The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE FOtJU JJIA'TJIEVJUJQ (AM.)' COUKIEII NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher , J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Edllor 8AMOEL F. MORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole NatJon«] Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post- office at Blythcvllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October S, 1911. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of Blylhcvlllc, !5c per week, or 65c per fnonlli. By mall, within R radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six Inclusive, $0.50 per year; In zones seven ami eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Our Band $t< j ]>s Out, Congratulations to Charles (;. Move- head and the Blylheville High School Band upon winning first division honors at the northeast Arkansas Music Festival in Forrest City Friday. By crowding out of the lirsl division older and more experienced bands not only shows excellent leadership but also emphasizes the individual talents of our Blylheville children. As a group they roiled the talent and musical enthusiasm of their director, Mr. Move- head. The difficult music they are playing and the finish every child manifests reflects the heart and feeling- of the true musician and under the gifted direction of Mr. Slorehead, they give promise of future musical attainment that will be a spiritual outlet anil character builder. War Horrors on Maim Slriwt Most of us sliiKkler at the more fliottglil of living among the terrors ol' modern mechanized war. Far from combat zones, we gel: the jitters when we read of Europeans strugKlinK daily with the threat of bombs, artillery lire, floating mines, hostile snibnuiriues. We don't realize Llitil many of us iiivile deliberately (he Mine death hoards day by (Jay which people at war hrc forced to face. The Family Kai- noinie Bureau of the Northwestern Na- .tiona! 'Life Insurance Company has taken great pains tofigure out: When dodging across a busy .American street in the middle-of the block, your chances, of sudden deslh arc almost exactly (he same MS those of a European in a city muter, bombardment, dining (lie time it lakes you to reach the opposite curb. A drinking driver puts himself and his'passengers under the same liaxard as if he were aboard a contrabaiid- carrying ship passing through submarine /.ones. The driver who does GO m.p.h at night has a 20 per cent greater chance of getting killed than do student pilots at army and navy Hying schools. The housewife who cleans with naphtha, benzine or gasoline is under twice the hazard that fates Hie student air pilot. The driver who goe.s through a .slop sign incurs a death hazard only 20 per cent less than that of a sailor in the British navy, aboard a ship in the war zone, _•, We don't need to call a conference of diplomats to end our casualties. All we need is a little common sense, ap- OUT OUR WAY plied thoroughly over all ol' Die jiopu- Jace. Pouring Off ihc. Cream Kuporls (illoriug into Paris indicate Hint Nazis in coininercd Warsuw are IHirsuinjf a vigorous offensive Polish Jnlcllecluals— aj^ liiwyer.s and doctors and c<luca(or.s and clcrgy- men ;intl (!ii£iiiecra. Thcno people jusl disappear from tlicir lionic.s. It is difficult to toll precisely what happcn.s td them. Concentration camps for sonic, perhaps; dwilh for others. To guard against uprisings of an unhappy, captive people, conquerors IIHVO always acted Ihus, eradicating all pos- Nilile leaders ol' revolutionary movements. \Vliat commerors 1'orget is that a