Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 27, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1934
Page 3
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HOWS' iSTAft/HOPB; MRH. Sin HENRY r/ I'd rather .sr-e ; , .•.rntuiit t|i.., ( M( ...,,. on , and day, I'd nitlier imp would walk with nv (him merely toll tho woy. The eye's- n better pupil and more •willing, tluin thp ,.„,., Fine counsel j. s confusing, but examples nix 1 always clear. The best ,,f a |l (f, c , p|- enc || t ,. s -ire the men who live their creeds, For ID M'i> jiood put in action is what everybody needs. I ran .mirm learn to do it, if you'll lot mo sro it done. I can watch your hand:; in action but your tongue too fust may run The Irr'turc'f: you 'deliver may bo ver> wise and true, Ilul I'd rather got rny lossnn by observing what you do. 1 may not understand the high advice Hut the like to you act no misunderstanding how live. The Christian Misso:; Stairley and Dimple Black of Texarkana and Miss Mollit- Gordy of Conway wore Sunday guests of Miss Marilyn Ward. n Mr. and Mrs. Ray McDowell have returned from a week's vacation in Hot Springs. N O W Conio down and greet ft/Iattie EVANS at 9:3O and hoar from her own lips all about her great Hollywood trip and of the- sl.-ir;; she saw and Jiu-t. —On Ihc Sri-con — Jean Harlow Kranolirtt Tune "The GIRL from MISSOURI" TUESDAY ONLY .Waflm-c nest LIONEL ATWILI Mrs. E. P. McPnddin and two little daughters, Mary Ross jinrt Matilda, litivu- returned from it fhrop weeks' visit'with rclativo.K in Corsienna and 1 l'V>rt Worth, Texas. I | Youth, 11, Wins Mrs. Henry Haynes has returned | ' s visit lo the World's- Mrs. Arthur Martin loft Satrtlay for her home in New Oilcans after M ''- '""' ^ rs - J - M - "arbin, Mrs. a viist with her parents, Mr. and Mr '•'I""-'""' Turner, Jiminie Harbin, Mrs. Will Poi-tor in this city. Mat Galstoi- and Miss Van Galstor were Sunday visitors with Mrs. W. W. Johnson and Mrs. Ada Swift-good at Fair Acres, near Nashville. MI-H. Harold Bowen of A ml in, Texas is (ho guest of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrh. John Matthews. Mrs. Bowen will Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Davis and dau elHor, Sarah Eli/;ibeth, anrl Mr an Mr;;. Do woy Uaher and rlnui;h(or, Ma vis were Sunday visitors j n H .Springs. Host Master and Mrs. J, A. Dnvi, spent Sunday with relatives in Put Mr. and Mrs. Mac Duffie and child ran are spending a 'few days will friends and relatives in Rxissellville Mrs. Sue S. Wilson, who has sppn the past month with her sister. Mrs Ross K. Gillispic and Mr. Gillispio ha;; returned to her home in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmio Dick Welsh o I.iltk 1 Rock are the guests of Iheii daughter. Mrs. .Foy Mammons, Misses Magic Rider and Mario Huck- abec of Patmos weer the week e guests of tchir aunt, Mrs. John Wil>on and Judge Wilson. Mrs. Maggie Bell and Ike T. Boll Jr., spent the wook end with Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Marshall in Texurkana. Mrs. W. Y. Foster Jr., who has spent ho summer studying in the Chicago Academy of Fine Artc arrived home Monday morning. Mrs. Kate Holland has rolurnod from Green villo Texas firronvillo, ToxnK, where she attended tin- bedside of her daughter, Sarah Ann, who underwent an emergency appendicitis operation at a Greenville hospital. Friends will bo glad to know that Sarah Ann is able to bo I removed to the borne of her aunl Mrs. R. H. Reagan and Mrs. Reagan ir Greenville for convalescence. Honoring Mrs. Dickson Walkins, a popular bride of the summer, Mrs H. T. While entertained at three tables of bridge Saturday afternoon at hoi homo on North Washington. Late sumor flowers adorned the rooms. In the score count the high score went to Miss "Pudgy" Bornicr and the honorce was presented with a dainty gift. A most tempting salad and ice course was served. Mrs. White was assisted in curing for her guests by her daughter, Mrs. Jack Stewart of Vicksburg, Miss. Tea callers were Mrs. L. A. Foster, Mrs. Chos. Haynes and Mrs. Sid Henry. o Friends will regret to learn of tho passing of Mrs. W. S. Eakin, a former cilizcn of Washington and Hope and a member of one of Hempstoad county's pioneer families, whose death occurred Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Floy Eakin Allen in Denver, Colo. Funeral and