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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 30, 1934
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T h (s newspaper produced under divisions A-2 & A-5 Ornphic Arts Code. Hope Star Arkansas-Fair, wanner north portion Thursday nig* 4 Friday, Increasing cloudiness. ' Vnr of H»PC ta^uiti JS9BI Ho|.e »*«»• *« ^i,n«oll<1n«fil nil tlnpe S«nr, Jnnunry IB.. n»". iiraws^miHis r Ti n • "TTT'trT Kitchen ' S Lead Leading Over Parks ReCOUHt IYla> The News Review _Qut in r-rontj Ov er Parks is 'J*«gp^ Give Hendri By ly*OTTON ^BPHk 354 Thursday J»*V^fck wive n^Mwi i TK »„„ ,, re roml ..r «nmvor»»ric», yo.. might note th.it Ai,su»l JW^' !*ffi^ ^ITI.JSSl HfS«ll®i I •„,, ..,...., •!.. rrr.u, i.iHhflnv nf Uu>. oil business in the » ^MK'J^^. u , . r^.,.. TJ .. „ „ 5 « o f TK ^fiK^M^A^S^ifessfeKi^ft <»»3plllClil 8iwS®««Ji 1 Wf.S United States. Farmers Are to Decide On Cotton Crop Next Season Wa!luce Says It's Up to South On Whether bhort CropJPays MARIANNA~S P E E C H 15,000 to 20,000 Visitors Expected to Hear Him MKMI'IIIS, Tenn.-(/l')-Sccrcti.ry of A t tr.. 11...... t"i \r\ 11 was on that date in IBM thf rCol. Edwin U Drake of Titusville, Pa drilled the nation's first commercia oil well. , John D. Rockefeller was :i youlhfu nml underpaid clerk in a Clcvelun commission house at that lirac. r words "oil business" then meant tl killing of whales and extracting o from their blubber. No one had ever heard of an internal combustion engine. The enormous pools of oil beneath Ibc plains of Texas and Oklahoma were lo wait a half a century for Uicir discovery. But up in Pennsylvania Col. Drake s crude pump was drawing oil to -th: surfacc-and, if anybody had known it, il was ushering in a whole new era for Ihc Uniled Slalcs and the world, XXX It is perhaps fitting that Col. Drake himself, died in poverty, bis fortune i .„„!- —I ,-.-.j./-.i 11'll \t\\~\. t Jl Agriculture .Henry A. Wallace said ALIlCUHUi^ *"-'•• j here 'Ihur.sday Ihat the South must decide whether il is going to shrink ils cotton production to its actual domestic needs or continue to grow a «urplus for world markets. Mr. Wallace paused here en route to Mariann.i, where he is scheduled lo speak Thursday afternoon. It's a tiiicstion of which policy will bring about greater prosperity for the farmer. -With reduced crop tins year southern farmers must decide whcth er to continue to «row an 8,000,000 bale crop and compete wilh foreign trade or whether to decide if a 0,000,000 bal ... i i " ^ ,T.. ^I/*t 1 Iftr* evop is m deeliux'ii. er o ,, more profitable," Mr. Wallac IllluriCII, tutu ii» j*w-* *j » ost in slock market speculation. _ as bulit some stupendous fortunes ut not all of them bavc stayed m he hands ot the men who first "" But it is not the wealth that the il gives lo individuals that makes he date worth noticing; but it is the change it has wrought in human lives We nre fond of saying that we live n the age of electricity. It would be ,carer the point lo say Ihat we live n the gasoline age. Out of that first oil well at Titusville come some of the most potent influence™ of modern life. The automobile itself, which has changed us all so profoundly, depended on that well o Colonel Drake's. The airp ane wo U Speaks In Mariniiiw MAItlANNA, Ark.—Secretary ot Agriculture Henry A. Wallace will be in Marimma Thursday to make the pr n- cipal address at tbe annual Held day celebration at the cotton branch experiment station of tbe College ot Agriculture, University of Arkansas. Secretary Wallace will arrive in Memphis Thursday morning where he will be .net by an Arkansas delegation, including several state officials, represcnlatives o£ the Unwcrsi y ot Arkansas and the Marianna and Lee County Chamber of Commerce. Marinniw has taken on a holidaj attire to herald (he visit of Mr. Wal- ilct . Welcome Mags are flying over || the streets and the white waypolcb pro d.y bear the red, white and blue Accordin" to information received hy Mils Jeanncttc Blounl, secretary O f the Chamber of Commerce, and Claude J. Byrd, assistant dirccloi •• dv.ru.