Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1934
Page 3
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ocie MRS. SID HENRY •_--— «>ings arc beautiful. Swallows and deer, And lightning that 'falls Btighl-voincd and clour. Rivers and meteors, Wind in the wheat, 'Ihe strong-withered horse, The runner's sure feet. And slow things urc beautiful, Hie closing of day, The pause of the" wave That curves downward, to spray, The ember thai crumbles, The opening flower, And the ox that moves on In the quiet of power . HOWE'S REASON Miss Lislia Richards is spending her vacation visiting her sister, Mrs. Gold. K? I'atterson in Kansas City, Mo. Miss Lucille Ferguson of Batesvill is the guest of Miss Marjorie Waddle Mrs. Charles .Briant returned Wed nosdny f ron , ., visjt wi((l her s . s(cr Mrs. Leo Perdue and Mr. Perdue in LouAnn. Miss Kalhryn Lane has as house guests. Misses Mabel and Charlino Lane of Louisville, Ky. Circle No. 2 of the W.M.S., First Uaptist church entertained tlie intermediate GA's nt a most delightful party Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Hugh Jones on North Pine street. Games nnd contests furnished enter- gta-tainmem for the evening, and, a most •^refreshing ice course, was served with cake. liev. and Mrs. Wallace R. Rogers left Wednesday afternoon for a visi in Uppervillo, Va.. end enroule Jiomt they will spend a short time in Washington City. Mrs. R. M. Blakoloy and little- datigh ta. Luvinda, of Little Rock are the guests of Mrs. L. E. Singleton and other relative's. Kills Chiinr.y of San Antonio was tin- Tuesday guest of Hen Haynes. Mrs. J. E. Berry and little daughter Margaret, have returned to their home in Smackover, after n visit with Mr. am! Mrs. T. A. Middlebrooks. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McFaddin and Jittle daughters, Mtiry Ross nnd Matilda returned Tuesday from a motor trip through Fayettevi'lle, Rogers. Jas- The b)g reason \vhy School- hoy Howo ia pitching stioh pho- lorneual ball this year Is tli o young lady nbovo—R, llm Mnry Skinner, pretty, brown - evod niss of El Dorado, Ark.. RowV'a homo town. The Detroit Tt B « Pitcher popped the .mention to fair Rdna a short time ago, ami Uie two childhood sweethearts are to ha married as soon as th 9 world series IB ov^r—ho saya. ment of OK. church. All members ar urged to bo present. •pj Canning Program Is Started Here ! KRA Community Kitchens Over County Launch Meat Canning Supervisors of (he eannini,' kitchens in the county were called j n recently to atlrnd a meat canning demonstration, given hy Miss Hclon Griffin, county homo dcmonstrntion agent, nnd Mrs. J. E. McGuire, local field woman of the ERA. Meat canning in summer is nol rec- cnimended, but, because of the shortage of pasture anrl of feed this year, the Extension Department of the U. of A. and the ERA me sponsoring a canniru! proRram r..s a relief measure to help care for the INI tlio that cannot ho kept in Rood condition until <oo) weather. Meat that is canned must be thoroughly chilled before canning. In and around Hope this is accomplished by putting meat in an ice house from 24 to 48 hours. Where no ice is available an ice box may be made. A refrigerator is not cold enough. This is clonc by putting a barrel or box. with a tight fitting lid, inside another box packing between with sawdust or cottonseed hulls. A hole is bored through the bottom to allow drainage. Three pounds of ice arc neccssory to one pound of meat to insure the proper chilling. Meat is boned and packed in cracked ice, the most of the ice being on top. Tlie meat is taken to the kitchen in the ice box. Because of Ihe great danger of poisoning that might result from improperly chilled meat, each instructor is instructed not to can any meat that is not properly chilled. It i.s recommended that, if possible, imimal.'i be kept until cold weather be- lore killing. It will not be as expensive and the product i.s better because of diflerence in time of cooking. Further instructions will shortly be printed :\r. to the care and the prepnr- atii.n of the animal for cooking. V6te for State Auditor per and other points of interest in North Arkansas. Ben Haynes left Tuesday afternoon for Washington. D. C. where he has a government apointment in Ihe Research Department of the Bureau of Comcmree. The Fidelis class \l the First Baptist church, Mrs. Hugh Smith, teacher, will