Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 6
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£ AGE SIX si-AK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, Washington Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunt of Rocky Mound were the Sunday guests of •Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bearden, Miss Hattie Smart of Shrcveport, is the guest of Miss Joclla Gold. Mrs. B. L. Hume and Franklin Harris of 'Duron t, Okla., and Mrs. Alex Morier of Guernsey are visiting Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Beck. Mr. and Mrs. Crit Stuart spent the week end with relatives in Shrcveport. Mrs. Melson Frazier and Mrs. M.H. Stewart are spending the week in New Orleans with Edwin Stewart. Mrs. A. N. Stround and Mrs. W.I. Stroiid have returned from a week's tour of the' Ozarks. , Miss Jewell Smith of Washington, D. C. is spending her vacatioi with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Smith and other relatives. Mrs. Ella Gold, Miss oella Gold, and Miss Imogene Robinson visited in Shreyeport last week end. Miss Hazel Gilliam of Shreveport is the guest of Miss Ruby Lively. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. N. Trimble and New Laxative Does 6 Things DoeMrs know a gooti taxativ* thould fca«e the jii features which Fcen-i-mint th« delicious chewing gum laxative possessed 1. Delicious, so you will not puc oft taking it. 2. Thorough, more natural action. 3. Non« habit forming. -4. Safe (or even children. 5. No richness to upset diet or appatite. 6. Gradual placement of laxativ* in intestines. Doctors regularly prescribe th« lara- trra Ingredient in Feen-a-niint, Delay is dan- fferous so today safely get back on schedule and stay there. Chew Feen-a-aaint. son David of ElDoraclo are visiting Mrs. W.H. Etter Jr. and other relatives this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Trimble and family of ElDorado spent the day Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Butler and Miss Bessie Trimble. Miss ulia Bcaden will return home {Saturday from Spring Hill where she, ,has been teaching in the suroer school. Mrs. L. K. Boyce of Tcxurkana is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Bob Patterson. Mrs. J. W. Butler will leave the first of next week for Batesville where she will take over her new duties as a member of the facult yof Arkansas College. BULLABD-JOHNSTON Miss Aledde Bullard, of Texarkana, daughter of Mrs. Mary Bullard of Washington, and J. I. Johnston, formerly of Ashdown, were married in Texarkana on Tuesday of last week. The wedding was solmenized at the Hardy Memorial church parsonage in that city with the Rev. W. G. Fletcher offiicating, in the presence of a small group of friends and relatives. Tfter the ceremony the couple departed for a short wedding trip, after which tey are at home in Texarkana. Mrs. Jolinson was a member of the 1932 class of the Washington High and lived in this city al her life until s-veral months ago when she tokk a position in Tcxarkana.. Mr. Johntson is an employe of the Parks Drilling Company of Texarakna. Mrs. Dudney Leads Presbyterian Auxilury Meeting at Church Monday Ibe Woman's Auxilary met at the In a Sphere All Their Own ALL OVER THE WORLD BANANAS, Yellow Ripe—Lb 5c LEMONS, Extra Fancy—Dozen 23c LIMES, Extra Nice—Each * c ONIONS, Yellow—3 Pounds 13c CABBAGE, Nice Green—Lb 3c CARROTS-BEETS—Bunch 5c BEANS, Nice, Tender—2 Lbs 25c SQUASH, Nice, White—Lb 10c JEWEL COFFEE Pound 21C 3 Pounds 61C HAMBURGER STEAK—Can 10c POTTED MEAT, Armour's—2 for , Be HAM LOAF, Armour's—Can 10c DRIED BEEF, Armour's—Glass 10c VIENNA SAUSAGE, Armour's—2 for 15c CRACKERS—2 Pound Box 17c MUSTARD—Quart Jar 10c PORK & BEANS, Country Club—Can 5c SQAP-PandG 7 Bars 25c CAMAY SOAP—3 Bars 14c WALDORF TISSUE—4 Rolls 19c STRING BEANS—Can GINGER SNAPS-Pound 10c TOMATO JUICE, Country Club—Large.... 