Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
Page 5
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JhtU'sday,^October .14, 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS larger Crop For (Continued from Page One) rooted «t 20 bushels, compared with 12.5 last year. Rice—Production of 8,640,000 bushels ( Is indicated, compared with 7,950,000 f \M( your; yield, 5-t bushels per acre, • compnrcd with 53 in 1936. Tome hny—Production of 902,000 tons, compared with 639,000 li\st year; yield 1.15 tons p»-r ncre, compared with .83 • of n ton in 1936. Groin sorghums-Production of 740,000 bushels, compared with 656,000 in 1036; yield of 10 bushels per ncre this yenr compared with eiRht bushels last ' year. Peanuts — Production of 9,900,000 pounds, compared with 9,350,000 pounds In 1936, yield of 550 pounds |>er ncre, compared with 425 last yenr. Foams — Production of 4,875,000 pounds, compnrcd with 2,2-10,000 last yenr. Potatoes — Production of 3,311,00 bushels, foinimrod with 2,365,000 last yenr; yield of 77 bushels, compared ' with 55 in I93(i. Sweet potatoes—Production of 3,325,000 bu-xhclH; yield of !)5 bushels per acre, compared with 55 in 1936. Apples—Production of 2,295,000 bush', els, compared with 36-1,000 last year, i Petirs—Production of 214,000 bushels, PAGE New Dodge Line Presents Its Claims to Public Approval Forty-seven progressive improvements are embodied in thjs new Dodge 4 -door tour* ing sedan—and in the nine other models. Beautiful, comfortable, and economical to operate—this new Dodge 2-door touring sedan will make many friends for itself, Thegraceful.sturdyfem^rconstructionof the newest Dodge cars is seen here. Headlamps are embedded in the fender arches. Twenty per cent more luggage space is achieved by carrying the spare tire vertically and by other changes in trunk construction. Air-streamed beauty oi an impressive and substantial order is noted in this head-on view of the new Dodge models. compared with 90,000 Inst yenr. Grapes—Production of 12.800,000 ons. compared with 7,000,000 in 1!)3G. It WHS on February 14, 1778 that the United States flag first was .seen and luted in foreign lands. Cobb's Radio SERVICE BEST WORK LOWEST PRICKS Phone 383 Local Loan Unit (Continued from Page One) Shanghai Bombed (Continued from Page One) the twelve national regional banks comprising (he Federal Home Loan Bnnk System. Tlie officers of Uic local association are: Paul Brinnt, President. J. P. Duffic, vice president, and E. S. Greening, secretary, who, with Albert Graves Leon Carrington, Nick Jewell, D. F. WigKins and Frank Y. Trimble, comprise the board of directors. The association shares offices with the Greening Insurance Agency. poo river. A Japanese naval commander, Admiral Kiyoshi Hnscknwn, spologizcd for the incident after United States Admiral Harry Varnell protested against the reckless firing ob Japanese warships. Officers Killed ROME, Italy—(/P)—Forty-one Italian officers and 17 soldiers have been THOUSANDS OF THRIFTY MOTORISTS ARE NEW TYPE MOTOR OIL ADDS POWER (Hjtemcvmg CARBON STRONGER NATURAL FILM MOTOR WEAR Rlokeni FIRST —Nnltirntubc wives money because it removes luml carbon—the cnusc of power IOSM nnil expensive repairs. Nalnra- lube's ability lo remove power-destroying bard carbon from rings, pistons, valves, and spark plugs comes from the rare, basic* nlly different crude from which it is refined. SECOND— •Nnlurnluhc saves repair bills— llu: rc.Htill of oil film f nil lire, Nntiirnlubc's Htrongcr, oilier film is <t trustworthy guard ugniiiHt excessive friction-wear, and provides a wide margin of safety. THIRD —No In raid lie will give you a definite Having in gasoline mileage, us u result of its ability to mid power by removing bard carbon. FOURTH —Maturulube saves in motor oil additions because it bus greater resistance lo oil breakdown mid vaporization, Nutur- n I u be is able to retain its physical and chemical stability longer because it is a pure, distilled motor oil which contains no foreign materials, LION OIL REFINING CO. EL DORADO, ARKANSAS T. H. BARTON, President 4NIX-KNOX FIFTH —Nutnrnlubc saves on oil purchases and gives you premium quality lubrication —extra power—safely from excessive wear—yet it costs only 25c u quart. MOHEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Go lo any dealer who displays the Lion sign and have blm fill your cranlicagc with Nutnrulnbe. GIVE IT A FAIR 'TRIAL— then if in your opinion it is not the best oil you have ever used—bur none—your money will be refunded