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TB LOTS for sale to rent Globe I THURSDAY MORNING JULY 12 tthe faaslly just sow mt proves or disproves MICHIGAN The CIRCULARS PRICE LISTS 1g 3 The Unitarian Conferenee at Grand St PERSONAL 5 PRINTING MieMcan SHIPPING TAGS A jt i DRUGGISTS si faoaey Mr ware stere Mr ENTS URNISHING GOODS tanner heart good 4 I 5 jt totakiiij tLs Shipping Tags ree Press 1 Job Rooms EEMB1T ABLE EBOAPK teak from Mtea and A us 4 and bow to (Ustingaish tha ncolnefromriooe Deifa with full naitUnlars mailed Duke of Kingston) end her aou Idwatd who became Turk so to apeak cutup variousntlca each aa advertising for a wife' and wrote on and eccentric philosophical papers had a family reputation more of an Intellectual than ah aristocratic character Tweed says he paid Stoughton 30 000 for legal advice and aa a retainer and just a day or two'hefOre the ease was to be called Stoughton wrote him a note Caking for 10 000 more to which no reply was sent The day of the trial Tweed found him sitting In the court room some distance behind his own lawyers Said he you going to take part tn thia case to day Mr Stoughton Stoughton replied in his moat magnificent manner Tweed I wrote you a note to which I have no answer I am going to Into the library here and I shall wait there for an And then Tweed adds with a wicked twinkle of those' villainous old eyes if he the biggest liar In the universe he Is there was witnessed in the Court of the Eleventh Chamber a couple of ds since On the seat allotted to defendants cited to appear but nbt rest ranted of their liberty aaba woman aoese Philadelphia Bulletin Berries are reported plenty In the Black Hfila i Bo are buries too tation Sold in Woodwar IwroW'dowa quaatitiasof CHiBMoea under the dictation of liar and made use of the paper for heating than obtained PLATSand1 DIAGRAMS school Seven women were pnmeut and voted a We invite the attention of business men and others to our superior faeili ties for executing all kinds of Booh and Job Printing such as Business Cards Bill Heads Statements Noto and Letter Heads Drafts Receipts Checks Posters Streamers Hand Bills Railroad Blanks Books Pamphlets etc Our work is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction Samples and prices os any class of work will be promptly furnished on application either in per son dir by letter ree rets Company we might tlys the world day In two Koon and thebeanty'of 'tot yrnttoa Is that the turtle seems to Mho it Soifn Nksi A Loudon lady mon nowadays may be entirely prevented by the use of vocoalne lt has been used tn thousands of cases where the hair was coming out in handfuls and haa never failed to arrest its decay and promote a healthy and vigorous growth It ia at the same time un rivalled aa a dreeetag for the hair A single application willrend er ttjpft and glossy for several days Depot at anulro Williams Boon after dinner yesterday an elderly man mating the appearance of a suburban ite hastily entered a Woodward avenue drug store and excitedly called for the proprietor When that gentleman came forward the stranger called out you know that aris green is a rank poison course I was the reply yet you leave a dozen big cans of ft oat here on the sidewalk where fatal results may occur at aqy moment i 3 they are put out there every day as signs that we have the poison for them right in take in this 'mo exclaimed the old man waving his hand as high as the chandelier a boy comes along he thinks that stuff is sugar and eats a lot of it Where will the law put you "Oh get excited No one can get at the contents of the get excited str when human life is in danger I call upon you to put those cans down cellar at once 1 do eh Well sir let me warn you Some day a poor Innocent barely able to toddle around will come along here' and see those cans He' will suppose them to contain milk He will get down on his hands and knees and lick lick lick at a can with his rosy tongue In an hour be dead and the dark shadow of murder will fall athwart your door Men will hiss your name go to the wall and at last driven to wild despair a glass of soda 7" interrupted the druggist The old man looked at him keenly glanced towards the cool fountain and in a very soft voice he replied I care if I do Put in sarsa parilla syrup and plenty of When he had drained his glass he uttered a sigh of satisfaction and passed out without even a glance at the cans' light in the barrel as wtfl be consfstsut with earn Toss will make it you shaU hevfiitai ones subject of disensUu assong scientific timsa without accord or remedy The freaks and fanciee at have developed tneldenta always interact ing' sometimes amusing and hi dlcroos and sometimes sadly and painfully ex citing t' JE St A ease of more than ordinary interest oc curred a day or two ago on a Pullman palaeo ear upon a south going train pn the Iron Mountain Road The subject was a young man sixteen yearn of sge' von of Mr Hang Im mnster mechanic on the Texas Pacffie reaidlag at Manhall Texas Young Hangllu in chance of his mother was retnralng homo from St Louis whrre be had been at school the past rear B's mother kno wing his aomnamoullsiic incllaa tions and of their special development in the exettsmant of traveling before retiring for the night oommunieeted the asms to the conductor and expressed her fears for his safety Capt Robb toe conductor at once relieved her fears by making his porter watchman and assigning him position where egress from the berth of the excitable youth could be observed The night wore on and7 all was auiet still the porter vigil The mother wakeful from eobcitade for her son even though so welLi guarded felt im polled to look in upon hiss Thremhout the American jM Bsrnpsan nmlliimt have testified to the emeileot lemaillal virtues of MKQICATKD COMPLXXIOW OW DKB It lepuuw the Skin abaaatifslly trans SDQ altays aUlrrt MWALLklf UMS0 ly OUBBENOY all winter is coming Oxalic add is the neatest cleanest thing to suicide with 4 Weston is coming home in the1 fall to chal lenge Bam Bowles Oregon salmon are growing scarce and Beth Green is getting mad One Detroit flrmi of lawyers employs thir teen clerks Put that in your pipe The Eastern editor who writes up the war situation hlte it once out of a hundred times Jotyn Owens Illness was brought on by ex citement over a dog fight' He owned one ofthe degs? V' 1 The Boston Globe attacks the habit of point ing shot guns at peopleXor the fun of seeing them wince It is the Protection Life Insurance Compa ny of Chicago which is no in trouble Which cemes next Krupp the cannon maker always subscribes liberally to charity but when the money is asked for he band over worth a cent The Rev" Withrow 'of Boston thinks ft wrong to ask a blessing where Wine is on the table but he can smile on cigars and ginger alA iw' Put your finger on him old Ismail Pasha He is the old catamaran who never leta a day pass Without telegraphing from one to five lies The Germans are great wire pullers They hava'pulled their telegraph wires down and run them under ground between all impor tant citiee Several publishers of insurance papers and magazines have libel suits on their hands while the Insurance Age is dead Too many investigations If the young men of Louisiana want to fight' duels let blaze away but they should be careful not to hit poor mules in the adjoining pasture Senator Howe says that the end of human life is a coffin and the grave and that lots of people who think they are going to Heaven will be bitterly disappointed There is such a man as Vice President Wheeler but he ought to be referred to by the press at least once in six weeks or the country will soon forget him lorids has decided that where thirteen men are sitting on the steps of a store no lady can be legally justified in making one of them get up to let her Into the store The Mexicans like it It was all right so: long as her thieves were making money but when they are getting bullets Instead of live stock It makes them shed tears It pay to fool around with white whales They get used to the climate until they are ready to turn fin out Put your money Into buckwheat and molasses There are thirty two different manufac turers turning but spurious aber pencils and no wonder that boys standing under the windows of newspaper offices feel chills go up their backs An Iowa man who has been married three times is now being sued for breach of prom ise on a promlss made thirty eight years ago It will soon be time for men to clamor for protection They