The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1940
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VOJ,UMK XXXVIi-NO.H. Blythevme Daily News Blythevllle Courier DOMINANT NKWSl'Al'Kfl OP NO);T11K,\ or *,„*,.,<,* -*-^-*.%/• ^ ^ JL.J T T K_X .iroi/uj,i( cjj- MJKJIU'.AST ARKANSAS AND SnilTIII.M«T Mismum, »^—•• Mtssslsstppl valley lender Hlytheville llerah't AND SOUT1IKAST MlWiOUlU Chamberlain Warns Neutrals Allies To Tighten Blockade LONDON, Api-il 2. (Ul') —Prime Minister- Neville J.lirimbei'lum wimied Km-opu's nmilnils today lli;tt (lie Al- Hwl powers have decided lo KO the limit in'ihi-ir woiiomii- wir iijiiiinsl Ormaity anil thai aid to llm Keith ini>hl I'ciu er (hem liable In tlie hideous fate" ,,f past, viclimsV Adoll Hitler's foreign policy.* In tin.' first pxplnnaiioji of the House or Commons of decisions taken by last week's meeting ol the allied war council the prime minister said that, regardless of neutral sufferings »'»d protests: ' 1. Britain will do everything possible to halt shipments of Scandinavian iron ore to Germany, iprrsu.ii.ibly Ijy Intercepting niaii ships O if t h e Norwegian coast; »nd HID navy "already has taken certain practical steps." 2. The allies will take "suitable measures" believed to be chiefly high bids for purchase of Balkan products—and otherwise do their utmost to halt supplies reaching '"Germany over land routes which include Soviet Russia and southwestern Europe. 3. Neutrals will be denied empire products unless they guarantee to limit trade with Germany. 4. The double standard of neutrality created by Germany lo give the Reich all the advantages of neutral blocs and to impose all disadvantages on the Allies cannot be tolerated by the allies and will not divert, them from their course. 5. The allies — squelching any , „„,,,,.., peace moves-have agreed to make ,,,„', . -—- -peace only by common consent and ; [,',., , JOU as f watcr source - 1»'< V to stand together in the recon-! ," '?' , * 1 " u ?' 1 '" O '' e , sel ious »"• -struction of Europe i owncis said, rt took more than The prime minister took a real- T , h ° Urs l ° contro1 1)lc " ! " ncs - isllc. attitude toward the difuculUos , n ,' lCU H "', Ul<? .' llachi < lel >'' ra <or prosecuting economic war to the °" SW , d " n c( I">l>ment lost was uttermost but he pressed complete ! ?' hfi ° f « ! ' tiffe " «*d ready determination of the allied powers ' , , . hhm ' )ei1 to » Texas firm to- as decided upon at the supreme i ', 000 c(lUo ". sal *s s»»d an assort- war council attended for the first! " „ l f machinery, time by Premier Paul Reynaud off,™ Br ; Vim ' who "Pwatcs the Fi-nnrp Trip ../m.n,-!-,. ..«..„!.,_., ...=.,. • ^ UU acre plantation, a shnri Hie. KANSAS, TUKSDAY, APRIL 2 Slmrpni Your Seizes, lor l| m . (; rtim , s t j, (; ( ; ( , nsi|s Osceola Department Helps Subdue Flames Which Destroy Warehouse OSOEOLA, Ark., Apr. 2._Fj re destroyed a large cotton seed anil, storage warehouse and 40 inns of i high grade cotton planting seed i of tlie Brynn and Marble uln.itxtion about 8 o'clock last night. The loss was estimated at between $5000 tind SSOOO with less than one-half covered by Flames, which are believed to have started from an overheated motor in the machineri' used to, dclint and ceresan the cotton seed, j spread rapidly and an adjacent warehouse caught afire but was Work of neighboring farm hands | and the pumper or thc Osceola fire depnrlinent. ivliieh wns used with LUCILLE I SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Slalulovy Offense Alleged; l.illle Girls Tcslify Vor Oliniil criminal couii was wcl Eivoiid diiy session l"olli>whn; illspo- .slllon of .M'vcriil mam mid «'n. . of miuiiTou.s Jail prisoner) who had pri'vlously \ili'iul!'d I'liilty .lmli;c Ni'W