Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
Page 7
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Thursday, October 14, 1987 HOPE STAR,,BOWr-A1HUN8A8 "The'More Yoi» fell, the Quicker Vou Sell" RATES One Cime—-Zc word, minimum S5c Thwo times—Me w»td, mln, We Six lime.*—fie word, minimum 90c One month (2ii tlntosj—18c word, inliitmiiui $2.70 Rates ore tor continuous liincr- tlona only. In making word count, dlircgnrd clnssltlciiOoii name such tu "For Item," "For Sale," etc.—this Is tax. Dot each fnltii'l or imnie, or complete t<!lu|>n<iiic number, counts a* a full word. Fnr example: FOR HUNT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, wltli gnrugt* close Id. Uargnln. J. V. Wank, phone 9999. total, 15 words, nt 2c word, 3»c for one lime; nt 3'/«c word, Me for three times, etc. NUTK: All ..nlcM plnccd by telephone are due and puynlilc upon (trcsciitiitloti o( bill. PHONE 768 H" Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Itupairinjf 'riiirly years exiicrivncc a. li. Scyiiur tao S. Horvey Phone 17UV 5-4-tf HOSPITAL! We havi.- ri-.sturi-d u-ns of thousands. Aircniiilitiiiiu-il inner- Nl>rJMj;s a spci-ialty. Sco us. Hope Mattress Co.. on Wi'st 67 Highway, 12-3tp. Hc'inpstfiiil County Mattress Shop has HiHiver ;irn-i-.s un new coltoi] mal- tri'sso.s. Old oni 1 :; ii);irle new. Our work thr best. Call Paul Cobb, Phone KW-J, 712 Wfst Kutirtli St. 13-llc Toduy'i Answers CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on PIIRP One T. (o) True; Gen. 39:1; 4<M1. . <fol False; First Kings 11:3. (c) Tnie; Num. 12:1. (d) True; Num. 11:5. (c) False; Mark 1:6 nnd .lohn 19:23. if) Fnlse; Gen. 5:27. 2. In music, Hdngic, moans .slow. 3. The nnmtm arc pseudonyms or pen names of famous milhor.s. •I. 239 times 12 Inches equals 239 feet 5. John wrote: "Wornmi—willi- fjul her man, would be <i savage." For Rent FOR RKNT- Farm ,'i mili-s from Ho|>e 100 acn-s in |/a.stiiii-. (JO m cultivation. Water year inurni. See Mrs. Lee. Plmnc 70SJ. 13-Htp FOR HKNT ..N'icely ftirniJlrniTuvi) riMitn aparlinent. Sec ll.i/el Abrain at Mary':, Beauty Shop. KKItc For SaJe FOR SAI,F. Mew sni-fthum molnsxcs In now buckets, hijili urndt.'. 5. r ) cpntt jx^r KiiUon. C'jill ct officp of Hope Stiir. 27-15-dli. Mny Atinr.vi Hyp. OiiK Bnri'ay, Wbi-iit. Vctrn. Wjntw Pens, H>-c, Gn>.ss ;in<l Fnll Bulbs. MONTS Si-'KD STORE l-2G(c FOR KALE- Hot l;iin:ilcs. l, r > cents per do/TM nt my IIOIDC. .1. W. Griffin, 805 Soutb W.-ibiut street. ll-3tc FOR SAI.r -Car load of ,Tp~pTe.s. bnckof Tarplcv's SIM vice Station. Hiizcl & Third .strrel. M-3tp FOR fiAl.K--Resiilo!H - o nnd lots at I 509 EastTbird. Roiisoniiblp. Tbo.se Ih- tiM-fstcil wnlc \V A. Forlx'.s, Wasb- inKt'Mi-Ynnri'r Iluii.'l. . c ,hrevi'|iort. l.'1-filc HELP 15 MILES OF TUBES To Fluih out Aeidt and Other Poiionout Wade r»-l'IM S.1.V .. ..ill- li,!hf-.V« r,.nf:llll I.'! Milt» l,f nilii'i or liln-rs «)ii<li lirlii I/> pliri/y Ih« l.l»,,.l iih.l l,i-i-|i v..« hrnltliy. M,«t. p.'uj.lr.piim lit :i |iili(« 11 <(:i\ ur Illii,ill M iiullli'lfl i.( wn«lK. mi 1 buiiiiitji ?-)iim«t t)if-r(. iimv hp Kurm'tJiinir "•MK with ji,;ir ki<lii<-\» or lil-uMrr. An WIT* i,[ ni-iil.s ur iiiiisiiiM in your bloixl. .vlic-n iliift In fuiicti'.'ril Uilm-v itiionlcrj, may !,!• |l,<i lii-uimmif; lit ii:i KI {ji,g liai'lm lir. rlicii- l"-'lin« up ni«lil«, -wclliiiK, pnllii,p», uuili-r _ l'<'ii't nmi! .Ask vuur ilriiKi'iiit f»r [lonn'n >J (l "-..'"" H >' lf'. v " '"'l'1'.v rrlii.( unit vill lii-lp ili<i '• ll"i« yi.nr l.luud. <J,,l ll.jaii't I'i'l'lV." Tim Best In Motor Oils Gold Soul 100% Pcnn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt. 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. Knsi 3rd, !Iow.-GiM-n I>ny & Nifc Orville W, Erringer Hope. A\rk. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Cnrp. COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas Notice NOTICE Gmninj.: days after this will at Kutton. ;n-o Tuesday, Thursday nnd Friday Monday. Wednesday and Saturday will urind feed. Friday, October 2!1 is mat tress day. Fuller's Gin lll-lilp Wanted WANTED- -Man with car. experience- jirrK'rn-ii but not sary. Opi.'ninK now. Write Ra AKT-118-MC. Meni|)his. Teiin.. or see J: R. Cash. BiiiRon. Ark. ll-4tp INSURE NOW Wllh ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornudo, Accident Insurance Route neces- Hnvc .vour winter Suit dry deanerl in our modem plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Beloved Poet IfOKIZONTAr. 1, 8 Author of "Little Or- phntit Annie." 5 Sneaky. 12 Road. 13 Metayer systems of Answer to Previous Puzzle 1C Mister. 17 Neuter pronoun. 19 Made butler. 20 Musical note. 21 On top of. 23 Similar 24 Head.', 25 To ski-lull. 27 B Hut 29 And. 31 To unclose. 3.1 Aflirmiilive. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Major Hoapte OUT OUR WAY Y6H/ AU£> SOME HK HAS HAD OP HIS IWVEUTIOKJS &OT TO SIT 6piM' PRETTY QUICK. ^* LDOlC.lt ARE TH 1 WOHK A dust TOPAV ALARM CLOCK WITH , "FOR "PEOPLE SLEEP/MO TH ' SAME R COM EACH BELL HAS A LIKE tHAT EVER SIUCE THE TIME CAKE TOLt> HIM, HE TOOK HIS BOfeR TO ' JUMP OPF 1HE P/AMO IWTO HIS TO ~TH' OWLS CUUB TO tsive THE/A A LITTLE Alft AMDTO up THE IK STEPPED, FAMILY P/LL-PEDPLGR SAID IT KMOCKED A "PEW LOOSE OW HIS YOU OUGHT TO PROUD MADOTVS WAP? SO THAT A PERSOM POESU'T WAKE UP UUTIL ME HI6 OWM TOAJED ALAKM MO WATEPk HAS LFAKED THROUGH^ THE .UP-KEEPER COPR. 1537 fiy NEA SERVICE, ^T. M. Bto. U. S.PAT. OPF. By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Babe Is Skeptical Too <3v6 A. ByHAMLIN, ALLEY OOP MOVKAWOWf THIS CRITTER" LOOKS LIKE DIMNY, BUT IT ' SURE AINT. vl I- ') • >1 -n f *—~ — G^-l "jtv-- " ..vVrOfcr ttr^v 1 '- '^Xr^^K" 7 ^^^ . . .1937. HY NF' ""pufr-g, 'Mf- 1- M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF By CRANE WASH TUB13S More Trouble (DID VOU HEAR TrW! TH^ THIEVING P Vili7 TBCCT TwWATr'C BUM ' LYIN& JE55E WATT > KUN I THE H£tP AMP KIUEP HOW THE HOLVGEE HOW WHIZ AEE WE GONNA, DRXG PO I KNOW? 0UT/»'. THE LOSS TO THE ! HEVf WHERE'S EVERYBODY? SONE. BOSS MAM SACV NO IVAOR.E WORK-. KILLEM OX.EM.TELLUM INDIANS CLEAR OUT. IT OR BUST. * Nutty Does Some Kidding 36 Newspaper department hencls SBTiible of contents. 40 Creek K-ller. it Olive shrub. 53 Portugal. 4-1 Sound of (ileasui'c. •1'! Ascending. !)() C'(imp;iny. D- Demijiockicss of fate. fi-l Woolen fabric 55 Musical composition'. r>7 Proffers. 5!) Hi'lore. lio To look sullen 01 This poet wnjto of virtues. G2 He was also VERTICAL 1 Junior. 2 Entrance. ,'i Type standard 4 Dry. 5 First king of Israel. 6 He was a poet. 7 Strong jerk. 8 Scarlet. 9 Exists. 10 To eject. 11 Year. 14 Molted. 15 An old chop. 18 Trick shrub. 20 Mother. 21 He wns a native , 22 Golf teacher. 2R Culminations 28 To transfer to 30 Raking dish, 32 Insect's egg. 33 Ye. 35 Stir. 37 One who tans, 39 Antelopes. 42 To perform. 43 Writing tablet 45 Tramp. 47 Pitcher. 48 Profound. 49 Indian mahogany, 50 Shrewd. 51 Bone. 53 Stream. 56 To place. 58 Tone D. 603.1416. TKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DID SHE kklOCK /( YEAH...AWD THAT SETS You OVER wnw ) / THE RECOVERY OF MY HER BIKE 7- F \ BAD AUKLE BACK ABOUT TWO MORE. WEEKS J YOU'D BETTER GIVE J UP THE lt?EA OF / kEEPIWG THIS \ IWJURY A SECRET j FRECK ! WHY x^ "X. OOM'TYOU/ AMD GET TELL THE/ BEMCHED? COACH f „ 77 DOIWG !.' IM GOWWA PLAY FOOT- j FUWWY THAT BALL.AWD (SHE SHOULD I WON'T /RUWIKTTDYOU? LETABAO \ HER PAD AL.I^I =• CTAL^ ) COACHES AMk ^5 rAWt Vl<IM<3STOM, lfj M Y / X 7DO....OUR WAY.'^ BITTER cOKf- FEREMCE RIVAL .' vl HEY .' YOU'RE WOT \ WOT AT ALL J SHE. SIMPLY GETTIMG THE IDEA )/AIMED.THE BIKE AT YOU, THAT SHE DID IT /PE D At-ED TO BEAT HECK ANE> OW PURPOSED ] LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURS-E .'.' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE "GOSH AS IF Walks In By THOMPSON ANP TRUS1V, HERE, HAS HAD4A LITTLE MR. KAR.POM -r-r AlKll

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