hold a business meeting Thursday night af 7:30 iii the adult dopart- Conlinuing the .study of the new mmuiel, "The How and the Why of the W.M.U." with Mrs. W. P A«ee leading, Circle 5 of the W.M U "of j the First Baptist church held a most, interesting meeting Monday afternoon .'it the home of Mrs. Jesse Brown on South Washington street with Mrs Tom Coleman and Mrs. Joe Coleman as associate hostesses. A short business session was in charge of the circle leader, Mrs. Hugh Smith, and the. program was- given by Mrs. Smith Mrs. Agee.and Mrs. Wallace Rogers. There were 19 who responded to the roll call, including one new member, Mrs. Bessie Ellen Evans. During the social hour, the hostesses served ;i de- lighttul ice course with cake. Now Science Puts 0. K. on Toast. IJY MARY li. DAG UK NEA Service Staff Writer The scientists have recently had toast up for trial in the laboratory. Harold Teen and Pals at Saenger Musical and Dance Numbers in Wednesday and Thursday's Program Hailed by motion picture critics as the "laughJn'est" riot of love and comely of the year, Harold Teen, Lillums Lilacs, and all the famous characters of Carl Ed's world popular comic strip cartoon head the Saneger's Wednesday and 7'hursday program, supported hy innumerable other interesting eharactcrs, bevies of pretty girls and spectacular dancers. Columbus - - — 666 And they found out some interesting items. ,, TT rr °~ We have known for some time that A™%', r T . lr « wtllo ';' 1 V ml liUle th<; hunl "' ^line acts on the starch daughter, Carolyn, with Mrs. P. C. in bread, changing it to sugar or "dcx- vs. MALARIA fifiC Liquid or Tablets Checks ftlalarl. in Three Days. Sure Preventive. Elections over and we hope the best man won . . . and if there art some that are still hot . . . just come and cool off the the— Matinee 4 NOW „ / ; v~... 5c Stephens of Blevins, have returned from a visit to her sister, Mrs. D. A Washburn of Longview, Texas. New Outbreaks Are Feared by Austria Friction in Home Guard Ranks Is Reported in Vienna trinizing" it, and thereby shortening the time required for body digestion. But might the toasting heat be hurm- Tomorrow's fllcnu Breakfast: Chilled tomato juice, cereal cooked with raisins, cream, cinnamon toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Toasted cheese and green pepper sandwiches, fresh pear salad, nut cookies, milk, tea. Dinner: Flanked English mutton chops, potatoes mi gratin, broccoli with Hollandaisc suuce, FVcnch endive with Roquefort cheese dressing, mint parffiit with chocolate sauce, macaroons, milk, coffee. VIENNA -(/P)-The threat of internal outbreaks hung once more over Austria Wednesday and this lime it | * ul u> the protein content of the bread was in pro-government forces. I -"id so counteract the good effect on Busy ^forjnonths in slumping out " ll -' starch? That's what the experts Nazis, the Fascist cubinont of Chancellor Schuschnigg suddenly found danicr from another source—friction n the ranks of the heimwehr, or Fascist home guard, headed by Vico- Chancellor Ernest von Slnrhcmbcrg. A number of heimwehrmen were irrested Tuesday by police. Guards vere placed about the barracks of the organization in the Floridistlorf ser- ion. Jealousy between Vienna heimwehr elatehmenls nnd their brothers in rovinces in lower Austria, private sources said, led to the raid by emcr- t'ency police. Reports spread out that . certain heimwehrmen had been called "untrustworthy and traitors." The situation brougght speculation whether Vienna faced another puteh —this time by the heimwehr. Heimwerh forces are regarded as Ihc right arm of Schuschnigg's government—so long as Prince Von Salr- hemherg, their leader, is vice chancellor. ghaovc-aCa wanted to know. Their tests have shown that the protein of toasted bread is fis completely digested as the protein of un- toasted bread, so the evidence is all in favor of toa.st. Kliiniuntcs Potatoes That's good news since toast is so useful to us housewives. Many important chefs in the «real hotels and restaurants throughout, the country serve lamb chops, broiled chicken, broiled kidneys, mushrooms, asparagus and any number of foods on toast. Potatoes are unnecessary when tons! figures in the menu. Karebils and Hal LcRoy, famous stnge dancing star was brougth direct from Broadway where he was headliner in "Strike Mo Pink" to play the part of Harold Teen, and Paul