The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1940
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 1, MHO JHATIIKVIU.II: (Ainc.y COUIUKH NEWS PAGE i''lVE CUSS1F1K1) ADVERTISING liNFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line ice l'n-o limes per line per dn.v.. ..(We Ihren times per lino per ciuy...0(;c wx limes per line per day 05e Month rntc |>er line. . 60u Cards of Thanks 5n<: & 76:: Minimum eluu^e 5(!e Ad.s ordered for three or six times and Mopped belore expiration will be charged for Hie number of limes the add appeared and nojmimcm of bill ni;i«e. All Classilied Adv(-.rtisiiijj copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may he easily computed Horn auovt- tiiuit. Advc-rn.siinj oroeruu ior un.-sular mscitions laKts the one time rait. No resjjonsibijiiy will be tautn for more man one incurred insertion 01 any classmen au mm GARS |_ j Two Koud mules, \V:IKOII, 2 eulti- I valors. J. n. McDowell, rii>s\vood j Kidae. I'hone tfl-I-XM. l-ck-t ; N'lce f> room house, •> bedmnms, ! bath, a room poultry house, fine 1 lonillnn. 1 :i doirn, Iwlaiuv cnny T;illi is c)H'it|i. Tluil's . , OT Imclt H ti r promises on! lrl ' ms -Close U> pail,. -HI Kusl Ken- Slltn- IJsi'il Cars with it wriUrn |^; ...!'" MI -. . 50; 5(1 jriiartmU'l'. \\'l' jmt il]5 ncms lund 7 room house mod-'oi'KN We S|!<>rl:ilr«' In SWEEPING COMPOUND IIi'iir)' Hdw. Co. I'liu no 35 ('i)ltlV Welding K.M'KKT KU'XTJilU & ACtf ilmvn in lihu'lv & While! I!l,'i7—Kci'd Tudor. Sloltir /\-l. Color iiliicii. Only Mm—Ford Tudor. Illiidi. Kxi-cllcul tumlitioii I!>;if>—Fiii-il Hc'tlan. Tires motor Only Hl.'i?—I'lvnimilli Coat'li Tom- iiijf. I'jilin (Ji-ocn rol. Alolor 'ijvei'h.Tnk'd.. „ ,.,.,.. for business. shoi cm. N. W. part ol i-iiv. $:i5tH). maker in l| u - crainlv. When olh- (i room modern, H'2 Davis St. f5(M ers fail, try ,'ii. l r i>, 'em yep 11V ra.sli. $.'10 moolli. Many other pint-• Ko. K. ft, St. ! PS lo suit you. Ill N. Slid HI. Hoi-i <«ininn f> 1 /,« i llson and Co. hone 1128. •JO-iik-'Jl Omiun I. L,(JC, I Cirnrcrv nnd meal innrkei doim: 1 nood business. lx»w rent lor $1000. Ill N. 2nd. Si. Phone 112B, Itoili- sod and Co. 20-pk-ii 1 Saddle horse, weight 000 pouims.' Age o" yours. lilfiek. l''ast nnd trulle. Clood for planliilioji or pleasure. $185, or will Irade, Includes saddle and bridle. 1(. K. Wrfcht, 1 mile south on n. W. (il. 28-ck-tl STORSES STAMPS i i UK ami ju-;ir.i Ford Fovtlor. (,' o ! n r ICxfcllenl ! condition I i:i:i!>—l'\)i-<| Coupe, lihidi (ii:i ish, A peiu-h of ;t I car Barktdito Mfg. Go.| _,JS»- , Klcdric ;unl Acetylene Dragline and heavy welding our D. W. Dell, Ark. 1'lionc jnotl I!K!7—Intcriialiuiiiil I'idi-iip. A liuy. I!i;i7—Chev. I'/. Ton. Tires .UIKHl Hooni ;ui(l Board Room nnd board. I'hone WI3. . Kl-ck-4-Hi Personal Hinall electric refiiycrator. i;ooil ccnililion. C'lieiii). Plioni- I'M. 2li-ck-tl ver, uork olT , rlil yourself of constl- •wiliini. pis «oin:;. nnrf (hat sour •iiini; fpellng. '1'nke one bo.v of KIRBY'S ilCTIVK .,IVi:it 1'll.l.S 2Sc jit ni- Ktrlty Ktoic.s Corlilicd S: (,'iniH'(i nn I'rivale (,'in Ben F. Butler Co. Osceol;! ^:«r«'™^w»r'>-"'-^.