Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 29, 1934
Page 2
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HOPE STAB,, HOPE, ARKANSAfl_ Hope S Star Justice, Deliver Thy Herald^From False Report! Pti&litted wwy week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co, Inc. ?s <C, it Pfctaer & Alex. H. Washburn), »t The Star building, 212-214 South '' • ffatout street, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. PJVLMEB, President AXJ5X. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publlrtet tittered W second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkamu Under the Act of March 3, 189?. DeJlnHion: ""The newspaptt is an Institution developed by modem clvU- &. btatioa to present the news of the day, to foater commerce and industry, ;',"*-* aaMttipK widely circulated adverUs*ments, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—CoL B, It McCormick. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advanced By city carrier, p*r week Itc; six month?, J2.75; one year 15.00. By mail, In Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Member at The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or It otherwise credited- in this paper and also the local news published hertih. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis^ ' Tenn., Sterick Bldg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- r tr', Drive; Detroit, Mich, 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. 1 Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards ol thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspaper!! hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility .tor the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DB. MORRIS FISHBEtN Editor, Jourrtal. of tlte American Medical Association, and of Hygela, the Health Magazine = =r=r=ag YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Faulty Diet Blamed Fr.r Many Boils— f ,. Erupiions Need Doctor's Care j Gas Escaping Stomach May Cause Explosion The records of medicine are filled :r incidents. One Is perfectly* sure that God had noth- j of the most unusual has just been re- ing to do with it. Quite the opposite i. ported to a British medical ,God tried out Job with boils among j other things. But any one with a; real one. or especially a series of them, i w ' th a" sorts ° f indeed. Thus my pity for the child who gets one after another. They hurt, boils do, and something should be done about them. Such a child should be hudtlcd off tlon - II was thc Oi " a man who was Huey long Is Cleajning Up Now Orleans going to light a cigaret, and as he did so he belched. An explosion resulted. The man had suffered for some As he sat beside his wife in a motion picture house, he felt inclined to to the doctor. Wh.it the doctor does; >' ears wiUl P ain '" the ™& on of t» e is his own affair, but be sure he will' st «»™<--h. after eating. He had devel- dt> something. First of all he will; "P e(l lhe habit « f slron g eructations make tests very likely and see what ; "'^belching of gas alter meals, afcout diet. 'There may be something Jacking in the food. Remember., please,, that this is no underestima-1 smoke. He took out a cigaret and in- tion of the actual food he eats. The; «rted it between his lips. He then child may be getting every element! "' a match and started to touch it to that he needs. His ability to take care 1 the cigaret between his cupped fing- cf certain things and assimilate them ers into the blood is another matter al- i At this moment he was seized with together. | a violent .desire to belch. .To his Boils are Warnings ' alarm and astonishment, and to that There are mysterious ways of build- i of those sealed near him, there was a ing up a child's resistance and giving! flash and a