Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1937
Page 4
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H0PE STAR, HOPE, ABKANSA*. "the Uto* You tell, the Quicker Yo\i Sell" BATES Out time—2c word, minimum We ' ffcrw. times—3M* wordj ntln. 59c SLx times—«c word, minimum Me One month (25 times)— I8c word, minimum S2.7» ftatt* ate for continuous Insertions only. la making word count, disregard classification nauife ' such as "Pot Bfent," "for Sale," etc.—this Is tree. Sat each initial or name, or cam' jlete telephone number, counts as ft lull word. For example: FOR RENT— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, dose in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 3»c for one time; at 3&c word, 53c for three times, etc. MUTE: All waders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation erf bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience B, B. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf iHOSHTAL! We have restored tens of thousands. Airconditioned innersprings a specialty. See us. Hope .Mattress- Co., on West 67 Highway. 12-3tp. For Rent FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, with private bath. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, Ehone 906. 402 South Pine. 9-3tc Today'i Artfwart to CtANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One .... 1. Carlsbad Caverns are in New Mexico, not Arizona. The other statements are true. 2. "Z" is the 26th letter of the alphabet. "W" the 23fd. 3. Satercorner is the only word misspelled. 4. Church. "Hh" before, "eh" behind nnd "ur" in the middle, 5. In the o!d Wild West such a poker deal would call for a shooting. A royal flush includes ;t king. an<l Jones could only have three unless the game were crooked. '• FOR RENT—Nice front bedroom. "Mrs. J. G. Williams, 820 South Elm Street. ll-3tp New House trailer, all built-in fixtures, Completely equipped. Mrs. J. G. Williams, 820 South Elm street. ' Hope, Ark. ll-6tp For Sale FOR SAkE—Seed oats, Ferguson No. 922, Recleaned by us, tested by the State Laboratory, tagged and guaranteed 9957% pure, no cheat, no grass, justoats, 50 cts. per bushel while they lasti, It has been brought to our attention • seedsmen have been selling oats for years representing them as our oats when we never saw them. Our oats are good, none better. Hope Brick Works. . 7-6tc . FOR'SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. • Abrtizzi Rye,'-'Oats, Barley, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter Rye, Grassland Fall Bulbs. MQNTSSS33 STORE l-26tc FOR'SALE—Hot tamales, 15 cents per dozen at my home. J. W. Griffin, SOS South Walnut street. ll-3tc FOR SALE—% ton International pick-up truck in reasonable good condition. Call or sea M. S. Bates. ll-3tc FOR SALS—Big bargain in modern trailer house, fully equipped.—See J. Burnett, Hope, Rt. 1. at Spring Hill. 11-St-p. Wanted WANTED—Man with car. Route experience preferred but not necessary. Opening now. Write Rawleigh's, AKT-118-MC, Memphis, Term., or see Ji R. Cash, Bingen, Ark. ll-4tp LAUNDRY The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hose—&pen Day & Nile We m & k « your* smart, /cuhionad le, remove all soils, dirl& wrinkles by dry cleaning • PHONE 385 Cleaners & Hatters Orville W. Erringer Hope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE niMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas Cuban Soldier HORIZONTAL .-1. 7 Pictured Cuban army •OflR^r. 13 Music dramn. 14 Striped fabric J6.To bury, 17 Prong. 18 He is chief of -— of Cuba's army 20 Tidy. 21 Northeast. 22 To encourage. 24 Postscript. 25 To exist. jje.'Bajine.r's yessel. 27 Not bright. 29 Electric unit 31 Dutch : measure. 32 Noise. 34 Wooden pin. 36 To suspend. 37 One that paces. 39 Secular. 40 Motor cars. 43 Northwest 4C Exclamation. Answer to Previous Puzzle KING Ij Ik A 1 j iNJE 46'Driving command. 47 Musical note. •48 To fish. 50 King of Bashan. 51 Nothing. 