Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1937 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 12, 1937
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Three Days of Community Entertainment-Southwest Arkansas Merchants & Farmers Fair, in Hope October 21-22-23. /H • Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H Washburn Hope A Political Dream O VER imagination's mystic hill lies great wealth. It is an idea that dominates much of our political thinking. Somewhere, we way, there is a great pool of wealth that properly divided would make all of us comfortable. . , . But we are wrong. The world is not rich. 1( is poor. Its relative wealth is small, its people are many—and therefore the world is poor. You reflected on this when you read last week-end's report of the Department of the Treasury on federal income tax payments for 1935. In the United Slates, richest of all nations, there is only one million-dollar income for every three million people. If the government took all of that income and divided it among the people it would mean to the average man only 33 cents a year. And oven though the government is supposed to take more than half the income of our wealthiest cit- i/ens the real burden of taxation falls u|x>n all of us. For the year 1935. the Treasury tells us. the United States collected income taxes from 4'4 million citizens. They paid G57 million dollars in taxes. Hut those having million-dollar- a-year incomes paid a tax of only •IP'j millions, r.nd those with from $100,000 to 5150,000 a year |>aid only 54 millions . . . which means that the rest of the people paid 562 of the total 657-milIion-dollar income tax bill. It is significant, also, that the great army of small business operators and skilled workers in tbc lowest bracket, from $5,000-a-year income on down, paid a lolal tax of 40 millions—practically equal to tlie 41 Ij 2 millions that the government Star Notorious Gunman and 1 of His Mob Are Shot to Death Federal Agent Is Seriously Wounded in Gun Battle 3RD GANGSTER SHOT Sensational Street Battle Leaves Two Dead, Two Wounded BANGOH, Maine—-</t')—Police wiped out the notorious Indiana gunman gangster, Al Brady, and one of his mobsinon Tuesday in a sensational five-minute gun fight on Bangor's busiest downtown street. A third gangster, superficially wounded, threw down his gun mid surrendered. A federal agent was wounded in the gun fight. The dead arc: AL BRADY, 35, wanted for three slayings and several robberies. CLARKNCK SHAFFER, JR., a Brady mohsrnnn. Wounder fire: James Dtilhovcr, a Brady gunman. whose head was grazed by n bullet. The name of the federal agent, seriously wounded, was not immcdiaatcly made known. The shooting occurred after the gang chieftain Brady and his companions loft a storvfroirt. whore federal-agent* nnd police had stationed themselves. The gangsters were traced here by Department of Justice agents working with Indiana's slate police force. Cavanaugh Faces Charge of Murder Prescott Man Is Held Killing of W. J. Vasvter for PRESCOTT. Ark.-Prosecuting Attorney Ned Stewart filed a charge of first degree murder . late Monday against a man booked as Clarence Cavanaugh in connection with the .slaying of W. J. Vuwler, W, chief engineer of the Prescott light plant, Curcncr O. G. Hirst said no inquest would be held. Hirst quoted Cavanaugh as sayink Vawter wiis shot fu- taly as the two scuffled over a gun Vawter had attempted to use against Cavanaugh. The coroner said Cava- nauglu as saying Vawter was shot fa- throat in self-defense. CavanauKh's Story Cavanaugh, 43. filling station operator, brought Vawter to Com Donnell hospital. He told Sheriff Brad Bright and Coroner Otis G. Hirst that he went to Murl Wilkerson's filling Elation and found Vawter there. He said Vuwler asked him to bring him home and that when they were within 200 yards uf Wilkerson's station, Vawter picked up Cavanuugh's pistul from the car seat and tried to shoot him. In a, scuffle over the gun, it was discharged, the bullet striking Vuwter in the right eye, Cavanaugh said. He added that he cut Vawter on the throat with his luufe trying to keep him from shouting him. Wilkcrson, officers said, told them that when Cavanaugh first went tu the filling station he drew his gun on Wilkcrson and Vuwter prevented him firing the gun. Cavanaugh denied Wilkerson's statement and said he had nu difficulty with him. Vawler died without making a statment. Cavunaugh was placed in jail by Sheriff Bright and his brother, George Cavanaugh, who was at Wilkersun's station when the .shooting occurred, was placed in jail at