Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR JULUl'E iSTAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 4.1934 I. Dressmaker's Friend '/i Swift. is the Amfiricau m- tenter in thr picture? Jt Alarm clock 1 signal sfli Examines * S|v wound. *;i§ Husbands and ' Answer to Previous Pimlc l* Farewell! tl$ Foreigner H £0 ft* worfcod as -# * * - (Pi-)- >jZ3To force air violently , through the nose. , 2$ Breakwaters. . §9 Not bright. i!$l fine tine of a tetter 33 Corded cloths. 34 Augured. 35 T« do a second 42 Measure ot -iren. 44 Street. it Thinp. 46 Outdert. 45 Vours. 50 Sen. 52 Artist's frame. 53 To gaze fixedly. 54 He constructed and patented the lock-stitch 36 Bugle plant. 39 Ever 40Go ou. \music 41 Second note. I fie was elected to the Amer- Hall ot 3 \ViiiR part of A seed. 3 Perched. 4 Vibratory motions. 5 Type standard 6 Person in chronic ill health. 7 Spain. S Leather pistol case. 9 Kimono sash. 10 Tiny. tl Domestic slave. 13 Consumers. 15 Contests of speed. 17 Exclamation of pleasure. IS Half an em. •21 Court. J2 Provided. 23 Tropical bean. 24 Genus of water scorpions. 26 Indian. 27 Skins of ;| animals. 25 We was a —— in the Civil War. i 29 To accomplish. 30 Myself. 32 He amassed a from bis invention. 37 Horse fennel. 3S Overshoe. 41 To renovate. 43 Eyeball muscles. 45 To ascend. 47 College official 49 Possesses. 51 Form of "be." KITCHEN , Do you kno whow to get a good dinner in thirty minute? If you don't, now is the moment to learn. Ordin• arily, dishes that can be cooked on top of the stove or broiled in the broiler are the quickest to prepare. However, any concoction that can be made .while the oven is heating and baked in individual molds demands less attention than foods cooked over a hot tire. At first thought, chops and steaks seem to be the only quick cooking meats, but a little concentration on the meat question reveals a fairly wide variety. Liver, link sausages, pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, broil- id hamburger, thinly sliced veal and She smoked pork products than can be pan-broiled all can be quickly prepared. The way fish is packed and shipped nowadays makes it possible to cook it with practically no preliminary preparations. Oysters are a standby for last-minute dinners. In stew, scalloped, creamed on toast, en bro- Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, mm. 30o for consecutive insertions, mini' mum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3Vic line, min. $2.7t (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publi- Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT: Furnished two-room apartment. Private bath and garage Mrs. Judson, 320 North Elm. Pho. 291. 3 -3tc. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lowis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. WE HAVE Fresh Country Meal made from this year's corn. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 3l-3t FOR SALE OR TRADE—Pair of mules and 3 fresh cows. Will track- for dry cattle. G. L. Johnson, Rt. 3. 29-6t USE0 PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lev/is Motor Co. EGGS ARE HIGH. Feed Ultra Life Laying Mash and your hens will lay more. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 31-3t WANTED WE PAY Top Prieeo for Poultry Southern Grain & produce Co. 31-3t ij/.L.-rJ .safo. 3-31-P. WANTED: Medium i-ix T. S. MeDavitt & Co. LOST LOST—Throe honlr,.-; old n,.-.lc Si.t- ter p.Up, white v/i'.h liflii' l»rov. n > ;ir and spob'. R-.-wavrl. C..II Hl'i. i-.'/jj I Tomorrow's Menu I Breakfast: Cubed fresh pinc- ! apple, cereal, cream, crisp broiled i bacon, raisin muffins, milk and I coffee. i Luncheon: Tomatob ouillon.sal- i ad of fresh fruits in halves of can' taloupe, rolled cheese sandwiches ; toasted, milk, tea. j Dinner: Veal birds with brown i sauce, •scalloped, macaroni and ! tomatoes, baked corn, celery hearts | and carrot straws with home-made j relishes, grape bavarian cream, ! milk, coffee. chette, baked with macaroni and mushrooms, or done as pigs in blankets"—oysters arc always delicious and with the exception of the macaroni mixture may be prepared and cooked in thirty minutes or less. Small fish, fish steaks and fillets of fish may be baked, pan fried or deep- fat fried, pan-broiled or broiled in a broiler in the minimum of time. First courses for quick dinners are easy. Soups need only reheating and seasoning. Vegetable juice cocktails come in bottles ready to be served. Only remember to put the bottle in the refrigerator in the morning to insure a