Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 1
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THE LOCMNSPOBT JOURNAL YOL. XXI. LOGANSPOKT, INDIANA, SATURDAY MORNING., MAY .30, 1896. NO. 180. WE'RE PROGRESSIVE. A Large Importer came to us and offered a large lot of SHEER LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS at our own price. We bought them and Saturday morning they will be placed on sale at your Price. 2so]doz. handkerchiefs divided into three lots. LOT i. 100 do/en SLieer Linen, eleganth" embroidered Handkerchiefs. The le• selling prices of which range from 40 to 75 conts, Yot-t cun hike your choice for I 9c LOT 2 JOD Dozen Embroidered Swiss scalloped, lace iiiseriion atid la.ee Dlock Handkerchiefs, Actual value from 15 to -10 c«nts your choice I Oc' Death List at St. Louis Growing to Appalling • : . Proportions. One>' Hundred aud Eighty-Two Dead Bodies Already Taken from Fatalitias ST-w Placed at 60O— In. East St. Louis They Will Reach 225. LOT 3 Property Loss in St. Louis by Bradstreet's Agency $10,000,000. Placed at SO Dozen all Linen Hem-stitched Handkerchiefs. Value 20 ceutH each all linen and your choice for 5c In connection with this «tle we will coneuct a special Wash Goods Bale giving you choice of 100 pieces, Osgandies. Lawns and Dresden* $ ,10 Duck Suits for Ladks 1.50 Japanese Silks ..2 I Silk and Feather FHDS '. '.25 400411 BROADWAY, 30C FOURTH ST. St. .Louis, May 29.—The followlnfi list wan ttihnlatfrt at- police headquarters Friday £i fLcrnoon: . . Known dead In St. Louis T'nknown dend In St. Louis ratully- Injiu-ed In St. Louis MiMSlni; In St. Louis Known dead in Eos'. St. Louis VnkJio-vvn dead in Bast St, Louis Finally injured in East St, Louis.... Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no on 1ms a liner lin« of woolens nud worsteds to eolect from than ours. Important Features ... in [the make-up of our clothes work their superiority. Wear cot the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also luive an .ass >rtment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and ninke an offer. The queen of hearts in all these parts, Jf you can £0 by runiors' H one who ridcVn wheel, .in<! elides About in ciair.ty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street I Must Have Honey 3 ^^^-* ~~"*^f 5r So I Have Reduced my prices. Call and getzS ^ a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. ^ % AL YOUNG, Tailor | «g— 318 Pearl Street. ~^ Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread' The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. *" THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. Total SSI Tills list, being prepared from pollco'tlfr urcs, is not accurate In detail, but is said to bo apprcximuttly correct, . 'J'lio police be- llevp, \vltl-. every one else, UHU the total !•? lllioly to be swelled when work on the ruins has been completed. More AccuriUu 'Estimate*; St. LouS.*, Slay 2C 1 .—Jc was possible Friday mornlni; to iniike an Intelligent cstl- mute—for all figures are. as yet i.'Stlmatos —of the loss 01' life and proudly In th'is' cl'.y UIK! vicinity by the storm-of TVednos- c'ny night, H-will he many days;.before the exact facts are known, if they are over ,knon'n tit all. It la-fruc that'Ir. this city and East St. Louis the records or the licalfh department «•!!!'s!iow Ihf.-, number of Interments,' so that the number of dead within the municipal limits.wjll'eventual- ly be asuertalnwl, in;: rio.iiucli verification. Is no.s.siHc In the country districts, where tho loss of life was undoubtedly greater than v.