Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 31, 1934
Page 3
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yi, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 The executive board of the Woman's Auxilnry of the First Presbyterian church wil meet Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the church. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Smith of Dallas wore the Wednesday night guests of Mayor R. A. Boyett. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Miles hnvc moved from North Main street to the Mrs. W. F. Saner apartment on North ller- vey. Mr. and Mrs. S. II. Brianl and Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Jewell have returned from a month's stny in Battle Creek. Mich.. Chicago and St. Louis. All of us can't go to the motorboat races . . . but we nil can go to the cool-— SIEIKEB anil oilier r, _ in Hollywood A?iff"',. tinff '/ V^, \?/ v.--- x w< •£«•?:•:« : KWJ DIA Double Bib Show SUNDAY & MONDAY JOE E. BROWN —In— "CIRCUS CLOWN" The Zest of Lift Lot me live from year to year, With forward face and imreluctant soul. Not hastening (o, nor turning from the goal; Not mourning for tli e tilings thai disappear In the dim past, nor holding back in fear For wlint tho future veils; but with a whole, *nd lumpy heart, thiil pays its toll To youth arid age, and travels on with cheer. So lot the way wind up the hill or down, Through rough or smooth, the our- ney wil be joy; Still seeking what I sought when but a boy, New friendship, high adventure, and a crown, I .shall grow old. but never lose life's zest, Because the road's last turn will be the best. Henry VanDyke. Mrs. R. L. Denmark and son Rus::ell Jr., have returned from a two months visit with Mr. Denmark in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Va. They will later oin Mr. Denmark in San Diego, Calif. Mrs. Denmark will be remembered as Miss Elizabeth Richards. Charles Kit-hards lia.s returned from an Eastern Coast lour. Mrs. .John Hatley and two little daughters who have been the guests (I Mrs, Cora Staggs and other relatives for the past two weeks left on Friday for their home in Warren. 1 lie Thursday night bridge club, formerly known as the Sub-Deb club held their regular meeting Thursday evening at the homo of Miss El- Lii|iiid, Tables. Salve. Nose Drops Checks Malaria in I! dn.vs, Colds First day, Headaches nr Neuralgia in 110 minutes. PINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Kemedies Known. Farm Outlook Is Improved by Rains Morale of Farmers in Notheastern Arkansas Much Better LITTLE ROCK —(/P)— Tangible ev. idcncc that the general raiivi of the past week have changed the Arkansas farm outlook were contained in the weekly report of weather and crop conditions issued by the weather bureau here. The report said rnlns were well distributed throughout the week ending Tuesday. Temperatures were rather hTgh the first of the week, moderate the remainder of the time, the weely means being three per cent above normal in the western portion of the state and about normal in the cast- For the first time this season the report found rains too heavy causing shccldin gand deterioration of cotton in sdnie northern and eastern areas. Colon is opened earlier than usual and is being picked and ginned rapidly, according to the report. The rains were very favorable for meadows, pastures, sweet potatoes, ap pies, late peaches and grapes. Another cutting of alfalfa is assured in ™inc sections. Stock water is more ploantiful »nd morale is greatly improved. Turnips, late potatoes, corn for roasting cars and green feed and late truck are being planted and preparations are being made for sowing wheat, outs and rye for pasture. ainc Reynolds on South Elm street. The high schore favor went to Miss Margaret Kinser. Guests other than the club members were Miss Elizabeth Evans. Miss Helen Bowden. Miss Loraine Moses, Mrs. Bert Mauldin and Miss Joy Somerville. A delightful ice war. served with cookies. o Mrs. Joe Wilson of Sheridan is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Ab Hollingworth and Mr. Hollinsworth. Then: will be a Vesper song service ;it the First Presbyterian church at !