have a town' In California named Darwin but you tell a resident that his great grandfather was in the habit of sitting in the tops of palm trees and commence shooting to kill is but a few years since wives were treated like remarks Lucy Stone If Stone used to riot around and smash things it was no sign that all other men did Glad to hear that he now behave? himself1 We are informed by the New York Tribune that the Springfield Republican Is in a bad way financially We are informed by the Springfield Republican that the New York Tribune is about as jnear death as it can be and still exist Chronicle believe any such reports' They are mere canards set afloat to catch votes The Chicago News starts a report that Mr Horace White and Mr Alfred Cowles a former business manager of the Chicago Tribune have made an arrangement with James Gordon Bennett as Mr White la to have entire control of the editor ial columns and Mr Cowles of the business of the New York Herald they are to pay Mr Bennett $250 000 down and $50000 per annum for a period of ten years at which time Mr Bennett will again assume the monagement of the journal the line Gordon Baunett is to remain at the head of the editorial columns with the addi tion White editor" Mi be ovenstimated One great cause of tile superior health of our pattern ancestors over the men and woumu of today wee that they slept more "There were other differ ences in their favcm but thia was one of the moat important That was a rare occasion of pleasure business or necessity that kept a young person at least out of bed until mid night and their robust forms and healthy color proved the value of early hours and abundant rest Certainly they did not have so lively a time as ws do did not crowd so mnoh VTtftemimt into a given period but as they lived longer and had simpler tastes it Charles is at Newport orney like speech Grant makes no comment ou pol icy Mterswlnski a Pole is the new tenor of Paris A statue has been erected to ohn Bright in Manchester Prof daughter has attajnpd celeb rity as a painter Beresford Hope of England advo cates bayonet charges Lady Coutts the banker has contributed to the Turkish hospital fund There are reported to be three Counts such as they are at Long Branch Mr Bergh gives a silent approval to the drowning of 1500 dogs a day Paul Csssagnac never sent and never re fused a challenge to fight a duel A Alcott has grown prosy but still makes money by his Annie Besant the English woman suffra gist is young handsome and imposing in or atory Midhat Pasha listened from the gallery to the proceedings in Parliament and was much bored Boss Keyes pf Wisconsin is postmaster Madison and wanUto be United States Jenator Seven hundred fresh recruits for Mormon dom most of them women have just landed in New York Mrs Rohrer of Germantown is the most enthusiastic and successful flsherwoman in the State of Ohio William Lloyd Garrison is much lionized by the old anti slavery people of London Blr Vo well Buxton was astonished at not finding him a black man The Rev Dr Wechsler Rabbi of the Court Street Synagogue in New Haven oc cupied the pulpit of the Taylor Congregation Church in that city Bunday js A premium of a flve doliar gold piece was awarded to Miss Grace Muench at a school examination in Lancaster Pennsylvania for being the most skillful rtocklng damer A distinguished Quaker wedding is reported in the English newspapers the marriage of Miss Lilias Ashworth a niece of the Rt Hop John Bright to Mr Hallett of Bris tol The bride is a Quakeress the groom a Churchman but the marriage took place at Meeting house Bath Prof Garrod of London held a charming reception in the Monkey House at Zoological Gardens and discoursed to the people about the Anthropoid apes The Professor made it plain that the Anthropoids are the simial aric tocracy even if we may not mere: accurately call them our poor hnman LieuL Gov Dorsheimer is President of the Canal Board said to some commercial men of New York City that he believed in the present low tollabut thought that provision should be made for available refer ence in cases of unforeseen difficulties tIf with low tolls as at present a deficiency should occur without a provision to make good that deficiency the canals would be virtually closed A noted collier Jacob Mills7 has just died in England He devoted himself to urging the rights of man Act I of each Struggle generally was that Jacob whipped the police Act IL that the militia was called out Act ILL? Jacob is brought into New castle tied in a cart with two or three police men seated noon him Act IV Jacob passes into temporary retirement from society Act never came until reform came when Jacob conceded that physical resistance waa no longer in order and now the curtain has fallen The Pierreponts our Plerrepont claims to belong to the Pierreponts of the early eighteenth represented by Lady eMary Wortley i Montaga Jwho WM the LAW PRINTING A Goon Uu roa ataa Txamnom Amanwtha most wafnMt at Modammed tiadltionlsta was Yahya ibn Maia He devoted his enttra life to the collection of ttadltioaand the sifting of the fates from UH trtka Hie father hadleft him fortuMreatvalant ih toga aey tbeium of E20000 iThe whole of this he expended upouhiillfe work and Brought hleualf thereby to such destitution that he had not a abOe ib put on He 'i wrote down 000 OOQ tnuittioas wae'hie OwubaAd and the relatasu ofi taeditloM an rA Cxwtxb Love emight' the brash1 he wrote to hsr and painted ycair glowing picture upoe ffia HvtaiyenaVas of ary soul Thia was a yoSg maa oa a fiSaalary andif he had had 73 a week aadarichant he have fixed her aaerw eomplstsly 1 I I Naw WA3f 'flfrrw' VZoopchccxs A genius tn this vicinity says the Litchfield En quirer has contrived a method or rtddisg mrihsre of One of thslr wont the woof qhuck The modes operand! is this A me diam aieed turtle is seteeted a few indenta tions are made in Ms shell foto whlcba IRUs kerosene te pouted and a string to tied to his tafi The turtle to thfiBjJseed stthemocith An attempt was open the front door Mftnm afcMl bar 1 occupies the rooms above heard tin noto hnd tightened the lefiowe aw ltta thonght that the fine eolleetlon of toroan undent coins owned by Dr Oolllne and tie played tn oae of the showcases tempted th One meets on every hand tired looking young men whose faces evoke pity A hasty inference aalght be drawn from the oft re peateo injunctions at health sritlos not to over study or over work that their wan debited with tbs pate east at But such to not often the case nor are many of them suffering from too great exertion of muscles They are exhausted from lack of sleep that is all but It is a serious matter are saetetonof myfora'r seif Wv phynosn reewnmeadea the PERUVIAN 8YRUP wh ch Ivrwal wrokr and foond nt health re pSSw rwttKht Increased from id 150 'DEBILITY 1 Bara of Clinton Me tewnl MUtty 1 cheeky Chills and ever addition to ay own experience 1 have re ceived some etrong teetimontate to tbeeffic or thte medicine from the most tnutwortrom It seiiBs to me peculiarly adapted to tbeeora" plaints which prevail In toe WeatJ 1 tfkeREoiALiibv'cErj Ir Kleordta aweaes aC Itts came narvoea debility and wakened fnrrrs rastorinx the aaoet shattered conatltoiion in foot weeks from what evefcaaMertelaxailaretaspowtete gs pm ease er 4 auantities in one rt Bote agent JOS JACQUBB Urtverrity Piaee 2W jya iy started the Oregon Steam Navigation Com pany and bunt the railway around the Cae bsektng house find did a large boetasm' And so be went on and not In a amgla instance did he mention a man who had made hla money by unseating to mining ir 7 I flV 1 Jsi 5 Rwotrew Bbavbmt ob Own In the Jardtn ia' bridegroom and hla friends took saats en the elephant the teMe following on fooL Obeervfag the people langbtag she said You aroamuaed but lot me tell you that ts 1870 waa deeorated fior bto bravery i He has saved elxht persons from drowning end reeened Awmanow Joly IL Last fan wfll be remembered by Detroit Rtver fishermen as oee of not one of theasoot flnaaetaUy disastrous sessous known on this river Various causes were sdvanced in regard to It among which were high water high 'Winds no winds west winds and the warm westher during the fall Nothing was certain but that most all engaged tn the busl neta had to go deep down in their pockets to pay exponoeo It looks now ae If the cause had been dtoeovered and although an article bee appeared in the Amheratburg Echo In regard to it 1 think the matter reqiurer furthev vau tilation and will through your