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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 5
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 5

Indianapolis, Indiana
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5 i E. F. Miller New Indiana "FOR MATURED FIGURES." iTHE INDIANAPOLIS ST AH, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1930. i i 1 iemesentauve ativatwnai Pattern 1812. 8 Club Meeting in Washington INDIANAPOLIS STAR.

1J-CENT PRACTICAL PATTERN. MM BV KATHRVX PICK iGTT. Vith the opening Tuesday In Washington of the one-week meet- of the board of directors of the General Federation of Women'! bs, Indiana -will have one new representative in Mrs. Edwin F. filer of Peru, president of the Indiana federation.

This is the first eting of the national body since Mrs. Miller's election in October. Mrs. Frank J. Sheehan of Gary, director from Indiana, will be fV other member of the Indiana organization at the meeting.

Mrs. tieehan continues in her office through the biennial convention of tUbe general federation, which will be held in Denver, in June, Ralthough Mrs. Hamet D. Hinkle of Vincennes, former president of fthe state group, was elected to the office of director in October. Mrs.

Hinkle is eligible to attend BY ANNE ADAMS. The housewives of matured figure will enjoy this frock because of its slender lines created by the long-pointed vestee and front skirt panel. The set-in sleeves may be made long or short. Tiny pearl buttons trim the vest in dainty manner. Design 1812 may be fashioned of printed pique, gingham, percale, rayon or eotton broadcloth.

The trimming i lovely made of white pique or linene. Note the pleats on either side of the panel affording ample fullness, and freedom in the skirt. May be obtained only in sizes 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48. Size 38 requires three and one-half yards of thirty-six-inch fabric and seven-eight-yard trimming. No dressmaking experience is necessary to make this model.

The pattern has ample and exact instructions. Yardage is. given for every size. A perfect fit is guaranteed. ORDER BLANK FOR PATTERN.

The Star Pattern Department, 243 West Seventeenth atreet, New York city. Inclosed find Please send me pattern listed below: Number Size his board meeting because or tne ppointment she holds as vice cnair-lan of the fine arts department, but announces she will not go to Wash ington unless the chairman of the epartroent is unable to attend. $tate Board Meet. irectly upon the heels of the gen- ceive their senators and congressmen and their wives and other leading representatives of the official and social life of Washington. Invitations to this function are extended not only in the name of the federation, but in the case of senators and congressmen, the cards of club women from their states are enclosed.

President to Beport. The sessions of the board will be devoted to a discussion of plans, problems and programs of the federation with special relation to its Latin-American program and the furthering of the community program and to the reports of the president, other officers and department, division and committee chairmen. One day will be devoted to sightseeing, the visitors being offered a al board meeting the advisory oard of the state federation will eet at the Claypool hotel Jan. 16 17. rs.

Miller ana Mrs. eneenan win ma iresn. irom xne wasimigiuu fleeting to give reports to the In- ana women. Mrs. Miller said that Jan.

16 mem- i i ni er ot the executive commiuee, hich includes state officers and de variety of itineraries from which to Name Street partment chairman, would meet at 2:30 o'clock and that Jan. 17 the above officers, with the district and county chairman, would meet to discuss ways and means of clubs meeting the universal membership plan of financing which was voted on at the October state convention. All sessions' of the general federation, board meeting in Washington will be presided over by Mrs. John F. Slpple of Baltimore, president.

FASHION BOOK ORDER. Inclosed is also 10 cents which covers cost of the new winter fashion book, regular price 15 cents, but specially priced at 10 cents when ordered with a pattern. choose. These trips include the Capitol, the White House, congressional library and other points of interest. The Martinique hotel at 1211 Sixteenth street, near headquarters, and the Mayflower on Connecticut avenue, have been designated as official hotels.

The board of directors consists of the officers, state directors, department chairmen and members of the board of trustees. State presidents and division chairmen are conference ence members of the board of directors and are urged to attend all meetings. Club For Blind. The general federation announces Warns of Dangers of Idleness for Wives. To the Prospective Bridegroom.


Prior to the board meeting meetings will be held Monday and Tuesday of the executive committee, presided over by Mrs. Sippel the board of directors, presided over by Mrs. H. S. Godfrey, chairman; the board of trustees, presided over by Mrs.

Robert J. Burdette, chairman; department chairmen, presided over by Mrs. Saidie Orr Dunbar, dean, and state presidents, presided over by Miss Emily Louise Plumley, president. Mrs. Owen to Speak.

MriY Ruth Bryan Owen, representative in Congress from Florida and accounted one oi the most fluent and compelling speakers in American public life today, will be a speaker. A second distinguished speaker will be Dr. S. Rowe, director general of the Pan-American Union. The outstanding social event of the week will be the reception which will be held at the federation's national headquarters Tuesday evening prior to the opening of the business ses- f'lt is on this occasion that the leaders in the life and thought of the club movement of the country re the recent organization in Berkeley, of the East Bay Club for Blind Women, which was organized by Mrs.

