Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 14, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 14, 1952
Page 8
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t» MOM ITAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Monday,July 14,19S2 it«d States ew Record Hem —the nnw firnt ilpplilff, th« flnnr pourod on tho rnrcrl for ?Jft her upccd crown, , lho hornsward »lrftlcb nMir>r Virginia Votes Continued from raft On» hlmnelf getting 145,000, fomnnlBii force* who've on pnlllnK for n Inn?* 1 turnout (in a volcft ftf eonKdenr" for tl" 1 vend* tor'* work, fi'irotaul » bnllot nt SOfl.ODO. They've declined in predict In trwIIUfmBlly T)rriwrnUe Vir. ;• ths; aa.OOO-tfin Amcrioftn prldk ocrtrtfti In brnnh Uit> QUmw ' H*ymr f«?ord> for UK- rn*«tt*AiwrJt!jin t hit now U. ft> &tirt>p« hud nor llnrr on t-rn<ihod mnrk. York fin .fitly 4, th« mndff the 2,030 mile fi| In thrfp dnyn, 10 hour* 39,iK> Th» rnmpBlRfi h«» lM"?n lively the punt thrfo month*, hnn (Minted to hi* record on n wwtrhfloR nt Of nation's Hnn imiml»»'il in enn> fur rcimiwiy If, his Is durlriK FJyrd'* 1 <o ship WA* not nx- bcltM thin time on UK Par on<* fhlnn, f«s . ,,.-.. '..„ to n »p«wl of l;Knot*. But dhe fljtppnrcd cor j'eueh Ambtnup Muht, Into this afternoon t>t the Qiiflon Mory'f record of throe hour* and <fl minute*. ft on her- trip homo, tho Stales had rncited up ntlll tettont — the longest irmde by n s In the SUMtour porltxl ended ay *ht< covered 902 nruitlowl an KVtirnge upcird of 30,011 B? ftfadlod th« "most il cluborflto" welcome In history for the ni'W sen ciuoen, her skinner e Hurry MannlnK unit orcw, Muniilnx nlrondy Utot ho would »n- Jhe harbor tonl«ln nnd (feck at j> tun, tomorrow, city's tHXl-mllo wntnffidiit > tie rtrripcd in holiday attlcn. itmtn weft* slicked up nnd 1*4 'for the Irmlltlonnl wiilor ... fyiflny ly tk'Jccr'.ti jwfa to 4». V «——. troUH/onnl pnrndu will )uii\i.r mid MA Itel Is On* Ptin bo rotrnctod to provide? :.\jini)l)Slniotorf flight dock. spend nrobdbly iibovo tlm .13 |t rutod upeod lor llui pruxont alr«r«ft onrrier, tho -W.OOO completely flfyht tlouh, tu wov«s. enclosed UiriiHt tin l ;t>iou tho ship b float below wntorllno »f, torpedoes, to tt)« uerenuwy today n k Sullivan, tho ot th» Navy who « post uftor tho h»a itoupini the Nnvy'u ort to build u w ftftfrlur Is u«me4 for an Int/tlllgpnec officer at SHARK hftiidfitmrtoro World Wnr U, h»« "*unillfd forelun policy «nd dnmantlc record, Millet nonlondfl Mprelnlly that Uyrd'n fnrm votlriu r<".''ml him not bff<n |,i the bout Intcri'iitH of the Vlrglnln fnrm«r, Milk'i' also miyit the xonntor'x IwndCrnhlp of tho utiilc'jt nillnK Dcmof-rtitlr orKmil^iitlnii hn« ro- dticod roprtmontnllvt* Kovorrinu-nt In Vlrglnln in « «tnu> of "dry rot," Dyrd him nnnwercd these nttiruk* by nuylniK (hat since hn In n fornior on the »ldo hlmnolf, hu In nnturnlly n friend of tho fiirnifr, A» for Vlr- itlnln b(iln« on tho want* sovern- menlplty, Byrd »ny« nolhlnK could bo fMrtnor from the truth, thut In ronllty tho comrmmwcHilth U pros- pprlnit n» never before, nnd l« one of roltttlvfly fow dcbt-frco Tho «onntor ha» porlrayad H» if "100 per cent Truman nup- portar" find linn »nid he rogardu "Trum»n!»m" n» th« »ntiln Ittouo of tho cdmoiilun. Mlllur, wbllo profcniiliiK hlo be- Jltif that thi» President h»H been rl«hl nn moHt major IsHuen, him denied l;oln« In Trurnnn'H ciimp till tho wny, Buick's New 'Skylark' Sports Car Tlild «lf*k new sport* converlllile by Butclc Ii built on • 1W2 Roadnuittcr chaMl* with many innovations In «(ylln», »«ch ** chrome plated wire raring whetli, down«*t»ep( donrr. In tun* with fender lines, and rnnler- Klyl««l nwMjupcsr moldln», hrynotlnic nlmpllclty of detlfn. L«b«led (he "Skylark", U wax de*tfrn<>d ond made to pre-tent pulillc are«planr« for an Amerlcnn-bulll Kporta car. Th« lnl«rlor, with lowered seatii, U finished In brilliant lleUlnkl rnd leather in ulrlUIng rnnlrail to the Olympic white exltrlor. The "Skylark" i.s powered by Hulek'n fnmrd 170 luirnvpower Fireball eluht overhead valve engine. Act Signed to Boost Home Loan Powers WASHINGTON </H —Prc«lelonl Truiium lotliiy Binned an nt-t open- Ini! the wny for thu uovornmoiu t» it UN operatloim In flniiuclnu homo mortHMUcrt, The now luw ptilx up $1,305,000,• 000 for the pureluiKe nf roclernlly I'd homo iuoi't|{ii)joH. It nlso provides lulditloiuil morldawe nnuO'tiiKivr the Foderal MOUM- liitf Adinlnlatniliou and vi-U-nuiH niHliiK progrHiim. This Broflmm luplurteH an luldl- ttonul 000 million dolliu-H of pur- „ fjowor for the Ketlei-ul Na- ilonuV Mot-.tKOHe AHuoclullon, 11 iuw- tifnirtt'iH Owr\vd t'ort)orfvtlnr% which from )f>n<ni>H lln« thiu eHtablliliej? a 'nwlu't for prlyntu homv bulldoi-8, )i*«0t:liitiou him now been $3,030,000,000 of purohnslnu Klrico it wild set up. Tho net al«o (flvca the K1IA an the late Jnmcg 'Fom*Htul, former of th« Nuvy, nnd the «(imiiUy,'« first soorctnry of do Parley Delay Continued from Page One eluirKf-9 a n id Chan's statement wn.s "tin rldlculoua on tholr clnlm theyi shot down 10 American planes on tho day of thn iillcgod iittiiek," Actually, he mild, only one Amur- Iciin plnno won lout to ground fire Friday. Allied sources Indicated the Com- munlM requnHt for n I-OCCHB In the| truce tnlkx wnx tied up with do- velopmMim In the negotiations thcmHttlvoK nither Hum the stepped up U, N.'H nlr attacks. Tho H«<dn imkfld for tho recess at (i moniliiu meotinu of liaison officers mid the U. N. agreed. The lieM'.iUatloMK will )«• resumed under n nown blackout at 11 n. m. Wi-tbu'fiday (10 p. in, Tuesday KDTi. When (he .Reds lust requested a rect'SH July 2, chief tl. N. dclfijate Miij. <MII. Williiim K lliirrison bad just (nilnted nut to them a "fuce- snvind" device fur m<ttllni; llu- tlcviec bn.