paper caU at teation to tho matters 5 It eeems that a short time' ego Cap reak Hackett and tug Minnie Morton were in Lake Erie near the month at the river (near the Canadian aide) fishing and drag gtng the bottom for lost anchors when they fished up three with rope and weights attached They got hold of more but did not succeed In raising them and the opinion is that the month at the river from the Canada to the American side was and by sooje parties fishing be low ithat point Certainly no one in the river above that point had a hand In it or if so did not roan any benefit from it There la no doubt but what the river mouth waa shingled or the benefit of your read ers who do not understand what the river means I will state that all fish are more or leae timid none more eo than white fish and any movement in the water partic ularly if bright will drive them off from that locality and generally guide them on to some other probably into aome It la time now to put a atop to thia and fer ret out if possible the parttea who have done It It is believed that no one man could do it alone and a fair reward may bring the partita to llgnt lam not awaip what the law save on the subject but if there to wny punish ment for such offenders I propose that they receive the full benefit of it There are ovfi forty fisheries in ooeration on the river and I propose that 1000 be offered for evidence that will convict the offender Thia amount would be an average of 35 for each of 40 fishing grounds and If considered too much by small grounds conld be divided pro rata according to the value of each fishery and I would also add that the informant even if an assistant shall be free from proeeentlon What do the Detroit fishermen say to this TSXAS cnemleal Defalcation Sult at Ann Arbor The cross examination of Dr Rose was con tinued all day Wednesday He was interro gated by Mr Pond as to a large number of senarate accounts with the design of bring ing out facts peculiar to each account or instance in the afternoon in the account of one Moore in 1872 it appeared from the testimony of the witness that2 73 of it was not included in his annual atatemement with Dr Douglas The omission of 2 73 was an error and would make the sum total different In the case of a student named Rayner a deposit of10 had been made and the student had left the laboratorv 8 20 was returned to him on April 7 1872 and the stub marked can celed as though the whole 10 had been re turned This It was the purpoee to show made an erros on the part of Dr Rose to the amount of 1 80 but waa subsequently in some manner discovered and paid over In his' annual settlement An error in the account of one Hopper of 4 75 on the part of witness was shown He sometimes made up vouchers for stgdente when the account was settled and sometimes did not When two accounts of the same person were settled on the same (day the whole i sum waa sometimes included in one voucher and sometimes not The amount of stub less accounts for 1874 5 was 4 51 That was not the amount tor which he settled with Dr Douglas on July 6 1876 That amount was 413 40 which did not include the accounts of Herdmao Duncan Baum and ox rom two accounts of one Baum it appeared that for one account there was a voucher made and for the other account there was none made Could not explain why there waa a voucher in one case and not in the other By reference to several ac counts it appeared that when an account waa settled at any time the amount waa entered sometimes two Itemj and sometimes in one Did not remember tne reaaoa of this The money paid to Dr Douglas referred to in interview with Regents McGow an and Walker in November 1875 was mostly represented by stubless accounts The whole aippunt was represented as follows Stutiieas icounts 442 25 interest85 20 tickets 333 65 Among the accounts represented by tickets was the account of Miss Johns6rf This account was paid he thought July 6 It was not credited on the ledger till July 20 He supposed it had been overlooked till July 20 Whsh bis attention being called to it he had entered" the amount of settlement The ex amination was 'y till beiiig continued at the hour of closjng of the How Mr little giri two mile south of this village aged nine years while swing ing recently fell and broke a limb Botsford Able Co have their stave mill nmning and are cutting twenty cords of bolts per day ts Saturday evening Millington Lodge No 2f7 1 installed the following officer tW the uresant term: 'N Tork' Atwooa Ij cope Henry Wolf wekafer bA Dewitt Conductor 4 Hower A Moss inside Peter 41ger 8 Daniel Baker 8 Henry McPher son 8 to W7 Lambert to A' Beaeh 8 to Embury 8 to Joel Beckwith I BEHPRESS BOOK AMD JOB Mrs ranklin rank whose husband mys teriously disappeared from Pontiac a few weeks since has gone to her home in Mln nesota Every clue of the missing man haa been lost and hi wife and relatives have settled down to the belief that he has been decoyed away and foully dealt' with United States Marshal Mathews is looking after violators of the revenue laws One re tail dealer of whisky eluded the officers and eseaped Monday night He had not taken out government license' am James rough ton' arrested for stealing bil lard balls wa before Squire Beach and acquitted Reports from Oakland and Orlen Town ships are that alithe cases of malignantdiph theris reported in Tun aan uss at the time are in a fair way to recover NUee A few nights ago the farm house of Thos Moran just north of this city was entered by burglars and a bank check for 800 80 in money and a note for 200 stolen Payment on the bank check was immediately stopped A day or two ago Daniel Smith a toy Bal loon peddler stole a ride from this city west intending to go to Chlcaero While the train was passing through New Buffalo he fell from the cars and was run over by the entire train Both less were severed from the body and he was otherwise horribly Injured He lived until the next day however The Mayor called a special meeting of the citizens to consider the proposition of Hanchett President of the Niles Water Works Association By the contract made recently the companyagreed to bring water from Barron Lake a distance of five miles and supply the city with wafer at the rate of50 per plug for thirty The new proposition of Mr Hanqhett is A in addition to the 'to erect a standpipe seventy six feet high without any expense to the city provided twenty more fire plugs making fifty in all be taken by the city The proposition was ac cepted at the meeting of citizens with little opposition 4nd now ground has been uroken and the Nile water works are a sure thing A The annuel school meeting was held at the Central building Monday night at which a tax of 4000 was voted to pay bonds due and 2500 interest' David Baeon and Geo Edwards were re elected members of the Board of Education unanimously The Board organized the same evening by electing Bacon Moderator Edwards Director and Krick Assessor Prof Thomas was again employed aa Superin tendent at a salary of 1500 a reduction of200 Mias lorence Cushman Assistant Principal last year was appointed Principal salary 600 a reduction ef 100 The salaries of all teachers and officers were cut down pSM'ireta HK' Good? Detroit jyiov An explosion occurred about three Tuesday morning at the Lake Superior Powder Mill located two miles from thia city by which one of the building waa blown to piece and set on fire No lives were lost The building contained the grind ing department" and the 'exploalonis sup posed to have occurred from allowing the charge under one' of the wheels to become dry sThe damage ia comparatively light and a large torce of men were put on thia morn ing to replace the building and aa the ma cblnery was left in place the mill will be ran ningagal in day or ftio Ti you not insertedmy last article Ws jt too long j'' The latest invention la) paaer tranks and now we suppose we xiay call the rathleaa baggageman the papier readier 4 When Gen Grant arrived at that seaport town he waa loudly cheered He liked the olkestone very I Jus "aa soon as a country town Isold enough to have grown a bta hiU it ia adver tised iaa nwitaeriand at rPhn Bulletin 7 A writer says: files we bld it stay or bold it in our Come' now Sdds another we have often heard peo ple keeping late hours 'Grant said he waa delighted with the reeep rtion thought it would tend to cement the two countries and then he hesitated for a third Journal tv Bald Hayes: can handle these wires Without any blaaied Zacharlahst i presently