Edgar N. Pickering of Oakland, president of the Alameda county federation. The club is composed of and officered by blind women. Programs and musicales will be given by the club and the club movement will be contacted through the county federation. Programs calculated to help the blind will be presented from time to time.

The officers are: President, Mrs. Elford Eddy, the first woman in the United States to make use of one of the dog3 for the blind from the "Seeing Eye" organization of Nashville, Tenn. vice president, Miss Matilda E. Allison, who takes dictation for eleven doctors; treasurer, Miss Doris O'Brien, a gifted musician; corresponding secretary, Miss Marie Ward; recording secretary, Mrs. Mary Carroll, state teacher for the blind.

All are blind with the exception of Mrs. Carroll. 26-28 Weit Washington Street If I could give one piece of advice more earnest than any other to the young man about to be married, it would be this: Keep your wife busy. See to it that she has plenty of real, honest-to-goodness, worthwhile work to do, and put some heart interest In her L- W-SC 1 iwv" It rs work by paying for it with Dotn money and appreciation. There is no other one thing in the world that is more pathetic than the way in which men's most chivalrous impulse is a boomerang that turns back on thern and slays them.

For when a husband loves his wife his greatest desire is to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her in a padded, satin-lined box, where she will have nothing on the face of the earth to do but just breathe, and this is their undoing. Thousands of men work themselves to death in order that their wives may not have to do a single Wheelbarrow Ride Around Circle to Pay Legion Membership Wager Well, I'ts Happy New Year. I was sittin' up to see It come in but here it Is an' here Is II (Copyright. lick of work. Million of hu- bands, looking bewildered at their peevish, fretful, discontented wive, tear their hair over woman's unreason and exclaim: "But wiat more does Maria want to make her happy? Haven't I given her everything? Hasn't she servant to wait on her hand and foot? Hasn't she a nurse to take care of the baby and a governess to look after the children? Hasn't she dressmakers and seamstresses to sew for her? Why, she hasn't a thing on earth to do." And the poor dear man, who ha dona hi very best to be a good husband and make his wife happy, doesn't realize that In depriving her of all useful occupation he has taken away from ber the one Indispensable source of contentment and happiness.

is strange that men should make this blunder because they know that they themselves would be bored to death if they had nothing to do but kill time. But they think that women are somehow different and that Thursday-Friday-Saturday A Three Day Event of Unprecedented Values A Store -Wide Clearance Featuring At the final count last night it developed that the Madden-Nottingham post had 101 members and the Irvington post had ninety-two. If the result stands, Bradshaw will ride nine times around th? Monument while Mendenhall pushes. Late mails may change the outcome, however. In any event the wheelborrow contest will start at 2 o'clock this afternoon in front of the Hotel English.

Both men have promised to be present, regardless of who wins. Districts Vie for Members. In a larger contest between the Seventh district and the Sixth district, the final vote resulted in a tie. Col. A.

J. Dougherty, membership chairman of the Seventh district, announced yesterday that the contest would be continued until March 15 if the chairman of the Sixth district is willing. The loser is to spend an hour in jail, and in event of another tie Col. Dougherty has suggested that both chairmen go to jail. Of the fifteen posts in the Seventh district, seven have reported a larger membership than they had last year.

Wheelbarrow-- which Isn't, regulated at all by present city ordi-( lances, will appear this afternoon on Monument circle. Participants will be James Men-denhall, commander of Irvington Post, No. 38, and Wilfred Bradshaw, commander of Madden-Nottingham No. 848, of the Amtrican Legion. The uncertain part of the wheel- barrow procession, which will circle the Monument several times, is that nobody will know until this afternoon which one of the men will be seated in the wheelbarrow and whicli one will be between the handles of the implement.

Membership Contest. "The Incident grew out of a wager between the two posts concerning the membership that each would enlist before the new year. Any membership application in the United States mails up to midnight will be -counted and the result of the contest can not be determined until the mall is delivered this morning. Miss Griffin Tea Hostess in Honor of Josephine Stout One of the lovely affairs of New Year's day will be the tea that Miss Mary Griffin will give in the ballroom of the Marott hotel, to honor Miss Josephine Stout, daughter of Mr and and Mrs. Joseph Stout, whose marriage to Leon Dessautels will take place Feb.

8. Ropes of smilax and bankings of palms will be used throughout the room. The two tea tables, at either end of the room will be arranged with bowls of roses and freesias in the bridal colors, capucine and gold. White tapers will light the tables. The bride's mother, Mrs.