Hope. Vawter is .survived by his widow and two children Cuvanaugh is married. Funeral services for Vuwler will be held at Hot Springs Tuesday. ->•> v «•"- - • • - — Bride of 2 Days Is Shotjo Death Sheriff Investigates Mysterious Killing in Arkansas County DKWITT. AriT VIV -Sheriff Lloyd LaFargue investigated Tuesday the fatal shooting of Mrs. Joe. Ruymus, 1'J, bride of two days, who was found dead at her home M miles south of here. Raymus, 2G, told officers that he returned home from the rice fields Monday and found her body, with a bullet throupji the heart and u pistol nearby. collected men. the milHoii-a-yoar Bailey Predicts Victory on Oct. 18 Governor Flays Miller in Address Given at Arkadelphia ARKADELPHIA. Ark.-(/I')-Govcr- nor Carl E. Bailey predicted Monday night victory for himself in the United States senate election next Monday. "Democrats of Arkansas," he asserted "will show the Little Rock crowd at tlie election next Monday that Democrats do not forsake the party principals taught by their forefathers. They frit- gointf to vote the straight Democratic Roosevelt ticket by sending me to Washington as their senator. "I am standing by the president and his program, and my position will be upheld by the loyal Democrats in the lection." The governor, carrying his campaign into Southwest Arkansas for Ih second time during the campaign, again assailed his opponc. Congressman John E. Miller as "an anti-Roosevelt politician." "His (Miller's) candidacy was conceived in malace and born in hatred for the president's program and ad- minsitration," the governor said. Bailey alluded to letters he had received from Postmaster General James A. Farley. Relief Administrator Harry Hopkins, Labor Secretary Frances Perkins and Agriculture Secretary Henry Wallace congratulating him on his nomination by the Democratic stale committee. He charged Republican politicians in Little Rock were "using anti-i Bailey propaganda in the United States snatoriale campaign to try and con- vinc the poopl that a state committee nomination no longer means anything in Arkansas." He reviewed the record of his state administration and outlined his plans if elected to the senate, the address following closely in this part other speechs made during recent stump appearances. Bailey was introduced by Dr. J. R. Grant, president of Outachila College. The Henderson State Tachers College band furnished music for the occasion. Preceding his public address, Bailey was guest at a dinner tendered by 50 of his Arkadelphia and Clark county friends. WEATHKR. Arkansas — Mostly cloudy with occasional rains Tuesday night and Wednesday in northwest portion, warmer in the extreme south portion Tuesday nifjht, colder Wednesday. VOLUME 38—NUMBER 312 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1937 PRICE 6c COPY CONGRESS CALLE British Officials Attacked by Fleet of Jap War Planes Cars in Which They Were Riding Shelled Near Shanghai OFFICER IS KILLED James Marriner, U. S. Foreign Officer Is Assassinated SHANGHAI, China—</P)-Thrce automobiles belonging to the British Embassy were machine-gunned Tuesday by two squadrons of Japanese war planes. None of the occupants were injured. Staff cars In which S. S. Murray, assistant air attache of the British Embassy and several other Englishmen were riding in, were attacked by the raiding Japanese planes near Minhong, 14 mines south of Shanghai. Although the cars were currying the union flag, British officials said that the Japanese war planes continued the machine-gunning after the occupants of the curs jumped from (be machines and sought cover. By the Associated Press France and Great Britain Tuesday charted a modcratcci course in their efforts to get Italian soldiers with the insurgent army out of Spain. Tim indicated a decided lessening of the firm attitude adopted last week by the two nations. They had given Premier Mussolini "24 hours" to reply to a note inviting him for a discussion of volunteer enlistments in the Spanish armies. Officer i s Shot BEIRUT, Syria— (&>— James Theodore Marriner, one of the best known American foreign service officers, was shot and killed Tuesday by an Armenian who had been refused a visa to enter the- United States. The assassin's gun felled the consul general as he .stepped from an automobile Ix'forc his office for the start of the day's official business. Marriner's chauffeur gave cha.sc and captured the assassin. 17,427 Bales Ginned; 15,393 for Last Year Hcmpstead county cotton ginnings prior to October 1 were 17,427 bales, compared with 15,393 bales tu the same date last year, according to W. H. Etter, special agent for the Department of Commerce. 