Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, Hdife, ARKANSAS Labor Day JtOfcWOXTAt IWio was the la tow leader in the picture? 12 (!fo*s dim. ISAnrora. Answer to Protons mollusk. ,1 <» To prepare tor publication. 17 KeJiirtonrc» of ;ilt cci-lcs.J.i^tic 13 Portentous. S« PSrUxl. Si Says ns,..in '&> Mmb 24 Corpse 2fi Sim fio<! 28 Company 28 Note lu scale 29 Col 20 Beer .« Ktctre :i3 Stair -post .14 Dry 35 Pal tern block 38 Structural unit IS Minor note 35 -Form of "a ' •10 Street *t Kyr •r. IVrtnining to the .side {8 Tiiro p:uste HO The reason >p'l lie was a cigar bv trade. k ii iff f.-itirave r,«To su:: tool f»S lie was born in !>!) Corroded. VERTICAL 1 Carriages. i [entrance. .! Encountered. •I You and me 5 To jump li Departed . 7 Hones S Postscript 'J To liiiish as tlax 10 Fence liar '''" it .Male an- oestors 12 Me was found or and president of the American —— of Labor lpi.) 15 He semi red —— benefiting the working man. 11 Myself. IS And, 31 lie opposed the movement in labor.' 22 Slander 25 Insurgent. 27 Liquid part of fat 29 Twice.' .11 Female sheep. :57 To drivel. •10 Compact. 42 Gemift of horned owls. 44 Form of "be." •4T. Small mountain lake. 46 To piece out. 47 Network. 45 Measure of area 49 Tiny skin opening. 51 Measure. 53 Undeveloped flower 55 Road. 57 Exclamation' used.to Frighten fell ItT Ftod It! Rent It! Buy It! | in the Hope Star Market Place the more you tell, the quicker you selL " X time, lOc line, min. 30o fat consecutive insertions, miol- ' £. mum Of 3 lines.in one ad..-,. 13 times, Cc llhe, niin; SOc " ' " -6 times, 5o line, min. Me 26 times, 3%C line, min. $2.79 (Average 5& words to the line) 'NOTE—Want ads will ba accepted with the understanding that the bitt is payable on presentation of statement, before Uu> first publi- " cation, Phone 768 Screen doors— Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. 8 and 9c for hens, 12c 'for Fryers. T. P. Beard, next to Hope Feed 'Store. 29-3t * SALE-* COOL Summer Wash Dresses $1.98 -wfcjjISMSW ^ . Ladies Specialty Shop "Exclusive-But Not Expensive" FOR RENT FOR SENT: Furnished apartment, private bath, private entrance and garage. Phone 235. 3 tc. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, forn ..rooms, bath and garage. Dorsey McRae. Phone 75. 28-3tp. FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. Furnished apartment for rent. 423 'South Hervey. Miss Eva Owens. SOU FOR SALE Best Paint Sold— Hope Bldg. Mat Co. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. Lewis Motor Co. P. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE: Set of Abstract Books covering Hempstead County Lands. "Write or see L. F. Monroe or yf. H. Jr.,, Washington, Ark_ WE HAVE Fresh Country Meal made from this year's corn. Southern Graia & Produce Company. 31-31 FOR SALE—Shetling pony. Telephone 329. 28-3tp FOR SALE: Standard hauling wagon for cash. Kernp Casey, gut South Mairt. :itc'. FOR SALE OR TRADE-Pair of mules and .'! fresh cows. Will trade for dfy ca.ttlf, G. L. Johnson,.Kt. 3. 29-6t USEQ PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. ' EGGS ARE HIGH. Feed Ultra Life Laying Mash and your hens will lay more. Southern Grain & Produce Company. 31-3t LOST NOTICE! I have moved my shoe shop to the Hope Fruit Co. Store building. AH Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone 667. We call for and deliver 111 South Main Street Bigger Than Ever Rexall Factory to Vou SALE Profits sacrificed to make more friends. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The BEXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Ladi les We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 216 South .Uam I.OSV— Between Geo. Williams store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's clothes. Reward of ?3.00 to the find- ee, EUis Williams. NOTICE NOTICE—Misplaced tv/o packages of baby clothing and lady's wear, pair men's shoes. Return Hope Star. 27-3tp WANTED WANTED: Wardrobe or Steamer Trunk. Call 265-J. 28-3t WANTED TO BUY: Good youiig Jersey milk cow, cheap. Floyd Crank. 