righteous cause will generate its own leadership. No tyrant, however strong, lias ever been able to hold an unwilling nation under his thumb for very long. Qtlt&tf. in thta column tt «lUart*l* tram other new«p*r*r» doe» not necesuully mean endorsement but 1* u> »cknowl«]«iL«it ol interest In the MibJccU discussed. Ti'uc Or False? The motive or Ik-ritn's diplomatic stroke, in releasing m doe.umcnl.s purrinrlini- lu be confidential reports from American sources, is plain enough. The Natffs learn from history. They remember hoiv imperial Germany, nftcr' having Ibe Allies liunging on the ropes in the hist World War, wiis vanquished at last when Ihc United Stalc.s entered liie connicl. To keep America oul of Ibis war is a loi-lcnl purl of Nazi self- defense. Having noted whnl a furor was iirouseil ngntnnl James II. n,. Croimvt-l's reccnl speech in Canada, it did not lake long for Berlin propagandists to perceive that a backlire against piirtictpallon might be created il evidence could l)c produced lo show warlike Intentions on the part of American spokesmen. Are (lie documents genuine or spurious? It genuine, then Cromwell's Inlk was child's prattle compared with the gross indiscretions ol which William U. IJulliit, Ambassador lo France, was guilly. However. Ihc Na/ls have a long record or fnlslfying documents when it suits their purpose. These papers are so violently pro-win', .su unreserved in promises of American participation, as lo appear false on (heir face. Immediate denials have come from Secretary Mull, Mr. IJullItt nud Count Potocki, but these statements do not scltlc (he matter. Americans will wtint lo fcnow definitely whether their trusted envoys could have been cuimWe of sucti dcclnrnlions. or of any utterance dial the Polish Ambassador might bnvi- so interpreted. American sympathies have been warmly on the side of the democracies since Hitler began his aggressions and his moves to dominate Europe. Yel nothlny in the public mandate has authorized any such wild promises, any such efforts lo set Europe in order:;, as these puiwrs Indicate. H is inconceivable thai Ambassadors Bullllt and Kennedy or the President could have been guilty of such flagrant, misconceptions ol their duty. The truth or falsity of Ihc documents is a matter in which Americans will be keenly concerned. —St. Louis I'osl-Dispatch. • SO THEY SAY If Ciorinauy .succeeds iu crushing l-jngland and France, as is not impossible if the war develops in certain directions, no durable peace for Ihc United Slates would be possible.—or. William Viindi-ll Elliott, professor of government, Harvard University. * * * I suppose I'm (in; most surd man in IJicb- moiKl. And it's funny—I never know who sues me—Mayor J. Pnliner Bright of Richmond, Va. , APltll, SIDE OUNCES by Gajbrarth • SERIAL STORY K, 0, CAVALIER BY JERRY BRONDFIELD 1 COPYRIGHT. H40. NEA SERVICE. IMC. "I'm equipping my f-randsoii, l>u( darned if [ don't iliinU I'll liikc ;i fjldvc Cor myself!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD THERE IS TOTALLY- SKSfHTLESS WHERE OPTIC NERVE ENTERS BACK OP EYEBALL. &CWE SPECIES OP KINGFISHERS NEVER. SEE THEy LIVE IN AN;D EAT INSECTS, LIZARDS, SMAKES.. AVODEKN HOUSEWIVES f vr.sTtmrm-t \vi,o,, sicvi- or. Jil.'lln* (hut „„ Jinpurt ...... •..iiltln-l [li'lu-Mil* ii|i[,it flu. siifr tinliul i,f n .M|,,,i,-,,c ,,f ,,,I,,|,, K ,,,i,,.i,|, u . r ,. ul rrhK'v rtiiiiiTl, V:il rvt'iiM-* hi /H' nin(i>, ^IHMH tin imrKi-r. 'riiri-*- J ...... '* J'llllll ,l,l[. M ffW 11.,,!,, I,,.. fort.- sniUjik'. 'I'll Mjill f,, r m . %N , iin-u i^EII mi-jiu a onsiiv ij ( .