KtlloUKh. of Wynne, Is .Shortly after noon loday the closliiK arguments for stale ami dcfi'ii.M' writ' M-hi'diili'd In i hi' caw of Jui'k l>ln-a> of l/'aiihvlllc, an, i-luuiii'd wllh u statutory ofieiisi: ni-nliist mi I'teht-yi'ur-old (jilt 'I'hi 1 case, which openi'il lad. y w . U'l'day, continued tlnoUKli ihls iioiiilnii'.s session when the litlle Blrl liVillflHl, H long with two other Htle |;hls to whom the di'fcndunl s aliened to have mmle advances. Forecasts Of Rain Depress Residents Of Flooded Areas France. His remarks concidetl with : a flood of protests by small ncu- trals-presscd by Nazi threats— against the allied endeavor to •c plantation, a short, dls- south of Osceola. of which . Marble of Senalobia, .Miss., is part owner, is a pioneer in this asking in tins icth decennial population poll. Begin Conn Ling Noses Today In HoLise-To-House Census clamp the blockade tighter around if,* c 'j°" ,,,° f , cert ™ cotton seed | f WASHINGTON, April 2 (UP)-A Secret I'lans Mapped . LONDON, April 2. ^UP) Great i . LONDON, April 2. tUP) Great 1 n Brfrain has prepared secret plans r to tighten its blockade of Germany's \ Scandinavian iron ore supply by U , „. 1,1.11,11 L t ,.j LULIU11 SUtU ">Jii*i^^ i "_H.\, rtp[ H £ ( \Jl' f ./\ | having been one of the first to de- ' foic <-' of 120,000 enumerators uc- vclop^the higher grade seed which i 6"" counting noses ludny for the has become widely used. ] 1940 census which is expected to show a population of 132.000,001) peiT,ons--nii increase of about- 10,- nfiii finn i-ii.^n ii.„ i.^_. __'--. 000.000 since Ihe last census 1930. ' ' The great fiicl-flndiHg army— ire supply by naval action to back up an imminent diplomatic drive in Norway nnd Sweden, it was understood today. Foreign diplomats heard that Britain already was preparin" to'r' I P- n | lvl "-'""-'"is "nn niony isolated conn send notes to Norway and Sweden ''"lal 1'lliUI'CS 196 Under : try loads ' A mcllth will he re ;,•"„";. C 1 'l r^ nr i' :f l ulr ^ 1 to complete their poll of cneck S^k^l Census Maclei 7 -°°0.000 farms, in clUes calls at ,,. j 33,000,000 homes will he comulctcd in two weeks. engaged in the most comprehensive inventory of people ever undertaken—started early tills morning i lo I-HIJ on doors in crowded city | tc-nemenls and along isolated cotin- which would be intended to check their aid to Germany, rt xvas indicated that Britain with French support, had decided to raise most emphatically the question of fiwod- ish iron ore deliveries to Germany, with particular reference to transit across Norway. , m , 5 L The Allied hope seemed to bc'p U ],'][ C that diplomatic uction woi.lil he ' o f sn-,. •n, n, ., • As <lle cmiincratoi-s "cgnn their lie Blytheviilc School District colowal task, the controversy over tost I9r, persons of school a»i) the IGth decennial census was kept di.rmif the past year, thc final fig- alive by Son. Charles W Tobcy r.res on the school census made 'Kep., N. H.), Us inost relentless today revealed. enough and that it would not be necessary io resort to naval inter- veniion. Hut the implication was lhat naval action would be hikcn ., . ( °o. Chnllcngtng the government's " i —- p -~.~i««^.,, .IILIJ ii iviiu *~^. ^.K.ijs.jjj^uj^ I[IL governments . of 4054 enumerated for this year, fight to ask two questions conceiu- Alost of (he difference in the 19-10 nnd 1930 censuses is because income, he repealed his assertion lhat he would not answer them and introduced a bill Census experts said that, the 1040 census should show lhat Ihe United states is nearhig maturity ,m population growtli. Basing their deductions on birlh, death and 1m- migration fates,- they, predict lliiJl' a maximum population or about 145,000.000 will be reached between 10GS and 1S15. After that, unless