show her My interests are tbeae of I to Observer CoL George EL Butler late of Deadwood threatened to lick all the paragrapnera that have apoken lightly of him The Colonel must be in licker Poex in Jfrim a tombstone in Cornwall EnjHand ather and aaotker and I Lie buried here asunder: ather and mother lie buried here And I lie buned oS yunder the bowl forming like ness of Hayes are the latest more Gazette They are yery much like the pipes rPity i Always take a rope into your room at the hotel It may enable you to slide out even if there is no A big board bill is just about as bad as a Clarion It Is not very complimentary to the King of Holland that he used to whip his wife out It is urged as an extenuating clrcumatance that she as "an exceptionally able Press i A rench chemist makes a pin on which the name and the dose are legibly printed Bo the man who take them not only geta a needful medicine but also swallows great deal of valuable information Brooklyn cays the Tribune two mUea and a half of books for To travel through an that distance in litera ture it strikea us a man would have to go by Way of the Reading YorkuoinuiBrciftl AdTBrttetf A'uMMlcany lDCllned Miss bought a cabinet organ lately on the instalment plan and the neighbor nearing from a rival agent that the instrument Would wear out before it was paid for are upw raising subscription to dear it of Boston Raper The question of what to do with West Point graduates is quite generally discussed by the press and possible we pan throw no light on the subject but there is need of an increased force te combat the savage Colorado beetle in thia vicinity Sentinel A Western paper improved on the original plan and now says communi cation will be published in thia paper unices accompanied by the full name of the writer and a flve doUar bill these are not requested forpnblieatlon bat as a guaranty of good' Yesterday he found in hla duster pocket a scrap of paper on which waa written 1 Paid 5 75 for boarding carpet bag two days July go to Vienna Bakery with Hannah any more" (Rsmlniacenee of the and it seem forty or Qtty years ago Tam (very dry at door of country inn Bun day man ye mlcht gle me a bit gill oot la a Landlord (from within) "Weel ye ken Tammaa 1 daaroa sell onything the day And forbye ye got a half mutchkin awe ye last nlcht (after hoars tack it canna be a done Losh man think a could sleep anwhusky I the Deacon Smith wsa once a carpenter and occasionally he still takes the adz York Herald No more plane words like that Star The worst we ever saw Indianapolis Augur long now Louis JoornaL We might brace up a bit and add' one bad aa any of Uis foregoing but the probabilities are that some seieeora fiend wofild chisel it before it was two days Herald rom Charles Paarcy of Brooks Me: limbs were paralyzed and useless ttree botttea ef the PKBUVIAN STRP restored me to cowpiote health I have recommended in aeal esses similar to my own with the sama good BOILS The Bev Calvin Damon says: seven or eight years I hav been afflicted at intervals with Boils Since using the Syrup I have bad one large and painty one neir the center of tbs spins and around it (is if anxious co 1m roaa Itbiel Pease of North Sesreaont Me wife has been infeebie health and very much debilitated She has taken three er four bottles of the PERUVIAN SYkttp azd i now better and weighs more thaa she has for ten INDIGESTION rom Bev Gurdon Kobbias of Hartford Conn of the Baptist Denomination It is a duty I own to you and the public to ex preee my confidence in the PKRUVJAN SYBCP a safe and powerful remedy in those vanoua manifestations of disease consequent upon disor cered diseation Uver Complaint Lett rf romS KendaU of Boston for afflicted with Liver Cota us of tho I NEURALGIA rom Lewis Johnston of Horton 8 My experience of the PXHUVTaN SYRUP satisfies me that it is a valuable remedy for dis eases usually cleared under the gene al terms Dyspepsia Nervous Debility and Neuralgia nave also found it netful ia Rheumatic Affections RuaataaS havlB wanzeff across the Blue la Poe tana Commercial Bulletin Detroit enjoys the proud distinction at eelebrettag the ourth fa the moat Glebe pay yon that wrote a delin quent debtor 1st Inst I can get it and that will be tixs 1st 5 The farmere'tare making a deaytheive I Guard At target match by the' louis Lifiht Guard a score of 168 was made by ten mem bers of the company as folfowa Vsq Nesa 24 Gavin Andrews 22 Charles Dye 20 John Ksrstetter 17 DavidM Kerstetter 17 Angelo Tower 17 Hathaway 14 Charles Orth 18 A man four shots James $idd 11 Ths three regulation ranges were used wfih two ahota at eaeh ao that out of a pofislbte iucbee you likee motaey Him Bay TMee" Imndfod dodag dolls not be you wifee? Me glve Maly qookamoney She go: way te? rhe come my house to frail? Me go Maly' house to matte Me 'se' hbap roolee no us Maly Blookg froney she urn aysnunii fran etea one norotXLyj for cue Maly It is fair to aay for the society plays that the small talk which makes up 'so large a part of them is commonly far amnsing if leas exciting than th fre)o dranatio slap trap which ths author of the last generation ortwo aimed at and which the gallery goda: i man whq lays his 'hana upon a woman save tn the way of kind how was it that that fine sentiment ran whioh used to fill the theater with yolls and dust The lines ars in and the fortunate actor who ha them may c0unt on repeated rounds of applause as he styles the aforesaid man a whom gross fisttery to call a Again in and when on of the ebar adtera says in appealing Mee But do not do not de der deia oeh the reply re ceived by toe house with rapturous applause is as we alj temdtnber you No man who ever had a mother Cto "despise a woman Nor i dps toe exceedingly cautious' qualification ever had a mother checkiithe enthusiasm But somehow toetasage appears to be grow ing less fond of these glaring effects nd a audiences seem leas sentimental th those of a century ago so acton a their business mor eodfiy wonjen in to boxes no ieageS shriek and Swoon as when Mr Middontf plajed actor themselves do ndt faint 'with toe excess of emotion at th Cunning af the sosns aa Mrs Glover fainted under the power 'of the elder GUe The modern society play give a gentle stimulus without toe need of loutLaobblng over the (oat bey or of audible swearing" at the knavish bailiff the average moderi aa0lenoe tom la not one to flzht over rtvfr dancers like Mias' Taylor apd Miss CHroux or rival tragedians 14k Mac ready and rThe 4 1 1 re Mntft Yovm Qwx The people of tX egou are abopt the otuy people on the acile slope who do not speculate in mining dtock and they are consequently toe only happy and really prosperous people on the eoast A correspondent at thb New York Times writes from Portland 'The evening of my arrival I took drlye through Port land and looked at koto the business and resldt quarters House after house be lonjpng to toe wealthy citizen waa pointed" qut by the coachman and after a time ventured to I ask Qlow did these men make tbU money make frerrlea Springe: night two burglars were chased down by fifteen young men in Berrien Town ship i These parties had robbed vonfeseed tbair guilt and tried to buy their liberty boy would not listen to thsvao tney were brought nCT5 and put in toe county jail until thev could be examined on Monday Yesterday attenwofr whUe be ing taken back to jail after the evamfnatlonone of them tried knock toe constable over and secure his liberty by running away The teonstaMe abet at him sig times but without serious result on of the bullets passing through the fellow's sleeve He wa ran down and locked up The f)rat session of the Michigan Unitarian Conference was held st Cutler Hall in Grand Haven on Tuesday "The following well known Unitarian ministers were in no tendance and took part in the exereisM Rev 8 Sunderland and Rev Sumner Ellis of Chicago Kittridge of Mos kegon Howland of Kalamazoo Rev Pardee formerly of Jackson Michi gan Rev Mr isher of Monroe The sec vices on Tuesday were conducted by Rev Geo a Cooke pastor of the Grand Haven Unitarian Society Rev Pardee read an essay subject Rellglon We Rev Howland read an essay st seven' after which Rev Sumner Ellis preached' a sermon '8 Sunderland preached a sermon' at 11:15 a The hall was well filled at each meeting 'Robert Collyer of Chicago Rev Stebbins of De troit and several other ministers were ex pected on Wednesday when toe installation' of 'Rev Geo Cooke as pastor of the Grand Haven Unitarian Society was to take plce The wife of Bev 8 