitck fortmie.s. lasl June saw the blgucsl .'leulor class of nil u mc (! i-,«|,,|,i,,,j f ,. olll America's hi s h schools. .Snuillcr cln.sses \dll be in evidence even this year, he predicts, nnd tin need for | obvious. HcciTOtton Change Porrrust conditions. The war In Europe, ho ••iiiys. Is |i;ii-lly (he result of opjx)- slllon between an nheiuly .slubll- I'.ed popiiliition in h'niuci' mid a .vcmiifiiT, (troivtiiB pnpuliitiuii In t >eniiany, Ur. 'nioiiipson expluiued Ihe IwlliiK mil U f u,,. num 11S C1U|S1 . (| «y » ilcricasc In limnluialloii iin.l a lower birth rule, ilhlh rule- Irnve dropijcd i^jiedully in ctlles, he suy.s, |ur reasons nm Vl .i uiidcr- slootl. PAGE THREE , fewer schools becomes As the balance of age groups in (he population .wings toward the older end of Ihe scale, (he Imhits of Ihe uiUion will eliunge. The need.s- of persons' past 65 HIT widely different from those of younger groups. Recreation and entertal'n- uient nre only two liusinesscs which will have to grow oliler with the population. In America, he predicts, Ihc population curve, though still rls- uiy. is leveling off and will reach n point of stability, where the population neither increases nor decreases, in about SO years. This, too. will chiuife. American Manila Society—Personal Honor Hiiili- Mrs. Chiiide Cialne. Mrs. .llm Uiivlti inn) Mis. c:. 11. David wen- liostes.M'S HI u Duriy 1,1 honor of Mrs. l-'ivd |toy,.( ,,f DiyllievllU. n u . former Miss Kdlth (irlllhi o[ Mu- nilii. The moms were ihvoinlnl hi Kasler lilies. Mrs. Klsle Musscy I'riilslcrwl (tic i-iiesis In Hie bride's hook. Mis. lissli. Unvlil nnd Mrs, Kdlth liorner hud charne of Ihe t'limes iiflfr which refrrshineiiis 'were served. Fuvors of snuill sail boats Hinuimiccil the m:irrliii;e. Mrs. linyet is the tluui'lilcr ol Mr. mid Mrs. Dixie Cirlllln, one ol Manila's oldest families. The young couple will make their home In Hlythevlllc where Mr. Uoyet is employed at (In- Ur. 1'eppi'r tiot- t!ln(! plaid. Mrs. Willie DiiiiKhlrry Crafton "hd J. M. llulion were untied In nuirrliico Wediii'sdiiy nitnnlni; ill nine o'clock nl (!»> inldc's honii'. The weddlnj; ceremony was reiul by K. F. Aision, .hisllcr of lire I'ciicc. Mrs. Iliilton was intended by Mrs. 1'iuil Craflon. Mr. mid Mrs. llulion arc bulh pioneer cltl/.cns of this community and luiv ' \V. M. U. AIi'Hs The Wniiinti's Missionary Union of the Nuptlsl church im-t, at their iviiiilur meelliiK this week nl the church iimllfurlmu wllli Mrs Oeorgi- Ciirtwrlgia p.esldhnj over I ' j I'liuifli met «l ihr homo of Mrs. Wllllmu Lnwhorn Prldny nftemoon. Mrs. Kn>d Neixllimn conducted (lie :!rd session of (he .spring mission study class on "Homeland Har- ivsl." Hcports of Mrs. Albert Si;otl Mrs. W. .1. I.cKny and Mrs. Jack 'I'lplnil were read on (lie W. M. S. t.'mifrreiK'e m C'onway, Mrs, II. ,\i. l.'h.ciiiiin presided over ihe biiKlncss miTthn;. Keliesh- iilciils wen. i.ervi'd by the huslcss nl the iliiM. u| |h ( . mi'klliiK. Mr. and Mis. u ( .;i,| IMcu'e, A. T. I'lercc. mill Mis. OKI Wiifht went to llul SIMin;.s •I'lmrsdiiy wliere they will spend sevcriil days. Tin 1 HIT nnd Mrs. W. J. Leliny, Mrs Albert Scotl, im;| MI S . ,],„.[,' 'J'iplDii K-IIIIII ( .,| Thursday nt^hi Ifoni (iomviiy. they alli'iideil Ihe Wdiiisin's Missionary nmin- Doioihy I .u Vrri'iii', diniKhter of Mr. mm Mr.,. Walter Hoiicli. W.K; bi'iiuiiht home Wednesday lioin walls hospital where slie wns a pa- lli'iil for srvrral diiys. She Is n- I'ovi'i'lnij IIIJH an Illnrss of IIIICH- Mr.t. I'.'plcr linvls. wlui hits been 111 nl her hiimi' lor tin jiaM sev- t'l'i'.l day.-;. Is lepcirlcd Inipruviid Ml.vs Krclyn (irllllth. who hus been a slmlciit In the Hntile School ol llnuily fiultmi. [ m |),e pust lerni, ivceh-cd her diploma .Saturday. She will BO lo Ul.tti' Kock to lake tin- Htati- Board CMimlna- tion. filir will b<- eiiinlovcd In l!