|,,,-, \',,i MIBUfKfa 11,1'J' ilKlMKlllli 'lllrtc ClfAPTKU III f |'HERF: was a Inoad smile on Steve Ilanscn's face. "We'll •make il right after dark . . . im > .fhoi'c off us soon as wo get back. You caji nrouiul ;i bil by yourself now, while 1 m;il(o ;i few jirrangemcnts." He patted her arm and went lo look for Barney MaeGretJor. "Barney," he began when he I found the bit' Scotsman. "Barney, we're going lo have a little fun loiu't'lil. We're going to do u liltle .sl::iiif;li.-iiiny to replace (hose three sluink:; that jumped ship." The cfTcel on liarney SIaeGrp(j- <ir was jusl what Steve lljinscii cxpetletl. "Take il easy, Barney. It's jusl a little gag to please lh' gal." "Keep talkin', Steve Hanson, init I'm going to need a lot of cojsviacin'." Hansen laughed. "liiirney, here's where you come in. You (nkc 30 bucks and scout around a few of Ihe waterrroni liaiigunfs. Pick up liu'ce guys you lliijjk niiglil make pretty fair hands. Give 'em 10 bucks each and explain lo "cm what we want 'cm to do. Tell 'cm what's coming off and have 'cm walk along casually behind thai abandoned freight warehouse at Pier 7. Tell 'em lo put up some [ surt o' slrugRle to make it look food. Now . . . d'you f;ct it?" Barue.v iMacGrcgoi- regarded his skipper dubiously. "Stcvo Hansen, ii's a mite bii clearer Ilian bilge water but jf Dial's lh' way you want it, okay with me." ANSWER Improved cooking utensils have icsullcd Irom the Knowledge gained in Ihc search lor better telescope mirrors, NliXT Tlit life span ol i Give Housewife '! 8-Hour "While she can't very well punch ~ij 10 o '' ''"I" 'lock or ask lime and a Week, Oe.ys CafC Mail | ''- 111 "« overtime when 'hubby' is j 'ale lor dinner, she can expect, ID rmr-Acn .irn, -,, , 1° l)1 " ll11 ' dinner once in a while. L-MIL.>WIU lUI'i — 1 ho modern lunsewifc would observe a -IS-honr week if Roy w. Cooley. president of the National Restaurant Asso- C'oolev Speaklns * before the convention of the "rouo said in .sn;;y;c.sUn'4 to the '<•.'• that added advertising help m pulling this i;h-a : X,;rtr-dr,;-r';,;;' ! ->—<<'• "A uornl luiusrwifc believes her i«wi is Iji'ltrr than that in an- ii'.-imir:!!!!. bm she can't very well t:et around tlie savins in time and '" .H-fco;i;.r^,S-.° RK1 THIR.TV VEARSTOO By J. R. WilJianw OUK HOARDING J10USE with aiajor llooplc ; i/VOU'RE ASKlN 1 FOR VV'HILE ME'S isj i%(HE'S THE V KO ^ T ^ RD '}P' E D "'"-"PAIMT ^MawSf^^lWG WW 1 •AM^ ;;r:^ ^ il CCW1CT STRIPES °^T LITTLE ^o^r^^pp^w «^tJ^=r^t, V° U ^ DLOC 'S /C0 // ^LDPAWTA 4 TO AMERICA ' 3 cmv 5 , JJt* ^AlNJ^osET/^ (LOAD OF BRICKS-! SIMCE THB feSeoosELfcW: <^—-^,1-,- : ,S AMOWEV'D ^CAMMEDnew Eb, ALMOST.// |[ •-;-;- ( F ^ LL CNS HlM t '^ j^m^ MM^miM —i^i-^i- , .^^MMl, *-< •yAL DOUGLAS, sealed at mccs a short while later, fell a linglc tlial started at her toes :nul seemed to nm lo tiie base oC her neck. Tin's, she lolcl herself, was more fun than she'd ever had in her life. She fikuicet! across the (able nl Jiai-nc-y UlatCrcgor and lie i;ave her n broad wink. ''We're not letting everyone in mi Iliis just yet," Hanson whispered to her. "We dou'l waul to lake any more chances than we have to. Uainey has six of our bcsl men lined up for Ibe job. i'iaurcs two lu a man ought (u be plcnly." He nodded toward a red-headed seaman at (he far end of (lie (able. "Mike Kelly, there, used lo IJG a pretty fair heavyweight lighter about six years ago. fie saya he | don't need no help . . . says be can go out and bring 'em in him- tell." Then lowering his voice still further: "Von didn't waul lo go along with the boys by any chance, did you'.'" .She almost choked on a mouthful. of siring beans in her haste to reply. "Try and leave me behind! 