Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 3
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: J.1034 ae MRS. SID HENRY Live n'nd i.et i,| V e "Live and let live" was the crv of old, The cry of trc world when the world was cold. The cry of men when men pull apart, 'Hie cry of the race with a chill the heart. But "Live and Help Live" is the ei of the new, The call of the earth with the drea shining through, Tho cntl of a brother-world risinc birth, The c-f.ll of a Chiicl for a comrac —like earth. . . .Edwin Markliai Monday, September thc • 40th anniversary parly, .explaining to :th 1, I «is " ID, will mai „ of the Unite of the Confederacy. Th Koncnil, Mrs. W. E. Mns.se , . KI.V issued .invitations to each chap <«• in the organization to a birthda Very Much improved After Taking Cardui I have suffered a great deal Horn cramping," writes Mrs W A Scwell, Sr., of Waco, Texas "I would cWll and have to e o to "bed. ™ I 1 ? 0 !! 1 tlirce d! W at » «me. -I would have a dull, tired, sleepy 'ecllng. A friend told mo to try Cardul, thinking it would help me and it did. laun vei-y much improved and do not spend the time in bed. I certainly can recommend Cardm to other sufferers." of .. YOU ro™ i? m ' ?' f, dOM not *OU, consult u physician. - '', CfR ' h -r existed, each wn P«rty according ,o the men,: b« B own ,don s as to time and place. Ii ' chapter that cl« to hrii B ono ' lhc hapter e an birfhdny offering will |, 0 ' , 0 SPlll o tho sonera! convention in Novem- I'Or »l which time the division president. when she presents her state flag will p.wjonl (/,(.. offering from her di- Vision to tho President General/who will than ntvsecn the total gift to Ihe treasurer General, ., 1S to the tlis o . H>'V»f the cfforiMR. There m -e three jNew York Mayor Lauds New Deal La Guardia Makes Laboi Day Address at World's Fair CHICAGO -(/P)-T" N( , W Doa , poli cics, as Ihey affected capital and labo were lauded by New York's mayor ,ii a Labor Day address at A Century o Progress here Monday. Henry Gnddard Loach, editor of the Forum, in a second speed! 1 'Composite' •Or Chorines - ARKANSAS at the world's urged customer; , the Jefferson Fotiiulation and Strat- Mcmor i»' scholaship "She wouldn't walk walk down the street in an 1895 dress; but she lives with 1895 furniture." Old furniture taken in trade Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five Wait! "Bank Night" is cominj Muclgo Evims Robert Young Una Mcrklu Otto Krugcr —In— "PARIS INTERLUDE" —SHORTS— Comedy "Alley On])" Screen SOUR iiiff Like the Birdies" EXTRA!! WED-NITE ONLY Joe E. Brown was lost in the wilds of South Arkansas nncl wnji fi,imd Monday playing with the Lion near 'Magnolia. Joe will .show Wed-nitf sure in "Thc Circus Clown." We Juive 2CI) other surprises (no! HERE—THUR.-FRI. Hind am! the Randolph Relief fund for Confederate women. The Arkansas division president, Mrs. C. S. Lowlhorp .'••'s suggested the Randolph relief fund or Ihe Arkansas offering. Q n Thin-slay afternoon nt 3 o'clock at the honic ol Mrs. Den Goodlet near Ozan the I ill Cleburn chapter will observe the iirthday anniversary of the organiza- lon with Miss Alma Hanna of O/m Mid Mrs. R. T. White, of Hope as as- ociale hostesses. 'Each member is re- liiestod to bring the susgcsted gift if lossible, if not each member is ex- ected nnd cordially invited to attend, 'his is not a tnx nor an assessment ut a free and hearty birthday gift,'. nd the Arkansas division, with the resident General from among us ertainly can not fail her in this plan' id we certainly can not allow the Cleburn chapter, meet her own ale Division President, Mrs Low- orp, with empty hands. The B. and P. W. Club will hold Ineir regular meeting Tuesday evening "t 7 o'clock at the Hotel Barlow. Mr. nnd Mrs. Calvin Marshall c:f C.mw.iy mid Lawrence Marshall of Little Rock were Monday guests of Miss Maggie Boll, cnroutc to their homes from a week end visit wit Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Marshall in Tex arkann. o Mrs. Billy Bob Hc-rndon nnd littl ;on of Opelausas, La., are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Hcrndon anc other relatives nnd friends. . " "• i,t u uuh to boycott nil stores charging iprcmv in f-xcats of those publishud twice ,a mnnth .by the cmisumers council . A • «' ~ ^''^ LWU1JU1I CJ the AAA. The New Vnrl; mayor snitl, "I too. athmrp the rugsed Individiml. n -sli'H believe that he is n subject for tho poet to sing about and the sculptor 'to carve into stone. But no rugged