Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE WO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 4/1934 Star t*. «Y I; t i- O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald, From False Report! Published ewry week-flay afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. & Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hops, Arkansas. C. E. PJVLMEB, President ALEX. £|. WASHBURN. Editor and PnblhtMi -~—*——. - - i n tin Entered as sccomi-class jnattear at the postoffice .at Hope, Aifcitnta* Binder the Act of Mardh 3, I8S7. DellnHion: '"the newspaper Is 4n institution-.deTeloped ^by modem civll- tiOD to present the neyws of the day, to foster commerce and .Industry, toough -widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish 'that .check upon government which no constitution has ever beeh able to provide."—Col R. R. McCea-miok. Subscription Kate (Always Payable in Advance) 1 : By city ^carrier, per week TOe; six months,. $2.75: one year $5.00. By mail, in liempstead, Nevada, Howard. M.iUer .and LaFayette counties, -$3.50 per -year; -elsewhere ^5:00. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively ".nutted to the use for Tepublication iof all news dispatches credited to It »r ^ otherwise credited in this-paper and also the local news published hernin. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., "Memphis, Term., Sterick Bldg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E Wacker. Drive; Detroit. Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. ; ^ Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Chasges -will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this .policy in the news columns to protect their readers from i, deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibiUty for tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DB. MORRIS F1SHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of llygeia, the Health Magazine "How to Prepare -Footl -Properly For 'Groups By Olive Roberts Barton ~ ' - !• Overcoming Fear -Requires Tuet. When a child is afraid-of something. Because of the numerous cases of disease ond food -poisoning that have developed, the Baltimore department jwhat are you -going' teTdo? eun of health makes a number of sugges- .-of .him. shove him .at it, or bully him tions on how properly to prepare food 'into a show of courage? for large groups. These suggestions , I wouldn't do any of'them, simply ar f : ... . | because it .won't -be of -any use. I. Ail persons handling, .proparintf Oh, yes, he may pretend to 'be brav- or otherwise consing in direct contact er. to laugh at a lot of water, or a dog, u L*. 1 , *°v b ° S ° rVed shouw! «"-«'big''biiny of.a-boy. He :may put wash their hands thoroughly with soap ; TH, a grand front as ho climbs up the nnd water, using .a rhawl brush to! dark stairs alone to bed. But these clean under the nails und the orcviscs i «,infjs do not mean the terror is not of the skin. They should .rinse their tt.ere just .because he is trying to hands in running water rmd dry 'them'! whistle up his courage It is well- on an individual single service towol J known ;that .the violent' effort .to elown Or . na ^ in- - , •" rcal fcar b J' sheer ^ oirco °f 'Will may 2. The room in which the food is J make the trouble worse. prepared should be well ventilated. I Before going .into the matter of the free from flies and other vermin and j constructive course to pursue, please dirt. All table tops, drain boards, let me digress for an instant.' cutting blocks and boards should be i . AduMs .Know-Fear, Too washed-with soap and water. Why do we make, such'a fuss over 3. All-dishes and utensils Should be ) the .terrors of 'Children when every -washed before being used. Immerse | adult on earth is chuck full of them? them in hot, soapy water. Wash each j Perhaps you think you have none'. The Spirit of '36? f ••-,. 'tVO-i -et*^ L..*i'>H IL_.