The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 1, ig.JQ JIA"PIIEVILI,B (ARK.)' COUIUBU NEWS CUSSMUI) ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily rate per line lor ••OJISCL-H- tivc insertions; One time jjer line 10c Two times per line prr <lay..].UHc Inrco (iinc.s uer line per day...Otic fiix limc.s jier line per <lay...'!!o5u Miwilli rate per line GOc Cards r,I Thanks Me & YBs Minimum charge 5t)c Ails ordered for tliree or six times and Mopped betore expira- lion will tie clmigeil for the uuin- brr of times (lie add appealed and adjustment of bill ma«e. All Classified Advf.rtlsiim co;>y wibinitleu by persons residing outside at ihe city must be accompanied by cash. Hales may be easily computed irom above luoie. Advertising orticHu lor irn-jjiiliir Inscuious lakes ihe one liaie rate. No responsibility will be tiiKHi for more man one ineonict insertion ol any classified au mm GARS Hardware [Two Bood mules. wai;on, 2 eulli- I valors. J. U. McDowell, Do«woiRi ] Kidge. I'lione 19-l''-21. l-eh-'l We Siin'l:ill/i> 111 SWEEPING COMPOUND Nice 5 room IKIUKI-. •> bedioiimV, SllOll.Se-lk'lll'y llrlw. ('o. , biillr 3 room poultry home. Kmc I'lldiic '('"> Tltlli is chl'il]). Thill's \vliy lei-alion. 13 down, halamv ea.'.y .'._.. we liju-li our promises tm! u ' mls 01(JM ' '« ix»'ii. -in KIM Ken- <],,,.. " n i / i • i i • , i Ilick V I nt' it *^s * '*'*j scil C.itrs w i I h !i wnlU'it I I-IIK-H 5(1, 5(1 KUUranlee. Wl' |llll i( j 5 aeres lan<l 1 room house inocl- tlowii in Ulavl< & White! I !l.'i7—I''ni'(l Tiirliir, A-l. Culnr lUiii-ii. Only HIHS—Ftin! Tudor, liladc. Kxi-ellenl cnmlUion --- tor business, shoe- em. N. W. part of eily, SH5WI. maker in (lie I'omny. When fiih- loom modern, 112 Davis SI. fSIW ri's (nil. try ;;i. n.v 'i-in viji 11V * STORES IN STAMPS IIIK! Co. liuite 1IL'«. 2K I Cirorcry and meal market tloim:! (_i)]ur| i; ood ijitsiinv.s. Ixw rent forSlOiM.j '111 N. 2nd. at, I'hone 11211, Hollj- J son and Co. Wcltling KXl'liKT 1 ,'Wa—I-'onl Sedan. 'I'iri's nioltir Onlv MIU7—I'lyniouth Couch Totir- ( ill}!'. I'iilin (Ji'ocn i't)l. i Motor 'ovcfliaiik'tl.. . j l!i:!(i—Kurd ronlor. Color ! Iliads. Kxcelleiil iMoldl | <'as'i. S'iO month. Many oiher pine !*>, it. H. Kl. ^Q O , es ,„ suit ,,n,. Ill N. 2nd St. linl-! gj,,,,,,, p_ ^ Mg| . ' '"''l'^" "to Stamp Collcr.lions j I-' you arc sltii'linv. .1 s.lani|> eo It'dion, with Aden. 'Ihrec ]"• '" '•"» "iiiseu-s 'Tin, out" than | You've ni,,,i u,,. u t>li | [j, IH , •„. _ ^ut lBP K SW 1 ^ f ^:SX ril i«' rt °r TMK «I5ST 'WIAL «*,£*&. ^\^"f ffi,r^^ -"- u « -^rr'"^i±rr^: RED ASH'l'innn -!; --»'-' ^ "* line ana :, Co. I'liuiif ID ur lies. ml'J K.vperl Eloeiric ami Acetylene Uragllne and liciu'y weldin our i I !i:i<l_Kiml Conpi'. lilac-k lir.