Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 4
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f AGE POUR liOJk'Ui STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS '" "i 29, 1.93* Gorgon OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN By WILLIAMS j** Answer to Previous 1'iuzle HORIZON'TAI 1 \Vho was the Gorgon In the picture? 7 Her hair consisted of . 12 Organ of smell. 13 Data. 15 Small singing bird. IS Black haw. 17 Larval stage. 19 High terrace. . 21 Pronoim. 22 Boastful o.Tr 8 ' 6 ; 33 To devour. 24 Almond. , a Cordetl dotri . 25 Exists. ,42 Work of skill 25 Afternoon meal 44payment 27 Arid. 29 Exclamation of inquiry 30 Anesthetic. 32 Noah's boat. 34 Correlative of groom. 35 Resolution of anything into its elements. 3fi Railway station. .demand. 4<J Father. 4S Precept. o SO Prickly pear. 52 To corrode. 54 Tatter. 55 To attach. 59 Anyone who beheld her turned to 50 She was slain by . VERTICAL 2 To enroll in the army. 3 Destiny. 4 Custom. 5 Southeast. 6 All-pervading. 8 Northwest. !) Branch. 10 Acute of mind. 11 Followed. 13 Wing. 11 Kurharist wine vessel. 16 H» only gazea at tier reflection In his 17 Constellation, IS To total. 20 He gave the head to '. 22 Scolded. 23 Eye. 26 Singing voice. 23 Year. 31 Fortune. 32 Yes. 33 Knapsack. 37 Mistakes. 40 Play on words. 41 Chum. 42 Devoured 43 To jog. 45 Neither 46 Congressional clerk. 47 Gender. 49 Bustle. 51 Soft food. 53 Half an etn 55 Like. 56 Northeast. 57 Chaos. 58 Corpse. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in tie Hope Star Market Place Bemembcr, the more you tell, the ' quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3tec line, min. J2.W (Average 5te words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation 01 statement, befors tha first publication. Phone 768 Screen doors-Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. WILL PAY 8 and 9c for hens, 12c for Fryers. T. P. Beard, next to Hope Feed Store. a ' 6 FOR RENT FOR RENT: Furnished apartment, private bath, private entrance and garage. Phone 235. 3 tc. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, forn rooms, bath and garage. Dorsey McRae. Phone 75. 28-3tp. KITCHEN Meat Dishes Should b« Varied By MARY E. DAGUE NBA Staff Service Writer After the summer's abundance o ruits and vegetables wanes, roasL and steaks come into their own again n the fall. However, instead of set ling down to a succesion of roasts steak or chop dinners with stews an Dot roasts at regular intervals, wh lot try something out of the ordinary The cut, manner of serving and sea soning provides a variety of change for company dinners or festive famil occasions. English mutton chops will prove the most popular with the men folk. Yerling lamb should be selected for them, and loin chops are best for the purpose. The butcher will remove the bone in one peice. Then he will place strips of bacon or the lamb's kidneys in the center of the meat and roll FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. it up. Must Be Cut Thick After fastening it securely with small skewers or binding it with a cord he will cut into slices about one and one-half inches thick and wrap each slice with a strip of bacon or WlUlOUt UcJUl, pnvnt; uu*. L'acn bllCU wiui u aia^J vi. i;<n.v*t w* — ——; ; —-, ~ M lardinii pork. The chops can be broil- Furnished apartment for rent. •l.S ^ m . Umkcd Allow onc chop f or South Hcrvoy. Miss Evu Owens. 30H FOR SALE Used parla for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-261. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-261. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SALE: Set of Abstract Books covering Hempstcad County Lands Write or sec L. F. Monroe or W. H Etter Jr., Washington, Ark. or planked. Allow one chop for each person to he served. If you v/ant a particularly festive looking dish, serve them planked. To do this, first broil the chops on one : idc on a hot, well oiled broiler. In the rrieantinme heat the plunk very hot and rub it with butter or other fat. Place chops, cooked side down, on the plank and arrange stuffed tomatoes or peppers or both about the chops and put the whole thing into a very hot oven to finish cooking. Serve on the plank, seasoning the crops well and garnishing with a sprig of watercress. Potatoes au gratin are good to .serve with this meat dish. If you serve both tomatoes and peppers stuff the FOR SALE— Shelling phone 329. pony. Tele- 28-3tp FOR SALE: Standard hauling wagon for cash. Kemp Casey, 801 South Main. 3 to. 