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BolL De a head it in i IS A Hl llxW a 7 TZ77 ZZZZZZ 22 1'77 '7''7' 'n7 EZE7EZ 'gg cs Rl hi 2VPP 3 a JSL fe SCL'IMJERRY Interesting skemhe of Ireland in HIE REE PRESS Next Sunday PRICE: BUSINESS BLOCKADED ROM THE CAPITAL THE OPINION AUNT and CON pro warnee In Geneva Switzerland ROM WHOM CAN IT BE OBTAINED? A SCHEME THAT TAILED An the ALT EIKDS WEATHER LOXG DISTANCE LIBERATED THE WEOKG MAX A Peculiar of Hitakeu identify in a BOAT ORGET THE A CASE SEL SACRIICE HODSON STMIHGTOH OLD STORE OICIAL CORED PTION IS CANADA CODED SOT OPEN THE SAE in NEW STORE OR TORPID LIVER eui and prodnees Sf CRETA ST MahNIKG 1'11 is 11 AT JERSEY CITY New Exeicht Dyspepsia Costiveness Rheu matism Sallow Skin and Piles el and the the Lal for of the Trea ury savs there is no information in the Treasury Department rom which it can bo wketiier or ot any national banks are transacting business in the manner described Verdict Iu the Jlug au Inquest Jersey CITY ebruary 2 The coro jury in the cae of the boy Hogan who was shot and killed on January 2) to night rendered a verdict that the boy died from a Gullet wound inflicted by a Pinkerton sjiecial officer Patrick Nheehy The ether Pinkerton men under arrest were committed with Sheehy to await the action of the grand jury Keyport ebruary 2 No oysters or clams are teing shipped from this poi to Near York because of the freight strike The owners of ov ter bed at la Bank Oce anic and air Haven are also unable to fill their orders They say the supply in New York will not last a week longer 15 and her son agd about 12 and tixs at supposed to Lave been the victims of Ge fire Bier Boot and Shoe Strike Expected ATopch ter Mass ebruary 2 It is pected that ail men at work in the boot i sh'je shops here will Le ordered out by Knights of Labor to morrow BOOK Prospects of the River and Harbor Bill hi the Senate And our own combined No such prices ever made on urniture in our day and gener at ion A Watch with Palladium Hair Spring B4i talsnrr which rentier it absolutely NUMBER 129 The Neu Premier oi Ouebec Makes Start "nion Workmen Aaulel Badly reight Traffic Generally Suspended Victory for lorida Strikers Pensacola la ebruary 1 The diffi culty between the Association and the firm of Lear A Gonzales has been ad justed the firm paying to the association to compensate the men for the loss of their time and agreeing to hereafter conform to the rules and requirements of the labor organiza tion We will offer our entire Cur tain and Drapery stock at a tre mendous sacrifice must move to our new store the Parker Building eb 14th and until then all goods will be ot tered at rare bargains ITC Cd MADE TO ORDER ANDlTffTER 1 It OO lLO Jv fitted at Milburn Bil 1 1 a in Si pl instruments EiajTlc Stoeicnw feupporuars Seriates best quality 61 Woodward are The Great Strike at New York Cortisnes in ull orce Lafayrtte Ind ebruary The rate men that Orth Stem bad again kilted a man this time at Price Station O1 is er roneous mother wuo resides here bed letter from him dated January 26 from El Pao Tex where he i in jail charged with forgery Ur McGlynn Preparing MI Reply New York ebruary 2 Rev Hr Mc Glynn commenced his reply to Rome to day He did this at the suggestion of Cardinal Gib bons It seems to be nnderstool that Dr Mc Glynn will not go to Rome Importers Jeweera and 55 atchmakers and Agents for te GENEVA HON MAGNETIC WATCH CO TO RENT The I irnamlt crant Cannot be Caught New York ebruary 2 It looks very much as if the $5(W reward offered for tbs man who tried to blow up the Guyandotte will uo er be claimed for although detect! vf arc searching for him the dues are so slight that there is little hope of his capture CAPITAL MISCELLANY The Senate Committee on Agricuitui fur ther consider yesterday the proposed amendments to the Pleurv Pueumania bill but did not reach the point of action A deputy Sent ant at Arms of the Senate has been sent to Texas with a list of twenty five witnesses who are to be subpenaed iu ccn uection with the alleged political outrage winch the Committee on Privileges and Elec tions is directed to investigate One hundred and twenty of the 140 clerks on dutv nt office of the Chief Signal Officer Lave Ngued a petition to Congress in which thev express the opinion that the Lest interests uf the government would be subserved ty transferring the signal corps of the army to the new Executive Department contemplated in bill No 5190 and also urge that they te made civilians insual of enlisted men as at present In response to a Senate resolution request ing him to inform the Senate whether any national banks are loaning