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Ar i 5X Written for TMxDwruorr un Pasm MICHIGAN tfAHTS OR8ALETO RENT Hib Bchooh tehee to obtain he Wayne County preferred rjpO urnished rooms at 23 Macomb ave SPECIAL or of beauty no flower could have TO EXCHANGE WAN HAIE HEL has suffered and conquered in shall glow like the lillies shall for us Shelby st VACANT LOT to exchange for horse and buggy etc GERMAIN 108 Griswold st AUCTION SALES LOST AND OUND A DOMESTIC DIALOGUE BOARDING BY AUCTION SALES says that HEAL ESTATE Station AUCTION SALE Of Splendid BRICK HOUSE AND LOT No 17 Lincoln Aye MARINE MISCELLANEOUS Important Trade Sale ELEGANT designs in low prices RUS SELL HOUSE BAZAAR 4 84 hoars in the day for the whole uni fun last rout the sir bound down Lake Huron night broke out in all its tug with its tow put into arrived at 7 o'clock in the The The schooner Copley left dry dock riday night for Kingston She had a new bowsprit and jib boom put in and received a few minor repairs As Heard Through the Key Hole by the Scribe In the Skeleton Closet of the Bunce House POBT OP DETROIT ACC 36 The Schnoor is at the Michigan Central elevator awaiting a charter The fine pleasure yacht Cora was out sailing on the rivi Saturday XThe propeller Benton Is due down Monday from Saginaw and way ports The schooner Smith A Post arrived Saturday light She will load grain The schooner Moore left Saturday after noon loaded with grain for Oswego The schooner Amaranth is at the Michigan Cen tral elevator loading wheat for Buffalo The Northern Transit propeller Oswegatchie is billed to leave Tuesday morning for Ogdensburg and way ports The Northern Transit propeller Champlain will leave this (Sunday) evening at 6 o'clock for Chica go and way ports The propeller Holland will leave Monday at 7 on an excursion to Cleveland returning leav ing that port Tuesday night The propeller Ontario will leave Wednesday evening for the north shore pert of Lake Superior instead of Tuesday as advertised The propeller St Joseph due down Sunday from Mackinaw and way ports will leave Ashley Mitchell's wharf Tuesday evening on her return trip 1 po Modern three story brick house No 3S Clifford st near Washington ave 14 4577 CURTIS HALL 83 Griswold st Asothk Account or thb Pbiwcb Airuau Hiproenirr A special dispatch to Thb hbb Pbbbb from Port Huron August 25th gives the following version to the Pnnce Alfred Htppogriff collision: The schooner Hippogriff' bound for Chicago while sailing across Lake St Clair this morning at daylight was run into by the tug Prince Alfred which attempted to cross her bow and lost her jibboom bowsprit headgear and two head sal's The tug lost one of her spars which was taken out The Hippogriff is repairing here Suggested by a question there will be flowers in CITY PROPERTY to exchange for good farming lands or good pine lands in Michigan or adja cent States GERMAIN 108 Griswold st Boom fob Improvement Last season The ree Press hod occasion to call the attention of vessel owners to the elays vessels loading coal for Windsor are subjected to in discharging at that pert or a week following the exposure there was a marked improvement but during tfce present season complaints have again been made and the following facts are recorded: Last Monday morning the schooner Wendthe Wave arrived at Windsor with a trifle over 500 tons Of coal and not till riday at 9 a was her dis charge completed owing to the lax manner in Which the men employed were managed The same cargo would have been discharged at any of the Detroit coal wharves inside of a day and a half at the outside A similar case Is found In the schooner Monitor from Buffalo which arrived at Windsor last Tuesday night with 650 tons of coal and which has not yet secured her discharge Sat urday the Captain stated that judging from the progress of the work the last ton of coal would not be out before Tuesday night one week from the time of her arrival Brandon feet of The Canadian Wbecker Prince ALratn Meets With an riday night as the Canadian wrecker Prince Alfred was at bound down with the schooner Morwood in tow she was run into by the schooner Hippogriff and had her bowsprit carried away On arriving at this pert she went to the upper dry dock for re pairs the avorite taking her tow on age shipped on the Snook at this port August 4 Previous to Uut time he had been engaged in at stating the reporters in securing the passages of vessels at this port for Tiut ree Press He was a bright good natured lad ready and willing to work at all times and is highly praised by his late companions and the captain of the Snook who greatly regrets his loss His relatives who reside in England have been written to and every effort will be made to recover the body The Schooner Marsh Worsted by a Gone to the Relief or THE Bolivia A special dispatch to The Detroit bbb Press from Port Huron Aug 25 says The schooner Marsh while bound up Lake Huron riday night was struck by a squall which relieved her of her foresail mainsail mizzensail flying jib and foregaft The accident occurred when abreast of Thunder Bay light Thg tug' Ballentine with a steam pump on board went this evening to the relief of the schooner Bolivia which struck bottom while tow ing into the harbor of refuge and sunk yesterday Hatty tidings for nervous sufferers and those who have been dosed drugged and quacked Pnl Electric Bells effectually cure pre mature debility weakness and decay Book and Journal with information worth thousands mailed free Address Pulvxrmachxr Galvanic Co Cincinnati Ohio On the premises No 799 ort st west corner I Eighteenth and a haif st MONDAY August 7thil a Valuable piece of property Lot is SO feet front on ort st west contains brick store and frame dwell ing Must be sold for what it will bring MoGINNIS Auctioneer Double House and Lot Corner Eighth and Leverette gtg on RIDAY Aug 3) at 6 Sale on premises McGinnis Auctr to the family in dumb TV DEALERS IN Dealers would find A it to their own interest to give us a call before buying gins clsevherc and examining onr goods A xarge trade assured to all who handle the Legal Cigar MYERS i 0 Michigan ave 4365 aa mot THS Novelty Train Extender elegant econom ical at the RUSSELL HOUSE BAZaAR 4584 Scboomer Bouvu Thursday afternoon the tug Stranger with the schooners Bolivia and Sweetheart in tow was when the storm of that fury To escape it the Sand Beach where all evening in good condition The Bolivia had both anchors out but dragged them and as is reported pounded on the rocks and at 11 sunk The tug Ballentine telegraphed to and riday night arrived at this port and secured a steam pump with which she immediately returned to raise the schooner The Bolivia was loaded with 25500 bushels of com for Buffalo She lies in eleven feetof water Dr Essence of Life cures nervous prostration giving the vigor of youth to the most shattered constitution in 4 weeks from whatever cause arising ailure impossible Beware of so called ree Prescriptions Whatever has merit must cost a fair price 3 per case Sent by ex press anywhere Sole Agent DR JOS JACQUES 7 University Place Druggists supplied 4085 jyfi ly Aany Who are Snfftorlns rom the effects of the warm weather and are debii tated are advised by physicians to take moderate amounts of whisky two or three times daring the day In a little time those who adopt this advice frequently Increase the number of and in time become confirmed inebriates A beverage which will not create thirst for intoxicating liquors and which is intended especially for the benefit oi debilitated persons whether at home or abroad is Dr Schenck's Sea Weed Tonic Containing the juices of many medicinal herbs this preparation does not create an appetite for the intoxicating cup The nourishing and life supporting proper ties of many valuable natural productions con tained in it and well known to medical men have a most strengthening influence A single bottle of the Tonic will demonstrate its valuable qualities or debility arising from sickness over exertion or from any cause whatever a wineglassful of Sea Weed Tonic taken after meals will strengthen the stomach and create an appetite for wholesome food To all who are about leaving their homes we desire to say that the excellent effects of Dr Schenck's seasonable remedies Sea Weed Tonic And Mandrake Pills are panicniarly evident when taken by those who are injuriously affected by a a change of water and diet No person should leave home without taking a supply of these safe guards along or sale by all druggists 10 aul 35 lm Bnobb Thia to the scientific way a man falls aaleep in the eittlng posture with hie mouth open hto jaw drops the tongue not being in contact with the hard palate the suctorial apace to obliterated the toft palate no longer adheres to the roof of the tongue and if respiration be carried on through the mouth the muscular curtain begtna to And thia to the popular form a man doesn't Keep hto mouthhut when aaleep he wUl Thievery In Allegan County The Plainwell Republic says: rom twen ty to twenty five bushels of Clawson wheat were stolen from the barn of Ozro Whitcomb who lives on West Gun Plains on the night of the 16th About six bushels have been stolen in small quantities from granary within a short time Morgan Pot granary was broken open on the night of the 15th but the thieves being frightened away did not secure enough to pay them tor their trouble Austin Norton living south of the village has recently lost part of a double harness which was stolen from hto barn Tuesday night a single harness was stolen from Leslie barn and a double one from the barn of fi Glen both of whom live near Cooper Center i General Items The Hudson Gazette says At a social at the residence of Chas Stowell on Tuesday afternoon there were present thirteen ladles including Mr mother and sister whose united ages were nine hundred and twelve