-as at first reported. The property Job's, ot' course, is practically.r.n unknown cji:antU3', jincl I'lirures vary greatly.. Tiie best that can be done Is to average tho estimates of competent authorities. Uinul in St. Louis Number S5O. In St. Louis the number oj dead reported to'the authorities up to four.o'.cloelc Friday morning was 143, ol which n umber 116-Were Identified and 27 unidentified. Ot these the larger proportion were nt the r.umiwr or ncaa reported 10 tne author Itlcs tip to live o'clock Friday •morninr was 113. Contrary to the'l'.rst Impression the to.ss ot' life In tho liiinoiy city wa;* no KO jjruat aw in St, Louis proper. Thin 1: now linown beyond doubt. There was mori tlamtiK'e, t-etativcly/'oii the "east than on the west ban!: ot the river, but to ol'tsc tills the territory wns more thlr.ly.settlci —that Is. .-the houses were- further apart &i:0 contained fewer inmates'. Therefore, while Kust St. Louis suffered more In proportion to population, the'list of dead and Injured Is smaller than that across the river. It Is also believed that the dead uji royoftod to tlit nollce will number mort than CO or 70, rr.aKfr.g the iota! ;. ! ?t Toot uy 173,. at t!if- outside. AiKitlutr .llisiliken Report Corrcctcil. Another-mistaken idea In relation to thn situation In Bust St.. Louis ;,» that lh-j tlie wholo system ot l!re and police prVnection.' As a ni;,tt'-r at" £act thc>ro Jins nt no time, except for few hours on Wtiliicsday nlKht Immedi- :oly following the cyclone, hccn the slightest hitch* In thc'workinc of t-lther dinartnmnt. The .difficulty at Hint time wari wholly because''of. the prostration of he municipal telegraph system, which rendered tin- work oil •theT.ro department lilllcult, but at no .time lias there been .lie leapt relaxation, o/ the discipline ami •ITectlveness of the' police, ami It Is t> :otable fact that the Kant St. Louis poke have kept tho casualty stiiilsticy far more closely and accurately than has iwr. .he ctise in St. Louis itself. They estimate i c seriously Injured-at from M to S'A and heir accuracy in-thoiniiirtcr of the death isi justifies the?belief that the c-stirr.af; f ihe Irjvrcd u-ll! b'c lilt.'e out of tiv vny. In Ihe -matter of sliKhvly Injiirvrt he dlHlcully Is the same as In St. Louf*. nd nothing 1 hut •(guesswork can b« ven- i;reu. P.-obaWy CCC or TtO persons have rx— clvcd minor v/ottnds.' Work of St-orm ISUcwlierr. .ccvir.j- St. Lou'is, 'find followir.cr the ck o.t' tin; stovni.- as" It swept through ll'sourl al'd Illinois, tho figures liecaifii -.are indefinite. The telegraph wires an- till In a dc-moraiizcd condition, tuirt so. may he added, are the country corn*- jr.dent*. All sorts ot ru«iors have yet he sifted ar.d deliberate "fakes" run J-Ja^t st. tjouis ny. i-irc wm, ui untune, uc made good by Ihe Insurance, bui where th-j damage was done by ivinc"—as it wu.s in almost all cases—the property Is not protected by the policies, and'the loss fails entirely on the owners. The immediate result of this feature of the disaster will probably be a boom In tornado Insurance policies, of which very few were carried in this city, or Indeed anywhere eise outside of tho "cyclone belt" In Kansas and Nebraska. Tho Search for Victim**. All through the night, -without cessation, Bangs of workmen piled Uielr search for victims of 'Wednesday's cyclone. Eight bodies were found Thursday night and Identified. Gov. Altgeld la In personal command of the inlUtla companies called out to assist In tbo work of rcscua and to protect tho city from vandalism and being looted by swarms •ot thieves iriio are reported to be on their way to East St. Louis. One hundred special policemen were sworn in Friday morning and arc now patioliiiff the lire and wind-swept territory. .Though the destruction in East St. Louis was in the busineHS portion, the tine residence- auctions t-n Pennsylvania and EaUfrh avenues and Eisbth, Ninth and Tenth streets arc coinyarauvely untouched. hey arc situated i;i a lo-.vor altitude than in- island, which is • i.t;i-ely covered by down. There l-.r-.vc beer, stories of loss of lift and destruction tic places which were untouched by the.st.ora, ar.d on the other hiincl -It is akcsriAber probable that ciierp lire niur.y death?..'jnd Jnjtirios In the country districts yet unreported, A careful or reported at undertakers' establishments, But-' th'cre'are undoubtedly many others awaiting burial at private residences, and It Is still-more certain, unfortunately, that the removal of debris will disclose the bodies of 'other victims of the storm as yet unaccounted for. Still, there can be -no • T;IE CITV nos- , .