-i lici'ii ili'biitcd in the PRESCOTT NEWS Tu»«d«y, July 10 The Order of the Eastern Star will meet Tuosdny evening nt 7:30 at the Masonic Holl for a stated meeting, Wednesday, July 16 There will be services nt the Assembly of God Church Wednesday evening nt B p.m. cd by Howard Sarccr been their guest. who has Major nnd Mrs. Willlnrd Homo and son of the Canal /.one are the guests of her mother, Mrs. S. H. McMnhnn, and other relatives. Prayer meeting will begin It p.m. on Wednesday evening, the Church of Nn/urone. »t| nt Narrow* Dam Retervolr Named by Act of Congress The Narrows Dam, Reservoir on I.Illlc- Missouri River has been named by Congress as Lake Circs- son in honor of the late Martin W .1. Continued from Page One on the 20-member uroup. I A i;i'6up of f)3 Democratic con-, Crcssmen announced tlu-y would] urge a party plank calling for pri-1 maries in which the people could! iiidicnte their choice for presiden-| tial candidates. Such rccomnieiula-1 Or«-eson of Prescott. his son, ! H»ns Would not necessarily be bind' Allen fireeson of Little Hock i'"H on 'he; eonvi.-iition deleuate.s, ! It callsi for nn exchange of lists of war prl.sonern al the tiuu' of im nrmisllci', from \Uilrh would be, t xeluded ijristini'r.i who Hay they Wdiiltl forelbly resist rt'piilrliitinn. All listed prisoners then would be rrpatrinted. This would stitlsfy Communist de mnnds for tin- return of "nil listed IH'Uoni'i'K" mid still not forco the Allies to return captives who have communism. additional 400 million dollars of homo Insurimci' uulhori/ritlon. an additional HO million dollars for bousing in critical defense ureas, 40 million for community facilities nnd servieo nnd five million for !u>usinn lonns In Alaska. Uncler the new law Kavlnjjs nnd lonn ussoclntiuns will be permitted to purchase tnortuage.i on property morn than 50 miles from tholr of- flees. THE WHITE ELEPHANT CLOSING OUT i*.* ,"* ITINUES-Only o Few Days Left ICES SLASHED AGAIN EVEN MORE NOW- Y ITEMS SLASHED %(OME SAVE! 110IAST SICOND \ STWfT \ %•*•*• f WM.S notified this wri'k by John 1.. McCli-llnn. Mrs. C. I). McSwiiin, Mrs. Cl. Hirst jmd Mrs. Friink Gilbert, dnuiihtont of the lute Mr. Grcu.son live in PruNcott. Another daughter Mrs. Mull Hill, resides in Llulc Ilock. Mr. Grt'OHon, who sorvcd on Ihe Arkmi.sjis Flood Control Comutis- Miun undor the lute Governor Curl E, IlalU-y, was active In efforts thai led to the building <>( Narrows 0. | im inded Jluckoi's of the proposed plank Kefauver and campaign! inanai'd-s for lUissell, Mutual So-| curily Administrator Avt-rull Ilar-l rlnian and Vice I'resident Albonl liarkley. , j Harriman took a swipe at HUM Republican platform in a lelevi- sion show. He called il dishonest ar.d insulting to labor and said: "If Republicans come in anci carry out the policies they are fa- President II! of a Virus Infection WASHINGTON (TIl'i The White Iff,use ;ii);i'Miiii. p (.'d today that Pre.si in-ill Trim; in i.s confined to liis pri vale tiii;irtefi ,«nffc.'i irifj from "a iiilld virii." infection". Mr. Truman cnii'.-eled bis rnR.ige fri-enc'.; '.vith Sen. Hubert S. Kerr <OOk!:i.i '.-.ho is seekinj.; the Memo rr;itic pre.-.idenliiil nomination. I'lc:;-' Si-cret.-iry ,r>iscpb Short said Mr. Truii>::ri li<-e:nne ill yes lerd.-iy. "Thi Piesidi-nt has a mild virus infection .irifl is going to st:iy in hi•* qiMiter-j lodny." Short Inkl re porters. The chii-f executive \vns Ireated by the White Mouse physici.'in, M;ij. Cien. Wallace II. Grahnm. Short ,s:i id Mr. Truman would spend p.-irt nf the day in bed and confine his -,vnrk to signini- accuin ulnleil bills passed in the closing c'.-iys uf C'one.re.ss. Short said lie was nn1 eertnin v.'hi.'lher the President has :i fever but i.e thought "prubably there is .c -'light temperature". The President is hardy by nuTure nnd only on rare instances has siayd away from his office be cause of illness. lie was scheduled tn meet today with .Jack Gorrie, chairman of the Nation.'i! Security TiesourceS Board ni,(I SIM retJiry of Stati- Dean Ache son. in addition to Kerr. Short said the conference with Kerr h.-id been postponed along with all oilier engagements. White House reporters could ro iiu-mbcr only one other instance since i!)4"i when Mr. Truman felt too bat! to go to his office. lie was bu'liered by a severe cold sev era I ;,•• ars ago and went on a light routine for several days. The President's wife i.s at her home in Independence, Mo., spend ing Ihe summer with her ailing ir-olher, Mrs. David. Wallace. Mrs. Tnnnan was in Ihe east for a few sti.y a Niinonly." And, Kefauver said. "Ihe Republican parly il;;elf is a minority party, tin Ihe basis of ils week's work in f'hii:a<;n, it seems very likely to stay a minority parly. Union Shops Continued from Page One Steel now sells for nbout $110 a ti.n. Ono other considered • pa nii'S have pay increase retroactive to issue also must be wages. The com; offered the union a! of 10 cents nn hour.J April 1. i One Killed, Five Hurt in Crash OSCEOLA, Ark. G-rV-Two,. ca collided head-on near here toda killing Irene Smith, 5-year-old ruthersville. Mo.. Negro. Five other Negroes including tl child's parents, .T. B. and RosJ Smith, were injured. Bui to this proposal the union; .«!:ys "Nn." It wants the retroactive! flati- back to March 15. Indicnlions j are the industry will go along but' only if the union agrees to a modi fieri union shop. Industry's offer al-o includes] pr.irl holiday?, higher shift differ j entials and other fringe benefits.' Pie-strike wage averaged SI.05 an I'Mir. j Conservatively speaking the crlpj pling strike has dented the nalton's' economy to the tune of nearly Iwoj billion dollars. More layoffs loom-particularly in the automotive in ('uslry in which nearly 300,000 are expected to be idle after today. Other allied industries -- prlnci pully railroads — also feel the ef feels. Freight earlonding has sunk to all-yenr low. Scouts Hike 92 Miles to OzarkCamp , HAHDY, ARK. Iff) — Nine Boy Scouts from Trumann, Ark., begnnj the first day of a week's scouting; activity at Camp Cedar Valley,' near here, today after a 92-milo hike from their home town. Only five of the boys compleled Ihe Irip on fool with Scoutmaster i G. W. Walker. The other four were! j forced to drop out alonu the way! I because of blistered feet. They i I came on by bus. j The boys arrived in camp Sat! nrday at 4:30' p. m. and were the first from tho Northoasl Arkansas council lo arrive. They plan to leave for Truman Saturday — but the return trip will lit.