sharp explosion, him the power to absorb the good of j The cigaret was blown from his lips the things he eats. When this happens; across several rows of seats. His and his blood stream, is chemically! mustache was burned and his fingers balanced, there will very likely be a' were singed. betterement of his condition. But all j The man decided at once to have a that is decidedly in the province of j complete medical examination: It was the medical profession. The boils are' found that he had suffered with ul- merely warnings—symptoms of some- j cers of the stomach and obstruction of thing that needs looking after. Occasionally a child will have one toil, or two—perhaps even three. Then quietly the semaphore of trouble will the opening from the stomach into the intestines. The explanation offered is that the gas from the man's stomach mingled draw in its signals and the painful j w ;th the air in his mouth and in his swelling will stop. Whatever the tem-j cupped hands in just the right pro- porary upset was, it is all over. How- j portions, and that the application of about the ex- tho significance of eolor. fruarance in flowers was on the inside of the lower row. downward on the outside of the uppers and. upward on the outsile of the bottom row. Make sure that each tooth gets its share of attention. Don't brush crosswise. .spend at least 10 mimites at the task. You can't do it properly in less time. The first person to enlighten the Charles Darwin, but the subject did not become of general interest until 2lj years as;o. ,^-ycui J- \ Cc.-rs -wT PU4 JL.— ^- ?">"<_ IHS^ BEGIJJ HF.UE TODAX i from her face, her mind fogged for (Hoofs wanted anything. . . .Oh, BOOTS njiEiruRX in the nretii- I an instant. Oh, she was all right, j.she was terribly sorry they couldn t K r' n '":",'"". n .. b , 1 -!i iShe was in the Wlllowniere where Russ hail left her. She must call Why, her mother What had she The phone Mines, rang a There was no answer. Boots' heart was lieatins thickly, painfully. She the match brought plosion. I unusual character of this inci- j ever, it is still best to talk to the doctor about it. Help at this stage may save suffering later. If they are merely a flzsh in the pan there is no harm | dent causo d a careful investigation of done in seein gthe medical man any- > mcc ]; ca i literature ancl three similar way. i cases were found. Salt Poultice Urged ; Q ne case is reported of a man who You will want to know about treat- | had noted a fou , odoi . to his breat i. 4> ing the occasional boil. When it ap- \ Ro was b i owing out a m3tch w hich pears, all the neighbors have ideas | hp ha£] struck to see what time u was Soap poultice, bacon poultice, hot whfin the losion occurred . bread poultice,-or what have you. | In anothcr CESS the gas £rom the When it comes to a head this pet,, Et h was analys!ed and was found you'll go blithely for a needle an jab: h h d to form Vork nuliurl., but her fntlu-r> financial revcmeJt mnkc It linrd for her to ttrrv wp wltli her | ner mo tlier. crowd. WruKfcy SVI.VJA KIVEHS I ".'.,,' Kfhrmrg lo farce Bool* lo reslRii |«OUK1 l)e Iruw «h« Juniors. Ocrply linrl. i | )een thinking of? Uuotti nerritlB tltc nltentions <it 11USS 1.1JND, tlie KWiiuiulnic In- Mtruotor. She rrnllxe* fcho l» In love n-llh ItuuM \\hen he trill her he i* Ki'li'K nwuy. JIc want* lier tn tluiu- Avllli him liut U»oln a.skw ' tor lime lo thlttk It over. She Ur.-udu the time when IHT mother will hrnr nliout lier wKliiirawnl from thc Hull. Unhappy nnd roNtlrun, linolx ft'urx fur a umrnlitK walk unit nici-ls 11RMS PKNWAY, younu liu1 liar. Thry hove n lonn talk and llcnln U moved by thp Klrl's U|>V|«IIK iinhupiiincNs. He mmilfrs What I* troubling Jier, BoolH e;t»c« to New York on n uh«i>|><nK trip ami on <!'