present trends change, there will be ii gradual decline the birth date is declining at a faster rate limn the death rale is diop- The last census in 1930 showed a population of Ia2.n5.040 compared with !05,110,u20 in 1920. A major part of thc increase in the years between 1920-23 was a result of In- creasine immigration. Thai trend lias been reversed since 1930. The last estimate of population by the census bureau was made in 1938. On Jan. 1, 1938 it esli- malcd that there were 129.81B.OOO ijcrsix.s ii) the United Stales. burn nrter 12:01 a was reported tnat the plan lnl - los s in number will make a , , , v -""""-"' ll "- ll: ls of Economist John Maynard lo ™ "f approximately S13CO to Ihe „,, V "r" """""'"J 1 for "'<-' dls- Bubk's burn arte Keyes for compulsojy savings ori' c hcol district this year accordtii" , ' ur , 1() " s - nu ' cfiisus hureaii triday will not some similar radical measure to j'° W. I). McClurkin. snpcriiilfn- ^ a j ms _^ h ^_^°«y is ivrong. Iflso. assure funds to pav tor lui. wui- dent of f.chools. whn w.i»o«.rf n.» ~ " Supreme Court Acts Vigorously To Set Aside De icrec Li'm.13. nqoK, April 2,-Ti, B Arkansas supreme court Igok , » sharp slnp nl (.lie 'Ktiitcs do-day divorce law yesterday when it set aside a Pulaskl Chancery Court decree while nd.nitltng timt Chan- celbr Frank H. Dodge did not err m any way. It was tiie first public evidence of the co.nt's opinion of (he 1031 net which permits non-residents l« obtain divorces after establishing residence. In Ihe state ror 90 days The monsure nd.nltcdly mis e'n- ncltd to |iei mil Arkansas to compete with a few other states in the divorce business. I not unprecedented iiclion licdiilcd. The decision was was The census of business inili..s-l..v began Jan. 2 nnd is more than 70 per cent complctcil. nounecd crally. Chief-Justice Griffin Smith announced simply thai a divorce dc- eimmcrnlors an; recordiii); I crce granted in Puinski Chancery every person who was still alive at 12:01 a. in. yesterday. Thus, persons whn died yesterday will to listed as part of the popnlailoii. assure funds to pay tor the war (dent of f.chools. who released UK over n loi.j; period if ncressry. was census fisures today. Over fiflfl V«( n T i. meeting with increased favor. All of the districts in the ,, ' 1 »' , n •, .» - vnes ,' u vo:k " s nl '° srii<1 tc li;u ' e show " « ^»'t »y Ear V Afternoon would "lend n portion of their (loss this year which is believed" to wages to the Bovemmem, which I partially from ' fewer chil- Volin.- in Blytheville's three w-irds would repay Ihem after the war. dirn bel,, s born which has slim.t- for Ihe nmnic pal e 4fio, w-ts u llns plan is represented as having Iv (IrrrrnsM n,n ,-;,- ,.„ ,.. ?..._ n.. i 1. .. . lls "" the double effect of financing thc \var atxl combating stump. Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco ....... Anaconda Copper . Ueth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric ... General Motors ... Ii:t Harvester Montgomery Ward . N y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum ... .Stiidebakcr Standard oil N J . Texas Corp U S Steel ^ -v 1 " »*m..-j inih Mivjiii.- "Ji ujr jnNiuL-jpaj eiectioii was un- ly decreased the six-year-old boys usually heavy for tlie inominJ with nnd girls annually in the past sev- a total of 610 cast at -2 o-!ork past-war era) years although ,,„ d^iicd Most of the voling is done tinrin» l.check ha.s yet bwn made for fills" the hours fiojn 'J to (i o'clork ma'-- rtlstn(1 '- ing a record vole expccte:! in lo"'__J_"1 * <fiiy ' s clcfti0 "- With approximately 18(.0 poll tax receipts issued, it vole of at least 1200 or 1400 has been prophesied by many. In Ward One. 2(50 votes had been cast; 280 at w.ird Two ami 8!) at 173 88 1-2 28 1-8 17 1-8 K 5-8 51-8 131 335-8 5t 1-2 58 59 Persons Arc Taking Census r' fpt'- /-, •in I Ins C.ounlv Ward Three. The M census fakers for Uncle 53 1-8 j Sam who will ns fc In!mv qucsllons ' •- - - i of thp • ' New York Cotton Masons Will Meet Wednesday Night ™ Com-l lo Jdlm Arnold of Madison, Wls., liad been reversed nnd remanded with Instritctlons that H be set aside. Mr. Arnold, a Spanish-American War veteran who lives nl a Vel- eriin.'