-<« V • '3_ . •>,". Holly Grove This comunity is very thnngful for the nice raiij. Everyone is invited lo nltrnel prayer meeting every Wednesday night. Vincent Ashcrnft has returned to his home in Los Vefiiis. Nevadn after j -spending his vacation here. j Mr. nnd Mrs. Jess Wood were shop- j in Hope Saturday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wilson House were Sunday guests o f Mr. nnd Mrs. Grandon Brooks. Dallus HURK was n business visitor in Preseotl Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Stewart nttcnd- Givcs Urine* Owner Advice on tlcpnlrs - IJulleliii-f R\|><Tt \Viilo.v lltmtiy (iuide for "AllliiK Mouse" subjects Whitman takes up that the book is worth keeping as n reference source, to be looked into whenever anything seems to {*o wrong in the? home. Whitllosey House publishes "First. Aid for the Ailinu Ifonne". nt $2 n copy. church night. at Morning St;ir Friday By IIRUCE CATTON Along with the Rovornmcnt's effort to help home owners get loans for repair nnd modcri/ation of their houses, comes the publication of a book Iliiit should fit well into this campaign. The book is i-aled, "First Aid for the Ailing House," and is written by ROK! er R Whitman. Whitman has written Mrs. Clarence Leveret to of Blrvins i a .'-cries of 12 articles on repair and. tlpoTiese manufacturers are permitted by the Unitod States government .to ship 125,000 gross .of. pencils into this country annually. Envelopes did not come into common use in the United States until 1841); ten years Inter prncticnlly nil letters wore enclosed. A doctor from ihe Las Ange'les Institute of Family Relation*-; recently stated that college girl:; were the world'. 1 ! worst wives. that you are one-of those mngyars of grit who is not "afraid of God or man." Utensil there is no evidence of foreign dirt or particles of food. Rinse in warm running water until all evidence of soap ;is removed. Drain by ! All right. You had an abscessed placing -them in ,a :rack and covering | tooth once. Last night you felt a sim- them with a clean single service towel 1 Uar twinge on the other side Did or napkin. Do not wipe dishes. Dish j you laugh it off or call the denUst? towels are oo often allowed to fall on | Qr you were up in an airplane we'll the floor or are used for other pur- ! Eayi und the cngine stO pped. Below poses - was fog and storm and a mountain. 4. {Place all perishable foods under refrigeration below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. -Do not wrap foods in paper nor The pilot shouted. "Don't worry. We can only die once." I suppose you lighted a cigaret nonchalantly and store them in a tightly covered -bowl. J bellowed back, "Have you heard this Do not overcrowd the refrigerator; i on e?" allow room for circulation of air. ; "We're all cowards under the skin, 5. Allow none but those who have so ih ame on us for our 'bigger, bet- been instructed by -the kitchen super- visior to enter the -room in which the food is being prepared. Do not permit those persons-who are handling or ter, holier-than-thou attitude toward children. Pear is natural. -Fear of death, and fear of hurt. We're born wit it, farfetched unnamable horrors, 'preparing tho food to leave the toilet (.horrors, called obsessive fears (more room until they have -washed their ; intricate of nature), are still based hands thoroughly in the manner pro- | cn t h e same c-iuse viously described. \ Hcw t ' 0 Han(|le chi)( , 6. If the dishes are to be used a ! Ncw as to handling the timid child, second time, see that facilities are at > Here are some rule« hand for rev/ashing them adequately ! Don ' t talk .,„ h im""(or her) about his according to the procedure given. ! fear . D on ' t mention it at all. You 1. Do not under any circumstances i may over-talk. And anyway, words permit volunteers to prepare in their i mcan nothin" own homes quantities of food for j Never ridicule'him or scold him.