Sunderland waa announced to read essay the morn ing and Robert Coliyar tp to toe evening fW porary stopping of the train at station Imagtae ker horror at finding his bed vacated the berth without its occupant The shrieks of toe uow distracted mother' aroused her fallow pasaengere aad called officers and em ployes of th car to her aide Diligent search waa made throughout the long train to satisfy toe Mother only for the quick eye of the conductor detected at once the open window of the section and wa alive to toe sickening conviction of a violent death aad to the belief that all that waa left the mother of her eon waa a mutilated body He con cealed however his eonvictiona desiring by continued hope alternating with her fears during toe share Ume bsfore his fate must be known torbreak ln a measure toe great shock swatting her A hand car and men were provided to make with her search for the lost youth The loumy was made ia sQence and dread eah moment expectant that their worst fears would be realised At length the whole route (from the place where he re tired) waa retravelled without discovery or sign ofcremaina Hope brightened in the possible chance of his having eeeaped at a station on the way and they turned south ward again halting to make inquiry at every station where a atop had bemi'mada At length at a country house by the way where music dancing aud merry making waa the order of the Bight they were hailed with toe inquiry if they knew anything of a lost boy Entering the cabin the youth was found though not in full party dress quite uncon cerned and enjoying fully the rustic festival and dance A on hi way to the dance found toe young man lu eight attire sound asleep by tfe treek apparently as he had dropped from the 'train He was aroused with dlfrculty from his sound nap and found to be without injury or scratch from' his fall and without knowledge even of his leap from or having been left by the fly tag train i At the spot where he was found the train was running at the rate UMy fivemiles per hour SJine and ninety nine fr thousand a person in a nor mal condition would have been mashed to a jelly from the Jail What protected this youth in his abnormal condition from bruise or scratch la a mystery a problem to Ifr left to wiser heads to solve Idt Louis Itepubli can I iJ' '1 it Tfce Glad Tidings Capt Bundy who lectured in Detroit last winter to get funds for building his gospel ship has at last got his craft afloat The Chicago Journal says The gospel ship Glad Tidings Is out on the lake to day with aparty of excursionists the Invited guests of Capt Bundy Two or three ladles who had been Invited backed out just before the boat started a they were afraid of being sea tick as there was quite a sea outside The Captain expected to start at eleven this morning but owing to the non qrriyal of pork and beans bread and butter' and other substantial food which was intended for toe banquet this afternoon the boat did not the dock until twenty minutes after the appointed time The ship waa towed to Evanston by the excursion boat Ben Drake after which started out for a cruise on the laft The "Captain know when ha would return but thought he woqlg ba baek in time tor supper A fresh breeze from toe northwest has been blowing causing quite a sea and it may be that some of the parly will want to be put ashore be fore many hours Capt Bqndy will probably start out on his voyage of revival thia even ing or tq mOMOW morning prove tbslr last chauem clnner of smaller ones aU of which have disappeared DROPSY rom Rev Olmstead Rdltor of the man aad feel fully ja tided in commending to suffer ing invabda 01 which variou sieges and types there are so many this Important and excellent A Christian man of first claes bnel Ineas qualifications who has been able in (days to earn from fl 500 to 2 500 a year I i rood paying business for such a man now LSTfew months experience can introduce Ktzi a Bermanent business of great value I man from 30 to 50 years of age clean and aDDca ance and without the smell of tobac hit him Address giving age experience in ic HOLLAND CO Chicago Ill Jimrfleld Maas or'J GROUT Jackson yfl lw Two in Detroit and fthree to travel in Michigan and Indiana $85 fcth hotel and traveling expenses paid to bible men All applicants answered if stamp Gefcd Queen City Glass and Lamp Works math Onio 40S3 jy8 SCROULA rom Jeremiah Stone of Provincetown Mass have ned the PERUVIAN SYRUP tn my practice tor fifteen months and it has fulfl'led my most sanguine expectations I have used the Sj np in's remarkable case of Scrofulous Affection or the bones and periosteum combined wnich effected a complete restoration to heatlh or such diseaeea as thia I consider the Spyup aa Invaluable medi cine Peruvian Syrup Is a Protected Solation of the Protoxide of Iron so combined as to have the character of an ail ment ae easily digested and assimilated with the blood aa the simplest food it ncrease the quan tity of Nature's Own Vitalizing Agent Iron In the biqod and cores a thonsasd simply hy ton lag up inrigoratl and vita ixirg the system The enriched and vitalized nlood rmeates every part of tne yay repairing da marcs ana waste searching out morbid secretions and ieavlhg noth ing tor diaeaae to feed up C4UTION Be sure you get the VIAN A 82 page page pamphlet containing a treatise on Iron aa a medical agent and her valuable pa pers testimonials from distUu aisbed phytlcians clergymen and others will be sent ruxt to any ad dress SETH OWLS A SONS Proprietors 8b Harrison avenue Boston Sold by druggists gwnemily jyi ij Atttt Arkar vr thousand three hundred and aeyenty dollars has been collected fr thia My aa ton amount of the State saloon tax The afrouni uncollected to 8508 The city saloon tax re mains uncollected no step haying been taken to collect it 4t toe laat meeting of toe Com mon Council a petition was presented for Che enforcement of the city ordinance but It was laid upon the table At the meeting of the School Board: on Tuesday 'evening the salanr of Superin tendent Perry was reduced 200 and that of' prof Nichol and Wilsey 100 7 ai iprritn salesman "for a new work of highcharacter now meeting with a large sale It fay a good business man better than any or salary and is a work which any one may feeloner to introduce MORTIMER STARLING block Detroit 118? a23 3m businesscards: ai wv i Ttie Captain' Jones The Colufrbua (Georgia) Enquirer has the following in reference to thfe killing of Capt Catesby Jonea in Salem Alabama Catesby Jones who was second in com mand of the iron clad Merrimac at the time she nearly destroyed a the ederal fleet in Hampton Doada died in 8J sbams on Thursday laat from wounds at handa of A Har rail a4 leading 1 merchant of that place the day previous rom raU the information we' can gather it seems that son aged seven and eon aged ten became Involved in a difficulty and fought young Jones whipping HhfraU Upon investigation" MrsJone fohnd her uoy was to blgipe and ttots tn apolorefle not to lira Qarrall who was a nflar neighbor aad mqdeher boy carry toe note with Instnjetions to apologize to young Harrell and also to give some fruit to the latter to add to the pleaaantneas On the ar rltal of young Jones Mrs Harrell without perceiving 'toe "note at all told her boy he had' to whip boy whereupon they1 fought which would' 'have resulted in a second victory for Jones but tor tfle interference of Mrs Mabry who took yOung Jones home and told Capt Jones of the fact He got his hat tmd usual walking cue and went to Arriving at the' residence he was asked by Harrail lf he came for a difficulty He No but you atted very coatemptibly lu allowing dhe boys to fight Other words ensued and Darfan drawing iplfW ahpt niaa tiow wn up expired the foitowtag day 1 A JillsfiChlsamsa Joe Warner the 'Michigan! circus man writes to the Journal that vntle in rancisco' office man came in for a warrant for the arrest of explalfilng Htm ssy me ttai likee you 'Ah Chow' Spoae' you goods man alls time Me makes yon Me Hkee woman Ue Bay I will rent either my carriage ehop Sr haree shop to a reenonibte party ret low and work plenty ITZGEhALD Mirer Cae and Grnl River ete 12 2t ratoi RENT The Tryst No 880 Wood fi et west old etand Ap rer James ROTHWELL No 840 Woodbridge syget v9jw rom May The third and fourth 1 TJJonea over Bank and Gas officetffaible for book binding or cigar manufactory rerer to Merrill Palmer No 4 Merrill block LhiS i Classical Homes There Is not lu all Lakeland a more pictur esque town foau AsableBlda Here as most