- by bus. Hot and Dry Is Forecast Here Special Arkansas Farming Foi| cast: North Arkansas — Widely tered tliundershowers this aftern't and tomorrow afternoon, slight] cooler Tuesday Light winds South Arkansas — Hot and d| today, risk of showers tomorn afternoon continued high tcmpcij lures Drop Search for Salem Fugitive SALEM. Ark. i/W — Sheriff J.'lj Weathers says he is discontinuif n search for Arthur Eiseman \vJ escaped from the .Fulton Counj jail here lasl Tuesday. "3T j days earlier Ihis month to see her daughter Margaret, off on a En rcpean holiday. CIilB BHRTO For ATTORNEY GENERAL Endorsed 100% At Home By the Lawyers of the 12th and 15th Judicial Circuits. Paid for Bv G. C. Harain. fort Sm^- Dam. He mude many trips to i mous for we will have that de-1 Wnshiniiton and was consistently | prcsslon that Stalin is just wait-j active over n period of ,> oars In! 1 "** fo1 '' " IUI we wiu I 11 ' 11 lh .° world i efforts to mako the damt a possi. blllly. Tho roservoir was named In a House resolution introduced by Representative Oren Harris. The Sennted approved it on June 18. Mrs. Mn. Davis and Ralff Honored Friends of Mrs. Lottie MeiW ami Mrs. Hob Dnvis honored them with « picnic supper on Wednesday evening on the luwn of Mrs. Hay Duke in celebration of their birthday anniversaries. Tin; bonores were the recipients of many lovely sifts. Those pre senl Included Mrs. Muttie Ellis. Mrs. C. A, Croritt Sr. Mrs. Christine McMuhen, Mrs. Jennie Burlier, Mrs. Alice l.ucns and Mrs, Cam MeGuire. These from out of town who* attended the funeral services for Infuut Colt'iruiu, baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Cirnnville Colenum of Ulytheville at DeAun cemetery Prescoti on Thursday ulternuou wore: Mr. Jett Williams, Al Will- lams, Mrs. Sue Sommorvillv, Sus- iinne Sommorvillt 1 , Sonya Somnier- villti. Mrs, Lucy Battle, Miss Dave Knotts, Mr. mid Mrs. Doyle Willis of Hope; Mrs. Horace Ester, Mr. and Mrs. John Culvmun of Uurdon Mujor and Mrs. \Villiurd llo«-ne, Cunul Zone; Mrs. Jett Williams, Jr., Dullus; Mrs. Owt-u Gibson, Sluevi'iiort; Mr. and Mrs. Geone t'tikis Jr. Little Kock. Dr. and Mrs. N. H. Nelson attended tho funeral services for their uncle, Mr. Marion A. Nelson in Hot Sprintfs on Wednesday after noon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ovoritreet nnd their Buv*ts. Mr. and Mrs. Krroll Wilkcrson and daughter ot Memphis, visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overslreet, Jr. in Spriruj- hill, La., ui) Wednesday. Miss Mavsarei Hunter Scott la visiting her cousin. Miss Helen Ruth Scott in Little Rock. Miss Helen Scott of Little Rock has been the guest u{ h«r parents, Mr. «nd Mrs. Hunter Scott. Mr. and Mrs. George Pakls, Jr. have re turned to their home in lattlo Rock after a visit with her parents, Mr. mad Mrs. J. O. Colr- man and altentiuig the luneral services for their nephew, infant Culcman. iiiul we down with us." The candidates planned to arrive in Chicago this week Russell, Kffauvi-r, llarrimaii, Barkley, Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma, Sen. Erien McMnhon t/f Connecticut and House Speaker Sam Rnyburn of Texas. None has an.^vhere near the OKI votes needed for nomination. In the latest Associated Press tabulation Kefauver is leading with 2f>2, followed by Russell wilh 117'j mot counliriK contested Mississippi and Texas delegations), Harriman 11)1. Stevenson iH, others 25!)'j and uncommitted or in dispute '117'j. The possibility of a woman vice presidential candidate was raised by Mrs. India Edwards, Democratic national committee-woman. She si:id on a radio-TV program last nifiht that organizations in 2i) stales are working for her nomination. As the tempo of the Democratic f ib'ht picked up, the Republican candidates — defeated and victorious — prepared to rest. Before hitting the campaign trail, Kisenhower planned to fly today to Denver and a vacation. Ucil first he set his house in order by resit'.ninu his Army commission so he will bo free to discuss all issues and he set up an cU;ht-man ativisorv staff. Mr and Mrs. T. C. McRa». Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. J. T, MoRae are (he guests of Mr, and Mrs. Don *nd sou, Tonuny. m New Mexico- TUey to be away two weeks. M/s. $**'. »n4 Jaiues PaUner ol UtUe ttt her h»ve i Kefauver Flays i Continued from P«^e Ono | further service in the military field; in which he is a specialist." ' The GOP platform Kefauver said : followed the saying of Oscar Wilde that "nothing produces such an effect as a good platitude." He mtded: "in short, no effect at all." Of the different planks in the platform, Kefauver said: ! Foreign Policy — If doesn't say ' much" except to accuse the Uemo- cvntic party of all the wws of the world, including all of those which tho Republicans helped to bring about," Labor — "The labor plank turns | out to be nothing but a defense of i the Taft - Hr.rtley law. 1 charge' that the Republican party, if oncf ajsuiu it gels in power, would at- temut a stri«ij; punitive attitude toward labor." Kefauver called for; uboUshiiiB the T-H law. j Civil Rights — The platform i recommendation "is the weakest In years. Once again the Republi-i can party has determined lo stand | behind x x discrimination, intolerance and bigotry." Kefauveril said he wasn't necessarily for com-;,| puisory federal laws against job i discriminatioi\ but lhat if tho Dom-i tcratic plank, calls for such laws he would "fight earnestf)-" for th«HM. | Women — •• Already they vThe Republicans) have violated one of: its clearest promises. The platform i declares that their party is fur equal rights lor women. But Uw convention turned ri^ht ai-ound »ud r*orjani*ed the NaUwal Conmut- t«« lo suca « way that the eqvt»lMy -' Md wonuw w it* member- »l ESDAY SPECIAL FIRST QUALITY ALL Nylon Jersey Slips TUESDAY ONLY.... With Nylon Net Trim — Nationally Known Make $2-" Sizes — 32 to 42 Colors — White, Blush and Black Hope'* Finest Department Store THE BUY OF THE YEAR UCTION > BEARD PROPERTY ... 