Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1937 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1937
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Three Days of Community Entertainment-Southwest Arlansas Merchants & Farmers Fair, in Hope October 21-22-23, • .- ,. ttv- 1 - ..^ jf / M, Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H Washburn——— County Library—for the Asking A People's Hunger for Books What the State Requires I K we in HcmpHlcm! county will raise $630 for necessary supplies the State Library Commission stands ready to purchase $5,400 worth of books for the establishment of a county libr"ry service here. J have this information in a letter addressed to me by Alfred Knwlinson, executive secretary of the Library Commission, War Memorial building. Little Rock. Mr. Rawlinson seta forth that a total of $64,606 is available to be loaned and circulated by county libraries over the state, and $5.400 of this amount is allotted to Hempstead. This is one thing Hetnpslead county should make sure of. A.s a newspaper pulisher I can gi v e expert testimony on a pertinent point: The Star spends several thousand dollars a year on tho purchase of information and entertainment. We publish a full page of cartoons daily- a daily sports page, and other standard metropolitan "features". But our repeated reader .surveys over many years show conclusively that the most popular single feature is the serial story, published in daily installments. That tolls how great is the people's hunger for books. Mr. Kawlinson gives the following requirements for the establishment of the proposed Hempslead county library— JoiiesboroGameIs° to Be Broadcast at City HaH8 Friday 25-Cent Admission Charge to Cover YBMA'S Wire Expense A "PLAY-BY-PLAY" Telegraph Account From Jonesboro—Team Leaves 0:30 a. m. Friday A telegraphed play-by-play account of UK; Hupe-Jonesboro football Kame will be sent from the Jonesboro srtad- inm Friday night to Hope fans gathered in the city bull auditorium. The rcadinR of the telegraph HC- rwmt at the city hull will begin at 8 o'clock Friday night—gnme-lime in Jonc.o.boro. Tho broadcast of the game is being handled by the Young nu.sinc.sK Men's Association, and there will he an ad- mi.ssion charge at the auditorium to cover the expensive telegraph service running for two hours or so. Hope Star is participating in the wire cost, for publication rights Saturday. General admission to the auditorium will be 25 cents per person, but .students properly identified Will lie passed for 10 cents. The Joneshoro Hurricane is Hope's second slate conference game, the Bobcats having previously defeated Benlon of the "Big Fifteen." Tlie Bobcat squad, comprising 22 players, Coach Foy Hammons and two student managers, will leave Hope from the Diamond cafe at G;,'iO o'eolck Friday morning on a chartered Tri-Statc bus, arriving at Jonosboro nearly 300 miles away, late in the aflernoon. Fourth Set Twins Are Born Thursday Ls Third Set. in Succession for Mrs. 0. L. Lsbell of Tyronsca MEMPHIS, Tenn. •»(/»'.-• A Ill-year- oid molfuT from Tyrmi/.ii, Ark., lay in a hospital hod here Thursday "do- in« nicely," and happy in the knowledge that she had just given birth to her fnurth set of twins- -the third set m Mit'i'c.sMon. Her fourteenth child is 14 years old. She is Mrs O. L. Udell, a farmer's wife. "I wish I could have .scxtupleUs and bring the championship to Arkansas and (he (In.- United States," she told newspapermen, Windsors to Make Month Tour U. S. Duke and Duchess Lo Traveler Across United States by Train NEW YORK.--(/]'>- -A clo.se associate of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, deelininn use of Ins name, disclosed Wednesday that the couplo would arrive here early in November, remain only a few days in New York and then make a "purely private" trip across the continent by tram. -*U» I «»~ Texarkana Killer to State Hospital Mother Who Poisoned Child, Then Self, Will Recover TKXAUKANA. Mrs. Guy potts, 43, wife of a Miller county deputy sheriff who fatally poisoned her seven-year- old daughter. Polly, then tried to end her own life in a similar manner, was transferred to the Stale Hospital ul Little Hock Wednesday. c The transfer was made after Mrs. Polls reiterated her threat lo kill herself, her husband and her 18-year-old daughter, Janet t Mrs. Potts, a World war nurse, will rei-t.vi r. IHM |ih.v:.ici::n .