- large groups. These volunteers may . Don - t undermine h i s ,-elf-respect be cleanly and spotless in their house- j and fertilize his inferiority by over- keeping, but when preparing foods on . rating his fear . why llarp on one or such-large scale, the procedure is en-! two things when otherwise he is a tirely diferent from that used in preparing smaller quantities of food. 8. Whenever possible, all perishable foods should in tha process of prepar- dandy? Why not tell him he's * 'dandy? .Never, never "force" him into water, into the dark, at a clog, or up ation be placed in small bowls sur- against a boy he is afraid of. You rounded by ice, or othcrwi.se kept may regret it later if terror becomes thoroughly chilled. '.shock and leaves a mental or emo- 9. Have available for food offal and j tionul "scar" to haur.t him forever, garbage a water-tight metal garbage Tact Necessary container equipped with a tight-fit- I Use wit, kindness and tact. Homeo- ting lid. , p a thic methods are bctt. The shallow 10. Flan a nutritious and wcll-bal- .puddle and the next day another inch anccd meal, if possible. The variety ; or two may help him see reason about of food served togt-thc-r with the man- . water. By degrees he may lose his nor in which it is .served, and the i fight over "biy" water, wholecomeriess of the food all go a i The name with the dark—light very, long wa ytoward making the affair a very gradually reduced. It may take .success. It is often le:;s uxpemiive to i weeks or even months. No dogs are serve a nutritious meal than it is to nnet.ssiiry. His own experience will •offer one that does neit contain the ; tench him in time that most animals protective foods, which are eUiiry pro- '• may be ti u.sled. duets, fresli fruits, and vegetable-:;. GLORIFYJ NG YOURSELF f By Alicia Hart IP How lo Be a Beautiful Guest—Powder Gift Will Muku Hit. j A big, bael hrnti.* of ;i ))f>y? Never.' ; C'li yt^, he .should }mv(: oilier children;, 1 bcriclr; n;iniby-pamb!es to play with and If.'.-'rn by fle*srees that lit- has to | : take: hi.*: uwn P-'n'l- But please- spare* i thf: Jilt)(.' -fclloxv Iliiit older. Tbe Dveni/i/j bt-foi-e.- :i mairiago in B(,licini;i finds the youriy girl friends of the- bride- malcing the bridal wreath, ' c-ac-h adding a twig of rosemary and a piayer for the winning of a husband; only tho bridegroom-to-be is permit, led to observe the rituuJ. TODAY BOOTS R A K n I! H N, IS nnd l>rt*ety. l.s HtnilihtMl Ity w<*:* 11 It-y •SVIA-IA -HIVKHS. Due 10 Sylvl.-r-i tii«sl|>, nontn i» (oriH-<l tn i-1'Ni-.-.n frmn tin- Juniors, liotli c-irlx live -fii .l.rir<»lin<*<»k. frfNlilmiHl'le ,\t*\v Vork sulHirlj. >ILurt mid liiiiniliiitdl, floors nf- eejrtH Tfu* -nt»oneionn of f'l'^S l.l.M), NwiiiiniliiK Inslrai-liir. .VIIIS. HAL;tri:UN rcluriiH tram n trill out of tmvn :iud Ithoix Uremia tier mother's lieiirlne tvhnt linn lim>- Iirnrll. 'On lni|)lJl>>i- *li(* nillrrirN -UllNN iwllO UlltCM .her tn live \\llh lilx 'hro<lirr .-utU Ills wife. Itn.v.s '(ins no Juli niKl <m|ini-iui(l.r 1111 lililllltillil. Soon lloolN ln'^ins Mi KCC- Uini .JIN lie IK. She linen Hi liiuk for n Job out* liny niicl cii- '•millHTX .fS.VHUl. IIAT-HAVAV, Illl lllll 4rleitll. 'I'lint itlK'ltt -fliiKN niinounce.! he lias n jilli In Ullunii lull .he r.-ui- liot l.-ikc lluol* n i Hi him. 5SOW CO ON \VTril THI-: S'l'rtHV CHA-PTBH XXIH TT was a raw, gray November •*- morning. Boots, walking across Thirty-fourth street through whirl- ins eddies of rain that threatened momentarily to turn into snow was conscious—.in sjiiln of a gnawing hunger nt tho pit of her stomach, tn frpitP'of the thinness of her shoes .and tilie razor edp.o of tho wind whipping her skirts about her knees—of-a sense of adventure. The job at l^acy-s was already an old story to her. Slie had been in the chintz department for mote than four weeks now, the lowliest of all 'the clerks. She had gone through the agonizing lirst weeks of learning to stand on her feat all day, amazed that the human body could stand so much pure torture without whimpering. At night it had been heaven to hobble