<• I rain moeU HUSH. Alfliin he jisk* hrr to marry him nnd she in Iinlf- or five dozen time?; more. ask her to stay the night but the fact was Sherry's cousin, Elizabeth, from Toledo was with them. If Boots would call them soon! With despair in her heart Boots laid tlio instrument back In its cradle. All tills had taken longer than r.he had expected. The remnant of her headache still nagged hart had her story all ready. Sliest the back of her brain. had been in n. movie with Sherry I sho spilled tho contents of her ; Maunifi; was KO They had not. realized it Into. Could .slio stay all night with Sherry \vlio, with her widowed mother, porched h'mh above the city in a two-room apart- i nient down near Sutton Place? uge purse on tfio bed. Two dollars and 40 cents. A one-way ticket. A latch key. At homo her motlier had the story of her humiliation at the hands of the Juniors from Mrs. Fernell's glib tongue. Rut the failure of her parents to :j[(.f father would tie very, very answer tho phone upset her plans. I angry. Silent usually, such things Sho could not send them a wire, [stirred him to one of hia rare, ar- it in to let out the pus. an explosive mixture. In a third case „. ., ... i .., I * +Urt I ««* CApiUSiVt: lllLALULG, III a ll But if you will ask the doctor or the 1 deal Th b / dam? whh It belched and gas was found which con- o Uter unUl it comes to a head and tamed hydrogen sulphide. breaks itself. Use about one tablespoon The man who most recently was a moist Url til ns ll—'i-JI-. VJ3C tJt/uuv uitt. fcwt^i'-wj* — — j» i . , c salt to the pint. Bandage loosely to sufferer rom an explosion was opcr- keep the pad on. Keep it constantly fed on for the treatment of his gas. . trie ulcer. He has since recovered and However, if it doesn't behave and has continued the eructation of gas. come to a head, the doctor will have i to open it. The sensible course is not j to fool with any boil on child or adult, j In hot weather, well things often go j wrong when the sun is high—and , hcme surgery is always a risky thimj. . GLORIFYING YOURSELF V Alicia Hart E NOW «0 ON WITH THF. STORV CHAPTRR XVIII In their quiet household it would bo like a liomb.-ihell. Oh, what tieulato rages. Boots dreaded these. . . . Rlie rose, swaying, reaching for 'was she doing, away from Hie peo „_ , , , , . , . , „ n i'Rle v/lio loved lier so dearly—In j,,. flower-trimmed hat. "I'll find rriHE headache which had swooped (h , H sli . anRO rnom _ ,„ ,,, iH strttns . e : o „ ,, hfl (o]( , herfie , f> ,, To . - 1 - down upon Boots in the glaring | , jot( ,,_ wit ,, . sli p, K . rPl i feet passing , 1101 .,. ovv j wil! g(!i n j ol) . . heat of the day was indeed a dev- j tQ aml fro |n U)f , ,,.,-- nstating one. She had had little; voit , es talking and sleep the niglit hefore. Her early i r . 01]S i y outside? She had switched rising and the tangled emotions of i the previous hours had worked I havoc with her healthy young lal "P- body. Now, as she leaned back in the grateful coolness of the taxi with Russ's strong arm laid protectively across her shoulders, it seemed to her perfectly right, perfectly natural that she should do as he suggested. She was miserable—she was half sick with pain In the mirror opposite, lici 1 face was wlillo anil strained, a ghostly glimmer. "I look a fright." she said, bury ing her heart in her hands, look terrible. . . ." The cowhide hag at her fecit was an(1 strarlpf . J , ut ^ hcr ]|riiul tou( ,, le(1 the I ,.. nol) a 1(nn( . k Rmln( i P a on the pan; p , s Thfi (lonr swllnK w , (lfi to Ullsa the bedside i r , um i, i,{ K , male, possessive in his _ HARRY (jRAYSON NEW YORK.