years The youngest lady present was fifty six the oldesteightv seven average age about seventy 5 ears All had resided in the State from twenty two to forty five years our miles south of Alma on riday last James Dean while engaged in felling some timber was struck on the head by a dry limb killing blm instantly His brains were knocked out and back and arm broken Rev I Buell was presented with a hand some gold watch and chain by the ministers of the Ionia district last riday on the camp ground Mrs Buell was at the same time presented with an elegant piece of silver ware John store at Palo was robbed of ten dollars In money and a quantity of tobac co Sunday night The Wyandotte Courier says that at iat Rock the' noble Huron River has dwindled down to a little brook The in has been interviewed and says he never saw the like before The mills which are run by water power are mostly at a stand still The uncovered river bottoms send up many an unhealthy smell and physicians are looking forward for considerable sickness on account of it 5 The Vermontville Methodists riday even ing gave their psstor Rev a donation of $33 50 The Joseph County fair will be held at Centerville October 2d 3d 4th and 5th JENNIE CHURCHILL tells past and future all are benefited by calling $8 Barclay Place an:" iw and the midnight cats walked lightly and pedestrians went home tightly you Mr and Mrs Hill fought and screamed and yelled and raced around the honse and yard Your baritone voice' Mr HUI was heard calling out that you would make mince meat of her And your alto tones Mrs Hill were heard replying that just like to see him do it Now then this motherly old lady here may tell her it amount to anything your she replied was considera ble noise of course and they clawed and pulled hair of course and many of the neighbors were roused from sleep ef course but it was a mere trifle 1 suppose they had a little dispute same as me and Peter used to have poor man! He to dead now and there to no one to dispute with "Now mother would you make oath that this couple disturbed the peace asked the court they disturbed it a just a very little Judge It sounded kinder fa miliar to me to hear dishes smashing chairs going over doors slamming and voices crying out and I suppose the reason I you go over there and try to atop the row I went over to see whether they were mad or in fun were they mad I say Judge I saw her throw a stool at hlm' and I saw him bump her head against the wall but human nature to so dif ferent that I like to say they were you hear them calling each other Alpena The Common Council at the request of the citizens has signed a contract with Walter Hanchett of Rochester New York fcr the purpose of furnishing the city and citizens with water Mr Hanchett agrees to bring the water from the lower South Branch a short distance above the month of rWolf Creek and about ten miles from Alpena City The water in the Lower South Branch comes from Hubbard Lake is clear sparkling spring water and the bottom can be clearly seen in twenty or thirty feet of water The elevation of the stream above Alpena City is about one hundred and fifty feet and it 13 thought water can be thrown seventy feet perpendicularly Mr Hanchett furnishes water sufficient to keep ten streams from inch and half nuz zles going at one time giving sufficient water to control fires Eighty hydrants or fire pings are to be placed at Intervals of five hundred feet or the use of the water for fire and city purposes the city has agreed to pay $5000 per year and for every addi tional hvdrant over the eighty the sum of forty dollars per year The work is to be commenced inside of three months and to to be completed by the end of a year Water to to be furnished citizens at reasona ble prices The contract runs thirty years but the Council has the right of purchasing the works after twenty five years On resh Water The schooner Benson arrived at Toledo riday from Erie having been out on the for three and a half years It is said that she was the first lake vessel to cross the ocean with a cargo of corn PRzrARTNo for Wtnter The railrold transfer steamer Great Western is at Wind or hav ing extra angle irons and braces put on and other wise preparing to battle with the ice the coming winter Who can tell who can tell if roses bloom In that beautiful land beyond the tomb With their glow and color and rich perfumer Who shall say who shall say if lilies there Open their buds in the fngrantair With their hearts of gold and their petals fair! i Who kno kb if the daisy lifts its eye To the cloudless bine of that sky Where the tender light of the Lamb doth lie It the violet hides its leafy screen By the waters still in the pastures green Where the saints of God shall walk I If the Jessamine climbs each shiniqg steep And the glist'ning leaves of the Ivy creep those pearly gates that the angels keep? None can for plans in His heart shall lie I 5 Till the day to done and the night has gone by When He takes His beloved to their home in the Wrecking Saturday afternoon the wrecker Monitor was at the foot of Bates street discharging a quantity of steerirg geer chains en gine capstan and other parts of the machinery of the steam barge City of Port Huron sunk off Lex ington Besides the above articles rescued from the Port Huron the Monitor has secured about 170 tons of iron ore which formed part of the cargo of the schooner I Walker sunk near the steam barge On completing her discharge the Monitor will go to Bay where four or five sunken wrecks are located One block from Grand River ave Sale on premises riday Aug 31 at 2 Tebxs $2000 down balance on Iohp time Sale positive au27 motuath McGINNIS URNISHED ROOMS with good board by the day er week at 49 Grand River street rear Miami avenue Klint Arrangements are about completed among certain of the moneyed men in this city for the conversion of a por tion of the Masonic block and the block adjoining on Saginaw street into a first dass hotel The large store adjoining the Masonic block now three stories high will be raised up another story when additions will be built on in the rear A new mercantile firm has just been or ganized in this city to be known as Whitley Partridge Co formerly Whitley Stew art The many friends of the Rev Dr McEl downey who was formerly pastor of the Court Street Methodist Church in this city will be glad to learn of his election to the Presidency of the Rocky Mountain Seminary at Balt Lake City Utah During the session of the Circuit Court this week considerable chancery business has been disposed of among which was the granting of a number of divorces A number of pris oners were arraigned for grand larcenyMichael Landay and John Scott pleading guilty of horse stealing Chas Vantine a day or two since was work ing for John Joy In Atlas and driving an empty wagon The boards in the bottom worked forward on the heels of the horses causing them to run away The young man was found by the roadside in an insensible con dition badly injured about the head His life to despaired of Samuel Randall of this city retiring Past Grand Commander is the recipient of an elegant and costly present from the State Grand Commandery The richest most lasting yet most delicate of all perfumes for Use on the handkerchief at the toilet and in the bath delightful and healthful in the sick room relieves weakness fatigue prostration nervousness and headache Leok out for counter feits always ask for the lorida Water prepared by the sole proprietors Messrs Lanman Kemp New York or by Perfumers Druggists and ancy Goods Dealers 985 eu2tbl85 lmewlm Bettered to Complete Health Brooks Me Sept 7 1870 Dear rom early youth I was tn feetie health troubled with humor In my blood weak ness and debility of the system generally was un able to labor ich and only at some light busi ness and then only with great caution Sevt years ago the past spring I had a severe at tack of diphtheria which left my limbs paralyzed and useless so I was unable to walk or even to sit up Noticing the advertisement of PERUVIAN SYRUP I concluded to give it a trial and to my great joy soon found my health improving I con tinued the use of the Syrup until three bottles had been uaed nd was restored to complete health and have resit so to this day I attribute my present health entirely to the nto of PERUVIAN SYRUP and hold it in high esti mation I cannot speak too highly in its praise I have in several cases recommended it in cases very similar to my own with the same good results Yours truly CHARLES I'EARCY CAUTION Be sure you get the VIAN (not Peruvian Bark) A 32 page page pamphlet containing a treatise on Iron as a medical agent and other valuable pa pers testimonials from distinguished physicians clergymen and others will be sent free to any ad dress SETH OWLS SONS Proprietors S6 Harrison avenue Boston Sold by druggists generally au2 14 lm Passed The following vessels passed thia port during the twenty four hours ending with 0 1M eight: Bound Down Props Java ountain City James isk Jr assaic: stmr Manne City steam barges Superior and consort with schr 8 Kimball tugs Mocking Bird with echra Montcalm Thoma Paraons Winona Bentley Stranger with schr Sweetheart Prince Alfred with schr Morwood Bob Hackett with achrs Helen Pratt Coop er rankje Wilcox Mary Hattie Hercules and schr Moore Goodnow Hercules with schr Amaranth steam barge Sanilac Bound Stmr Marine City props Canisteo Badger State Bertseby St Louis steam bge Araxes and two barges Abercorn Snook Graves and consort Huron City tugs Masters with schr Cl yton Belle Hec tor with aebra Geo Sloan Gilmore Gladiator wRh schra Bruce Col Ellsworth Schra Merrick Knight Templar wi Knocked Overboard and Saturday afternoon about three o'clock as the steam barge Snook was abreast of the Canada Southern wharf st Malden and steaming up the river a deck hand named rederick Qrsadoa who was on the