! Adininlslrnlloi) facility, came -- - to Little Hock last fall and established residence for throe month::. ~lc filed suit nnd obtained n <li- •orcc from his wife. Kllv.abeth Ai- iQld. Then he returned lo Wis- Ihc p. coopei- tleronse. Marvin Khkscy mill ,Iohn Mc- Knllro were eiieh lined 5M on plens of Kiillty «f(er clmrgro of unmd larceny, in the nlleged theft of au automobile, were mluiTil to driving 11 cjir without the owner's consent. Claude P. Cooper repn'Sfjili'd Alc- BiHlrc anil Kirksey had no aUorney. This case was decided by a Jury yesli'idny afternoon. Clmrli's llell and Warren .Jamo.s negro, pleaded istillty to charts ol uriinri larceny in companion cast's heard yi'slcidny aftermion In connection with the alleged fhcft ot SlCfi from an iijjeil negro. James, wlm In an curlier ciisi' yeslcnluy wus sentenced lo ihrec yeiirs on u similar charge, was given a suspended sentence pending yood be- hnvlor in ihls cnse nnd Cluiiles Uell was given a two years sentence. Virgil Greene was attorney for Ihc defendants. In Dell's case "the date of sentence will be-alii us of Nov. "'i. when ho was placed in Jail. The next cases on cull are Ihose uf Sieve Elllutl mid Melvin Elliott charged wllh traiispoi-llrig sloleii property into the stale In connection with the alleged (heft of cot- lou sectl. Sentence or Jail prisoners who entered guilty pleas when urralgncil + lo repair die slmcliire nnd that dur UK that time there would ho "mos ' sm ' lce l)ctwc<!11 thc two All persons were barred from the brldfc'i! between Wllkcs-Barro nnd Klnaslon when engineers dctcct- i'd wpuki-nlni; sii|>porl. Ihe river was receding slowly hern hut forecasts of rain and Runner iventher caused fear that a new crest ml«ht be reached, '•loin a high of 3l.o feel thc river had dropped lo 30.74. The rate or recession for thd past, two hours i >>«d been .01 of u fool an hour. bunbiny, a town of 15,000 bclov/ hero nl the confluence of Ihe west »nd north brunches of lhc 'Sus- (tnehmma, awnlted a crest, already one-tin,-,! under water, 'me water was within a feiv inches of the ops of the last barricades pro- '-"'Inif that town. ...., : iijldltloii to the Sus([iiehaiinn, Ij''lii|jh, Delaware, Lnckawaiuui Kchiiylklll and Jimlala rivers were .- ovc'iilowlng. as were numerous creeks ihnl feed them. More, 50 main highways of the'Ve- Blon were closwl and many com-• mini ties were threatened with food IIS Reran Scores Appointment By Roosevelt Of Envoy To Valican CII1CAOO, Apr. 2 cup) ... .j.| lc yiilli-d Slules lliiplhl, liidi'iji'iidenl Juurniil of the Dafitlsl church, chained foduy In n s A)iill tssuu thai Pii'shh'iit lioosevcli "has In- Jccti-d Ihe rellfjlous Issue inlo the lO'lO^iolltlciil cimipnlgi, by iippulnl- of a special envoy lo the - issue has been forced upon Iliipllsls nnd fhey are assured of Ihn suppoit ot every other rellislous groun dedicated to Ihe Aiiieilcan principle of sennrn- llon of chuivh and stale," flic cdl- loiinl said. i.i, i """"I'I-.T i President Koosevcll Injected the shorluircs. """' issue Into Ihe canu- « »ny arounu about the \ mnl boom- j from |h, s vlclnl y ComSns were pn rty hns mr fncod erMKii, iu four tow,?swlth7 com- imibiissiidor I U had In the Vatican. Taylor now Is In v. Mike Elllotf, publisher United Slnles Bnplia, Home. 