Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
Page 8
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,, «r«mvjfc MJfMJim.tj &IA«* ? Hamper Congress ''$fdlonged Jam Over Anti* Lynching Bill Is Feared ' WASHINGTON —W-When congress meets next month it will be the < third time in less than nine years that it has been called into extra session to legislate on the "farm problem." Administration strategists, seeking a swift approval of a five-point program, faced the possibility of a prolonged \&ti over the antl-lynching bill. fhc senate, in order to get out of a parliamentary tangle in August, agreed Lose Unsightly aj|^^^^u^^ja ^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ FAT! Quickly—Safely *i(h WATE-OFF TB« new improved WATE-OFF WAY Stakes this passible — without endangering Health — without .us» of harmful drugs or Weakening laxatives — without strenuous «• '.tfeising — without starvation dieting. Go to your drug store today and purchase -« box o! WATE-OFP Tablets. You ve seen these tablets advertised in such fine magazines as Pictorial Review, Physical Culture and others, at 12.45. Now, at the new reduced price, they will cost you only 11.19. You take these tablets at the rate ot from , 3 :to 6 a day, according to the amount »f *dght you want to lose. You take them Wong with your meals and, as you will find. tte WATE-OFF WAY instructs vou to eat three generous, appetite-satisfying meals a day—every day. In other words, no star- ration dieting is required when you follow Hie WATE-OFF WAY —no strenuous «- erdsinjr—and above all, no dangerous drugs are used in WATE-OFF Tablets —none SHS? 1 ^' T , Ws U Positively guaranteed. WATE-OFF U on sale at good drug store* everywhere. *-i For Sale by JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. EREE.' Come in and get chart of ideal heights and measurements. to forrtifklly make the antUlynehlng measure' a special order of business imrftediately after a vote Is taken on farm legislation at the next session. The agreement, parliamentarians said, is so worded that It holds good even in the extra session that has been called by President Roosevelt. Exports Larger WASHINGTON -(#>- Government agencies reported Thursday that domestic consumption and exports of cotton, for the first two months of the current season were larger than August and September totals of last year. Asks Balanced Budget BOSTON, Mass.—(/Pr-Orval Adams, newliy-clected president of the American Bankers association, Thursday demanded a balanced federal budget and called upon the bankers of the nation "to make all of the people deficit conscious." Escaped Melng Mute NEW YORK—Wilt Walls, an end who recently joined the New York Giants of the National Football League, was born to mutes and didn't speak a word until he was 8. COTTON LOANS We are now makmg Government Cotton Loans. Bring us your cotton for quick service. Jett Williams & Co. Kiwanians Elect LittleRock Man Carfoll Thibault Named Governor of Mo-Kan- Ark District WICHITA, KaKn.-(>T'i--Carroll Tl\i- bault. Little Hock, Ark.. v,.,s elected governor of Missouri. Kansas and Arkansas Kiwnnians Wednesday at the concluding session of the district's annual convention. Thibnuit, elected without opposition, succeeds Henry W Thiessen, Hutchinson, Kan. D. R. Alexander of Kansas City wa; re-elected district treasurer. A district secretary will be selected by the new governor. Harold C. Ingrain ol Lawrence. Kan., is retiring secretary, Lieutenant governors chosen include: Theo F. Huston, Hot Springs, Ark. Division 7. Calvin M. Keller, Moberly. Mo., Division 8. Hubert L. Minion. Conwuy, Ark. Division 9 (re-elected). Truck Knocks Down a Power Pole Here Bulletins OELSENKJRCIJEN, Germany- (flV-Fire followed by mi explosion lit the Nordstcm cortl mine kitted several workers Thursday and Injured two others. BANGOU, Malne.