Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 3
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20, 1034 HOPE STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS MRS. SID HRNRY TELEPHONE 821 I fGreat f;ifls should lie worn like » crown befitlin/j! A,nd not like goms in ii boeitar's hands. And tin- toil iiiusl be consliinl. niul unremitting VVhicli lifts up (ho king lo tin? crown's demands. For lie wlio drinks from a god's ffold fountain Of art or music or rytlunic song Must sift from his soul the chaff of malice, Arid word from his heart the weeds of wronjt Selected. Lililo Miss Francos Adele Simmons o! Arkadclphin, airivnd Thursday morning for a visll with her uncle R. M. Pnlterson, Mrs. Patterson and other relatives. Wright Masscy left Sunday night for Lcwisbui'i,', Tenn., where he has accepted a position Cor the coming season. Mrs. Otis Park of Fulton and Mrs. Paul Cornelius of MeKamie are visiting with relatives and firends in Kansas City. Mo. ji| Mr. and Mrs. Mack Ofjloshy of Lcw- |3| isville wen.- among the 1 out of town fe*f friends atlendin;: the burial service ; ]i for the late Mrs. W. S. Eakin at Rose :;' Hill ceiiu-lci-y Wednesday afternoon. t .Something new, "Goofy Movies" Comedy "Pardon My Pups" FRIDAY""N'ITE ONLY We have heard of Garden pur- la.-:, Heer parlies, Tea parties and Bridge parlies. Hut no one has ever seen anything like this pailY Ihi'own by— I.AIIItlOIi '&. IIAItDV JIMMY DlIKANTi: I.!JIM-: VKM-:/ .AIKKI'.V AIOUSK l'()l.l,Y iMOKAN JACK TKAHL and TKI) HKAI.IOY Tonight (Thin.) & Fri-Night piclurt-'S Of dill' • MATTIE EVANS --and other contest. winners arriving in Hollywood and their trip thru the; sludios. Miss Junnita Griffin of Fort Smith is Ihe house guest of Miss Mary Jo Brady. Mrs. C. E. Dell and Miss Margaret Bell of Toxarluina were the Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. It. O. Bridewell. Mrs, J. W. Anderson has as guesl.s her daughter, Mrs. K. G. Anderson and children of Athens, Texas mid Mrs. C. E. Anile of Jacksonville, Tex. o—— Mrs. C. L. Renfro has returned from a visit with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Davis in Helena. Misses Marie and Nannie Perkins- have returned from a two weeks motor trip with Mr. and Mrs. Duvall Purkins and liltlc daughter, Nancy Lane of Litlle Rock. They visited Asheville. N. C., Atlanta, Ga.. and Birmingham, Ala. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Monroe, Mrs. Sallie L. Etler and Mrs.C. M. Williams and Mrs. Luther Smith of Washington and Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Trimble of ElDorado atlendcd the funeral service of the late Ralph Routon from Ihe family residence niul burial service of the late Mrs. W. S. Eakin in Rose Hill cemetery Wednesday afternoon. Little Miss Nancy Woolford of Liltle Rock is the guests of her aunts. Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins. The following junion GA girls of liie First Baptist church enjoyed a picnic supper Wednesday evening. Mary Dell Southland, Shirley Wyatt, Johnny Boyelt, Maxine Wyalt, Eleanor and Marie Kirk, Ruth Dixon and Ha/el Hogan. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cimibie have returned from a two weeks motor trip through Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. They were accompanied home by their daughter Helen Bat- tli.-s who will make her home here. Wright Massey left Sunday night for Lewisburg, Term., where he has accepted a position with Freeman and Comixiny. Miss Nancy Clark of Arkadclphia, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Dan Groan and family. Miss Edna Jones has returned from a two weeks vacation Irip lo Porl Arthur, New Orleans and Houston. Miss Jewel Smith, who is spending a two weeks vacation with relatives in Washington, spent Thursday in Hope. Miss Smith will leave Thursday September G, to resume her duties in Washington, D. C. THE .(Continued from Page One) A FROCK like, this will inal'ij any co-ed-smart! To make this collegiate, outfit you'll wanl. washable silk for the blouse with broadcloth for (Ini jacket find skirt. It's designed for sixes 14 to 20 and :;:! ID •!:!. Hi/c« IX ref|iiir.-'s :> ;!-•! yards of ;'.!> iuoh fabric for the jacket and skirt and 2 !-•! yards for the. blouse. To KC-ciii'rt a PATTKHX.ami STK1M1V-STRI* SF.WIVO IN T - STFUUTIONS, fill run the coupon below, being siirn to MKNTION' Tin: .\.VMI: OK THIS .\I.:\VSI'.