'f'he 1(< of (he said he wrote thc editorial ami "iscd his opinion on Information (iilhercd "froin all over, the coun- been fcnrccl that they vo to be cracttnted com- "Thc Pomocratlc south i " s Bnu- ye.vtei-flay afternoon nounccd tomorrow. be i\n- - Ist" the edllflrlnl said, "but Uap- tlsts before they ure cither Democratic or republican." No Contests This Year For Circuit Judgeships 'I'licre will be no contests In tills summer's Democratic primary for t Ihi; olllces of elrnill judfes of the Judicial dislrict and chancellor ol Ihe chancery district of which Mls- (Slsslppl county Is a parl. 'Hie Mississippi county Democratic central commltd.. nl yesterday's mi'ctlin; Iii;idvertently inchul- ed a $10 niinif fee for clrciilt Judges In Its niirij! tee schedule. Circuit Owner Says Membership Insufficient For Opera- lion; Open 11 Years The lllytlicvllle Country Club' ;olf course wn.s nfftrliilly cltised I yesterday by the owner, Kvcrell 1). ~ee. after members had played heir final names there Snnilny." losing of the golf course came ! iflcr n scrlL-s of efforts lo rontlnus j he club bill failure to obtnlti Ihe ! 00 memberships which Is a mini- i »um held neceo.-iary to o.Krrnte Ihc! club caused the filial decision, ae-' iinu to Mr. cii-e, who notlflctl tienibcr.'; iiboul. ti'n day.s ngo that CAN VON ci'l'V, Colo.. April 2. Ills action would lie iii'ir.vj.-iry. lUI'i—Oj)al Mt-Kinlcy, a Wyoming 'I'he go!! course was opene:! in | t:ol ! vk ' t ' :;tlvi "B her lime in Colo- . Judj-cs CI. E. Kuck and Nell Kll- ected in in:m tor n Wonuui Convict To, Upon ,B;iby'.s Cnslody linker. Worshipful Master led, remarried. . I cousin nnd (he court was inform- of the <m|:ro X i miUc , v 75,000' resi- v ... dents or MUslwipp, colml y ,^n "^. , ssippi county Iheir work today. business 'census, completed July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1'rev. Oiwn Ifish La\\: Close C3oss 1045 105-1 1045 1049 105J 1022 072 !)57 951! fl-15 9SG 1026 079 9C4 951 1023 OT2 1030 078 904 958 Livestock JVcv. Open Hlf,h Low Close Close EAST ST. LOUIS. 1)1.. April 2. tUP)—Hogs: 13.0CO—12,000 on sale Top, 5.05 170-230 Ibs. 4.90-5.0S Bulk sows, 3,90-4.40 Cuttle: 3,500 Steers, 7.00-9.60 Slaughter stecr.s. ffl.50-10.50 Slaughter heifers, 650-1025 Ueef cows. 5.00-6.00 ' .,.„,.„ „, Cutters and low cutters. 3.50-4.75 Ulalcck said. 24 3 3-4 38 3-4 ••7 (recently after having been iir'proV-' 20 3-4 I "M •"'ice Jan. i. will be a part 11 7-8 10f tho combined census which is II 1-4 J lle oinciiil (en-year census made: — 5i5:^i^X a r«lrTr n S!: i . /Vew Ol ' lc «" s cotton 59 1. 4 ;attended a School of Instruction here Friday, were not made public but official takers cam' photographs of themselves on official cards designating their positions. H is estimated by Rupert Bla, lock of Joiicsboro, district supervi- [sor. that the census or Mississippi ,?" ! county can be released in two Mav I weeks, | I Several weeks after the census i Is completed, a report will be made | public for ii,!, county before the •national figures are released, Mr.',Min nirl J July OCt. Dec. IIKO 1037 mn S62 !)S7 D49 1000 1011 984 9(J6 957 950 10GO 1035 979 9G2 957 B 49 lor.'j 103n 97H 964 957 O.W 10(55 1043 081 9G9 962 Chicago Corn open high low close I,, r.. i.,.mi, tviMML]|uui aidsH'v: en, remarrieil. of Chici:asawba Lodge. No. i:)4 P.I Mrs. Ainold. now living at Till- and A. M., ainiouhces a special sn, Okla.. learned of the divorce I'ominunlfiitlon Wednesday night before expiration of the six months HI 7:3 Oo'clock. | 1,1 which an appeal could be taken. I'nrpcsc of the meeting is Hie' She appealed to the Arkansas Su- ccnfoitmg of thc Master's clcgiec. prcinn C'cuil (o issue an order di- Mr. liilier stated that visiting Ala-;''Acting Mr. Arnold lo furnish $61 sons are invited to attend. i '" "*''H tnoney" wllh