•?'!:. LouLs. scrutiny of llic data at !:a::tl. licwcvcr. .luatlliss the-statement -that the following ilK'.trcs v.-ll! be I'bnr.d to. be approximately correct v.-hcT/'fuiJ reports have been received; •' • : Tuliir.tiloj. statement of Fntiiliticn. and vicinity, 1^ ItiJlcd; 15 vicinity, i(j killed; !ii3 vlelnlty,.S-kl!l6d; injuj-od. Centralla, Invitations. Are "always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten^up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department lf| making a specialty of NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILL HEADS; STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.; ETC. Latest Styles;in,Fancy Type and Materia. mibt that the tlrst rumors'"Of score? rushed beneath falling bulldinss- .were nrgely exaggerated, and tlie number to bo.. ccounted for In this wny.'wUl noli : be s'o 1 ' arge ns was at first n.arcit. A careful urvey of the situation, therefore, justl- t,hc belief, that tho unreported dead— icsc in private houses ami tl\ose-unre- overed from wrecked buildings—win not ed 100. This brinps the. totri,^ dead In 1. .Louis up to about 250, and It is believed tliat the eventual verification'of t-he-'death roll will not show a variation, of more than ten from that Jijrurc. ' Tho Injured In St. Louln. 'The count ot tho'wounde.d la a more, dttllcult matter. The •niimbor of injured Jn the regular and improvised hospitals affords little Index of the true'situation.'-' Only the more seriously injured were taken to the hospitals, or If they were -they seized tho first opportunity to. KO "to their homes, while hundreds who sustained more or'loss sorious Injuries were at'"home at' the time, and consequently have not llg-- urcc! In the published lists of the wc-unded. Taking the hospital and police" 1 reports as a basis for calculation,..however^ It Is estimated that those who:sustal|}ed Injuries •which may --be called serious—that Is,' broken limbs. Internal InJur-fCT, fractures of the skull arid similar wou'ri'ds, number about 400. The slightly wounded cannot be oven, estimated, and It .is hardly probable thnt any more jruess would come within several hundred of the actual flg- .urcs. It Is only safe to say. that those who sustained bruises. scratch,cs.-a'nd contusions and were cut by splintered class or struck by tiic lighter 1 class- of flying wrnckag-e number thousands. Many of them did not nerd t'hfi attention of .a phy- Klcian, and for this reason, no account will be accessible as to.tliis class of casualties. •....-• l)cinl In Ka»t St.' lonlH.' - : .,-Across the river, in 1 East St. Loulsi, .the „ 111., and ia injured; ,- -.- • Mo.ttii'r VC;:*MMI. ill.,-i 20 injured.. • New Madrid, 111., and vicinity, 7 hilled: 30 injured, ' RlehtieHl, III., -! killed. Rushvlllc, III., 1 fclllMd: £S Injured. New Baden, 111.. S killed; 13 Injured. Jeffe-son City. .111.. 13 killed; Jl Injured. Harmony, 11!., 2 Jdlli'rt. Mftscoutiih,' .Ml., 2- -klllerl. Brinlcer Station.'