The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1M BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Japan Sponsors Tliei North Provinces Of China Are Declared To Be Autonomous By NBA Service SHANGHAI, March 28 - The tattle of the Wanjs is ended. By o "e move in her intricate same of < rhceXers. j, u , 1: , „.,, (li . »'ueu Her government in China wticcn two puppets-car-h nnmcd both* "'"" S ''' mi ""•' fnCOS of '"1C first of the wntijs Qn ihc scene was Wang Keli-mi.i, who was set up i, y , h e Japanese two years auo (o rule his fellow Chinese in the north of china The second is Wan* Chins-woi, Mm lii.'iusmate.s a new national Kuverimiem over ull China ir.dcr Japanese auspices March 3(J Of tourse. Chums Kai-sliek contiiuies ins rule o( un:onciuered portions of China, bin the Japanese Ignore 1'KIPINO WAXCi OKAXTEI) AUTONOMY Conflict over overlapping rule of the two Wangs \va.s sidestepped 05' the Japanese when it was announced thai the three rich northeastern province* of Ilopei, Shantung ancl filmnsi have been granted autonomy and will continue under control of a commission headed by Wang Keli-inin, operating Iris scat of government at Peiping. Peiping Wang has i )C en a well. behaved puppet since North china was firsl conquered. The government lie heads lias made considerable progress. Wang has been a ) valuable friend to the Japanese, is .an able financier, possesses huge wealth and prefers power to money. He has cost little and hsu been handy to have around. But contiuest of large parts of South China made it desirable for the Japanese to set up another government. Wang Ching-wci, renegade from Chiang Kai-shek, was chosen to head it. His show, staged beneath protecting Japanese bayonets, carries ihe litJe of "National Government of China." NEW KUl.Ell BUANDEU TBAITOIl This second Wang is a power in China. Educated in Japan, he became an ardent supporter of the! reuli ' PAGE THREE Wang Chine "Wei: Ills Japanese star is in the ascendancy. Wang Kcli-Mlu: secondary |III|IIM.'|. Occupied by Joponcse ••7 MAN- /CHUKUO OUTER MONGOLIA^ •v'"* i INNER MONGOLIA Three provinces under autonomous rule of Wong Kch- min [GREAT WALL] CHINA NANKING^. SHANGHAI CHUNKING Chiang Kai-shek still rules areas not conquered by Japanese. Japanese proclaim Wong Ching-wei head of all Central Chin, MANNING., CANTON SWATOW HONG KONG Chinese republic, tried to assnssi- dlsdplc a 'nd C tc'n1u"mt W of ChS L ti ™m,dcr 10W """* *'"' '" ^'"^ ""*"' "™ "'""^ ^ *'"' great Dr. Sun, Vat-sen. He was ' \ ° premier of' (lie -Nanking yovern- \ keD! ' )Jls wllnt mcnt from 19S5 to E TREES; RISE EftlE Unusually Heavy Snows Add To Difficulty Of Harvesling ST. .JOIINSHURY. VI., April 2 | UI > i--Verini)]U's iinnunl maple su- • nt ha: vest is Betting under way >l last'us farinris move Into (lie •i Mill- uroves breakinr; roads tluoiiBh ihe snow, scaiierlni: buek- 't.s iindn InppInK trees. Continued cold has delayed the •.cif-otrs openlni; almost a moulli. SUB in 1 miukeis say. Alternate tein- IKi.Ume.s just above and just be- lo'.v frcoxlni; are tileal for a yood tlow ot sap. while Ihe trees produce none durinn steady cold or wnrmih. The horse teams, which transport the sap from galherltn! points b: the craves to HIP bolllnrj vnls, will have great ditlleully (his year because of abnormally deep snow unioiiB Ihe suuur bnshe.s, lint It Is expected farmers' -sngar-siathcrlng etloits will be hciglnened because j of (he .small surplus on hand mill ] dealers' promises of high' prices. Oli(|illt Is Uncertain How much sugar actually will be produced cannot be foretold will) any mote surely limn the weather. The length of (he season is as uncertain; it may last six weeks or Iwo, bi;l If prediction!; of a cold, unsettled spring are correct, the lale beginning W ll| not necessarily mean a short seiison. Methods of .sap-gathering have changed little since Ihe Indians tan(!ht Die early .settlors the art. Only the Inslrumimt.s. The most, popular procedure is to tap a hole In (he tree (hree-eijjhlhs inch wide and two inches deep. A woc;len spout Is Inserted at a downward angle and the sup iil- I lowed to drip Into a bucket. t'ollrdrd by Sleffihs The full buckets are emptied into a vat on a horse-dnuvn sleiyh nml taken to the boiling sheds, where (he water content is cvnjj- otated. A gallon of syrup Is left from 25 or more Billions of snp. If sugar Is lo be made, the sap is boiled again at a higher tempera- tine. Vermont. | s the center of the j maple sugar industry, both in quality and quantity of the product. Natural conditions, including temperature, sunlight and soil con- with the rest. CUincsc Dcfinitely pro-Japanese, he was rpi f\\ • i slioi by assa.