individual can survive in the midst of collective starvation. "Perhaps it is not plcnsnnt to be regimented. But so far as labor is concerned, regimentation in no new idea. It took place a half century «go when (he hired laborer took a factory number and gave up his name.'"If -the working people are to'be regimented, I would rather see them regimented in honest labor paying a decent Jiving wage than regimented on the .relief rolls, on (lie bread lines and at the doors elf private chairty. •Leach charged that business had not put public interest above private .profits-. "It is apparonls that industry has sided with the recovery program to promote widcsproad -price-fixing .'incl upen price associations, bringing in their train uniform markups in goods, many of which are not sanctioned by the codes and nre even con Irary to (lie federal anti-trust laws." Laneburg Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cain motored ti ihrcvcport, La., and spent Labor Day Mr. and Mrs. Davis Kolb of For Smith wecr the Monday guests of Miss "Imina Fontaine. Mrs. W. R. Anderson left Tuesday Horning for an extended visit in Palmyra, Mo. Mrs. Anderson was accom- Minied by Jimmie Harbin. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Spraggins have s house guests, Mrs. Hubert Bolton nd Mrs. R. L. Bunch of Little Rock, and Mrs. Spraggins had as week nd guests. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Townend of fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. Chester Darwin has returned from a two weeks visit with relatives nnd friends in Jackson, Miss. Circle No. 2 of Ihe W.M.S. of the First Methodist church held their September meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. F. Me- Faddin on Norlli Hcrvcy street with Mrs. Fred Onstead as joint hostess. The meeting was called to order by the leader, Mrs. J. M. Houston and following the singing of "All Hail, the Power of Jesus' Name" o very inspiring devotional was given by Mrs. S. E. White. The program on "Christ- innity in Rural Communities" was discused by Mrs. D. B. Thompson and Mrs. J. M. Houston. During the social lour a delightful ice course was served with cake. A meeting of the Choral club will be held immediately after services on Wednesday morning ' Methodist church. Mire Marnaret Moore hns returned lo Emmet following n weeks visit as tlie guest of Miss Glyn Bright Mr. Frank Barker of ElDorado recently visited his sister here, Mrs. H. G. Sampson. Mrs. C. F. Nelms nnd SOD Charles will arrive Wednesday from n weeks visit in Chicago. Mr. nnd Mrs. S. A. Moore of Emmet were Sunday guests- of Mrs. Moore's parent;;, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C. Bright. John Ward Gann arrived Sunday from Pnragould for a few days visi't with his mother. Mrs. C. M. Gann. Miss Glyn Bright visitcn friend at Arkadclphia Sunday. Miss Jane Gann of 'Camdon spom Sunday as fucsl of her mother, Mrs ". M. Gann. Mrs. Scott Waddcll of Santa Ann Calif., visited relatives here Wedncs- -lay. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fore of Prcs- cott were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bright. Giant 3,800 Pound Sharif Swallows Yugoelav Girl SBSAK. Vui ! o 1) |™i7-..M J )_A gi,nl m»n,cn«nB shark, weighing 3,800 pounds, devoured A^nes Novak, beau- <"ul J»-yenr-oM blonde, while she w,- i£ Kvjrimmmt' in thc Adria1ic sef] eal .pohcc reported. The shark was captured after fish rrmcn fou,.),l it throe hours, thc polic Mid, Us huge body. ripped open, disclosed Die en-l's mam-led body Yugoslav .newspapers were otidere o suppress thc story, because .it wo hought tourists would be frightenec way from Ardnitic 'beaches. Look over all tlio 000 KM* that Jiinke up the famous fiusby lici-ki;- ley chorus in modem screen mil- Hicals, and you have this "rompos- •Jtc"—blond, bliie-pyed SIK, Ilaiiiey. Sue is only one of the 300, but ehe's said to be .so noav the average, you r:au take her i'or ull. Sorghum Demonstration at Washington Friday According to Frank R. Stanley, ounty agent, a syrup making demon- ration will be conducted by C F Valton Jr.. Department of Chemistry] Washington, D. C. This- demonstration wil be on the farm of A. N. Stroud, of Washington, on September 7. Everything is ready lor the demonstration and a good attendance is expected. Hompstead county makes a large quantity of syrup each year and wo nre anxious to improve the quality I .so that outside mnrkafs can .bo reach-/ eil. It is a known fact that tho syrup' making operation itself is likewise one of the most important factors governing (he factors of the syrup. It will be of interest to every farmer in Hempstead county who makes syrup to attend this demonstration and sei- some of Ihe things carried out in ler services on actual practice that are vital points at the First in making good quality syrup Aged Mother of Tom Mooney Dies Sunday SAN FRANCISCO -(#>)- Mrs Mary Mooney, 85, internationally known through her untiring efforts to win trcodom for :her son, Thomas J. Mooney, conviclod and serving a life term in prison for the San Francisco Pro- Trained Animal Show Comes Here Thursday The original Gentry Brothers Train. 