Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1934
Page 4
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uv *- r ^ |; r< N ^ j Spanish Artist HORIZONTAL '"i Who is th* Spanish artist t in the pfcUirc* {3 To decorate. U Your and my, (S female sheep. IfiKtek scarf. It fttght ' (8 f^onn of "I*," 4d Venomous • snake. 4l Watery part ot ; blood. 3S3.U1S 24 Hole in the ground. !5 Curse. 26 To loiter JTHalf an em. IS Black bread 29 Involuntary ' sound of '• sorrow si take J2 Dogma. S3 Lean S$ Sesame. 3? Notch. SS Carmine. 35 Baseball cltiK tfr Penny II Myself Answer t» I'rcvlon.s Vnxr.le 42 Year. 43 Still. M Small horse. 45 Swimming organ of a fish. 46 Kind of stiff collar. 4S Spirited. 4!> Pale. 50 To serve. 51 Sanskrit dialect. 52 Kaple's nest. 54 He achieved distinction as au (pl.). 55 He was tin- riraled as a painter of Spanish . VERTICAL 2 Dried grape. 3 Expert. 4 Negatlr*. 5 Credit. « Within. 7 Bodily. S Expenditures. 9 Doctor. 10 Microbe. 11 To be indebted 12 You. 16 He was first among: Spanloh designer*. IS Tree. 19 He lived la the th century. 22 Dined. 23 Congressman's clerk. 28 Cotton staple. 29 Delivered. 30 To proffer. 32 Wee. 34 By reason of. 35 To make a lace 36 Neuter pronoun. 37 To contradict. 39 Biscuit. 40 Laughable. 41 The smallest part. 43 The one and the other. 44 Chum. 45 Card gambling game. 47 Twitching. 4S Aeriform fuel. 49 Moist. 50 You and I. 51 Pair 52 For instance. 53 Corpse. HARRY LAYSON !Bill Terry, who's close to Alva Bradley and who books the Indians' spring exhibition games as well as those o£ the Giants, says Walter Johnson's managerial contract would not have been renewed but for the Cleveland sports writers' violent criticism. Gar Wood hopes to see his son, Garfield A., Jr., successfully defend the Harmsworth trophy for speedboats within two or three years. . . . The same trophy that his pappy took from England in 1920 and kept on this side since. . . . Young Wood is nationally known as an outboard race driver at 16. ;Most boxing men and scribes, including a majority of those "-vho believed that Jimmy McLarin was shortchanged on May 28, pick Barney Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place .Remember, the more you tell. UM quicker you sell. 1 tune, lOc line, min. 30o Vat consecutive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c • 6 times, 5c line, min. flflc • 26 times, 3Vfec line, min. $2.« (Average 5'A words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill u payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publication Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. ~ : BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Ross to duplicate his victory in the Garden BowL, September 6, despite the fact that the Irishman is being permitted to come in at 147 pounds. Eldon Auker's subway slinging threatens to become as confusing to American League hitters as Carl Hubbell's screwball is to National League larrupers. . . . Detroit's tall right- hander is the most pronounced underhand pitcher since Carl Mays. A Baltimore liquor firm's application for a copyright on the name Knute Rockne. to appear on the label of its merchandise, was refused, due to the immortal football