1. True and false are here again. What do you know uboul national parks Mo.su Vordc National Park contains Cliff Dwellings. There ure mure than 21 national parks. Hot Springs wus created a national park before Yellowstone. Curlsbud Caverns National Park is located in Arizona. 2. Twenty-six is to 23 as "Z" is to what letter? 3. Spoilers should not miss this one. Are the following words .spelled corroclly? Cattacorncr. harass, kumquut, duress, duel, royally. 4. "The .same before us behind und you ure in the middle" is an old riddle rhyme. Or are you there? 5. Poker players should know who would win if Smith held a royal flush and Jones held four kings. Answers on Classified To Stop Aiding China ROME—(AV-Reliable sources Monday night disclosed that Premier Mussolini has ordered Italian aviation experts aiding the Chinese govrnment lo quit, now that China is engaged in u bitter conflict with Japan. Thi smove was said to be part of an understanding reached with Adolf Hitler on Mussolini's recent Berlin visit, to support Japan in her struggle with China. An order for the large Italian military mission to return home was reported to have been issued immediately after Mussolini's return from Germany. About 75 Italian aviation experts are suid to be in China headed by Col. Silvio Scuroni. Germans to He Recalled With a Germun military mission composed of upproximutely 100 retired Ruichswehr officers, the Italians have been largely instrumental in building up Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek's armies now battling Japan, which bus the sympathy ofthe two Fascist powers. Hitler, these same sources .said, has or intends soon to recall the Germans, thus putting an end to the paradoxical situation in which German und Italian officers huvc lent their military knowledge to push the battle against the power their governments favor. An airplane factory built in China by Italians has passed almost entirely to China bauds, but a part of tJiu planes used for instruction were Italian prperty. It wus said these had ben orderuil bunt lo Ethiopia. (Colonel Scaroni, former military at- tache of the Italian embassy in Washington, recently was reported continuing with other members of the Italian mission in their posts at Nanking and the big Chinese uirba.se at Nachang, Kiangsi province. The German mission, headed by Gen. Baron Alexander von Falkcnhausen, orld war veteran, has beeji termed Ihu I'eul General Stuff of the Chinese urmyJ Decision On Japan at Berlin Ruther support for the Japunc.su cause in China was .suid to liuve been decided at the Hitler-Mussolini meeting along with deU-i miiiiution to push the Spanish vvur to u conclusion favorable to Gen. Francisco Franco. Officials suid Italy's view was that the nine-power treuty, guurantt'ciny China's territorial integrity, died in 1931 when Japan marched into Manchuria. There officials were uncertain whether Italy would even reply to the League's suggestion. Aggressive support of all countries leaning toward Fascism appeared to be the strengthening keystone of Italian foreign policy. New Nest ior U. S. Navy's War Birds : _ 150 fighting seaplanes to the U. S. Navy air forces has been made possible by the v-, ^P rv n ce °. f . lhe , n fw Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, seen at anchor in Hampton Roads, near Va. Ulie flagship of Rear Admiral Charles A. Blakeley, the Yorktown cost $20,000,000 has decks 109 feet wide and more than 800 feet long. Miller Says White House Is Neutral Quotes Postmaster Farley in Regard to U. S. Senate Race LITTLE ROCK — (IP}— Congressman John E. Miller, running for the U. S. senate seat in opposition to Governor Bailey, democratic committee nominee, asserted in n prepared .statement Tues j: day lh.il the White House had taken a neutral nttiude toward the contest. Miller quoted Postmaster General James A. Farley as saying "I am not going to become involved in that situation," Governor Bailey's office recently made public communications from Farley. Secretaries Perkins and Wallace, and Relief Administrator Harry Hopkin.s, felicitating him on the nomination. Bailry headquarters announced plans Tuesday for an open-air "Bailey Rally" ti, be held al City Park here Thursday night to climax the governor's campaign in central Arkansas before the October 18 election. NEW YORK— (/P)— United States Senator Robert F. Wagner and Postmaster General James A. :Farlcy, two leading national fig^..Ws ,pt the New Deal, Tu.esday aligned themselves behind the candidacy of Jeremiah T. Mahoney, Tammany district leader, for the city's mayoralty. Bond Refunding Suit Abandoned Appeal to U. S. Supreme Court Will Not Be Taken LITTLE ROCK.