well-chilled cocktail. Halves of grapefrui and fruit cups make good appetizers, too, and take little time. Chill the fruit all day in the icebox, though to have frantic last minute efforts. Easy-to-prepare vegetables are essential for the quick dinner—or you may use canned ones. Cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli, which must be soaked in salt water for thirty minutes before cooking, do not lend themselves to hurry-up meals, but celery, tomatoes and carrots that can be used without cooking are a boon to 'the business women who cooks. Salads are not difficult, although their choice is rather limited for last minute preparation. Lettuce, 'endive, fboth French and curly), romaine, Chinese cabbage and plain cabbage can be used alone with a variety of dressings or as the base for fruit and vegetable salads. A salad Precaution If greens are kept washed and crisped and dressing made, little time is needed to make up a salad. Always wash, drain and put into an air-tight container enough salad greens for several meals. This insures crispness and and prevents thin dressings and watery salads. Quick desserts are more of a problem. Simple puddings that are quickly -stirred and will bake while the dinner is being served are good during the winter months. The woman v.ho can .spare an hour in the morning, can prepare a gelatine or custard ile.s.-x-rt and tuck it in the icebox ready for dinner in the evening. Generally the bu.s.y woman v.ill find frcbh fruit or tousted crackers with cheese and black coffee the best alandby. elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered 'PHONE 8 SOc OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AMERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS ASPARRER's \ GffT A LOT O' \ NERVE, BUT, HE CAIN'T LICK / TMET ROBIN— I TH' RoBlM'S / TOO BIG / PER MM. / YOU KNOW,tXkV<E,I WAS \m J.LJST STUDYING YOU / B WHEN YOU T30NT SAY rrmNG.You LOOK SORT SrvV^UT/—-SO,WHY « fr YOU GO NODD\NG YOUR (AAiOR ) f HE/xT> AND POOL A LOT I'LL BET YUH TWO TH 1 ROBIN RUMS FUST. NOW, // — .~ _ WAS GO AGAINST ME, I HAVE TO HOIST SIGNAL TOR CASH GET T5ACK TO I I PUT TW WA-SP TCJR A GO LOAN—AN SV-\P,\EV<S "FOR <3\VB CSOLD ryMNlt/'TrA'UTTLE ' OF PEOPLED 1^-£^.(O^¥^5 V*£^^y :£:.•< YOU SAtoYOUTD M MAKE ME A KVTETRA'R "PIGEONS "FAT A\VA\T\NGTUt 'RECREATION BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Rather Crude, but Effective! Sy MARTIN AN'-l /AVV VAV VAt VW A \F A CWOKW. O 1934 BY N"A GCnVICH. INC. T- M. OCC. U. 5. PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP 11 HOYKAWOW, POOZ.Y/ i I CERTAINLY O YA.THINK. WE'LL \ WHY? DONT /EK GET OUTA THIS A. YOU? Friend or Foe? WELL, MAYBE, IF WE DONT STARVE f'DBATH, FIRST/ IF ONLY I HAD AN AXE OR SUMPIN* SO WE C'D GET US SOME MEAT TEAT, IT WOULDN'T BE SO BAD. BUT I'M SURE SICK OF EATIN 1 NUTS ANP FEUIT/ By HAMLIN .' QUIET/ UMPIN OVER THERE/ AW, ITS JUST SOME l^THOUOHT I HEAI7P } LITTLE ANIMAL, OUT FOR A 5TROLL- C'MON.WE OOTTA $f OIT OUTA TH.'S rv_ HOLS/ . • 1 > NO ANIMAL EVER MADE A NOISE LIKE THAT/ NAME AINT ALLEY OOP/ WASH TUBBS Running Him Ragged! By CRANE _ _ __ /f^jOO)eueR,TH«T,WOR-TVIEfONDRECDLU6CriOMOFHIS EXPENSIVE B^DjN /"(3c£! VoU \ SURE, AMD 'J k. l^if! *~fl_lC -T I -E"ir^l f^*. Ilk. I^L "V*i i^vl 1 £. I I*I* f^f^ I I Ml t^r f\fr- x*/»»l iy I— ^-r-i I ML.A ti\rr~ir— *-i(T«.».(»t-v( l> \S*f t~ T JN V/)lTH ft (JROAM OF MSERV, HORATIO eOflRDMOKil REMEMBERS THE ELABORATE • '/)^PIMMgR HE DISDAINED BflCK AT HIS SIOR.TVIETERRIPVIM6 THOUGHT OF WILDCATS, CAK 1 KEEP HIM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS " MUTTX PLEASE DO AS I ASKED You.... CUT YOUR LINE AMD LET'S GET BACK CAMP. 1 .' With His Own Eyes! By BLOSSER X NEVER SAW YOU' /•"T I.IKE TMIS BEFORE, ;! HOLD THE j iJ'.E AMD I'LL HAVE A LOOK DOWN THERE, <(,, i ,0 3£E WHAT I'VE HOOKED .' IT'S KINDA HARD TO OH.. OH.' A SKULL AMD A GUM/'/ DISTORTS THIWGS SO ! BUT I THINK MAYBE I ..... YOU'RE AS WHITE AS A sneer.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Whadda Hound! By COWAN <Oij'LL V/ORK YOU%- / X GUESS YEP PIGHT, LELF H1TO AA S,\CK / MAW. BUT I HATE". TO ettj,\F you Dcu'T / TH\MK THELT TH\EF IS TOO SUCK FE1Q -I GOT SO11E r; , £•„'•-., _ -rut ~3S±iCr;$ 10 V'.MV /-I IV; ^A-/ V r O h, ^OUUTlOt 1 TO EHit\'. I GOT IT 1 , I GOT »T\ I'D PLUMB FE1OGOT ABOUT OLD S'HCPV, THET THIEF \S GOOO AS M^E! WHERE'S BREECHES? HAVt YOU GQV1E. OUT OF YOUC IRWPSW OUT A WILD-GOOSE CMASE. rl^ TIME OF H\GHT: ^'ME'S RM21U 1 TGO 1 , I'LL^E HAVE THET THIEF SUNRISE 1 ,

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