forward dpok was struck by the asU sa lt shifted aad knCfcktd 7TW engine of the Snook was immediately reversed and roe preeerver was uuowu who swam to five the float when he 'suddenly threw up hto anus and sunk Brandon who wm about eighteen years of KING CO Auctioneers AUCTION HOUSE 227 JEERSON AVE Will sell Wednesday Aug £9th at 10 Kleli and Elegant Household urniture Lake There were a few Inquiries Saturday for grain carriers but no important charters are reported The rate to Montreal is now 9c The last charters for Oswego were placed at 5c but at present there is but little grain mov ing that way Quotable rates are Two schooners were loading Saturday for Kingston at 5c Rates to Buffalo of late have been firm at but Saturday the captain of the schooner Amaranth put In his schooner at 2c This cut ting of rates is denounced by vessel men generally who claim that the captain could have got the going rate had he held out for it The sales of wheat on during the past week have been quite large but principally for future delivery so that vessels as yet do not gain any advantage from it Capt Jones reports the schooner Moore wheat to Oswego at 5c Whitaker Son report the schooner red Wells lumber Alpena to Wyandotte at $1 25 on rail Buntals Aug 25 Charters Schr I oster coal Ashtabula to Milwaukee at 30c schr Biggie Jones lumber Cheboygan to Chicago at 0112)4 per schooner Col Cook coal Buffalo to Marquette at 50 cents and ere back to Ashtabula at 01 50 per ton schr reeman coal Black River to Toronto $1 gold per ton schr I oster cement 4c pee bbl schr Three Belles roal Cleveland to Buffalo at 40c free Coal from Buffalo to Chicago is quoted a 253Cc Chicago Aug Concerning lake freights the Inter Ocean ef Saturday says: With continued Urge receipts of grain in Chicago and Milwaukee and declining grain markets coupled with the fact that the amount of tonnage here Is not great the insane cutting and slashing among the vessel agmts (who are also insuranse agents on 'Change continues and freights are weak at three cents on corn to Buffalo and are tending even lower In deed it is by no means certain that less than three cents was not taken riday as the agents are not truthful at all in their reports of charters Just as much grain would be shipped at four cents as at three cents and if the business of chartering on 'Change was carried on honestly owners might as well be getting the outside figure as the inside We have often said so before and will repeat it here that no matter what the condition of things is ves sel owners will never get fall and undivided re turns from their property until vessel agencies and insurance agencies are separated The following are engagements made riday as: reported To Kehr Grimsby wheat at 9c To Prop Oswegatchie wheat on To Prop Montgomery corn on through rate To Barges A Moore and Ballentine schr Wilbur corn at 3c prop Commodore cem prop Waverly wheat and oats on a through rate schr Metropolis rye on To St Catharines Schr Clyde wheat on account To Port Schr Ropuh llc com at 3J4c Rates on corn from Chicago to New York via the lakes and Erie Canal are now reported at 11'12c per bushel Railroad rates are stated to be 30c on grain to New York and 35c to B'Ston and New England points rates on boxed meats 5c above grain The following coarse freights were reported riday Schr Ostrich lumber from Oconto rafts Inside at $1 76 per schre Bigler and Hun garian lumber from Grand Traverse Bay at JI 75 per schr Sea Gem a Cargo of shirgles from Muskegon at 11c Toledo August 24 John Stevens fq ic prrt the schra Julia Willard and Anna Grover wheat to Buffalo at £J4C schr Stafford stone Clough's to Prescott at 2 gold per ton Milwaukee Aug No charters Carriers holding firmly for on wheat to Buffalo Staple and ancy Dry Goode Cloth lug Carpets loor Oil Clotlie Hale and Capa JnmisblnK Goods Hosiery Trimmed Hat Harness Notion and BOOTS AJXX SHOES No 9 Michigan Grand Ave Detroit On WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY Aus 39 and 30 1877 The undersigned will rold an important Trade Sale on the above dates when they trill offer the contents of over 860 packages of General Merchan dise suitable for fall trade and consisting In part the following viz Staple and ancy Dry Goods Cassimeres Bea vers Jeans Heavy Cottonades Trim mings Repelants eiveteens lannels Shirtings Canion lannels Drees Goods Alpacas Towel ings Towels Quilts full lines of email wares No tions Cutlery Tinware 95 dozen Ladies' Trimmed Hats new an invoice of Stationery En velopes Pencils ard Pens A so 40 cases Ready made ana Custom Clothing embracing several large consignments from oar beat manufacturers amounting to over $17500 lo cases Shirts and Drawers 300 dozen Hats and Caps 106 dozen While and Colored Shirts Bid dozen Suepencers etc etc And 1050 cases Boots and Shoes beisg consigned direct from the manufacturers a large portion of which are hand made and mannfaciured for New York and Philadelphia retail trade IfiDry Goods Clothing etc saie Wednesday Aog 29 Boots and Shoes sale Thursday Aug 30 sale each day at 10 a sharp Terms as ucuaL WARDELL WAL8H 4576 an27 3t AncUouMM STATE OP In the Superior Court of Detroit In chancery Luther Beecher Complainant vs John Edg ley DeWitt Holbrook Theodore Hinchman Robert King Donald McDonald Alvan Wil kins Philo Parsons Thomas Mixner William Cahoon William Dtnaen Lyman Casey and Ar thur Safford Defendant: It appearing upon proof by affidavit that pro eeaa for the appearance of the said defendants Philo Pnraoes Donald Mcixmald Lyman Ca sev Alvaa Wilkin and Arthur Safford baa been duly taaued in this cause and that the same could not be served by reason of their aheence from this State and of their coniinued absence from their respective p'acee nf residence in this State on motion of Baker Thompson solicitors for said complaisant it ia ordered that arid defendants ap pear and answer the bill of complaint in this cause within three month from the date of this OvAtf Dated Detroit August Sth 1877 jambs a Randall Circuit Court Commissioner Wayne County Michigan Baker Thompson Solicitors for 4379 au7 lawTt Col Cook Marquette 525 tons coal schr Danforth Chicago rchr Camden Chteago 4000 bbls salt schr Kingfisher Chicago schr Three Bells Cleveland 1000 obis cement achr Wm Shupe Toledo schr Golden Rule Chi cago: schr Bailey Chicago barge II Rut ter Chicago iilD Anil TO LOAN on city prop rty in vluVvu sums to suit at from 8 to 10 cent I) GERMAIN ICS Giswold st room 'll ANTED Boy to learn engraving and print TT ing 112 Gris void street SALK OR Two story brick store in Pontlsc worth J6000 Wifi exchange for firm or stock of goods Larse and well selected stock of boots and shoes Will exchange for farm Stock of Jewelry with good repair basmese cheap for cah Address 4559 au27 mo4t SAW'I AR Pontiac Mortgage wneress has been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage made and executed on the sixth day of March A 1875 by Margaret Baugh of Detroit Michigan to the Detroit ire Marine Insurance Company which mortgage was on the sixth day of March A 1875 recorded in the office of Register of Deeds and Mortgages in and for the County of Wayne Michigan in liber 114 of mortgages on page 352 and Whereas there is now due and unpaid upon said mortgage by reason of the non payment of interest as provided therein and under the terms and con ditions thereof the sum of three thousand five hundred and seventy one dollars and fifty one cents ($3571 51) including premiums fr insurance paid and interest and ah attorney fee of sevesty Sve dollars provided for in said mortgage should any proceedings be taken to foreclose the same and Whereas no proceedings have been taken to se cure the payment of said debt and the same now being due Now therefore notice is given that by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained and of the statutes of the State of Michigan in such case made and provided on Saturday the eighth day of September next at twelve o'clock noon of said day at the easterly front door of the City Hall in the City of Detroit in said County of Wayne and State of Michigan (the said City Hall being the building in which the Circuit Coart for the County of Wayne Is held) the undersigned will sell at public auction to the highest bidder the premises described in sail mortgage or so much thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy the said in debtedness insurance attorney fee and costs ana expensea of sale the premtees being situated in the City of Detroit County of Wayne and State of Michigan to wit lot number thirteen (13) in block number fifty four (54) part of the Jones farm so called said premises beirg situated on the westerly side of ourth street with a frontage thereon of thirty (3U) feet and with a depth of ninety five (95) feet to the alley and being between Michigan avenue and Jones street tbe Detroit fire marine insurance COMPANY Mortgagee Moore Canfield Warner Attorneys for Mortgagee Detroit June 15 1877 2053 jel71awmo 12t PIANOS! PIANOS! PIANOS! WEDNESDAY AUGUST 29 At 11 o'clock precisely One Rosewood 1 Octave Pianoforte ha round front corners over strung baa solid iron frame aerpentine bottom carved legs and full agraffe scale Coat 7 month since $575 One Roaewood 7 Octave Pianoforte Stool and Cover with all modern improvement The above instruments are juat as goed as naw aad must be sold A black leather satchel containing pa pers near grocery store inder will be suitably rewarded by taking it to SI Larned st eat AUCTION SALE By JNO JORDAN on Tuesday August 28th 1877 At No 237 Joseph Campan ave ine uire But a short time in ne consisting in part as fol lows viz: Elegant Parlor Suit Easy Chairs Lounges Marble top and other Tables Cabinet Writing Case Ornamented Chamber Suits several Brussels and Ingrain Carpets Chairs etc a supe rior Cook Stove with furniture complete and other kitchen