30 PLOTS t located on South Main street and Patmos highway across from Hope Drive In Thegter on Thornton Street. STARTS WED. JULY 16th 9:30 A. M. Will continue until property is sold. Buy these at your own price. The terms are VA Down and V4 Each yeqr for three years. Gas, water electricity available. If you miss this you'11 be sorry. R.D. FRANKLIN CO. four HOFI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ada Must Be In Office Day Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Wont Ad« Ar* Payable In Advance But Adi Will B* Accepted Over Th« Telephone And Accomo- daiion Accounts Allowed With TV* Understanding .Th*, Account Ii Payable When Statement Is Rendered. Number Oft« Tlir*« Six On* ot Words Day Days Days Month .43 .90 1.50 4.QO 2.00 2.50 3. 3. 4.00 4.50 Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 86 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 .60 .75 ' .90 •1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 . 6.00 0 12.00 13.50 15.00 6.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75c per inch 3 Times 60c per Inch 6 Times 50c per inch Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. (or publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of. fering (or publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as houses or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope .Star will not be responsible for errors In Want. Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of od and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. Phone 7-3431 HOPE STAR For Sole 100 PIANOS sell immediately to stop storage. $50, $75, *95. 202 S. Elm St. Hope. 17-lm 3 roam house on double lot .on East Mrd Street. Reasonable price. Write L. \V. Sparks, Box ! 757, Hobbs, New Mexico, or call 7-3147 Ihe 4lh or 5th of July. 30-121 5 ROOM modern house with Bendix automatic washer. 710 Adair. $650 down and assume monthly payments of S22.38. 4 lots 100 x 290. Rosston Hoad, V^i mile from Tol-E-Tex. ?80l). Monroe Grant, 710 Adair. 8-6t BEAUTIFUL quality Holstein Heifers, $75 up. Mutation Mink, $3." up. Voight Farms. Lomira, Wis —Atlanta, Texas. 9-151 1 CASE pickup bailer. Good shape Price SCOO. Bill Beard, 1 mile on Columbus highway. 11-31 Political Announcements The Star If authorized to announce that the' following are candidates lor public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elpctlons: For Tax Atsettor CR1T STUART Shontz Has Shot at Many Major Marks By JOE REICHLER AP Sports Writer Bobby Shnntz midget southpnw in' the Philadelphia Athletlc.8 cnn: 1. Become the biggest winner in For Circuit Clerk GARRETT WILLIS S. A. (Speedy) HUTSON Philadelphia's history. American League For Ffcpreientatlve TALBOT FEILD JR. For County Judge CLAUD H. SUTTON U. G. GARRETT FRKD A. LUCK For Sheriff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOE BR1TT R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOK JONES 2. Become the first second-dtvi siou hurler in the past 50 yenrs to lead bis league in won-und-lost percenttiije provided of course Athletics don't finish above present fifth-place berlh. 3. Become the first 30-game win ner in the majors in 19 years and the first American Leaguer to tench that total in 21 years. Shantz spun n seven-hit 0-0 shutout yesterday as the Alhletlcs split a doublehender with the Chicago ! White Sox. The Sox took the see- I ond 7-4. It was Bobby's third shut- Notice HAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard, Gravel available. Foy Hammons Phone 7-2650. J9-1M Used Cars For Sale SUr of Hop* 1l9f; Pr*M 1927 Consolidated January II, 192* Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Polmtr, Prtiidtnt Altx H. Woshburn, Secy-Trti. At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut Strett, Hope, Arkansas Alex H Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager tniered as second class matter at H. pn ' Office at Hope, Arkansas, tinder the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns — Per Week 25 Per Year 13.00 By main in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, and Miller counties — One Month 85 Three Months 1.60 Six Months 2.60 One Year 4.50 All other mail — One Month 1.10 Three Months 3.25 Six Months 6.50 One Year 13.00 SELECT USED CARS AT RETTIG NASH MOTORS $895 $595 :$1595 ™. $650 For Alderman Ward t FRED JOHNSON DW1GHT RIDGDILL PAUL RALEY For Alderman Ward 9 B. L. RETTIG State Senate TOM J. SJLVEY x DR. F. C. CROW Chancellor (First Division, 6th District) WESLEY HOWARD A. P. STEEL Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 42 HF, IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Arkansas nnd by the House of Representatives, a Majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby pro out and his 16th complete game In 18 starts. Me has won 15 and lost three. 5-7 HghtwotRhl from Pottstown Pn. Is shooting at (he 31-1 victory Philadelphia pitching record jointly held by .Tack Coombs of the 1910 Athletics nnd Lefty Grove of the 1931 club. The Athletics have plnyed only 73 names lour fewer than hnlf their season's schedule. Grove wns the Inst of eight American League hurlers to win 30 or more in one season. Dlw.y Denn was the lost major leaguer to ne- complish It. He won 30 for the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals. Only one pitcher hurling for n second-division club ever led the American circuit on n won-tmd-lost basis. He wns BUI Bernhard who won 10 and lost five for the fifth- place Cleveland Indians of 1002. Shunt/, was not the only pitcher to shine yesterday. Vic Raschl came within four outs of pitching a no-run no-bit name for Now York us the Yankees twice overwhelme the Detroit Tigers 11-1 nnd 12-2. Raschi hnd two out and two strikes on Myron (Joe> Ginsberg In the (1th Inning when the wcitk-hlttinit Tlfier catcher blasted « 350-foot home run Into the right field stands SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYUB TALBOT. By ED CORRIGAN (For O«yl« Tulbot) NKW YORK W-tf Avory Bnind- ngp