money upon secur ities or discounting bills or notes which re quire payment in gCid coin only tue Secretary (eins ebruary 2 A telephone suit involving the right to erect and maintain longdistance telephone wirea between New York Pnila ielphia and various large cities was began in the Unit'd States Circuit Court by a bill in equity filed this afternoon by at torneys for the Brooks Telegraph Construc tion Company The defendants are a part of the Bell telephone syndicate and hav organ iz a corporation which Las locently openu1 offices in various cities A prospectus issued ly the defendant company says that the telephone exchanges in New York Brooklyn and the adjacent citits ai now be ing equipped for metallie circuit service in eonuectMia with these line By which Phila delphia business men will I placed in direct speaking communication with ary of the sub sr ribers to the Telephone Exchange in New York and the surrounding cities and villages in New York New Jersey and Connecticut numbering in all over 15 (XK) stations The plaintiffs claim that they bongbt the exclusive right under a patent to make and use metallic circuits throughout the United States for a term of seventeen yetrs from ebniary Ighl that toey have expended large sniris oi money in perfecting the system but tnat the defendants are violating this ex clusive right It is claimed that the rapid ap plication of long distance telephone to tnoiern business purposes readers the prospective value of the ownership tbs metallic circuit to be con teste in the courts second only to that of the telephone its' lh same road were also pier 2 the Lehigh gates ere closed New York ebruary 2 The streets along the river fronts this morning presented a £un day lske appearance Instead of the daily rush of vehicles of all kinds in every direction there were only a few trucksand the horse cars to be seen Itere and tbei a The majority of the big railroad freight receiving and de Extremely old in orlb western Montana Chicago ebruary 2 The signal service reports extremely cold weather in Northwest era Montana the mercury at ort Assinaboiue registering forty six degrees belo zero at 7 this morning Throughout I An ket Minnesota and Wisconsin it is considerably warmer the Northern Minnesota points re porting zero weather while at Si Paul it is three degrees above zero Lacrosse IV is eleven above and Chicago twenty degrees nbove It is snowing throughout the North west and in nearly all the States north of the Ohio River Heavy thunder storms are re ported at Knoxville Tenn Louisville and Cincinnati and the telegraph service through out the Southwest is very much impaired in consequence ort Shaw ebruary 2 The snow is still falling It is not possible yet to give definite informatiou concerning the lots of cattle and sheep Cowixiys are attempting to round up the stock and beat paths for them in the deep snow Nothing has yet been heard from the i elie party which is searching for the mi sing Choteau coach It is repo: ted that the Benton Assinaboine coach is also lost Examining the Hooka PlTTsBVRGH January The Executive Board of the National Assembly Knights of Ixabor legan an investigation to day of the books of the different large coal firms with a view of deciding whether the Monongahela miners were justified in demand ing an Advance in ages The inve tigation will take a week and in the meantime the river mines will be closed sylvania Railroad in this city struck work at noon to day About A5o men at the freight station at the to I of YTgrren street and ab iut 300 employed at tbe yards at Hr rimas Cove struck Tbe men marched out in a tody but an de no deinonstratam Tiie striking freight handlers at the Erie depot remain out AU business is at a standstill at the freight 'ta lions There are now indicaixu of trouble iu the freight stations of the Delaware Lacka wanna CC 5V estern and New Jersey Central Railroads At the request of tbe Erie Pennsylvania Cotntiany City Clerk Scott swere in 100 special dicers to protect their yards A large crowd of striking laid in wait about 5 this morning on Hudson 'treet Hoboken to intercept the new men employed on ie Thingvalla Stam hip Company's dock while going to their work The a rikers were concealed behind two new buildings About 6 tbe new men came along and when they reached the poiut where the strikers were concealed the latter armed with dubs and bricks set upon tuem and gave them an unmerciful beating There were about fifty of the mostly Danes and Germans anti they fled in every direction Of the fifty oniv twnt eight reached the dock None of the strikers were Ottawa Ont ebruary 2 Excitement is intense