Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
Page 3
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. October 14, 1 MRS. an) HENRY 1 noticed ns soon a.s I opened flic door Tlmt (lie follow was surc-ly, mid «o With a frown just «'< black ns the fine thai he wore I angrily told him to go. Now, I haven't llu- slightest intention - to be As surly, uncivil mid hateful ns ho: Bui that was (lie trick that he played upon me. Another chap came to my doorstep thnt dny, ,And n (winkle he bnd in hiy eye. ' With ;> .smile <>n his face lit l>t-g!tii in n way That prompted n gentle reply. Though n stranger he was, I was eager to be As gracious, good-natured ami kindly as he, And that was the trick that he played upon me. Since those visits, I've thought in thus Miff that we live, And the lesson soi-ms simple to learn, We get back n smile for the smile that we give, And a frown brings n frown in return, If I chuckle, with chuckles I'll surely te met, Just as I set rny lips, so all lips will be set, And that is :i (rick that 1 mustn't forget.— E. A. G. The Mission Study of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock, Friday afternoon at (ho church. Mrs. C. I). I.stcr will lead the study. Warner BAXTER 'Robinhcod of El Dorado 1 _<» SATU R D A Y 1. TOiU TYLER "PINTO HUSTLERS" No. 2 "JUNGLE MENACE" Cnincdy-drnmn "Shu Asked For It" MEIKoiKl SHORTS I'unimount News Novelty "Whispers in tin- Dark" March of Time Mrs. George Dodd has it-turned from Pine Bluff where she attended the meeting of the Arkansas Parent Teachers' Congress. -0- Miss Hattie Anne Feild and Mrs. R. T. Brinnt were Thursday visitors in Lowisvillc. _O~ Rev. and Mrs. T. A. Middlehrooks have spent the past week in Monroe, Ln., attending the bedside of their son. Otto, who is seriously ill in a Monroe hospital. _0~ The Hope Garden club will hold its October meeting ut 3 o'clock, Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. K. G. McR.ie, Kdgewood avenue. Mrs. E. E. White will lead (he program. •-O- On account of the unfavorable weather, last Saturday, the Cemetery Association postponed its rummage sale until Saturday. October 1G, at which time it will be held at the old Checkered Pharmacy stand, corner "TREATED Today and Friday Clark Gable Wallace Beery "HELUJiVERS" An M-G-M Picture Also Kimics Orch. and Cartoon COMING SATURDAY BOB STEELE -in- "GUNLOHDS OF STIRRUP BASIN PAINTKI) STALLION No. 2 Cab Calloway Orchestra Now Will You Believe Jonah Three of the crew of the "Killer Ship Hercules" find that Jonah could have had ample room for a eonifort- nble apartment in the mouth of "Colossus," the huge 68-ton whale scheduled to arrive in Hope on her own speciality built bridge steel exhibit car Saturday, October ,16th. for a one day visitvisit. The huge monster pictured jibove is 35 feet long and wns the victim or hero of a recent historic battle thnt will long remain an epic in the nnnal.s of whale hunting. Harpooned miles off the Coast of Southern California the monster whale put up a 1G hour battle with the "Killer Ship Hercules" that almost put the Killer Ship on the rocks at Catalina Island. In the 16 hours the monster had towed the 400 ton killer ship more than 135 miles stragiht toward shore. "Colossus" .s the largest of her species ever captured and is but one of the features of the mammoth Marine Hippodrome, there are more than a hundred other marine oddities, chief among which is "Sea Tiny the Mermaid" said to be nature's strangest living enigma, in that she closely resembles the fabled mermaids of the ancient marines, and may well be the answer to that old question "Do Mermaids Really Exist?" The huge exhibit will arrive here Saturday, October 1C th. and will be spotted immediately on the team track at the Missouri Pacific depot. The exhibit will be open to the public from noon until 10 p. in. Going to Celebrate Hallowe'en? You'll have to lake your hat off, so bp sure it reveals a sleek hair- dreSK. neat anil' nattering. We do the newest hair-do's! Herloise Miller Alice Harrington Cannon Cooper Cathrine Brown Sibyl's Beauty Shop I'lionc SO Bal, Cox Drug Co. | HERLOISE MILLER, Mgr. Second and Main streets. Jarnes William Cniitley and Ray Turin.'!- are spending their vacation Los Angeles and other western jxiints of interest. _O- The Hope Association, Baptist church are meeting Thursday and Friday at Harmony Grove near Texarkana. Local Baptists attending are Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Hamilton. A. C. Irwin, Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Alexander, Mrs. Anna Duffie. Mrs. Jimmio Embree, Mrs. F. L. Padgilt. Mrs. Earl Bowden and Mrs. J. L. Lewis, city. The regular monthly meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church was held at the church. Thfe president, after a short business meeting presented Mrs. C.