requisites Terms cash Sale at 10 o'clock a Also the HOUSE AND LOT at pre cisely The house was omit to order as a perma nent home and possesses every convenience is two stories high has lofty and ornamented ceil ings marble mantels bath room concrete cellar and gas and water throughout Terms at sale ORBES Saleetnan MONEY to By the Connecticut Mutu al Life Insurance Co tn sums or $5000 and secured ou real estate in this city WM A Moore MoSm Block WfS juM ly Thb Boundary The Toledo Blade ys that the resident on the island in the western end of Lake Erie are wrought np with the report that the lake survey now going on has already demon strated that the boundary line between Canada and the United States Is improperly located and that it should be run through the coannel north of Point au Pelee Island This would give that im portant island as well as Middle Island East bis ter Hen and Chicken and some others to the United Sttes The ground for thia report is the fact that the treaty fixing the boundary says that the line shall fallow ths usually traveled channel through the archipelago The best and deepest well as the shortest and most nsuallv travelled channel is that north of Point au Pelee Island This is the route followed by all vessels now ex cept those coming into Sandusky and Toledo It is the shortest and beat way from the mouth of the Detroit River to Cleveland and ail tha lower ports It the treaty specifies the most usually traveled channel then there is no donbt that the Point au Pelee route is the one On i he other hand it is caraely probable that any change will be demanded In tue Lake Erie boundary line by our government the fact of the Point au Pelee channel being the shortest and best having been known ever the lake has been navigated and its entire control by the British haying been acqui ezeed in by ns for nearly a century so we cannot now ask to have it changed The British have al ways exercised unquestioned sovereign over these islands and have placed light houses on sev eral of ieni ''OR A lot vrry on Sycamore st 1 4576 ALEX OWLER Moffit Block CASS OR Bouse and lot nice location 30 brick store on Grand River ave Apply at 46 Joy st CHANCERY SALE In pursuance and by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for the County of Wayne in Chancery made and entered on the 20th day of Jnne A 1877 in a certain cause therein pending wherein The Bank of Detroit Michigan is and Martin auser Louise auser and Catharine Bauer are the defendants Notice 1b hereby given that 1 James A Randall one of the Circuit Court Com missioners in and for the County of Wayne Michi gan will eqll at Public Auction to the highest bid der on Monday the 3d day of Septembber A 1877 at 12 o'clock noon of said day ax the easterly front entrance to the City Hall City of De troit in said County and State all that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the City of De troit in the County of Wayne and State of Michi gan and known and described as lot number eleven 111) of subdivision of the north half Ua) of section one hundred and seventy seven (177) of the Lambert Beaubien arm (so called) according to the recorded plat JAMES A RAND A Lie Circuit Court Commissioner Wayne County Michigan Douglass Bowen Solicitors for Complainant Detroit Michigan July 17 A 1877 42H jyl8 law 7t Tbs Norris Suburban says A party of ex cursionists from ort Wayne Indiana visited the Norris Deaf and Dumb Asylum on Bun day afternoon and expressed themselves highly pleased with the workings of that in stitution There are seven new applleante for admis sion to the Deaf and Dumb Asylum for this school year Applications are made to the trustees who inquire into the finanetol stand ing of the parents of the applicants and thereby decide whether the parent are able to pay the whole or a part of the tutorage or whether they are too poor to contribute any thing on which occasion they are admitted and supported by the institution free of charge The wlntct term has just commenced At the July meeting of the trustees there was not a quorum present and no business was transacted in consequence The meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month Marine Mishaps While being towud out of Arnold's slip at Chicago riday by the tug Little Giant the schooner Sophia Luff came in con tact with the bark Lewi Day breaking the fore yard fore boom and fore cross trees The Luff suffered no damage herself The schooner Porter damaged the pilot honse of the steam canal boat Victor with her dolphin striker on Wednesday near the ulton elevator The bark Great West had some of her head sails carried away by a squall near Oconto on Tuesday last Afterward lightning struck her foremast and running down the forestays shivered the jib boom Capt Nelson will have quite a yarn to spin when he returns to Chicago with the The tug Sill broke her wheel by striking a rock in Niagara River the other day During the storm Monday evening ths schooner Sliver Crest laden with stone was attempting to make the Sand Beach harbor of refuge but before reaching there foundered in the sea and sunk about four fathoms of water All hands were rescued Dy the Urania Capt Joseph Grace but the vessel and cargo will probably be a total loss Quebec Licenses The Quebec CbcronicIS Ays Since the opening of navigation 228 vesselhave been licensed by the Quebec custom house for the local trade of the Province Since the opening of navigation 1712 schooners and market steamers have arrived from the lower ports and parishes being 9 more this season than during the same period last year 5 Thb Stkamkb The Portageike Gaxette of the 24th says: It is renorted that Ht'M Hoar haa chartered the steamer Huby a boat that has been running on Detroit River to take the place of the Ivanhoe the balance of Ute season 10 BUY a new stylish harness $15 Stylish brass mounted harness $40 Good strong second hand open buggy $50 Good strong second hand square box buggy $105 New square box top buggy $87 Nearly new top buggy $100 A very durable second hand Dhaeton $175 New three spring phaeton with fenders and cross straps $125 A si yHeh kind gentle mare worth $200 A very nice sound kind family beast Two two seat carriages for sale at a bargain alto all styles of carriages buggies harness horses etc for eale at Great Western Carriage Depot But this we may know that that home to illume There shall nothing be wanting beauty bloom Of color or verdure or sweetest perfume The "'graces of that bloom In us here Shall transplanted above in new glory appear And blossom afresh in that heavenly sphere Deeds of love and of mercy with a grace of their own Snail flush in the glory and light of the throne To a splendor known The heart that time Like the roses shine And exhale like the violets a fragrance divine If roses and lilies and violets fair Shall be wanting we know not but we know Bls care That the sweetest heart's ease shall bloom there JLadlea Throughout the American and European Continent have testified to the excellent remedial virtues of MEDICATED COMPLEXION POW DER It imparts to the skin a beautifully trans parent whiteness makes it delicately soft and smooth removes freckles tan and allays all irri tation Sold by druggists and Mrs ALLEN 177 Woodward ave 1294 aSO ly SALE OR EXCBANGE for property in the JU Third ourth Seventh or Tenth Wards a double hous? and comer lot S3 by 140 on Seventhcreel near Michigan ave five rooms kitchen and cellar on each side Inquire st 611 Croghan st ELEG4NT designs in low price BUS SELL HOUSE BAZAAR 4584 Parlor and chamber suites marble top tables fancy chairs rockers sofas ioungeaetc chamber suites In polished walnut gold drop handles marble tope bedsteads walnut pillar extension table walnut sideboard walnut dining chairs hair and i ask imperial spring bottoms Also 1 Wheel er A Wilson sewing machine 1 lorence sewing Machine both in good order WANTED If you have a vacant house and want a good tenant send us description and key There is a good demand for houses at $10 to30 per month CURTIS HALL Insurance ard KevI Estate Agents Dyspepsia and Debility Dyspepsia and Debility Dyspepsia and Debility Dyspepsia and Debility Almost invariably yield to the Tonic and Invigorating Effects THI PERUVIAN SYRUP YT'OR SALE As the owner wishes to leave the country a first class restaurant and saloon Apply on premises 51 Mich Grand ave 4396 alMm JNO RENNIE Attractive Auction Sale Valuable Custom made urniture 2 Pier Mirrors costly Rosewood Piano ine English Body Brussels and Tsjiestry Carpets Dinner and China Tea Sets at Public Auction on Tueadar Autud 28 At my spacious Double Salesrooms NOS 195 AND 107 JEERSON AVENUE Opposite the Michigan Exchange In 8 magnificent parlor suites in elegant modern chamber rets 12 marble top and library ta bles Turkish easy and recllnitg chairs cylinder secretary and desk portable book case etageres Spanish lour gee pillar extension tables side boards brace arm chairs China dinner set (96 pieces tea set (44 pieces) 1 doz silver knives 1 doz sliver spoons spring beds pure hair mat tresses etc etc Also 14 Rngllsh Body Brussels and Tapestry carpets different sizes from 40 to 26 yards each Also at 11 precisely same day the su purb Rosewood Piano contains all the modern im provements full Tjdi octaves grand square carved legs etc Must be seen and heard to be appreci ted: cost $600 only six months since The manu ten warrantee will oe given to the purchaser The store will be open until 9 on Monday to give the public an opportunity to view and Inenect the goods Ou Monday morn ing uescrlptive catalogues can be had au27 2t JNO RENNIE Tbs Detroit 4c RHIwaakea It Mature Control To the Editor of The Detroit ree Press: The Right Hon Childers President of the Great Western Railway Company to announced to have sailed from Rugland on the 7ch instant for this country yr One object of his visit which he promises