over the revelation which Premier Mercier has mad in regard to the corruption which was earned on by the lase Quebec Gov ern inert The foil extent of the plundering perretratsd wll not known until a parlia mentary investigation is held The apart ments of tbe late Speaker which were elabor ately furnished out ed tneTreasury have hern completely stripped Valuable plate and fur nishing's are missing and are know to have been carried off by the boodiers On taking hold of the treas ury chest Mr Mercier found it empty Not one cent was there to the credit of the government than that 'r John Mae donald has advanced the defunct government over out of the lAomniion treasury whim as charged against the Province all of which went into the general corruption fund In addition to this the Province has been run heavily into debt and large amounts of outstanding claims remain to be paid and there is nothing with inch io pay them Premier Mercier has issued a circular to offi cials in ail branches of the public service to balance their boots and report at once with an inventory of all property in their Harris Developments are anxiously for 16 of tbe and at the New York Central Hudson River LIBRARY DINING ROOMS 50 AE21B STEHT Oplcalte Public Library yry jud fioori Good ccxfkiag atteaiii waiters jxrcil attention to ladles am! ehUdrea 21 Mal Tickets fX3 Iw elling Ottawa Ont ebruary On Thnreday night lext a fire was seen burning from the snoreonasimil island in tbe h't Luwrerc River near Rockport Last evening jiarties visited the island and found that the ffsnws hnd been caused by the burning of a small wooden dwelling occupied bj a family named Elliott Nothing mnainal bet a neap of asbee from which the charred remains of three bn man being were taken Tbe fandlv Dr ord Plead Guilty of 3lanlaucKter leather Than to Eipose His Wife to Con Bore New Orleans ebruary 2 Tbe case of tbe State vs Dr old of Shreveport who killed Kirkpatrick of Shreveport in Crescent Hall this city last November was called for trial to day The District At torney announced that the State was ready for triat Judge LuzeuLerg then said: accused a gentleman by nature education and hatjit slew the deceased for interference in his do mestic relations He attempts no denial of the fact but declines to protect himself Uy defense which would expose tn public censure the motfac of fate children Therefore through his counsel he now asks leave of ti court to withdraw HR plea of not guilty and plead guilty of manslaughter District Attorney Adams accepted the plea Judge Roman thereupon remanded the pris oner for sentence "The Rookwood Pottery was founded in I 1SS0 and has already obtained a recognized standing not only in this country but in some I of the large cities of Europe for tbe beauty i of finish of its work It would be well to i mention tbe name of its founder Mrs Bella i my Stover a native of Cincinnati a young woman of beauty and talent and a devoted student of art and literature who I uses a porticn of her large fortune not only for tlajse experiments in decorative pottery but in building up hospitals tor children and in other noble work of public utility "Outside of Japan and China we do not know where any colors and glazes are to be found finer than those which come from the Rook wood Pottery The yellows reds greens and browns are clear bright and strong and of great depth and richness in tbe tones free alike from the crudity which offends in almost all our home made products in this field and that morbid air of green and yellow melancholy whicn the English factories at one time made so The Studio NY During the past year or two Messrs SMITH fc CO of Detroit have acted as agents for the sale in this city of the Hook wood Pottery and no doubt many of our readers have seen and admired thusa speci mens displayed in their art room trip Some of her friends located about 2000 miles from her had written to her and offered her a home with them until all thi excite ment has blown over I was of the opinion that she would accept the offer and would settle down ari calmly look the situation in the face Lt she could realize the lull force of toe Mow she bad su uck at her grandparents she might still be prevailed upon to alter her course permit this infamous marria ge to stand If it sbouirl be aecided binding life will be wrecked A girl of her purity refinement education and social jasitio: to link her dea tiny with a man like him by she would not be with him thirty six hours before she realized the gulf between her iast and future life 1 can think nothing else than that Nina i and has been suffering from men tal aberration from which