^S : .. Aden Is o Ne w . "lo Stamp Collodions IK yiui ,'no .slmlini; ,-i Mumii col- Ic-ction, besin with Aden, 'llnee issues ;md your collection on Aden is complete. And all three M.'ries were released ctun'mj the last three years. Aden's 1039 scries commemorates the- lOOlli minlvcrsaty ol the srixure m the mvii In 18:111, One l)f Ihc stinnps, ;iljo\'o, pictures (he AirlriiK mosque, with an insert portrait of Kind Cieoritc VL A vital linli iu Drilain's "lifc- liilc of empire," Aden \vns pur- cliiiscd by the British in Jim, lifter natives had mistreated survivors of a shipwreck there. Two ycvirs Ic-ilor the pui'chasc wns re- ))ndiale<i; Urilnin liinik'd Iroops, Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith Jt Mrs. Illnehwell. Annorel. Phoir Crtlifornln now hns (ho third lart;- payroll In the stale. Business Directory FULLER BRUSHES i ~ SAI.KS ANl) SKIIV1CK .1. THOS. HKNTKO, I'HONi: M I.OK Angeles Second City I'^r Dining Out Habit ION ANtlKl.ES (Ul'1-More p«>. l"r in l,os Anjjrles "onl mil" tlnin Monoxide Victim Saved By Pressure On Siren CKNTKK MOKICIJliS. N. Y. i DPI — CiMJi'KO Sdiuyler nwea hl.s lire lo his nntoinoblle Imrn f-Vhuyler. lesllni; the cm In his KiiriiKC, wiis overcome l);v enilion monoxlilc lumen ».s lie wil behind the sleerhiR wheel, lie lell rorwiml on the horn, the blnM. hrlimhm his l)i»!liei. (;i(unlc. (o Uic rescue from the sky was used in making weapon.-, long ago, |, C [ 01 . C n , a)) knew how lo make his on Iron : <..".• 1411 utii ttllin mil Vf: tiliMl Inn I[I<K| N'nii 1 In any other elly In the Uniled r||| ( > u»|7tj'r ^7, M.iles with (he exeepllon of New ••*••' •»!'/» I 1^1 foik. nccordtnc, to lilnn Wood, In- oPrk A A H ^I'i' G ,"^ T HE " StiiU'lAi- tn ,..,, t^ i .1 tV !-• I 1 A t— I I CT T /""\ , ftrucior In iv.stniininL - "ii'nl nl the University or Cnll- uirnln mid lesliunnul. owner mid iDniiiiRi., In her own right. "Mine ).m Aii K ('lc.s residents eat. Hinnors In Uiiin New Corkers do. but. the New Yorkers wore when II eomes t,> hinehlii" oui." .Mi,. Mid. .. N( , w V . more irslmiitinls- than l.os " S " 01 ' Four hend fine innles. Will sell cheap, Wiley Smith, Bimleltc. , Ro.'id. l".i-c 1!MO rtrfeansns 14 (on Truck flepiiiic Number a2{-'."». Ouner rimy have same by imyln s cost of tlils mi Courier New& Ofllee. I!I4(I Arkansas IJccnsi uer 51-08G. Owner niny Notice It you want your properly sold — city or farm hind—hoc or call 11-23, 111 N. -2nd. St. Rollison and Co. JS-pk-il TERMITES Work While You Sleep! Wake u;> before they damage your property. For Free Insprction Call 592-W. Waiker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators HKlli—Kurd .) i/ 2 should rt'itlly sou this truck You mm SAB LOT i I'linuc 11?.'5 •S Loans .lie. Com, Hay and Llnnbrr. Delia Iniplcmcnls, Inc. See Floyd Simpsnn crniiprjcd to handle large on any slued trace For Kent Modern G room house and garden.] FrnujK- I'hone 5-15-.I. l-i-k-8] M | 5 2 [coin furnished aimi tmcni. /\!.so bocinioms. 102 W. Davis. I'hone 383. 1-ck-tf 1! room linnished !>partni'.'nl 1118 W. Kentucky. Phone ma. :tti-pk6 l-pk-1-ia same by payitis; cost of "ihls - Courier New* office. | _^ ^ j Washing WanioJ 3 romsi nnfiirnishi'd Down.staiis. Newly Phone 227- J. aprirlmrn!. decorated. 