52 To become weary 54 Ascended. 56 Apportions. 57 Vampire. 59 Rubbish. 60 He is called Cuba's "— : — man." VERTICAL 1 Fqkling bed. 2 To deem. 3 Smooth. 4 Ns'tivu metal. 5 North America. 0 Convulsive tic 7 Coarse cotton cloth. 8 Note in scale. 9 Wayside hotel 10 Pace. 11 To harass. 12 Work of skill. 15 Small cusk. 18 To harden. 19 Grazed. 22 Meat. 23 Frost bite. 25 He rules Cuba from scenes. 26 Not definite. 28 Affray. 30 He recently started » reconstruction progr«m. 31 Data. 32 Stream obstruction. 33 The tip. 35 Aeriform fuel. 37 Italian river. •38 Austerity 41 To thrash. 42 One .skilled 'in law 44 HjO 47 Flaxen /abr!» 49 Fiber. 51 Roman cnv» peror. 53 Thing. 55 Courtesy title. 56 Mountain. OR No good. 10 I! 12 leTT 150 15?" OUR BOARDING H0t?SE VeSUM, Ml$fAW AMOS H<50PUE LIVES H£AH~~ BUT MH5TAH MA3AH •DOME SK1EAW OUT De BACK WAY WH6M AKJYON& CAUUS >X **YS J SLJM. EVE1-^ S)NJ<£B P6Y SAY ttBV'V^^S QOlWf T'PET^H: HIM' IN COUPCT OV/AH HIS PEKJTIST gVs. BILL/ H6'S BEEN TJOOR- ;•/// BEL.L SHY«*-lVHO'LL AH ;Xl SAV CALLED, AAAM7 /J ^n. ' j with Moople / 1 AM AMOS SISTEK, t SUPPOSE RE THOUGHT '1 WOULPfsJ'T HAVE AMV- TMlMG OM ME TO RATTL6 BUT THE FAMILY SKELETON]*** WELL, HERE^ A COLLAR/ PAY THE TAVI ANC? "BWlWS IKJ MY BAGS I'LL 3UST MAKE; , MYSELP AT <:>" (^ HOME f THAT FOJ YOUP, RAR6 PRINT COLLECtlOM" A visrriMca HOCDPUS UWDfeR HER OWKI STEAM/ SISTER, LIZZIE = BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Speaking From Experience ALLEY OOP No Voice, But—Wow! WELL, NOW, 1.\MONDEfc-TH WEEDpVV,-"] f I'VE DOME SUMPW WJ2OWO, I'VE BU£>OEO-AM'MOTMINJ'HAS / {'^ 1 ' ; " : '- THAT SURE IS A CIMCH— HAPPENED,.. MOT ATHIMO C^^-JJ 'CAUSE. TH 1 WI7E2 OF TH HAV£ i LEARKiEO.' MV HEAD I S1UC1<\ STUFF, USES WELL IWTO TW SMOKE, W A PIKJCH.' •AM' SWALLERED EKJOUGH AM OX TO CHOH&/ r s ^ ; ^ c - ^ - WASH TUBBS Wash Suggests a Way Tuesday. October By G'NAOW, P&LLERS -—HELP \ TH 1 CHUCK. WAGGIM OUT BEFORE TH 1 BEAMS, RICE, PRUNE? AM' DRIED APPLES GIT WET f THEY'LL. A* DAM ACROSS THIS WASH AN 1 DROWN OUT THET MEXICAN By MARTIN LOOW. \OKst OA«,W\OQ£ OR I ViWOVri \ Vvit . A TOO NiO VOICE FROM ~IH' SWOKE; T'ME ___ iuw &LRVJCC. IMC- ^T. M. ROC. U. S. PAT,.OfF. . ALL I CAM SAY.BOYS, IS THANK5, |T\tT'S NOT SAVED) THEY'VE JUST 1 WAS WONPERFUL THE WAV YOU C^/VSEP THOSE SCOUMPEEUS AWAV AND SAVED MV LUMBE I KNOW - DON CARLOS SAIP"* THERE Vv/AS ANOTHER PAYMENT ON THE MORTGAGE DUE BEFORE THE SEASONAL KAIN5 gEGlM. I AND I \7 TMERE'S EMOU6U MAHO&ANV, ALREAPV , /C-OT \\ CUT AMP PRIED/TO BUILD A PIANO vCJvV I IVFOS EVERY MAM, WOMAN ANP TO RAISE P^—, CHILD IN &RA7.IL. THE /, ^ , r MONEY. / / -\1— HAVE TO A WAV TO GET IT INTO THIS, CREEK ANP ("ATS A , POWN THE J CINCH. , ANP ONTO A LOS, ANP AWAY, THEY'LL I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Discovered! By BLOSSER FPECK,TAKE A LOOK AT TMIS WEV/SPAPEB: ! THERE'S SOMETHING tM IT THAT WILL KNOCK YOU OFF"/. THE BENCH! A PICTURE. OF A GAL. } WHO \S SHE *2 SUES THE DAUGHTER OF MBS WAYMAM.... HER WAME IS JUNE, AMD NIBS WAY- \ WHAT? MAW HAPPEKJST / Ive TO BE THE KIWGSTDW COACH f ^l ^=V HER : BEFORE? LOOK! BY DRAWING A MASK VERY CAREFULLY IW PEWCIt-, ASJD COVERIKJC5 PART OF HER FACE, WET HAVE THE GIRL I MET AT THE MAS- QUER- ADB.'f VEAH...AWD A REAU , ( MOVIE SITUATION .' FOOTBALL STAR FALLS FOR PAUGHTER OF ( , RIVAL. TEAM'S COACH ! IF I WERE AM AUTHOR,! COULD WRITE A STORY o AROUWD THAT....IF r \ I HAD A PENCIL f \ MYRA NORTH, SPECIAl, NURSE One of Von Boden's Tricks NEA SERVICE, INC. i. S. P»T. OFH. THOMPSON ANO 1 WHERE'S THE WOUMDED MAM, PI6EON ? PA' SUEGERV, POC... I TOOK HIAA THee MVSELF. WHV, IT'S \ /" HOW DIP IT , TRUSTV V K , CXHARAV "< MOME O' VER. BUSIMESSf LIE DOWM.' WE'LL FIX VOU UP IW A JIFFV. i^ET THE, AWESTHE AAVRA, THE AME5- i OKAV 121 GMT AWAV. JIM- ft. HERBS A CHANCE TO USE OWE OF VOKJ BODEKl'S QWW TRlCliS.' IF WE'RE. MOT TUEBEDy THIS"TEUTH SERUM" OUGHT TO ei US OUR FIRST TAKJ&I6L& CLUE! "

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