nnd nil his co-\vorkors i\n tho United Stntcs Olympic Commiiii>e don't hnvp n Rood vaso of ulrcrs l\v now they'll hnvo thnn, The entire tpnn\ of nlwut :HO nth- Iftps Is In Helsinki hut just t-ijtht days «RO— \vhon virtually ;>ll u\r tryouts wove ovor— no ono know lor sure just how much ninncy \vns In the till or whether any of th< hopefuls would hnve to bo h-ft posed as an nmcndment to tho 1948 Chevrolet Aero Sudan. See this : one 1948 Jeep Panel. Don't miss this buy 1951 Nash Station W.ifion. A real buy for only 19-17 STUnEBAKKR Pickup. Prire.il sell fil Not'l Advertising Representotives: Arkonsas DaHiles, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. *2nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2; Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP newi 'lispatches. See the other good buys we have today. Salesman — Fonzie Moses RETTIG NASH MOTORS 304 East Third Street MiddlecoH Wins, to Stay With Golf ST. PAUL, Minn. — The dentist's office in Memphis wilh Gary Middlccoff's name on Ihe door is For Congress ORF.N HARRIS It was the only bit In the game for the Tigers. In the meantime the Yankees rapped four Tiger pitchers for 31 hits 18 In the first game to win tbelr eighth and ninth games in their last 12. U was .Rnschi's eighth j straluhl. We tulked to HrundnRe n t spectacled dlimifled ChimR.wn who has been through the mill fm his unshakeable stand on amntenr- IMII ituii lie looked weary. For mouths he bud been talking up lho fact that the Dulled St;ile>- ncciled funds to get the U\un across the Atlantic. "1 suppose we'll get over tin- top but it's the same old story" lu .sighed. "We never know until the last minute It we'll make it." Mind you this was .some l!l hours before the team was' scheduled in depart. Well It comes us no surprise. In ease you didn't know the ROVIMII- menl does not subsldi/e the Olyiu- Miu" l Gnrcln turned In n brilliant wlu "' v ' s H "" fl>r lho lt " mi lhu "! « nUo '» """ hands It a fistful! of money nnd tells U to come bncK with plenty of inctlals. There's no telling wluit the Russians have told their representatives Mnybe the winners RO back to Moscow nnd the losevs R fi t n lower to Slbiv-ln. At nny rale the U.S. Olympic Committee never bus asked Wnsh- Ington for nnythiuK because of the complications Unit might nrlse. Noble us their Intentions might be when you K«l pollliclans mixed up In sports- especially here—trouble Is bound to pop up. What seemed like the best Idea since lho two-parly system a bli! telethon WHS held with the Intention of nilslnis money, Hob Hope ami lMn« Crosby both of whom should i(et n bl« vote of thanks wheedled more than u million dollars worth of pledges for the team A little arithmetic would reveal that this WHS more than enough to send the team to Helsinki plus eiiuuub to tsel a'start on the iwxt Kinncs. Hut to dale |)erhnus one filth of the money bus been bunked nnd (bill's 11 generous estimate. Ast Bruiulajto said lho tough thliiK Is not (hut the money didn't come In but Uuil Ihe teleinon hulled nil the other do- HotSprii ot Boseb< Park To4j The Hot Sprlng*J to Hope tonight for « Unnsns league ; lohnnlrws nt B The Hope team Hot Springs In Its nnd tho visitors having-, lly improvlnjt tontgl should be n bnnRUp bn Billy Henrno, who 1 , the nrmy next weekj, for tho LeRlonnnlrea., The Barksdnle Flali come to Hop 1 ? WodnJl attern^oh ( Ju'rtlor' Lttgloh'toom, ,«f KdHol Nix, Is- ptnylrt0t tonm from Legal Notice ' Conslitutlnn of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted ! to the electors of the State for ap: proval or rejection at the next gen- | cral election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority ot the electors voting thereon, nt such an , election, adopl such amendment Cats clipped Houston 4-0 to move'the same shall become a part of into third place ahead of the cool-;"*- 1 Constitution of the State ot Ar- iiiK Shreveporl Sports. | knnsus. to-wit: i SECTION 1. Commission Created i— Members — Powert. There is i hereby created a Stale Highway —— j Commission which shall be vested PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL \ w i lu all the powers and duties now AMENDMENT NO. 43 ! or hereafter imposed by law for BE IT RESOLVED by the House ! the. administration of the State of Representatives of Ihe Stale j Highway Department, together of Arkansas and by the Senate i w j ( i, a ii powers necessary or of the State of Arkansas, a Ma- | p,. O per to enable the Commission jiirity of All the Members Klecl- j O1 . ;mv n f u s officers or employees ed to Knch House Aureeini; | t( , cn 'rry (ni t f u || v nnc ] effectively Thereto: ) the rerjulalions and laws relntinff That the follow in fi is hereby pro-! to t ) 1P c; t!1 | 0 Highway Department. posed as an aniendinonl to tho Con- j SKCT1ON 2. Qualifications' and stitutinii of Ihe Stale of Arkansas, I Appointment of Members— Terms and upon beint; submitted to the ~ ' - _. - ... electors of the Stale for approval or rejection al the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, al such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of Ihe Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, to-wit: , Amendment No. If! to the Con- stilulion of Ihe Slalc ot Arkansas, adopled by' Ihe. electors ftf this 1 Slate al Ihe General Election' held and conducted on Ihe Gth day of IwO-hilter for Cleveland as the Indians swept n doubleheiuler from Washington 1-0 and 2-1 to remain E''j names behind the pace-selling Yankees. Maurice McDermott hurled n two-hitler for Boston as the Red Sox took u pair from the St. Louis Browns (i-5 and 4-0 for their fourth and fifth triumphs in succession. Gvis Zerniai provided Shunt/ with more runs than he noodctl blasting'!! pair of home runs one with the bases loaded to Increase bis homer tulal to 10 and bis runs batted in lolal to 53. Philadelphia's Phillies moved to within four comes of the fourth- * » lnc « everyone j thought all problems weru solved, place Cubs whipping Chicago In both ends of their doubleheader 7-3 nnd !l-2. Richie Ashburn