people know is toe knoll toe pretty little villa in which Miss Martineau spent the long tranquil autumn ef her life She built it for Herself and was commended for the wisdom of her choice by Wordaworth who did npt break into any poetic raptures oyer the love ly scenery but taking commonplace view of the case eald ahrewdly iBve Utad a capital ft win double its value in ten He also gave her a piece of advice about her housekeeping which had more of calculating frugality la it than a superficial obaepjer would have expected from the poetic temperament will have many visi quoth the prudent bard of Lakelapd must do as we do YU must aay to them you wHl have some tea with us yop are welcome but if you want any meat along with it you must pay for it as boarders Rydal Mount home is Ih the close vielnltyof Ambleeida a sanctu ary which Mr ayn would closed against an pilgrims except those who can un derstand works as well as quote a two severe ordeal which would weH nigh make a solitude of this classic spot InteUectual winnowing ma he says exclude about 90 out of 100 of the well meaning but really in excusable folks who now request admittance at that sacred Opposite toe nrlncipal hotel at Grasmere upon the roadside that leads to the Wishing Gate is toe white cot tage in which Wordsworth spent his early married life and where De Quineey lived after Him and filled the little drawing room with his of 5000 books Here in vigorated by the mountain breezes Or ab sorbed in his books and the beautif ul scenery the far famed opium eater made a sudden de scent from 820 grains (8000 drops) per diem of his favorite drug to 40 grains ahd found himself Mr fayn ev8 ta novel position bra man with opium to give away JoornaL i story: Mrs rederick has and yesterday that oat showed steps of going frad and rederick thought it ougkt to be kuJe4 Hfa wife thought not and having expressed her opin ion in decided terau was rempeetrated with by her husband who used a rolllax pln to enforce and illustrate his remarks Hla ar guments were entirely conclusive and red eriek turned bis fltteptfop to the cat The fng pln might hate bean too cumbersome for the black and insane feline dea tt with ease A few glaasfjars no better effect and rederick resorted the teacups and the cat apprectst that the attacking party was really in earnest ran around the jfird and rederick after it In the courae of the chase reder ick whq wu ip his stocking feet ran over th fragments of the broken glass jars and during the remainder of toe race the track of th pursner was marked with gore inally the cat ran under toe porch through a small hole Then rederick determined having gotie to extremes already to fight It out if it' took all summer and proceeded to take up th porch floor Jh the meantime M1 red erick bad recovered from her share of tne ac tion aud had called to her aid a policeman who having had a warrant placed in his hands for service came upon rederick still holding the outside of the crazy fort rederick went to the station house and not havlngjnoaey to pay costs from thence to jslL He says there will be more of this story fahen gets i fraiflph fffasliio af Marta Baew writing to the London World re ferring to one costume at the race far tqe grand prisA skirts were eom pqeed of alteniattng stripea of yellow aatin pfak tulle and purple velvet emblazoned wi Australian parrots Her bonnet was of akyi btaa'i straw trimmed with two i ripe and tone unripe lemons andltwas tied on 'by one white one scarlet string Bhe wore pale green gloves' and eream colored ahoec with bows of silver gsuze and toe shaded what appeared to be her countenance with a parasol of variegated tqlip petals interspersed with a selection of wife of the Pasha o( the Syrian Desert murmured Spartlvento aS we took off oar hats and passed St Peter have mercy on tne soul of her tailor There will be small chance fop hjip tak itJ at the ggfe of auto a costume a thto on hja Mnsctence According to my ides of relative responsibilities for crime I had rather have robbed a ebureh or poisoned a new bom 1 Boukd to bi nr Tom' Howard kept a gun shop Tom was a fitat ejaaa woikman but distressingly dilatory in theudiopateh of tmsfaeas He would reeet'hia paitrcoe positive promise which" he would renew froiith after month until at length hi shop became an1 armory at unfinished fred repeatedly by 'nTImSfr hsMt rf The Toledo Journal says an in vitation laat Tuesday a Journal reporter at tended at Vienna Michigan the most re markable golden wedding ever chronicled in this section of too country it being the re marriage of Lopis JkCbb aged seYepty three and Mary Momlnee aged sixty seyep toe first marriage occnrlng June fl 1827 Bev ather Charles Thomas of Vienna the oldest priest in the diocese of Michigan bM con tinued with the congregation at Vienna for twenty one consecutive years After mass st the village church toe reverend father pro ceeded with th remarriage ceremony In the presence of many friends The father Louis Jacobs 8r acted a grooms man After the ceremony at the homestead a mile and a half distant dinner was a substantial repast in the good old country style then music and dancing The music was furnished by Samuel Lewis the famous dock hunter of the bay The dance was opened by Mr Louis Jacobs Sr who at the wonderful age of 106 favored the company with a Hvelv rench dance his partner being a beautiful rench girl of sixteen summers The aged father ef this family was born in Monroe County Michigan in 1771 and has lived there all his life He was a member of Capt company of volunteers in toe war of 1812 and was twice wounded during that eaiAPalgn once the arm and once In the "thigh potwlthfltand tag whito and his old sae he is very active man Mr Jacobs has since toe dosfl of the war of 1812 drawn a pension from the Notwithstanding his age he thinks he will veneration longer Qe is the father of eleven cbliuiCT nve of whom are dead The otoen are all living near him well to do fanners The youngest is over fifty years at age Mr Jaeobs is now living with a second wife" to whom he was married twenty seven year ago The only son besides the bridegroom present st toe wedding was Stephen Jacobs the second oldest member of the family AH the parties are Canadian rench Mr and Mr Jacobs live in the same house that they moved into on their wedding day fifty years ago Uonisj the 21 a massassuga snake Mt in the leg a three year old son of Clark Marshall of Pennfield fromtbeeffeets of which he died Sunday the 8th Monday July 2d Mr and Mrs Jesse Hettl mtngway who reside near Benton Harbor on the St Joseph River celebrated their golden wedding Over thirty of their children and grand children were present 7 Mr McMillan of Mansfield Ohio writes that Mrs Anns ellows who was reported to have etoped from her husband at Morenci Michigan after a wedded experlence of three weeks only left to ylslt ber cousin his tbs said Wife Ths Adrian Light Guard we inspected by Capt Heath of Grand Rapids 4 and pro nounced a good company Peter White of Marquette has gone on Visit to Europe accompanied by Ms daugh ter whom he will leave In Germany i 4 Grasmd Lodge 1 A Pole in the employ of the Detroit Len zing fc Northern Railroad at Grand Ledge was' seriously Injured Tuesday morning While unloading a car a steel rail struck him on the right thigh breaking the leg above and below toe £ne' also djslscsniig the km iSUKt' I lOSlw Over three hundred voters were present at the Ionia school meeting Monday night be ing twice a many ever attended th ma nual school meeting before Th report pf the Board of Trustee which showed that hearty all of the teachers for the ensuing year baa been mrea was aaopte lority of about two thirds and Trustees Virgil Van Vlaek sad Cooper were also re eiecaoa vy two totodsTL Jh nata juatkm I i i damages they are not only spending eaeh day toe strength gained at night but drsw lug on their capital By ana by when an 'emergency eomea there ia no reserved atrength to meet it and they become physi cally bankrupt Involving those dependent upon them in distress of one sort or another In meet esses it is the unrestrained love of amusement that cansM thia wrong doing Exciting forma of pleasure which are pro tracted to and beyond'midnlght' are Indulged in not once or twice month but nightly and Irreparabi inroads are 'mad upon toe constitution at a'nertod when toe body is not yet hardened for wor by too great and constant excitement as Well as by in sufficient sleep Not only so but while the capacity for simple pleasures fa