Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1937
Page 3
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Monday, October 11, gj^iiittiyiirir j JT . f MM^A^^^^^-----,-T' T : , HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE TSlBtt MRS. SID HBNHY crc lety, 3NHY r TELEPHONE 821'' -fjT^ To ench one is given a mnrblo to carve for the wall; A stone that is needed to heighten the beauty nf all; And only his soul has the magic to Rive it grace; And only his hands have the cunning to put it In place. Yes, the task that is given to each one, no other can do; So the errand is waiting; it has waited through ages for you. And now you appear; and the hushed ones arc turning their ga^e, To see what you do with your chance in the chamber of days. Selected. The John Cain chapter D. A. 1?. will meet nt the home of Mrs. Chas, Hoynes on Wfdni'.sday, October 13, with a o/ic o'clock luncheon. _.O- Mr*. Mary Middlebrook.s is visiting in Litlle Hock, tln.> guest of her daughter, Miss Kdnn Middle-brooks. ~0~ The many friends of Mrs. Tully Henry will be pleased to know that she i.i improving following a major operation at Julia Chester hospital. -O- Mrs. Mildred Belts of Cuindcn was n week-end visitor to relatives in Hope and Emmet. -O-' Mrs. Herbert Lcwallen underwent a tonsil operation at Julia Chester hospital Monday morning. Her condition is reported as satisfactory _o~ Mrs. D. H. Upscumb, Miss Maude Lipsconib, Miss Jack Porter, Mrs. G. B. Morris, Miss Hosn Harrie, Mrs. E. F. McKaddin and Mrs. C. Cook were among the Hope pooplc attending the Centennial program in Washington on Sunday. -O- Miss Mary Jones spent Sunday in Texarkana, visiting with relatives and friends. O- John G. William* (if Dallas. Texas, is the guc.st ,,f hi;, mother, Mrs. J. G. Williams of this city. Card of Thanks We wi>h to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation In our many friends for ilu-ir kindness during the illne.ss and death of our little son. Mr. and Mrs. Fr.uiklin Simpson JOAN BLONDELL -mill— PAT O'BRIEN "BACK IN CIRCULATION" r\ Mr. nnd Mrs. Theo Long of Houston, Texns, announce the birth of a daughter, lx>rn Saturday, October 9, in Houston Methodist liospitnl. She has been christened Carolyn Muriel. Mrs. Long will )» remembered in Hope us the former Miss Carrie Davis. Mrs. Long's mother, Mrs, Preston Davis, is in Houston with her daughter. Hospital Notes Mrs. Don Gtinn who is a patient at Julin Chester hospital is reported OH improved. Miss Geraldino Mnrtin who is a patient at Julia Chester is improving. Ati.ss Marie Kaufman who underwent an appcnditicis operation at Julia Chester is reported as doing nicely. Miss Ruby Monzingo of Rosston is receiving treatment at Julia Chester hospital. R. L. Gorham of Blcvins is n patient at Julia Chester hospital. Mrs. B. M. Mouser of Columbus who underwent a major operation at Julin Chester hospital is reported ns doing nicely. Miss Clara Browning who underwent a appendilicis deration at Julia Chester hospital is reported as doing nicely. Miss Geraldine Foster is a patient at Julia Chester hospital. Mrs. W. R. Hollingsworth who has Ix-en a patient at Julia Chester hospital has been removed to her home. Paul O'Neal was dismissed Sunday from Julia Chester hospital following an appcnditicis operation. An oyster is n father one year and a mother the next; it is possible for it to be both simultaneously. Glare Killed by Polarized Light New Lamp Eliminates Glare Commonly Blamed on Glazed Paper n.v IIOWAUI) BLAKESLEE Associated Press Science Edllor BOSTON.—Tliere's n new desk lamp In n laboratory here nnd 11 gives no glare, It's the only lump of its kind. It uses polarized light, a new type of ray. Polarized Igiht is in alt kinds of light—sun, moon, stnr or nrtiflciat. But to get it you hnvc to filter the right rays, cut off the glaring ones. Until now (here never hns been n mn- terinl to filter enough polarized light to make ;i reading lamp. Tiic window of this new lamp is a sheet of Polaroid, made of quinine and iodine crystals, clear as glass, thin ns paper. It was invented by Edward Land and is made at the Land- Wheelwrighl Laboratories here in sheets large enough to fith the biggest searchlight. This new lamp has exploded another popular belief -that glav.ed paper CHUSCS more glare on the eyes than dull pnper. Glufc, it .seems, is innocent. The whole business depends on the type of rays in light And the polarizing material filters out the rays that cause filarc, making print stand out in sharp detail and rich color, with Milt and pepper, moisten with chicken stock and cook (ill