12>/ 2 c SALAD DRESSING, Embassy—Quart 25c TWINKLE—3 Packages 14c That Good Swift Jewel LARD-8 Pound Pkg. 69c GINGER ALE—24 oz. Bottle 10c OXYDOL—Large Package 24 C CORN FLAKES, Country Club—Pkg 9c POST BRAN, Country Club—Pkg lOc PICKLES, Sour or Dill—Quart 15c SWEET RELISH—Jar lOi GUM, Any Flavor—3 For lOc CUT I ItOM NATIVK BKlir -FOUND MIOM I'ANCY IlKKI-'-roUND Rib Chops Shoulder Roast Ground Veal LEGS—Pound 21c SHOULDER—Pound 15c Quality Meats STEAKS ROAST VEAL LAMB FRYERS BRICK CHILWound OELO, Eatmore Brand-Lb. R. C. Beef for Stew~Lb. Peasut Butter, Bulk-Lb. Lunch Meats, assorted-Lb. FlSH-Strict!y Fresh KKIOSII DKKSSKD-KACII 35c 15c 10c 14c 24c HARRY PITTSBURGH.—When n pitcher is not as fast as he ones wos, it isn't ad- vistable for hi into go around stirring up the hitters. That, at least, is how Burlelsh Grimes loks at it. and why he Isn't picking the National League winner for publication. "If I say one team is Roiny; to finish in front all I do is create a lot of trouble for myself," explains Grimes, \vho on August 18 celebrated his -list birthday as a member of the Pittsburgh club, with which he launched his majof league career 18 years ago. "A couple of other outfits probably don't agroe with me, and the next time I work against the mthey'H say t othemselves, 'So tills is the guy who thinks we're out o fthc race, rli?' Then they'll bear down on me a little bit extra, and the next thing I know they'll be hitting the shirt off mo. "I have definite ideas about most things in this game, but it's bad business for an active player—and I'm not through with baseball yet although baseball may think it's through with me—to express opinions. I know what hitter is easiest for me to get out, but do yo ubctievc I'd tell him? If I did, he'd probably become the hardest. 'So Grimes thinks I'm easy, ch?' Wham! I>enn Eats His Words "I'll give you an example of what talking out of turn can do to a man, and Dizzy Dean is only 23. All Dizzy had to do to lick the Cubs was scale his glove onto the field. In July, of last year, the Oklahoman struck out 17 of them. "So the night before his next start against them, he probably invited the fans to come out to the park and watch him stand the Cubs on their heads. That made the Cubs mud. They thumped the daylights out of him, and he's been unable to finish a game against them since. They chased him three times before H'L' final gong called them off him l;>st fall. and luive trimmed him in three of the five games ho has lost this year. "The average pitcher is Hi his best for from three to seven years. He docfn't learn much during that time. He's just firing the ball and they're not hitting him to any great extent. For a while he can pitch huih and outside to a certain hitler, ;m<l muke him fly out. Then there comes ;i time when tho hitter starts cracking high outside balls. "The trouble witli most pitchers is that they do not realize that the time- has come to do something else. Basc-Kiinncrs Bothersome "A lot of pretty good pitchers of the present day will have trouble if basc- running ever comes back. It's one thing to pitch when you know the man on first, is going to remain them, and another when you suspect he's going to steal. "Age doesn't mean anything." goes on Grimes. "One day a man has it. The next clay he hasn't. Grimes recently pitched six-hit ball for eight innings to taki; a tough hat- tie from the great Hubbcll and the Giants, and on—his birthday held the Dodgers to a single scratch hit for seven and two-thirds innings before faltering, being driven away from (hero, and beaten in the ninth. How the old boy hates In how out! An clehl-inonth cruise of tho ves- wholes, which yielded oil lo an cstl- el, Kir JnniPS Clark Hosi, netted 1UI mated value of $1,250,000. All gun crews of the British navy arc now equipped with gas masks. which arc expected to enable gunners to remain at their stations in the face of a gas attack. All that goes up must come down—and J)r. William Beobe and Otli Barton took advantage of Hint fact to set a new diving record, their great steel bathysphere taking them down 3,028 feet oft Bermuda. Here tbo start of tho descent is pictured—tho sphere is being raised from the deck