.'III., S. killed: 80 In- jur.ed. . Crcclslnrldw, '111... .2 .hlliefi. Palt-ncld, III., l Jimu.d, - • Gratiot. Mo.. •) killed; Chamois, J[o., 2 MlJldt'S'lnfurcd. Jlftxlco. JIo.. aiyl-'vicinity, o lillled: 80 wounijPd. ' • '' ' ' Waranw, Ind.. " killed; o injured, Anilrian county. Mo., r, killed; i3P Injured, Fran.'tlln county, Mo.. 1 killed; 3 injured. Rcnirk, Mo., 1 killed. Tlie forc.'fciinfr JHrure* arc bellovcd to be authentic. Eut there arc.besides reports which may or may r.ot be true of 2 killed and K injured at Bcyd. III., and 1 killed and S injtired-r.t li-vliu'ton, 111. It is likely that these ropuHs are correct, but th.ey have not 'been satisfactorily verified. J'ropert.y I.osst-'K. Coming to tho loss of property, the estimates, of course, vary greatly, but setting Rside the natural tendency to cxncrecratlon in the fice of a ij'rcat'-c-iiUur.lty, It Is pretty safe to say t'.iat the- dnnir.fro In St. Louis will 'reach J5,DCO,COM,' Other estimates have been-g;lven out^amons tl-.em one iiyMu> r or \VallbrldRC.who places the finures at 5^0,- 300.UM, b;it tJiey arc all too high, Tnerc wertf'no larso ar.d expensive bu!ld!nf,'s destroyed oulriprht. The bit,' hotels any skyscrapers were not in the path of the tornado', and the'buildings of any considerable'-size that sulTerocl wore elevators, freight warehouses and other structures 'of comparatively,'cheap construction. The damage to dwelling*.Is of course heavy, •but tthor all, the chief loss will fall on the street railways, Ihe electric light companies and the river ap.ri rnllroat! Interests.' The municipality Itself is perhaps as heavy an individual loser as any. The dam- aRfi 0:1 the poorhouse, insane asylum, pauper hospital and public school btilldlnKa will reach $MO,C2C, .and.-the injury to the streets, Oamnso to, i-ayernenfsand destruction of telejvrapli and electric llBhtlng systems Will foot tip SEO.OCO more. -Ti:e street .railway systf.-.n. wlttch operates cars over "C nil'.es of track,'.Is also a heavy loser. Its power house wait destroyed, and Its trolley .Rues' wrecked. '-Probably JSliO.OOO will not oovcr the loss; Thesteamboatmen may be put down for'another SMO,000, and the stear.i railways for fCCO.Otlfl more-. The Meyers & LlS'l-eit factory, which was wrecked completely, represents a loss-of $200,000, and t!iu St. I^ouls Refrigerator & Gutter 'company's t'actbry is a loss of $250,000 This list rc-ally exhausts the heavy loaers The other losses are t:i tbc thousands or even In th« hundreds, and while their agffresate foots up a large sum, there la no- Justification of 'the stories of damajre ranging .all-tho way from ?IO,COO,000 to $50,-- 000,000. DumnBo to RwlIroiKl Froportj'. In East St. touls Ihe railroads and tho river Interests weratho heaviest losers by the storm. The former will not get off cheaper than ?750,COO.:and the latter suffered to the extent of perhaps $300,000, The loss to the steamboat men'was-not only In the vessels destroyed, but in. wliarfapre freight and' material. The fire caused, .a further loss-of J500.000, and the individual losses of property owners will s«'cll : the total to between $3,500,000 and KOOO.OOO. In tho country and'the various small towns that were, touched by tho storm 'there- Is no means of getting at the property loss There' Is DO basis,'even, for an estimate. I: Is probable that the losses will at-sregate a-'large amount, taking Into consideration tho wide.'area of territory covered, but any effort at giving figures would be tlie purest speculation. 11 • •' -. l^lttlt) Insurance. The serious feature of nearly all the.dam- ago done Is that''substantially all ot.it ,1s .unprotected by insurance. Tue'damageln Many of the fr.mi 1 .:' :> '.vhor-'c homes were destroyed sought hhelu-r Thursday night n empty box cars. This was no; easy ot -ecotrip.'ishj)U'nt, us but few cars remained n position to lecve them comfortably .tenable. J'rop«'rt,y l,o**s OroH'Inj;. The property loss in St. Louis is s™wini: beyond the estimates of Thursday night and which placed the minimum iinrt maximum respectively at f-l.COiuCO and $S.