without question. Ask for illustrated literature giving complete facts about this distinctly different, definitely better motor oil. Buy NATURALUBE and Save Five Ways Thousands of motorists have found Nntur- alube the safest, most enjoyable way to save as they drive. Buy Naturalube the next time you buy motor oil. Start saving five ways, Sold by all Lion stations and dealers, Look for (he Lion. Naturalube lubri* cites better ind with • S'««t«r margin of ufity thjq Qlher prc- mium motor oils. Cutt Us«. By removing hard carbort ring), piston*, valve} and plugs. Naturalube adds power. Caroline mileage is increased as a rcsvlt of added power. Nslur»lubc saves oil because it •dually resists vaooritation and breakdown. Killed in attacks by "Ethiopian bandits," an official announcement said Thursday. By the Associated Press France lessened Die European ten- .sion to some extent Thursday by agreeing that the Spanish civil war volunteer question bo submitted to the Nonintervention committee, as demanded try Italy. In Geneva the Chinese government lodged a strong protest with the League of Nations against alleged use of asphyxiating gas and dum-dum bullets by the Japanese army. In Spain the insurgent artillery killed or wounded 91 persons in a destructive bombardment of Madrid. Insurgent officers announced that General Grnnci.sco Franco's headquarters would be transferred soon from Saamanca to San Sebastian to direct a major offense against Cataonia in northeast Spain. , Massacre of Fisherman NANKING — (IP)— Five thousand Chinese fishermen were drowned and 200 fishing junks sunk off Hongkong in the past month by Japanese gunboats, the Chinese Fishermen's Union reported Thursday. Declaring that 40,000 fishermen and 6,000 junks are now idle, the union appealed to the Chinese government for relief from the attacks. SHANGHAI-(/P)—Bitter fighting in the Shanghai sector continued Thursday, Japanese artillery incessantly pounding the Chapei, Kiangwan and Lotien sectors north o[ the International Settlement but with seemingly small effect. Fierce machine gunning adjacent to the intcrnstional areas caused the British Royal Ulster Rifles regiment temporarily to abandon patrol posts on the fringe of the fighting. Japanese .said their North China forces arc continuing south along the Peiping-Hankow and Ticntsin-Pukow railways. Earlier Chinese dispatches from Tsinanfu had reported an inexplicable quiet on the North China front. They said that Japanese had withdrawn their vanguards and halted their advance. The Japanese said a Chinese cavalry detachment of 700 was annihilated when it was surrounded near Shihchia- chiuing on the Peiping-Hankow line. 200,000 .lap Troops Japan, failing to smash China's resistance on the boundaries of the In- ternational Settlement, has increased her forces here lo 200,000 troops, a Chinese official spokesman declared, asserting that the increase raises Japan's numerical strength to half of China's on the Shanghai front and represents an increase of more than 60,000 fighters within 10 days. "It Is indicative of the grave and unexpected difficulties the Japanese are experiencing in attempting to break the Chinese lines," he said. Twenty-three Japanese troop ships, he said, are waiting to unload down the Whangpoo river and off the Chinese const near the mouth of the Yangtze estuary. With the start of the third month of hostilities on the edges of Shanghai, the Japanese made what appeared to be "feeler thrusts," pointing toward a possible effort to make a new landing at minor Yangtze river ports north of Liuho, near the confluence with the Whangpoo, from which to outflank the Chinese line defending the way toward Nanking. After 60 days of night and day fighting into which the Japanese have sent warships, field artillery, tanks, cavalry and more than 130,000 infantry troops they have been unable to break through a Chinese human wall here. Seeks Damages for Injuries in Auto H. H, Foster of Spring Hill Sues Silk Hosiery Company A Hempstend circuit court jury Thursday was hearing testimony in a personal damage suit brought by H. H. Foster of Spring Hill against A. L. Powell and a silk hosiery company. The suit resulted from an automobile accident on the Emmet and Prescott highway several months ago. The case opened Thursday morning and testimony was still being heard at 3 p. m. No other cases were heard up to this time Thursday. Court was not in session Wednesday. A date book kept near the telephone will save much time and worry. Keep an extra supply