of their barge preparatory to being lowered. Presbyterian church Monday afternoon August 27 with nine members present. Mrs. Paul Dudney was leader of the August Home Mission program. The meeting opened with a prayer by Mrs. J. W. Butler. Those having parts on the program were, Miss Kathryn Holt, Mrs. Lee A. Holt, Mrs. Sam Mcrrell, Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard, Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton and Mrs. C. C. Stuart. At the close of the progra ma short business session was held which was closed with the Mizpah benediction. The next meeting wil be the first Monday social, with Miss Kathryn Holt as hostess. DeAnn Mrs. Milton Samuel from Oklahoma returned home Monday after a few weeks visit with friends and relatives in this comunity. Mrs. Mary Livingston and family from near Center Point spent Saturday witht her mother and sisters, Mrs. T. A. Vickers and Miss Edna Vickers and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Boyett. Mrs. Ardelle Clark spent Monday Threatening Note to Mrs. Roosevelt Former Navy Machinist Arrested—Had Demanded $168,000 NEW YORK —(/P)— Ben Frank- night under the Lindbergh law for] allegedly writing Mrs. Franklin D, Roosevelt a letter threatening harm to the president and kidnaping of his sum of 5168,000. The letter went to the White House and was investigated in a routine fashion by the secret service. ] Yarn, who said he lived at 763 Rutlcdge ave., Charleston, S. C., and described himself as a former machinist in the naval aviation corps, was arrested at the William Sloan house _ branch of the Y.M.C.A. He is being' E held at police headquarters for ar-'E raignment Friday. j-j; The letter, received a week or ten S days ago, said bodily harm would bo E done to 'Bu7.zie" and 'Sistic" Dall, THE %VI*E OlD UP HILL , DOWN HILL, OVER PRAIRIES ESSOLBNe IS ^SURE THE BERRIES f Quawwbt* SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone (iti SATURDAY SPECIALS —PRODUCE SPECIALS- YAMS, Extra Fancy—3 Ibs 10c EGG PLANTS, nice and large—Each 8c OKRA, Tender Pods—Lb 8c TURNIPS & TOPS—Bunch 10c LEMONS—Dozen 19c O. K. Yellow Soap, l/ 2 size—10 Bars 19c BROOMS, medium weight—Each 29c MAYROSE SALAD DRESSING-Qt. Jar 25c HOBBS LEADER COFFEE—3 Lbs. 50c LIBBY'S APPLE BUTTER—Quart Jar 25c Bulk MACARONI or SPAGHETTI—Lb lOc CRACKERS, Peter Pan—2 Ib. box 20c PET MILK—3 Tall or 6 Small Cans 20c -MARKET SPECIALS- LOAF MEAT CKOI'ND KIU.SI1 2,,15c SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. 15c AVEINERS and BOLOGNA, Pound 13 KG I' 1 KG AST M Pounds 2 PICNIC HAMS Sugar Cured, Lb STEAK, Temk'i-, Lb. ... STEW MEAT-Lb. 5c BACON SQUARES 1 * Lb Sugar Cured, CURED HAMS Center Cut Pound SMOKED RIBS 2 Ibs. 25c Dressed FRYERS FISH Cat and Buffalo Fresh LIVER Home Owned Gro. & Operated Home . . ,„ .-»»«*, , „»• T-, i "VMI: LU UUA/.II; HIJU O15UU J-/U11. — with Mrs. A. M. Clark and Miss EdnaJ. children of the president's daughter, = Vickers. The revival meeting closed at this place Sunday with 19 additions to the church. Harmon Livingston returned home on Sunday after a weeks visit with relatives in this comunity. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Samuel spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T, . Hartsfield. Mrs. Roy Burke spent Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. osoph Thorn as. Miss Ola Mac Harris and Miss Elizabeth Thomas returned home Sunday afternoon after a weeks visit wilh friends mid relatives. Miss Earncslinc Humphrey Ls spending a few weeks with her aunt .nit uncle, Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Humphrey. Mr. and Mrs. John Slaton and J.W. Boyett called on Miss Rcna Clark on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Alvin Willis from North Carolina is spending a few weeks with friends and relatives in this community. Byran Clark called on Nulen Clark Sunday afternoon. Elaton Samuel called on Miss Pauline ones Sunday. the former Mrs. Curtis B. Dall, or the _ child of his son, Elliott, unless the — money was paid. | E Threatens