Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 11, 1937
Page 5
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: .Monday, October 11.1937 Star Dust n.v i,r;«>NAKr> FA.us E B. Smith, editor ol Ihe IV Queen Daily Citi/en and wilier of Gridst, extends cimi!rnluliiiinn,s |n tin. Bobcats in winning over the Ix'npaid.s lust Thnrpdny nnd whlie.- t|,,. II,,,,.. (,,,,„, success during the halnr.c" ul' ()H. stnson. We arc proud to leprodn,-'- Mi Smith's article and in letum we want to Wish the 1,1-opnrds Mimolh sailini! during the bnhmcc of tln-ir i.'Hd e;mi.' pnlRn. Mr. Sinith's ;ir!ic!e f I ggggjIEAR> Hogg, ARKANSAS __ ___ t»AGEHVi- : | Jonesboro Prepares for Grid Game With Hopl 1"% % t t if tl-*<ra A«*« .. i .......__ ^.____ Bobcats to Invade Yankees Winner Jonesboro Friday in World Series i Will !!<• Second Confer.- i Overpower Giants f.o Take ''There no lonwer j ; , roimi for doubi that the Hope Uobenl.'; of l!).!7 ,,H. a heller football Irani (ban liic !)o Queen Leopards, Ciriil.sl Mi.-, pec led il michl he true, bill he was nol quite | te- Forlunnlelv w made tin prediction.. concerning |) l( . nntcome and Ins p,v>- tif.'e UK :, prophet, acquired on (he Ilnpe-Dc Queen game of I!);K;. lemain- imimpaired. "De Queen has no alibi and no :i]io|. otfios. We .simply were up acain-t to , much weight ;m,| t, H , i n i u .|, Vaseo BriRhl. n combin-ition of handir-.q,-; to forward pnniics-, nn,| d.f.-n-e of ti u . Leopards which (hoy cmiM not i,ve t . ceme. The Leopard.-- al--u rpnt,- npp-n- enlly suffered from an atta.lt of i,;. ters. stipvrinrluccd u,, doulit by 'h<. reputation of the Bobcats. which'm,,-i,. Ihe (ask of the Bobcat.-; easier \\Y , do not mean to ini|.,|y tint ihe I!.,b, ,|. ' '' ! '' ' would not have \von an-.w,,. ..v,,, 1 '"'""'' had the morale of ||,,, [.,.,',,„,, dy I,,,.,, up to pnr. "Aside from Mope's a.lv.,nl.i.>e m weight nnd possession of the fl,..-i- fook'd .slippery, Im.- M., .•,-, . ll.-h'hi there really \vii ; . little !,, r c,'•,...,., !,,-.' (ween the Iciiius. Both are well ,;.,.,,',. ed Don't nurse. any d.-hrion; on th-i" score. The an attack of ii,e I.eo|.;,id W.T- superior 1,1 lhat , f t 1 !.- I!ol u .. hul they didn't have much .-'.poium ll.V to use it. bemi: in,,-! r f i| l( . -,,,, on the defensive. A!,-,, the anti-.,,: . craft I'tim. of the I ..-•>),.,,-d... ,-,,,,,, ,, futile n-poated b-mlanc. atUmpi.- ,„' the opposition, fo'ciiu: th, m to i,.«,,-! iihnosl exclusively to ,-.i:.m:hi ; .,uer- hiiiDe foolball. with \vlin h Ib, y reallv could get the job d-.ne. "ho finds! e.MemU conei iinl;,lions to the Bobcats. Th.-v h,-,v,- ,,,,v,>d once I5;ill!e of Yo;i) (Or Hope Team .SHOHO. Ark - I'Yillowinp, (wo traii.'.h1 defeats by iioie-confcM enee opponent.'), the .Te.nc-.boro hii;b school llui vioane will atti.'inpt to I lei'!.- d- lo.i'ii! 'Ireak heir. Friday niuhi. mcflinv, llie Hope limit <h;hni>l il.<,d' in 'd,i-ir '"cond corifeience nf- i ol tin- •, ,-,.i. Final Game Sunday, 4 to 2 NEW Yoni<-.-(/i')-Tho Ynnkcps ov- i'rpo\vri(.