- of the station, between UOO n da-00(1 visitors will be here, rcpre 'scnling Ihe vyrious collon g ''° W ", 1 sec I "ns o the Mid-South, lo hear Jh „ 1.1n-ss of Secretary Wallace and^tb cr , 1B riciiltunil leaders. Secretary «•' | i!W probably will discuss tbe I 1 c t (md the pri-.M-nt am UOlonci l^ruivt-'o. ».,*- .••-. never have been possible were it not for oil. Nclthcr-thouBh thus wo d l, B ve been no great loss-would the. An inous...... age must live by its ourcc of power; and the discoveiy ™ crude oil could be turned mto ich and extraordinarily sou.ce m owcr as gasoline sol our era ot tne uh,su-ial age off on a tangent it could ot otherwise have taken. It cut down space on our vast con- ncnt. ended isolation, brought tv- ounU-y close to the city, ehangcd om ays of living, our habits of '»• nd our outlook on life. Oui whote istory-cconomic, political and sociJl Jiook a new tack because of that veil of Colonel Drake's. That leaders in the petroleum n - vistry are pulling on an elaborate clebration sit Titusville is very filling fuure l ac a ,vi ( ies of llu- Agncullu Adiiiiuislriitioii. iv,.. I,,- I.C. K«lr,,. ..rc „„• University of Arkansas, Di. C. . m-l.n;; de.m <> the Co votes ahead of O.-rar ISumimrcy in Ihc race for Stale Atidilor. Auto Accident Kills l,Six Hurt Sam Allen of Gurdon, Is Fatally Injured Near Arkadelphia ARKADELPHIA -(IP)- One person ^Wn'SSoSS^ffi^ h ^,,r±,X^ Gurdon, died here folio wine the accident. Mrs. A D. Ashley, of Lumbert was seriously hurt and her husband' and four children were less seriously injured in the collision. Kitchen's Lead Over Parks Is 354Thursday Only One Precinct Is Missing in Congressional Race PARKER'SJLEAD 6,035 Official Count Needed to Definitely Settle Both Races LITTLE HOCK -(/p)~Y/ith onJ one precinct missing at 2 o clock P Thursday uflernoon, Wade Kitchen. Magnolia attorney, was leading W 354 votes over the incumbent, Tilma B. Parks in the race for rcpresentatiy in the seventh congressional district Official votes will be required t settle this race since there are ap proximalely 700 absentee ballots to 0 counted. . . With only a few precincts not re ported, Charley Parker of Canute had a lead of 6,035 Thursday aftcrnoo over J. Oscar Humplircy in the ra for stale auditor. Auditor, Congress Race Close LITTLE ROCK-(/P)-The offici returns probably will be required^ definitely settle the Democratic norrt- for sttle auditor and congressman rom the Seventh district as return* from Tuesday's run-off &™V*<£ tion. Wednesday night, failed to establish leads sufficient to set all doubts nt Wadc Kitchens, Magnolia lawyer and World war arniy captain, held a lead of 372 voles over Congressman Tuman B. Parks, Camden, for the nomination in the Seventh districts rne nrccinct and the absentee vole rcma ed To be tabulated. Kitehens has U595 votes to 14,223 for Parks The vote in the SevcnlhJisU.s congressional race Ashley Bradley Voting in the Stephens School House pi^.u^, uch criticism in Tuesday's run-off primary, -v,.,.,... -.-j , nrobabUitv come up for a heated diacussion Friday when thj. Democratic Central Committee meets to canvass returns and J, Votes cast iluhe Stephens box vitally * ff | c t °ne ---of the nomination for county tax assessor. Standings of _' I:J_A«,, ..,,'ii nnt Via materially cnangea. .. <5 According to Wade Kitchens, above, Megriolla attorney, Thxirsday . IcTd of 3Si voles In Ihc race for congressman over Tilmau B. Camden, the incumbent. Hurley Assail ^oun,; 1 !