«ins in 1335. reoov- i lit' I JMCkilSclW. pri>/l rrii^liiiim^l i.:,. ___ i.._ > _ * Lux oca Panther ered, continued his private „.„ , with Chiang Kai-shek and Ills t overtures to the Japanese until j 1939 when he was expelled from Chiang Kai-shek's government and branded a traitor to China. His efforts for peace with Japan and his evident hope to have North China included- in the Nan- king government brought him "fftce to face" with Peiping Wnng. The northern Wang was "reported to have resigned, sulked in his summer pnlnce. Neither Wan Japan needed thc friendship "ami j Win Top Honors The Chickasiuv. local M"h school paper, was judged the Ijesl printed paper of Hum six columns entered for competition in the annual Journalism Day held at Arkansas State College nt Jonesboro Saturday iti connection with academic contests. Similar contests for other subjects will be held at oilier fes- wantcrt lo give in. tiviils (his spring. Lloyd niomeyer and Bill Morse. Osccola, first. English—lentil Batimley. Dycss, first. help of both. Installation of the second Wang's government nt Nanking was delayed long after Us original scheduled date until now the new autonomy move saves both their places in the Oriental sun. Posey, Fowler Free Temporarily On Bond CARUTHERSVILLE, jr p .. Apr 1 F 1 —Adrian Posey, 26, of Steelc, ami Odis Fowler. 3s. of Cooler, sentenced to fifteen years each for murder in the second degree here earlier this week for the alleged slaying of Mrs. Mary Vaughn, 45, wife of a Steele. Mo., blacksmith, were released from the comity jail here laic Saturday under bonds of 515.000 each pending hearing of their motion for new trial. Posey and Fowler were sentenced Thursday morning after a jury had deliberated the preceding night. Defense attorneys, O. E. Hooker and Elmer Peal, both of this city, were given ten days to file motion for a new trial, and the presiding judge, Judge Robert I cope of Poplar Blufl. who heard the case ! Blylhcvillc and other Mississippi on a change of venue, set April 12 j County winners in the academic . , high school students, received first places in the general science and biology contests of Die academic ince meets Combined numbered entries in bolh more 300 students of Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. The Luxora Panther was chosen the best paper among thc mimeograph entries wilh other places going (o Bragg City. Mo.. Fisher and Bay. Holy Angels Academy of Jonesboro and Brinkley received second and third honors in the special division created for the six column paper wliisli was won by BlyUteville. Joncsljoro, Ititesville and Paragould were Ihe winners in thc regular printed paper division. Mississippi comity winners hi Mtc individual Journalism contests were as followsi Headline writlng—Murrel Gene | Dallas of Dyess Colony, first; news j writing-Jessie Glenn Tomlln, Uix- ora, sccorxl; nyron o. Wilkitis Jr.. Luxcra. third; copy reading—Myr- lecn Hall. Osccola. fourth; sports writing — Myron O. W:llc::is Jr. Luxora. fourth; feature writing — Mary Virginia Seagravcs Oseeola. first Watch Owners Urged To Know Their Property SAN JCSB. Cal. (UP) — William A. Wlllbergcr, director of the San Jose State College Police School, lins drawn up a list of details whii-h every person, he says, should know auont their watch, If they hope lo have Ihe police find it, when lost or stolen. "ft is .surprising," he declares, "how tunny persons cannot tenls, combine to produce the best, trees and the sweetest, sap. According lo (he crop reports of I the U. S. Department of Agrlcul- ! turc during th c seasons 19H5-l!Ki9, i Vermont, produced •« per cent of York, Ohio and Pennsylvania followed in that order in m, average production of 1.0D4.