Gerard Smith and Al Cohn, who wrote the screen play have, brought the cartoon characters to life in a story that is as funny as it is exciting. Rochelle Hudson, who will be remembered in 'Wild Boys of the Road" "D)-. Bull," "Mr. Sketch," and other pictures, has the role of Lillums. Patricia Ellis, of "Convention City" lame, takes the part of Mimi, daughter of Snatcher and Miss Hudson's rival, sharing honors in the leading feminine roles. Guy Kibbeo appears al Lillum's father with Clara Blandick in the role cf her mother. Hugh Herbert is Rathburn, the comic show director. While the picture is not a musical there are several musical numbers as well as dance specialties. Songs are sung by Miss Hudson, Miss Ellis and Chic Chandler. Capt J. L. Autrey and Mrs. Aulre of Richmond, Va., arrived Friday fo n .visit with Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Aul Miss Mildred'Johnson is visiting rel atives in Ashdown. Miss Rcna Johnson is visiling will relatives in Amarillo, Texas. Misses Jo Ellen and Frances Sucg. and Charles Suggs of Longview Texas, and Mrs. C. R. White left Friday lor a visit with relatives in Texarkana before returning homo. While here they visited with relatives at Powers and McNab. » D. . Walker of Dol Rio, Texas is the guest of his brothers, T. H. and R. C. Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Booker, Mlsa Mary Gaines Autrey, and Miss Ella Vlulhns of Texarkana and Mrs. Glen Ellis and boys of Saratoga spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Autrey. Miss Lorena Darnall is visiting with Mr and Mrs. H. H. Darnall in Am- irillo. Elizabeth Shopperson has returned from a visit with Miss Ida Huggins al Helena. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Stuart and Mrs i W. Butler of Washington were the Sunday guests of Mr, and Mrs. H. C Stuart. Mrs. C. \V. Wilson and children are spending a few days visiting with relatives in Hope. Mrs. J. R. Autrey and Capt. and. J Mrs. J. R. Autrey are visiting relative at Lake Village. Mrs. . M. Holding had as guesl Tuesday, Mrs. W. F. McCorkle an Mrs. Clyde Ross of Ihe Rio Grand Valley and Mrs. Dick Milam and Mrs Cowling of Mineral Springs. —Shorls— There's something really NEW— No. 1 of the "Goofy Movies" Coim.-dy ''What's To Do" A balloon filled with hydrogen descends when released from the lop of Mount Washington, N. H. Air currents go over the peak and down the leowartl side with such speed that a released balloon is unable to rise until it has left Ihe side of the mountain. THE WISE OlD OWl FARNEO ITS REP FOR POWER,PICK-UP VJ>P££D,A/VD creamed foods on toast are inviting at luncheon time and broiled filet of beef, lamb chops and Salisbury steaks on toast are excellent for dinner. Creamed dried beef with hard cooked ujjgs on toa.st i.s easily prepared, j inexpensive and nourishing luncheon f ili.sh. So are creamed oysters on toast. Onion soup, tomato soup and celery •oup all gain distinction if two or throe .squares of loa.it are sprinkled with grated cheese and served in each portion. Miike Mi-Ilia Toast ^'It'lba toast is pel feet with soups of all varieties, vegetable juice cocktails or with lea. Cut bread as thin as possible and toa.st in the oven in:.!! o'l'i.sp and delicately browned. Do nol butter vut serve sweet buttur with it. Sweet butter, a syou know, is made with sweet cieam and i.s unsalted. ' Cinnamon toast is a universal fav- ' oriu.' with children and grownups alike. 1 use 1 teaspoon cinnamon to three teaspoons granulated sugar. Spread hot toast with butter and sprinkle generously with the mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Maple breads!icks are diferent and delightful. Use light brown sugar if i you have no maple in the house. Cut | bread in 1 inch strip's and trim off | crusts. Butler on all .sid-js and roll in I maple sugar. Toa.st in ;i modi-rate I oven. 350 degrees F., until brown. Carter Winner In Close Miller Race 46 Votes Ahead of Pore- hand for-Representative's Post TEXARKANA^Twhh all voles except absentee ballots listed in the unofficial tabulation, candidates who will be elected to county offices in Ihe November general election were definitely known Wedcsday morning Of the entire field that marched info the run-off primary, Ben E. Carter has the smallest lead over his opponent in the repreEcntalives race. Carter i.?