she willndt recover until she has bad the opportunity to calnily cousider her In conclusion Mrs Arthqrs said: this unenviable notori ety lias been thrust upon us I have been del uged with letters from all parts of the country soliciting money and tendering kindlj advice in regard to the distribution of my wealth in the event of my The Bill for the Territory avorably Mich igan Personal Notes UaiiBfaeturf ng room with power yard and dry kiln Apply ofliee BRCRELVES MANUACTURING CO sateen to Howard and LLetto Sts MICHIGAN NOTES PERSONAL AND GENERAL MENTION 1 Washington ebruary Lieut Col Henry Chipman of the Seventh Infantry has leen placed on tbe retired list Representatives Tarsney and isher were among the callers to day Simpson of Bay City and Willard Kingsley of Grand Rr pids are in the city TV Thompson made a tour of the Interior Department to day Tbe many friends of Nesbitt in this city are quite chagrined over hi defeat in tbe contest for the Big Rapids Postoffice Mr Kilbourne however is highly spoken of by Michigan men Gen bill to confer be brevet rank on officers of tbe army for gallant ser vices in Indian campaigns has parsed the House It is expected that the Senate and House committees on the Bay City Court bill will meet to morrow Towns is the name of a new Dostoffice es tablished in Branch County with Hattie Walworth postmaster The postoffice at Rodingen in Wexford County Las been discontinued The mail will go to Clayhill MICHIGAN PENSIONERS LIST UP GRANTEES AV a SHING TON ebruary 2 (Special Pen sions granted Michigan people to day: Wil liam father of John PercelL Cai'sou Cty Lucius father of Henry Danton Char lotte Esther A widow of Geo 5V Dunn Ryerson Original David Muffley Edge wood Wm Snanks Detroit Jatm Lynch Detroit Henry Hughson Litch field TVilliam Solyer Belding Geo Dunn (deceased) Rverson Geo Vernette Matherson Increase Stephen Dassance Colfax: Henry pt oe grove Jackson Lysander Klock Tuscola Jahn Ernst Grand Rapids Charles Tefft East wood Lewis Hummerton Berrien Springs: Orlando Moon Belleville Charles Rosen bauer Muskegon Win Etta Holland Clifton Stearns Gagetown Restoration Thos Smith Bolcb John Lemmon New Haven William Dueltzen Quar Tbunder and Lichiuing iu Illinois Alton III ebruary 2 A heavy sleet storm prevailed here yesterday for nearly six hours covering the ground to the depth of three or four inches The storm was accom panied at frequent interval by vivM light ning and loud thunder Mr Wm Lee of Upper Alton while eating dinner was killed by lightning His wife who sitting at the table with him wa prostrated Ly the shock bat was not seriously injured Two other houses were struck but no damage was flora A Thunder Storm at Cincinnati Cincinnati ebruary 2 A most unusual thunder and rain storm has been in prnzre here since 5 a and at 10 the rain is still falling heavily The lightning flashes are fre quent and vivid and tbe thunder deep and re or berating PhiLaDELwhia ebruary 2 United States Treasurer Jordan wav in town to day and held a conference with Samuel Ship lev Georre Tvler and others relative to of stock in Philadelphia of the IV ten: National Batik to beam business iu New York Ma 1 Jt is stated definitely that Secretary Manning will be the President and Jordan is to Le Cashier Next Anthen alifon I Exetirelon Via uae Auto isoa Topeka A Ie ilia Broad Li leave Kansas City ebruary 1 tef orCoI toa Riversidr an Dlefits Los Angees dena Merre Madre VQta I are for round tj rip tickets good six month or further pr tlrElars apply to ico Gilman Haas Agent Gn woui street Detroit MicL MR TARI SCHEME OLLOWERS DO NOT COMMIT THEMSELVES VERT DEINITELY ON SCP PORTING IT Washington ebruary 2 An inquiry from the friends of Mr Randall as to wbetner they could count on the support of tiieir Tariff and Revenue bill by the Morrison Dem ocrats was discussed at some length at a con ference of the last named faction held last night It was finally decided that an answei would be made to the effect thap the tariff re form Democrats were so anxious to redeem their pledges to tbe people made at the Chi cago Convention that they would support any measure looking to the reform of the tariff laws which seemed to be reasonable in its terms It was not deemed advisable to make rhe reply more pecific at this time tie think tbe Girl is lnne And Most People Will Agree With Her Pittsburgh ebruary 2 Mrs Interesting Incident tle Late fima torlal Campaign in Illinois Spring field 111 ebruary A of excitement was caused in the House this morning by Mr Merritt Democrat rising to a question of privileges and reading an article in a St Louis paver giving a report of a speech made by