>::!0 Sunday afternoon including a program of sacred selections by Hope's leading musicians on the new pipe organ recently installed in the church The public is cordially invited. If Baby's Life Was at Stake Then you would want the best Prescription Service in Town! Why not play safe and demand the best all the time? We make a specialty of filling Prescriptions. OVER 2:111.1)11(1 PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED John P. Cox Drug Co. niONK SI We Deliver WEEK-END SPECIALS Mild and Mellow EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE, Lb TAKE ADVANTAGE Of These Extra LOW PRICES GRANDMOTHER'S Op BREAD—16 oz Loaf.... OU PAN ROLLS, Doz 5c RAISIN LOAF 9c PRODUCE SPECIALS Now Crop Jonothan Apples, rloz. Fanc.Y California (Jranges, do/, CABIiAl.K Ji Pound i-i'L'sh .Kalian 4 Prunes, 2 Ibs lied Potatoes 10 Pounds c 'I humiisoii's Seedless Crapes, 2 Ibs. ... 15c EXTRA SPECIAL PENN RAD 100% Pure Pennsylvania Callcn Can Kxlra Heavy 2 Callon Can 2 Quart Can 35c This Includes 8e Tax Sp'arke Ice Cream Dessert, pl\£ Rajah Salad Dressing, Pt. 15c Qt. 25c Pure Cane Sugar—10 Ibs. 53c Lb 48 Lb $1.64 llCl I 168 I'Viic.v Grade. Ked Tilled L No. 'i Cans Post Toasties 2 LAIKSK l'K(JS. 19C ? Yukon Club, 28 m Bot. 12 ^ HoL _ 2 foi . i5c GRANDMOTHER'S DELICIOUS CAKES Pound Cake .. .20c Layer.. 23c Bars....l5c SOCIAL TREAT COOKIES— '/ 2 Lb. Pkg ......... 20c National Biscuit Excel CRACKERS— 2 Lb ....... 21c BOKAR COFFEE, Supreme— Lb ..................... 27c RED CIRCLE COFFEE, Lb ............................... 23c White House MILK — 6 Baby or 3 Tall cans ...... 17c SUNBRITE CLEANSER— 3 Cans .................... 13c 20-Mule Borax lOc Buffalo Matches ........ 4c Raisin Bread 13c Comet Rice, 2 lb ......... 17c WAX LUNCH PAPER— 3— 40 ft. Rolls .......... 25c APP'i T^ Nt ' AV Cl '°i ) ' Ullcy 21 C fir t UJK? Washington, Jonothan, Dm.. ** ' u ,„ 17c Our Own TKA—'., Lb. Nectar Sliced Bacon Kind less Pound ... Lamb, Ham, Beef or Pork Sausage PATTIES Pound TIIKY UK. niCLH'IOUS FKlIil), BKOILUD OK BAKJil) —MEAT MARKET SPECIALS— Branded Beef Roast ,ANCVK<-L» 14c Picnic Hams*™.™ < m . *™™.™*-i.». 16c Dry Salt Bacon wMm-™™ 14c Bologna & Frankfurters-2 Ibs. 25c LAMB—FANCY BEEF CUTS—FISH ALL MKATS V. S. INSPECTED WATCH OUli WINDOWS I-'OK ADDED SPECIALS y .... .^^k 4 -' -\\ " JO*r. c)cnooU, U SING either gingham or percale, you'll have a fine time making your young daughter this going-back-to-school dress. It conies .in sizes 8 to 1C years and size 12 requires 2 3-4 yards ot 35-inch fabric with 3-8 yard contrast. To secure a PATTERN ami STKP-BV-STEP SKWINO IN- fiTHUOTIONS, fill out the coupon below, being sure to MKNTIOX THE NAME OF THIS NEWSPAPER. JULIA BOYD, 103 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK Enclosed Is 15 cents in coin for Pattern No Size. Name Address City Slate Name ot this newspaper. FIRST CintlSTIAN CHURCIt Guy D. Holt, Pastor Let us start on time. Bible school at 9:45 a.m., a class for every age. Worship hour 10:45 a.m.. Subject: "The Last Supper." Christian Endeavor district rally at 2:30 p.m.. There will not be a meeting of the Y.P.C.E. at 7 p.m., but intermediate endeavor will meet at this hour. Evening worship hour at 7:45 p.m.. Subject: "The Voluntary Sacrifice." We extend to all the invitation to attend all of these services. World Scries in four straight games. Admitting that he feld badly over the breaking of his winning streak after it had reached 16 games in succession, Howe added: "But I guess maybe I had it coming to me. I got all the good breaks for a long time. I figure., maybe it's a good thing to draw a' few bad ones now—instead of later .tfiisfall—at the Polo Grounds for instance. ''Mickey Cochrane's" Detroit club is going to win this year's World Series in four straight ball games. One of these ball games is going to be a shutout." England si exerimenting with rubber tires on gun-carriage wheels in an effort to reduce damage to guns front vibration when traveling at high speeds. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Dr. Brewster is back from a month's vacation and is anxious to meet ev- j cry of the Men's Class at 9:45 Sunday | morning. | Morning sermon at 10:55, and musi- can program and 1 song service at 5:30 in the afternoon. , A silver offering wil be taken at the afternoon service to assist in pay- j ing for and installing the new pipe organ. FHIST BAPTIST CHURCH Jim Brewer Jr., Supply Pastor Services for Sunday, September 2:1 Morning: Sunday school at 9:45. Morning worship at 11:00. Sermon topic: "Docs Jesus Care?" Evening: Training service 7:00. Evening worship 8:00. Sermon subccl: "God's Invitation." Preaching at Shovcr The Rev. W. J. Burgess will fill his regular appointment at Shovcr Spring Baptist church Saturday night and Sunday. NEWS "REVIEW (Continued from Page