1 Animal Show is coming to Hope hursday, September G for a matinee 2:30 p.m. nnd a night performance 8 p.m. The Gentry show has always been at part of tho tented world that tors especially to ladies and child- n. Sixty-five dogs, 20 poines and two oupes of trained monkeys make up e bill. To add to an already pleasing rformance, two companies of human tors are introduced at appropriate mes. They arc the Steincr Trio, acrobat- performers on horizontal bars; and Powell Troupe of wire walkers. Kapitan. dog hero, in the motion : picture, "Frozen North," is an ad dccl attraction to the show. Knpitai distinguishes colors and works b voice rather than by a "cue" from 'hi trainer. Thc show will occupy the ground at West Avenue B near the ,city lim its. flitfee Family to Enter University Mother and Father. Will Register With Their Two .Children In Russia, great factories are being established on some of the northern sea lakes, and seaweed is being turned not only into paper, but .into many oilier materials of .great utility. ixirtlnoss Day bombing, died here Sun uay night. In the death of his need mother, Torn Mooney, Who is now in San 3uentin prison, lost one of .his most loynl and active defenders. .Despite her advanced age, Mrs. Mooney -devotee! every posib'le :moment of her time ID his couso, including trips throughout the country to plead for support n his behalf. She always insister her son was innocent in 1916 in which 10 persons were killed and 40 others inured. In January 1933, Mrs. Mooney made personal plea in New York to the' iresidcnt elect, Franklin D. Roosevelt. 3he also toured Europe and -the .United. States seeking to .arouse sympathy of cihor nnd other organizations for her. oil's long struggle for freedom. FAYETTBVIIJLE, Ark.-When Mr. and Mrs. J. .S. Williams of .Conway send their two .children to school, they .go along with them. All four members ,df the Williams Family will en ler the .University of Arkansas together this fall. Mr. and Mrs. Wil .hams ond daughter Elna -will enrol for graduate work, while Lilburn their son, will be a 'sophomore. Mr. Williams is well known in Ark- msas educational circles. During the last seven years as snuperintenaent of schools at Turrell, Crittenden county, Mr. "Williams built.-thnt school upfrom one of -the "low rated senior liiph schools of the state to a point where t was admitted to membership in ithe .Worth .Central Association .in 1931. He ecejved the bachelor of arts'degree at Arkansas Stale 'Tenehers College n 1929, and ifor several summers he as been enrolled for graduate work t "the University in education and iistory. Mrs. Williams and Elna -both grad aled from State Teachers College <thi ummer. The former will do.gradual voi'k in education and home -econ mics at the University. The ilatte Will do her advanced work in English and 'French. Mrs. Williams formerly taught a Turrell, and Elna graduated from Gal loway -.College an 1932. 'Lilbtirn wil be the only undergraduate meniber of this family of students. ."THE NEWS REVIEW (Continued from Page One) {"p-kfJ-ihe payment of ransom imposi- o'e; "nd in theory, at least, it is a sound 'program. • I' in pcrfcely obvious .that if you make-ji impossible- for a kidnaped mans family to,pay ransom and apply he rule without fail in any and all fcidnfipmg cases, you are going to take al of the profit out of the crimc- wnicb of course means that it -.will presently cease to exist. The practical obstacles in the way &f .such a course, however, seem pretty, big. It ,wil be .interesting to see whether the Ontario officials'are able,. :first, to get ,the law passed, .and, sec- 'ond, to make dt work. Highway travelers paid 51.170.000000 taxes last year, which was about 11 ,per cent of all taxes from all sources in this country. Ev&ngelme Booth Is Elected General LONDON -(#>)— Comancler iEvan gelmo