_4C votes ahead cf Otto Forehand, with 55 absentee ballots yet to be counted. The remaining handful of votes is not expected lo aller the nomination. H. M. Barney was nominated for stale senator with a majority of 129 votes over James W. Ellis and W.J.S. Smith Jr., has a lead of 392 over G.P. Winham for county treasurer. Milton Ooas was nomiated lo Ihe county judgeship with a majority of 87 votes over Judge Louis Josephs in he complete unofficial returns. Stale senator, 21st district— H. M Barney 1740; James William Ellis 1611. Representative—Otto Forehand 1647- Ben E. Carter 1693. County treasurer—G. P. Winham 525, W. J. S. Smith, 1817. County judge—Louis Josephs 1428; Milton Oats 1871. Arkansas Baxter Benton Boone Bradley Carroll Chicot Clark Clay Clcburne Cleveland Columbia Conway Craighead Crawford Criltendcn . Dallas Desha Drew Faukner Franklin Fulton Garland Grant Greene Hempstcad .... Hot Spring .... Howard Independence Izard Jefferson Johnson Jackson Lafayette Lawrence Lee Lincoln Little River Logan Lonoke Miller Mississippi .... Monroe Marion Nevada Ouachita Perry Phillips Polk Pope JMlaski Pike Randolph "Saline Scott Sebastian Sevier Sharpe St. Francis .... Stone Union Van Buren .... Washington ... While Woodruff Yell 211 26 40 25 . 26 29 14 33 26 24 16 30 21 31 31 22 24 15 31 29 33 20. 27 17 27 38 27 30 36 32 28 24 43 19 32 23 19 22 36 29 33 57 21 2624 2727 2fi 27 36 . 51 . 18 29 28 30 42 , 29 22 2127 33 22 .. 43 . 46 . 23 35 z 0 41 22 26 10 13 29 9 23 15 28 20 29 25 1 24 14 20 21 30 15 12 17 21 38 27 24 30 24 13 16 39 1C , 24 19 9' 20 25 17 33 . 3 12 23 ' 24 27 5 20 27 29 49 16 25 28 21 33 24 5 21 26 27 12 20 2fi 10 1 o. § _/js- 1,913 597 1,667 1,625 1.218 343 1,089 1,130 544 1.009 983 974 G8G 2.931 1,743 48 1,958 581 434 1.565 1.247 566 182 1,235 1,533 1,509 1,715 1,014 1.157 1.175 149 679 1.060 750 1,553 705 •86 1,599 1.249 : 910 2,271 892 1,239 928 1,157 674 178 236 1.523 1.044 2,203 832 G?,5 1,274 801 1,768 1,441 166 1,852 756 2,279 925 236 996 521 15 1,742 328 1.967 1,283 1,002 321 968 1,174 816 1.009 618 933 1,744 • 2,340 989 6 1.C98 1,148 1,218 1.110 1,396 648 1,271 592 2,254 2,251 1.476 707 1,695 415 35 1,229 2,872 002 1,213 47 394 932 918 1,531 1,048 894 1,133 95; 1,306 2,039 142 950 640 1,650 4,153 479 2,079 1,406 607 2,006 882 114 1,747 464 1,485 493 718 1,990 616 202 Mrs. J. H, Bradford Dies Early Wednesday Mr}.. J. If. Bradford, 72, died at tlte home of her daughter, Mrs, Clidt 'Jo);ind early Wednesday morning. Funeral services will be held fiwtt the Nashville Methodist church oh Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. J. Frnnk Simmons and assisted by the Jtev, E. C. Rule of Hope. She is survived by six children, six grand children and three nieces. R. L. Sessions Witts In Race for County Judge ASHDOWN, Ark. -Polling about of- many votes in the run-off as in the primary election, voters of Little River county nominated R. T. Sessionfe for County udge, J. E. Sikes for Rep* rcscntative and S. A. Crawford fob Assessor. These three candidates \vcr£ the'leaders in Ihc August 14 primary,, Total 2,050 1,399 70,048 75,924 --— • ••• » ^ „_ SINCLAIR WINS (Continued from Page One) Doctors Choose Child's Laxative Your doctor will tell you the laxative in« frediVnt in delicious Fern-a-mint t* «*fe and thorough for even little digestive Organs. \nd your child will actually enjoy clip wing ^een-a-mint, the chewjng gum la x* ti V<* Feen-a-mitu contains no richness to upset the stomach or steal appetite. It i* positive f*or grown-ups and safe for children DeliV is dangerous. Keep your family on srhedult. Give them Keen-a-mint foe constipation. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Plione 252 Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phone 259 Last Chance ELBERTA PEACHES Excellent Quality t Grown by Experiment Slation U. S. No. 1 1%-in. to 2-in. Size $1.00 Bushel Purchase at Southern Ice and Utilities Co. Plan Lower Taxes On Federal Liquor New Fight On Bootlegger Seen by Slashing- Taxes WASHINGTON.