- j ixh. A iiesu'h of a C* *i* I «u- v^*t —TRUCKS— IJI.'Ki—Kon) I'ic'k-iij). i rci'ciidiliont'd, 1!!.'!7—Intuvnafitnial I'icU-itf). A rwil ' D. W, Dell, Ark. "i Huom mirl boaid. I'lione 9!'3. Saddle horse, weight Olio |nnin(is.| lli-ck-4-Ki .\ge U years. Uhult. Fa^t and' Ci'iilli 1 . Good lor plantation or' plttisiirip.. $185, or will triule. l;i- clndcs saddle and bridle. It. R . . . Wiii;bt, 1 mile :jo»th 011 II. W. ill. Hmall clcclrir; rcfii^eralcii, cmnl eendition. Chenp. riiune I'M. 20-ck-ll H(M)in and Board irl buiird. I'lione l T'crsonal Sewing f.'nlifoi'iilii now lias Ihc third lair;- i'5t |«iyroll In the fttutc. Sewing ft Slipcovers. Mre, Siidlh Mrs, Illnekwell. Avjnorel. pjini Business Directory "FULLER BRUSHES ~ SAI.KN AND .SI:UVH;I; J. THOS. HUNMU), I'HONB :tU) Mpk'1-.ifi Angeles Second City For Dining Out Habit Monoxide Victim Saved By Pressure On Siren CKNTUIt MOKICHIIJS, N, Y. HJI't --- Ciroi'KR Hi'lniyler owes his life to his automobile hum. Fcliiiyler, le.stlnii (lie car In his Karuui'. wnn overcome l>y curboii monoxide fumes us he Mil behind the Nfrerfiii; wheel. He fell foiwnul on Hie horn. Hie l>ln*i l«-liii!lii K hi:, iHother, <;iintil(!, In the re.snie. I OH ANC1KI,K!? I UP) -Move |>r<>. Pic In l.os Aii|!t<lfs "ml out" Hum Meteoric bon that hail lullen You've hl,.,i it,,, u,. s |. Nlm . , rv hum the .sky was used In making weapons long a BO , before man Inwiv how to make Ills own iron. H'Jblns raise |wo broojs of four lo six young eaeli year. FOR SflLE See Ci'rlifkd & Troak'd iinncil mi Private (!in Ben F. Butler Co. Oseeola ng last lliree years, Aden's Id'.iS series commeiiH)- I'iilfs the ICOIU luiDlvcr.sai.v uf Ihe KCinnre ol (lie area in I oil). Olio »l Ibe stamps, above, pictures Iho UIIIKC SliiKflili I. Ivc-r, u-ork o(T >he liile to rlil yourself of ninstl- Kitlnn. pas onms, nnd that sour iiink feelliif;. Trihe one box of • • Klitltvs portion of Kins G«ir«e VI, ACT1VK i.lVKIl I'll.l.S j A vil "l 'ink in llrilain's "lifi.-- 2flc id tu. Khby Siore.< 1 I' 1 "' "' empire," Aden \vi\s pur- |<l by (lie IJrilisli in Ifi.'iT, nflcr natives had misli ealeil survivor.-, of ;i shipwreek there. Two u-irii ii-riier u-i, ii,. i J't'in's hitcr me purcliusc wiis re-I &=^V^T. KS l: «rr l; " 1(tol — Notice If you waul your properly sold — eity or farm land—see or call H'J8, 111 N. 2nd. SI. Rollison and. Co. 28-Pk-L 1 liny 1!),T7—Clu-v. I"/, Ton. Tires — motor gtiotl I'iione s-i'-i! [ condition i —Kord 1 1/2 ']'»!). Von should veiillv sec this truck ".....,, Four head line mule;;. Will sell cheap. Wiley Smith, Hyirdelte. lO-pk-4-19 J. I'ollard. Anncrel Koiid. 