Representative Bailey Labor before a labor meeting in East SL Itouis on i tbe evening of January 30 in which he stated that while the Labor caucus was balloting for Senator Mr Dixon Labor baa been called out by a prominent business man of Chicago and told in effect that votes for Mr afei eil were worth from 1000 to $5000 Mr Jferritt anted an explanation of the article Mr Bailey stated that he had substantially stated what the article presented him as say ing Mr Merritt wanted to know if the person who offered the bribe was a member of the House Calls were made for Mr Dixon ho said that he saw nothing in tbe article to indicate that the person was a member of tbe House He stated that be bad been called out of the caucus by a business man from Chicago ho proposed to him that if be (Dixon) would con trol five votes he could control the same num ber and thus block the election of Mr arwell and that there was a big speculation in iL Mr Dixon said in reply that I indignantly repelled the proposition and returned to the caucus ana mrortnea nis coueag ues A voice "IVas the man who made proposition a member of this House was Mr Merritt stated that be baa been in Legislature nineteen years and that he never bean offered a bribe It remained immaculate leader of the Labor party cf Chicago to receive sueb a proposition before lie ba been in The House ten then to skulk away and get his name in tbe newspa Srjers instead Of coming on the floor of the House as was bis duty and making the matter urther discussion was prevented by tbe Sfeaker announcing that the question of priv ilege had been exhausted tile Jenej City PosloISce Jersey City ebruary A bold but unsuccessful attempt was made last night by seven masked men to rob the safe in the Jersey City Dostoffice The burglars wen concealed in the building and surprised the night watchman John stringbain who fired three shots at them wounding one of the men in the arm Stringtam was then overpowered and blindfolded and bound hand and foot after which the burglars carried him to the top floor where ai janitor John Nixon his wife and child reside These people were also bound and two of the masked men stood guard over teem The safe is built in a wait The combination was broken and three attempts were maae to blow the safe en with powder but were unstsceessfuL Two of the explosions were very loud About two square feet of the wall in the rear of the safe as torn down The burglar worked from 11 last night tin til 4 this morning butfhe safe resisted all their efforts to open iL The thieve car ried off a large quantity of mail matter Montreal Qve ebruary A young man named Eugene Hebert who was undergoing a four term in St Vincent de Paul Penitentiary his friends and relatives believing tnat be Lad been led into tbe crime by others petitioned the Chief Justice Sir A A Darian to intervene in his behalf with the government authorities He did so and with success and a few days ago orders were re reived at the penitentiary to set yourg Hebert free He bad served two years of bis allotted term in an exemplary manner and accordingly Le was liberated A few days after his liberation it was discovered that the wrong man had been let out There were two Heberts in durance vile and the Hebert who had been pardoned was still im prisoned The orders from Ottawa had 1o be obeyed and accordingly tbe second Hebert was set free Tbe other Ht ert who bad not finished his term has not yet been retaken and is probably blessing his stars at the result of the mistaken identity I RIVER AND HARBOR BILL COMMITTEES aHNATK AND HVtsE TO EH ON THE MEASURE Washington ebruary Some of tiie memierx of the House Commit tee on Rivera and Harbors are very anxious that their 1111 should be adopted by the Sen ate committee without amendment as it is feared that if it is amended there might be serious difficulty when the measure goes into the hands or conference committers of tbe two Houses The House committee men will bold a conference tomorrow with the Senate Com mittee on Commerce of which Senator Con ger is a It is tlHHiirut the latter committee will finish consideration of the measure in four or five days and send tbe bi'J to the Senate promptlj It is not probable that the Se ate Committee will accede to the wishes of tbe House Com mittee for several reasons The report of tho Board of Engineers recommending the pur chase of th Portage Lake Canal and other similar projects was received too late to have these matters incorporated in tbe River and Harbor bill before it left the House and Mr Moffatt is anxious that the Portage Lake mat ter le arranged in the Senate for it will retard