'FOR SALE OR TRADE-Pair of mules and 3 fresh cows. Will trade for dry cattle. G. L. Johnson, Rt. 3. 29-Gt LOST LOST— Between Gco. Williams store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's clothes. Reward of $3.00 to the finder. Ellis Williams. _ NOTICE Tomorrow's Mi'nu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, scr- ear, cream, fried green tomatoes, muffins, milk and coffee. LUNCHEON: Clam chowder, salad of apples, raisins and cherries in lemon jelly, toasted muffins, milk and tea. DINNER: Fresh ham steak with baked bananas, sucotash, green pepper and cheese salad, apple pandowdy, milk and coffee. NOTICE—Misplaced two packages of baby clothing and lady's wear, pair men's shoes. Return Hope Star. 27-Xtp WANTED WANTED: Wardrob-j or Stcam'.-r Call aa-J. ! WANTED TO BUY: G'.-xl yoiin^ Jersey milk cow, cheap. Kl.jyd Ciank. poppers with succotash and the tomatoes with a mixture of celery and blanched almonds. Crown of Lamb A crown of lamb is very decorative if it is properly cut. Usually the entire "rack" is used for it, and the corrf.spondinsly large and suitable for a company affair. With its stuffing it will serve eight or ID persons generously. The odor of inu.^k. which comes from the male mu.sk-deer, is ho strong thai, it can be iJet'-i-ted even when diluted 8.000.001) lime;,. It. is used in manufacture (if expensive perfumes. WEV6 BEEN _ OTHEte TW«T"O: COOT ft N\GHT, TO GO ON TK ^ POKER, _ MOW wirTTHIS BANK I&QOO NNOBE! • tF YA SUH— 1 -'1H* O\T MPsN S SHO TR\P\-E-PLATED ^0 LUCK'---HE BUT A AN HE TO' V\E. AH' AH ON ,, | I—| IY1/^V_»I II • • "-> V 5 I - .MONEY ,NOW, HES GONNA/^ TH PUT eCRATCVA ON "BUTTONS OUT OUR WAY MO-NO- GO ON RIGHT UPSTAIRS AND WAIT. SHE'S UP THERE 1 —COME ON- COME ON.' 'LL 3UST WA.1T HERE IN THE LIVING ROOM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nice Work, Elmer! . . _-., MARTIN RONNIE! -"X. OWE. WHO VOOK-iO \V\ UX SiO V -AO «M»\Y:R. V.'O'J '^ V'Ko C nr Mt«'-.invn-.i.. INI. I M nrf, u •, _PAI oil.'' ALLEY OOP /"PINNY, YOU OLD DARLING, THAT 'WAS AWFULLY SWEET OF YOU, BUT 1 DON'T WANT A i DINOSAUR.'- I WANT TO PINO YOUR MASTER., J WHERE IS ALLEY ? GO FIND HIM , ,„ FOR ME, ' " DIN/MY ALLEY OOP/ What's a Policeman to Dinny? By HAMLIN 8 I HEY, YOU AM' THAT A A ,\l \ FOOL DINOSAUR. AGE ''"" — N , MAKIN'TOO MUCM ^,11 'i RACKET/ CUT IT ! - v OUT, OR I'LL - X && < ^ « BY HE» scnv.cc. me T M ncc u. s. TAT orr_ WASH TUBBS Hard to By CRANE , .__-—.-—----^ WILDCATS-TWE SWAMP STARVE/ SEE HERE, VOLJ \ STILL HIGH AND MIGHTY, MPUDENT WHELPS,\EH, 80ARDMAM? j~— — YOU'LL EITHER TAKE "^ •+ COME ME BACK TO OR— FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS V/ELL,HERE WE= That Empty Feeling! ARE/WITHOUT A SINGLE BIT OF | HUMGRY...YOU GUYS DOKI'T krJQW WHAT A POOR MEMORY MY STOMACH HAS. 1 I'M GETTIKIG THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) BOY! HOW I'D LIKE TO HAVE MV J\ FEET UNDER A TABLE,RIGHT \ NOW...I'D JUST LIKE TO HAVE A PLATTER OF BACOH AMD EO IS DARIKIG ME TO DO MY DARNDEST.'.' w £S" l^T/ - V/HAT ARK WE GOHt-JA DO, STAND HERE AND DO HOTHIIJG '-' LBT'S SEE IF V/E CANT RUSTLE UP SOME OP THESE STEAKS THAT /ARE RUNNING /\ROL)HD HERE ON FOUR —7 LEGS !.' J Whaf's Right Is Wrong! By BLOSSER THAT'S OKAY F&R THE FUTURE, BUT, TOR THE PRESENT, I'M GONNA MOVE MY BEl-T A COUPLE OP DECIMAL POINTS .'/ /-:''•- "---'"V ;~.\.^ -^_ ..•-.,'.'W) •, W^i & -x ^L --^—'. _-. \ : ' > ~^ :"~^3j Ws|i^^ *t^y:i : ^___ -i _ i ', .^jjg ^-V l r." ... - -- :r: -'.-"• ";..jiVl-!"--^ fflih^v^'^-^rfiaft " : ^ : ^~"--"nSif^ /. ^~ 10:1-1 R< NCA t-rnvit-L, INC— ,-!,!/ ". \ --.,-r:- :-.---- --;-.= r -..•*•-- By COWAN elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 8 \-IY ^ov^CE: is THAT YOU AMD YOUR LE.T THePOUCE ^< ) (WHY ? ) CE ; „ 1. V / ^~- • 11 >— s lSEl YOU NEVER TVWIK WE M^E UP \t< TO DO IS R\GUT'.•' \& .si

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