29-i i ID-tO Arkansas '{. ton Truck Hc-eiise. Niiinbcr 224-V13. owner mny luivo same by |uiyln« cost of tills <icl. Courier News Ollkc. I!MQ Arkansas License T:ti.'"~n"tiJiT- uer 51-08G. Owner may have same by payin» cost of'this ud. Courier' Neu-s - I TERMITES Work While You Sleep! Wake vrp before they damage your property. For Free Impfclion Call 5SK-W. Walker and Archer | _$& Stole Licenced Operators For Kcnl j Washing Wan[eij Modern c nioin house and (Miilen. I'hone M5-.J. 1-ek- . The eolony was administered ( the j;overnmrnt of India until 1M7. vlien Aden was made a crown colony. This new .sliilus produced its liist stam]> issue, la yidues piclurinH a native dhow. The coroiiiilion issue, showing flip hinj! and ciueei), wns jvlcased in 1 Ihree values in 1037 and the commemorative soles of 12 values Mild seven dciiyns \vns issued lust year, LLIPS Walnnf riirmc 112:; MIILlS !. Loans bedrooms. W> W. Davis, I'hone j 385. !-ek-tf 1! room furnished npaiim'-'nt. 108 W. Kentucky. I'hone CBil. 30-pU6 S room unfurnished apartnieii!. Dounstniis. Newly decoratrd. i I'lione 227-.1. 30-ck-M 4 room apartment, litilh. Newly drcorated. 1084 W. Main. Call 520. nu-ck-lf j Two fui'iiislicd rooms. Near bain. 701 W. Ash. Phone 233. 2 . Mruelor In reMnuiiinl. mnnnpc- inenl nl Hie l/iileeisll.v of Cull- ininfu iinil restaurant owner aim mummer In IHT own right.. "More l.os An|;ele.s vesldent.s eat tlbmer.s In ivstimmiilx thun New \orkrr.s do. but. the New Yorkers srme when It com™ la Kinchin- nut.' she Mild. "New York lin.s nior/- rcvilnm-nnls than l, ns Anm-lcii iWTiime ol It:; more UiiiiMiDrv ,,„„. iilnllmi." ' ' ' iB lo Miss Wood's Midlj,- re.vlam-niH Indtistiv in J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Oriiiliind! Optnmc- Irht In HI) IticvJlli.. Gln.sse.s Filled Cnfrctllj' H APPY UOUR aRo.& n SPECIAL BARGAINS l> room collie on Kentucky Nice home clow in. Price $1050 $2:>0 otsli. bill. $15.00 inonlh, Includes InlereM, IHXC.S and Insurance. . "• 1>OMCSil °" DIXIE QUALITY LP. S5G.95I DM) KDrKlllOii VAllli— 1'UitXK 7110 r On Highway til —ao acres and 1 lriri^~^!Z~™17~''t!^t™ j Imwlsome brick residence. All PRPQPRIPTmWC i eonvenienees. Tills home is new. rn.r,CJCJVZt llUrVO- — Price SO/iOU; Sec us for terms, Snfc - - Accurate Vour 1'iT.seripllon Dritei;! Fowler Drug Co, Main I'liunc Ml SPECIAL! l/':\ iMnre for the same minify JolniK.m'.s Wax nnd Clu-C'iial S110U8K-HKNRY HAI?I)\VAHK CO/ I'hone ;i, r > TlionuiK Liintl Co. Hole AK(S. Tiy One ot Oiir Delicious PIG KANMYICHEB Oie Hickory Inn I\ITIWJ from Illj;li School Now J.ncMlrd In (ilcneiie Hotel lllil K ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU n»N i;»\VAUI)S. I'mprlrlor All iMiilifs of Kclnilll T.viiciirlleis, Ailillnv Ma.