led the Phils' 211-hit attack In the two Texdrkanian High in Skeet Shoot of Office of First Commls»|on, Within ten days after the convening of the General Assembly pt the State of Arkansas in the yenp/19i?3, the Governor, by and with vice and consent of the shall appoint five persons wjiQ-sare November, 1928, is hereby going to longer. stay emply a while About 10 days ago Middlccoff, feeling stale, considered deserting amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. II being most apparent that privalely operated factories, industries and transportation facililies are necessary for Ihe development of a community and for Ihe welfare of ils inhabitants, an annual tax of not exceeding one per cenl of Ihe assessed valuation of all taxable properly within the corporale boundaries Ihe tournament golf circuit for a thereof may be levied by cilies of Wonted ONE experienced waitress. Good Salary. See Mrs. Carroll, Dia- $2,400. while lo go back to his office. He changed his mind and, as a result is $4,800 richer today. i His play during the firsl couple of days of Ihe Motor City Opea in Detroit helped change his mind.; '.von thai tournament and first and second class for the purpose of providing funds lo be used for the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and for the construction of such and other facilities, for ?ase or sale, for the aforesaid a double nnd triple. Davey Williams' ninth - innlngl triple drove In two tnates niul gave the New York Giants a 4-2 nlulil- cap win and u split In their twin bill with Cincinnati, Tho Reds behind Hurry Perkuwskl's six-liil luirling took the opener 10-2. Veteran Matt Surkont nnd rookie Virgil Jester pitched the Boston Uraves to n 4-2 and 2-1 double win over Pittsburgh. 47 37 4.4 9if 41 3| 33*40P 33*401 2m | Gordon "f Toxarknnn. Ark., shot 30!) out of 400 liu'Kcis during n 2 duy moot here to retain his Arknn sas Stale Skeol Shoot Clwmplon title. Gordon emerged us high man fioni n 4-wuy tie In the nil-bore championship shoot yesterday afternoon, breaking 41) out of 50 tnr- Itels in the shoot-off, John Garrison of Jopjln, Mo., .-hot 303 out of 400 during the meet By The AMERICAN New York Cleveland Chicago Boston Washington Philadelphia St. Louis Detroit SUNDAY'S New York 11-12 Detroit* Cleveland 1-2 ' Philadelphia 6-4 Chtcngt) Boston 8-4 St. Louis 8-0, <! 10 Innings NATIONAL Brooklyn New York St, LoulH ChlCURQ Philadelphia CheJDH 01, br f'«lvt\ BnlJwln CuUir«ll. | Ly Klnt I'Vilura SyinlktU. | v mond Cafe. RELIABLE man with car wanted to call on farmers in N. Hemp- 29-TFJ Yesterday he scored his second vctory in a week — shooting a purposes, or for the amortixation of -bonds bearing interest at not more than four per cent per annum issued for such purposes. stead County. Wonderful oppor- O pen over Keller Course. record-lying 72-hole 2G6 to take top SECTION 2. 'when pelition'cd by money of $2;400 in the St. Paul [not less than ten per cenl of the tunity. $10 lo $20 in a clay. No experience or capital required. Permanent. Write today. McNess Company, Dept. ,A, Frecport, 111. . 1-t COOK'S helper. Also one dishwasher. Good salary. Apply manager Diamond Cafe. H-tf For Rent NEWLY decorated 3 room unfurnished apartment. 816 W. 4th. Phone 7-3152. 10-tf 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Private bath and enlrances. Phone 7-3479. 116 West Ave. D. ll-3t 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Private entrances. Attic fan. Pecan Grove Apartments. Dial 7-3471. 12-6t 2 ROOM furnished apartment with bath. Electric refrigerator and washing machine. Utilities paid. Phone 7-3193. 14.31 He played good, but not spectacular, golf the first two days. His 65-68—133 left him three strokes back of Henry Ransom, St. Andrews, III. On the third day, with a high wind giving most contestants trouble, he market: up a 67 to go three strokes ahead. Pulling brilliantly, he added a GO yesterday to lie the record for four rounds sel lasl year al Keller by Lloyd Mangrum, Chicago. Sam Snead, While Sulphur Springs, W.' Va., pocked $1,800 when he added a 67 to his earlier rounds of 60-60-72 for a 72-hole tolal .of 271. Ransom, co-leader wilh 64 the first day, and leader at 130 after two days, finished a stroke behind bsnead lo win $1,400. Best round of the final day—n 64 by Skee Riegel, Tulsa, Okla.— oave him 274 and a lie with Roberto de Vincenzo, Buenos Aires, for fourth. Each won $1,10. qualified electors residing therein, the Cily Council or other governing body of any such city shall call for an election to be held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualified electors .vole on the proposition. SECTION 3. The general Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to ef- fecluale the proposes hereof. APPROVED: March 20, 1051. Secretary of Slate C. G. HALL May 5 thru Oct. 27 126 times) Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT BESOLVKU by tho House of Reword MAN'S wrist wale Grana. Reward. -'.jjj Strayed Made by Dallas Club Apparently on the Skids DALLAS i-fi— The Dallas Eagles .have ha"d a habit in the im FROM the Higgason. JajSi, i H ; way 67, white face buir; a years old. -Hing in nose: notify L. F. Higgason. Phone FOR SAUI — Fill T T9P d •UtLOOZiR WORK »AtPH SAUHOIRS Oiy 7-4W? Represenlalives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment lo Ihe Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted lo Ihe electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon in such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, to wit: qualified electors of Ihe St'ofi)^ to eonslilute Ihe State Highway Commission for lerms of two, four,' six, eighl and ten years respectively. The terms of the persons 80 appointed shall be determined b'y lot. The Commissioners to be appointed from the Stale at large; prc-vlded, however, lhat no two Commissioners shall be uppoinled front any single Congressional Dislrict. In the event of rejection by the Senate of a person whose name has been so submitted, the Cover* nor shall within five days after receipt of written notice from