Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1934
Page 4
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STAK. HOPE, ARKANSAS Monclay, geptemb'er 3> 1934 Mystery Writer HORIZONTAL 'i,R,13Who \s the writer of • mystery stories ' tt» the picture? 14 Before. 15 Hourly. IS Existence 17 Belief in the existence of a personal God. ''ttfo seize with t the teeth. »Insect's egg. 21 Gods of the. household. 13 Total. 24 Half an em. 25 Mesh of lace. 26 Exclamation of pleasure. 28 Second note. 29 To go to sleep 31 Black bird. 33 Pertaining to •an ode. 24 Beer. 35 Prophet J6 Sailor. 38 Finish. 893.1416. Answer to Previous 1'im.le 41 Bulky piece of timber. 43 Right. 44 To rescue. 45 Animal, genus Capra. 4S Exclamation of laughter. 49 Stage in the development of a salmon. 52 Stable compartments. 54 Ages. 55 The deep. 57 Musical character. 11 Creative force. 12 Component. 13 Classes of objects. 17 She specializes in stories. IS Myself. 21 Fairy 22 Short-billed rail (bird). 25 Spiders' nests. 27 To stop. 30 Recounted. 32 Calf's meat. y5 Freedom of access. . , 37 Her married 5S Her first book, name ,, "The - 3S Un i t ot encrgy ,' was an 39 past one , g instant success prlme- VERTICAL 40 Exact counter- 1 Colorless in- part, flammable pas. 42 Aeriform fuel- 2 Home of a bird 44 Slovak. 3 Born. v» 46 Bone. 4 Form ot "a." 47 Ingredient ot 5 Sharp- powder. 6 Melody. 50 God of war 7 Examination. 51 Lion. S Exclamation 53 Meadow. 9 To steal. 55 Southwest. 10 Colored part 56 Measure of o£ the eye. area. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS Dick Powell at Home With High and Low—Best Mixer in Hollywood Because He's Such a Good Mixer, This Arkansas "Hill Billy" Has Become One of Filmland's Outstanding Stars By DAN THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—He's the bist mixer in Hollywood. Such is the description with which Sell Itl Find It! Rent Itl Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOo line, min. 30o !"or consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3V4c line, min. $2.V8 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publication Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope BWg. Mat Co. FOR RENT Dick Powell is tabbed. And it is one reason why, in two short years, he has become one of the film colony's outstanding stars. That, and the fact that by birth he is a "hill billy.'' Dick was born in Mountain View, Ark., a mountain village with a present population of 458. Here, during the first seven or eight years of his life, Dick learned to sing. And the songs he sang were those peculiar to mountain people. But getting back to that mixing business. Powell is amazingly adaptable. No matter where he goes, with i what sort of persons he mixes, lie is j perfectly at ease. One night he may be found at an ultra-fashionable party, the next playing pool with some electricians in the studio clubrooms. Dick never differentiates between his fellow stars and day laborers, the reason being that he genuinely likes joth. And he can't see any reason h yposition shauld affect friendships. That is the real Dick Powell as Hol•wood knows him. And it's also the ick Powell who is reflected on the crcen. He can't hide that quality Inch miikcs him at peace with the -odd. As a result, all flashes of Ilieatcr- ocrs like him. That's why he is FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT: Furnished two-room apartment. Private bath and garage. Mrs Judson. 320 Nortn Elm. Pho. 2'Jl. 3 -3tc. FOR SALE B«at Paint Sold— Hope Bldg. Mat. Co BARGAINS IN P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. WE HAVE Fresh Country Mea made from this year's corn. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 31-il FOR SALE ORTRADE— Pair o mules and 3 fresh cows. Will trade for dry cattle. G. L. Johnson, Rt. 3. 29-6 USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. EGGS ARE HIGH. Feed Ultra Lif> Laying Mash and your hens will la; more. Southern Grain & Proiiue Company. " 1 -' J WANTED WE PAY Top Prices for Poultry Southern Grain & Produce Co. 31-3 WANTED: Medium sized ustd saft T. S. McDavitt & Co. 3-3t-p. PERSONAL .- ^ I jp ^^ ^^ I » « • ^ •*••* • • T"" " ' ^ 'A TOMOWROW/—;YOU RE TVA _ hi -BROTHER, AtttN T YOU '?