|v- thevillo. Airs. iMiiiiin Thlcme left Wed- iii'Sday uiiHnlnn lor un exicndcd vlstl with her brother in Aiiiory, Atlss. Mr. nnd Mrs, Joe Uoficrs moved this week inio |h,i homo of corn U-illon. Mrs. W. V. Turner mill Mrs. Kdllh Ilorncr visited In Htci'li', Mo. Tucsdiiy. They were accniiipaiili'd by Mi.s. Turner's mother, Mrs. Tiny nils, who hus been visiting hen: diirinj; (hi- |>ast week. Mrs. W. K. Ktiilllims mid diiiiijli- ter, Miss Hlunnhc. ol Hciiles Moiiiitls. III., wen: Ktii'sts of Mr. and Mr:,, W. U. Urcnvn und Mrs. I 1 '. K. In own this piisi week. i Huns Chiisllim Aiulerson, aiilbor ]o[ fairy lairs, disliked children. Pastor Father to Have Four Minister Sons MARION, O. (OP)—The four ••:ons of Dr. und Mrs. Harry L Bell will follow Iheir father Into Hie ministry, with Hie eldest son, liay- moml. 2:i, to IK- ordained at his father's tliinch here May 1'J Ihe niyilw.rary ( ,f die parent's 'ordination 25 years ai;o. Dr. Bell Is pastor of Central Christian church. IJesirles liayjnoiul, the .sons now studying al Transylvania College In U'Xlnglon. Ky., are Wayne, 20, mill Winsloii. IB. The fourth son, Keith. 11. Is in high school here und Intends In enter the Kentucky school lor Die Disciples of Christ llmoUnlcnl .students upon graduation next year. The four brothers chose the minliilry voliinlnrlly, both parents rlvlna tlii'm u free hand. The Ijcy.',- IKIVI; n sister, Mrs. Iliniy Wiaver Kmlth of Ilnrlniul, Ky.. where the family lived prior to i heir wm'iiif: litre ihrce years The I'.'uiillsh laiiKiiase c'i:isl'.intly Is iiiitleriinlng chaimcs. !u the pusl 'JO years 110,009 new words IKIVI? been iKlde:!, while HOMO have heroine obsolete. Pleasant Wake-Up ' fns'ulcs Ever troubled by constipation and Us bad hrcalh. headaches, hlllous- nrss? Then you ought to know Syrup of mack-Draught, tasty, ef- fi'ellvc liquid companion to the famous powder Inxutive, I Is acllon Is iiMinlly puncttml, ci'iifle, (horottt'li by simple ilirecllons. Us principal Ingrrdlenl helps tone Ijowcl muscles. Nc.vl (line, ttike Syruii of Hlack-Drautiht. 2 sltts, 50c, 25C, Special This Week li room iTsidcnre. un W. Kentucky. I'rlrc SlliMI. $2111) cash, lialanrc $13.till month. Thomas Land Co. 11. C. C.'tmplicl), the business lurotlin;. Mrs. \V. H, Oreen cnndiiclcd ili<; rc(;iiln|. Hlljle Mudy proiiiuni. Twelve members were present. Iteimrl On Ci Tile W. M. H. of the Methodist Wcrt Optometrist "Illi; MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Jnc Isaacs' Store J'liunc 540 PLOWING, PLANTING, FERTILIZING, HARVESTING Vi'v all know thai plowing, iihiiiliiiK, fcrlili/injt and harvcstinjr ;ire ni'ct'.ssarv tusks fur making a cifip. Hut oflcnlinic.s one or more of Uirai: oiR'nilidiis would have (n fit slighted if credit t-onliJ not lie found to provide the needed supplies or lalinr. Many responsible farmers Jind il (n Iheir ad- v;ui(;if,'e to Imrrow from this hank each Spring. \\'e loan them funds to cover Uic cash costs ol snwinjj and niarketint; their crops. They repay ii: Ihe fall when they sell (heir crops. \Ve welcome your applicalion. COMI'UiTK SKHVICI; I. Crop I'roduction 1.0:1 us Z. Checking Accounts :{. Savings Accounts •1. 1'ersdnal Loans 5. New Car Financintr (i. I'Ml.A. Title 2 Loans 7. Commercial Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION See The New CROSLEY 'I'lii! ullni-niDiIt'rii fi'iidirwi in (he new Ci'osley \Vnslti-r iiu'ltidf (he easy iidju.stahle ;iKil;ilni', niiiluiiK il possihle In wash (he linesl I'ahrifs iiixl (lu> iiutiiniafic tiinc-i'ldeU t'imlnil. No NOW ON DISPLAY AT Opposite Frisco Freifjht Depot Phone . 76

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