of powder puffs on hand. Powder cannot be spread on as easily with a puff that is too soiled. Sour cream te used by wives in prefereftce to «*eef, think it adds a mellow fifltvof. Start collecting unusual bottles, and boxes to use in packing goodies. i Many,ManyWo«ie Say Cardui Helped f fafcttf By taking Cardui, thotl*> ands of women have fotffta/ they can avoid much of tliS monthly suffering they usf to endure. Cramping nagging pains and j nerves can be relieved-— eithei? by CardUi or by a physician's, treatment. , <• Besides easing certain pains, Cardui aids in building up the whole system by help 1 " ing women to get K&t>t&< strength from their food, Cardui, with directions fof home use by women, may be bought at thj Drug Store (Pronounced "CardMil M J 2nd Week and Going Strong tan's October Sale We're lietfimilng to feel the chill blast of aproaching winter. It's high time to think of tvarm clothing and we have been doing just that. We have stocked a store full o£ wittier clothes and ^ now its unloading time. So it's REPHAN'S OCTOBER SALE—BUY—SAVE. Space only.pet- mits n few items but our store holds hundreds of them. Quilt Bundles 12% Ib. Quilt Bundles, all prints and I heavier materials suitable for quilt- ling— 25c Cotton Batts All 2 pounds or over, saving— A real 29c Double Blankets JBig bright Double Blankets, G6x7G. I All colors— $1.29 Children's Sweaters [Good warm heavy quality, all col- Sors and sizes— 49c Wash Dresses [Children's Fast Color Wash Dresses. I Gay patterns in smart styles. Sizes 16 to 16— 49c Undies and Panties Misses Tuck Stitch Combination Undies, Panties and vest attached, in tea rose. Sizes, small, medium and large— 49c Twin Sweaters I Ladies Twin Sweaters in brushed (wool, button and zipper styles, a I variety ot colors. $1.98 Sport Coats Ladies Sport Coats. High styled coats in Navy, Brown or Black. An unusual value— $5.98 Sport Coats Ladies Sport Coats. Higvi colors, Kelly Green, Terra Cotta, Royal Blue, 1'obacco Brown, and- Silver Gray; Sport backs, flare skirts and only— $10.98 Misses Coats Misses Coats in practically the same styles and colors as the coats above. An extra quality coat for the price. $8.98 Silk Dresses • Ladies Silk Dresses. All new groups, just arrived this week; a new dress in a new silk weave and new colors— $3.98 Wash Dresses Ladies Wash Dresses. The famous Happy Home Dress that sell regularly for $1.19 all over the country, full cut, fast color, extra styling and finely finished. On sale for 98c Union Suits Boys and Girls' Union Suits. First quality, all sizes. 49c Union Suits. Men's Union Suits. Heavy quality, ecru or random. Sizes 36 to 46. 69c Boys' Jackets Blue Mellon, Leatherette or Cor-| duroy—Sizes from 6 to 18. $1.98 Men's Dress Pants Men's dress pants, in blues, browns or grays. Solid stripes or checks. Conservative styles pleated fronts or high waist' models. $1.98 Men's Sweaters Slip over styles, zipper or button] models, blue gray, brown or plaids! I 98c, $1.98, $2.9'8j Men's Fall Felt Hats' Our stock of mens hats has never been larger or more complete. There are blue, green, brown, tan and a dozen shades of gray to select from. Priced— 98c to $3.49 mm { Men's Suits Without a doubt the largest stock of suits we've shown" in many a year. You can surely find the suit to suit you here at the price 3'ou want to pay. $12.96, $16.98, $19.98 Boys' Suits With belted backu, long pants or with a long and a short pair of I pants. Colors, blue,. grays, andf brown, $4.98 to $9.98 EPHAN' DEPARTMENT STORE Men's Shoes A great selection of suede and calf! skin in brown, gray and black, in I many toe styles such as wing tips, I .plain toe, trouper crease toe, double j crease toe and many others. $1.98 to $2.98 IDS HERE /COMBINING sensational economy and traditional Dodge depend- VJ ability with 47 progressive new improvements, the new 1938 Dodge tops it all with distinguished new styling, inside and out, to give you the most beautiful, extra-value Dodge of them all! See this new Dodge today and learn how you, too, can switch to Dodge and save money! And remember —Dodge still delivers for just a few dollars more than lowest-priced cars! D O DG E™Dj>/si'on of Chrysler Corporation- m DODGI-A1M) SAVE M0!i» PELIVERS FOR JUST A FEW DOLLARS MORE THAN L O VV E S T-P R I C E D CAB«l Tune in on the Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour, Columbia Network, every Thursday, 9;00 to 10:00 P. M., Eastern Standard Tjnie B. R, HAMM MOTOR CO^

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