-^ birthdays more ignificant than tbe one of the oil in Howe's Winning Streak Broken Philadelphia Drives Him From Mound to Win, 13 to 5 HIILADELPHIA.- (/T)~Thc scnsa- , . 1_ .,t 1 titinrrirtM duslry. x X X William Feather, Cleveland business ^r^srs-tr^s s^^r^b Cll H;ct; n .o i-eaeh in another ^neration." Chicot "™ Clark 1 »* Columbia ^° LaFayelte »* Hempstcad 1Jl * Nevada "» Ouachita lj " Union 2257 1149 1244 1574 1201 1065 1416 581 1880 1469 1135 1881 14,595 Liberty League Former War Secretary Will Have Nothing to Do With Organization WASHINGTON -(/P)- Patrick J. Hurley, Hoover secretary of -war,-denounced the American Liberty League as a "smear gang." He said: "Various of my friends have been inquiring of me if I intend to affiliate myself with the American Liberty "My answer to them is that I emphatically will not do so! "The Liberty League is financed by J - ll% - *, , 1_J 1 *U« olTOf Textile Strike to Start Saturday Will Be Largest Walkout to Confront Roosevelt Administration WASHINGTON.— (IP)— A. general trike in the cotton textile industry was called Thursday to become effec- ive at 11:30 o'clock Saturday night. Workers in wool, silk, rayon and ythetic yarn industries were ordered to stand by for further orders. The first working day after effective date will be September 4. not a life of ron at least one of ni in Ki-Bliinrf w h..-tlrr on t.l,e eonlin-nf, but even wi'lT'l'M-'bn.s'r't-rS.-c'H^.r.v Wallace f.,r '"u-'^xi^' '.'tf-ai^m.Us'nf ,-repar- Mion'ri'vorylliiiW ^ ''^V f " r ^ ^ ,,.,„., d;,v. Tlu; highways loading >,„ M.ni.nn, hnv.! br.n put m f i «• ..(ass r..n.lili..n. and Iho m»'l f'" 11 Mi.uanna south I- two .n.l<;s . ,!„. Cation has bec-n oiled. 1 ht (.rniitids i.l lb>- s.Uli"ii have- bi:c-i H,(- m i.-alh' ir.'i.ti-d I'J k.-fp Laymen Acting as Attorneys Are Hayed Mil , W A U K i'': K. W i H .-- (/I') --i-^ '..u-nolT'Thnri-l'.'..;""! |l"-' ^*™™ pl'lU'ltt (.'S 1^''-' v -'' i/ation. A pro^riun to lawyers si'.v i'r UiaU ",r C 'hin"pror.ii : 'd.> nnt Know, Jiftbrv iv-viM- have known, a livinp, i ...mvn-able l» what we find Coffer nTyS™ oC d.vasli,^ dc- ,ii-i'ssion ho savs. , IfT.r.. is sonii-thiiig worth n-nu-mber- ;v',';ha,tf«^TK fb'»xa ssar '7 Bu it doesn't burl U, remc-nihci ", when all is said and done we arc till luckier than most people. 1 WA crican .standard "f living is » be, "c whU'U even the di-i.rcssu.il )»is wrecked. lio.ial winning streak of Lynwood (Schoolboy Howe, Detroit s big U- vcm .-old pitching ace, was ended Thursday by the Philadelphia Athletics in the Presence of 33.718 yelling fans, greatest crowd in the history ^oE Sliibc park. ' Thousands of others, eager to sec the "boy wonder" seek his 17th consecutive victory, won: turned away 'but no one knows hrttr-r than the Schoolboy, bimw-lf, what it mcBiis to h<- fruslralcd. On II"- thiTshhold of ' . „ -u-hii-vrnu-iit wbii'h would bnve W i,,,'d „„.. II.- Auu-vi...... l."^'|r rw- „.,! hi- now must sb:in- wim ..« V,,od. Waller .I'.hnson :md Lt-fly Jrovc, Iliiwi 1 .sud'l'-nl.v lost Ins magic ;;;,„ \ w \ ^M ...n ..f •>•« ^ H the srvi-ntl nion - „„ Totals 14 ' 223 Parker Maintains Lead Charles Parker, Camden .maintained srssu.Ti3a"* race for state auditor. With 1721 precincts out o£ 2034 in m state in which a runoff election was held, reporting, the vote stood. Parker 88,143, Humphrey 82,966 figures included complete un- rcturns from 20 of the 7. Traffic authorities in London bay surd » n,w rule that, no iniloniol,.! , « i.i-.v be sounded anywhere n of returns rom counties in which the run-off election vote is to be The Liiueny ijveie"^ ij *,...-.