bad; to her room to .plunge those aching feet into a tub of warm water. Merely to rest, to sit perfectly still gazing into nothingness had boon a sort of quivering bliss. She was past that stago now. She could make out a sales check without trembling. Slio knew tlie colors anel the designs: the Victorian cabbage roses, the blue chintz with llie white stag elesign win'f-h all I.IK; decorators were IIH- ing, ihe .stars in red and while and all liie others. Klio knew which wfiro 7!) e-p.m* a yard and which \ve:re less. Khe felt aomev times riR though sho never wanted to nee a spray fit hyacinth:) en- a I fond all tasted curiously like old j A 'few girls nodded to Boots. That 'boiled cabbage, the girl had given tall Miss Apfel from the awning it up in favor of the .inevitable |materials gavvo her a pleasant sandwich- anel soft drink which smile. Boots had lunched with her comprises the mid-day .meal of so many thousands. SliB was getting '51S n iwuek now I and thought it -wonderful. True j It was-.not enough—it was not near- i ly enough—to :keep hotly and soul i together in this, America's greatest •and richest city, ihirt.it enabled her, j in the day's phrase, to "get by;" That was all anyone asked Down in Greenwich Village in the apartment of a 'large, friendly atiri rather untidy Mrs. Mooney.^she had a box of a room Cor $5 a week. Sometimes when the weather was i not too bad she walked to work, one day. She was from upstate. She had, she confided, taken nurse's training but hadn't been able "to stand tho gaff." She was plump but not overly strong. Very neat was Miss Apfel, in her dark wool, with the crisp organdie Trill at the throat. "Going to be n big day, dear," she whispered as they swung along toward tlicir posts on the seventh floor. Boots nodded. Monday was always terrible even with u long, lazy Sunday behind. At live o'clock on Mondays your feet ached with a matter of 20-odd blocks. She j a slow, steady, blindin never walked at night, .however. Her tired body protested that particular economy. At first when RUSH -had an- jnounced be was going to Florida i and that she was to he left behind, ' ".for a lime at least," fioots had ache. HP LIB rush began. It seemed to Hoots she did not really draw breath until 11:30. .She .had been so -liusy Khe had actually forgotten tho 15 minutes' relief which was duo linr. This last customer been dazed with hurt and anger. | tendered a $10 bill. | Wliaf. on earth should she'do Tilnne ! in New York? To r.tny with Russ's brother and his wife was .unthinkable. Russ's suggestion that she go back to her father's house had mot with silence, the silence of "'I'll take t-hfi package with me." •Lacy's still used tho antiquated change conveyor system. The customer's money was deposited in a sort ot metal cradle along with tho sales slip and dispatched in tho defeat, almost of contempt. She I pneumatic ttihe which shot to the ! had been sullen, voiceless for a day j or two as he went-briskly about • the business of packing. She had been conscious of sheer panic. Then the letter fiom Lacy'B had come on the eve of Russ's departure. Sl)o had literally jumped at the : chance. Russ had viewed tho situ- .ation ralmly. It had seemed to i him perfectly all right that his i wife should manage to exist on I that fiiiin. He had not waited to i .see her settled. Ills train had left j the very night she had moved into Clio furnished room at Airs, ney's. Moo- nether regions where a cashier made the proper change. Tho customer tapped her font with nervous impatience nnd Hoots, answering questions, throwing out bolt after holt, measuring, cutting, was conscioiia of tlio narrowed eyes and frown, of the waiting woman. "Where on earth Is my change?" Black eyes snapped angrily. "I'll KCO. Just a moment, madam." Roots clicked tho tulte several times. There was no response. She went to tho telephone- and called ilho operator below stairs. The * " * (eniKtoiner's impatience grew, deep- that was over now; the encd. "There—there seems lo be some Pcstoffice boxes are carried on the backs of all street cars in Stockholm, If you want to make yourself pop- Sweden; when the car passes the ular with your week-end hostess, take po.stof fiee a clerk removes the box her some of the new makeup gadget.