[| ihe Ctinnls Siilulny in n '' ..... niiiK finish to Ihn .spcond sucrcs- 'ive nll-Ncw Yoi-lt World Sorio.s, 'Hie Ynnki'C', \von. .) in 2, on » iviiu-droncli- i-il iliiiinund in Ihc fiflh «m! fjruil fiorne v, hlle Lefty Gonuv/. i-epulsci! ro|)cntc(I iilt.icks hy Ihe (Jijinl.s nflor McO Ott'.s . The Irinmpii )iy Ilie Ynnlcce.s. four fames to one. iriMi'kod the socund iaiwhl loiKine.vl ,j( ll.eir ncMKhlxirittg 'iviilv. llii-ir fiflh .siK-ccKsivp victory ii' ))a.'.eh,-ill'.s hiy-iiKjuey haltlp nnti their ,-ixtli since the wnr. They won ly in 192.'). HI27. I!)28, ia:t2. nnd I ouch L"W. U MnnninR'. c crew is iicely made up of M ' i'n materi.,1 •hi., h has largely h.-en aid Minted to both di f 1 -it:-. .Ion, sboro opened the '.••i on hoi.- wilt, ii Ul to I!' el, i Ision •iV.'r Mainmia then I-immed the Hot Sprinits Tiojnns !!! t,, (i, ri"n the grind ol' ihe campaign •h'.wtd it,', t-ffi et on llu- une.vpi.-j lenced i.lavers- They loM n I;; t,, d den-ion jn j ncjij Ma., field, Ky.. to a squad doped lo ' This .vet fm all-time record Tlie .' ' ll ; lll( ' ! " h - v X'VerM touchdown;;. ' Yankee..- broke n lie with (he Boston lien Lilt!.- Hi.i-K D, i hulir hn.:h. th- ; Korl Hox an<l Philndelphin Athlotirs. nn. erdoj. h> at le.i.-.l iwi. marker-. | ,..-„). ,,f whom wns victorious In five ",a,:,,d an „(.,-,„] attack which in-fled . world M .| ios. The champions ijf the ! I'-ni a II I., , VK'I-M here I;,-;! w,-, k, world ,,,,w have captured 2(1 ,,f their Jhe(.,,.|den C,;,n K will prohnl'ly l..a(.. jlnst r, >er,es games and (here's no Hole without (he -cr-. ires of M,,|i ,!nh in eilher league Hint, in two years, has come close to challenging their Mipremncy. Tifdi \'ic(ory I'or Gomez fi'ome/ \vi\s tbe hero of the decisive Came .is the Yankees .scored nil their i tins off the Cliff Melton. Giants' freshman who failed for (he second time in 'mor i'-tt' . man end v. h< 'Ifi'.'i-.l a |,; : ;|;ei: ficijer m [ 1,1,-tic, "••! \\i-r-k ,Sc'\-''f.i| other plaM-rs an ilh-rinr minoi mjnrie.',. H'-bi-rl i!l;,ck or ./.-line.', Land.-rda!i , ill .-li,M at iif.'hl end with Coon.., I .M< t'li-lland 'i Johitnv Osm.-nt .;i-llini I 'Ii,- '-ail at Hie other flank Pont.mi. fe ;, (, ;.rt '.'llh r.'i'il Al<('-u-I\ ini'l Kei u I - .!• ( , ey hailhack Woo-lrow : t. T! a; ihe o!h.- ... ; -• ' '• I " I' < ,.•-, We iire jirond of them ;• . ;, S.mii, u ,,,-| Arkansas team, and would .lelnjhi i,, lo the Mnte rhaiiipiniislnp. Uti We warn them nou 1,, for the Leopard.', m I'.Ki.s 'Tor the most , M ,t ,i j,.-,, . M order i, i , wine - i-1,1 i 1\ crowd, with no ..,:,:„ ,,f ,|| fe,-!n V : , ,... ,., ,„ be'.ween Hope .,,,,1 |)e Queen ad- herenls. There was a f, y l,t. o, near- ' fighl in th<. De Queen stand:, bai ,| was not eau.'od by |-ai tis.aisinp ov,-i Ihe i<tiitn; a,id n.ine of ihe tiellna-renl.- wn.s- friim Hope. "The advancing of the De Qucri colors and the natiiniid colors, and ', 'ii" i lid. averaKiiu: Kill | unnil-- Die'"•>• \Vl,,,i,i ( .n, and Hliea are liu- onu hue -,-el,-i,,,,, v.l-.le (••,;./•,. 'lill,. > aiid I In. i • , are all 1, li.