—- — the same people and led by the same man that led the smear-Hoover campaign'; and I have never joined a "smear "gang,. . . "I deeply rcgretled seeing sucl splendid slatcsmcn as Wadsworth Smith and Davis taken in by the old 'smear brigade 1 . . '"This is a government by majon ties. The American Congress and ex ecutivcs represent a majority ot tn people. When the policies of Con gross and the excculivcs are distaste ful to the electorate, a majority ca change both policies and personne In my own short lifetime I have see many such changes take place Unles. I miss by guess, in appraisal of Ui irection in which we are headed Two blows in Ibc fifth innim;. l-' c ,-,4 a duubl- b.V Hie vctenin »mg ,-' lk -v with Ibr bi.ws full Hlid Ihe i,,.,- ,, hum;- ,-.m b.V 1'ink.V Hige'"*- w ,,,,e "fims" U, R..WLS ,lrc.,,k. Ihry j.^.uMK-d for five inns, tjavi- lu AIH- letic-s ii clr-i.sivc inai-Kin and led t< H,,wr\ n-liri-i.u-nl. undi-r i-ontinurd fiv , twc, innini! sl»li-r. Before hc-ine i-clii-vwl by Vii- Sorrell, Kow- yielded ji ilo/un bits and 10 runs. '|'h,. Alhlelic-.s won. lit to •>• 1| Kavc the- Miii-Kiii'-n an cvrn brriik in \\w (.(TivtrslcH iii hince up'.'H "NO election was held in Cross 01 Newlon counties, nor in some of VM ^^ ?nip±b,o CO to l ^f ^ -'were ^e^dnesW^. ^^l^^^ Wednesday night accounted foi 110,000 voti-s. Group Urges Ouster of College Trustees (Continued on Face Three) FLAITFR FANNY SAYS: i. L.I 11 "• '- , r- ,! s ptT.OFF. pr,,,.cr I-...-M. out wh.t .be the evils resullmg c- by l«,nk »»d trust T K'l ir^'ini; 'i-.ni:-ideri-.l, with John G. 1 k ,n ( f Ni-w York an') Si Us, II. Sli-i'vn of l'hicii>'.o Iciidinii the move- "'ri'!,'. coll l,.,,.i.m »f Ihc lawyers is (l , ,n-,--h of .h- e,-ilu-i,.n heaped on ,„, |,.,.,| un-U-.-sion ba.s br.-n miMli- , i »-,,.,nv- of many uoii-ail". ncys pHM-ii'-i.'.^'''''- 1 "^ '- lf 1; ' 1W wil) " JUl ""' rii-bt I" do :•". , , , |.; s , ( , 1: .iv t - rff..rls l-'iv: l-r.rn taken l, y ' i.vlivid.iid bar fcruups -n ^-veral .);,!.. f> di-trnnine bow rur l-'y''"- 11 . ';.,,.,,. i-n.-roarbin^ upon (be t'old ol luKsi',,,,^ i-enniU-l only to been.se.J Irveis Ibc .surveys disclosed un- •'iiiti'ioriz-d [...rson-s were handbill will: lrusts and documents for a pub- lie unknowing the restriction:; put upon uucli business. '•Didn't Have II." Hnwr's d.-f'-iil due, h(^ said af ward s.'.M>l'I.V t(1 (lu ' flll ' ( lu ' " <Utlu l I,,.,,.,,, ii". was his first .since hi: dropped a di-rihicni to Ihe White Sox .1 10 hi in.min'; ui) his .streak ol If mphs he bail whipped every elul •„, ii,,. k-iigii.-, including Hie Yankees four times. His defeat was his fiftl ,,| il,e s'.-ason as i-oinpared wilh ''( virlia-ics. M-.-siili.-s li-aving him in lii- will. Jobnwn, Wood and CJrove f" MH- Anu-r.v.m l/.-amu- leeord, the si't li.uk :,jioil'-d hi:; i-b:iiicu lo overlulu niiijor leai'.ue mark of 1!>. joint! t,'t o 'irni'ys for the lii-lfl bv 'I'iin Ki-efe iin<l llube Mar- L'.. ; ,,. ,1,,, ,,,,vri-i ounnl. MTTl.K HOCK — (/I'l— '• o tbe report of Special Masti-r A. Johnson were filed Wednesday «i« Govenlor Kutrell and the chief execu f, V e said he would confer ugam *'" ohnson this week before reachmg decision on the rcquesed removal o three trustees of Monl.cello A. & jonusu,, had said that ho found n reason for the governor taking ',<*<• gainst the trustees, whom wo.c <ic cu-iod bv the fourth district taxp-O^ of approving alleged illegal raw-' tions of John Richardson war. - tnistce, R. W. Wilson. P WPI-. MinUccllo, Van Buren County Ballots Are Stolen CLINTON — (IP)— A theft of ballots cast in Van Buren county in the August 14 Democratic primary was disclosed Thursday by Arthur Tipton, liquidator of the closed Van Buren County bank in which the ballots had been placed for safe keeping. One race has been, contested. Marvin Halhcoat filed contest proceedings in Circuit Judge's race in which Jack Holt of Harrison Two other contests have been threatened. 