-l.lncs nul ' ., r (':ilcalalors~llciiaivhi(;_|'arts— HY KlHiAU MARTIN .„.,, , , . i Large or Small Wiln.dc for Mutes. €,,ws, l| OSS ; Al ,.„*„ ,„ t Catile. (,.„,, Hay ami Mimbrr. • Wc are enuipped to hamile large Delia implements, Inc. Sec Tloyd Simjisnn or small loans on any sized tract ol farm lami, i.c low cosl, and at Garages 8-ck-ii 1 A low interest raie ' TERRY ABSTRACT & \Vllen Vuur Autn d'cts Sick 11 In Ille. Auto Hospital Nc.\l (o Ciini| John Buchanan I'honc 10 3 room furnished apartment. Prl- ] vale bath. Airs. Wert, phone 357. 20ck-1-itl' Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 \V. Walnut, phone 10:.'. IG-c-k-ilj 3 or •! rooms for rent. Plioac 17G. ! , -- . iU-pk-J-li! KbALll COMPANY iNice furnished voom.~~Adjoining. 1 Walnut SI. Blyiheville, Ark I balh. Jniicrsprhig matlie.'.s. All J conveniences. Phone tJ3(i. Dairy Call -155-W-l for orders of milk cream, or cluirned bnller milk. All cows government treated. Halsell's Llalry. 12-pk-4-12 RHODESiAN STATESMAN Answer to Previous HOKIZOiVTAL 1 Knglishnum after whom Rhodesia, Africa. \vas named. 13 To decay. M Goodly. 15 Simpleton. 1C Ovum, 17 Fatly. 19 Sleeper's coucli. 21 To accomplish 22 Directing singer. 41 Hone. -M Note in scjJc. ...... . •i- XT .- •'•' 1 INCfi Jj Native ... met;ds. I'l.utKC. 20 SlockiiiK mar.' ! '' fo")|>;i.-s -ti Miisiral l x>inl (i'hhi.) lenns. -ITiTo subsist. M Snake. 41; To d<w ."il Prolic. -IS Maintain .IS Hitler hcilj. (abhr.). 35 Chinese. -ID Tc> at-si'd. money. . .r>o l( c d slfinc. VERTICAL 2 Therefore. 3 Wheel tooth. •I N'ciKcr PIOIKUIII. 5 Woi n-oiil. llfU'M'S. G Peilainiin; I" cut odp. 7 \\ r i eMlcis, 8 (!a?-eou^ elciiicnl. .1 Becomes >'G Irictustation C»,'i IVi fumed on teeth. oinlincnl. .IB Abrupt poinj, 55 1[ C \\ns 3!l SmiRs fur or statesman 1C one voice. in s,, u th , loicc. •lOWi'iilh. Afric;.. n Any flallis! 121'ilchcr. -> 16' His fortune i.s used to promote or schooling. 1" God of \var. 18 Elcniilics. 20 He South Africa inlo imirarlnnt 22 MiiCislralc. 2.'i Jfiiss. 25 .Smell.-.-. 27 Charm. 2!>P;ilm leaf. 32 Kver. •34 Recorded. 31 College Kl'iltUlillCS. 38 Least •I- Mythical tale. "t.iCouin stand. •in Stir. M Heam (abljr.). W-Palm lily. .")•') Point (ciubr.). S4 Either. 53 Position in time. Cirain drill anil tractor for reiu Sec Ben Craig or Paul Byrum. 