\PKR. Tlifi l.'ALfj I'ATTKKN HOOK, with a complnte nc-lootlon of Julia linyd design,'-;, now is ready. It's ]f> cents whftii purchased Rfcliaratcly. Or, il you wanl. to order it with the pattern, ahove, eend In just an additional 10 cenls with the coupon. JUUA BOVD, 10S PARK AVENUE, NRW YORK Knclo.scd is 15 cents iu coin for . Pattern No. ..»<<.•..> •. Size.....,,,,.,.,, Name Address City -. Stato Name oC this 'newspaper „ .. will last, approximately, from 11 p.m. to G or 7 in the morning, during that time the sleep of Londoners will he protected, and roving traffic cops will crack clown on any driver who touches his klaxon button. Anyone who has lost sleep—and who hasn't?—because some goof of/ ii motorist is unable to proceed two blocks without sounding his horn lustily, will approve of this regulation. The average motorist uses his horn far too much. Indeed, traffic might be a great deal safer if drivers generally made a practice of using their brakes instead of their horns when thew saw some person or vehicle in the right of way ahead of them. BOMElTxPLODES (Continued from Page One) Further Utility " Probe Requested Federal Trade Board to Ask Congress for More Power scrambled out of it before it was destroyed. Bo?.e, who has been conducting aerial experiments in an effort to induce rain in drouth ravaged counties, was burned. Miss Gertrude Jeffries of Dallas and Foote also were painfully burned. A nowsreel photographer, ulso aloft in the piano, escaped uninjured. Uo/.e said he had released a bomb from the plane into a heavy cloud and (hat it exploded a fi'W foot from Iho machine. Three other bombs in I he ship exploded and a side rif the ship's cockpit was hluwn away. Foote, nt the controls, dived down lo earth and brought the badly crippled ship to an almost perfect land- inKi witnesses said. NOTICE! 1 have moved my .shoe shop to Ihe Hopo I'Vuit C'u. Hlore building. All Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone GG7. We call for and deliver 111 Soulh Main Street Weekly Sunday School Lesson Escape d. Madmen Still at Liberty •*' Swamps and Towns Are Combed-—No Trace ' l;s Found _ RALEIGH. N. C. ^(/Pi-Seven maniacal critninals who broke out of the stole hospital jlayccl n successful game Thursday of . hidc-stnd-scek witlu thn law. The insane men who planned their escape Wednesday with uncanny care, le/t no trace behind them. Not once iri the 24-hour manhunt through the swamps and towns have the searchers picked.up a "hot" trail. The delivery was led by Ed Denver, n convicted murderer, saved, from the electric chair by comutntion of his sentence, who was quoted by a guard as, saying: "If I come b.ick it will bo with my toes turned up." Ho and three other inmates escaped escaped from their cells, apparently i)y unlocking the doors with a piece of bed spring. Wcildinj.; parts of rocking chairs, they surprised two guards and forced them into the "bull pen." Proceeding methodically, they took n guard's key and released three other inmates, tossing back the keys as they left. An armed watchman outside the building did not sec them as they Stole awny in the darkness. The University of Kentucky has acquired the remains of 300 Indians, removed from the Tennessee Valley preparatory to its being flooded by dam projects. false- balances. Men count il wealth to have the gains of what Micah calls 'the bog of deceitful weights." What is to he said of such wealth and of the iwn who have thus acquired it? Micali says that they are full of vileness and lies, and that their tongue is deccitfid in their mouth. With what plain and pointed application such words and their, direct meaning are effective for the life of today, centuries after they were expressed! The world with all its show (jf progrcs sand nil culture' still lags fur behind the. vision and the courage and the simple honesty of its saints and prophets. Why will not men turn from falsity and deceit and crookedness in their dealings one with another, and in the standards and practices that they set up for the guidance and governance of peoples? What greater task is there before us than to bring into our personal li\)es, into our businesses, into our citizenship, and into all the relationships of life the simple, religion of doing justly, of loving mercy, and of walking humbly with God? This was the came to fulfill. eligion that Jesus Ladies... We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Alula WASHINGTON -(IF)- The federal trade commission, il wa5 disclosed on Thursday, probably will ask congress for continuous power to investigate public utilities any time it chooses. By giving such authorily to the