the Secretary of the Senate, of such rejection submit Ihe name of another appointee lo fill such vacancy. In Ihe event the Governor should within five days thereafter fail lo appoint or full to submit to the Senate for confirmation the name of any person to be appointed, the Senate shall proceed to make the appoinlment of its own choice. SECTION 3. Terms of Office of Members. Upon the expiration of the foregoing lerms of said Commissioners, a successor shall be appointed by the Governor in the manner provided for in Section 2 for a term of ten years, which term of ten years shall thereafter be for each member of the Corn- mission. SECTION 4. Removal of Members — Hearing — Review and Appeal. A Commissioner may be removed by the Governor only for the same causes as apply to other constitutional officers after a hearing which may be reviewed by the Chancery Court for the First District with right of appeal therefrom to the Supreme Court, such review and appeal te be without presumption in favor of any finding by Ihe Governor or the trial court, and provided further, in addition to the right of confirmation herelnabove reserved to the Senate, the Semite may upon the written request of at least Five (5) of its members that a member or members of the , UhlrilJUUd Ly CHAPTER F'IFTEBN THE WEEK before the wedding Paul was conscious of feeling unusually tired. This Irritated him, for he did not tire easily and if he experienced any physical lassitude it soon passed. He did not sleep well, nnd when he did sleep, dreamed. He woke In the middle of the night and felt fever in his veins. There was a good deal of so-called Virus X, flue, grippe or whatever von wished to call It around the city and he concluded, with exasperation, that ne had a touch of It. Ho could not recall ever having been 48 43 38 ' / W FAITH BALDWIN ^^^ ^^^•^^^•^^••^^^•^^^•^^^•^^••^^••^^M •••••••( MB 111 except for malaria hold Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed, when in session, to hear any and all evidence pertinent to the reasons for removal. The member or members whose removal is so requested shall be entitled to be heard in the mailer and to be represented before the Senate by legal Coun»el. These proceedings conducted by the Senate shall be public and a transcript of the testimony so heard shall be prepared and preserved in the journal of the. Senate. The taking of evidence either orally or by deposition shall not be bound by the formal rules of evidence. Upon the conclusion of the hear- on, maybe ho had malaria, certainly he was both hot and cold , . . and It does return, they say— In the morning tie woke with a sore throat ana a stuffy noso. Ho took his temperature: It was not high. Ke felt wretched and extremely cross. He went to the telephone, called Jonathan and reported dourly. "1 seem to nave caught something or other." Jonathan came to ace him within half an hour. He took his temperature, looked at his throat, and than. asked the usual questions. Then no said. "You'd better atny put for a again?" while." "Don't be absurd. Give me something, paint my throat, or whatever." "You'll stay In bod 03 long as you have a temperature," uald Jonathan, "and don't give me any back talk. How lortg have you been feeling like this?" "Like this, as of now or maybe iMt night; but half stok cor a week, maybe five days. I don't know. I thought this was a twenty-four-hour thing." Jonathan ufced, "Did you have breakfast?" "Pldri't want It." • "I tee." He rose. "I'll be back presently. No phone calls, no visitor*, nothing. Just otay put. Mrs, Bugle will take over . . ." "I have forty-six thousand things to dq." "They can wait I'll coll your office." He stood by the door and looked at Paul. After • while he went downstair* and talked with Mrs, Eagle. When he was gone she went into the kitchen and sat down on a »tool, She said, "No " aa II *h« spoke with someone. She "But you think you know?" "Yea," said Jonathan, "I think t know. 1 think you have polio. And 1 pray to God that you haven't." "Just because there's an epidemic . . ." Paul began. He said Incredulously, "But It can't be." Ho put out his hand, and hta brother toojt it In his own, observing, sick ai heart, the tremor ot tho flngori, 1 the little shaking, Me sold again, "It can't be, Jon, It can't." Ves It was. They put him In a polio pavilion and for the duration ot, the fever he saw no one except nurses am doctors. He was In great pain somewhat relieved by hot packs. There were others with him in the ward, for tho moat part young boys, Homo very young Indeed, There were ono or two oldeV men, Jonathan came In and out, And tor that week Paul did not road the loiters nor the wires nor ace clearly the flowers tho nurses showed him. "How bad will It bo?" "Wo don't know the extent of tho Involvement as yot," said Jona- 1 may never walk "That's unlikely, Paul. U may be a long time, of treatment and adjustment. But permanent damage Is comparatively rare," Like that each day, the sober question, the sober answer. And then the practical qucullan: "This will cost the earth, Jon .." "I've notified the National Foundation, Paul. They will look after you, you have nothing to worry about." "My dimes marched back," said Paul grimly and closed his eyes. Somewhat later, at the end of the week when his head waa clear and his fever had left, "What have you told Father and Mother?" "The truth . , , they will come ncrodlblo world, he thought, I was very successful tn my tleld. And hat's tunny, that's really funny, was successful Because 1 had wlce as much energy as most men. drove myself, and everyone else, 1 could move mountains. L could lift a man and carry mm, 1 could go to three ttmcB an many place* as aom-one .olac.. .Why V Bcoauie. 