smothered so much Indulgence in mere amusement robal it of all zret Young mtaanlhrdpte who have drained their cup of life to the irigf are'" not infrequent They go to bed tired riqe pnreatpq and go to their daily tasks vritbout Interest They conclude that lfe doeqn't pay and they ar right it does pot pay them because they misuse it Jt has no epargle ahd tbey pome to their sere and leaves bflfore theyare fairly men The worst feature of' all is indulging ooostantly their desire tor pleasure' they Jose the ipower of restraint rules them Instead of and instead of being manly self denying' energetic stu dious they are ope of George Riiot sharp women says" squashy things looke well anoof but the' wount wear iwoont Young men are not the only sinners in re spect to sleep School girls study at night some of' them but their pale cheeks are oftener caused Jy latefnovel reading and enter taining company Go to bed st nine 1 Jtteqy tip tilts her small nose in disdain She is not a child she would have you to know but i a young lady at say fifteen years and knows how to take' care of herself The one thing that an American mother is usually profoundly Ignorant of is how either to exact or win 'obedience from her chits of girls Bo the' waste goes on Clergymen who 'spend Saturday night oyer their texmwna enter their pulpttwora'and auu on Sun day and preach people to sleep because they are themselves half asleep in body and wholly so in spirit They have the blue devils on Monday because the devil of pro crastination possessed them all the week They go on eda voyages ana European tours In search of lost healtp which they would' find at home it they would filedp enough and at proper hupsR The poop mothers and housekeepers who are kept awake by restless children and un finished tasks have more of our pity bpt even they might manage better than 'they do Babies are aura to be ill and restless if their mothers get over tired It is surprising to see hew many of the indispensable pieces of work may be postponed if one will but think ao might have done a little wrote aith Rochester once I remembered that I was the mother and so I went to Sensible woman and good mother It is pitiful to think how many nprfilng babies die of efrbrpldeay and rtffl eklrta rot qak and plMranfl gtrperfiaous faachin and house work of all sorts It pot put flown soln the registry of deaths They call the trouble by various names cholera infantum maras mus hydrocephalus etc but the recording angel knows better and without mincing matters writes: of fatigue because its mother was ignorant er obstinate or vain and as the case may be 'Thank Heaven it is no longer 'thought an enviable distinction in a woman to have deli cat health The time has turned since the days that some of us can remember when the girl who fainted easily was thought to be of a little higher order of beings than her more robust companions Health is becoming fashionable but publie sentiment will not be entirely sound upon the question so long as the' fact is not generally recognized that to risk the health tor present personal gratifica tion Is worse than a stupid blunder is ts sin falj and while is no itttle cultivation of the moral sense that people very generally do net care whether their actions are right or wrong p' 4 fofora tp th kbt al life in vogue a' century ago Is neither to expected nor de sired Jt la right that we should share the pleasures of our own time and be in sympa thy with its fuller light bat surely he who realizes that he is not simply one of a pro cession passing from birth to Is not here merely to serve and please himself but to bear his part in the work will feel morally bound not to unfit himself for future usefulness by needlessly exhausting hi body A great many oMtuary notices that are headed wquld more truthful if the words for lack of were denee Journal c' A correspondent of the London News while riding toward the headquarters of the Turkish army on toe Sougbaniu range sud denly felt his horse sinking beneath' him' and in another Instant he was'enveloped in a cloud of dust and splinters He had fallen through the roof of a house into an apartment where a family was breakfasting An Armenian village from a distance resembles the heaps of refuse one sees around iron smelting works Here and there a oouple of feet of dry stone wall and a eave like entrance sug gests the possibility of tho existence of human dwellings Between these dwellings th spaces are carpeted with an elastic layer of dung and offal five or six feet thick Huge ungainly baffaloee' with bodies like bisons and the eye of an octopus low and moan standing mid leg deep in the filthy paths Turbaned men are perched here and there like storks on the house tops pulling their beards and giving ths whole place a Srelptu ral appearance Calves dogs and fowl wan der promiscuously among the ehimner pots and now andthen a dak ayed olive faced woman comes stealing slyly by her face half averted from the gaze of the Giaour and partly concealed by the folds of her linen headdress The gloomy interior of one of toe houses' or earth heaps is forty feet in length and is divided into two compartments by a low boarded partition four feet high That next the door is devoted to hones and toe inner space affords accommo dation to travelers A little terrace of beaten earth six inches above the floor flanks both sides of the room It to covered with coarse rush matting and constitutes a seat by day a bed by night Two square holes in the roof admit light and alr rf fa Trying to Stwrve to Death 1 Six months ago gentleman and his wife registered their names In the best hotel in Sonora California They made few ac qualntMees they seemed to court seclusion tney wandered up and down the grassy hills occasionally they were seen sitting under a tall pine anon toe man carried a piek ax on hto shoulder and had the air of a miner who was hunting for a pocket vein they were ec centric and mysterious Oa June SQ they dis appeared and after th ly feBow board ere had gossfofl about them for af day twa search was made for tljeta queer couple were found on to top of Bald Mountain not far from the tqwn They hafltfaen out doors about ninety hours they had apt lost their way they had goqe out into the woods with the deliberate purpose of starving to death they had eaten nothing they had a ounce bottle filled with water with which they had saofatened their parched Ups thev were fly faq hy inches The neighbors carried these to a cabin and induced them to something The hus band a graduate of a Pennsylvania Medical QoBege and owns a homestead in New Jer sey Qace he waa very wealth! but he lost everythine In stock aps eulationsin San ran cisco He had hefln siting for remittances from that etty his last penny had cone he was in debt to the hotel proprietor be re solved to go up the mountain and starve and his wife went with him 7 life Ifa Si Gwre Ajr iSA At the old old cor ner of King and Carson streets an interesting young gentietuan baa a galvanic battery and proposes therewith to cure rheumatism This morning he knocked aU the sieknese out of an Indian and got heavily cursed 'for hto pains Jim got hold of the handies and tby let go quick enough and he sa of th'ngs before be got loose and when' dear told hto mahala: buy one for you knock spots put you sbose you no good IS H4e Mrs (Nevada) TiMtae WANTZD PVK BALK and TO KKNT CAIWf printed axwi for sala at fgjt Rkk WQB EGOgg feHT? RESCRIPTIONS Accurately Dispensed Lt Very Reasonable Prices GEORGE SWIT frescriptioii Pharmacist 184 Woodward Ave Under inney Hones' Prescriptions delivered to anv part of the 1941 lell eodlv HIRTS Hade to Dfeajsutre for GOUR No 1 OperaBlock A nd 187Woodward Ave OR SALE REAL ES CATE SALE 75 feet front by 131 feet deep on huorih side of ort st west with new two teffln riwelling Bathroom gae water aod all rrove ment Tha above premise will iat abrain Call and firet terms PEL BBLAXGErt V4 Griaold at lw STORY BRICK On Adelaide st i be bought at a bargain Apply to A iX 23 Rank Elncfc 1081 al8 tf Gt fa A The Detroit ree Press Rooms and board at 25 High 8t eat: also table board jyV lw Double parlors bay windows liv vacatea ov lamuv waving at 135 Lafavette avenue je lw tOD front room to rent with er without board 12 Madson eve LOST AND GLND A icv a in dnnezy one nh ATir 1A1Z tiAnd hiirhwhite in forehead also one wh te crad foot about 12 i' win rriutu ill receive the above reward EDOKDJ rr rr cmif fKT 'Hho nl 1 Ytl 4 faa CftYltHi No 16955 dated Miich 12 twenty five tiCO A