*D. Lester, Mission Study leader. She in n few forceful words outlined the plan of study, nnd gave iin introduction to the book "What Is This Moslew World" and its author. Special emphasis was placed i>n his knowledge of the people, and his ability and fitness for the task of interpreting them to the Christian world. Mrs. O. A. Graves was leader for the afternoon, and contributed inui-li worthwhile information to the study. Miss Buryl Henry based her devotional mi the passage. "He that keepeih Israel neither slumbers nor .sloc-px." Slu 1 drew a vivid picture of tin.- contrasts in the prayer life of the Christian and that of the Moslems and Mexicans. 'Hie Moslems build their mosques close to their business life, and though actuated by fear and fatiilism nn.swer the call to prayer five limes every day. 'Die Mexican with his .supt'i-stitioii and ignorance makes limi' for his devotions and penance. The lighter side of the Moslem life was pictured by Mrs. T. H. Billingsley, and the dark side by Mrs. R. L. Broach. The life of leisure and repose; the im- 1/a.s.sivoiie.ss, submission and resignation which cl.arack't-i/.L' them; ac- cepting whatever comes as God's will, their poverty with its 15c per day wage; their ignorance and disease were all widely portrayed. Maps and posters made clearer the territory occupied by the Moslems, and the contrast in their religion and that of the Christian showing it a fertile and fruitful field for work. The next meeting continuing the review of the book will be conducted by Mrs. Lester at the church Friday afternoon at three o'clock, you are invited to bo present. Mrs. R. M. LaGronc has returned from Texarkana where she was the guest of Mrs. E. I. Williams at the opening luncheon of the Texarkana Wednesday Music club at the Hotel Grim. \ • SHOP AT COX'S Whitman's Candy ju.st. arrived Sampler pkg. $1.50 Faii-hill Package assorted F r u i I and Nul.s Pound SUHl Picture Frame K .\ 11) inches, all glass 33c G. E. Lamps 15 lo fill watt 15c 75 to 100 wall lamps 20c _ Cleansing Cream H;ii li.'ir.'i Oould Cleans-ing ('ream. $2.110 .si/;; jar. .Special $1.00 Paper Towels Hygrudo Paper Towels 150 to roll. Per roll lOc Alarm Clock Burelimo Alarm Clock. Heavy Base, assorted colors. Cigarettes Camels, Luifkies, Chesterfields Pkg- 180 Baby Set ,^ Assorted baby needs g packed in a danty pink ^or blue wicker basket. $1.09 IP A N A TOOTH 39c Stick Candy King Leo Stick Candy 2 Pound Can 59c Eveready Flashlight Complete with two batteries. Bouquet Soap Cashmere Bouquet Soap .1 Bars 25c First Aid Kit Contains complete outfit for emergency first aid. 59c Univex Movie Camera Complete $9.95 Make your movies at home. The first successful low priced movie camera made. Zipper Bag Texide Zipper Bag. W u t o r- proof, Big and Roomy. $1.19 Phone 84 John P. Cox Drug Co. We Give Eagle Stamps Mrs. Chas. A. Haynes, organizing regent of John Cain Chapter D. A. R., Hope, was hostess to the chapter and several guests when she entertained with a 1 o'clock luncheon Wednesday afternoon at her home on West Second avenue. Hie large living room was brightened by numerous green vases and baskets of Titlumia and ferns, while roses were used in profusion in the dining room. The D. A. R. ritual was led by the Regent, Mrs. Chas. H. Locke. Mrs. J. M. Houston read the minutes of the previous meeting and the Registrar, Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones announced thai papers had been sent to one prospective member. Mrs. Lee S. Holt was elected corresponding secretary to fill a vacancy in this office. Correspondence was read and filed for future action and it was announced (hat subscriptions to the D. A. R. Magazine had been given the Hope Public Library and the Hope High School Library and the letter had also been placed on the mailing list of the National Defense News. Mrs. Locke announced that "Trees," by Joyce Kilmer, had been chosen the theme song of (he National Society D. A. R., and all members were urged to memorize "The Slur Singled Banner." Copies of the D. A. R. handbook were distributed by the regent. Mrs. Gus Haynes read the President-General's message. Miss Mamie Twitchell was in charge of tin; program and read a paper titled, "The World Today." Mrs. James G. Martindalo read a poem, "Conquest," by Isabel Whitehouse Topping, which follows: If 1 looked over .every day. My neighbor's garden o'er the way. Arid wished (bat 1 had "space to grow" The things I saw there, row on row; Ajid, then, began lo wish quite hard That I might make my own his yard— And so, should start to (rain my arm In strength . . to do my neighbor harm— And when my muscles had grown strong Enough to do him a great wrong, I should just go across and say: "I've come to take your land asvay; I'm strong . . . you're weak . . . you'll soon be downed; My fence I'll build about your ground— You need not think you can resist, For 1 have brought my strong, mailed fist! What has belonged to you, you'll sec Will very soon belong to me!" i f 1 hardly think our laws would let ' Me do a tiling like that . . . and yet Why it is that no world-laws say ] A nation cannot act that way? ' Shall Pontius Pilate rise again In Rome, to scourge the Lord of men? Tht Christ of love and peace, tc slay? Is there no law his power to stay? Shall the great shrine of Christian- '• birth i Be desecrated o'er the earth? O God, shall Thou be thus denied . . . And Christ, again, be crucified? A piano solo, "La Paloma" by Mrs. Wilbur Jones concluded the program, which was followed by the closing ritual and the singing of "America." Guests for the afternoon, other than members of the Chapter were .Mrs. L. Santa Fe Convicts Publish Newspaper But Numbers, Not Names, • Are News in This Tabloid Journal By BARNEY LIVINGSTONE SANTE FE, N, W.