--aid today. The Requirement* 1. Aid shall be given only to libraries giving county library service according to Act 244 of the Acts- of Arkansas, 1927, entitled: An Act (o Authori/e Counties to Establish mid Maintain County Free Libraries. 2. Aid is granted on the basis of providing the minimum collection neccssiiry to undertake Countywide library service. .'I. Not more than one libary in n county shnll receive old and this library shnll serve as on admin- i.vtrative center for county library service lo the whole county. 4. Ax long HS funds nrc available, grants shnll be made to the various counties in the order in which they assume their obligations provided that within three months after the obligations are assumed definite -steps shall have been taken towards mooting them. 5. Two or more counties may combine their state aid for the establishment of one library serving the region provided (he amount of state aid docs not exceed $20,000. 6. All libraries receiving $8,000 or over state aid shall have nt least one graduate of an accredited library school on the staff. Those receiving less than $8,000 shall have at least one member on the staff who has been n student in an accredited library school for three months. 7. State aid is for books only nnd the book collection purchased with state aid shall have the following proportions: Children's books 50% of book fund. Adult fiction 20 % of book fund. Adult non-fiction 25 % of book fund. Magazines and newspapers 5% of book fund. S. Service of books provided by state aid shnll be free and given to all parts of the county through such methods as the County Library Board and the Librarian shall deem advisable. 9. All books purchased with state aid funds remain the property of the Arkansas Library Commission and are on an indefinite loan to the county. The Commission reserves the right to withdraw all its books from a library not rendering effective service. 10. The initial selection of books to be purchased with state did funds for u county library shall be made locally and tile titles must be approved by the Commission before Ihe books are bought. 11. Libraries which qualify for fund.s available to the Commission before July -, 1838, will not bo given more than 80% of their grant by that date and the remaining part by July 1, 1939. 12. 'Die obligations of the county shall consist of supplying adequate quarters, personnel, supplies, and means of distribution. The P.-T. A. School of Instruction, scheduled to meet at Hope High School building Saturday, Ottober 16, will not bo held until the following Saturday, October 23, it was announced Thursday by Mrs. Edwin Dossett, P.-T. A. city council president. 1. A true-false test for Bible students. la) Joseph, once sold into slavery, became ruler of Egypt. (b) Solomon had 1000 concubines. (c) Moses married an Ethiopian. ld> Cucumbers, melons, onions, and garlic are all mentioned in the Bible. (c) John the Baptist wore a seamless coat. If) Methuselah died at the age of 106!) years. 2. A musician understands the word adagio lo mean: slow, vivacious, brisk, soft, lively. 3. What do the following have in conimoji? Mark Twain, O. Henry, Maxim Gorki, Alcibiades, George Eliot, end S. S. Van Dine. 4. Quickly now, what is 239 times 12 inches? 5. Tlit 1 toasl to women. "Woman-—without her, man would be a savage." John, whose punctuation lias never worried him, write it to his fiancee. Shu returned his ring. Why? Answer.-) on Clarified Puge Star WEATHER. Fair, continued colder, probably light front in exposed places in the extreme cast portion Thursday night; Friday partly cloudy and warmer. VOLUME 88—NUMBER 314 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14,193? PRICE 5e COPY BAILEY MAY RESIGN Wade Kitchens to Discuss 1938 Farm Program Saturday Congressman to Speak at Hope City Hail and at Blevins School MEETING HERE 10 A. M. Cotton Loan and Subsidy Plans Will Be Discussed by Kitchens Congressman Wade Kitchens of Mng- nolin will be the principal speaker at two farm meetings to bo held in Hempstead county Saturday, October 16. The first meeting will be at 10 a. m. at Hope city hall, and the second at Blevins High School at 2 p. m. Saturday. Purpose of the meetings are to discuss the proposed 1938 farm program. The two meetings are being sponsored by the Hcmpstcnd County Farm Bureau. 