One) The FALL I'ATTKKX IJOOIf, with a complete selection ot .Ttilla Boyd'designs, now is ready. It's 15 cents whim purchased separately. Or, it you want to order it with Hie pattern above, send in just an additional 10 centa with the coupon. James Allred, Next Governor of Texas, Started Out As Bootblack mcnt, it is at least feeling better than it was a little while ago. Official figures compiled in Washington show that during the 'first six months of 1934 the United States exported just a little more than a billion dollars' worth of goods—a higher rate than that shown by cither 1932 or 1933. Lf things keep on at this rate, exports for the year wil run above the two billion dollar mark, which they haven't touched since 1931. Lest we grow too jubilant, it might j be well to point out that we are still far below the 1929 high water mark, when we exported goods worth more than five billion dollars. But at least we are on the way up. Gubernatorial Nominee Is'a "Showman," With Flair for "Mixing It" With the Opposition On Stump Or in Courtroom AUSTIN, Tex.—(/P)—The next governor of Texas once shined shoes. He's James V, Allred. 35 years old, who won the democratic nomination from Tom F. Hunter, "Jim" Ferguson's candidate. Ferguson is a former governor and husband of the present incumbent, "Ma" Ferguson. Nomination is tantamount to election in the Lone Star state. Allred's rise is being compared with that of former Governor Dan Moody, youngest chief executive of Texas, who was 3*1 when elected. Both started in politics as prosecuting attorneys, and botli served as attorney-general. Hundreds of suits, said to be a record, have been tried and filed during Allred's two terms as attorney-general. Many he won. but he has had his share of defeats, too, one of them being his suit, against 15 large oil companies and the American Petroleum institute for aggregate penalties of 517,000,000 for alleged violation of ijnli-lru.st laws. Born in Frontier Town But. thou.s;iiuj,s of dollars in c;ihs and valuable; oil lands have been ru- cuvercd by Allred for !he free .school fund, one suit netting the slate more than Sl.000,000 in cash. The gubernatorial nominee is » "showman,' 'with a flair for "mixing it" wit hthe opposition, both on the stump and in the courtroom. One of bis opponents "lamented" the loss sustained by the stage when Allred became a lawyer. Allred was born in Bowie, Texas, March 23, 1809. His father was a rural mail carrier. Bowie was a frontier Schoolboy Rowe Says Tigers to Be Champs NEW YORK —(/P)— Lyr.wood (Schoolboy) Rowe, sensational right- hander of the Detroit Tigers, Thursday night predicted in a talk over nation-wide chain (NBC) that his club would win the American League poignant -this year -and • then sweep the a week, so that their average wage prior to curtailment was about $13.32 while lowest paid workers were aver aging but ?10.80 instead of the so called code minimum. Under the curtailment plan the av erage worker is held to 511.10 a wee' by the 30 hour limit and receives les iiiau caniei. ouwie \vctu H nuiiti^i i - , , , town then, and one of Allred's earliest , than that because the average work memories is of a gun fight between week has gone below .30 hours. Manj the town marshal and the county bad- I individuals make more, but som m j make less. The workers on the min n,,m WnKlu.fi Rollins imum scale in the South who can.onl Once Washed Bottles ^ ^ hours a wcek are making bu Allred's four brothers are lawyers. 156 a wcek—and the union will shov His first job was washing bottles. I you to such pay envelopes, thougl After that he shincd shoes and sold , as late as June the average wcck-wf newspapers. During the World war j 28.8 hours, he served a year as an apprentice seaman. It was then he first thought of becoming governor. "I'm going home and run for governor some day," he told three home town friends at Die San Francisco aaval barracks. He is a strong prohibitionist, but favors submission of repeal of state prohibition. He advocated establishment of n stale police force, improvement in Texas' pardon syslcin, adoption of a cont'lilulional amendment to permit, classification of property for taxation and repeal of the law legal- ising race track betting. His favorite recreation is fishing. His wife is the former Joe Betsy Miller of Oklahoma, an accomplished musician. They have two children, James, Jr.. five, and William David, tight months. DUTCHER GIVES (Continued from Page One) erage working week was around 