coach's son bearing the name. Richard Vitale, 7-year-old Buffalo prodigy, swims 75 feet under water, and has swum 50 feet beneath the surface in 34 seconds. . . . He should be heard from in the Olympic Games of 1944. Alexander Kampouris, the second baseman purchased from Sacramento, who was seized by influenza shortly after reporting to the Reds, is the first Greek to carsh the majors since Dana Fillingim pitched for the AAAAAA's and Braves. Casey Stengel wisecracks that if Nick Tremark, his outfielding recruit, walked down the street in shorts he would be still in short pants. . . . The Manhattan College lad, who does everything left-handed, is wide enough, weighing 150 pounds, but stands only five feet four. Joe Kirkwood, trick shot golf pro, drinks a glass of hot lemon juice unsweetened before breakfast and on retiring. Army had better start digging in now. . . . Frank Lynch, out for a tackle position on Navy's plebc team, is the strongest, heaviest and latest member of the class. ... He scales 211, is sixe fct four and a fraction inches tall, and his general strength total was 7265. . . . The mammoth middle played with the University of Kansas frosh last season. St. Louis Cardinal pitchers have replaced the old woolens with a new linen sweat shirt—light, airy, but effective. Bubbles Hargrave has resigned as pilot of the Cedar Rapids Western League club, with the explanation that injuries prevented him from doing his best as a player-manager. The Dodgers call Oski Slade "Doc:or," the Cincinnati shortstop's spikes laving neatly removed a corn from Jimmy Jordan's toe. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SALE: Set of Abstract Books. covering Hempstcad County Lands. Write or see L. F. Monroe or W. H. Etter Jr., Washington, Ark. WE HAVE Fresh Country Meal made from this year's corn. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 31-31 "FOR SALE OR TRADE—Pair of mules and 3 fresh cows. Will trade fur dry cattle. G. L. Johnson, Rt. 3. 29-Gt USED PARTS FOR ALL CAHS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. EGGS ARE HIGH. Feed Ultra Life Laying Mash and your hens will lay more. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 3l " <Jt WANTED WE PAY Top Prices for Poultry Southern Grain & Produce Co. 3l-3t John Ruskin went to the British Museum and looked at the penguin exhibit whenever he felt down-hearted; this exhihit always made him laugh. An instrument used by astronomers to study the stars can detect the heat of a candle 100 miles away. YOU WANT-ADS To-day elsorrHuckins LAUNDRY Wash Suite Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 8 HUFK STAK, HOP&ARKANSAS • Saturday, September 1,1934 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AMERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS SUCH A "BULLY A PROP^A'&L.t ONE,UfY\—/A-" TWAT I WANT VOU TO VOUR VACAT\<ON VAEp>£ AS . TREAT /—YES, TLL TS^V YOUR >^X< EXPENSES f-—A-S TOW % V VOLJ c^jsj <5\VE \TTO SOt^EPOK&R SHARKS WHO BECAME ENMESHED IN N\Y NET — AND TO A, "RACE ^\ HORSE NAMED. LAST WALT"Z / PAY OUR ^_ , I V^OULD^ TH1NV< ^ r .T-—•BUT, IF YOU ^~> INSIST WITH TORCt, jWl\ I HAVE TISSUE PAPER ]%'" AND TOR ME, I'LL TAKE THREE HU22AHS/ AFTER THIS/ MAKETrV BOAT "BEFORE I SINV<I "DONJ'T LET HIM FLurreR LIKE THAT-N HE'LL bREAK. HIS C^ND THEY WE'RE •OOWN TO "BED ROCK IN THEIR PURSES « *.' t!»34 BY NEA SEHVICC, INC. T. W «0. U. 9. PAT. OfT, f-r THAT'S FlNJe,WHEM V VEH—IT IS FINER \ PER A BIG SHOT A BIO SHOT WILL. LEND HIS VALUABLE TIME AN'BRA!N,TO GET A LITTLE THING TO BUTT INTO SOMETHIM' HE DON'T KNOW A THiKJG ABOUT THAN IT WOULD TKAT'<; A CINJFT / BE f=ER. ME ER TRA^T IM A Y VOLJ ~ HIS WASTED TRAIT IN A A TIME IS WORTH MORl- AND IT TAKES ONE "' OR MORE MEN TO CARRY OUT HIS Ml-STAKES. LIKE A SPARROW TAKIN 1 HIS FOOT *» OF THAT OUT OF A MESS— BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES S> iW« BY NCA SERVICE. INC. Willie Has the Right Idea! THE MASTER MIMD. T M rrv u. rt PAT orr. Uy MARTIN •so woTf 6VO\V.tO KN ^Vit KV \<b UVit T OO-ACA v.\ut 'U\Ot \_\Vt TVM< W OV^'. e o^ svf^w. EAU^ Tl'TAK \T'. VER A A.KiV.VA'O ! \V WEA.V r^W TmKiW O CBOTT/X • \V= XOH DOT A \-OON< KiOVJ 1931 BY NCA GErWICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF . ALLEY OOP Head Work! By HAMLIN SO TW' KIN& WANTS T'KNOW WHERE ALLEY OOP IS HMM - MEBBC TH' Wr'OOZY'LL TELL US WHEKE M£ JWASH TUBES fate PUAW'S WORKlf43 LIKE A^ 'CHARM, POONER. WHV,WE'LL | MAKE A NEW MAN O 1 OLD i BOARDMflfJ, AND WIN THAT 1 ^ IQ.OOO IN A WALK./ 080X/ Another Outburst! By CRANE HEY/SHAKE A LEG. LET'S GET SACk ^ BEFORE DARK? WHY, TO CAMP BEFORE DARK. 1 DON'T 1 MAW, IT'LL TAKE US AT LIKE THE IDEA OF THOSE. WILDCATS. A LEAST THREE DAYS FURTHERMORE/ SUM WE'RE GOING DOWN STREAM UNTIL WE COME VJE.T,AsJD COLD. VOU'PE NOT TO 7 KNEW IT !k ^ . M.nr.p. ii. S.PAT, oo x FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HEY, CHARLIE.., I LAID A PISCe OF SOAP DOWI JUST A MINUTE AGO, f PROBABLY AMD IT'S J A PORCUPIWE CONE/ /"[ TOOK IT/ EY LOVE IT? DO THEY ) AMD THEY CAN LIKE TO <SMELL A PIECE EAT ) OF SOAP A MILE SOAP? /AY/AY.' PORCUPINE MEAT IS GOOD EATING, TOO. 1 // Nutty Caught Something, All Right! _ IT'S AGAINST THE LAV/...BUT By BLOSSER DO YOU SUPPOSE WE o N uT OUT ON THE NOSE.. THAT'S THE OHLY PLACE THEY'RE NOT PROTECTED BY QUILLS,'.' f •C, GEE/ CHARLIH .[< SURE KNOWS <(\iC-Y Fey/. EVERYTHING If ^ ' ^ ABOUT WILD ] C HEY, UFE/ .^Ly^ FELLAS 1^ \ H '// H^^ V'J v^ $&? . ^'^I±JL II '.,11 J' " DID YOU i,/''" '~~^' ^"^ CATCH A J f PORCUPINE, j ™ ° f MUTTY _^ CONTRARY v -V^''?v//'-• ^ -' ^ 4 ^> /! ^i i y fe> xi SfeSS&M '3k, THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) It's a Clever Trick! By COWAN WVfY,YOU CAN'T ; EVEN sv , CW?DS. LET ALCH^E , OO A TWCK WITH ! THEM-COt-IE: 04, t SUGAR-1 1 MIN A •3 / WELL, YOU SHOW THERE, YOU SPILLED IT SHOWED ME ,THIS I MC xAjurrje THAT ATTEWOON KT < .r^J^^r_ TH T , i TOLD YOO yoo COULDN'T DO YT* YOU OLD WtNEO -SUIT IS! T'BE A MAGICIAN I'VE GOT A CHANCE TO TO DO TRICKS UKE. THAT 1 ,! WELL,MR SMAPTY, V WA"S. A GOOD ENOUGH HAGlClAU TO TURN VOUQ OLD D\NNEC SUIT IUTO A WINDOW HOH\ WHAT O'VA -\ MEAH *? 3UST WHAT I SA\D- I YV TO THE- OLD-CLOTHES HAH/ AND BOUGHT THe WINDOW BOX YOOVE BEEN PPOMlS\NG Me. AUL- SUMMED M 1 NO,NO, NO.' I WANT TO \ WHOA.' HOLDOM, BUDDIE>I GO BACK TO CAMP. PAM6 OUR AGRHEMEKIT IS THAT I IT ALL' I'M HUNGRY, AND V _ WE'RE BOSS, AND ;

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