-imeil '1 his wei k Manniiu; will .send |,i* pi,,d Ihnnich stiff di dK in |:r«.para- Only 41 Incomes 'Continued from Page One> Hi" MMICS I-'ive of tlif eiuhl Ynnkec hits went for extra buses, includiiiK a di-nhle. two triples mid two home runs. l>nt ('Kiine/ enjoyed the distinction of I'.i'lmi' home the winning run with n Miir.lc a:; he repented his opening i>(ime n iiimph over the fjinnts. I!;, v.-inninu two contest.s Gome/ run Ins World Series record to five vic- torier. v. nil no defenls. lie heat the Cnhs nine in 1M2 and Ihe Ginnts twice In.', I vear He is now tied in Die rrcoid ! .-oks with Jack Ci'iniilis nnd Herb I eiitio, k. each of whom [.-.isled five victories without n setback. .Despite pei let rn liny chilly wenlher nnd rain thai ceased only nn hour lie- lore the Uiime be^in. n crowd »f 38.21G tinned mil to si e whether the Gknit.s, ;iflev milking ;i winning Mimd behind Carl lliibbe) Satnnlay. could pro- I'-ni' the issue With Ihe pork le.ss th.-in Iwo-ibi.'d.s filled ihe j»(i(c> receipts just fnileil to touch ihe million-dollar marl;. The loUd for five gnmes amonnlcd lo S!«;>,9!M. fil.'lii(«: I'linj In I'inclies Th.. Ginni.s, even tluuifjh they couldn't match the Yankee power. made it close. They oiithit Ihe Yankees, Ii: lo S. hul except for Ott's homer in- Ihe riwl.l-field .stnnds in the third. on hnse. the Nntiunnl pory turf. At (hat, they tried 38 tosses nnrl completed 15 for 213 yards. Two line plunges by Sloan gave the invaders their first score nfter n pass he threw to Robbing was good for 22 ynrds nnd put the bull only three stops from tho gonl line. A pass from Robbing to Rowlings tnle in the third period left the pigskin only •( ynrds from pny dirt dild Fletcher mnde it in one try through the lefl side of (he line. Owen, Arknnsns nlolhir plncekicker converted on both tries nfter touchdowns but he foiled on u kick which wns needed as much. Shortly ofler the second httlf opened, Arkansas drove U- the Ihree-yiird line, tho ball wns ,'dmo.sl directly in front of the gonl posts but Owen's attempted field goal wns wide. Tho original inhabitnnls of present Manehoukuo were nomadic Tungus. a race quite different from the Chinese! Washington Mr. and Mrs. Ed Corry. Mrs. E. R, Timlierlake and Miss Mntlic Corry nrc visiting their sister Mrs. Walters McDowell at Ringjtold. I.,n., several days this week. Mrs. Rosa Woods h;is returned home nfter a month's visit i nMcCnskill. R. L. Keel is spending several dnys here this week with friends. Mr. mid Mrs. W. M. Etler. and little daughter Saruh June and Mrs. C. M. Williams spent (ho week end with Mr, nnd Mrs. C. N. Trimble in El- Dorado. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Stuart nnd Mrs. Joe Monroe attended Die Darnall- Alford wedding al Murfreesboro im Saturday. Leo Holt of Rotlessn, La., spent (he- week end with Mrs. Holt. Mr. and Mrs. Reece Arringlon of Mm. W. D. Watkins. Mrs. Minnie Yarbrovigh of Prcscotl visited Mr. and Mrs. Znn Roy Sunday. Mrs. J. M. May was hostess for the October social meeting of the Pres- .bylerian Auxilary which met Monday afternoon at her home. Eleven members attended the meeting and spent 'the afternoon hemming curtains and rolling bandages for the While Cross work of the foreign mission committee. A number of the members brought used patterns, razor blades, needles, and Christmas cards for the same cause. There was no business session and the roll call and minutes of the last meeting were omitted. The treasurer reported that $7,60 was realized from the hummage sale held Saturday. 