the work of future improvement to have the purchase delayed until another Congress to sanct ion the purchase Mr Conger is in favor of this proposition and so are all the Michigan Cougre smen It is also specially desired that the Senate shall insert an amendment to accept the offer of land at Ludington made by tbe lumber company for the purpose of improving tnat barbou It is believed that quite a number of amendments will be made to the bill in the Senate Bojcot I in? the eMUylvaDia South Amboy ebruary 2 The strikers have induced the storekeepers here to boycott ti Pennsvlvania Railroad Com pany' by threaten no to boycott them if ey sold goods to that corporation SuL Bar Lard being unable to bay suppl es here far the new men ana the special officers guarding them now purchases meats and groceries at Camden A tow ot boats loaded ith bitum inous coal started for New Merk to night Jersey Citt ebruary The freight I au tte victims were dressed tt affair sm handlers employed in the depots cf the Pems I mysterious ALASKA ITS ORGANIZATION into a territory favored BY THE HOUSE COMMITTEE Washington ebruary 2 Tbe House Committee on Territories to day favorably considered the bill for the organization of the Territory of Alaska The bill provides for the establishment of a civil government over all tbe country needed by Russia to the Uni ted States under the name of Alaska and des ignates the town of Sitka as the seat of gov ernment It also provides that the Territory nail be er tilled to a de egate in the National House of Representatives to be elected by me qualified voters of the Territory COX IMPROVING although the distingui hed gentleman IS STILL VERY WEAK Washington ebruary 2 Representative improvement in health still continues He sat up for short intervals twice during the dy is still too weak to see callers or attend jto his correspondence Pittsburgh ebruary 2 Mrs John i Arthurs aunt of Mrs Spi nee Van Zandt I Organization of Alaska I by a reporter to day i nAwc ci1 cYm a total snrnrkA to iim as I thought that she Lad renounced all idea of marrying this man and was going off on a otherinebam'i Trial Potpoacd St Louis ebruary 2 trial of David otberingham the Adams messen ger ot tbe Jim Cumuiings train robbery fame was to day postponed until March 1st next in order to give the defeuso time to prepare the depositions of Wiltrock and Haight for sub mission as evidence and to give the Supreme Court an opportunit to decide whether con victs and Haight can be removed from the penitentiary to testify in the case uf starvation and Pestilence Winnipeg Man ebruary 2 Intelli gence from Ijesser Slave Lake announces that tbe Indians there are dviag from starvation and jvstilenc Over 150 died last month from measles and as the fisheries have failed ind tna rabbits aud lynx deserted the country they have no means of subsistence TO GKT THE PORTGffiMKK CANAL ITEM ADDKU DETROIT MICHIGAN THURSDAY EBRUARY 1 can hardly believe that the law will livery piers were closed and work was almo suspended The exception was in the care of piera the Pennsylvania where a dozen men were put to work by Agent Bowman The men seemed lot amid the huge piles of freight The one pair of gates that were open on the dock were guarded by police Piers 1 and closed Valley At tbe pier tbe agent said they were receiving ad tbe freight offered There hod been no trouble with the men The New Yorl Lake Erie Sc 5V estern Railroad pier had few men at work but at tbe office it was stated that they were taking and delivering all the freight offered On the Starin pier where the freight of tte Delaware Lackawanna Western is handled there were as many policemen on duty as there were Italians handling freight The perintendent said be had all toe men he needed There was plenty of Help on the B' ton Providence Jiier cut the boats were not running and the freight wn light The Stonington line had men at work Tbe Nashua was laid op but no work was being done on her The dock of the New York Cen tral Railroad was almost desei iod 1 ie men at work were part of a gang of Italians brought down the rivwr sustarday Tie Metropolitan line to Boston was moving freight but there was very little to handle Along the East River front the same difli cultv was experienced in moving freight as on the Nurtu River Tbe steamer Alamo of the Mallory lane was to have sailed to day Mr Mallory saal she would not be ready till Sat urday Tire situation in Brooklyn was unchanged and matters were very quieu The Italian laborers who fill the places of strikers were uumolesteu Police guarded the The only work done yesterday on tbe Brook lyn water front was by green Hands