55 hours, than (hero has ever been under NRA's 40 hour maximum. For the employment index, which covers merely the number of men and women on payroll:;, only rose to 101.G in August after a month of the code, fell to 9!).G inSeptcmbur and was 'M in December. Then the industry effected its first curtailment schedule and textile work ers were writing pathlelic letters to NRA here, complaining that Christmas was coming and there wasn't any work. March showed a high of lUli.l during another spurt, but the level gradually went below 1)4 again. Code Authority Indignant Chairman George A. Sloan of the Cotton Textile Code Authority u»d other industry leaders were pretty indignant about the strike because llu'j' insist they have lived up to the code and done verything the government at'ked. They protest that when ihi'X sTt'iied the code they weer given 1° understand that general purchasing power would rise enough to enable the public to buy their goods and ti'" 1 it hasn't done any such tiling. Naturally, they admit, there b:>s been a tendency to reduce labor custs. Neither side says this first, of all NRA codes has failed. 'I he industry swears allcgiajice to it and Chairman Francis Gorman of the strike committee says the code would be all rigl'l if it were not being violated in both spirit and practice. The industry rca- | lizos that under the co.'e prices have I been held without being cl and the existence of highcost mills preserved. Continued unrestrained competition would have put out of business many mills which not at least are able to break even while low cost mills show real profit. j The union realizes that under the code it has been able to expand its membership many times to the point where it feels strong enough to strike. That child labor lisa been abolished, that at least 100,00 more men and worn en are now employed in the industry than were 18 months ago, that the maximum work week has been established at 40 hours and the average hourly wage was raise clfrom the pre- f cede level of 21 or 22 cents to 37 cents, i which is about 15 per cent above 19- 2ft. But the union contends that only weekly pay envelopes and not hourly | rates buy groceries. j The code provides minimum wages of S13 in the North and ?12 in the South on the maximum 40 hour week basis. But cotton mill workers have- since been averaging 3G hours of work DRESS SALE Entile StiR'k Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP I'lione 252 Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver Plumbing— Electrical Appliance* Phone 259 The Market Place Moore & Wray 226 S. Main Phone 412 Hams, whole or half, lb ... Fish, dressed Buffalo, lb. ... Creamery Butter Pound Beef Roast, forequarter, 3 Ibs. .. 25c Beef Steak lOc—3 Ibs. Beef Stew Pound Club Franks Pound 12ic Barbecued Sliced Ham, lb.. 53c Pork Chops or Steak, lb 15c Pork Shoulder Roast, lb 14c Pig Tails, Pound ... 12c Brick Chili Pound Spare P Pound u'bs 14c Sausage 2 Pounds 15c Bacon Squares Sugar cured, lb.. Do You GAMBLE 7 (1) Have you ever cut out of line of traffic? (If so your chances of having an accident arc multiplied by 50.) (2) Have you ever driven over 40 miles an hour? (If so your chances of having an accident arc multiplied by 25.) (3) Have you ever passed another car on a curve? (If so your chances of having an accident are multiplied by 21.) (^) Have you ever passed another car going up a hill? 'If so your chances of having an accident arc multiplied by. 10.) (5) Have you ever failed to signal a turn or stop? (If so your chances of having an accident arc multiplied by 5.) M ANDERSON t CO. COMPUTE INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas 'M' Syst Highest Quality and Low Prices Specials for Saturday SUGAR 10 Lb. Paper Bag....52c 10 Lb. Cloth Bag... 54c LEMONS : J :: ra ,, ro , rFOKNIA KED BALL—DOZEN 19c California Red Ball—Nice 200 Size—Do/.. 28c Del Monte PEARS LARGE CAN 20c COFFEE RED AND GOLD—FOUND 19c CRACKERS QUAKI BRKTTE L LB. BOX I 5JC SOAP PEETS WHITE Or 0. K. Bars 15c PORK & BEANS CAMPBELL'S—CAN 5c U/l 1 U Mothers Chr.vstiil Wiire—Clo-e Oul—W m.. Plig. TOMATOES No. 2 {'DOS for Kelloggs Whole Wheat Flakes Star Washing Powder—2 pkgs FLOUR-48 lb Golden Puff $1.65 100 ', Cotton Seed Oil W1LSGO—8 Lb Carton ARKET SPECIALS- WHOLE Oil HALF-TOUNI) FISH-DressedBuffalo-Lb. 12{c Any tut [-"urc 3u,,25c BEEF STEAK-Pound 1 1WK CHOPS Or STEAK-LI). 15c PORK SHOULDER ROAST-Lb. BRICK CHlLI-Pound SAUSAGE 2 Ibs, 15c

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