'Die unsold rummage will be offered for sale again next Saturday. At the conclusion of the meeting the hostess .served delicious sherbet and cake. f*A4-4-Afi f nat\a At*4- ! Fo *' mwe lha " ^ ***** a "*"*= LUllOIl JLOSeS UUt P?**™ *** shown in Guiana on fiMU s (Continued from Page One) riculturc forecast of one of the largest cotton crops in history, the chamber made this comment on the foreign col- ton situation: "In contrast to the substantial increase in exports of auiomollve prod- ucls, the relatively smaller export of unmnnufaclured collon, amounting to 2,500,000 bales (in the first half of this year) wore only 4.4 per cent larger than in 1936 and were 19 per cent under the five year average. "Foreign cotton continued to be used extensively in overseas -mills in place of American.'' Hope were Sunday guests of Mr. and ' In 1934 « *he Cfensus showed 32,641 ' JpTr^oTd furfMtin rnci.lrmit }'\\iir\ei it-» !„»,».., ' OKI. Candidates for Japan's naval aviation are selected from boys 15 to 17 , foreign residents living in Japan. ish maps and then its existence disproved. . ^ Among the foreign residents ot 3a-~ 9 | pan, Chinese number more thart fett - J limes as many as any oilier nationality. *« IJpEGISURtP cr*Uft I CRANE WATER HEATERS ,%»LJS ^rtrf^SEBv'iCE $5.00 Dowti Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 • , -.-.IVULIMI i>\* ........ titui c.«»jni:*()HN (lie Dt-Qiicon pep M|imd to martial ! llil(l ""'nines heiwec-n Sl.iKHl.lKH) and music by the De Que, n band between ' S'.'iM.IHNl; (-i)-.lil hehveen $l..'i(KHIflO and halves, wns well done, and drew j S1 -" w - mi(l; '«'" l-etwe-n snuiiii.no and voluminous n>un,|... ,,f apiilan..,- i n. MI , ••"•' ""."<Kt. .-even between $.!.l«Mini> and both Hope nnd D (.)( >ee,-nine..'!,,!. ,,,i,l i S ''>'"'"•""*'• »'i.| "I"' helween $-1 W)ll 111)0 both Jlope nnd De Queen fun;!. p" 1 '' iVn'Nl two. •e wn-- n,,t ,.i-,e |.«M-V,.II in Ihe |..|i''"' llll> "IM'er roof near the left-field bracket of S.YI.'UO.IKHI or 11,01,.''""- I' 1 ' 1 ''"' Vnnkee.s off in front. U laineh despite repented opportunities. j Home inns by HonK into the right- field -lands in (lie second and by Di- Mniji'.io in (he third, on n drive that Medwick Wins Almost i m I!I."..V In l!i::i. one ta-.|,.nei Every Batting Title j ^^n^^ „, Al . kilIlslls NEYORK.-.,^,71r.i IM) n,,v, , " 1 ""' "'"" " J '' :; ' ""•"•"•• '" x . Mellon fanned five bcilsmen in the il his yloved hand and bounced nirunst the bleacher harrier. Gome/ ll.i n hit a sni).,le off Whitehead's glove lo bi a.',: La//eri across. Gome/ . ndvniiced when Rt'd Holf walked and scoreil en Luu Gehnj;'s ineoine tase... In !!i;l;. llie '.','.', |-irs,m- ' A dKed and scored en Lull Gehrie.'