the rice is soft, adding enough slock to keep it moist. When done put in hot earthen-ware casserole and garnish with pimcntoes fried in oil, cooked asparagus tips, cooked pens, and a sprinkling of chopped par.sley. Yolanda the Glamorous Yolanda, the glamorous Queen of Bubble Dance, will visit Hope on the evening of Tuesday, October 12 and accompanied by her entourage of eighty people traveling on a fleet of thirty-five huge cars, trucks and buesos will nppenr tor one performance only at lot just beyond old Garland school at West Sixth street. While press agent ajectives may be ignored, the fact remains that reports and reviews from other cities say the show is truly "magnificent" and is undoubtedly the most massive atraction of its kind ever to appear under canvas. A huge tent recently purchased houses the show nnd provides comfortable seats for nearly 5,000. Nothing like this show has ever been presented to the American public under canvas and when one considers the admission prices charged by this popular organi7.ation they cannot help but marvel. Ladies, accompanied by one paid adult admission, will be admitted to the performance absolutely free. Above is pictured a small group of the now famous Billroy Beauty Chorus. The big tent will be. pitched.at lot just beyond old Garland school at West Sixth St. The doors will open the evening of the performance at 7:15 with the Overtur by the Palais Royal Orchestra, "the hottest music since Nero fiddled," at 7:30. A band new three act musical farce interspersed with fifteen vaudeville acts and "so many girls you can't count 'em all" wifA be presented during the evening's cnletrainment. Iodine Called First Among Germ-Killer* BERKELEY, Calif.-</P)-lodine mgy not look nice on your skin, but it's still the most efficient germ destroyer, the I/University of California de- partment of bacteriology WSportS. were made of nine leading; germicide* used to combat pus and lyphu* of bacteria. Massachusetts has extended voting to mariners and persons engaged in fishing. »,$ '.':*i <'1 Sport Heroes Wear Wool JACKETS Better Dressed Men Buy At Haynes Bros. '•* J "There Is No Profitable Sufwtitute for Quality" Colonel May Be Captain MILWAUKEE—•Miirquolto's eleven liius more than a captain this year. They have a colonel—Colonel Bel/, of Sioux City, In., who was so christened by his doting parents. 8 IT ss S New Northern Star Revealed in Hollywood's Film Heaven HOLLYWOOD.—When Sitfrid Curie met Samuel Goldywyn iit ;i p:irly in London, he asked if she would like to work in the movies am! she .said "No, thanks." A year ago Miss Curie titmc to America with a party of Norwegian friends. They were tourists purely; couldn't even get into a studio. She called Mr. Goldwyn. He said sure, come riyht out, and while she was about it she iiiinht like to take a screen test. Two days later she signed a contract. Miss Gurie was not a great European star. She appeared in three plays in her native Qslo. Her parents did not want her to undergo the work and worries of an acting career. They sent her to girls' schools in France and Beligum, and one year to an art school in London. Also she has studied architecture n bit. Norwegian ^HtATgM LAST TIME TOUAY you haven't seen (his oiilsfand- intC Hit—Hurt-}—Last Day Technicolor Cnrlnou and Novelty STARTS TUESDAY Double Feature JOHN WAYNE I Warren Hull —in- I -iu- "Sca Spoilers" [Bride For Henry COTTON LOANS QUICK SKHVICK IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas children begin to learn English and German at 12. Miss Gurie still has an accent, but Goldwyn doesn't want her t<i lose that. "Stay Ou( of Sight" ' After signing her contract she rented a house and settled down to wait for ti picture assignment. Goldwyn had told her to stay there until he sent for her. She twiddled her thumbs, counted the patterns on the wall paix>r, look long, lonely walks. Sometimes in desperation she'd telephone Goldwyn and beg to he allowed to study diction and dramatic expression. He'd say, "No, I don't want you ruined. Take it easy, stay out of sight and pretty soon I'll put you to work." When her first assignment finally came, it was a loan-out to Universal for a part in "The Road Back." Goldwyn sent her under an assumed name —Greta Ghynt, later changed it Greta Ibsen. But the role, cspecialy as Miss Gurie played it, turned out to be an exceptionally liirrid one. Hays Office censors cut her completely out of the picture. More months passed. But the waiting was easier now, Irccausc Miss Gurie knew she was going to be Gary Cooper's leading lady in "The Adventures