—Appeal to Die United Stales Supreme Court from a decision of the Arkansas Supreme Court holding Governor Bailey's $150.000,000 bond refinancing program to be constitutional, hns been abandoned, Walter G. Huidick, attorney fur intervening bondholders, said Monday night. "I understand the appeal will not be fili-d." Mr. Hiddick said. "I understand it has been abandoned." Tuesday—three months after the Arkansas Supreme Court denied u rehearing of the ca.se—is the last day for filing the appeal. Mr. Riddick requested clerks of the Supreme Court t\v« weeks ;igu In prepare a tnmscripl for an appeal. He did not reveal the reason for the change in plans, .saying merely: "Nothing lias been done on the transcript." The bond refinancing program was a major ilt'in of Governor Bailey's 11)37 legislative program. It was at- Bulletins WASHINGTON — (A 1 )— President Roosevelt summoned congressional leaders to the white house Tuesday to consult with them before making a, nation-wide radio broadcast at g:30 p. m. central standard time Tuesday night. Plans Reversed by 2 Election Boards Nevada, Franklin Counties tjo List Bailey as Democrat Boards of election commissioners of Franklin and Nevada counties where threats had been made to list Governor Bailey as an independent have voted to place the governor's name on the ballot as a Democrat and his opponent, Representative John E. Miller, as an independent. The Nevada county commissioners had voted Saturday to place both Bailey and Miller on the ballots as independents. L. L. Mitchell, former state senator, announced that he would file mandamus proceedings seeking to compel the commissioners to certify the ballot as it had been sent out by Secretary of State C. G. Hull. No court action was necessary, however, as the commissioners met again Monday and by unaimous vote, rescinded their action of Saturday which had been decided upon by a 2-to-l vote. J. B. Honeycutt Is Hurt in Accident Bingen Man Sustains Severe Bruises in Road Mishap Monday J. B. Honeycutt, 81, sustained shock and severe bruises when struck by an automobile driven by Hiriam ilson near Bingen, nothem Hempstead county, Monday. Wilson, orchard manager of near Nashville, stopped after the accident and carried the victim to his home about two miles from Bingen. Wilson summoned a physician from Nashville who examined Honeycut and said that no bones were broken. The accident was said to be unavoidable. Honeycutt is reported to be slightly deaf and partly blind. Entertainment Is Arranged for Fair in HopeOct 21-23 "Strong Man" Veno to Head Program of Vaudeville Acts Here AN AIRPLANE SHOW Planes to Be on Hand During Fair, With Concluding Circus In addition to a Midway program of riding devices the Merchants & Farmers Fair to be held at the Fair grounds in Hope Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 21-22-23, will have several stage-entertainment acts. Count Veno, European wonder man, has been signed up for the three-day exposition, which is sponsored by Hope Chamber of Commerce. Count Vcno's act is. this: With his head on one chair and his feet on another chair, he supports a huge rock on his chest while two men pound it to pieces with sledge-hammers. Clown acts and black-face comedy also will feature the entertainment program. An air circus will be here for the three days of the Fair, carrying up passengers, and putting on an aerial show the Sunday immediately following the Fair. Cottonseed Oil to Be Bought by U.S. Effort Will Be Made to Lift Prices for the Farmers Reverses Decision PRESCOTT. - The Nevada County Board of Election Commissioners, which voted two to one Saturday to place the name of Governor Bailey on the Senate election ballots us an independent, rescinded its action Monday and voted unanimously to designate the governor as u Democrat. C. B. Andrews, in announcing tiie action, said that tlie board met in his office und, on his motion, reconsidered the vote by which Bailey's name would have been on the ballots us an independent, and voted unanimously to list Bailey us the Democratic nuni- i Continued on Page Three) (Continued on Page Three) Safety on Public Highway By Stale lliKhuay Department One of the serious offenses under the Arkansas Motor Vhicle law is that of driving while under the influence of intoxicants. The court may impose a scntitcf of a fine up to 51,000 or by imprisonment for not less than ten days or more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment; and wherever a