—Thc "luniHry" U'"'» or individual usually is tho best bet in sports. The Detroit Timers arc the latest example. Enthusiasm pops out of a club coming into the sweets of success for the first time. It is difficult to engender as much spirit in an outfit stalialcd with success like the Yankees, th<highest paid uKjfrcgnlion in baseball. Colonel Ruppert's men tried .but the veterans amonn them find themselves unable to get in there nnd claw as they lunv in the past. 'llitn.' art- mi nrw thrills in the Ho for most of the Yankees, which j is the principal reason why they'll j miwi one in tho world series in Oct<>her. ' Ruth, Gehrij'. Law.ori. and Comb:; are rich men. Dickey is well (i.xiil financially, and Crosotli, Chapman. Gome/., Ruffing. Allen, Byrd, Jowiis. and MacFayden arc fully i'(|iiippcil with worldly goods. All of them have j been in world series, Ruth in Hi. Gi'h- ritJ, Laz/i.-ri, and Combs in four, nnd Dickoy in two. Sentlmcnlnl Fuvoriti- Detroit will be a sentimental favorite over the Giants in the world series, provided the Giants repeat, which they should. 'Inere is no longer much <(itcsti<m about the American League sumdard bearer. How are the Yankees goinu to repel a club that repeatedly spots the opposition anything from three to nine runs, and comes on to cup the plums. New York probably will be a slight choice in the wagering, however. Kv- ciything else being equal, most gamblers prefer to stick to a champion until lit is beaten. It's hard to plunk down your money against a consistent outfit that plays tin' common sense baseball of Hill Terry's men behind pitchers like Hubbell and Schumacher. Some also will figure that the Giants will have an advantage in having been throiiKb <"»e of tho trying fall •sis. but 1 doubt that this juves them n edge. The luct lb-il only three of the Tii;- rs, Cochrane. Goslin and Marberry— >ur now, with Crowder—have tasted lie glory and gold that come with ii-it place in the majors has hitd as nuch as anylhiiiK e'se to do with the iccess of the Detroit entry. Fire <if Youth in Club The average r.ye of the Tigers, in- luding the ;!5-ye;ir-old Marberry, the 4-year-old Goslin, the 33-year-old >owdtT, and the 31-year-old Cochane and Gchringer, is less than 28. You can imagine how the 22-year>ld Rov.'e and the 23-year-old Green- jcrg and other Tiger cubs listen when joslin and Marberry rekae how their u'.aiies jumped when the Washing,on club with which they played first ealed'' the heights to make Bucgy {arris a boy wonder. The dash and daring and ambition f youth has played a big- part in carrying the Detroit outfit along, and t isn't likely to be content with a >ne-year run. With the best infield in ba.sebiill, ml three brilliant young pitchers round whom to build a staff, the Tigers next season should meet Conlie Mack's demand of an outstanding club, and may go a great deal further. The venerable leader of the. AAAAAAAA'.-; says that a club unable to dplicatc a flag-winning performance has no right to permanent renown. _ SIDE GLANCES 'y Ueorge uarfc old tweedH. "Tliat'c my Kirl," lie said, putting liis liands on her .shoulders. "Como ,along. I've been thinking all the '' ; wuy over yon were too good to bo true—my girl. But hero you are." Her hands cle.nc.liod and unclenched. Thorn icnit fulfil ,a tiling Russ's. The money which would pay for her room was hia. But she j as fat.o, after all. Klie hadn't been and fatkue"as""sT,e"7o"llou'e<i 'him | was still perfectly free. Nolhl.iB , meant to escape UIIKS. Itla loyo across tlie dim and darkened loliliy I "Uil happened. She was irea lo W11S there, «i langiblo UIIIIK. wait- of some strange hotel. Her head! turn the latch, walk out ot J.hat! , 11B (o envelop lu-r. Why was fairly splitting. She scarcely heard what was said to her nor noticed that the clerk, tendering the pen, glanced at. her curiously. Slie only knew. In a dim door this minute life, if she cared to. still time. She Ktnmblert to her feet and in that instant the sound of u ring- out of liinjmiy longer? She slipped her arm Tliero was I jn liis. To^eHier tliey went down tlio long corridor. Proper Brushing Is Essential. „ . , ,, .,, When Flaming Youth fries to Settle- Down Aiml«£s and Petty Society Depicted , .