C. Booth, .68, was elected gen eral and^cornander-in-.chief ol thc Sal vntion .Army Monday. In selecting her on their fifth ballot, thc 47 delegates Scorn 22 countries •making >up the army's high counci not only .paid .tribute to her reoord they voted as we'll for restoration of the .Booth dynasty, that beginning in 1807 when General William Booth founded ihe -awny, -held =swa-y .over the jrganization .until five years ago When he high council ousted General Willam Bramwell Booth, the founder's son, on the grounds of''his il health. Bitter recriminations .and -threats of egal action .that followed the removal of General Bramwell Booth came to naught as the aged, inform leader died hortly afterward. General Edward . -Higgins -of England, .chosen ,to suc- eed him, ruled -the .army .quietly dur- ng theensxiing five years. Sk treor(nnor •I* SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses $1.38 Ladies Specialty Shop •"Excusiye But JNot .Expensive" a 66 Tables, fcalvp, takwia in 3 <3*, " 'lay. Headaches or Neutalgia triiniitf.K. FINE L7TCATIVE AND Most Sjieedy Remedied KtloK-M. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT Phone 252 We have installed new patented maehifte .that sews on soles. OW fashioned tacks noioiifih er necessary, l<$o aa vance in prices. Gft us a trial, All Work Guaranteed! Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 310-South Main WISE 01D OW1 WE J WHO WOULD ECONOMIZE slS CAREFUL OF THE SWOOTtlER PERFORMANCt T ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L..& A. Tracks litre Thty Arc! Dl CK l> OWILL QINOIR ROGERS 4 MILLS 1HOS. TfD riORITO A Hit r«««Ni IBM d . A tlllt NjIK.LlI I'ulLJIl \ Soft Ball Tonight City Tournament Adm. 5 and lOc First Game JULIA 'CHESTER HOSPITAL Vs. COMPRESS Second Game LOKECO OILKltS Vs. MISSOURI I'ACIHC West Avenue B, Near City Limits T Mat. 2:30 Night 8 p. m. THE ORIGINAL BROS. TR/UNED ANIMAL SHOW 100 HIGHLY EDUCATED ANIMALS KAPITAN SEVERAL ADDED EUROPEAN NOVELTIES LSTEINERTRIO POWELL FAMILY And The Tight Sensations __ NEVER BEFORE AT SUCH PRICES! Adults 25c Children lOc MLS. W. R. Anderson left "Tuesday i lor Philadelphia, Mo., where she will I visit relatives and friends for the! next next months, I , Poplar Grove, 1'JG, Woodmen circle, i will meet at the Woodman hall on South Main .street, Tuesday ni B ht at 7:.iO o clock. A good attendance is urged, as business of importance will come before the meeting. The Joe Vesey circle of the First Methodist church held their September mc'cdng at the home of Mi.vi Mary Louise Keith on Monday af- toriuion. The business meetiii"' was concluded by the circle chairman Mrs. Hoy Slophenson, and the program was in charge of Miss Mory Louise Keith, who led an interesting discussion on the life of Christ. Miss Miu-ic Clack gave a beautiful devotional using us the- basis the lovi-j chapter of the Bible. An enjoyable feature of the pro-1 grain was- Ihe saxaphone solo by i : i ' lie Miss Mrances Brunei-, a guest foi- lhi> ;iftcnmon. | During the' .social hour the hostess ; siu-vrd a (loliriruiH dessert plate. ' Mis; Emma Courier, librarian at Jk-ndorson college, rind sister. Miss Uieretia, have returned to Arkadcl- Phia after spending the week end with I Miss Ada. Mao England at her homo i near Shovcr Springs. | -»••-«»- I RESOLUTION OF RESPECT ! WHEREAS, It hath pleased our! Heavenly Father to remove from our' midst our beloved brother Ralph' Ron ton, who has been u valued m em-1 her of our board for ;i number of! years, not only has our Board and our! Church lust one of its most useful and i valued members, but our Town and County has suffered uii irreparable lots; he \vas always true and fmth- lul to every trust imposed upon him THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED I .ml we deeply deplore his untimely iaising and tender our heartfelt sym| piithy to the family und order the*-:.'j resolutions he spread upon our min-! I'te.s and a copy sent to the family ! und on" furnished the press. ' ' Hoard of Stewards of the M 1' i Church. South: ' ' Hope, Arkansas M. M. Smyth ' Sep. 2. 1934. D. B. Thompson W. P. Agee Committee. The clean these are Ihe InlhJest leaves They • * "It's toasted" V lour throat Protection —against irritation — against coittft T In every way they taste better! Luckies are round, Luckies are firm, Luckies are fully packed with only the clean center leaves— and the clean center leaves are the mildest leaves — they taste better*

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