—1 VAOT\CtO "$ -r-m'TTMs/u, V •Ut'S&N'YBLKKlCt—^AW~" WE BUY LINCOLN HEAD PENN1KS. Will pay up to $2.00 each if over IUM years old. Indinn Head Pennies worth UP to 35100 ench. Send H)c f.,r Buy- suppose ing Catalog. CONT.'NENTAL COIN j ••»', .:r.dV CO.. Box 1722. Chicago. '1-lu , Alice While has become so profic- :nt in crocheting berets, that she now "ikes her chocheting to the movies vith her and goes right on working vhile watching the picture. "It's so iniplc.'. I don't have to watch wha 'm doing," she declares. I've seen funny comedies, but never et have I seen anything as funny as glimpsed in a sound recording room t M-G-M the other day. Six sounc men were trying to record the sounc f a chicken hawk flapping its wings The bird wouldn't fly, so they tiec a rope around it and hoisted it off the r loor while one man chased after i .vith a microphone to get the soun of its wings flapping. But every time the bird was hoist eel and started to fly, the rope woul become entangled with other ropes. The job near! ydrove those six men crazy. While animated cartoons remain intensely popular with movie audiences, U. B. Ewcrks is starting a series of 12 .such films based on well-known children's classics. The first will be 'The Headless Horseman," and others of Ihis nature will follow. Here's a no wonc for the books—a stand-in for a rnttlesnaki:. One of the scenes in "The Duflc Ranger" called for a rattlesnake. So Trainer Jack Allinan appealed on the set with two of the reptiles. One was used while the- cameramen were arranging their set-up. Then tht other mas put in for the actual shooting of the scene. Mrs. Mamt'dliiio Force Astor Dick's i hubby. Enxo Fiermonte. the ptiglist, dropped in to take a look at Holly- w,«,<l ihc- other day And who do you ot the job of .showing hmi Your., nyhi. it. was lony \Viv. IN TV-TtVES } ^X^J "'"*—* Q~5 C^J \ 1)11*1 ^—'«— v-.» t—» • •*»i— » ' •""• AN X CVA/XUPFtURl-—I SUPPOSE YOU HEAP,D ABOUT VAtN\ AROLIND VODtUKT r-\t (oO~Y-)Epf3O,OOO 4' MINE •"*•«• NMNE .' /. •*" elson H Huckins LAUNDRY V/ash Suits Properly Laundered SOc PHONE 8 MA-OH , MA! THAT ISN'T AROUND \HIS NECK I MAl HE'S ALL RIGHT.' IT WAS TOO HOT LAST NIGHT, AND HE PUT THAT ROPE AROUND HIS WAIST, TO KEEP HIM FROM SLIDING OFF THE PORCH. rz'&iWv ^czr %>&%&. , ^ ' f 1934 BY NCA scnvtcc. INC. WHV MOTHERS GET GRAY. J*,R.W»l.liAMij -3 T. M nr.o u 5. PAT orr. _, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES rr^ ~~ ~ ', ~^\ y BY DAO ..'.'. 1 WWT 1 f,O HOT AT •fYttfe } TO TU' V.OUE- \ A Man of Action! gy MARTIN BUT ,VT'& WO ? SICK •Yr\\6 ''BCK •BL5T.1 ,: Or" ; OU --UJOW" OP THERE >J\UXA ? : ^ ALLEY OOP GHAND WI7.ER. TO SEE. HIS MAJESTY. TH' KING' WHAT WORD D'YA ") CUT THE \ AVE, YER E-RINO OP ALLEY OOP?/DRAMATICS.YA' I HIOHNESS. )A CONSULT f BEWHISKERED S ' HAVE WOOZY? J OLD FAKER - /CONSULTED TH' WOOZY ANP — Good News! f ALLEY OOpYS ALIVE/ By HAMLIN I SAW HIM AND HIS FRIEND. i FOOZY. TH' SAGE. SLOWLY ; MAKING THEIR WAY THROUGH i A DARK. SWAMPY JUNGLE/ i - THEY ARE PACED WITH i NUMBERLESS PERILS, BUT I THEIR STARS BURN BRIGHTLY; ' THEY WIU. : RETURN/ ^ AV' f ,\ ! <^ '/,'A-I* _ "» TOOPV /p / GOODY.,/ / &OODY // V MY ALLEY OOP V IS COMING f ' BACK TO ME 7 WASH TUBES IS STUPIC i.:ToTIC, IMSANE/ N GOIM6 BACK TO CAMP.'j l /^P IVING WASH A WIMK, EASV MALICIOUSLY n DELECTS THE WOR?" '"OfsHLE P^TH TO FG' LO 1 '-^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS On and On and Ojij . o _..l CLIMB OVER ROCKS AMD LOGS, AND P'JSH THEIR WAY THRU OEWSC THICKETS UT NO MATTER HOW TIRED,BRUISER OR BREATHLES we is HORATIO SOARDMAN WEVER. iftds FAR BEHIND LOOK I FOR TH 1 WILDCATS What Now? By BLOSSER ', I'M MOOTED v OM To A WHOPPER THIS > TIME...I CAW'T SEEM L < WAIT'LL "x FIGHT T. FRECkLES IT < SEES THIS EASY, OB TO BUDGE MIM !.' ^IJil^ MAYBE YOU'PE CAUGHT OKI A f?OCK / OP? PERHAPS THE FISH GOT YOUR L.IKJE TAKJCLEP AROUND .' I'LL. HAVE A LOOK ! WELL,WHATEVER IT IS, I'M GONNA PULL IT IN- I'VE JUST GOTTA YOU MUSTN'T LAND IT, \ WHY ' ,,,,-nAt-n=n NUTTY....YOU MUSTN'T! cur ) THE WORLD is THE MATTER VOIID i iLir- Akin i trri=! 1 ^ m YOU? YOU LOOK YOUR UNHAND ^rs / J SCARED STIFF ... W HAT DID YOU SEE ? THE NEWFANGLESJMom'n Pop) The Constable Gets a Hunch! By COWAN JHCt I THE. CONSTABLE'S OUNU BCAYED AT Trie HOO\ I, THM QUO THIEF--oMATCHE-t? COT A, HUt ICH. AMDVAERE HE 16, OUT AF TCP WIG MAH '- © THAT'S THE l_;\Vf THUIG THET THIEF TOUCHED- ->=7v.TAKE A GOOD SNIFF •snep T=r THE. r -' c j HEADU!' STPWGHT iHTG ti^'^H- THL TH\EF CMl'T BE \\\ 'S-THE-T'S TVIt BJ'VT TI11E. SUEP EVC.P THERE, BOY ,_-- —-^._ /

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