ZMTT 1 CSX IB eN 10VV XAtaVSrX Ot above were loat in the mail or stolen Jam 25 Al persona are acreuy uwuvutM itiatine the same as transfer na imr uUe and apBlication will be mane GOA Illi IMG om sees a Roman cameo She toyed negligently while being questioned with a jeweled fan and gave her answer disdainfully Beside her but upon toe prieonsr bench was a girt at eighteen a tall and alight brunette whose great dark 2es wet with tears resembled tboee of a adowna in ecstatic prayer They were aunt and niece both of Spanish origin The rider Virginia ulgsr to the wife of a Vene zuelan general who in 1874 represented Vene zuela in rance then became governor of a Srovtaee then revolted and was defeated to now planning another revolution while hto wife Uvea or rather Uved an elegant life having an ample fortune of her own in one of toe elegant hotels on toe Champs Elyaeea The niece Carmen as her aunt called to toe daughter of an ex Piemdentof Venezuela wife of a handsome young colonel Lopez Mendes aged twenfr four They were married last winter and 'came to aria 4 to spend how tad aboney taoon Jn soma respeeta the ease resembled that nf Mme Kouwitchlnakl toe wealthy Rus sian who iorcsd her little daughter of twelve yesrej Nodine to steal in the shops they visited According to the prosecution the young woman everything she could secure st the counter while her husband and aunt kept tho shopmen occupied Why peopl so rich should steaL as these stole why they should steal a mnlvorouely as these stole' the prosecution did not pretend to explain but at Mme residence the police found articles of all descriptions and every value from a 1500 franc ring down to a pair of coarse woolen hose from gold" braerieta to handkerchiefs at five franca a eight cents apiece" The young girl indicted aa principal offen der took upon herself with a touching resig nation the sole and entire responsibility for the thefts She had but ene thought one to save her husband and her Sister by establishing that he had taken toe articles in question without their knowledge or assistance and she set herself to make out her own guilt as piteously and resolutely as another woman would have stiffen to prove her complete innocence' The principal wit 7 nese' against her were two jewelers from one Boupheron she had stolen a sapphire ring from the other ontaga' gold chain Boucheron hl property just as toe tri lft tne store the first of My and had them arrested Toeir rooms' were found full ofgopds tui bearing toe trade mart of the greqt shopping emporiums the Louvre Prin vNBW sou MJde La oye who prosecuted'' called tor aevere sentence upon the husband and sunt asserting that they had shamelessly worked upon the poor ignorance child scarcely conscious of what she did' the Venesuefan Minister wrote to the court Maltre Georges Lachaud defended toe two women Virginia Pulgar he claimed had not been proved guilty of the slightest con nection with the offense and as for the young bride who said in her examination that she frit irresistible desire to steal when goods were placed before her waa she not rather a poor silly child to be instracted apd cured thanfa guilty wretch ta 'ue The Myfleste placed th whole guilt upo his wife insisted that her story waa true and in support of hls theory read the following letter written by her twelve days after th arrest qk I do not tbmkdear of my life that they will find you guilvy cannot for juU ave innocent I hope they will soon set you at liberty for I am dying of pain to think that you are in prison Pardon me my husband pardon me I did not know the gravity of my oense I did not know to what I was exposing myself I had Sot my senses you have forgiven me have ybu hot I know how good your heart is and I am so unhappy Do not abanflop me in my despair yoq have forgiven meshu be tretiHUil and resigned Ah how repept my fading husband bow bitterly I repent Tha magistrates it is comparatively pleas ant to report aeted upon the theory of toe prosecution and recognized degrees of re sponsibility Theyoung wife was sent to prison tor eight months while her husband and'aunt were sentenced' to imprisonment for a year and day whleb the term exceed ing a year involves confinement at one of the central prisons where the discipline js much more severe Beside ths toe two seniors will be subjected to five year' surveUlanee by th ppilce after regaining their correspondence of the New York World PRINTINGHOUSE AMILEsr I tT 7 Lix Ll I 18 find 20 Woodbridge St is It Oox Qxtewold A UiSsTROIT I esv a WANTED AGENTS NTED A cood live agent to sell latent Metallic BacklLctter Copying Pads aaoeet and beet in the world or full par Ksend to 8 COX 291 Broadway Newr send one dollar and get one dozen by VX IANTED11 1 SC LLANEOC3 RTaD A furnished room for gtn teman without board within ten City Hall The best of references given a thia office jyl3 2t SPED Solicitors on salary or commissionchool teacher and students who wiah to a part of their time during vacation will position a profitable one ull particulars istructione Address or apply to WM Boom 76 Seitz Block Detroit Mich 30l3 je27 Im 2 TO HOORS TlnaoTif fnrnlahpT Soom for gentlemen nee of bathroom 4 a a Vv a zsvA vQ 1 uff zuru aiN ELLANEOE3 BMANUAC or sale building 35x twe stories and baeement engine boiler aud ng all in running order also long lease Can dar a bargain or farther partlcul jts in at 183 Larc ed st west jyl3 lw B)B SALE OR ur new first Class sewing machines 243 Eightcenthstreet KENT WE1MNG HOUSES OUSE TO No 77 Bralnara st be tween Second and Third Cass farm 8 rooms fire 70 Woodbridge st west jy9 lw That new brick residence 685 Jeff 've corner St Aunin are urnished or Mftaniehed Will be rented very cheap Apply Sfre raises ji9 lw nrU A modern built house in good re Xair 140 High st weet Inquire of GEO frtlWHOrs 134 High st west 1486 RENT BUSINESS VIJKyOSES 'TED Reepe table permanent boarders 31 Jones st cor irst st Room and 50 per week 41QS jy91w BttAT aud pleasant rooms Terms moderate day board at 100 Wayne st je21 lm HELP InTED A smart kitchen girl be a good cood Apply at lies Woodward ave 3WAN rED HALE HBU Energetic man with 500 as part Z77 able business tn Canada and fcCr LANSTROM 15 Kneet Cincinnati fawrED Two in Detroit and three travel in Michigan and Indiana 95 a Queen City Gs T9 KOAN TO DOAN at 8 per cent on unincum ch wa a 9 frA full berea Detroit uy pruLhciuj i K) and $b0u) BAKKR 65 and 66 XT jylO lw ONEY TO Sytiie Connecticut Mutu i ai nfe Insurance Co tn Eunaa of $5000and art a secured on real estate in this city lOORS Moffat Block: 3Q78 je56 ly BUSINESS CHANCES RRE CHANCE to buy a retail buBinea a akizan faXovxr at AC inan UkLcrior ovmnol CUtna orlcK BLore kuw ft dchfa RiCnut fiLo re and stocK tike dc lrable Detroit property or farm near rnt wiawmxs'nr ftarmi JU'uir icaoviui avrs A BREWSTEIL nt Mich mhl8 eod4m3p MANTELS AND GRATES et bottom prices at 93 Woodward ave 1432 ma7 ly musical Lease TAKE The undersigned will open a music ecnom or 's music score 40 ort et west 7 IS Ma YER JR from Boston je25 lm hisckllaneoik HE CHURCHILL tells past and future all benefited by calling 28 Barclay Place jyv iw MWTtrxr Drun riVsl'lR Metallic 'Boxed' Goode now ready Address VICTOR UGEK New YQTK i ns GOODRICH Attorney aS Ltw 121 Dearborn et Chicago Ill Advice free: no fee unless HI Au tUittlJ luiwucuusu je2) Im at the new lumber yard and feee the pick corner cman ave ana roarm bv or taper cheap for cah GEO corner Eounh and Michigan avenue 2012 jel2 lm IUIS rench Steam Dyeing and inning ASiaOUBumenL naiiuuipu bu uv Jeffereon ave and Darned street Detroit by expreae promptly Biieuuai 1543 3ply huvp nrtmbor nf yipw hOUifiCS Mfl ttOeS 1T different parts of the city which we wil smati payment uown ann oaisnce in monui leuia or wm exenanga ror otner property at the lumber yard of WEBER A CO ave HM a20 6m tax bare aad Ai him Bottlnffra nrtkwtth No fl to do frs courtta aad eatry out his (iga yutrsurtifl aaa a4e fretrebattal Up U094A1T dos: pyme wy juw 0ia ana MPOT I JMOkft Mary Brooks th money a charge of lareeny could ootbe brought sflitnst the woman': fan a frarfhet HMM J' 'OhVhaff fbat power I 57 Toaetae ereperwotdaS fl Mk 1 Tj 2 fl I fl fl i am 1 a Kke 1 i 1 3 i i ci I ri 1 Epet 51 3 i 'I 1 SJ thaothar atte st Mat taa innar nriuna Mksdif the (No 2) did ao act agalaet her 1 wul aau to mt own ubobsk wbsh last mewtiooed aastrerad do tto er ttofii Mr BMtwwtfitautafa raaemc toes teat aad hate the vervaint of hi No that Mrifri fS.

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