'It is very important that all farmers attend this meeting in order that they may know what the 1938 farm program proposes to do. H. H. Huskey, slate commitlecman and president of Hempslead County Farm Bureau, will be chairman of the meetings. Mr. Huskey recently attended a meeting in Memphis where he served as a committeeman on the proposed 1938 farm program. He will discuss the most important points of the Memphis meeting, The latest information relative to the cotton loan and subsidy will also discussed. Corn Field Fight Leaves Two Dead Frank Switzer, Farmer, Dies in Hospital of Knife Wounds JONESBORO, Ark. - (fl'l - Frank Swil/.er, 38, farmer, died in a hospital here Thursday of knife wounds suffered in a corn field battle Tuesday near Lorado, Green county. Monroe Swindle, 24, died shortly after the battle for which Vernon Dacus, 23, is being held in a Paragould jail facing charges of murder. Local Loan Unit Plans to Expand Directors Meet With J. C. Comvay, Secy, of L. R. Home Loan Bank Plans for further increasing the activities of the Hni<e Federal Saving & Loan Association were discussed at a special meeting of the hoard of di- reclors Wednesday night, which was attended by J. C. Conway. secretary of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Litlle Rock, of which the association is a member. Mr. Cnnway came to Hope to confer with the management of the local thrift and home financing instilulion relative to an immediate campaign oi information and education to bettei acquaint the general public with the facilities of the association. "Many people are not familiar with the services offered by the Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association," Mr. Conway said, "and do not know that savings placed in it are insured against loss up lo $5,000 for every account by an agency of the Federal government, earn u liberal dividend, and are available in case of need. The too, the association has ample funds to lend on first mortgages on homes in Hope, on the popular direct reduction plan, and it invites applications fur loans for Ihe purchase, construction, remodeling and repair of residences. The directors of the association have made plans for a campaign to better inform the citizens of Hope of Ihe facilities available to them, and I am confident that through proper publicity the association can be of much more service in furthering the growth and progress of the city." The Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association is one of 1.2UO similar nationally chartered organisations, 35 of which are in Arkansas. All of them are members of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, through winch funds are available to the associations at all times to meel the needs uf borrowers and investors. The federal Homo Loan Bank of Little Kock with which Mr. 'onwuy is connected serves approximately 300 associations in the stales of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas, being one of Washington Views Acceptance of Three Historical Markers for Hempstead Co. (Con|inuw) an Page Five) Shanghai Bombed \ byJapWarplanesi U. S. Sailor Injured as Shrapnel From Jap Shell Hits Him SHANGHAI. China — (/P) - Great , shells crashed into the heart of war- ' torn Shanghai's International settle- ' ment Thursday, killing and wounding more than 100 Chinese vicilians. An American sailor, J. P. Mc- Michatel of Conngrsville, Ind., was ' -lightly injured when a shrapnel from I Japanese shells sprayed the Cruiser j /vuguata lying at anchor in the Whang- i (Continued on Page Five) I --G) —Photos by The Star TOP—This picture tells the whole story of the presentation to Hempstead county last Sunday afternoon at Wushiugon of three historical markers )>y Ihe Arkansas Centennial and History Commissions. At the extreme right of the photo is one of the two Washington markers, describing the old courthouse-state cupilul, while the building itself appears at the extreme left (the second Washington marker, commemorating the town us a whole, is planted at the other side nf the capitol building—and the third nii'rUer, telling the story of the Great Southwestern Trail, will be placed at FnlUm. famous Ued river crossing) .... In the center of the picture Mrs. Charlean Muss Williams of Washington is leading a chorus of school children in the song "Arkansas." BOTTOM LKFT— Little Jo Ann Can-lean, daughter of Mrs. Lucille Carrigan, of Washington, spoke a piece on the program—and spoke it well. BOTTOM RIGHT— E. F. AlcFiuldin, Hope attorney, delivers the principal address, the history uf the original llempslead county that reached from the Little Missouri river to the Louisiana line. . . . Seated behind him, left to rifrht, arc: Emory A. Thcmpson o£ Fulton, who accepted the pift of Ilu- Fulton murker; airs. C. C. Stuart of Washington, master of curc- nn.'iiics: William iUcCumb of Little Kork, who presented the three markers «s iigvnt of the state commissions; Dr. J. C. Williams of Washington, who gavo the invocation; Mayor A. 1*. Deloney of Washington, who accepted (lu- gift of the (tvo Washington imukrrs; und Mrs. Charlean MOSS Williams, Hcii)[i.' lead county historian. ®Larger Crops for State This Year Increased Production Noted in Corn and Rice Crops Is LITTLE ROCK.