- OHv.COO. Bradstreet's agency t'gures, ob- talnud from a/I possible sources, state that $10,OvjO,000 will amply cover thn :!nan- eial loss. It is reported, moreover, thai Pun's ascncy offlrially don.'e." ihc staf- inr-nt printed hy tile morning papers that It hail placed the total destruction of property at f'Q.C-OO.fCO. The pnncipu) JOS.IM are' in the dl<vi.rict l;i:twroii I'inssi-ll and Chotitt.iu avenues, Jt.ft'orson avenue unii tlio riven*, ard the fi:ry o.' ih? tO!'iii'i;!o is,lcld more graphically than IP. words by tho tabics showing that in this stretch of territory alo;-.e no ]i ;i.t th.'in 7,000 residences v.-ere either totally or par'Jally destroyed. Druth I-lst Growth;; I'ast. Tho dentil listln'St. Louis is growing fast. Up to 1J o'clock Krinay mornins' ISi! bodies h.-.rt l.-ot'n recovered from the ruins of w: celled Ijiiitdiir-rn. Of these ):'.! had been Identified, and 21 remain unrecognized. In Er.st St. Louis at. the same hoar 3-17 bodies had b'.-en recovered, Of Hn-sc JSil have, been idciltitied by relatives or friends and S are without identification. In St. Louis 21' persons arc reported fatally Injured, and their deaths are momentarily expected. In East St. Louis IS persons arc suffering- from wounds which ivlll prove mortal In a few hours. The work of recovering tho dead is being -T.nidly carried on through a systematic corps of workers. A conservative estimate I of the loss of life in the city of St. I.ouls places the number in the neighborhood ot: rCO. In liast St. Louis it. Is feared that when the-rulns are thoroughly explored, the number of dead bodies recovered will reach a total of nearly 225. A great many persons estimate that over 25 persons lost their .lives lii the. Mississippi river, and the chances arc that their bodies will never he recovered. The number of persons who lost their lives by being. .blown into the rive- from fiat boats and were carried dowr. by overturned steamboats la problematical, ar.d only when a tabulated list of the missing can bo made will tho exact number be known. Huiuln:cl!i Sleep In tho Open Air. Hundreds of homeless people slept in the open a'.rTbursday night. The public tiuil..t- Ings were thrown open for the accommodation o!' the destitute and unfortunate, and these places were crowded to their capacity. Food for the hungry was furnished liberally by citizens and keepers of restaurants in the "neighborhood of these temporary shelters . All r.le'nt and throughout Friday mornln,-- hundreds, and in some cases thousands of people surrounded the temporary morgues, and within were heart- j-endlii scones 1 enacted as relatives came to take away tile, remains of their loved ones, and parties seeking to identify some of the unknown dead made flie rounds of the silent forms.. Hundreds of furniture wagons, carts and In many cases buggies and private vehicles arc being- brought into reQutsltlon to move away whatever of the personal property can he digged out of tho ruin;; or, at the risk of the lives of the salvage corps, can'be gotten from the lower' rooms of residences, the walls of which are tottering ;>nd threatening every moment to bury those beneath. These scenes will be rccnactcd during the hours of daylight for days ff> come. Fortunately the weather is fine artel there is no indication of a rainy spell. \Yore tha conditions otherwise the misery and suffering would be Intensified a hundred fold, and the property loss Increased by large figures. Conv*;:itlo;i 1V111 He JJo]d In St. T*oniri. .The Business Men's league Friday mom- Ing Issued a statement to the country to the effect that the disaster will In no way inlerfcrc with the engagements already made for the republican convention, or for the housing and entertainment of thp ptpca in cmiaisn accent's: ~we juoi n=w in a soft place." The steamer City-of Qulncy, recently purchased