-IQO pounds of sugar nnd 2,712/200 aalldiis of syrup. tell the make of Besides the make their watches, of the watch. there are many other distinguishing features, knowledge of which would Bssbt Hie police considerably." Wiltbergefs list of details that a person should know about his watch numbers 35. Including the following: The number of jewels. The number of the works and Ihe case number. What type of numeral is on thc dial. Whether the dial is porcelain or metal. Arc Ihc rear cover and bezel (the frame holding the crystal) of a snap, hinge or screw variety? Is the bow above stem round, fancy. French antique? the winding antique or as the day he would hear Die motion. At The Hospitais Blylherillc David Orgel, Caruthersvlllc, ad- miltcd. Larry Heiuon, city, admitted. Walls Hospilal Mrs. H. D. Uivvson. Cooler, admitted. Mrs. Charles W. Brigham. city, admitted. W. D. Blcdsoe, Matthews, Mo, admltlcd. Wade Reeves, city, dismissed. Mrs. Ernest Halscll, city, dismissed. Jackie Plceman, Lcachville, dismissed. Slcmiihts SI. Joseph's Hospilal k Johnny Mae Doyle, Wilson ad- mltted. ' Memphis Baptist Hospital Annie ^fllrl[e Massey, Osceola, admitted. tcsls were: Biology—Dill Morse. Ulythcville, first; Meddle Brown. Blylheville. second; Albert Snlllxi, Blylheville. third. General science—Lloyd Blomcyer. Blytheville, first. Social science—Tenth grade. Joe .McClure. Blytheville, second; Sylvia Reidman. BlylheVille. anri Bi!) Morse. Blythevlllc, tied for third with Evelyn Ixick of E'iggolt. Eleventh and twelfth grades. Jim B'.tnn. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Read Couiler News Hunt ads. ' TERM I NIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS What is the style of the hands and are they solid or of Ihe open type? COURTS Alleged failure lo have Arkansas liquor permits on several cases of whisky cost the Ellis Truck Line of Memphis 580. Thc driver of thc truck, which was cnrotitc from St. Louis to Memphis, was lined this sum in Municipal Court (odny after having been apprehended during ihe weekend by the stato police. W. E. Heiison, arrested on a charge of while under the inllucnce of liquor, was granted a continuance until Sntimlny. Third Session Near On Needs Of Southland CHATTANOOGA, Telln. <UP> — More than I,out) delegates are expected to meet here April M-i(i to near leaders in various fields discuss the Soulh's social problems at the Ihird annual Southern Conference for Human Welfare The conference was organized m 1938 at Binning],,,,,!. Ala., for the four-fold purpose of improving the agricultural, industrial educational and social conditions south of the Mason-Dlxon Line Dr. Prank p. Graham, president of Ihe University of Norlh Caro- Ina and conference chairman will preside over the sessions Speakers will include: David E. Lillenthnl, director ol thc Tennessee Valley Authority Mark S. Ethcridge and Barry Bmgham of the Louisville Courier- Journal; William Mitch of tiic United Mine Workers of America- A. D. Stewart, president of the Mississippi Cotton Cooperative Association; Ur. Houerl Montgomery, head of the economics department at the University of Texas Mayor Maury Maverick of San Antonio. Tex.; Miss Gay B Shcn- 1 person of McLean, Vn, former WPA Official; ,-rof. J. j. ' M< S of (he Ttilane University L,,, v School, and J. H. Butler, president of the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union. Read Courier News «ant ads In northern Italy cheese is a favorite sport. Rolled for dis- lajicc. the cheeses weigh from five to 70 pounds. Special This Week 5 room resilience, 100 foot lot. Trice, SI250. 5125 cash. Ualsnce $11.70 month. Thomas Land Co. U. C. Cnmpbel), salesman STONEVILLE 2B Experiment SUllon Tests Prove It To Be Best Money Vslno cotton Tor Mississippi connly We have a limited supply o! these stcd which jrc first rcir rmm r*M greed Stonevllle -2 B loughl dit.ct from the breeder. It '"„ ,r«n on local farms and Its p,,rltj. is | nsurM by , pe( . UI Mpetrt ,| 0n , n jf"irlctrnt separillon In ulanllng, picking » n d ginning' nnocut net fresher an,t pnrer seed now—we will b« flat lo tnde for your «eed or you n,ay obUln theso delated E!