-.- and replaces it with an empty one. that cosmeticians are putting on the ; market right now. dividual powder puffs are decorative If she's been doing a good deal of , as v/c u as use f u ]. The puffs arc- no entertaining this summer, the chances ; nlorc . tr , a n tiny balls of tightly rolled are that her supply of guest room cos- - c . ct ton. A guest uses one, then throws Wietics has run pretty lav/, so make n ilv /ay. the most of an opportunity to give There are small lipsticks, too. And something useful. HUle pads of cleansing tissues for ap- For instance, a large box filled with plying and removing lipstick. These smaller boxes of powder in various ' certainly save wear and tear on the shades adds galmor to a guest room | j- ue .-jt towels. dressing table. The realy de iu.xe ; if your prospective hostess takes I types contain at least eight diferent j j.. r eat pride in her bathrooms, she'll | tones, ranging from light flesh for j [cave a jar of bath salts, box of bath I blonde guests to deep suntan for the I powder and bottle of toilet water in girls who have spent days on the | mulching odor. Add a package of in- beach. Less pretentious ones are fill- j dividual bath powder puffs to that and cd with four shades. I she'll be doubly glad that you carne Beautiful gUss bowls, filed with in-' to visit. funnel of delphinium a^ain. she; had a house nt her own, •elfiiPrminp.el. wiviwly eyeins rmshing horde of wnini-n .'it Monday mles, she would have chairs nphol«lr-rr-d in halhr-r, windows huiij! in nilclolh. This was Mfind.iy aaaln. .past l:\n\it.. Tlie; elooi'.-i r/f I. II store would prerjenlly IIP. llnri^ and women from l!rrio!:'yn. ; Island, from Wtstohc.He.'r, fn> :tou-'ii i'ark Aveinio, fi-ot!) Bronx, from 'CholKEii rr.d i.; and Tcaiiofl: would rusli 1:1 yanls nt thin . . . .';;..•: i,t //••/ this siniDffinf. isiixsf linn: /.; / nr.ctl IIJT <l r/i'iivr !',:':r,< s-.'.; r.i'f MI.I flinnijf; ri>in< I: ." '. \\'hcru is the, cl,i;>'i '',:•_••:, «'/»•* It she the tho tin 1 tl:r* 1 physical wreuch of parting with RUSH was over. She had been i a bride a few Fhort months ago. | Now she was completely alone. In I her heart Klio sun confidently ex- i pc:Keel JliiHi; to sc-.id for her. i Sim was In the employes' ele- varor now, zooming up war el. Sixth floor. Roiilliern v/fur. Hunch urn- i lircJhiR and rork sandals, a peach' criloued jersey mill on a bronxed | sand bparh under brilliant slmulat- 1 <-'\ daylight. Hoots naught her .i.ro-.ilh. Khe would buy just sur-h n baDiing suit as that before she If ft lo join Russ. Shes had §3 saved lo\v;inl Imr ticket. Last week i-.hc had Imped to nave more but !-l.p had lind a cold and had had in buy mcdii-iue—a throat aslrlii- t:; 1 -. 1 ! ;:ml sauio rubbers. . . . difficulty," Hootii explained. "So I sen." Tho woman bit her lips furiously. "Call the department manager, please-." Mr. IlllHH, his while carnation proolaiming him one of I/icy'a "trouble buRlors," came up, smiling urbanely. "1 guvs this youiiK wornnn a §10 bill ages riRei," snapped the Irate custorner. "Tho clmnge hiusn't come bnok." Wr. 'Hliss nuesliojied Jiools, telephoned, came hn.-lj frowning. Miss O'Toolo, he s.-iirt, reported -no $10 hill had btion .-'ent through the tubes trom this stalion 1'or the-paat half hour. "Rut," r!no(s prote?.tod, "you saw me put it Intei the tubfi ulona with your sales Klip." S'le turned her dressing room smelled of wet ! \\-liile face towarel Mr. Bli.-s. cheap scent. Girls mill- I'.Minel. loiu.-liin;; .up their hair.: ;.-4 hoots inio lockers. A jiini- I "1 saw nothing A I.RKADY she he.-i-.nl ihvir !:;-.:'.-h L * demanding, cliiii:',-i i;i-; vu:i-c> The air would Ihiiki-n. Hi-raps nt paper would collect bt-hind i-i.