his shareholders will be so long that their reg ular half yearly meeting on October 31st will be deferred until his return to to consum mate the arrangement with representa lives of the Detroit Milwaukee for the perpetual lease of the road of that company That arrangement is best stated In Mr own language to his shareholders it the Great Western will practi cally have to find nothing In cash The future capital instead of being seven and one half mlllons Is reduced to five millions of dollars fcr the Intel est upon which we shall acquire the control of this railway extending to close upon 190 miles Therefore without raising capital ourselves but only guarantee ing the capital either raised to re equlp the line or taken In substitution of existing bonds we shall acquire for something under a million sterling practically the control of a line of 190 miles at the rate of rather more than five thousand pounds a mile That in terest the first year will be about twenty six' thousand pounds for the next four years forty eight thousand pounds for the next five years fifty four thousand pounds and thereafter about sixty thousand pounds a year The question has been asked me where will you find all that money I say distinctly we shall find that money We hope to find the whole of It even more in the line itself because worked and developed as that line will be as part of the Great Western system Its own revenues ought to produce that amount A well managed line of so large an extent and going through so important a district as the Detroit Milwaukee district ought to produce fully the revenue we shall pay away In the shape of Interest But be sides that gentlemen you must remember that we shall be retaining a control of the Detroit Milwaukee Railroad retain a very valuable traffic en our own system the whole of which if the road passes into the hands of other companies we certainly should not re tain I do not wish to say more on the subject because to a great extent I must put it before you as a question of confidence If I were to say to you that we are making a par ticularly good bargain that we are doing something which is going to add enormously to your profits the bargain Lot being yet final ly complete! It might be said we shall hear that re echoed on the other side and you are only augmenting your own difficul Therefore I will only say this that In the Interest of the company we unanimously at our Board the men in whom yon could have placed confidence consider you ought to confirm this arrangement and we ask you on that ground to confirm It The large majority of the Interests to the Detroit Milwaukee Railroad to with us and If we and tbev finally conclude the arrangement we have every reason to believe we are quite strong enough to carry It well Doubtless the honorable chairman spoke from the book in making this last statement and it may be quite Idle to suggest even a doubt as to the esrly and entire fulfillment of hto anticipation Probably the tives of the with whom he has ne gotiated and large majority of inter which are with him have adjusted the preliminaries In such manner 'that the constituents and the minority (no matter how large or how Intelligent) are all too weak and must remain voiceless and must accept whatever is offered by those of their foreign friends to whom great amounts have been confided Therefore It la not proposed at pres ent to dtocnss the question whether either the public interests with which this railway company has tome con nection are to be subserved by a lease for 999 years to the Great Western Railway Company of Canada or the private interests of the six millions of bonds affected by the pro posal are to be promoted by accepting fifty per cent 1 bonds of a new company with out any additions at capital for the par and Interest of their 1 present bonds without even an agreement for Interest on the new bonds for the first year without any right to foreclose for three years thereafter and with largely reduced rates of nominal Inter est as long as the bonds shall run The convincing argument which on the surface appears to have weighed with those who have consented to this arrest reduction In the nominal exchangee has been that the Great Western Railway Company would guarantee the payment of the new bonds principal and inter est s' i It may seem the height of Impertinence for an American uncultured In English railway modes and values and tests of value to have allowed something like a substantial doubt to have entered hto mind as to the real solid worth of that guarantee In dollars and cents but such a doubt was started by reading and grows by reflecting upon the proceedings of the special meeting of Great Western share holder held on the 3d Instant just before Mr Childers sailed It appears from the statement then made by the same right hon orable chairman that bonds of that company for £6fi6 300 sterling equal at $5 to $3332 000 bearing 5 1 2 per cent interest are fall ing due And how was It proposed to pay this debt The chairman said that if they had not ap plied a million a quarter of dollars of capital In 1876 to payment of past due Inter est having previously used up for that pur pose all their special funds for rebuilding ferry steamers and kindred objects and if the traffic had been better since that time and if contingencies had been favorable the company would have had some money to ap ply upon this $3332000 '7 But this was old debt contracted twenty years for which the chairman and hto Board was not in any way responsi ble and the company might well receive hto congratulations that they could rely upon hto financial ability to protect them from em barrassment To provide for this debt the Great Western shareholders upon his advice authorised and confirmed the issne of more than three millions cf dollars of stock in addition to two and a half millions of seven per cent bonds to retire or renew $3 332 000 of debt either past due or soon maturing The seven per cent bonds to take up those running at five and a hilt ought to find a market when sandwiched with three millions of stock and doubtless the genius displayed prevailed to satisfy those Interested These facts occasioned the doubt They may be explained and the doubt dispelled It has been intimated that the Great Western aa a guarantor of the Detroit Milwaukee would be more careful of its obliga tions than it would be as a principal debtor to its own friends and would submit to even greater sacrifices to protect the former Perhaps so Othxb PortsU Chicago 'Aug Props Commodore Buffalo: Waverly Buffalo Bridgewater Buffalo i develaad Ogdensburg: schre A Wells Buffalo Noyes Oswego Oliver MltchrlL Oswe go Leighton Chari Otte Hale Ogdenabaxg Balawtn Buffalo Props Ballentine Buffalo Russia Buffalo Jas Davidson Buffalo OswagatoUe Kingston bark Vanderbilt Buffalo ehre Alle gheny Erie: Jr Wilbur Buffalo Kate Window Buffalo A Mnhr OedaoaOurg: Surprise Buffalo Lai oreat Port Colborne Jehu O'Neil Buffalo Scotia Buffalo Porter Buffalo Burrxlxj August 25 Prop Ketcluun Dean Richmond Vanderbilt Chicago prop Blaachord 1000 bbl cement prop Wtosahirfron Chicago i sJjOO bbls salt acta BOARDING Large double parlors new and handsomely bay window closet bath flrst class board Terms moderate 75 Eliza beth st west corner IsnR Beautiful brick Uv pn Trumbull ave vw ry cheap aLEX Oweau Mof fs: block 45 STAYE In the Circuit Court for the County of Wayne in chancery John Barrieon complainant vs Orange Butler Administrator of the Estate of Charles Pennell deceased Stephen Andrews Carrie Pennell Spencer Wing and Morris' Wanna defend eats Upon due proof by affidavit that Spencer Wing and Morris Banna defendants in the above entitled cause pending in this Court reside out of the said State of Michigan and that said de fondant Wing resides in the State of Illinois and defendant Banna reeides in the State of New York and on motion of Joslin for Complainant it to ordered that said derendants Wing and Banns do sppear and answer the bill of complaint filed in the said cause within three months from the date of this order else the said bill of complaint shall be taken as confessed by said defendants Wing and Hanna And further that this order be published within twenty days from this date in The Detroit ree Press a news paper printed in the said County of Wayne and be published therein once in each week for six weeks in aucceaaion Such publication however shall not be necessary in case a copy or this order be served on the said defendants Wing and Hanna personally at least twenty days before the time herein prescribed tor their appearance i Dated this 20th dav of July A 1877 DANIEL HIBBARD JR Circuit Court Commissioner for the County of Wayne State of Michigan Josun Whitman I 4818 1v21 law7w Solicitors Mob lw tn Newaygo Coonty The Newaygo Tribune gives the particulars of a brutal outrage which cccurred in the Townahlp of Ashland Monday evening A mob of men with blackened faces attacked the house of James Jones former proprietor of a mill there bettered down the door Trith shingle bolts smashed the windows drove Jones and hto wife out of doors during a rain storm" In their night clothing and finally came back and destroyed everything In the house jt ia understood that this outrage Is part of an attempts to frighten Jones out of the country Matters connected with the mill in a complicated condition and some of the men eaunot get their pay The next day Burton the wrestler while talking with an old Qan named Bhlppy in regaidto the trouble assaulted and pounded him in the most shameful manner Burton was ar rested sad taken to Newaygo and it is thought that the rest ef the ruffians will be iw 3 A stack of wheat belonging to Wm Steele three miles east of Lyons was destroyed by fire the first of this' week The stack con tained nearly 300 bushels of wheat and lose380 NoitaUrsbce ANTED