Stout; the bridegroom's mother, Mrs. George Desautela, and Mrs. D. M. Bowen of Pittsburgh, will pour at one table and at the other will be Mrs.

Marion E. Ensley, Mrs. to secure a woman's rellclty all mat you nave to oo is io gum mi ner uuwn on a plush chair, with empty hands, and Just let her sit, and ait, and it, with nothing to do. Never was there a greater mistake. The old adages, "An Idle brain is the devil' workshop" and "Satan still finds work for Idle hand to do," are even more true of women than they are of men.

It wa because she had no useful, constructive work to do that caused our first mother to go out and hunt up trouble, and that still makes her granddaughters with nothing to do follow In her footsteps. Look about you. Who are the women who keep young, and slim, and alert, and vital? The busy women. The women who work in stores and SWATCH FEATURES DISCIPLES CHURCHES' UNION at 11:15 o'clock for devotionals, led offices, the women who follow professions and who have to keep on their tiptoes all of the time, look about ten or fifteen years younger than their sisters who have married prosperous husbands who have taken away from them any necessity to work. Work keeps the one woman in fighting trim.

It polishes up her wits and puts a purpose into her life, while fTTe woman with nothing to do but to go to luncheons and play bridge slumps and by the Rev. Mr. Griffin, At midnight the congregation FOURTH FLOOR $9.90 $12.90 $16.00 $19.00 $23.00 $33.00 $43.00 $53.00 $73.00 $93.00 gets fat in mind and b' ay. Twq Indianapolis congregations became one last night when members of the University Place Chris-Hion Church united with members of the North Park Christian Church in "watch night service." The service, the first to be held by the two congregations as a single unit, was in the North Park Christian Church, Twenty-ninth street and 36 Formerly up to 57 Formerly up (o 46 Formerly up to 38 Formerly up to (176) Formerly up to 43 Formerly up to (116) Formerly up to (185) Formerly up to 22 Formerly up to 18 Formerly up to stood, joined hands and sang "Blessed Be the Tie That Binds." MANY DIGNITARIES TO PARTICIPATE IN HONORING PREMIER I membership will worship in the fu George B. Weigand and Miss Alice Griffin of Richmond.

Miss Griffin will receive in a chiffon afternoon gown of cameo pink and will wear a corsage of violets. Miss Stout will wear a gown of turquoise blue lace with a shoulder bouquet of pink roses. There will be about one hundred and fifty guests. MISS FISKE TAKES ORPHAN HOME POST Miss Alice Fiske, social service worker, yesterday assumed her du-" ties as director of the Indianapolis Orphans' home. The position was created recently by the board of manaisers of the home as the first step in expanding the program of the home.

One of the purposes of the home is to place more children with private families, Miss Fiske said. At present there are about one hundred and fifty children in the home. The home will be redecorated and periodical medical examinations and psychiatric study will be mafle. Miss Fiske was born in Indianapolis and is a graduate of Earlham If ture. 1 The first formal church service for the united membership will be held i Sunday morning.

Who are the women who fill doctors' offices and sanatorium, and that enable specialists to drive Rolls-Royce cars? Nine-tenths of them are the idle women who have nothing to do but to explore their system for symptom and make a cult of Invalidism. Did you ever notice how, almost Invariably, as soon as a woman gets money she develops poor nerves, or a bad heart, or a weak digestion, or what have you? So long as she had to get up at 8 o'clock and prepare her husband's breakfast and hurtle around getting the children off to school, and trot off to a new market where the meat was 5 cents a pound cheaper, and when it didn't seem but a minute from breakfast to dinner, she was so busy cooking and scrubbing end sewing and looking after the baby she didn't know that she had a nerve or a stomach concealed about her person. It was only after husband made money and carried out his cherished dream of keeping her In idleness that she found out that sha was the victim of aliments that she had never even suspected herself of having. And who are the morbid, neurotic women, the women whose husbands do not understand them, the women who say: "Oh, yes, John is a good and kind and a wonderful provider, but he isn't my soulmate and I am perishing of heart-hunger?" Entire Stock of Fur Coats Addresses By Leaders. Addresses by the Rev.

E. L. Day of Lincoln, former pastor of the North Park Church the Rev. E. M.

Barney, supply pastor at the North Park Church; Dr. Frederick D. Kershner, dean of the school of religion at Butler university, and the Rev. Victor Griffin, acting pas- tor of the new church, were in-. eluded in the service.

Members of the North Park con Special to The Indianapolis 8or. NEW YORK, Dec. Walktr, mayor of New York, was among the dignitaries from whom acceptances were announced yesterday by Nicholas M. Schenck for the dedication committee in the unveiling of a tablet to the late Premier Clemenceau at Loew's Sheridan theater, Sheridan square, on Saturday. Others who have accepted invitations to participate in the ceremonies are Maj.