-on-A cnbln plane was winging its way westward Thursday carrying James Dnlhdver, an Al Brady gangster, to n !;cret destination, known only to hir G-men captors. High Mountain Is Air TesUtation Aviation There Finds How Ice Forms on Wings of Plane CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Mount Washington, the tallest peak in the past, Man Drinks Poison to End His Life TRUSSES We carry a complete stock of Trusses.' We 'are careful to correctly fit these trusses, and our prices are the lowest that can be made. No charge made for fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store Phone 63 Delivery Hempstead County Democratic Rally To Support The Democratic Ticket The Democratic County Central Committee of Hempstead County will hold a County Wide Rally at the HOPE CITY HALL at 7:30 p. m. Saturday Night October 16th, 1937 Rain or shine.The meeting will be held in the City Auditorium if the weather is unfavorable. People have been going over Hempstead County urging Democrats to abandon the Party. They have urged Democrats to vote against the Regular Democratic Nominee for UNITED STATES SENATOR This Nominee of Our Party Is GOVERNOR ^Br ^IrW mk Mt 9^H^w migiF ^t^b im «9b ^9^ f w Many false and vicious rumors have been made by disgruntled politicians. The people should know the truth, which will be told by Hempstead County Democrats. W.S. ATKINS, Chairman, Hemp, Co, Dem. Central Com. -Advertisement 2,300-Volt Line Is "Down" Until Repair Thursday Noon A Schuster produce truck from Shreveport pulling into the alley off Walnut street lead ins; to the back doors of Hope's "grocery row" accidentally struck a power-lino pole and snapped it in two about 8 o'clock Thursday morning. The accident hurled a big transformer to the ground nnd put out of commission a 2.300-volt line of the Hope municipal plant. Linemen repaired the break at noon, and service was restored. The transformer proved (o be damaged, and was replaced. and Auto Salesman Kentucky Evangelist Surrenders After Double Slaying LEGINGTON', Ky.—(XT)—The wife of n Lexington evangelist and nn nuto- .. _ mobile salesman were shot to denOi is n good test airplane for one tiling Wednesday rti^ht at the JormflrVs ice on wings. home, nnd shortly nfterwnrd the wo-i The mountain, explains S. Paoliuoa mans husbnnd surrendered to police o f Harvard's niue hill observatory in and was booked for murder. ., ,_, . . ., . '. . , The victims were Mrs. Willie John- ' hc jounlal tlf (hc Acronnul.cnl I son, 42, and William Rue, 37. Rue liv- Sciences, in spite of standing stjH, . ed at Lexington but was employed ns furnishes a good immitatlon of J |tie ' | «" automobile snlesmnn nt Gcorfie-' forces that put ice on n moving plane. Despondent Over Price of j to p"ii * ys .,id the W0 man's h^b-md ' Tllis hc elemons <'-»<e« by fixin« an Cotton, John Craig Miller Olmon Johnson, 47, InWrdc-' KHcSKta " ! T ^ ™*t *''"' TCilU Him«.1f nominal preacher, went to the home of I"" ^f M' * ," w J , 1C Win ,«" °," Kills_Himself neigh told lhmi! shot ^^ wa, ; ,« w,,,,. POI^R BLOW, Mo.-Because cot- Td^knot VhZe?Ihe»e^ ""^ ™ J"™ ' And half of the time (he weather is such thnt "rime" forms on the wines J. tlV." V.- » III I£^,-I1.7>1> V» «J 1_H.«VJ l^tl UJf »JI 1^1 ~ YJ , ... - -^.'tuf,..., »w os snying he found Rue and his f 1 '," 10 '" 'cc frysta s that form directly ife, from whom hc hncl bcen separat- ! nto , th ? ! eo(l ! of thc wilul - ' n " s is tlu> „ . .J for a year, embracing when he went kiml °V C .^ f 01 "'""'""" Pilots four. bo- Tuesday night. : to m . s Johnston . s hoino Wec i nesday cnusc it piles up on the lending edges Coroner Orover Orccr «nd Craig had night to visit Ws ,, bab .. However. I ° f lhc W1Ilgs ' discussed the market pr.ce on cotton | brothcrs of Ruc said he was thc vlctim ' Most of the ire information comes with his family and had refused to eat of " mistaken it i cnlUy ." , from pilots, Dr. Pngliuco oxplain.s. ,md ; hi sevenmg meal after returning home, Gilbert nnd Stanley Rue told report-! thc .v h »ve (o bo concerned with wifely from the sale of a load of cotton. Hc' ors thcir brolhcr hnd ^^ .