driver is convicted of driving while under the influence of intoxicants, it is mandatory that his driver's licence be revoked for one year. Reckless driving is another offc-nsi-'v - - which results in many casualties and where greater latitude is iwrinuU'd. indicates that a speed of 35 miles per hour where there Is a reasonable Amount of traffic is about as high as may be- maintained with safety, and at ilie same time is not so slow as to keep traffic from moving as it .should. Upon is dealt with very severely. third conviction for reckless driving in any uno your, it i.s compulsory thai the driving license of such offender be revoked. Speed Regulations The speed of motor vehicles outside of municipalities is that which is rcus- onuble und prudent under Ilie coiuii- ' places us they consider it necessary lions tiie nc-xisting. and where no j after thoroughly investigating ilie truf- si>eciu lha/ards exist a .s|>vctl of 'At ' fie conditions ut .such points. miles per hour is permilled in bnsi- As over aguinsl speeding, slow iliiv- ness districts, und 25 miles per hour: ing is also hazardous and no one shall in resident districts, with provisions i drive a molor vehicle ut such u slow which enables local authorities to raise ', rate of speed as to block the normal these sped limits to not to exceed 45 and reasonable movement of traffic. The Slate Highway Commission muy also posl /.ones of speed in various miles per hour. There seems lo be little doubt that The usuul^ investigations for speed t much of the driving on highways to- on through streets and boulevards' day is "too last for the conditions." WASHINGTON — (JP) — Tlie federal government will buy cottonseed oil in an effort to lift prices received by farmers, it was announced Tuesday. F. R. Wilcox, agricultural adjustment administration marketing official, announced thnt purchases would be made by Ihe federal surplus com- modilies corporation at prices to be determined later. Both crude and refined oil will be manufacturercd into shortening for free distribution by state agencies to relief clients. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. If it is necessary to curry over a part of a business letter to a second sheet, should u letterhead sheet be used? 'i, Should a business woman wear a cluster of bracelets to the office? 3. Is it good taste for a business woman to wear a plain ring? •!. What colors of shoes ure in guild taste for office wear? 5. Do the rules for letters, favor using abbrc'ciutions for titles such as Colonel, The Honorable, President? \Vha( would you do if— You ure u seerulary taking dictation when someone comes in to .see your employer? He duos nut give you a cue us to whether or nut you ure to remain — ia » Slay su that you may be ivady lo go on with the dictation — unless the cull takes on a personal tone? Leave? Say, "Shall I leave?" Private Business Draws on Savings Morgan Beatty Explains Demand for Balanced Government Budget By MORGAN M. BEATTY AP Feature Service Writer WASHINGTON. — For seven years the federal government has spent more money than it has taken in, without going broke. Then why all the pressure from so many sources for a balanced budget right now? Wall street, the treasury the President—everybody seems to be raising the cry. Actualy, it all boils down to this: The budget should be balanced now simply because most of the people who are used to handling big money think this is the time to balance the budget. And that's not as silly as it sounds Financial Morality People who use big money in the private business and banking world are familiar with two kinds of corporations—successful and unsuccessfu ones. The successful ones always balance their income against their outgo, and put away something for dividends and a rainy day. The unsuccessful ones drift into spending more than they take in. Finally they run out of money and go broke. Thus have the centuries built up a code of financial morals. In private finance, it is good financial morals to balance your books with profits left over, and bad to let your spending get away from you. Tlie people who succeed or fail by that code think it is a good rule for government as well as private business. Priming the Pump But there is one vital diference between financial security in private business and in government. A "moral" private corporation lays aside savings for a rainy day, but a good government under ordinary circumstances would be foolish to lay aside savings. They would accumulate and force the government to invest its savings in competition with private business. This means that a government savings account is not a thing that piles up in a bank. It is nothing more or less than a government's power to tax its citizens. That power continues to exist through most emergency conditions, whereas, nurd-put private enterprises in the emergencies have to trim all fi- (b> Answers 1. No. a plain sheet. •i. No. 3. Yes. 4. Black, brown, tun, dark blue, gray -und in places where white is worn u yre.it deul in summer, white shoes are suitable. 