__,-. . i IfcUI II in This Novel BY BRUCE CA'ITON A little more than a decade ago we , h d W ere all hot and bothered ^boutjhe; ihen gf> ^ ^ .^.^ ^ v£ry It's somewhat surprisingly true that a good many otherwise fastidious women never have taken the trouble to care for Ihc-ir teeth. They spend hours practicing home-facial routines, months learning how to ex- Lost Generation, flappers, flamin; youth, gin-swilling collegiates, and the rest 6f the self-consciously abondoned .group made familiar by J. Scolt Fif/.- gerald. i Those folk have grown up, by now, and have married and settled down; thing.-; by which they're often imme- , aj , soumls vt] . y sim . ^ and ajmost anyQne , g apt w pQon _ ' r-ooh the idea of taking real time to Eomethin; , which seema rath er . ° and if you want to know what they ^vious. That ,s. anyone except a jnc u >ou wdin <• r.erjon who went along for years do£? ™ df belter ^"fread I U* a bad teeth-cleaning Job but who SohYc^' now novel, "Appoint- j h-^e Jjmed ^^orre^method, ment in Samaria. . •-one with tiny bristles that get into all the belween-teeth spaces. Select your dentifrice for its efficiency, not umply because you like the flavor of it. Your dentist is a good one to con- yania They are th chUdren grown into men and women; the countTyTfub croud, now rootless sort of way, that Uuss called licr|!»K hfll nmote his sh;ter. He would register for her, he said. She. was 111. . . . Tlien they were in an elevator, Russ still carrying (he cowhide has?. Ibo stillness. Tho toleplionc. She readied for (lie iiislriinient, j every nerve in her body tinj/.lin'.;. ' The deep-timbered Vdier> .'•..mailing over the wire was UIIHS'.S. Tlie rar stopped at Hie 10th floor. Russ, llie big, lagged key in his band, fitted it into a lock. Roots glanced around her Incuriously. The narrow room with the cream colored walls, (lie mahogany bed. llie typical hotel dres.ser with its glar.s lop all vaguely puzzled hf-r. iihe only knew that slie longed to sink down Into the coolness of llie white pillows, to draw the coved* f over her head and ;;lf-cp.... "I lisle to leave you here ulune." j she heard a voi,.,. Haying t» hf-r a-' j , w v(m m|w ,,, from a distance. Through a mi.-t i s:lie looked up ut. ilm face M' thnj man beside her. "Vou're sick. ] kiitdy," he said. Slie would he all right, slie said. If he would get her .some aspirin why, then, B!HJ would get lo "Feel belter, IniliV" She began to tremble. Tlie spell was on her a:/;iii). I lie spell thai evrythliiK about this big, sijuare- slumlden-d man with lhr> ready '••milo had for her. Ah. but ;:lir : mustn't pive in to it-she dare not! »"" " ""''-"" "•" I novel content at. I no "I'll come, rit-.ht over. We'll eat | ^..^ Pnlr]Pil Wf , rn .'•ome ])lac(i nearhy. J.islen, honey," ' ... in a lowered tune, "my brotlii-r knows u minister who'll lix u:; up tomorrow. . . ." Her mind was In a turmoil. "I'm over in /.ong Island Cily. Jle lliero in 1'f minute.-:." llO receiver clifked and the actual mill's of distance separating them were there once more. 'You follows should be careful how you go arowwl slapping a man on the back." THIS CURIOUS WORLD " A TOTAL SOCAR-ECLlPS-e- OCCURS AT ANY ONE PLACE ON THE EARTH ON AN AVERAGE OF BUT ONCE IN EVERY RAIN, FALLINO STRAIGHT DOWN, Witt NOT RLL AN EXPOSED RECEPTACLE ANVAAORE QUICKLY THAN RAIN FALLIN& AT AN AN&LE. O 1931 BV NCA StKVICC. INC. SEOIS PROSPECT, A WORLD'S CHAMPION COW, HAS A MONUMENT ERECTED IN HER. M=/ upated. They rise with he mdustridl boom and think themselves fme f«- lows; when the bubble ours s they cacv sink. hi c e t : iia " duty you must not neglect. 