1 had a good pair of leg*. That'was my success, a good pair of legs., Ho thought ot his grandfather, who had dlod for his ITalth ... I wouldn't have been afraid to die,, ho thought, no more than he, old Timothy. But 1 am afraid to live, Submit, submit. I low many times had he that lo people'in deep grief, to people in despair? Accept, submit, ho had said. Ho had uald It from the pulpit and across tho desk In hlu study, and In'darkened homed "It Is God's will, submit," he had said, believing, "accept * na submit." This was God's will: and h« Cincinnati Boston PittsburRh SUNDAY'S noKton 4-.1 PHt.sbm-Hh 2*1 Philadelphia 7-1) Chicago'3% Clnclnniitl 10-2 Now Yorfe' Brooklyn at St. Louis, j)o, rain. idiate past seasons ' of leading League with a flourish 'j&lumping down the stretch may be up to their old tricks. The Eagles /were riding high wideband handsome on July 5 but since "then they've had the worst record in the circuit — they've lost six of Ujeir last eight games. Only a" couple of rainouts and tt^e ineptitude of their closest pursuers to take advantage of the situation has kept Dallas on top. Today the Eagles are 3',i> games to the good but that's the closest I since July 4 and Dallas now looks I puny. Yesterday Pallas took 4 double drubbing from San Antonio 4-2 and SECTION 1. That Ihe Constitu- j ing, the Senate, sitting al a body tion of Ihe State of Arkansas be j in executive session, may remove amended modifying Section 19 of i said member or members of the Article 7 and Section 3 of Amend- 1 Commission by a majority vote mem No. 24 of :-aid Constitution, i conducted by secret ballot. M white second *^B*1W* w«« trimming W«ft so as to provide fur the election of a County Clerk in all of the said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the Cqjinty Clerk may be ex officio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be in full force and effect upon and after its adoption. March JO, 1WJ. SECTION S. V»e»ncl«*-Flllln8. Vacancies on the Commission due o resignations, death or removal ihall be filled by appointment of he Governor for tb.e unexpire4 term v.lthin thirty days from the date of such vacancy. Upon failure of the Governor to till the vacancy within thirty days, the remaining Commissioners shall make the appointment (or the uaexplred term. SECTION «. Tbp CommJisloft shall appoint a Director of Hi«h-| ways who shall. have mcb uji»»ion or ^ skid. "He wasn't nure, he may be mistaken ... he haa to be mistaken." Then ih« went upitalri anil logked In at Paul, but he waa fj}e«p, to she went aw»y and waned. Jonathan returned, went In quietly Mid aat down beside the bed, Mid Paul looked at him and aaid, "I feel considerably worse .." •'Have you pain?" lit anawered irritably, «Qf eourae I have pain, pwpl« aiwayt ache with frippe." Hi* face waa flmhed, and the fvreat atood out^on it "The back o| Jonathan got up. He »aid, "All riftlt. Paul," went dowDstalrt tut to see you 03 soon an they are permitted." "Does Connie know?" "Yes. Rhoda. telephoned her," "I see ..." He waa silent. Then he said, "I wish you hadn't." "She'd have to learn—" "I won't be pitied," he laid. "She'* written you, there are several letter*—" "No—no t . ." Paul was alone. He wan alone In a ward of polio patient*; ho wa* alone with himself. Whin he woke at night and lay ther« and the numa moved softly down the row of bed* he scarcely knew that they existed, or the other patient*. Why met Dear God, why met Usel««a th« >nu*cle», which had obeyed tilt clear dictate* of hi* brain, which had carried him where be wished, to go and away; which could neither accept nor Bubnilt, Tho boy In tho Iron lung lived b o o n u a e of tho rcuplrator. Tho amallcr Doy at tho end of (he ward spoke to tho therapist, "My toe wiggled! 1 it now my too wiggled!" Paul closed hie eyes. There was no therapy for thin agony of spirit, no alleviation, no drug, no warmth, lie tried. Exorcise—not the nniHcluu ot your body but those of the spirit and the heart; they are not uirophlod, they have suffered no change. ' He thought of the promise, "I will not leave you comfortless 1 '; and being comfortless, prayed four reassurance. Help me, he said In MB heart, lit-lp the, Rosalie met Elizabeth and Philip at the station and took them to Jon's, where they would remain for some days, Elizabeth asked fearfully, "Do you know how much damage there Is, Jon?" "No, Mothep, I'd like you and Dad to see Dr, Evans before yon leave, Ho'll tell you all he Know* at this Juncture. The left leg isn't nearly so involved M we'd thought It's coming along One, The right, that's different. Evans called to other men, Including a ten prtho* pedlo surgeon,, He said <m#ary wasn't indicated In this c«at, W« must put our trust In time, py, and Paul'a, qo-operaUon. patient, long-drawn-out bun "That'* hard for anyone," commented, "particularly "Paul nas QM idea he'i up. It can retard hit reco prevents adjustment We have talk him out of it," Jon SOUTHERN Atlanta Chnttnnoottn New Orleans Mobllo Nnsbvillu Birmingham Memphis LIUlu Rock LdHt Night's 1 Atlanta 5-3'Mobile 0-1' Chattanooga 4-2 Little ffc Nashville 13-0 Memphis Birmingham 0 Now Or!e!l Tonight's dames: •New Orleans at Birmf (only K'imo scheduled) ,.., COTTON STATES tEAl W Meridian Natchez Monroe Greenwood Pino Bluff Ki fl Dorado Hot Springs ' Grcoiu'lllu Last Night's Gnmeg ,'f Pino Bluff 5, Monroe Z' Merdlon 3, Greenwood '•' Kl Dorado 8, Hot Spring; Natchez 0, Greenville 4 Tonight's Games Alt slur same at World 49 -43 SW. ARKANSAS Team 1 Prides Nushvillo Mineral Springs Tomlcs Hope < | Hot Springs ' San Antonio 4-8% Ft. Worth 4 mm Oklahoma Cliy 'f£ Beaumont Buffalo 7 T $. Montreal Ottawa 9 Colu Ml fit o^ hud j ^j wh i tah«n him Into » Md to ^ p«a home did aome telephoning. Then (Muni)' tMtck aod aaUij *l'ro * a ^ ytf^ into tbf hospital, Pf, Will! meet iw ther^,* which had taken him Into the pulpit, which had Mg, him ta W» knea*.,, Connie, He wouldn't think of her. He thought, this l* a senseless thing, I inigbt so eauUy have In the plarf t didn't have died l» , or at any tint*. For it fevtr, it W**M -,. . it M 4 ,, & gravely, i -We'll try," jpbl«j>,atW, *te« isn't to us he must itoten." "I don't understand .Win, Ulll out of character, Wn feot th* " to suffer what p*ppje ca4 a cap, " •Theyv« chair and th* don't admit «***»

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