-iini- er.s. Suh-^books \vould iniifldf.'iiiu.-- ly lose llifciii'jclves under beiliK eit material. The niornins wonl.l drag on. She would j;u to liin-.-b at half past 11. l-'urty-livc ininiitL-s on;-.-idc.- fe^r lunch. It wasn't much. ii C.'!e.*rk.-:. iium meant tihc might go 110 further iliun rlurl;.- rioni the drug store araiinel tlie corner. , Jijeni, innn i J.acy's had a lunch room fur its employes but after one or two half- I linery lieurted. sorties uiiou it, liudiug tuoj their iiejsts. 'I'ho woman lifted arrogant shouidei s. "It will ho made good," Mr. Bliss -- ui v.-(u-il;j ... . asbiirod her. lie lifted his eye".'.ml I jn:-t .said to him, I said, i brows in Mools' direction—a very . . aloof, assured, impeccable young Oh, I man. He went on! with the ens- "It'd ! tonier in tow. . . . ! "Oo to lunch, dear," ."--aid Mary • •\Vh;:i ilo you take me for'.'' 'VYi.. wi:;it. io Radio City. . . ihe? haili-t was lovely." . . d'you like it." nt the Barrel ] Astersoii, one of iioot:;' cuiKitor "iht.-y give you a dill j.males a moment later. "But what'si guin,-; to happen somewhere and -iiip or' feet in the v:: n oil to a symiiUony. ilie alumlonm-ware. Hi:.- furniture depart- m .shoes, the ribbons, j the linen.-. u,e underwear, the mil- were all hastening to now?" Hoots stammered. Her head ached, her morning's hunger baci settled HUe a kind of black sickness at the very core of her being. "Oh, nothing niuoh." Mary .said airily. "The wcrst Iliey can do i.s to take It out of your pay. Those tilings happen sometimes." (To Itc Continued) called on Mrs. I,on Wood Thursday. 'Mrs. 17n;, McCall spent Wednesday with IK, il:ui«htor Mrs. Ilarvcy Dolt. Mrs. John Parsons of Washinfjton was the miesi of Mrs. 'Edgar Leverette Thursday. Mr. «nd Mrs. Tom Shaikleford attended the revival mtoling at the Davis camp at Oklaona. Edwin Brooks spent Tuesday in Prcscott. modernization of the home. He is a recognized expert on house construction and repair. In this new hook, Whitman goes over the house from cellar to attic, and all around outside as well, and he tells his readers exactly what to look for when things go wrong and then what to do lo correct these faults at the least trouble and expense. .,.„.._, , , • Furthermore, the book is written Miss_Ruth Bolt spent the week end simp|v .„„., illus(l .. Uo( , L , lc . u . lv . so „,.,, the average home owner can grasp how to go about keeping the house in Rood condition. The subjects include Biich problems as heating the house properly: learning the plumbing and i maintaining it; protecting the bouse j from the weather; cleaning walls and l'urni,shitif,'K: hontproofing tho house; and preventing dimiage from insects and other pests. In fact, so many and varied are the with Miss Bernice Wood. Miss Lorenc Arnold and Miss Kvelyn Stewart called on Miss Bertha Honea Sunday afternoon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hollis Rodcn spent Wediilsday night with 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Osborn. John Mr. Joe C. Burnis of Bclton died on Friday, August 2-1 at his home. Mr. Burrus was born in Mit-souri on January 3. 1870. He moved to this place from Toxarakna, Texas, last January. Uc is survived by his widow, one daughter, Hegina, three sons. Cecil. J. C. and Bill, two sisters. Mrs. Dickinson, Dallas-, Texas; Mrs. C. D. Surf, Coft'eevillo, Kan., and by two brothers Arnold Burrus. Los Angeles and John Bun us, of San Francisco. Tiurial was in Avery's Chapel ccm- (Hcry SUnday. August 20. Though the Burrus family has been in our comunity only a short time, they have a host of friends and we (ill wish to express our sympathy to them in their bereavement. Our advise on insur- iince nrnhlrnrs is ji.s rn^^m J"'" rcE - sio| »'i a* the I/VCM',1/ iitlvice of n Doctor or Lawyer. ROY ANDERSON L CO. tOMPHTf IHSUMNCf SfRVICt PHONE Aid HOPE, ARK. Truvscs, Alxleimimil Suppeirls. Elastic Knee Clips nuel Anlfleits Our stock is all new and of Ihe