1 ' she llarcd. "Whose idea was this", anyway?" ''It's- liable lo lie a lilllc dangerous," be -said, leading her on. "An 1 if anything goes wrong you can't afford to he in on th' Which reminds me, jf your Uncle Hank gels wind o' Ibis we'll be all finding ourselves Icxikin 1 for jobs." "Uncle Hank is 3000 miles away and he won't be back for a week. llliistrttlctl by Aft Kraiz "Talk about luck," Barney whispered, "Look!" Three men were coining toward them. They crouched behind the wall, wailing. And besides, he )>ccrt never know. I again, V;il gasped wlicn the sca- As forme, don't worry about my | man with the blackjack wait/to gelling involved in a mess. I work, lie titled his hand. There dull whacking sound and Hie wild man crumbled. The olhei- Iwo were subdued in a couple of minutes. "Lucky it's so dark," MatGrcgor muttered. "We're going (o have to carry that one guy. He's out cold." A half hour later Val Douglas sloocl on the bridge with Captain Steve Hanscn ;is they uppcd anchor and headed oul toward the Golden Gale. "We've got 'cm locked up below, Sieve. When do you want to let 'em out?" "When we're aboul an hour out to sea I'll go down ami talk to 'em," be told her. "I haven't seen know people who can square any- was IliiiiK hut imirder." "I've seen .shanghai parties tlial have ended in just that." The cold, casual way he said il made Val Douglas shiver jusl a little-. * * * JJARNKY MacGnF.GOR, lead- ins hirf lilllc party single tile along the descried dock, held up his ham!. "Wo fake il easy from here on." he whispered. "Another 300 feet and we'll begin lo sec some signs of life." Big iUiko Kelly tool; Val's hand in his, "Stick close ID mr, kid," he whispered hoarsely. "An 1 bans; onto those ropes. We might have lo wild these guys back one al a time." Val nodded. The seaman i)i front of her had a blackjack sticking oul o£ his hip pocket. The sigh! of (lie ugly-looking instrii- mcnl gave her a momentary feel- ins of regret about Ihe whole idea. She hoped no one would be hurl. II was back us pitch. There was no moon and only a few stars phone overhead, llarney Mac- Grogor held up his band again. ''Talk about luck," he whispered excitedly. "Look!" Walking Imvarrl Iliem, a couple hundred feet away, were three men. "Split up. quirk!" 13arncy ordered. "Behind Ihesc two sheds," Val felt her heart racing. All three at one fell .swoop! A ir.i::::C:- <«• so later Ibe three men were upon Ibein. V;d, flattened out against a wall, held her bicalh. liarney gave a signal and Ihe six of them catapulted on their three victims. Val, her ryes wide with excitement, bad never seen the likes of this- striipelc. The three victims fought back savagely, so .sivagclv they made hardly a sound. One of them caught Barney MacGregor willi a vight that drove him back six feet. The man dropped another will) a terrific loll to Ihc chin. He was ;; wild man, but they closed in on him * , . 'em yet, y'know.'y " ' 'jfcilhcr have'we, hardly. It was so pilch black out and we didn't dare use a flashlight." * * * r pllEY were plowing along at 10 knols by Ihe lime Sieve Han- . sen marie ready (o go below. He bad jusl filled his pipe when Mike Kelly came barging up breathlessly- "Hoy, Skipper . . . (here's been a mistake! Honest. An' guess what." Steve Hansen fell a sinking sensation in bis stomach. "What kind of mistake?" he inquired with apprehension. "An' don't keep me playin' gucssin' games." "Those three guys we shanghaied . . . they ain't lh' guys Harney picked up Ibis afternoon. They're—they . . ." Steve Hansen gripped Kelly':; arm savagely as a slow lighl dawned on Val Douglas. "Who arc llicy'.'" Hansen bellowed. Mike Kelly licked his lips. "This'll scupper you. Skipper,", ho moaned. They're Eddie Cavalier, bis manager and his trainer. 