- (R>) -Slashes in 'ederal liquor taxes and import du- ies to eliminate the bootlegger will 36 proposed in the next congress by a Toup of representatives who led th epeal fight. The fact that the treasury has no eaped the harvest of revenue expect d from liquor sales and the contin' ance of large - scale bootlegging romptocl the move. Proposals to restore the old domestic rate of 51.10 a gallon on 100 proof liquor and to slice the $5 a gallon tariff by SO per cent are being considered by experts attached to the house ways and means committee. Secretary Morgenthau has indicated he is opposed at present to any reduction in the existing $2 domestic tax. He is seeking to kil the illicit traffic bl a large force of internal revenue agents. The representatives plan to await developments in Morgenthau's campaign. If it is successful between now and January ], they may delay their drive for lower taxes. Should he fail, Ihe leaders say they will push for a reduction. They point to the recommendation of J. H. Choato, Jr., director of the alcohol control administration, who said the bootlegger could bo eliminated hy lowering imports. running Ihird, about, 5,000 votes be hind Bilbo. The count in 848 ot.>thij..li611 pro- cmcts gave: . Stephens 43,359. Bilbo 37,199. Collins 24,699. State Senator Frank Harper 848 If this trend continues Senator Stephens and Bilbo will enter a run- oft primary September 13 to decide the junior senatorship. A bottle cast adrift off the coast of Mexico was found near the Philippine Islands It had nearly crossed the Pacific in 18 months. If unmolested, insects would at their rate of multiplication overrun time In ° eom P arativel y short "She drives a 1934 car; but she lives with 1895 Furniture." Just received a car-load of 1934 Furniture Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five Emmet ^ ~ tSSOlene SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE ESSO SERVICE STATION TlilrU and L. & A. Tracks Phono —-»j -v «.w— New Hope Tin; mwliiiK closed at this place Saturday with .several additions to the j church. i I-'. F. VVatkins culled on Mr and Mrs. Ck-reuce- Tyler of Bright Star Mrnil.i.v. 13i-o. i.env, Samuel of DoAnn preach ed a «ood .sermon at this place Sunday. We invite him bac-lc. Mi:* Myra Lee Boyett of Washington spent Friday with Miss Jettie Watkins'. We were K\M\ to have Mr. and Mrs. John Hartsfii'ld intend our meeting. TF school is here, prom dances can't be far behind! Perfect for any i,",!^,"^ 1 " is "','1 ev '-'""K frock of sheer crepe or organdie. Des gned for sues 14 to 20 and a2 to 42, sUe IS roauires 6 :t-4 yards "or tlies-i* 1 !" ° 1>Ulil 2 ya '' (ls Of rlbbOU f ° 1 ' lhe bows il " U Z 5 ' 8 y ardy PA ' l " l ' I ' :l ^ ai ' d STEP-BY-STEP ' KR1VI.VG IX. ""'- u '° c(Jl 'l'u» '"-low, U-ins sui-e to MKXTIOX OF Tins \K\\.SP.irKIJ. Julia T »ov l |'''\ 1 ' 1 ' 1> - vm "<*'««>«>"- wi "' a fomplete selection of s, nir,U - of ?"' "° W is ' Vally - U ' s 1G 01; " ls whe " 1'urchased i^ V , '• yo " wanl " J °'' tl01 ' " with ""•' paUmi uhove, send i-st an additional 10 wilts willi tlio coupon. JULIA BOVD, 103 PARK AVENU1C, NKW YORK Enclosed ( s 15 ceilts il( co(n for ^ Pattern No ..................... gj zc ............. Address ........... ...... '" Name of this newspaper Mr. and Mrs. Frank Halton and son are in Bella Vista whore Mrs. Hallon's lather is seriously ill. Mrs. Huell Roseherry of Baltimore, Ma., and Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge, Roseberry of Malvern spent last week j visiting Mrs. U. J. Beauclair and other relatives. Mrs. Davit! Washburn of Longview is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs! I Dave Snell. j Horace Martindale has returned to his home from Omaha, Nebr., where | he (HIS been working. j Mrs. John McCJahanan has return-! ed from Prescott after spending a 1 few days with Mrs. Annie Gurley. Miss Wanda Sand of Foulke is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dailey. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spriggs and daughter, left Sunday for Branson, i Mo., to visit relatives. I Bernard Hood and family of Shre- j venort, La., have returned home af- j ter spending a few days visiting her i fa'her, Mr. Joe Hood. j Mii-s Tootsy Slack of Gurdon is visiting Miss Ruth Nash for a few days. | Mrs. Bettie McKee and daughter of j Magnolia have retured home nflorj spending a few days with her mother, Mis. Anna Chambless. ' for TRADES DAY Sport Dresses Washable Silks $3-99 Close Out On 150 Cotton Wash Frocks Values to .$2.95 49C and 99C Hurry! Buy these in twos, threes and fours — You Jl save 50 per cent and more. Limited to summer styles. Pique and Organdy BLOUSES Trades Day Special 49c BOY'S WASH SUITS Sizes 5 to 12 25c LADIES SPECIAL?; SHOP "Exclusive Uu( Not Expensive"

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