2S-3tp. WE PAY Top Prices for Poultry. Sou'.hern Grain & Produce Co. 31-31 elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Waih Suite Properly Laundered. PHONES 50c OUR BOARDING HOUSE gaga." •' •' ""* " ' Jg HMrA- AINT NOBODY W HOME/—MUST J ALL, BE OKI VACATION -YEH . WELL, TH.tYlL.'Bt .BACK ANY DAY {XA NOW; AM' i ^ |X - WA\T—THIS-IS fAY By AHERN MARTHA N\U9T ST\LL |H CH\C.A6O/-^->-«\T WAS UUCKY FOR r/*E I "P>UN \M"TO Tr\' PA^--—^TOU'D ABOUT TVV NNAiOR 6OLt> CAN NOU T\EI GOT A, ^.ONE TO "PICK WVTH TWAT CROOK,A>Nf VT A>\N % T > INTH'ICE ^ i .L,\F IT ISMT Friday, AugugCjl^ 1034 OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS t CAN'T FIND ANV APRON > NO-BUT HOW V x '-^ / OUICKUV YOU CAM \ •/ CAN'T Y^\ f F?IHD A PAP.TV DRESS, \ FIMD NO U'-'j I AND WHAT A TIME ' PEELtM' F-y I I'MAVE-HIDING MV KNIFE. /''« \ SHARP KNIVES,WHEN x VOU'RE MAV<IN<3 BOATS „ AND BOBBER'S'. ,</'/' BORN THIRTY VEARS TOO SOOM. BOOTS ANI>HER BUDDIES Explain Yourself! Ronnie! fly MARTIN \.00\i\Kk' AVX. OOtR TOi VOH '^O-vVl. ^^^ fr* \ ~&% <? VvWJt VOO ? ••£:&&& r.^-/rv-'--5 *•;.) .V-' L -.'-.' - |^ C 1831 BY Mt* 3IBVie«, IMC._T. M. HtO U. 8. PAT. OfT. ALLEY OOP Royal Worry! By HAMLIN TALK ABOUT \ER. BAD BREAKS/ WE OET ALL SET T'MARCV WOOT/E TO ALLEV OOP AN' THEN 1 BUN& UP : MY TOE,AN' VV£ HAFTA POSTPONE TH' ..WEPDIN&/ NOW TM' TOE IS OKAY, AND-OOP HASTA GO AN' Grr HISSELF CARRIED OFP &Y A CVCUONE/ MAYBE HE'U- SHOW UP AGAIN- SIR, YER MAJESTV, OFFICER O'GOO TO SEE YA.' H6 TAN&LEP WJTH ALLEV OOP'S DINOSAUR AN' GOT m - HISSELF ALL BUNGED UP. HE DID, DID HE? SERVES HIM RI6HT-' THROW 'IM OUT ON MIS EAR. AN' THEN SEND IN TH GRAND WIZEft. I WANTA SEE HIM/(1 .BLE Y ,- /HI MOST HONORABLE &RAND WIZEB. HIS MAJESTY, TH' KIN6, REQUESTS YER PRESENCE AT COURT, IMMEDIATELV/ TCLL HIS BOVAL 'HIGHNESS i HAVE HIS MESSA&E AND WILL ACT ON IT WHEN I GET GOOD'N READY/ WELL, 5PCEDV, I SEE YA J UNTIL I K. WELL, CONSULT f FINALLY 6OTCHEC OLD / CONSULT TH'\ WOO2.V ,YOU BON6S OVER HERE/ NOW.TEU ME, WHERE IS ALL6Y OOP? WILL WE WOOZV , YER. v r ANTANK£ROUS HIGHNESS, I AM\s OLD TOAD, UNABLE TO ANSWER) AN' MAKE WASH TUBES Agreed! By CRANE /llSTEM, WE'LL TAKE VOU WI7H> US ON OWE COMDITIOW OMLV.i WHATEVER^ IT IS X I AGREE. BALOMBV/ X OMLV TARE ME OUTA THESE COULDM'T I CREflDPUL WOODS,QEMTI.EM5 ^AWD I'LL DO ANYTHING. MILLION! THEM VOU'RE- WO LONGER THE- BOSS. YOU'LL DO WHATEVER WE T^LL VOU TO YOU CAW \ MO, MQ PLEASE— VTS' FIND YOUR OWN VVIUDCATS/ THE BEflRSJ WAV BflCK TO / I AGREE,-MDU CAN BE CAMP. -x/THE BOSS, AND I WtWT COMPLAIN. WO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. 'nn i civcr^. we: ^esi-i- »vw i*-' / . * | PO, ASJO PO IT CHEERFULLV. (^^$^~ I'LL DO AWVTH1N6, BUT I'M THE BOSS By BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS One Jump Ahead! (NUrTY, I THIKIK FRECkUES OUTFOXED YOU,.,HE'S DOWWSTRE'AM, WITH A WHOPPING BIG TROUT | ON HIS LINE, AND HE WONT EVEM PULL HIM IN ! (X',4 CLAD I SALVAGEP THESE FISH- HOOXS AND UINE...V/E CAN MAKE FISHING POLES .' IT'LL TAKE THE PLACE OF A TENT; AND IT DICWT COSTUSA CENT! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT.WOTTY.'TMe ONE WHO PULLS IM THE BICQSST FISH HAS TO COOK HIM F&F? DINKIER ' BUT HE'S NOT QUITE SMART ENOUGH...I HAVEN EVEN COT ANV BAIT ON MY H0<5!< ;/ NOT BAD POR A FEW HOURS' WORK LET'S GET BUSY 7HEW, THAT'S Ok AY BY Me...Ler's GET GOING tl HOV/ ABOUT SOMETHW TO EAT? Never Stir Clear Water! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) TO ECOWONVIZE: , VOO'ME GOT T O 4HY FNE BUCK^ FOR VJHY, OUR CUUB STOP T«»S FOOLASH CAN<T MRS. VAN1 SWftMKTON TO / PLEDGED ONE WIRE A DETECtVME? ^ \ HUNDRED DOLLARS, SVAE PAID TOR 1 A.ND THKT THAT-SHE GOT AU- RIGHT .'.'- AM HOUR. , AWD POKER AND DOLLAR UUNCUES '

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