3 room furnished ai;ai tmcnt. New- 1 ly decorated. Oarage. Close in. I 121! Dtigan Street., Mrs. Belle Wood I 29-ck-ii Comfortable front bedroor.i. om- ! side entrance. Phone 351. 515 W. j Walnut. . 1-ck-tt ..... _. i ice bcdroon convenient to bath. Steam heri. Phone 281). lek-ti i , 7 .,,, ~~~~~ j AIJjKV OOP Unfurnished apartmer.1 In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Cnll 571 or 197. I-ck-tf ! Repairing Expert pun repairing. See E. M .^]lvlt ^inl I IT[JitlL 111^. CLl; 12j. ft!/ I Damon at the Blytheville Arm- j - ory on Wednesdays and Thursdays.) _[ : rv Baby & Started Chicks j Ciisltini Marilyn Hatchery I'.lythcvilk- iiiwv. i.l Tir'estotte' STANDARD TIRES »OTHER SIZES _- : ^KOPORTIONATELY LOW." > At Today's LOW PRICES As ^fl c l>cr Wcck ,ow As UV On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh Walnut I'hone 810 Laundry. All clolhrs wash- Woolen e.arnieiils will not shrink ed ; ,-e, ral ately. MLS. Mic.k. BIO PUCK DWJVKKT i*» w. M/viii at MKU l!UI)1)[|.;s ]UR1) KYDKIi ALI. BECAUSE THIS LlTVUE I SCA.l_(\W(i.G HID IT , HOH -• RKHf, AND V)n)l HI' GOLD Rl.0 To E ,-nr LA\J Qorr GA88W.' LETS GO Git MX GOLD.' te ALIVE SIIE HEARS ABOU1 'IHl^. "fit MARSlWL'S .'.'J SQs) ARE OA1LE.D, 1?E--0 RYDER Or -fei. WHERE PRO SPE EM GOLD H»C DEN VESSIC, "iWEVL, 11 LOOliS LIKE WE'RE JUST JOUR HAPPY / ON ( OWE BIG .-^FAMILY IS / I'ESE -^ '\MD S HAPPY V GOIMG TO f TROJAN ROAD5,) I tAM.iv/ I HAVE TO AREN'T £0 /•"-'.,( GET OJT \ GOOD / WKM kVAMD PUSH k ( R ^\ STAKID BACK, I COM'T NEEPAKiy HELP "10 5HOVE TI-IIS CART UP 'THIS LITTLE Ol D HILL / THERE, , { PIPM'T nELL>t>L) t SOMElHIWGBlG^SS^s 1 ^ / BR Ann *cro/^kt/^ 1 ' IL/ CJ^fc.^,. ICO... I A,S , I VOU RE A REG'V . . ) ULAR. DlhJOSALIt' ^ V I AW TC HA 7 /--'/ WASH Tt!i5liS J'i'tS.V H.'IH Tllotll 15Y UOY CRANK I BEG VCXJR PAROOM, MR.LETORE OHELP ME, I WEUER HtARD HIM CDWE 1M. LISTEN, ROWRISO MES TH^T FCLIOW GO IIJ THERE OFTEM? WHY? ViHV? you ipior, HE'S THE ewt WHO JDMPEOOFF THE TRAIM tAfe W6HT W6 K\DWAPED WMJSOr lETO MO T6LLWS HOW MUCH HE KNOWS. iBLE;vou-^p OUT , CAL8A — T /.. FKUCKI.KS AM) IMS l''()otl for 'riintii'lil HY tMEKRIU, BLOSSKK MORSE JOR CRILL JUNE is TO ee A ,_5WAiD—THE WEOONIG IS TO^TAKF^ PUCC- AT **' ' Bur F : R!TCKLF.S IUD N'.t FRIOHTCMEO TOf? A WHILE' JM WONDERIM6 IP OUR WORRIES ARC REALLY CWER. ? THOSE Two ARE PRETTY f-AR OM EACH OTHER I /I KNOW, BUT ' ^""~ WEOCTNQ _ , 6tv£ THE TOO A CHAMCe TO YOUNG-V HEAR -OH , ' PROMSE ME AMD THEY'LL. S.V.EU AND THAT OF STU; : F ODES To TME HEADS OF YOUMG KIDS IM LOVE I X Jusr Hope THEY DONT Qcr SWEPT ALONG IM THE BACKWASH OF SOMEONE ELSE'S \veocxM6 /

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