—Increased production of all Arkansas crops ihis year over last is indicated in eslimales as of October 1, Sluart L. Bryan, agricultural statistician for Ihe Arkansas Federal-Slate Crop Reporting Service, said Wednesday. Com production was estimated at 40,610,000 bushels, compared with 26,738.000 in 1936. Yield per acre was esti- (Conlinued on Page Five) Miller Reports Rumor; Bob Bailey * l'V: Story Is, Governor to Make Way for Lieutenant- • Governor CONCLUDING RALLY Miller Men at Spring Hill' .' — Bailey Forces Here -t Saturday LITTLE ROCK.— </P>— Political 'cir4 cles speculated Thursday over an. assertion by Congressman Miller thatV Governor Bailey Friday night His to*$ tendon of reliquishing the gubernator-"' ial office to Ueutentant-Governor Bailey if elected to the senate next .. Monday, October 18, , ( ' Miller made the statement Wednes*; day night at El Dorado. ' *• ', Bailey headquarters here decliried.' to comment Thursday. '- ' Lieutenant-Governor Bailey s a i 4 Thursday: ,y^ "I haven't been a party u»jany,trade, am not interested in any 'tirade now • and will not be in the future." Local Rallies " ' • f f. <• In Hempstead county the supporters of Congressman John Miller are hold/ ing a rally/at 7:30 o'clock this Thurs- < day night, October 14,. at Spring" Hill,, ' "(j as. previously announced, but have an- ^ §| nounced,,no concluding rallies for the"*'"!' week-end. x : ' -Xfi>3 The :local Miller speakers, O. A. Graves? John Veseyy Sheriff Jim Bearden arid Steve Carrigan, appeared last -' i Friday and Saturday nights at Blevins and>McCaskill.£i ' -,,. 1-,^,'f For the forces pJE.,- Goyernot- Carl' .BaUey*. the, ( Democratic ; Couidf Cen* • tral Committee has announced a'coun- ty-wide rally to.be held at Hope city hall at 7:30 o'clock Saturday night, October 16.' h The Bailey rally announcement ,waa made by W. S. Atkins, chairman of the county committee. 3,150 Votes A special poll-tax book showing all voters qualified to cast ballots in the special election next Monday has been completed by The Star's printing department on a contract from the County Election Board. The book, showing a total of 3,150 qualified voters in Hempstead, will be distributed Friday morning. The printing order was for 100 copies. Exhibit Booths StiUAvailable Auto Races and Air Circus for Fair to Be Held October 21-23 the Merchants and Farmers Fair, October 21-23, is being sold rapidly, however, there are a few choice locations in both departments. Exhibit booths can be arranged by applying at the chamber of commerce office, Hope city hall. All professional free attractions have been contracted for. West Brothers, who are furnishing the riding devices, have advised that 10 trucks would arrive here Sunday afternoon and start unloading and erecting the de» vices at Fair Park. Curley Young, formerly connected with Archer Motor company, and better known to professional automobile racers and airplane pilots as "daredevil curley," has been awarded the contract to murnish the dirt track for the automobile races and the air circus. Mr. Young is now in Memphis, Tenn., arranging for race cars and drivers. He advises there will be every kind of car on the track from Fords to DuseijT burgs. Five or more planes of the newest type will be used in the air circus. The automobile races and air circus will be held on Sunday, October 24. Graders will be moved to the Fair Park Friday morning to put the track in shape. Sharks To Help Nazis HAMBURG—(/PJ—To overcome the shortage of the finer leather used for women's foot gear and hangbags, which has resulted from the throttling of imports under the four-year plan of self-sufficiency, a fishing company has been formed here to catch sharks in the West Indies and process the skins and blubber into leather and oil. Cotton NEW ORLEANS —tfP>— New Or s leans coilon opened Thursday at 8.49 and closed at 8.35, six>t closed steady and IS points lower, middling 8.3%

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