^ •A it'i ine..ii,i-.s ,.f SI.000.HDD ,,,- ,,,,,,-e |,,,,| i donhli- to renter. Another pass, lo - • - ------- -•• • l. ; ,ill Dickey, filled llie bases bill Mellon pulled hiniM'lf out of the jam by iclnini-; I long on n foul to Dunning. three innings. After Oil's smash tied the score. «!• • YHHK -i. ic - '•- j ' " ; '""'•"•''' M»>'l'-d the winniiiK ' 1L '" IV - -•'••' ' I' ;l • nn\ new, to I , 1!);;.,. eiiinpnred wnii I",'US .,, HI" i | ••'Hl'iir-'l in the fifth with n .1,,0-foot .inyuiie, (lie final unofficial ave. a,;,--- | (),, ,„,, ,„(,,„„, ,,f SCI :;:,1 dud ,,, ,.,:,.-,''" M'h' to i .'iitei . Hank Leiber mnde a Kir lie .National I.C.HMI, reveal Joe ; SJ'.IT.IKH) wa.s paid in t, xv- , -,', -,.',1 I ''' I •< ' '•'"' "> ">r the Imll but il eu- <Dueky-\Vuckyi Med\vi, k. el,,.,-,,,,. ! w ,i|, n,,.,,,,,,. of S"S SSi; (mil' ,, i , " '-."'•:--' " '--•• outfielder of the St. I , (•.„ ,|, n -,|.s. ,„ Sh.lMMUl ,„ I'm'""" ' '' walked off witl, prachcallv ,-M-^ 1,,,-! -, ,,.. ,, „,„ „, „„, ,,,.,. , UiUtilk. of any c,,,,-,-,,,,,-,,, e. ,„,„„„, ,,.„, .„..,,,,,,„. ,„,, „.,.„„„. Ill win,,,,,,, in- bn.tini, ntle'.Mil, ;,„; ,,, sv:; „;,, „„„ .„„, ;lc| <,,,,„„,„„, (iseraK,. of i,|. Medwicl; ,,-o,,-d tbe :,,„,,„„. tase... In !!):(; Il,, most runs. 111. made the mo.-t hn most doubles, ai. dr,,,e ,„ the n.osi;,,,., „„,„,„,, „( s .-, 7 . 77 ., m .„„, ,, runs. ir,.|. and tied Mel Oil of the s::j.21l 0(X) in In.xes Giants for homo-run honors Will, 111. Persons will, me,,,,,,-., ra.u-in,. be__-_-_ ... .-——_.-__.__._....._._ I Iween SIlWi.lKX) and S15D.IIHO were the ' l>in):csl ronlirhuliirs in l.-,.!li |!r.i;i and !!».'l-l. p.iv -n.u Sa! i:::.'.(Kid and .S.'W.KJIi.ddd Jn Ihe loperlive \'ear;-. In the lowest -bracket rl.i^Mfirntiops. i HI.in nliial.s v.-it!' in,-c|.-.,.-, of le^s than i ciimp.ire.l with S:i I (IS.'i,11(1(1 m l'i:;|. j The Treasury sni.i thai -I..I7.MU.' |,,.,- lArkailSclS I'pSC't 111 SC'COlld SOILS filed income tax r. tniir dm MI" ' /' /• . ii 44! i:.:... had si.!«.Ki.si-'.n,,, „ , „„'„„„.: ( <»nf I'lVMCC Hilttle nnd paid Sli.'.7.-l.'!'.l.lil;ll in t ,-,,•• Tbe. , 2(1 tt.) 14 colr.paled \\iib | (I'.II.IL'I. pe: x Si!!- j 7iH'..WI2 Otltl ,,| net IIH..MC a,,I S.dl.-j \V,\r(). Texas - i/Tl - Slim Royd •iiili.OIH' in laves m l!i;|.|. I'-in-iked into llie end /.one !HI seconds Sal,me* \\,,i;e . con.ini -,. i -.!,- fees | I ,-fore Ihe cL.se of Saturday's only •''"' ••iini,,,r n.l|i|.elf..ii:on >'. .-re the I , ,\ 11 |i we.-,! t'ollfereilce .muliroll joust. l! "' f -""-"ce of inc. mi - 111 both vears. ' cahnly ijalhered in a short pass from pi. .vi, Inn. S!l.%ll.57K.lli«l in I!'.'., and -, ,nt,il.,t,,,,, Hilly Patterson, and the Ivisers COTTON LOANS"! We are now nuikim; (iovcrnment Cotluu Loans, itriii); us yuin wttun for quick servii Jett Williams : us yiiur! ire. _&j:oj Last-Minute Pass Defeats Porkers INSURE NOW WiJh ROY ANDERSON iiiul (-'umiiany Fire, Tonindn, An-ldcnl ! FORS 5 5 roout Hesideiu-r—,'C'l' Soulli Shovcr sd'eet. MO acre farm, lil) acres riilliva- tion. XI) acres limber anil pas- lure. 1 rooiii limise. urn barn. UIMX! naler. 