Gen. H. E. Ely, commanding the 2d corps area; Borough President Julius Miller and Grover Whalen, commissioner of police. Unveiling ceremonies will take place at 3 o'clock, on the spot where in 1S70 the late premier of France lived, taught and practiced during his brief residence in America, when he was an obscure doctor of medicine.

America's Tribute. Because of the number and varied rank of the distinguished personages Reduced t0 2 SECOND and THIRD FLOORS Always these lachrimose sisters are women with nothing to do but sit up and vivisect their own emotions, and keep their lingers on their pulses to see whether their temperatures go up or down at the fall of their husband's footsteps. So long as a woman is working shoulder to shoulder with her husband, trying to build up their fortune, so long as she is pinching pennies and nursing dimes to save the money to go in the business or pay on their first home, she isn't thinking about her feelings. She is absorbed In doing, and getting somewhere. And she is happy and satisfied because she has a real, vital interest and knows she is of some use in the world and of value to her husband.

college. She took postgraduate work in the University of Pennsylvania. Before receiving the appointment here she was director of the children's buresu in Norfolk, Va. She also has served ss director of social service at the Michael Reese clinic in Chicago and at one time held a similar position in the University of Iowa honpitals. Kor several years she was director of the New Bedford (Miss.) Child Aid Society.

Miss Ida Roberts will continue as superintendent of the. home. PARTY FOR DAUGHTER. Mrs. A.

G. Gates. North New-Jersey street, entertained with a tea and dance at the Propylaeum yesterday afternoon in honor of the birthday of her dauxhter, Miss Mary Alberta Gales. There were twenty-four guests. gregation met in the church, atory to receiving the members of the University Place Church.

The latter group met in their own church at Fortieth street and Capitol avenue and then went in a body to the North Park Church, singing the Doxology as they entered the building. Give I'nlted Opportunity. Combination of the two churches, declared Dr. Kershner, does not merely unite two congregations; it gives them a united opportunity for aervice to the community with the possibility of success that only true unity of purpose can give. His Ject was "Possibilities of the Future for the United Church." The Rev.

Mr. Day related the history of the two churches, recording their progress during three decades. "The United Church" was the Ject of the Rev. Mr. Barney ad- dress.

to take part, the commemoration exercises have virtually assumed the nature of America's tribute to the dead war premier. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt will preside. Others whoso names 81 Formerly up to $10.00 $4.90 96 Formerly up to $12.98 $6.90 (285) Formerly up to $16.75 $795 Ci for $15.00) (179) Formerly up to $18.00 $10.00 (311) Formerly up to $25.00 $1390 And who are the women who get Into scandal and bring disgrace on themselves and on their families? Who are the women who write mash notes to movie heroes? Who are the women who pick up men on the street or at danre halls and who get into the silly flirtations that often end In tragedy? appear on the committee are: Otto H. Kahn, Gen.

John Pershing, United States Senator Royal S. Copeland, United Htaie-Senator Robert Wagner, Col. A 8 Williams. Rabbi Stephen Wise Bishop banning, Maxine Mongemiie consul geaeral of France; Itumi Grenede, consul general of Belgium Augusto Merchan, consul general i Number of Readings Given. The Rev.

Mr. Griffin gave a number of They are the idle women, the women with nothing to do but to try amuse themselves and Infuse some pep Into a life that has gone stale and flat. You never hear of the woman who is busy holding down her job or the mother who is making a real home and looking after her children properly running off with a gigolo or keeping stolen dates with a pasty-faced masher at the movies. Ro I would say to any young man about to be married: "If you want to keep your wife sane and healthy and happy and contented, keep her busy, Glv her plenty of work to do and don't stint her In praise er In giving her money that she earns. DOROTHY DIX.

Cuba; S. S. Young, consul general China; L. Jovand, president. French hospital; Frank D.

Pavey, president Federation de L' Alliance Franraise Joseph Donon, president, French veterans of the great war; Ormond SIX SERVICES for FAMILY WASHING TWO BEST GRAND LAUNDRY Riley 2553 A classified directory of Buying and Selling Opportunities Star Want Ads a' A group of songs was sung by a Quartet composed of I. C. Stephen-" son. Warren E. Cox, Emerson Neville end Duncan McDougall.

Miss Sara Elizabeth Miller gave a series of piano solos. The members adjourned to the so-ial rooms of the church at 11 o'clock for refreshments and a social hour, returning to the church auditorium Smith, Dr. A. H. Giannlnl, president.

Bank of America. The tablet will be unveiled by Misj (Copyright JWIhe, whn is th 12-year olJ ol a jcteian..

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