30-ck-LI 4 room apartment, lialh. Newly decorated. 10IU W. Main. Call 520. 30-ck-tt Two furnished looms. Near bati>. 701 W. Ash. Photic 200. 20l>M-i!) All clothes wash- Mrs. Mick, lilfi •i-pk-l-l The colony was adminislercd lhniiif;li (he covernmcnt of India until I037. when Aden wns m;u\c ;i crown colony. This new sliiliis pKidnced its llrst stamp issue, 12 values; inclining a native dhow. The cmonalimi issue, showing (he UinR and <Htccn. was «lcasc<l In liner values in 11)37 and the com- nicnioriilivo series of 12 values ,-md st'vcu de.siKiis was issued last year. Woolen t;inihen(s will not shrink If they are hung out to dry while wel. I HOOTS AM) HKlViiu'imTrCS ~F^ •m J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (Iriiiluiife Optometrist In Jllytlieuli),.. Glusscs Mttrrt Corrcc1l> i U IAPPY HOUR UHJVKKT 1*9 W, Mnlii si, tiled dm llesl, Knw try :OAI ifiblns raise (wo broods of four lo six young each year. FOR SALE SPECIAL BARGAINS : . - — ..-., iiiuiitni Ktrtl . RED ASH $ 10.00 J&. DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 « ronm cotdine on Kentucky Nice home do™ In. IVice $1650 (230 bnl. $if,.oo inoiilli. Include* Interest, luxes nnd insurnnce. •101 K. Oni'ls. 7 room stitcto $17Stt Owner siys "sell |i." 5350 cash, . , Ixil. $21.00 inoiith. PosscMlon to- •-.•^vu. **ur\L.i i r ur'. 35tJ.yoi !li'!l..l K "" >l L V i"li~ rlf() ' S ' K7[ "' ;0n I!t S'" vll y fil ~^ acres nnd • ,_.._. _. . i mm i.. nmc ij,.^^ r( , s i ( | cn( . Ci A n eonVLMilences. This home Is new, I'rk'c J9,500; Sec us for Icrms. Thoinns Uiiittl Co. Sole A};ts. 'fl-ck-W PRESCRIPTIONS Snf« - - Accurate Your Prescription Urtigt;lst Fowler Drug Co. Mnln A. first I'lioiiK Ill SPECIAL! I /\\ Mole fur the suine innney JnliiiKiiii's WAX ami <;io-('o:i( SHOUSK-1IKNRY lfA]il)\VA!(K CO/ Mimic '.K or Our Dilklous PIC SANmvICIIKS Cie Hickory Inn Arrows High School (Vow Loraloil in Glt-licnc lintel 1!I,| K ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON DinVAItnS, I'roprlKtnr All Alidifs of Ucliullt TyiH'Wl-llers, Alhllll K ,i;il! t ('"leiihihii.s—KeiiLiiiinn—I'iiils—Kllitioiis ^f room furnished apartment. Private l>alh. Mrs. Werl, phone :!51. Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 W. Garage \Vbcn Yuur Aliln Gels Sk ft (n the Aufo Hospital iS'c.\( (n C;tmi> John Buchanan I'lione l<n or small loans of farm land, i,t low cost, and at B-ck-tl I a low interest rale. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 1 N^TT^W roo,,,; 1 2>'J U'alnul, S«. Blytheville, Ark j bath, limcrspring nuitlres.s. conveniences. Phone OX. 12-chi | Grain drill and tractor for rent. Sec Ben Craig or Paul Byrnm. Walnut, plione 102. 3 or -1 rooms Ior rent, phone 176. Adjoining bairy Call 455-W-l lor orders of milk, cream, or churned butter milk. All cows government treated. Halsell's Dairy. 12-pk-l-12 RHODESiAN STATESMAN 3 room fmnisbfd npnrtmenl. New , ly decorated, Giuagc. Close in. I 120" Dugan Street, Mrs. Belle Wood, f 20-ck-n ' HOillZONTAL, 1 Knglishoian after whom nhodcsia, Africa, was named. 13 To decay. 1-1 Gooiiby. ISSimplelon. Iti Ovum. 17 Fatly. 19 Sleeper's couch. 21 To aceomplisii 22 Directing singer. Answer lo Previous I'uizlr. [KEiRiCly Uj ER]_Jg JYlTESAtoisiE|BglQ]gi W ENfeflMlAiDIAJMjlNjyir QiRDElRIEIpWPEITjBRl L'5 N'alivc inclc'd.s'. 