-f/B-NumbcrsH not names—make "news" for the editors of "El Bolctin." "E! Bolctin" has just made il.s journalistic bow as n tabloid monthly newspaper to the inmates of the New Mexico stale penitentiary. Edited and published by prison Inmates, the paper disseminates news of interest and serves as an educational- rehhbilitalion project for penitentiary inmates. The newspaper observes the usual nonentity of prison life. There ore no names in the columns except those of prison officials. Spade's a Spade Letters lo the editors arc numerous and to the point. For instance: Editor: For the first time in my life I have enjoyed seeing my name in the paper without having after il. "Held in ?500 bond. Thank you. No. . With the streamer line of page one, "New Prison Paper Makes Its Bow To The Jnmales," the editor sizes up his policy as follows: "In the exercise of sound editorial policy we shall print the news of W. Young, Mrs. A. E. Slusser and Miss Frances Snycler. The November meeting will have Mrs. J. J. Battle for program leader and Mrs. R. M. Briant and Mrs. O. A. Graves will be hostesses. reader interest, no propaganda, .but facts and avoid the contagion of falsity. ..." Aid To Newcomers News item No. 1 announced the prison population as 032, eight females and 024 /miles. Another item points out, apparently for benefit of newoomes, that the "vital period" of an inmate's life is th<S "first introduction to the routine of a penal institution . . , that the impressions created by the beginning of a man's term may have a great influence on his future conduct." The first edition announced a short story contest for prisoners, in line with the warden's policy of encouraging creative writing. The Arctic aftd Antarctic oceans, which are cold and not very salty, are vivid green in color. Iron wood It ,&e heaviest known. It weighs 81 fxjunflg a foot end sinks in water. I DANCE £ Friday Night, October 15, Community Center, •J . Joneaboro, Arkansas ^ Dedicated to Jonesboro and Hope High School tf Football teams. "I Woman Is Outstanding Aviator for Germany DARMSTADT, Germany. — (IP) — . Germany is proud of her Fraeulein I ' Miegerkapitaen" (flyer captain)' Hanna Reitsch, outstanding glider flier and one of few women active in the sport. She recently established a record for long distance flights by women by gliding from the Rhoen hills of Hamburg, a distance of 218 miles. This achievement has been recognized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. The 24-year-old flier has been almost the lone woman entry in European glider competitions and nearly always has won honors. She has toured South America, Africa and Asia. For her accomplishments in aeronautical research, Air Minister Hermann Goering recently conferred on her the title of "Fliergerkapitaen." She -was the first woman to receive such a decoration. More than 80 per cent of the 100,000 annual cases of diphtheria in the United States occur between the ages of one and five years. Gay Days for Dress Shoppers at DUGG ARS! Its real fun to shop where you find so many clever things—Dressmaking style centers surely reached a |>eak when they designed these. DRESSES 2 .95 And Duggar's reached a low in price when, we marked these at this price. Compare their stylo, fit , and quality material-with .anything you have seen. You'll surely want several! MORE DRESSES Extra quality, and even more style—dozens of lovely little dresses to choose from in the color and size you need—and priced at only— 4.95 HOSE 59c DUGGAR'S Ladies Ready-to-Wear—SHOES 111 West Second S Dance starts right after football game. $ Music by George Graves and His Orchestra, •; Admission 50c per person 10 till. Starting Thursday An Important Sale of 200 Smart Fall DRESSES Silk and Woolens All Styles and-'Colors.- STYLE .... These dresses have it! They're fashion right in every detail! VALUES . . . ".We invite comparison! Every dress would be sold'at a higher price regularly! QUALITY .... Up to SPECIALTY SHOP standards! You can wear them with pride in any gathering! SHOP early for best selection! , NEWEST MATERIALS and AUTUMN COLORS Ladies' Specialty Shop WILL EXHIBIT AT HOPE ARK. ONE DAY ONLY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16th EXHIBIT WILL BE LOCATED ON THE TEAM TRACK AT THE MISSOURI PACIFIC DEPOT. IS LOVELY LADY A REAL MERMAID APMiSSJONS JOe Exhibit Will Be Open to the pwblip From Npon Till 10 p. m.

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