5. No. 0"ly for Mr., Mrs.. Dr. Bust "What Would You Do" solution— lu>. (.Copyright, ISKIT, NEA Service Inc.) Roosevelt Orders Special Session to Convene Nov. 15th Farm Legislation Certain' to Head List—President Is Silent ASK CROP CONTROL Congress Already Pledged to Take Up Farm Bill First WASHINGTON — (/P) — President Roosevelt late Tuesday called a special session of congress to convene in Washington November 15. The president announced to his press conference late in the afternoon that he had signed the proclamation calling the session. He gave no indication as to the subjects to be covered in the special calL But farm legislation, with surplus crop control as its principal purpose, will be given first consideration. That was placed at the top of the congressional calendar by legislative leaders in the last regular session of congress, by agreement with the president, at the time a 9-cent loan and 3-cent subsidy was given to this year's cotton crop. •? (Continued on Page Three) Jimmie Howard Peavie Dies Here Saturday Jimmie Howard Peavie, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Ftavie of Hope, ciied late Saturday afternoon. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at Oak Grove cemetery. A Thought Remorse not only turns God against us, but turns us against ourselves, and makes the soul like the scorpion in the lire, which i-tings itself to death.—Thomas. Miller Is Endorsed byJohnMcClellajr Is -4th House Delegation to Oppose Bailey , PINE BLUFF, Ark.-^P>—Congressman John L. McClellan endorsed ^th^ United States senate candidacy of hisv colleague. Congressman John E. Miller, here Monday night, becoming the fourth member of the state's house' delegation to oppose Gov. Carl Bailey in the bitter all-Democratic campaign. "The nomination of Governor Carl E. Bailey by the state (Democratic) committee to succeed the late Senator Joe T. Robinson was illegal," McClellan asserted at a Miller rally here. "Governor Bailey ha sviolated every promise made to the people of Arkansas to give them the right to nominate successors to public office. I appear here toinght to introduce and endorse Congressman Miller thorough a sense of duty to my constituents." Congressman David D. Terry, W. J. Driver and Ben Cravens previously endorsed Miller's candidacy. Miller, quoting from the United States constitution on the right of free suffrage, charged Bailey "has sought and is still seeking to force himself upon the people of Arkansas— an dto deprive the people of Arkansas of their constitutional right to elect whomsoever they may desire as their senator." "Notwithstanding this constitutional guarantee," he continued, "the free and untranuneled right of suffrage is today threatened by the governor and his so-called Demcoratic state central committee as never before in the his» tory of Arkansas. "Contrary to law and good morals, these men are attempting to prevent a free and equal election. They are ilie- gaily and wrongfully attempting to compel the democracy of Arkansas to accept Mr. Bailey as the nominee of the Democratic party. No one, not even the governor or any members of his so-called Democratic state committee, will undertake to defend the action of the committee in designating him as the Democratic nominee." Felton Girl Pleads for Delay of Trial Companion of Brockel- hurst Is About to Become a Mother LITTLE ROCK. Ark.~m—United Stales Commissioner W. M. Rankin said Monday Bernice Felton, 18-year^ old Rockford. 111., traveling companion of "crime tourist" Lester Brockel- hurst, had asked through her mother for postponement of a scheduled federal court appearance here October 18 because she is about to become a mother. Miss Felton is scheduled to face trial here Monday on a charge of transporting a stolen automobile across a stule line. The charge is based on the alleged theft of an automobile owned by Victor A. Gates, Little Rock, for whose slaying Brockclhurst is sentenced to die iu the Arkansas electric chair. The Manchoukuo flag has five colors representing the races of the Hans, Munchous, Japanese, Koreans and Mongols.

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