20 fflionTAsked for NRH Works Thirty-four Counties Send Delegations to Little Rock for Funds Bluff and W. E. .rtJv. vivi i •** T!*««---- lother such change is not "I am opposed to minont.__ „ ,-ule the nation. It is ridiculous lor, ny rUuw to come forward with « atemcnl that it is not represented, very district rlecl.s » ( ;'- ongr ^ n J h " nd every state two senators. All the "ters have a right to vote for the resident. I accept the decision of the •mjority. . ,. . s "Good sportsmanship us. V.UI .>• ,ood Americanism rcquirn us to ho* o tbe will of the majority Owne to ,ur system of universal education a naiority of the voters arc intelligent, {he majority finds that it bas em- virkod upon policies that arc detn- 'enU.1 to the welfare of the nation and the well being of the citr/.ens, •' vill be as anxious to change those P' t-ies as it was to inaugurate Ibein. thebinlinuoifiuiaojnn Foreclosures On Farm Land Ended Farmers May Appeal t< County Debt Adjustment Committee K-mmTS who arn facing n«>rtg«R c (orcclosurc need not worry over tiw matter since the pasage in the id.si t nmivvi ji, mil KPV- 'lil uu oeiJiciiiwKi ^- Tlie textile strike is the largest nu merically to confront the Rooscvel administration. Francis J. Gorman, chairman of th special strike committee, said Thurs day that a half million workers hav been ordered to strike. Not all o those are now employed. By the Associated Tress Developments Thursday in the la bor situation included: Textiles—a general strike called cotton textile industry to become c fcctive at 11:30 Saturday night. Steel employes of Wcirton Steel company petitioned the National Labor relations Board to order an election to determine who shall represent them in collective bargaining. Aluminum— Negotiations between representatives of the Aluminum com- -lany of America and Union, looking ow'arc) a scttlc-mc-tit of a strike m- olving 10,0(10 in four plants, it to be psumed iv.'Xt week in PiUsbureh. —, » O «» • Senator Stewart Is Assured Post LITTLE ROCK.— (/P) - Thirty-four ounty delegations listed 520,000,000 in rejects with the state highway commission here "Wednesday for consid ration undcr~ the 53,428,049 NKH pro gram to be launched soon. Abou lalf the works proposed were munic- pal projects. .,•„], James R. Rhyme, director of highways, said the commission considered all the projects "meritorious, 1 and all will be considered at later meetings as the commission frames the new construction program subject to the approval of the U. S. bureau of roads. The commission took no action on the petitions but late Wednesday awarded contracts for three road and two bridge projects subject to approval of the federal bureau. Successful bidders on the contracts, which were awarded under last year's NRH pro- cram, were announced as follows: Lee county, 2.5 miles of grading . j _-_»,*ml cuff nr*lnf Ofl /VCCOrQUle ™ * *«*"» *.*«-.—--, tary of the Democratic Central niteee, only 29 legal poll tax f were issued in Stephens precinct The box cast a total of 190 votes. It is possible, however, that th*a a -'1 dition o£ more than 29 legal vote* were cast by maiden vote, becoming,,, 21 years of age and entitled to cast a, ballot without paying a poll' «"?