which lo — -\ prepare a transcript of testimony In the lower court. Mr. Arnold, hack In Wisconsin and out of the supreme court's jurisdiction, ignored the order. It • was pointed out that Mr. Arnold could have been cttetl for contempt had he remained In Arkansas. It was conceded lie "had no W,C.T.U. Head Urgc.'s K(;v5val __ intention ot becoming a resident ^~~, ^ of Arkansas because he rclurnecl IJTTLE HOCK. Ark.. April 2. to his old home immediately after of I!I20 by Mr. Gee after' 1: ' fl ° sl;ill! l )fllll cnll:iry, rebelled to- niimcroiis local ])m]il|. had coojx'r- i rliiy " l! " illsl llli> diclum that, be- ated In the plan lo ubiain ,, golf j l '"" s( ' s ' 1e Ls " f ™Kei site lias no and country dub tor nlyiiie- [ ''• lo ""' l>:ll) - v t() which slie will - vlllc. At first very popular, I: trrcsi increased with erection in 193:1 O f the modern club house, valued al Kivc birth "any time now." J. S, Wt'ppni'i', head of the Wyo- miii(! prison board, announced tnal more limn S1T,,000, and ntimi'raus: hl;r liab >' umild bo l;lkL '» : i™n her .social events and yolf playing lol- "•' *"'"' ""'' r "•'•' l)lrtl1 I1;i l>ractlc»- lowed but in lhc past several yeitrs i n , lul scnt to lhc Wyoming chll- Ihe course hns been operating at a j < ' rsll ' s home at Gasper. Wyo., to heavy toa, It is salii await, adoption. There were 76 members in my > "''*', ' Ml '" ;ll)lc - v ' u "• ls undcrsloofi, .... • u, i./^j, .,,.,^ nM.ii.lll,. ii „.,.. r t f*,.l.. .„ i would plctcly. All business wns suspended. ' schools ntid churches were turned into refugee centers. Tlie 103rd cavalry of the national guard was called to duty at Sunbury at the request of Mayor Morris Michael and the tODth field artillery hnd been called out hero . to relieve -•' IJollceiivJir in..;Jatnftng -the 'streets:-' The whole population w« s up ' monl of the' night, barricading homes nud slores, and helping in rescue nnd relfer work. The Red Cross was selling up stnlions all through the 200-mile flood /one and thc Works Progress Administration in Washington granted $100,000 In emergency muds. The 11 casualties ftieltuled a man who shot himself to death hi despair when ills home was flooded nnd u slate trooper killed by an automobile while guarding a weakened bridge. A const guard radio truck was ! parked In the center of Wllkes Uarre, communicating with boats on the river. Hundreds of men ' spent lite night patrolling the dikes ! with lanterns, watching for breaks At Sunbury, all church membew were urged to report to their with screw drivers to help remove the pews and convert the buildings into refu<>ee Jcnlers. At one Illtle church there were 2,50 refugees, many sleeping three lo a bed. Al Snyrc, three Greyhound buses loaded with passengers - were reported marooned. Slate police were trying to reach them over Inundated roads. In case of «" new crest, Kingston would be the place of worst inundation and eight coast guard boats mid an amphibian airplane were mobilized ihere for ait emergency which might be three or four days in coming. One main dike had ijlven way In the Kingston area already, forcing 3,500 out of their homes. for a time yesterday Ihls city liad been vus planning a" court fight to keep from a threatened with fire of blazing gasoline wlih'h included a number nf hicii ', *' . ° -• —••- •'&"» iw M...I* ; *-- -- —..-•<, e,u»ui..>v, ness men -k u» , two or o-o " L ''' brvl>y ' Sllc wants to scntl u lo ' ^ SP '' Cad OVer llle floort watcrs 11 iv, 11 nrviLLjj UUL l\\v UT ItlOI C l)*i r ,.>n! h/*r until -I, „ » . r ii">iriTi fj-im- i« -*-_- __ t „, membershitK In an effort lo keep H ' ""'" ' shc acts out ot the ch.lj open and this was b-iiiK ' ,1 ' continued for Ihc 1840 season but w .y° ml »B "" (1 Colorado officials • maac aiiangciiients to prevent . the number did no, total w tlle ™ rl(l in - , ,,., spite an intensive drive lor new , r ,^ y L ' members which h,us been c,-mied ' <>\™ ";.