Two rooms and board for gentle mun wife and two children la neighborhood of Cnurch Address ree Pres box 11 4571 0HRBEH0Y Secretary hto name Is going to re Vlewour alleged navy Secretary Evarts speaks best when he has a day and a half for it A trade union has been organized at Galveston and a great fall tn bonnets to expected ve British people are vexed because Americans can build vessels faster and cheaper than themselves It Is rather gauzy' for Donahue to claim that he is a renchman a of another Don Howard Is only one day behind The hind wheels of the buggy must soon catch the front ones If It for the Rev paper the world might have never known how to re move warts from horses That fire escape man who lost his life In New York ought to have a monument He ask a fireman to try It first i They are raising a breed of left handed cows down in Nebraska They can be milked from the side you are a Christian give me ten 1s the way a Michigan tramp puts it He found one Yes' man Is mortal The more bad peaches you find at the bottom of the measure the more you will believe in the mortal busi ness best street car line paying much of a profit The shares are selling at seven cents on the dollar with a downward tendency i It be long now before men who tell'a rutabaga from an old tin pall will go out to the county fairs and begin their ora tions with When workingmen get together to put in the frame of a big barn or to save the crops of some poor widow they have organized the beet possible Has Secretary Evarts yet notified Spain that she must not overhaul any more of our whale ships Or to that country at liberty to twist the Yankee nose whenever she feels like It? i Those Bashl Bazruks who swallowed a pho chemicals under the idea that they had struck something new live long enough to feel a proper amount of chagrin Brick Pomeroy is not the only demagogue' who wants to make money out of the work ingmen one at Rochester Mich tgan Every honest man should feel a con tempt for him Under the laws of Michigan old pillows and hats stuffed into windows to take the place of broken panes cannot be removed un der the provisions of a chattel mortgage tak ing the fumi ure undoubtedly true the item that a New York State son paid the bill for the liquor which hto father drank and then com mitted suicide Sons are very good about such things you know TEe Graphic says In this country a man hardly knows whether he Is married or Americans would stand what they do in the hall at 11 if they firmly believe they were married Gen La Due wants this country to pro duce Its own sugar and there to no reason why it A country which can turn out a war map every two ought to make sugar verse The New York Mall daughter who married Maglnnto in 1879 and whose wedding presents cost $69C(X) is now living in absolute poverty the bridal presents and finery having all been sent to the pawn shops The York State Bar Association undertake to dispose of the whole labor question for only $250 which to the sum they offer for a prize essay to demonstrate just what legisla tion is needful to reconcile labor and capital This to dirt The New York Telegram says that where one is cursed another is blessed Down at Atlantic City the visitors are growling at adulterated milk while the billiard room keep ers buy all they can get to chalk their cues' with It to a great deal cheaper than the pure chalk So BUYS new Crown Jewel with oven 0 inz seven lengths pine collar and elbow Cost $40 BOLIO Eighteenth and Baker su22 lw EKCATILE BUSINESS OR SALK IUre chance to purchase a $4(X stock Dry Goods Clotirns Groceries Boots Shoes etc in one of the best localities in the State for trade Stock Ln excellent condition Application must be made at once JOHN GILLMORK Stanton Mich 14t HANDSOME suite and single rooms with board at 74 west Congress st au27 lw URNISBED ROOMS on first floor gas piano and bath room also single rooms at 189 Con gress east TBltEE nicely furnished rooms to rent also a few day boarders wanted at 166 Larned st east au25 lw One nurse girl 3 cooks also houl dining room girls at 327 Jefferson ave MRS LAPPEN wT eANrED Ho el and boat cooks: also one AV first cabin maid at 327 Jefferson ave KS PPEN LOUIS rench Steam Dyeing and rnaniig KBtabl ahment 84 Randolph sL be tween Jefferson ave and Larned street Detroit Orders by express jjromptl attended to WE have a number of new bouses ana stores in different parts of the city which we will eel! on small payment down and balance in month ly payments or will exchange for ojaer property uiquire at the lumber yard or WEBER A CO Gratiot ave It: 1 lae aJO Sm a I suppose I did but nothing you know Why Judge I know of hundreds of first class families in Detroit where husbands and wives are clawing and jawing and calling names and turning each other out doors all the time Peter never eame Into the house that I call him an old vagabond and murderer and he used to call me a witch and a sauceress Let Judge they'll do better in the When two loving hearts get up and pull hair and call he remarked should keep the fact from the public I care hoW many domestic fights occur in the kitchen but when they are adjourned to the yard and the street the law steps In and ob serves that the fine be five dollars dont sighed the fat woman said Mrs Hill awful for these hard times gasped the husband And the court folded hto pen and grimly replied I have said I have said Come down with the I And they came When court closed Bijsh put a slung shot Into hto pocket and went out to look for the who had seld him the eltxer He was chewing a quid of wax and looking like the picture of Capt Kidd the great chevalier Protected Solution of Protoxide of Iron Read alee ollowing Wt aimlxx Vt Jan 11 Dear or eeven or eight years past I bare been in poor health and for the past year or more very feeble My health continued to decline and my flesh and strength wasted away on til I was nn able to work or even go np stains without great ex haustion I suffered from frequent and distressing attacks of palpitation of the heart my food dis tressed me causing acidity and pain in the stom ach and I suffered from extreme nervousness con stipation and debility of the system generally my blood being thin and poor and slugeh in circula tion and I was for years suffering all the tenures of a connrmed dyspeptic About six months since 1 concluded I would try a bottle of PRRUVUN SYRUP and received so much benefit from it that I purchased live bottles more and have continued the use of the bvrup until quite recently It has restored my health to such an extent that I feel myself as good as new My digestion is eood and my weight has increased in the past four months from 129 to 138 pounds my errengih has returned and my general health is thus wonderfully im proved and I ran truly say I owe It idi to the use of your PltRU IA3J SVRUP I eamestlv rerom mesd all sufferers from Gyspepsia and debility to give it a trial noping it win do them as much good as it has me Yours very trulv MRS 8 BEMIS PERUVIAN SYRUP! PERUVIAN SYRUP! rom a Merchant North Skarsmont Mb Sept 9 1S7U Dear Is gves me very great pleasure to in form you of the benefit received from the uee of PERUVIAN SYRUP in my own family My wife for the past ten years haa been in feeble health very much debilitated generally Last spring she concluded to try a bottle of PERUVLVN bYKUP and was so well pleased with the result that she continued its use until three or four bottles been used and she is now better health than at any time for ten years and has increased in weight from HO pounds to I have employed physi cians and used a great variety of patent medicines to the extent of hundreds of dollars nd 1 know she received mote benefit from the PERUVIAN SYRUP than all the rest together My sales ou the Syrup are very large and con stantly increasing and 1 do not Hesitate to recom mend and even warrant it to give satisfaction if you desire you are at liberty to use thia communi cation as you see fit as it gives me pleasure to re commevd so good an article to suffering humanity Yours truly ITHIEL PEASE PERUVIAN SYRUP! Mortgage foreclosure De fault having been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage whereby the power of sale therein contained has become operative made and executed by Sarah Teweley of the City of Detroit Wayne County Michigan to James Beveridge of the same place dated the twenty eighth day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy six and recorded In the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of Wayne (on the Iwenty eighth day of March A 1876 at four o'clock in the afternoon) in hber 124 of mortgages on page 161 And whereas to ere is due on said mortgage at the date of tis notice the sum of fifty seven dollars unpaid interest and no suit or proceeding at law having been instituted to re cover the same notice is hereby given that on Wednesday the twelfth day of September A 1877 at ten o'clock in the forenoon I shall sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the Wood ward avenue entrance to the City Hall (that being the place where the Circuit Court for the County of Wayne ia held) in the City of Detroit Wayne County Michigan the premises described in said mortgage to satisfy the amauat claimed to be due on said mortgage and the and expenses of sale and all accrued interest on said mortgage to getter with an attorney fee of fifty dollars pro vided for in said mortgage Said premises are de scribed as follows to wit That certain piece or parcel of land situate and being in the Township Of Hamtramck in the County of Wayne and State of Michigan and described as the south one half of lot number eight (8) of alker Cooper's subdivision of lot number twelve (12) and part of lot number eleven (11) of the Melarum farm Dated June 2 1877 JAMES BEVERIDGE Mortgagee Mat Bbbnnam Donxbixt Attorneys for Mortgagee 1850 