who were put in the pl ces of strikers At stores eight youug men clad in lawn tennis snirts aud tight trousers vrlio were said to have come from toe Young Christian Associating were set at work unloading railroad iron from the steamer Lake Winnipeg Une of them wore kid gloves until ttey were so tattered that they vvoulci not stay on his hands An otuer laid aside a fur lined ojereost and a silver headed cane to work was only a short time before ht was disabled by a piece of iron tailing upon his I it foot ATTACK LT CEi NON UNION MEN New York ebruary Non union Height handlers were attacked this evening a1 they were quitting work at several of Ue North River piers At the Savannah Lint pier two or three men were set upon by the strikersand beaten pounded and kicketi unmerciiaHy No arrests eio made Ona man was assaulted while a policeman stood near but did not dare interfere on accouut of the crowd inally a force of police was sent to tbe Bavannab pier Tbe uon niuu men were taken away ou a tug to avoid the rioL Nearly 103 ueu were loading the La Bre tagne at tl rench pier to day No trouble was had The Aurauia of tbe Canard Line is being unloaded by sixty men who did not strike and who are paid monthly With the assistauce of Italians the vessel can be loaded by Saturday The Erin of tbe National Line is still at her pier The cargo of toe Helvetia is unloaded The Wyoming cf the Guion Line sailed to day Tbe Arizona which arrived to day is discharging her cargo The Morgan Lme'pier is piled high with freight Orders were given to day to receive no more The Boston Providence Line has three ves sels at the pier laid up The men et the New York Central freight shed at St Park numbering SOU struck this afternoon Non union men ere put to work guarded by po Amobg tbe men assaulted near tbe Savan nah pier was a Spanish cigar manufacturer who was in no way concerned with the trouble His nose was broken and he was otherwise badly hurt IVhen the strikers learned their mistake they apologized The injured man made complaint at beadquarters of tbe want of protection by the police A secret meeting of delegates representing fifteen district assemblies of the Knights of Labor in the States of New York New Jersey and Connecticut outside of District Assembly as hela in this city last night at which ti wing resolutions were adopted: irAras 5ve recognize in the conflict now be i ing waged aainst the members of District As semblies 49 103 122 and tbe Montauk District of Long island as well as various other trade and labor organizations by capitalists and cor porations an attempt to strikes fatal blow at organized labor and thereby increase their power to oppose ths producers and degrade hon est toil therefore sored That we the representatives of the combined districts of the Knights of Labor of New York New Jersey and Connecticut extend to our brot tiers and comrades our beartlelt sympathy and moral support and if necessary pledge to the fullest extent ot our ability our financial aid A Hinting of retail coal dealers of York City was called to day fay members of the Brooklyn Coal Exchange to confer as to the adoption of some plan to get conk Moca feeling was manifested against toe strikers Resolutions were offered de nouncing the strikers but division took place aua tos resQiuxonsv 5Yer jMienueu meetifig then ad jooroed in confusion President Corbin tbe situation NEW Yopk ebruary 2 President Austin Corbin of the Philadelphia A Reading Coin pane to dav conferred with the coal Presi dents individually in accordance with the re quest mad to him by the Ktoglit of Labar There was no meeting called but he visited them at their offices The following state ment is authorized by him: Mr Corbin came on from Philadelphia at the request ot the Knight' of Lalor to see it any rompromire xuld Le effected between tut coal cornjianies and tbe men on strike The Bresicent uecuuwi iwgviuaxiuiis saving they had now nearly as many men as they needed ana would le within the next day or two arid no ar their full capacity reply to questions about ibtimatians that the strike would be extended to Philadelphia in order to cover bis ort Richmond dock Mr Corbin stated that he had just received as surances that Lis men were satisfied and would not go ouL The Presidents of the other coal rta td that they considered tbe strike over as far as loading the coal was con cerned and that they had more boats offered to them to day than at any time since the WHAT IS IT? KAI Cur TVooward Ave Cmpn WWWII hOWU HL HUBS OH Si SYMINSTON STOCK Jill Ave U1 IK iTI 229 Wooilward Ave Ws Pills I.

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