'Brushing correctly is another little duly that you shouldn't overlook. Begin u 1 . the back of the upper row of tecilb. Brush downward all the ) , i , u .t, , ^,-,-t i<v way around. Not upward—that pushes | understand why they su«t to. lh / gums back m , n brush upwar(J ; Mr. OUara is chiefly concerned with;=s- ••• .,-• -•—=- . . , : | one Julian English, head of a high-' volves himself in a chain of blunders' pi-iced auto agency. This chap, who; ircm which he can escape at last, only | seems to be a smart business man. j by killing himself. Ami his career! and a completely good scout, actually j .setm^ to epttoinizc the course of his turns up to be pretty stupid. j -A hole class. For no reason at ajl, except that he i Published by Harcourt, Brace & Co. is irritable and rather dumb, he in-j the book sells ot |2.50. voice dropped into the void. ishining liostclry they had just Klie ran into tlio batliJ-poni, be- quitted, was a new, rather sboihly, gun to brush her hair, to wash her fevered face and hands. She :nii;it yet clear uway from he-re, be gone j i 0 |,hy as 1m Blroilc past. He drew .before lie arrived. She would |J M his broalli KU sharply that tlio hand In i leave a. note for him, explaining.... (.| ( ii>r man placed at him in sur- sleep. She would | )e all rislit. She The spell tlicuhht of her own shabby, wide- windowed room under the eaves will) the sliadf.s drawn uKainst the hot, buttering sniiKliine. Her o'.vu litil wllb it:' blue hiiread. . . . It all .seemed very far away. Toinor row she would put her lliis man's. tul:e liis name. Thai was what marriage ineutil. Beyond that she knew nothing . . . Hie pain beat at hi r tumpleu lll'.e a live thing. ... | She wouldn't "Call the desk and ordr-r KOUICJ would try .Sherry lirst. Sherry v.-a;i food if yon n'-.hil ii." -.lie l-.v.tri) Him* !-a>ing. "I'll c;:!l you hour." •jTbKXIS FFA'WAY was dining at •'••-' a roof restaurant I hat evening willi his piibliKher. Tho two men had ignored the heat suflic.ieiitly to dull nvenlni; clotiies and Oenis looked cool and aloof in (.ho blade itnd while, lii« lean dark face til- i»ci:;t hav/lclike. as ho searched the fiicc.'i of (he people around him. He bail been tcllinit Masterson about I be Ilnelmrn f,irl and Maaterson was disposed tti tliitik he miglit find ti place for her. They hail a moment. The winnowed out reaching the renders. Tois Hart had imiilied that Hoots' taste in hooks WU.H :t nlcn one. .Sbo niif.bt very well i|iinllfy for tliia j)o;.t in 'Maiilevson's ollice. So it I was of Hool.fi Hint Denis was think- 1 in-.; ns be swung down (.lie narrow 'city ft reel v.'i'lh (lie other man. Tlicy passed nliabby brownstone lioiises with high "stoops," and "vacancy" signs hanging behind dingy lace curta.ins. In this block, Built for Future Conquests Mickey Cochranc's team is built for the future. Charley Gehringer, the finest playor in the game today, is at his peak at 111. Bill Rofjull is 30, the vattly improved Marvin Owen only 2(i, and Greenbcrg, as related in the foregoing, only 'i\\. Schoolboy Howe appears ready to take his place amrmi; illustrious pitchers, and Tommy Bridges, one of the neatest curve ball hurlers in the profession, i:; only 27. Eldtjn Aulter, 2-1 years of age, ii feet, 2 inches in height, and scaling l'J7. Bells Chapel Mrs. Ed Chaniblce and children camped al Main Spring during thu revival. Mrs. Lon Wood underwent an operation Monday morning at Cora Don- Brooks spent Tuesday Links Star broken, once his! about half a square down from the hotel. Denis swung his stick, glancing idly in at the HOT movements were slower than usual. It not .seeim.'il to her that she do anything ]>roperly. was sailly rumpl'-d. Kilt! W 'HEN she awoku dark. The square below the blue Kliade >.li H wan quite of window u'cd yellow Hie blackness of the walls. She ant up, imuhliig her hair back two or three ytur.i older than ;-bi; MIH! po:;.se: ; .. i :eil ot good, hard com- i.'ioa liensci. ThnnibiiiK tbronyh the [lUSu';. the found the MauniiiKS'i:! number. Mrs. Mannius'u gcnl.lo voicf; said oii'.'n-y wasn't home. Sho'd I-, 1 -' up lo fJi-eeuwich to a parly, fibc was to tt.ay with Hie Forbesoa. It .. ••\Vh'it's the trouble, my hoy?" "Touch of indigestion," Denis .--•aid briefly. He kept his eyes de- lermiai'dly forwaul. Oli, lie was a fool to tbink tbat j-jrl had been different. There, hanging on the arm of a great iscr who looked as though ha belong in a, iirize ring, s from Hie door of Hiat obviously second rate hotel, was the who had beeu ut that moment capturing his dream '' ' ('i'o Be C'ouUuued) nel hospital. Mrs. J. with Mrs. Grace Brooks. Coy Bynu mof Tokio Ls visitintf relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell of Hope spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yatos. Mr. and Mrs. Eron Stewart have returned from Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. Granclon Brooks returned home from Tokio Thursday. Miss Ruby Yarberry was visitinii relatives in Prescott Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stwell and children spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brook. People of this comunity are picking cotton now. Cecil White made a business trip to Blevins Friday. Several from this place are attending the camp meeting at Main Spring this week. Mrs. Otis Foster, who has been ill at the home of her father, J. A. Cullens has returned to her home much improved. Misses Ruth Harris and Hazel Morgan spent the, day with Mrs. Vernier Cul'in.s Thursday. • Elmer Honca from Fayetteville spending this week with friends and relatives at thi. 1 ; place. Miss Minnie Aashcraft of Graysonia spent Suiulay evening with Vernier Cullin* Mi. and Mrs. Alvard Brooks were ;.boppiiii! in Blevins Friday. Ero. DouHlas Williams is holding a ! niw.-tiiig a I Marlbrook this week. I Mrs. O. J-,. White is attending the mt-'-liiig at Main Spring this wofk. Add Morrow and SbellLs Cullins; made a businoss trip to Arkadelphia I Thursday. I HORIZONTAL. 1 Who is the sports star in the picture? 9 Aromatic suico. lOlieJiold. U 1'arl. of a circle. 1" Stoclsiiuv. M Ki.-i!ani«. 15 lulel. 16 Furewell. 17 Obnoxious plant. IS Cluster of wool liber knot.';. 19 Myself. 20 Stable. 21 Street. 22 Tract of agricultural lani). Answer lo Previous Puzzle timber trees. 27 Aperture. 2'J Leader of the faithful. .'12 Verbal. ;C! IJeudly. llSTo nitiul. :i« Adverbial ncgutive. .'17 Kecoils. 3U Aye. •10 To •II Dower properfy. •I.'! l''iicf:.-i ol lllllC- piecus. •15 Data. 41 lihr/.e. r.O Smull iHluiul!i. SI To ob.strnct. &2 Animal trainer. 5U What in her sport? fi-1 H.veot-sciinted. i,f, What is lier Inui'l'ltul lialllr? VKKTK'AI, 1 llunil M Part of a school yeiir. 17 Battles. 2(1 Formal dance. 22 Authoritative sanction. i , 23 Sim won tile Women'*; Amatt'tir crown live times, 2 i Chaise. 2U Condiliomxl Hlipnlatfoii. 27 Aeriform fuel. 2S ('hum. Ill) I'aiil publicity. ;!1 Visionary. :;:! HOKKY land. :',4 (Juiiitii. 'M UoiiKli exter- inr of lurrk. :;s Kasily inulded. •Hi Musical chanirter. •12 Sluval;. lipoit. ^ -i:i To excavate. 12 And its ot -14 Kvery. i hi; Women's 4!", Strliied fabric. II. S'. Curtis -iti Branch. Cup Team -IN \Vlne Vessel. (1)1.). -I!/Jiff ore. 2 Opposite nt win. !> Niiiht before. •! Northeast, n straiiKer. t; Frir.iil. 7 Small mniiii- lain lake. X Attenipl.s. !) (She 1ms been — in her

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