1 recognizer! 'cm just when I hap- 'peno'd lo go below and siw 'cm' in tiie light for the first liinc." ' Eddie Cavalier!" shrieked "You mean that box- fiBhter?" "Th' same," said Mike Kelly. (To Be Continued) «> RSGHT OR WRONG ABQUT PEOPLE Why Don't More Alumni Ai ni (;„ Cra/y? DDX.M.i) s \. I.AIKI> ,,-a-rs. it i-: o rb.i).. si-i.ii. j i],;,i (hi- divni. Two propb may rot be 1 able to loin or mrni i! rrrords fur m.tuy yrars '.lrn-.\- (h;i( they apiMiently live more sanely than due. the mental ti. Reports from m-aily fitvi for mental patients (lirouutuml ihc' U. S. .show iinm-iiTii-,-1 men ! uiul \vomcn aro moM likclv lo ik'- vclap a mental disorder. Tin:; i.; roihlnj new. hut has been Inp- i-.'-nmg .steadily year alter v-tr. ihcr~ is on ;<!•, 1 hnw^Yrr. tor vmiis |y i lie oNprrl r ji.-clf 15 a .svinii- niMability. In those tcr docs not cause ,nK|r. but is a con' ,.] : , s .; n j p(-r,'o;-s, •. i,om nv-svria^e is t.o i)t- a s^'fj'! '^^i\- {') '.v.iVfl mental liiiMkco 1 .' 1 !!. ^i;^ei.0i:i <rii;u f o Mi!, par'.iy (o the m~nlal ii>:;,er.r ol ti^vuu- • iii vitl\ v!ioin io i;ilk f:\':t lr pat'lv to [urni'iv i;n: 'nv-ou noriiuii foi lit.:u;ifi f3e!^ r ::. i.u i;- a r<:Dimn<> Jiuusc anfi iMi the beiif rt -°* fl ' In Ibis ^rc,in> ! - !r ; !:l f T,:ny \vninni • I\....C? | ujf.,1^ . J!lt j m t: lpr): " i or v '' lilr | lilKC me:, \\l-.n :i^liip nuiro . Mind Your Manners sit* ol tin- Wt- nni,-,i ;u.-o U'l'o^ni^'. 1 liiat a > perhaps o:tc ; piopoition of tmm.trriod [M0j)[r i .iO--is d:.iv^(io stiil single because they have i psychiatiisis. some budding peculiarities which | an acute men: not only nuke it more difficult for | the best cure them to pet married bu! also may »ringe n-.vl Kve Dr i\niy .-ii;n.s of a i-omin,' iiii'ii!,-il; M::ny po.i| i- bi'fiikclowu. ]wo:-.r ]na>o', Uivorccd iiri'^li 1 . lor i ::,t:in,:r, ; Ihcm sane. 'I'm ha\e a high incidence c.l menial ; rnoiir;!) at Hi" disorder; and i:i many divorce; ricd. "' ' in n;etit-,il licnltu. I • i iilQSO UOlHCll i', ho j ''•ntapany more lii-in ' i;tr!e!y to o? con- ! • '^ci a iioine. ami , i mii mnn'.-> 'jomp'ii',- i .'•- fcs'lng thai 1 , o.'ii- r .c:.l OUt Of -It) or . a'jcornmg to the r may precipitate paric for which in give \tp raar- raie and like it. liii'C mr.rrird ' for | i'-in lo help kri-i? | iic!; is to be ymf. > 'lij-tt to ijci mar- j 'I'rsl your knowlodgi- of correct 1 nsa;:o by answering ibe fol- lowiiiK iiue.slions. Ibcn cliccfcing against ibe authoritative answers 1 Khiinld an early guest al u Ir.ivc? " " ' 2. Drr.s Hie wr.nitm pouring at ,'| •i lea put Hie nip on the saucer C','f«rc (illiiiL: u? • ri •i Kbcnld Hie one iwuring askl 1 the guests if |in-y want irimmM ]and sugar? / j j !. Do women guests at a tea) 1 keep on (heir hats? | - 1 Is U nerc.ssary to go over ! lo ibr receiving line and say I M/iclljy before leavmq a large tea What voul'l yau tin if^'011 are a •.veiuan and havo'j gone to ;\ large tea alone. You 1 «o not happen to know anyone* present but \oiir— ',, •in Join a group talking to?clU- : er and inltouce .voursclf? > ; bi Intrcduce yourself lo .another i lone gin-si? ,'. 'c' fJrink your tea leisurely, say t goodby to your and ' leave as soon as you can? Answers 1. No. 2. Yes. •' 3. Yes, .*'•:' •1. VVA .S' S. No . |V t'rsl "What WouM You Do' 50^;' luticn-.ibl or (c). is"

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