of Marco Polo." It was just a question of getting the picture started, Edw. G. Robinson As the "brains" behind the prize fight racket, Edward G. Robinson has the strongest role of his film career since "Little Caesar." He's the toughest guy along the Main Stem, whose one failing was falling for Belle Davis, his co-star, in "Kid Galahad" the Warner Bros, picture showing at the Now theater Monday. The Morning AfterTaking Carters Little Liver Pills and the time finaly came. Everyone at the.studio is raving about her performance. Her full name is Sigrid Gurie Hnukelid. She is 23, has nice architecture, medium brown hair and blue eyes. Her hands arc long. She uses a trace of lipstick, no other makeup. She never uses perfume, and actually dislikes jewels and furs. "My mother," she said, "gave mo once a beautiful silver fox set, but I just cannot wear it. 'A pearl necklace, too. 1 have never had it on. It is funny! I like to look at jewels, in my hands, but not to wear them." She confesses to a liking for evening gowns, but by day Miss Gurie wears neither hat, coat nor gloves. Sometimes she comes to the studio in her ear, which she likes to drive fast, and sometimes she comes in a public bus. Her father read of this and cabled her 51000 to buy a car. ''I am perhaps the only Norwegian who can't ski well, or skate," she said. "But I do ride well; that is my sport. In Norway riding is quite a luxury. You are taught by cavalry officers and you wear proudly the badges they give for hunting and hurdling and equitation." She likes to dance, but can't endure jazz music at other timc.s. Up to now .she ha.s been forbidden to go to parties, but doesn't care for them anyway. Doesn't smoke or drink. Fortunately, one thing she docs enjoy is acting. HAVE YOU SEEN THE CQIEJEDIHflS BQYALE •IN THE WORLD'S BIGGEST AND MOSTE ^BEAUTIFUL R?SIT]VELY GUAT2ANT^EED? WMERPROOF TEST Wmi\ />&/</ADViT iic/ Hope, One Night Only Tuesday, October 12 Tent located just beyond old Garland School at West Sxith Street, between South Washington and Grady Streets. Spreading Like, Wildfire, Wave, of Indignation Sweeps Every Section of State 42 COUNTIES DECLARE BAILEY NOMINATION ILLEGAL and assure voters they can irate for John E. Miller for U. S. Senator and still remain good Democrats/ MAJORITY OF MEMBERS OF COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CENTRAL COMMITTEES IN COUNTIES LISTED BELOW SIGN FOLLOWING OR SIMILAR RESOLUTIONS: WE, the undersigned, members of the Democratic Central Committee of Sebastian County Arkansas, with to say that we find that, under the laws of the State of Arkansas, Sections 3746, 3748 and 3749 of Crawford & Moses' Digest, there is no authority for the nomination of a candidate for United States Senator by the Democratic State Committee, and we believe that the recent attempt of the Democratic State Committee to nominate Carl Bailey was not only against the expressed declaration of the last Democratic State Convention, but was contrary to the laws of the State of Arkansas, and therefore void. We do not believe that this action on the part of the State Committee is binding on the Democratic voters and we wish to assure the Democratic voters of this County that, in our opinion, they have a right to vote against the nominee of the State Committee without violating any party rule, and we will not treat any Democratic voter who sees fit to vote against this committee nominee as a bolter and will not attempt to bar any such voter from any future Democratic primary election; nor will we refuse a place to anyone as a Democrat on any ticket or ballot in any Democratic election hereafter, if a candidate. < i I ARKANSAS COUNTY ASHLEY COUNTY BENTON COUNTY BRADLEY COUNTY BOONE COUNTY CAKrtOLLCOUNTY CLEBURNE COUNTY CLEVELAND COUNTY CHICOTCOUNTY CRAIGIIEAD COUNTY DESHA COUNTY DREW COUNTY FAULKNER COUNTY GRANT COUNTY GREENE COUNTY HOWARD COUNTY JACKSON COUNTY INDEPENDENCE COUNTY JOHNSON COUNTY LITTLE RIVER COUNTY LINCOLN COUNTY MADISON COUNTY MILLER COUNTY NEVADA COUNTY NEWTON COUNTY PHILLIPS COUNTY PIKE COUNTY POLK COUNTY POPE COUNTY PRAIRIE COUNTY RANDOLPH COUNTY SEARCY COUNTY SEVIER COUNTY ST. FRANCIS COUNTY SALINE COUNTY SHARP COUNTY STONE COUNTY SEBASTIAN COUNTY VAN BUREN COUNTY WASHINGTON COUNTY WHITE COUNTY WOODRUFF COUNTY Thus more than 700 Democratic Party officials in 42 counties have gone on record declaring Bailey's nomination illegal. Other Counties Will Take Similar Action Prior to ELECTION MONDAY, OCT. 18th Miller*for-Senator Campaign Headquarters —Advertisement.

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