2S Slocking ni;ir.' Uli Musicid lernis. - •!! Hour. 2-1 Note in scale. ...,..- . , ^iValivp LiUM-il ptaetu'C. •I! Coni|>ass il (abbr.) •tfi 't<> .subsist. 31 Krolie. .ic M..,.,.I.,:.. ?3Billcr hctb. 3i> Chine.'.c moiK'y. of> IncnisUdidii on ieclli. 3B Alnnpt poin 3'J Sonps for one voice. W Wrath. {abbr.). •into assist. Jit) Kerf s|,,nr. XI Perfumed ointment. • 5t> Me \vas or statesman in -S.Hilh Africa. TKHT1CAI, 2 Therefore. :( Wheel. tDOlh. 4 Kenler IH'OlHHin. 5 Wom-oul horses. 0 I'd•l.-iinidj;' 7 \Vresller.s, SCiascons rlccncnl. 0 Becomes 10 Allcpcd fin cc. 11 Any ll;ilfisli. 1'^ Pitcher. •> lli His fortune is used to promote •—— 17 God of war. ISKlcrnilics. L'Ollc South Africa into important EiiRlish colonies. 'a Bliss. 25 Smells. '•'•1 Charm. 2!> Palm leaf. 32 Kver. '3-1 Recorded. 37 College Comfortable front bedroom, oin.-! side entiiincc. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut, , 1-c.k-U Nice bcdrooi'i convenient to bath. Steam ht?r,T. Wioiie 281). Jck-ti UnfunilKhcd apartmciH In Shane Apartmejit Building on West I Main Street.. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-Il ! All GE THIS LITH.E MID I-T KM.HUH.' I filA'f'S RKJur.AND WUHTll' GOLI3 R6.-TUPNEO TO PROSPECIOft ,)Al(p;,Tll' LA\J i-tjoiEiror. Repairing Expert pirn repsfrlns. Sec E. M. i Damon at the Blytheville Arm-! ory on Wednesdays mid Thursdays.! Poultry i Baby &. Started Chicks (,'usloni Iliilcliiiijr Marilyn Hatchery Ilhvy. (il Niirlb I ON AMD ON VESSIR, % V\JELL,1T LOOKS W£'REJUST OUR HAPPY , ~A OWE BIG ..-^FAMILY IS / THESE V ~-^. HAPPY \GDIMSTO / TROJAM ROA&S) FAMILY ) HAVE TO ( AREN'T SO ,- -'— 6ETOOT \ GOOD f_\VHKt GOES — OUR LITTLE EXPEDITIOM, TOW^CD 1HE 1,'^vlD OF AK-'AZOMS JAAWDPUSH V_ *xX " *&? . •1- laic. •l.VCuflin .cinnfl, •17 To slnlT. •in Slir. •"il Ream (abbr.). •'•'.! P.-iIni litv. M Point (abbr.). T'l Kilhcr. 55 Posilion in lime. STAMD BACK, EVERYBODY— I IX»J'T MEEDAKiy HEI P 10 SHOVE THIS CAtn UP THIS LITTLE OLD HILL. THERE, MOW.SEE? C STROKIGEST CRITTEBS BY HOY CKANE _ WHAT \ I AM! you GET ME V' AH WTATIOWTOfllAT J' I BE6 VOIJR PARDOW, HI?. .. IS W WATCH RE.\DV?r OIIELP MB, t WEMEB (HARD l!li\ COME W. vmv? WHY? vou ,pi 0 r, HE'S THE WHO JUMPED OFF THE TRAIW Ttfe manT we WOIWED NMIGQI IETORI MO T6LUJ6 HOW MUCH HE KNOWS. . IX>ES THAT FELLOW SO 114 THERE OFTEN? UWU4S HE'S UP -o SOMETWMS.' FmiCKI.KS AM) JUS I'Ulf'JNDS MIDtOUl OIB Tl*f MARRYING jor CRILL JUNE is TO BE A BRIDESMAID ---THE .. is TO IAKE- PLACE AT LAKE KENMORE t i m; J-M WONOCCIN'G 'P OUR WORRIES ARE? REALLY OVUR ? THOSE Tvvo KIDS ARE PR6TTV FAR 6OMB OM EACH OTHER / .. . i KNOVY, 6UT 8ur XTHIS WEOOINH THtY'RE A WILL 61V6TWEM TOO A CHANCE TO YOUNG-V HEAR »OH / PROMt5E ME," AMD TXFY'U_ SMELL ORAN6E PPECKTLES MAD N'.K FRIOIITCMEO KOS A WHILE ' AMD THAT . . OF STurp GOES TO TMS MEADS OF YOIA'G KfDS IN) LOVE ! X JUSf MOPE THEf Bot-rr GEf SWEPT ALONG IN .. ._ BACKWASH OF SO^ < .E'O.^ l t. : ELSE'S WEOOING / fKOPORTIONATElY At Today's LOW PRICES!' As 5ft c Low As vV BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Hi Walnut I'lionc 810

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