7's miles sixilh iif Jlope. Cash or reasmialile lerms. (Foster & Borden 12^ W. Division SI. iscd Real Mslntc Uni win. i;>;i.nun m p.i:!i. School "Streamlines" 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting Kiivernineni 'J-reiil loans are here., and we are now prcpaied to an.nine loans with the same prompt and careful eun .nler.i- lion thai we have exlendid the pro diner for over 'ill years. The evidence of this eon -Ii in-live and _'i al d'\ IHK MM-SHC is the retention of the valuable pa Iron am- of MIMIC of llie larj.:r'.l and most inflneiili.il planters in the Hope ternioiy for |h,,| unusual |.-n"lli of lime: and lhu.se who anliei|i..le placiu:; Ihen eollon in l)-eenl K,I\ ei nmeul loans can he assured of this mo.st sali-fai -i,,i y alleiilion. Km llu-iiiiore. llic.\ \\ill Im.l it lo Ihen decided advanlae.e In ai ran^e Iheir loans HiiniiKli our film. Hespccll'iilly. E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants 8 South Walnut SI reel Hope, Arkansas a:.,:,.M'n; Ua> lor 13ears bad a vi i lor.\. II i Hi inn- rcVL'aled Iremendons U rj i. f-, ' i nun b,irk .spirit. I wire pulling up from s Keacliny Courses i,!,,,,,, „, , h ,,,, ,,,,i,,,, )„„ , )u , game ilmosl ci-rlamlv wiinld have ended in I.AMAMIK, W.\, ' 1', C'omu- s|i,j,.. ,., ].(..) ( ,..,-„!lock e.xcepl for a hreak. now are tiffeted Lnn,,e .-,, hoo) clnl- ; l-'.ilk'i-on. whose i uniiiiiM. parsing dren to \vbet then ,,|.p, 1,1,-,, for '. .„,,) kiekmj,' slood out all llie way. know ledj.'!'. ' bodied a loiif! one ay.iin.sl the wind lo | .Ml, Key MOIIM' >.,>.-, A. A .^lad, . -ai- t | h . );.,,,,, bnek 211 Dwiijhl Sloan fell; pi riiilendi'i'l i'l' I'libla M-II./..I... I;,,,,, id, slii:htly slick pighide but it Aim-urn's Nn I public hero hp| ed from under him and the alei I Mai. a co/nir -I rip hero and so they • |',-yd i ecovered. Pnltel son and Urn/ell i "The elulclri'ii kn./u him as a niovie|,an to tl.e nine, then the junior from have a warm niteie.il in him." Slade .) |,||. bin,, flipi-.'d the touchdown pass. • S ''V- S ' • The Baylor victory was in line with C'hililr;"! learn lo road more ipncl-,- ih,. conference tradition thai cham- Iv il Hi. y read al I familiar (hini;s !„,,,., ,[,, llul repeal. The Rii/.orbacks. SM Mu-|<e\ .Mou.-e. .Minnie Mouse |!i;,i; tiib^i.-, and sometimes called the iti.nald Duck, lieiijaniin Hull and a nation's "passingest lean," so far have h, I ..I I, -ser stars of tl.e cinnc --trips , , ,,,-,,,-,| y f ,,ne loss nnd one lie ill the v, ill be bmue.hf lo llie classroom.-. as!|();!7 campaign. It was Bruin's first snppli ,'ienlai-y readme, nialei i.d " j I, a:,ne name nnd their triumph gave --»> o * - - jlbein tin 1 conference leadership. -- -- . Ai kan.-,as .'.cored the first touchdown the month with no .,.- Ibe initial period ended, then kick- Main otheis dem .nil ,-,| ,,ff to !)„; home team's 29. One the j first play. Patterson found a big gap , in the left side of the Porker wall. !-!rnck onl for the .side lines and strode j over all ihe intervening chalk marks. j The Ka/iirbacks again were brim- I mil'.;; with confidence after pulling ..head. 11 to 7. in the third period. 1V**' ?•>** v l A-^ i\fr c ° v O-^TT* -urt . ^A V/^ ft. ^' s»eT^l>- •* 7 ^ .