by the Hlvcr club, composed ot St. Louis millionaires, is reported suB)c r with watchman, engineer and cook. Recent purchase and repairs Involved an expenditure of J3i),COJ. DADiagc to Church Property. The damage to church property In St. I.ouls. Is estimated at JiJO.tOO. Most of liie*c churches are located in the territory south, of the railroad tracks, vast of Grand avenue and north of Arsenal street. Th« losses are about equally divided between these denominations; Presbyterian, Methodist. P.:iptist, 1/nllarian. Kpiscopai, Con- Krcr;ationallst, Christian, Kvangellcal. Lutheran and Roman CathoNc In all 1C edifices wvrc In the path or on the- edge of the storm. St. Henry's Roman Catholic church on tl;w corner of California a\ynue and Caroling street is totally wr«:fked. TruliiH Ituiir.mg Ov<:r KmK Uriilgc. General Manager E. P. Bryan, of tilt Terminal association, announced at noon V'nai. all trains are running as usual over the teads bi-idse, and that tho upper; or pedestrian roadwuy v.'.'II be in shape for i ravel by Wednesday. Me adds that Ua« loss Is not as great as ai iirst reported, and thai the total damusr- 10 buildings, rolling stock and bridges will not exceed' 5100,000. Ko fault in cor.structif-n, but purely the frightful velocity of t.V wind at that particular point was responsible for the- dam- 'igc occasioned. A <;i-M«;roilH t;<>ntritMition. Chicago, May 29.—At a special meeting of the Builders' and Trades' exchange Friday afternoon resolutions were adopted expressing sympathy with the sufferers by the cyclone in St. Louis, and tendering J50S of the funds of the exchange to be expended by the Builders" exchange of St. Louis for the relief of tnc- suffering In thell CKy and vicinity'. SEMINARY CONTROL REPORT. tlniie by ?rc3sl«yti-rlfci <)opi;cil v,-lth Subs General Saraloirsi. N Y.. May 20.— Ky a vote as- the Friday the IVcsliyierinji general wmlily fixed ;i|>on U'inonn. 1ml.. ns IK' st place of mi'dins-. The fin.inei;!) ^oinniitleo report rcrid -by Frank!!:; Shei.j!:cr;!, of ilolpljia. This shoivvd a surplus in the nsMiiibly treasury of S^.OOO 0:1 May 15, -1-%G. The (liwi:iissioii of l!io iiheolopcal sem- inarv control \v;:s rt'sttirx'd, Ji.'tlge Kunipliri.-y, of T.<m)sv:Ilt>. supporting- flu- report. ' 1))-. A£iH'\v. of Phi::iilif]))li:a. oJTered a substitute for mnn'vr tvn of ;liv reso- lnlio:is. v.-liTcb suspends the privileges for. Ti-rri'il on ihe i-ssi-inoly by the comp;:ct of LSS'.l. The f-'tibstimie urs'ec] the semin;int>s -to tiiho mich slops as \voul<l Ijn'iii* tibniit nrlojilion of the plan ol isr;.-). ar.d In' tuinonneeil ilial the com- ir.;ti.ec haO nccepu-J the substitute as n compromise. The seminary control report with the Riibstitnte was ,'iilopterl Dn.inirnously. At the Hfternoon session Dr. W. H. Mubbnrd. of Auburn, presented there- port of the eoniniiv.tee on temperance. It was recominejxle'l also that tho church .session shoultl appoint a per- inaiipntcommitte'; on temperance to devise ways nml moans for uniting- and directing 1 the energy of ihe church. t'frniiist intemperance. NEW OFFICERS NAMED. . Despite the exaggerated stories that wore given circulation ^during 'ho hours immediately following the calamity, when the impression was sought to be conveyed that all St. Louis had been laid low. and that the exposition ar.d convention auditorium had been wiped out, It should now be definitely known through the country thut only a narrov strip across the Mill creek valley was devastated, and that the principal business part of the city Is unscathed. Coroner K*pt Hiisy, Up to. noon Friday,' Coronor \Vait had held SO inquests on; 'tis many of Die un(- dKiitiileU dead. Jn each case a stereotyped verdict setting forward the fact that the dc-ceasnd had come to his detth or her death by Injuries received as the result of- ti