very latest and improved merchandise. We fit children as well as grown-ups. For many years wo have: sold this line erf goods and now is quile. an important dop;/rt- rm'iil in eiur store. This .stock is carried in a separate' room wbrrr our fitters etin .se>rvi* yon without, interruption. We- malic no cbargf for fitting and our prices will plra.sf von. JOHN S. GIBSON Drag Company Quick Relief for Chills and Fever and Other Effects of Ma lariat Don't put up with the suffering iof Mrlaria—the teetb-cbnUnring chills and the burning fever. Get rid of Malaria by getting the infection out of your system. That's what Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic docs—destroys and drives out tho infection. At the same time, it builds up your .system ;ignin.st further attack. ! Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic con/| j tains ta.slfle.vs quinine which kills th* | infection in the blood. It also con-' tains iron which builds up tho blood and help;; it overcome the effects oC Mnlarin as well a;; fortify against re- infection. These are the effects you want for COMPLETE relief. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic: is -pleasant to take and absolutely .safe, even for children. No bitter taste of quinine*. •Get a bottle? today and be forearmed against Midiiria. For sale at all stores. Now two sizx'.s—50t and $1. The $1 size. 1 contain. 1 ; 2 1 ,-* time.'; as much ns the; 50c siy.o and ••ivo;: you 2!i'.« jiioi'O for your money. KEEPING YOUR CAR READY FOR EMERGENCIES THE PENALTY OF CARELESSNESS Accidents are mused bj- cnrolessncsie uud neglect. There arc many parts in your ear which can wear dangerously thin when lubrication is- negleclod. Sec Ihat your i:ar is lubricated correctly. Durham (truu.ie jobs only loud you into a false feeling of Bccurily. Guard against dangerous unseen ivear with . .. MAGNOLIA SPECIALIZED A CCIDENTS happen quick- Jy and \vilbout Jie>lice'. To avoid them your cur must re*- spond itiniuiilly . . . perhaps a sudden turn to the: le;i't or ri^lil ... a quirk Hpui-t ahead . . .an iii.niuiii .-ilejp! Worn purls caii'l alninl this Htruin. II hihricatiein lia.s he-eta jieglee'te-.d a vilal part mijlht snap whe-.ii you nee:d ii mosl. When you have your car lu- hricaled ul uMagnoliaSlation, «;r«»r unel neglect are elinii- 7iat<*(l as far as it is humanly possihlc. The man wlio luln-i- cales ye)iir car works J'rom a derailed rbart of your cor and aj).plicB e:xae;lly the riglit ainount of the special Mohil- f;j'case as reconuue-nde'd hy vemr car inanufaeaure-.r. Not a Miif.de grease fitting is sli»lite.'el and your car i« hihn'i'.uied us it should he. The difference in cost hetvve'cn Magnolia Lubrication and the average "hit-or-miss" grease job is ncgligiljje. For your own protection and the safety of your family und friends who ride with you, have your car lubricated at Magnolia Stations anel Dealer's. Be Sure You Get ALL Ji SAFETY H 1 FACTORS 1 -PROPER TRAINING... Ma B »olla Men uru lliurou^'hly M lioolcil In tlie rcipunit- Lilily uiul u|iiilit'utlnn of corrcut Iiibrlci* lion. They kuuw ihutr builiiuial ^-ACCURATE CHARTS .. , The Clmru Uheil Iri Mu#iti>liii Sluilunit jirb prtjpureil lu «iitu|terullitii i.llli tliR augln«(ir» trliu Lull! >«jur aliloiiiubilo. S-CORRECT EQUIPMENT ... Ever? Si.. Hun iiui, 'oinijiltilti niuilcru uiiulpmoal, • clecUil ;il'lt,r CIlolulVc re.Hri.ll liy Mug- '<—RIGHT CREASES.,. Several Jlffittnt Moblluruuaea uru Luetl lo r«tii>t lieat —- waltr— iircituro. MuLllereuie >»>• on cl.c Job! MAGNOLIA with Magnoi',--j and you stay ahead/ STATIONS and DEALERS B-LUB-28 Ask for Magnolia Products at the following: TULLY HENRY .MAGNOLIA WHOLESALE AUICNT I'hone 278 or 111 BKonWAY SERVICE STATION HOl'lC UASKJ-rf COMPANY Phone 111 Hope J. W. HAKI'EK Hope* KOBEUT IIUGVENIN Hetpc I.. R. CAUDLE Uodcaw A. P. DELONY U'asbJngtoa S. DUDNEY Cross Itoads HOMER'S SERVICE STATION Siuatuga V. A. DUFOUU MvNab

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