•,.' It is also possible that voters holding legal poll tax receipts used the Stephens box, to east their ballots in preference to their home precincts. Leads By 48 Votes • » Mrs, Isabelle Onstead, leading bet ,1 opponent, Dewey Hendrix by 48 votes, J for the nomination of tax assessor, J would lose in the event the committee J throws out the entire box. ^ The new figures would give Hendrtx a majority of 60 votes on the *«<s of unofficial returns. If a re-count is made of the 29 legal- , ,zed voters, the nomination w6uld i give Hendrix a majority of 19 votes, granting that all of the 29 votes wcre^ cast for Mrs. Onstead. ' '• The Stephens box gave Mrs. Onsteidj a vote of 147. Hendrix received 39,. V °Deducting the total f"or each candi-J date the tabulations would show: | Hendrix, 1,885. Onstead, 1,765, or,**! silent Thursday; While Hend'ix was silent -inm-Bui? , concerning his plans, his supporters indicated that the ' Stephens' box, which east 190 votes against 29 le^U poll tax receipts would be attacked at 5 « the central committee meeting Friday afternoon at the city hall. The Star, in a newspaper story printed August 9 concerning a meeting of the County Democratic Central "Rigid enforcement of the ArKansas poll tax law was indicated by an expression from the committee. The Stephens Vote At that time judges and clerks were S3-JX's5£S:l s H'S 3-^1^:111 Tilman Parks. For Prosecuting ey New Stewart 95; Steve Cairigan f; for sheriff, Jim Bearden 100; Clar- Hendrix, 39 . L. Pilkinton, ias head of Over Carrigan Cor Prosecuting Attorney Senator New Stewart had been assured nf the nomination for prosecu- tiiu- attorney ill the Eighth judicial district, barring a wholly improbable uiwt on the count of the absentee vntn, with a majority of 333 votes in the unofficial count, complete for We district with the exception of one box in Clark county. The vote by counties: Carrigan Stewart Mil l cr 1648 1702 rV.Vv-ciio'" m 9M Hc^tL::::: «; jg gfrr :::::::.« S C Totais..;.::.:'. ^ ««» A dumbbell is a co-ed who gotten auy wiser between semesters. Football Equipment to Be Issued Friday |,-,,,,lhi,|| equipment to the l'.KM liob- .,il team will be issued Friday, Assisl- u( C'oach .liniiny Jones HiinouiH'c'd. Iniii.'l |>.-a.-tii-'j will start Monday ;iHCI i n'"it al '.\ nVloek. Piaetiee s'.'NM (> n- s v/ill In- held once daily until Coa<:h .. |l:iiiiniLH:> returns. lie i.s e.xpccled hoj'.ie next Wedues- iy troin Florida where he has spent (In- pas.1 (wo weeks. On his return [•lice will be hold twice daily, the iiioining.s devoted lo skull practice ; u-l the afternoons will be spent on .ll'l ihe football field. Prospects for a heavy and experi- t-nccd team uru very the governor Wednesday •r-ked tlvit the report be set asi<JC^ The three trustees invt.lved aie. • C Perdue, ElDorado; E. W. G^- Ci-osst-U, and J. L. Longino, Pine b u • Governor Fiilrcll will go to Marwn „„ Thursday Secretary of AgricuUu c Henry A. Wnllaee and is rW><-™ j o flolay final decision on the Men" case' for several days. Bulletins 11 It- |J(1UM(3-- ••- CorifiVess of a law allowing them scv- , en K tr" in -hic-h lo redeem their and eldl » u " c Y01tK.-(/P) ••-'! Slc"l t'urpnratiou a 1 ' . Thursday dial it will i-lii'"' ialc Saturday work for all salaried cni- plryi-s which will involve a salary cut of practically 10 per cent, el- Icctlve next September 1. and. \V 11 It 11 **J 4 *-" - " — HitliT, Nevada county foreelosure is tbrealeni-d, or , idividual feels that his ,,,u, w ^ debt is too high, ca be made for a hearing _- - imlv Drbl Adjustment Commilte - j a 'reduction of the debt might b<^ t" is cx'pi'i'li'd thiil ninny persons w burdened with farm dcgts with Bomb Explodes Wrecking Ship Four Portions Narrowly Escape Injury When Plane Blazes j_,ec couniy t &*<* m«^^ « <*--- — and drainage and gravel surfacing on the Marianna road north, state highway no. 1, Ben Hogan, Little Rock, ?4 LiUlc°'River and Scvier counties, state highway No. 71, Wilton-Lockesburg road, concrete and steel bridge and approaches, KochtiUky and Johnson, i'orrcst Cily, ?65,394.90 Howard county, stale highway No. 4, 1.7 miles grading and drainage ana gravt-l surfacing on Nashville-Center Point road, W. W. Keatou, Little