President E The letter, is was said at police E headquarters said that if the prcsi- E dent's wife did not "string along" the S "gang" might even take steps to harm = the president. The letter also said.that. S any one or all of the presidents grand- E children miyht be kidnaped. j E After directing that the money be E oaid in 51, S5, 510, 550 and $100 bills, = the letter informed Mrs. Root«cvclt E that she would be told by telephone E when and how to deliver it. i S "By order of Xangara," was the sig- ~ nature attached to the threatening S letter—recalling that it wa.s Guiseppe E Zmigani who attempted to assassinate •; Mr. Roosevelt in Miami—before his — inauguration and who was executed S in FloridH for the slaying of Mayor E Anton J. Ccrmack of Chicago, who = was with Mr. Roosevelt at the time J E the shots were fired. | E The letter gave the telephone num- , E ber of the Sloan house, it wa.s learned S on good authority, and it was the E clue upon which federal operatives! S and police opened their investigation! E "Bill said he'd get me an ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR for mi] Birthday ICE for Health's Sake The Refrigeration Research P)Ui-cau recommends modern ICE refrigeration, Ice refrigeration is conditioned, washed air refrigeration. Its constant use assures healthful, appetizing foods retaining their natural juices, vitamins, proteins and mineral qualities. —Report of Itefriffi'ralimi Itesuarch Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Claud O'Sleen were j which led to Ihe srrcsl. of Yarn. the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Samuel. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Coffee and children spent Sunday wilh Mrs. Sallie Whipplc and Miss Sallie Tirnbcrlalce. Misses Ola Mac Harris and Belva June Burke were the Wednesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Moy Burke and Miss Elizaheth Thomas. Federal operatives refused to discuss | :£ the case, hut it was known that Yarn — wil be arraigned in federal court on s Friday. . 5 Vain, who said that he is unmar- S ried find a member of a wcallhy Charjs leston family, described himself as a, S former muchini.st in the naval station corps ill present drawing a pension. HOT SPRINGS, ARK HOWE HOTEL RATES—#1.50 to #3.00 PER DAY New — Fireproof 100 Rooms European Plan Centrally Located Corner or Central ana Canyon streets—only one block from batli hoti'.e rov. r , shopping district, doctors' office.; and theatres. All highways and street cars pass our doors. All outside rooms Viitli bath toilet- la\alory- phones—farw • bed lamp:;. Fins furnishings and equipment. Reasonably Priced C A F E Coof-Caidcu, Oarage, Beaut; I'arJor, Barber Shop, Cigar an* New* Stand. Golf and Country Club Privileges J. WILL HOWB President and General Manager Iturcau, "I Told Bill there was no sense in throwing away from $100 to $250 on something we didn't need when Ice is giving us such perfect satisfaction. That was before I talked to Anne Caldwell—you know, she's an authority on home economics. Now that I've got all the facts from Anne, 1 don't believe I'd have an electric refrigerator in the house as a gift from a rich uncle! Why? Well, Anne said that foods get smelly and taste in an electric machine. Yes, actually! She said the big commercial ones in butcher shops aren't bad 'cause they're ventilated. But the home-size cabinets are air-tight. The food odors get no chance to escape and are absorbed by the butter, desserts and even the water that's frozen into ice cubes. Anne says that in an ICE refrigerator those food odors are absorbed by the • • . . * 1 1 «_1 1 " * C* f — ll_. _.-- ITi.!_ _-_ /!___! melting ice and are carried down the dram. ICE really air-conditions your foods! "So Bill and I just figured that ICE was a whole cheaper, with no installment charges to pay!" lot healthier. Goodness konws it's HOME ICE COMPANY SOUTHERN ICE & UTILITIES COMPANY COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE COMPANY

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