«d for $2.60 per hnndrcd! RED TOP GIN I'hone 27,7 Norlh 01 Klghwuy Blytbevllto, Atk. • HOLD EVERYTHING Ray Little To Face Trial On April 15 CAItUTIlKKBVIM.K, Mo., Apr. 1. •-Trial In circuit court here for liny l.Hlle, ;iO, of cooler, chnruod with llrst dewee- murder In con- •H'l'llitii with the futnl shouting of l''red l''ursj'iho mid FMn rosier, bolh or Tyler cmniiiiiuliy, March Ifclli, has been M ,i for March 15th, I'losecuilni' Atimney It. W. IIuw- 'ilus amuninred yesterday. The double sluylnu occurred after I Hie diH'kel was initde up fur ihe | March iwm now In progress, hni I'msremor Jliuvklns imtde u special ell'mi tu have It Included In illils term. I.Illli? Is accused of liliootlni; thc I wo men, liotli sevvlveil by liimllh's lollowlni! mi iirisumcm at, „ ,., mn .' . liy dance linn- Tyler. I,Idle du|ms I Ilii' two men allacked htm at ihe ' "Her. one wleldiiiK a knlle, mnl snliuj him M'vcnil tlincK. At the I'nme Cookies mfc high \villi (lie youngsters. KV SlltS. GAVNOIt niADDOX Dried mills add interest mill vihimins to your cookie Jar. And u IJiittcrless-egijIess cake ti>l:es some of the worry out of your food budget and pills lots of good «i1i- IK Into It at (he same time . FUUri'-OATIKS One and Ihrce-fonrlhs cups cotik- ed primes-, 1 cup butler, 2 cups granulated sugar, ', cup honey. '.'. eggs. 1 cup sifted all-purpose Hour, '_• teaspoon suit. I icnspomt sndu, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 5!t to fi cups quick-cooking oats, 2-3 cup chopped wnbml nieiils. nil one cup primes and cut Into small pieces. Cream butler, add Miunr and cream thoroughly. Add honey and prunes, mid mix. Add beaten eggs and beat. Add flour sifted with sail, soda and spice, and mis. Add oal.s i\nd nuts and stir until ivell blended. Drop in small mounds on greased cooky sheeUs. I'll, remaining 7, cup prunes, cut into pieces (about 5 lo Ihe prune) and place n piece on top of each cooky. Unkc In H modcrale oven 075 degrees to 3BS degrees F.) IS lo 15 minutes. Bake a lest cooky; if necessary, add n few more oats, as si/,e of cygs and moisture In primes may vary slightly. Makes approximately five dozen medium-si/.ed cookies. iiui.i:ss OAKH CI'H'ii small Iciarrs) One nip brown iiiifgiir, 1 cup water, "j cup lard or other Hit, 1 cup chopped dried iiprlcots. 1 cup seedless raisins. l > teas|mons cln- nnmon. 11, teas|KH>n nulmeK, ',, teaspoon cloves. 1 teaspoon will.. Combine these Ingrixllunls in Miuceiinn. llrlng (o hull and hull 3 mimile.s. Then ntlil Ihe followln« ingredients: One cup coarsely chopped pra- ams, 2 cups Hour, I teaspoon .soda, I'I- toaspiwns linking powder. Mix thoroughly. Turn into two small bread tins. Bake in moderate oven CI5B degrees P.) for iilioitt -15 minutes. lioth the fruit cookies and (he cuke will keep fresh and moist for .invernl days If stored In crocks •>r well-sealed tins. Pemiscot's Young O Democrats To Meet CAHUTHKRSVM.LE, Mil., Apr. 1. -Hoy W. Harper, ehairman nf ihc PemlRcot County Yonny Democratic Cliit), yesterday announced the annual election meeting will he held In this city at the courthouse next Monday night April 1st, at 7:30 p. in. Congratulations 'First' Voters Under our Arkansas Constitution those becoming twenty-one years of age since April 10. ifrtB may vote in the Municipal Election- April J, 1<MO, without having procured a twll tax receipt. All other citizens must pay for the privilege of voting bill, you. crossing the threshold of real cillwnshlp. are accorded Mils opportunity without cost. It Is n right lo be trraJaircd, Wilh Ihc privilege accorded you by reason of your enlarged citizenship you will welcome thc many opjmilimitles that art yours, and 1 count It a happy privilege lo remind von of tills right. In (Ills connection I call your attention as welt as that ol all volets to my candidacy tor Municipal Judge and respectfully solicit your vole and influence. Should I be elected, 1 promise you that 1 will conduct (lie affairs of th« office I" such a manner as to cause you no regret for having voted for me. Agnin congratulations