„ with l first. They cannot lot ice form for ton prices had dropped So much and ..olmgoing down tothellco." prospects were dimming for making, Tho evangelist wns quotcd by S her- 'r'T n wV "/TW, ,T tCd ' row John W. Cra lg 47. Qulin district farm- ; wlf fr|)m wh h hnc , bcen a ,. er, ended hw Me by drinking poison , 0(1 {or r , cmbra cliig when he went kmtl ° died two hours after telling members Leiln Johnslon 23 dnugh ter of Mrs. h ™™ »' order to discover the all- j of us family he had poisoned himself Johnston {or about a vcar aml had Important' wm-kinns of the "laws" of and asking that he be brought to a p!allnoci to marry her . Polico sak! the nature. Wind tunnels have tried, with Johnstons had several children. »• iifciaH ill '•MM ' »'i vnffxv jHr*flT r nm**irTi»i Public Sale J. M. KISINGER, II miles south] Hope on Lcwisvillc Road,4 .postponed to Wednesday, Octo-j [her 20th. S. L Sanf ord Auctioneer hospital here. He is survived by his parents, his wife and four children. • Former Officer Is Guilty of Murder J. W. Jones Is Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison MORRILTON, Ark.—(/P)—A jury in Growth Is Limited by Unknown Agent "Limiting Factor" Prevents Giants Among Animals and Plants - s . on \ c success. But in tunnels it is difficult lo reproduce the grcnt outdoors conditions which the planes must face. PASADENA, Calif.—H appears that science won't be able to grow giants, j either plant or animal, until they clis- ;: SEE US iJFor Painting and Body Work— I* », Special Cnr Pnint .loll—$17.50 ** m ;: O. K. Body Shop S S. Elm (Old Ugh. Shopj> M. M. MORGAN •" •.., Circuit Court convicted J. W. Jones, | cover one of nature's greatest 74. former Morrilton city marshal, of knowns—the "limiting factor." second degree murder Wednesday night and fixed his punishment at seven years in the penitentiary for the slaying of Charles Pickthorn, 42, last This means the force or condition' that limits growth. New examples of. Ihis'limit arc reported in the proceedings of the National Bonner and Gricc NOTICE! To My Customers and Friends: I have chnngcd from NcNon- Huckins to Hope Steam Laundry, nnd invite you to continue your business with me. We offer you service of the highest (juality. HAKRY I'lHlTS July 12. ;Axtman of the California Institute of Pickthorn, a son-in-law of Jones'.Technology. deeacl brother, was shot to death while! They removed the embryonic plants working in a stock barn here. Officers ' from thc seeds of perfection peas. The said J. W. Jones and Picktiom had tiny plants were then made to grow j quarreled over disposition of an es-' in stcrilt solutions, distilled water tatc i mixed with salts. | The jury deliberated two and;a half! Vitamin B (one), which helps in the hours ' •'•'. I growth of humans, also speeded the <w ^.,^_ '•' |growth of these pea plants when add- ' There are more than 1,300" daily , ccl tfj their f°°d. Another of man's life essentials, vitamin C, also made 1 the peas grow bigger. i are more newspapers in Japan. Phone 266 Gro. & Market Free Delivery 24 Lb. 48 Lb. 1.95 DIXIE Pound 22c LARGE BOX S U N S H I N E 7oz. BOX 1 Ib. BOX.... 9c .17c CARROTS, B:;nch 5c LETTUC?:, Head Sc CELERY, Stalk. 12«/ 2 c GRAPEFRUIT 2 For BANANAS, Ib. 5c GRAPES, Ib 7>/ 2 c Cranberries, Ib 19c Turnips and Tops Large Bunch BULK Fancy Long Shred Pound 25c BRIGHT & EARLY Pound 23c L Pure White CREAM Lb. Bag CONDENSED 3 TALL or 6 SMALL Cans xican Style Lb. U. S. BRANDED BABY BEEF CHUCK Pound Fresh Selects Pint Pound 15c Lb. QUITS All you dc is bake 'em 10 Biscuits Fpv Two other chemicals had similar growing powers. One was folliculin, an essential of the sex cycle of women. Another was pantothenic acid, a new discovery. j But adding all of these together did i nothing more toward growth than one of them alone. Nature seemed to be able to get "enough" with any one. and after that there was no effect. No clue was found to the "limiting factor," | which stopped these perfection pens I after they had reached "normal" size. I Ma • mm We arc In the market for n round lot of Forked Loaf White Oak, Cow Onk, Ovcrcup, Burr Oak, nun Jvsil Onk Logs. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY Plione 2.15 - ;-*;• >*'•• •' ;*' <>;} 7 <;p Thursday, October 14, "For years I've eaten BIG TEN" Commissioner of Ath JOHN L. GRIFFITH, srtat A athletic authority, Pttitdent National Colltglatt Athlttlc Attae ' Alert mothers everywhere giy drcn this xvafm, tasty breakfast it has the extra Value of Nature" min Bt. ..Doctor's say you nnd the stcrs should hnvc this precious every ilny to combat nervousnei) stipation and poor digestion).,wonderfully wholesome brcakfas only '/4 cent per serving. The other ositrncal like it! Today many grocers offer Quaker Oats nt a special price for 2 packages. Completes 9,400 MilesofHisTrip Tom Her ridge Passes Though Hope on 25,000- Mile Journey Tom Hcrritlge, traveler and acl- ' venturer of Tarkio, Mo., completed 9,'!GO miles of a proposed 25,000-mile trip when he arrived in Hope Thursday riding his "auto glider," a motor vehicle with a miniature trailer attached. Hcrridge is en route from Canada to New Orleans. Florida and Cuba. From there hc will map his destination. Thc "auto glide" travels 120 miles on a single gallon of gasoline and 500 miles on a quart of oil, Herriclge said. The miniature trailer is two foot wide, two feet high and 3'^ feet long. When the trailer is extended, Herriclge sleeps in it. Thc trailer is equipped with lights and a radio. Herriclge left Tarkio, his home-town, six months ago. He figures it will take a total of two years to complete the 25,000-mile journey. Catches Lawless Now GRANTS PASS, Ore.-Ken Williams, former outfielder of the St. Louis i Browns, is a policeman here. MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. If you are writing a letter to a widow, should you address it "Mrs. Alice Long"? 'i. Is "Sincerely yours" correct for both business and social notes? 3. Should a comma or colon follow the salutation in a friendly letter? 4. Should an envelope addressed to a small girl read "Mary James"? 5. Need one apologize for typing a friendly letter? What would you do if— You are writing an answer to a formal invitation— (a) Write it on a correspondence card? (b) Write on one of your visiting cards? (c) Use small white note paper? Answers 1. No. "Mrs. Richard Long." 2. Yes. 3. Comma. 4. No. "Miss Mary James." 5. No. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(c;. Piggly Kroger *— 9 OUT SALE After Saturday Night October 16th we will move our loca|i|| one door South of present location under the name of Krogef Store with new equipment and merchandise throughout. f^T * wish to thank each and every one of our customers for^tKc»M wonderful patronage and hope that you will follow us next^ooM *"" the Kroger Store. Thanks, Grocery Manager "Pitt, 1 Market Mamiec^ 1 ' 1 '' All Kinds lOc SPICES CANOVA Boxes SOAP FLAKES Giant Size -|j 19c Value for ..... i' Furniture POLISH Johnson's 79c Value SALAD DRESSING Little Bett Regular 12c Jar for .. Sc REAL C. C. Tall Size Pkgs. OLIVES, Rosedale 19c Value 4'/ 2 02. Bottle BOTTLE BLUING 1 Avalon For . Value Avondale No. 2.'/ 7 Cans BROOMS Dust Pan Free 89c Value for NAVY BEANS New Crop Lb.se RICE Whole Grain Lb,' FLOUR Avondale 48 Ib. $1.39 Crisp LETTUCE Head ........... Sweet 4 Potatoes Ibs. With a Nice PORK ROAST, Ib. Fresh Tomatoes, Ib. PRODUCE TOKAY Pound 5c Ea^mor Cranberries, Ib, CABBAGE Pound LARD Humko 8Lb. HAL 24 LV iSc WINESAP APPLES Dozen GRAPEFRUIT Seedless, each CARROTS or -JJH^ PARSNIPS, 3 Ibs. IUC BELL PEPPERS, Ib. ANY SIZE SHANKLES—Lb. O O O O O O 0 Q IN OUR MARKET QQQ Q Q Q Q O LAMB R O A S T—Pound MINCE MEAT Country Club.—Lb. 15c Fine With Sweet Potatoes Pound 100% PURE PORK SAUSAGE 250 Lb, CHEESE Full Cream Pound SLICED Pound 29c BUFFALO WHOLE ROUGH—Lb. LOOK FOR MEAT CLOSE-OUT BARGAINS

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