^«-^^OOVEi1HOR CAftt E BAIUEY on re eoyp AUS 5 1937 LITTLEROCK ARK HEABVIEST CONORATUUTIONS UPON YOUfl KSIQNATION BY THE DEMOCRATIC STATE: COMMITTEE OF YOUR STATC AS THE NOMINEE FOR UNITEDSTATES SENATOR STOP HAVE NOT WIRED YOU BEFORE THIS BECAUSE WAS OUT OF WASHINGTON PRACTICALLY ALL THE TIME SINCE DESIGNATION STOP HOPE YOU ARE FEELINQ WELL. tND KINDEST REGARDS JAMES A FARLEY 808? Telephone Your Telegrams (o T«$(Ql Ttftgrapb ... . . | A.uam the kickoff wa.s returned to Ihe 29. Again the Hears scored on the I Insi play fiom scrimmage. This lime | I ailerson pnscicd lo llnrnes. .sopbo jmi.ie wiiiMmau. He was smacked lini'i on his 'i."i bul before gomy all the way down lateral..',! to Durham Buvin, substitute halfback, who ambled 55 yards I'.r ibe I'oinner. Tbe hard-charging Baylor defenders made Ihe Arkansus running game look Woefully wear. The Hu/orlxiek.s' passing was not us effective as usual, due in purl perhaps lo the slightly slip- v or 3 E. £^&*&* ^^ w\ toBffi^^fef 1 H * %^+2+%\ t J?$ m ^^^^ ^"^^^ ^^^^ ^^^r ^ "^^ WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION The Honorable Carl E. Bailey Governor of Arkansas Little Ilock, Arkanoae My dear Governor Bcilayi I wag dcll(;ht«d to learn that you tad received the noalnatljn for the Senate in the forthcoming specitl election. I v.lsli you success not only because you are the DeaocmUc nominee, but also because I kno* you represent, the liberal forces of R great state. Your impressive record in the field of social legislation and your espousal of procrosnivo principles have »on you nany frleii'Jo throughout tv.e country ani.your elevation to tlw Senate iiould bo enthusiastically received them. Vcr >' elnceraly yours, HfENRY A. WALLACE, Secretary of Agriculture. , JAMES A. FARLEY, Postmaster Genera! and Chairman , of the Democratic National Committee. FRANCES L PERKINS, Secretary of Labor. HARRY L HOPKINS, . Works Progress Administration wh<? has had charge of the President's '"work relief program. All of these national figures know Governor Bailey for the things he has done in Arkansas. They know Congressman Mil-' ler for the things he hasn't done in Wash-, ington. They approve Governor Bailey, knowing he can be counted upon to support the President and the Democratic Party. They have said so, over their own signatures. None of the national administration,, leaders has endorsed Miller, although they have had seven years in which to become acquainted with him. They know that he has frequently opposed President Roosevelt, who has admitted the South economically and politically once more to the Union. They know that Miller frequently obstructed Senator Y Robinson's leadership, or was conveniently absent when his support was needed. Governor Bailey will be welcomed in Washington as the successor to Senator Robinson. He will have a place in Democratic Party leadership of national affairs. Arkansas will hold its favore'd place In the national picture. one DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE UNITED STATES SENATOR I J 4

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