« h °", '« «•"«««». Mr,. on b a secl ' . cK " llc - v W|U hc tnke » '» St. on by a special com'uittec in n nJnii, r ' „" '"° et '" ,,.,- . n nnii,. r ., , . I'lotim Store Hospital. After the " '"° et '" g of lhc ""-'infers tisinl pcrloj of hospital care guard" e s lUI'i-Mrs. Ida u. Wyse .smiili, i obtninini; Ihe decree." n.itioiiri! president of the Women's ' Chi (Mian TVmpcrancc Union. .0-: lldf , no , 1()WC1 . lo cll(o , tc , ts or I'^.I'lf"...^: 1 " 5 ? 5 » ml «'?.«"irt i tier and "did the only thin* wc|£ when four large storage tanks ivere loosened from their moorings and exploded. The waters prevented fire righting equipment iiom reaching the scene but the fires burned Ihemselves otit after a series of explosions which damaged a few buildings. mnnlxTs meeting here to "takf up ' c ,, , . -• ' , COHIU (io in ue cnciunsiaiiLT.'i— re- tin.- temperance banners carried by i m , sc , lle dccrce am , 0] , lc| . u Ml your mothers a generation niju." I nsirtl ,;.Mrs. .5it)llh. who c.ime here fnim j -- ' Kvanston. 111., asserled lhat the W. C. T. u. had listed more tiian 3.COO new members eacli mouth In 1939. She quoted a national poll as saying that "at least 34 per cent" of the nation's electorate was willin explained that at Ing matrons of new equipment cell. The court acknowledged lhat il j ]^^^^ «« £j £«, U^ JTS | ^^:K£^^,^.^'^^^^:^^'^ Fire Chief Turns In One Man Job Monday :ou!d do In the clrcinnslances—re-1 convicts Colonrio i-oioraoo to go on record favoring immc;!i.itc rctmn of prohibition. "In the short space of only seven years since repeal." she said, "the majority of the American people have asaiu become very critical of human and social effects permitting .W7-8 507-8 5G5-8 50 5-81 r.arcoti: drinks (o be sold"under 577-8 58 673-8 r>7 3-8 I legal sanction." Phone Courier News For Election Returns The Courier News will gather returns on today's municipal election for thc convenience of Blythcville citizens. First returns will probably be available about 7:30 o'clock to- right. Telephone No. 303 or 307 for election returns. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, thuntlershow- ters lali; tonight or Wednesday, Fire Ciller Roy Head didn't have o go to the fire. It came to him. Flames broke out yesterday In female prison. " "| hc'ml MM W MrKln| Pa -'' d0n , ^ \ P areen »> «•» Mcfl or the E. C. he.,,,1 Mrs. McKlnleys plea for Robiusoll Lumber Company wh ^ c . clemency In January. Sheriff W. R. Silver, of Douglas, Wyo.. told the hoard that she had left her hus- cooler in west portion tonight, cool- : u a»d to run away with another er Wednesday. man who. he said," was father of Memphis and vicinity — Partly : thc child. The sheriff said' he had cloudy to cloudy with local show- j disappeared. ers tonight or Wednesday, lowest '1'1'c Colorado stale penitentiary temperature tonight about 66, Physician said Mrs. McKinley was .semen-hat cooler Wednesday after- receiving "better care thaii she 'noon. ] probably would have outside the ! institution," The raaxlimmi temperature here The prospective mother and clear areo/lT lmnlmllm ,V. other vonmn prisoners have been' ris, oflictal weatlier observer. layette. ^ * C °" S "" >C ^ ^iJuly Chief ileitd works when he isn't fighting fires. He grabbed the extinguisher and kept Ihe flames under control until his co-workers arrived. (i The fire started from a five, gallon can of gasoline which overturned in thc truck. Damage was estimated, at $100. Chicaao Wheat open high low close 1051-4 1031-2 1043-8 1013-3 1041-1 1043-8 1031-4 1033-8

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