je4 lawmol 2t tell you there has got to be a lull in and Adonijah stretched hto nether limbs to their utmost limit on the hair cloth sofa which Is a forbidden thing to do In the Bunce house Betsey rocking gently a little ways off took her tongue bravely between her teeth and set the button hele stitches in cuff nice and even and close together it was plainly to be seen the knight of the golden circle was out of humor The day was hot freight trains allowed to the chore boy had and the knight had been obliged to help carry seventy five dozen ancient eggs out of the stoie cellar turn your eye back first of laat May Mrs The scribe held Its pencil aloft amazement Here was Adonijah lecturing and Betsey stitching away like a statue with machine hands and paying as good attention as a clock But unusual things are always happening In the Bunce family else why a scribe in the closet at all May it began Every time I put my head through the door it was the and gp I was put through till the ourth of July found me as bony as a grasshopper we had three meals In peace pancakes for breakfast pie and pudding for dinner and two kinds of cake for tea and 1 began to round out my flabby clothes once more There was a turn In the tide of affaire but the tide did not (Betsey speaks) will you please take your heel out of that tidy The muttering comedian kindly let up on the head and resumed Then It was remember to match that and and and the other and sew ing girls and ravellngs and gossip all over the house and door yard (Betsey Adonijah will you please take your foot out of that sofa pil low LHe gave the yellow zephyr dahlia a chance for breath again and picked up the thread of his prize oration inally when every closet in the house was so full of bustles and trains and frills and rufflss the door shutwe had another Intermission of twenty four hours or such a matter with jelly and ice cream then we turned another corner (Betsey speaks) Adonijah will you either take your foot eff that ottoman or put on your slippers The domestic tyrant loosened the heel of hto right boot with the toe of bls left and slipping out of it replaced hto unbleached stocking foot on the satin patch work of the Ottoman Empire readjusted hto body corpo rate with a bounce which advertised the springs pointed hto forefinger and said juet like a minister noon and night and between times only all times and no between for the last six weeks I have had nothing but and and all sorts of horrid Indian names dinged into my ears hath no torment like a woman who wants to do what everybody else The scowl grew Bhakesperean the tones basso profundo and the trilled tumbled out like potatoes out of a wheelbarrow on a cross way just got the musqulto nets In the files out corrosive sub limate on all the bedsteads the corn Is fit for eating and the poppies in blossom going tearing off to some swamp to sleep in a slab hotel and fight Insects eat hash and drink surface water? What did we clean house and fix things for It we going to stay Here the offending foot made sweeping gesture the arc of whose circle took In a light stand and upset basket of worsteds there was the sound of sole leath er ou the foot scraper and the girl ushered lu the Widow Billings stay two so she sat on the edge of a chair and said she had run in to see It her dear 'Mrs Bunce would be so kind as to takCTfrpackage of seeds and etc ckiug yarn to her son in law who had taken up a claim and lived in Betsey laasursd her would leave the pacageiat the very door her very Then a email boy came to say how the slim young man that was clerk at Mr store waa took with the cholera morbus and had gone Adonijah strode away with very much such a stride as we might suppose the lion would have used had he been a country storekeeper with a wife at bi heels A A He told the man who was waiting on the steps for a pound of how he had fallen into the miserable habit of taking a nap after dinner and he sometimes over slept I this same Adonijah tell hto Betsey aa they walk home from church to gether op dewy Sabbath even he is dpae with earth and sublunary things he ex pects to meet himself in Heaven PIANOORTE TUNING pad ten years perlence in toning and re pairing 1U Beaton and until recently agent for the Ivera Piano in thst city I am prepared to receive enters from the citizens of Detroit for tuning Address WM IV ERS JR At WEISS Mnaic Store u20 13 3m 72 Woodward avenue WEDDING LATEST STYLMS AT REE PRE88 JOBvROOMB Court sliW'i The old man was locking pale when the reporters walked in A stranger from Saginaw had been there talking to him He had felt of pulse maae him run out his tongue asked him a number of questions and said to none of my business of course a doctor and I caught sight of you aa I was passing the door The peculiar pallor of your face caught my eye In an Instant and hence these questions You are going to die you are that gasped the old man as he sat down are on the verge of the grave sir why I feel well all help how you feel sir you are in a sad way It won't be long before the soda Will on your coffin fall And be carried through the streets Beneath a funeral I hope not doctor almost be will ing to take castor oil rather than die The strange man opened hto little satchel He had some little bottles of liquid labeled Ellxer of The price was thirty cents each and two bottles were warranted to resurrect and put life Into the bones of old William Penn When he went out he carried two bottles less Btjah had jast gulped half the contents of one of them down when a boot black came in saw the label on the bottle and said you got some eh He was at our house yesterday and the old lady bought four bottles to take the warts off her hands what I was using It for gaaped the old man as he heaved the two bottles into the alley and jerked one corner of his mouth around to his ear The boy had hto own ideas about It how ever so did the reporters so did a fat woman who was there as a witness and she chuckled wart an idea that was littlb Charles Rich wanted to explain how it was and when he got the word he began I fellow sat down toplay a'game of euchre for the beer I shutlld and he you with a knife eh asked his Honor sir he cut the cards Then I dealt him a blow no I dealt out the cards Then we began to play He threw down a Klnff did he throw what is Mr "He threw down the king of spades sir and I took took it eh Did you take it kindly as an Insult or how Or did you take it and put It In your pocket Judge If you play euchre I go into particulars It was all in you see We had a dispute about the trick and he called me a liar and ran doors Iwas trying to catch him when officer here caught me very sorry and I hope this will be a grest moyal lesson to me never to to let a man outrun me after calling me such a name as that Rich I know nothing about the game of said the court after clear Ing his throat a Congressman should want to sit down with me to while the time away I would be a mere toy tn his hands I tel! a Jack from a first base nor an see from left field be just as apt to carom on the red ball as to pass through the middle arch I Bnow white to play and mate in two moves or to see who can get Into the king row first But Charles Rich I do know that you are fined five dol lars for disturbing thr peace and If the other man bad been arrested have got the same dose from the same The prisoner play against 7 that lone hand and he paid up and departed BB The rose from her chair and shook hereelf Her time had come William Hill and wife her next door neighoore walked out of the corridor and hto Honor the moon wa flhinlng brightly CURTIS Bargains! Let "hnsM times" $950 or cottage and lot on Twelfth st (Dived) 2W blocks north uf Michigan or cottage bsm and two lota on National ave $1700 or an extra large fine cottage and good lot on ourth at or two story house and lot on ourth at jl90C or good two story house and lot on Beau bien st (paved) near High at 4000 or fine new two story house and lot on Campbell st near Woodward ave jg000 or two atory double brick house and lot with brick barn cor Adams ave and Brush st The same ia assessed at $3800 por small frame store and lot 3CxlG7 on Michigan Was a bargain three years ago at $2500 Also 75 other houses in all parts of the city and at all prices which we should be happy to show to any one wanting to buy and not merely talk EMAIiKB I CHOO! A young lady graduate of the ueiroii ah iaa address jx 27 ree Press Office SITUATION WANTED for a Up top pastry cook Also first class laundress The very best city references BRITISH AMERICAN 89 Grand Riv ONEY TO LOAN in sum to suit at fr tn 8 10 per cent cu real estate GERMAIN 108 THE Novelty Train Extender elegant econom ical at the RU8SELL HOUSE BAZAAR 4534 Labor square 4 pound feather pillows only 01 at 46 Jefferson ave up stairs 1985 mo3m Competent girl or woman for gen eril boarework 270 Woodward ave 8U2S 2t BUNDAY MORNING AUGUST 26 JGOANe MONEY Tu LU ca real estate Mortgages yntr caref jllv Invested for lend ers by McKENDEEE 108 Griswold et u27 ltv Yl ONEY TO AN in eumsoi 00 ana on moderat terms Aire mortgage bought VAN BUREN SON 112 Griswold st RHEUMATISM Paralysis Gout Scrofula Salt Rheum Eryripel Piles and Dyspepsia cured at heme without drugs Call on or address 26 Grand River ave THE NoveltyTraln Extender: elegant econom ical: at the RUSSELL JUSE BAZAAR 4584 HX) September 1 a small house new A throuehont to adults only at 52 Madison ave House No 70 Bagg st nine looms 1 Inquire on the premises HOUSE TO 69 Antoine et opposite the Cathedral rooms water and gas Ap ply at 335 Jcf rsm ave HOUSE TO RENT on ifteenth st No 320 also a bam Inquire No 322 ifteenth er Desirable City Property cr will ex ctrirse for a good country store or farm Ad drew Box 22 ree Presg Office House and lot 76 Lincoln ave 4 modem improvements mantels etc walnut and pine finish: ready to occupy offered