to yon. Geo. W, Barham CANr>ii>,vn: ron MUMCUMI, JUDGE •NOTE: Though you may have voted In other elections you are still entitled to vole without poll tax receipt In the Municipal Election if you have become twenly-onc years of age since April 10, 1938. pcllmlnnry, at which Little was ' bounU ovct- lo circuit court without bond, evidence showed that ntlcr he had gone and had tils' knife wounds treated, Little secured n .shotgun and revolver trailed the two men in a car and. opened fire at close, range. Old New England Clock Requires Weekly Repairs UOCKy IIII,!,, Conn. <UP)- Rlcwiml w. uextcr, 18, always liked to tinker with clocks nml in lime, he became so proficient that he ivns Kh'fii the exnctlng task of repairing the huge c i ol .k !„ the Meeple of Rocky H||| Congregational church. B The clcck Is one of the eldest In New KiKjInnd and ILs weights welsh :ioo pounds, eacli. Every week Dick elhnbs Into the belfry 10 make adjustments, Read Cdtirler News «nnl nds ' ''<• I'Ji "Wluil! No oiilhonnl motors? And you fall Iliis u drug slim:!" Use Of I'Yuii Tid-Bits Adds Interest To Baked Goods ,>r Coml!|i (m of ' nn-s Bank & Trusl Company ASSKVS -Y'i 1 , 1 ; llSl T" ts '""-''I'll''* M20.31 O verdr;,fl.s) ...... tm',,? fluwr "»*»l "'nations. dhTct and ' ' ' $ 85120007 ' t Oblivions of ' siaies' 'and' ' poillleai ' 'M^:. '. '. '. Olher bonds, notes, and debentures ....... ' "" innman Cash halancrs wUh' oiiier 'hanks,' t.Voiiulli.V'.mVw'bnliMc. and cash n,- ms )„ ,„,,,..,,,,. (lf fMMl ......... limik prettilses tmd Motiluomery Witrd Building owned * 00 (100.00, furniture ami (Klines {i.MO.OO ... . ' 10150000 li.-a I ( ..,i«|,, ()wm .«l other than bank premises ............... ' Tw Assets of Insiniince Departmetil ............ ......... „. '' IT Olher Assets Insurance nepartmenl ......... .'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'".'.' too TOTAI ' ASSI ' rl ' H <lep ( ,slts Ui\Hll,iTii;s >s, iiiul coi-iwra- and ,,nd ofDcers' checks, ..... , ........ .__ ^ *.> 2Q2 l™ of insurance IJepiirtmetii '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."' ' 218U701 TO'l'Al. MAHIMTIKS (not Ineliidlng siita'dlnnled al, "gallons shmvh below) CAI'ITAI. ACCOUNTS •rO'l'AI, CiMM'I'Al, ACCOUNTS $2,304.81525 268,101.29 TOTAL LIAIIII.ITlra ANH CJAIMTAI, ACCOUNTS ..... $2,5711 000 5-1 of SlSl)O(lOc') ' : ""' 1 " 1 c< " ls!sls of n "" mo " *'<":k with I olal par value AIKMOHANDA Pliidncd assets (and securities, loaned) (tank value) • in) U. 8. Om'cimneiil, olillciilions, direct and BUiiranlecd Ulcdai'd lo secure deposits inul other -llahlllltes ...... $ 2!),000.0l> accnrcd and' preferred' 'liabilities: ............................ $ 25,000,00 HO ni'iiosll.'i secured by ' pledfjed assets pmsuiinl lo re- tpilremenls of huv . ................................. $ , .......... ' .................................. .$ 2r,,ooo.M i. J-. K WHIT™, cashier of the ittovc-iutmecl Imnk, hereby certify ihiit (he above slalemetit Is Irue to the best of my knowledge and belief !•'. K. WARI1KN, Cashier Correct— Allcsl: H. t \. Lynch .1. U Cherry I. 11. Johnson, Directors. Slnle of Arkansas, Com)ly nf Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20lh day of March, 10-11). „ , E. H. nrynn, Nolnry Public. (bean My commission expires March 25, 1.11.'!. To Blytheville s Citizens Your nii'oful coiisidorsilion ol 1 mr ciimlidacy for UK: of Ike of City Clerk is invited, if y «,u Ibul that 1 am (|ualili(!(l for (his ol'fkc, now more inipovlitiil Lbiiii over l)Cttiiin<! of rcccnL consolidation of two offices into I ho one office, ! will a|i]m.'ciale votir vote and in- fllll'llCL'. Hcspecl fully Yours, Frank Wworth Candidale for Ciiv Clerk So Much Depends On Appearance! Yet appear* depends on one thing —— -. GOOD CLEANING The way your clolbe.s look usually forms the basis for the Impression you make on strangers. Don't neglect this fact In selecting your cleaner. Hudson, for 24 years lias been specializing in all (ie- parltnents of cleaning. To be sure your clothes remain pleasing In shape, color and. style, send them lo Phone 53 ClcancrvClothicr-T5aiior

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