commission or to some similar agency, officials believed many abuses could t be curbed with a constant threat of 'publiicty. The suggestion may bo contained in a report the commission will make to the next congress on its seven-year investigation of electric and gas companies. Already the commission has collected GO volumes of testimony, and its investigators say it has saved consumers millions of dollars. Continuous investigation does not mean thai Ihe commission would go on with its detailed analysis of the industry, but simply that it would watch outstanding developments. The comi-ssion's findings as a result of its long inquiry are expected to be used by the power committee that was appointed by President Roosevelt to study the whole utility setup. The framework of the report will consist of four main divisions, Iho. financial disclosures of the investigation; the .sensational propaganda charges; legal aspects of the problem and 1-0117 elusions and recommendations. Holly Grove The revival meeting closed here last Wednesday night. There were 11 additions to the church. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sulton of near Ti-xarkiina were visitors of II. L. Sulton and family recently. Mr. and Mrs. Hriss Roberts of I'Yn- vinc'e visited relatives here und al- t'-ndrd the meeting. M. V. DeiT.yberry and family attend I'd the baptising at IJeAiin Sunday af- leniooi). im Thomas of Nashville spent Sunday with H. T. liembree and family. Mr. and Mis. T. . Payne attended church at New Hope Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clemens of Hope have been visiting relatives and friends here. Mrs. Ii. L. Sulton returned home last week from a visit with her dauyh | ter Mrs. Ed Shapley of Smackovcr, '• who has been sick for .some time. I Mi 1 , and Mrs. Lunnie Lt.unpkins spoil'. Friday nif'ht with Mr. and Mrs. C. Ii. Worlhey. Mi. and Mrs. Dewey Worlhey are the proud parents of a baby girl, born August 10. i Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S'utlon. Miss Ruby ' Atkins and Hoy Sullon attended ser- | vices at I ho HeAim church Friday! nU'Jit. Miss Vera Reeves of Center Point I visited recently with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Derryberry. The singing school is prourcsinj,; nicely at this place. Text: Micaii 0:1-12. The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson lor September 'i. By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance From Amos, the fiery and denunciatory prophet, and Hosea, the winsome evangelist, seeking to win the people back to right ways, we pass to Micah, the reasoning prophet, calmly setting forth the Lord's controversy with his people. He stands a litlle nearer lo Hosea than lo the fearless and stern Amos, but his strength seems to lie in the extent lo which he combines Ihc spirit and method of both men. The distinction of Micah is in the clearness with which he stales Ibe issues and in the simpliciy that he reveals as the essence of true religion. Like Hosea, he turns to the history of Israel and God's choosing of the people. He asks them what was the purpose of this choice, and whether they will be content to forfct their high destiny. ; Why has God brought the people forth from the bondage of Egypt but thai they may be free to follow the ways of righteousness and truth? He sees the religion of the people, in so far as the people are expressing it. a religion of formality and ritual. They are willing to sacrifice with ] burnt offerings, but they are not willing to turn from their sins and to make the sacrifice of righteousness in their own souls. Thus il is that Micah turns to Ihc positive side lo express the simplest, and, at the same lime, the most adequate, conception of religion that we find anywhere outside of the simple pn.'cepts and teaching of JCMIS. "He halli shewed Ihee, O man, what is good; and what doth Ihe Lord re- quiro of Ihee. but to do justly, and lo love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?" But Micah is not content simply to enunciate these high and simple principles. Hi- Innis lo the actual ehar- aeters and deeds of the people to meabure what they arc doing against tliis high standard. In Ihe presem'i- of this high ideal there is the wickedness of dishonest measures and Strokes Detroit Crew Vesper Services Su at Presbyterian afternoon, ., at,. Vesper sacred bo given Sunday , ., ,. o'clock at First Presbyterian 'chlifchv J«ti| TIic program: " ' ' ' ' : *• ' Organ Prelude— "Jubilatff £teo" ver)— Mrs. Kate Holland.' : "" Invocation— Rev. Thos. Anthem-"Seek and Ye (Wilson)— Choir. . , ' \ ••• : iVv-'-' Organ— (D "In a Monastary G«tt-> den" (Keleliey) (2) ''Far Over w Hills" (Pryaingcr)— Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, SoloK"Hold Thou My Hand," (Curran)— Mrs. Dick 'Walking.' Organ— (1) "Because" (GaSlon 'Dc Lille) (21 "Nocturne,"' (Opp. No. [% Chopin)— Mrs. C. C. McNeill. Solo— "0 Dry Those Tears" (T«re&t Del Ricgol— Mrs. W. Y. Foster, J*. Organ— "Siinsel" (Prysinger) JAfS, Kate Holland. Ainlhem— '"Hie Lord: Is King,'" (Adams) Chair. ' Benediction— Rev. Thos,, Browsler* Post! ude— Mrs. Kate Holland. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phbnc 252 -'The siege-sun ot thei Detroit Tigers' pitching staff js Lymvood "Schoolboy" Rowe, above,-who, in addition to taking his regular turn on the mound, fills in nt relief roles and .-pinch hits a homo., run every now nnil tlieu. . Uowe is thc : leading pitcher of. Manager Cochraue's team. Storm Threat On Gulf Disappears Menace of Hurricane Vanishes On Texas Coastal Area HOUSTON -(#")—Residents of the Texns coast breathed easily again on Thursday for the first time in several days as the menace of a tropical hurricane disappeared. A weather bureau advisory at 8:30 a.m. located the storm about 280 miles southwest of Port Eads, La, Officials of the coast guard district headqviarters at Galveston said that if the storm moved according : to the advisory it probably would go inland around St. Andrews bay in Florida. Panama City is the largest town near.the bay. The coast guard discontinued its hourly reports from stations along the coast,at 10.p.m. Wednesday. Conditions-were then practically normal. . "She drives a 1934 car; but she lives with 1895 Furniture. " Just receiver! a car-load of 1934 Furniture Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five Pipe, Valves & Fitting* Harry W. Shiver \ Plumbing—Electrical Appliafacei .Phone 259 , WASHOUT 15 MILESOF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back Pep ... Vigor... Vitality Medical authorities agree that yottr kidneys contain 10 MILES of tiny tobw ol 'filters which help to'purify the blood ud ketp ycu healthy. If you have trouble with too freqiwnl klftdder passages with scanty; amount uuft* inic burning and discomfort, the 13 MILES ot kidney tubes need washing out, Thit d»n- Ker signal may be the b«ztnniae~ot nagging backache, leff pain&, loss'of pep and vitfcHtyt vetting up nights, lumbago, swollen feet und ankles, rheumatic pains and dlzzlrifrt. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints everydiy and get rid of 4 pounds of waste matter, four body will take up these poisons cabling serious trouble. It may knock you-bat^anv lay you up for many months. Don't w«it Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS . ., B doctor's prescription'. • . which ha* beta used successfully by millions of kidney ibf* ferers'for over 40 years. They eive quiet relief and will help to wash out the H" MILES .of kidney tubea. But don't take chances with strong''drprt? or so-called "kidney cures" that claim to toi you up in 15 minutes, for they may seriouilj injure and irritate delicate tissues. Iniill on DOAN'S PILLS ... the old reliatye re. lief that contain no "dope" or hahit-forminc drugs. Be sure you get DOAN'S PILLS at your druczist. (B 1934. Fo±tcr-MUhfini Co- 666 VS. MALARIA j (i(i(i Liquid or Tablets Checks Malaria ! in Three Ways. Sure Preventive. A "cafeteria" drug store, located in Seattle, lias everything wrapped and plainly iftarked; customers select their articles, pay the eashier. and go their way. SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses $1.98 Ladies Specialty Shop "Extrusive Hut Nut GREAT CSASOLiM MIKES POWERFUL DOESN'T MY CAS CAN PULL THE rWlien vendors fjo to such great length To exploit gas with feats of strength, ty'ott'tl think such fuels," the wise owl weens, • "Would tear a car to smithereens!" Demonstration stunts may be entertaining. But in judging n motor fuel the main thing is to learn what it will do for your car. Give Kssolene u trial. Test it any way you please. Make every possible comparison. Then pass judgment upon it. The more critical you tire the better it will please us. {[Issolube Mator Oil in the crankcase enables Eisolene to da its best] AT REGULAR • GASOLINE PRICE STANDARD Smoother Performance OIL COMPANY Copr. 19;)4, Ecso, Inc. OF LOUISIANA SO SERVIC Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone 68

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