at a bar gala Go ard see iti au274w BOARD for two gentlemen with good room in private familr Inquire at 17 spencer et DESIRABLB ROOMS furnished or unfurnished with first class board also day boardat 41 Congress sti west 4486 aul7 2w Desirable rooms to rent with board at 100 Wayne st Terms moderate 4294 jy28 Im rRGANT designs in low prices RU3 rj SgLL HOUSE BAZAAR 4SM AUCTION SALE Thursday Aug 80th Horses Carnages Baggies Harness Kooee etc Gls woid street opposite Moffat block 8 RAND 1jX)K KE 30th Sapt next house No 1 10 Lmc lr avenue with carriage house and stable attac'' ed House has thirteen (13) rooms heated fnrocce hot and cold water bath room 1 ai modern improvements Stone cellar 43S1 Ita CLEAVELAND HUNT 'TV) On Woodward avenue block above A St Church a three story brick dwel ling mew) wHh modem Improvements Apply to ALEX CtiAPOTON 126 East Congress st LEG NT designs in belts low prices RU8 SELL HOUSE 4581 SMOKERS or Scent cigars call always for the celebrated Leal the best long Hvaaa fillers and tLe finest Connecticut wrappers are only used far tne re Manufactured at luO Michigan ave and sale every where 4365 auc moit RS LOUIS the well known business clair LV1 voyant and test medium has just returned to the city Um will ba pleased to meet her old friends and aa many others as may wish to consult her wonderful crystal glass Through It yon can hear i he startling truth about yourself your fam ily your health your affairs or friends far or near Satisfaction given to all Office No 42 Gratiot ave opposite Public Novelty Train Extender: elegant econom leal at the RUSSELL HOUSE BaZAAK 4584 EXCHANGE A lot 50x190 feet and 7 1 room cottave on Charlotte avenue to exchange for Improved property of less value Cass farm property preferred Address care of Carrier 18 cfO EXCHANGE 80 acres of choice timber land JL 70 miles from Detroit free of incumbrance will exchange for horses buggies small cottage or vacant lots etc Price of land $10 per acre BRENNAN No 141 Griswold st near Rochester Mich with 170 t)V) acres improved to exchange for city prop erty GERMAIN 108 Griswold st ACRES 9 miles from City Hall 60 acres un der high state of cultivation balance timber: 7 acres to orchsrd 3 barns and granary 1 dwelling honre but old and comfortable good water board fences etc etc Will exchange for part city prop erty balance time at 7 per cent GERMAIN 108 Griswold st 2 ACRES of land in Sandwich Ont with large modern buit house and barn orchard two cisterns two wells etc etc driving sheds and everything new and complete to exchange for city property GERMAIN 108 Gnswcld st SCIO nil A in sums from $100 up TliVvV ward at current rates cf interest gRENNAN 141 Griswold st rpo $MC0 at 8 per cent in sums not A lees than $200000 approved city real estate security nailer sms to loan on sama security St current rates SaMUSL A PLUMER Real Eatate and Loan Agency Boom 24 Moffat Block 4 '18 jvSt ltn LNIR SALE A complete set of furniture and bedding for a boarding house combined with a saloon in a good location of the city Terms ca Price exceedingly low as the property must be sold Inquire 54 Mich Grand ave 4 Pa7 lm TO WELLIN HOUSES TO RENT our story brick dwelling 144 Con gress BL east centra! location for physician etc Rent low for balance of year ELLI OTT 30 Griswold st Two cinlrg rot and two girls for genera! houseworx also two boat cooks People rTrX lhgrree Office Jefferson are WANTED Girl for general housework Refer ecc7t Jred Tyler 57 Leverette street near Tiumbull avenue irst class meat and pastry cook VY wnlte man) for flrst class hotd Apply at Intel teenco Office 232 Jefferson are TO HU3INES9 PURPOSE TO RENT Offices on first floor Apply to MO SES IELD foot of Griswold street au20 8t 7 ANTED A shoemaker to take charge of a small shop Apply to McManus 44 St Aubiu avenue au27 3t WANT ilUNCELLANEOUH rIY) RENT URNISHED A suite of rooms Ap ply up stairs 253 Jefferson ave au27 2t ROOMS En suite or single'' with first class board also day board use of bath at 24 Washington ave rpo RENT At 92 Casa st furnished or nnfur nlshed rooms convenient to boardtng honses pit CABS STREET 4 large rooms with clothes 1A 1 presses furnished or unfurnished ITT ANTED TO A house of about five rooms or part of a house Between Rivard Croghan and Antoine streets preferred Address 26 Beacon st Immediately a small house or part of a large one 112 Griswold street room No 2 MANTELS AND GRATES elegant assortment at bottom prices at STODDARD'S 93 Woodward ave 1432 ma7 ly A MAN wishes beard and home com il fortt Ina strictly private family on Larned or Congress st east Address this office VTT Sept 30 small house (cottage pre ferred) modern improvements between Woodward High Third and Brainard Pay In ad vince No children Address Crrler 5 A fl WANTED on vacant lot in city for one year at 10 per cent Call at room 11108 Griswold Hows House Block UiNTED A stock of goods wl'l pay cash and a real estate BRENNAN No 141 Griswold st rtTAXTED TO Plastering for a good horse Call at 24 Washington ave 'ANTED By two young men furnished omV in a flrst central location Address stating terms ree Press Office HOUSE AND LOT To purchase a good sized lot with either a brick or frame Vio' re mot less than seven rooms) in which is bath Aand water situated In good locality and not one mile from City Hall Will pay $3000 must be a cheap Please csre of poetoffice carrier No 2 aug2O 7t SALE OR A valuable home stead centrally located near the Grand Circus Park Will take good country hotel town prop ertv or building materials in exchange Address BUILDER box 22 this office an22 lw EVERAL COTTAGES OR SALE at a great bargain Real estate to exchange at VAN BU KEN 112 Griswold st TPOH SALE OR 9C acres of choice JU farming land on the Clinton River between Mt Clemens and Uti a 23 miles from Detroit 80 acres improved balance timber beach maple etc new house rooms stone cellar under the whole house: good stable and barn cider but ding and press 10 acres of orchard: good fences cistern well etc all in good condition Price $66 per acre PETER BRENNAN No 14! Grlswoid sc KAL ESTATE PETER BRENNAN I sell all kinds of real estate such as city residences vacant lotsand farming lan also negotiate loans Those having money to lead cr wishing to borrow can always find opportunities by calling me at No 141 Griswold st TWO STORY BRICK On Adelaide st can be bought at a bargain Apply to A WILCOX 22 Bank Bionic 1031 tf BUSINESS CHANCES A RARE CHANCE to buy a general retail busi ness in an Interior town of Michigan New stock new brick store 22x80 good trade annual sales $32000 cash no debts Must sell store and stock Will take desirable Detroit property or farm near Detroit in part payment Satisfactory reasons for selling Address HAZARD BREWS TER Agents Detroit Mich jy27 513 3m3p fTH RENT With board two large room with closets also single room at 25 High st west au27 lw ffM) At 64 Howard st large pleasant rooms furnished or not References ex changed an25 3t Old gold and silver for cash at KENNSDY Jewelers 151 jeilerson ave c' of Gnswold street up stairs trfANTED Small furnished house three in 1 family West side preferred Address 52 WANTS OR SALE TO RENT TO ROOMS To Two handsome front rooms with Aboaid furnished or unfurnished hot and cold water 74 west Elizabeth str rfO RENT Pleasant rooms furnished suitable 1 for gentlemen 128 Xias st an27 2t TO urnished room with or Without board 75 Beaubien st au27 2t rjXl RENT urnished rooms at 28 Macomb ave $1 800 fortwo lots on arnsworth st 0x123 $2500 for two lots on orest ave (paved) 60x172 and many otbers npO EXCHANGE House and lot in city all clear for a house and lot in Grand Rapids Three story brick dwelling with modern im provements on Larned st lot 54x10 for good farm vacant lots or cheap houses and lots ISTELLIGBNCK OICE 89 Gratiot avenue (formerly Adams avenue) furnishes reliable and competent girls for all kinds of work Nurses for children a adults housekeepers dressmakers ciria to travel witn families and invalids I have constantly good cooks and housemaids German English and Uanadlin with reference Ladies would find it to hir advantage to patronize me reference to any o' her Detroit is in need of one ti class female employment office where aelec ton" are made a ith care to fill ail wants in toe household from laundry work to governess and all treated with roirtesv and promptness ALB HELP ANTED 'cman to work in small family must be good waaher and Ironer at 44 Lu ravette street ea E4THEHS CHOICE bed or pillow feathers 15c per pound at 46 Jefferson ave np stairs EATHERS renovated by steam and made like new at 46 Jefferson ave PRIME live geese feathers only 70c worth $1 at 46 Jefferson ave np stairs SPLENDID new 35 ponnd feather beds only $6 at 46 Jefferson ave up stairs HOUSE TO RENT 161 ourth st between Porter and Laoroese 7 rooms kitchen cellar etc Rent low to a good tenant au23 Iw VTX) A new house No 168 Montcalm st 1 east 8 from City Hall 2 storiesnd finely furnished Will be ready in reptember Inquire at 162 Gratiot ave or 169 Columbia et east Iw POIl REAL ES TN)R SALE OR TO House No 77 Brain ard between Second and Third streets Cass tarn rooms Inquire at 70 Wocdoridge st west an 27 lw OR SALE A lot very cheap on Sycamore et 1519 ALEX OWLER Moffat Blo6k That modern residence property Cass avenue near Joy street: everything new and in perfect order lot 70x150: also lot 55x150 ad orning 100x150 corner Case avenue and reh st Either of the above offered at pricM will insure a sale Call and see THOS PAYNE 'aiRSALR A lot very cheap on Sycamore st JI 4 ALEX OWLER Moffat Block GOOD Leather Top Buggy tor eale cheap Mast be sold 170 Woodward avenue OR ine White Spitz Pups croeeed 1 with White Esquimaux Addiees A Box 26 this office UOK One single buggy and one double buggy Apply at the office of CAROLINE WEBER No 141 Woodward ave.

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