tornado was returned. About tho same number of inquests have been held In East St. Louis, the verdicts bfting In similar turms. Workmen are busily engaged ir. clearing away the wreckage of the 'St. Louis Refrigerator &• Wooden Gutter company at the corner of Fourth street and Park avenue, In which It Is believed over 25 bodies lie beneath the rulnf. The muss of debris is so great, however, that It Is' not believed the basement of thn building in which the bodies are will be raiched inside of 32. hours. Itut from the <J»w« of Death. While workmen wore digging In the ruins of one of the tenements at Seventh irs. Honrotin Again Proposed for Frc»I» dent of Federation of Women's Clubs, Louisville, Ky., -Mtiy x"J.— The third. day's session of ihe convention of the ficJiernl Federation of Women's clubs began with the adoption of a resolution. expressing- sympathy with the citizens of St.-I,onis in tlieir g-reat aflliclion. The work of revising 1 the constitution ivns then resinned. Tne opposition to the reelection ot M^rs. Kik'ii Martin Hcnrotin, of Chicago, as president, fell short at, the meeting: of the nominating committee and. the following- ticket, was named: President, Mrs. Helen Martin Hen ro tin, of Chicng-o; vice president, Mrs. Alice Ives Brecfl, of Massachusetts; recording secretary, Mrs. C. P. Barnes, of Louisville; correspotidlnff secretary, Mrs. J P. X. Moore,. of St, Louis; treasurer, Mrs, Franl: Truta- bu!l, of Colorado: auditor. Miss Anna J-mvs, of Cincinnati. NATIONAL FINANCES. IXutgcr streets, where so much havoc was caused, an - infant voice cried out- ••Pleasc don't be so rough." An opening was quickly made In the debris above the spot from whence the voice Issued and through its depths a. ten- year-old boy lendlnjf' three frlrla about th(- snme ajre. appeared. All were uninjured, although they were weak .from hunger and ccnflnement for'nearly JO hours. A shout of joy went up from 1 ,the crowd, and before the police-could ascertain any names the little ones had been '.carried oiva5'. Some- bo«y asked thu little boy as he was disap- how he came to be so lucky, and he Deficit for 31ay In Reported by ' as S3,30O,000. Washington, Slay 29.—The treasury's monthly siatwneiit, to be ' published next Monday, will approximate as follows: .Receipts, ?2-l ,500,000; expenditures, S27,SOO,000; df.ficit for Mny, 53,300,000. Deficit for 11 monllis, $iC,COO,000. Chief Justice I" i'lnetl. Chattanooga, Tt>nn., Afay 20. — Cfiief Justice Pai'id I.. Snodgi-ass, of the Tennesee supreme bench, was Friday fined $10 and costs for pistol carrying-. A pica of guilty was entered by the defendant. This minor charge grew out of the assault with a pistol morle by Judge Snod- gTivss last December on Lawyer Jolui R. Beoslcy. in which case lie was recently acquitted of any murderous inli'nt. Elect Officers. Detroit, JlJch., May 20.—The Amalgamated Associntion of Iron and Slcel Workers closed its 21st amnial convention Friday. Detroit was selected as the place of holding 1 the convention ill Mny next year. II. M. Garland was elected president, John C. KiJg-allen, secretary, a.nd St<?ph<si Madden, iissist- iiiit secretary; all of rittsburjjh. Koynl Aroilioin Clones 11* Sc»nlon. SjivaiimiJi, Ga., May £0.—Tlie supremo- council of thcUoya.1 Area mini completed its work and adjourned n.t two o'clock Friday, to meet next year in Boston. The only business at Friday's session wa.s the iiistalJaticn of ojfice.rs'. Most of t,hc members of the council left Fridcy nifflit for their liomes. C«lei>nitcd KiiKiisn T'nyKi<-i.in uraii. n London, jAIay 29.—Prof. Sir ,1. '. ISeynoJds. ^f. D., the celebrated Enslisl physician, author and lecturer, cinn-in-ortlinary to her in:ijesty!t> house- ' hold, died Friday, aged CS^oris. -.; ' - j u ,,-^V^"-

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