Rock, 58,369.50. Scolt county, state highway No. 71, ona wile grading and drauiate and i-'-'e uitvtnieui ou \Valoron cui connection, A. C. Kennecy, Poyen, Ark., 524,357.47. Hot Spring county, Donaldson overpass on state highway 61, Kochtitlky and Johnson, Forrest City, $D5,493.5o. Coutics which sent delegations to the highway commission nieeting Wednesday included Sebastian. Miller Jefferson, Garland, and Union. Members ot Ihe commission said federal regulations require that jfl per cent of Ihe new NRH appropriation be spent on federal highways. They said first attention will be given to uncompleted links in federal roads. A part of the funds will be spent on secondary roads and a part in Ja m v.-iutn nv> v". -municipalities. At least SO per cent of {our s jn o{£ke and which he lp e d the counties will benefit under the hjm wm th(J ^^ct^c nomination, program and counties which dl 5} "° l the former Socialist author wrote: share in previous programs will be .. Ilne di a tely after having taken the given early consideration, Rhync said. l alh Q£ o{fice) hc (Sinclair) stepped 1_ _ -»,— — Urnor of California my first action U * * * to sign a pardon for Thomas 5. Moon- f .y 1 commission a messenger to take this documt-nt to the warden of t>an Quentin prison, and obtain Mooney s release. At this time 1 offer to him. , my profound apologies for the injus- „ , tTce which the Slate of California has Chaim-S Austrian Chan- donc lo him for the past eight years., cellor With Being On ^ ---- ^S. K£ - ' ' ^ " i ua for which Mooney and Warren K. Billing-s now in Folsom prison, were "lay Get Pardon Sinclair Promises His Release If Elected Governor SAN FRANCISCO~-(^- « Upton Sinclair is elected governor of California he says his first offiical act will be to pardon Thomas Mooney, convicted 1916 San Francisco Preparedness Day bomber, who has applied | to five governors for pardon without success. _ ... In his book, "I 1 Governor of Calu- ornia," in which he envisioned his Says Mussolini Controls Austria! res Austrian ( [or With Being Italy's Payroll aree ,o outU't in view wil Hake advantage of the bargHining power of tins coin- ittee and secure a scaling down of ^1L indebtedness. In Nevada eoun.y Mr J B- Silvey of Rosston. Kt. '. chau-nmn of this comnultee. An Argentina inventor has perfected an instrument which he claims will give- warning o£ an approaching oaitn- cjuuke. V/AXAHACUIK. Toxas persons, ini-hidius J»nics svntbetie rainmaker. mir»i-ulousl.v ct-- i-iipi-d doatb or M-rioii:» injury I'"-': Wi'diii-.sday when a bomb i-xplodcc pi-ematurel.v after it liad been tow-ed ovrr the- side of the plane- which lhe> occupied, wrecking the ship in ini 1 'air. Filot Lou Kootc of Dallas brous the damaged ship to earth. The ship wa.s ablaze as it rewrhei (Continued on Page Three) Billing-s now in roisum ^.^v", I-HAHA,Czcchoslovakia—(/P)—fc'raiw sentenced to life imprisonment. Winkler .former Austrian \ice vhan- cellor, charges Thursday Dial Prince Ernst von Starhrmbu-g. present vice i»nit*t vim *-jitj> i'^ ><••'-• o- i ,, chancellor, "has been on Mussobms payroll finc-c 1929. . -Austria today is completely m the hands of Mussolini." Winkler said. Markets Cotton showed declines Thursday of 85 rents a bale, New Rork Octobet fjnds ol Mussolini. "'.'""•' •"•— ui °j ««•••••* » — Winkler said Ihat Von Starhemlx-rg dosing at 13.06. has received not less than a mil ion December closed at W.-3. dollars « r 19» to do H-1/* dirty al I3A ; ^^^ co ^"\^'^ cbanceUor uUo Hens, heavy breed^b 7 to c charged that Starhemberg had been Hens, Leghorn bleeds, iD *1, receiving pay from Austria over a Broilers, per lb • ™. . period Sf U year, to fight Com- | ^^VSTZ=jS S l£

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