in- lermonl wil be in Rose Hill cemetery in this cily either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. be remembered as Miss Gatha Matthews. Bon Hnynrw has rellirnod from Austin, Texas where he received his Master's Degree from the University of Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams spent the week end visiting in Sheridan and Hot Springs. , M/2SS: OLD OWL (HOLD YOUR TEMPER SAVEYOUR.SPLEEN/I & \ TAKE MY TIP y USE ESSOLENEf / ! *4 GutuwvteM SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE Dr. Rajah Roma Says All Are Not Fitted College Education »Y Dr. ROMA Each year there are hundreds of young men and women who fail in their college courses. Naturally psychologists everywhere are giving this matter their attention. Many -have reached the conclusion that those failures are due lo the fact that many boys nnd girls are misfits in college, 7ind would save their parents, the col- logo, and Ihemselvcs a lol of trouble, V not attending college. In deciding whether lo send your )oy or girl lo college, you should soml •our child to a competent phycholol. ,'ist and find out just what your boy tr Kir) is bo.sl suited for in life, iheir aptitudes', their abilities and Ihoii- pos- ibililies. Wo have become imbued with ideas ind false ideals as lo the social value f a college education, also its money aluejs exaggerated. The college is ssential to our democracy and to ov- ry youth who enters ils doors. Dcsin belie tr qualifications and ability. I have boon life Soap Box Derby 'Robert Turner Awarded 4 -Year College Scholar-. ship and Wrist Watch A true soap-box type rneer won (he Chevrolet - sponsored All - American -Soap Box Derby a'l Dayton, Ohio, August 19. in which the winners of local contests in 34 cities competed for Ihe national championship. The winning car, driven by Robert Turner, age 11, of Muncic, Ind., whn buitt it out of lumber, tin, and sera; iron, roled on hare wheels and plajr bearings to victory over more elabor nte crenlions filtdc with roller bearings, rubber tires, springs- and'rtuto- mobilo lypo .sloonn/; devices-. One of the winner's wheels sollaps- ed just after he crossed Ihe finish line Turner, the first national soap 'box champion, received as pri/ps. a four- year college scholarship -and ;) -hundred dollar wrist watch. Both the Kettering cup, offered for the best constructed car, and the nickonbaclcer trophy, for the fastest heat, were won by Jack Furslehbei-g. ago IS, of Omaha, who raced an all- onclosod streamline vehicle. In the final heat, in whfch-the winners of each of tho classifications competed on a handicap, basis, Fursten- bcrg finished third. The electrical timer showed that in the finals his car was 10 seconds slower lhan in the heat in which he sot Ihe speed that earned him the Riekcnbacker Irophy. Second place was won by Claude Alexander of Chattanooga. Crowds estimated at (id.OOfl person.-;, most of them in grandstands and bleachers eroded along Burkhardt Mill, watched tho races, .The, event, which was singuarly free from mishaps, was run on a brick paved hill .'J-8-mile long wilh a grade as high as \'i per cent. j The crowd was frequently thrillc-d I by exhibitions of quick thinking and Jots Around Sliover Mrs. jr. n. Stanford is still tnnfinoi »n iK.'counf of illness. Mr mid -Mrs. .Hamp- Huetl an ( Grandma Young of Pal.nos and Mr and Mrs. Arthur Rogers of II 0 p P wcr , .Sunday callers at If.'R Sanford's. Little 'Miss Kalliwine Jane Mitchell Kodoaw spent -Tuesday with her H,;,i,. y Atkinson ,",nd family reclnt cool nights are highly ippreciatcfl and tho farmers are now Bosiro is back of powei-you must £„ u ," ^ ' „^^ ""f ' £ o nnko"', 7 ° V< ; y 'T T* hl V 0 -V^m B stor.s, nml n.miy a r.cor who 1 ,1 ", ' ',' ™™?^\ } ?™* hP ^t cross tho line first in his heat re- I ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and I,. & A, Tracks Phone (IS NOTICE ^ to ;i inisinidorstanding in connection with the ix'oinotin.L'; of the American Legion celebration and Merchant's Exhibit at Fair park in Hope, Arkansas, the Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12, American Legion, lias withdrawn from said celebration, and. is no longer connected therewith; and not anyone is authorized to bind Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12, American Legion, in any matter pertaining to said proposed celebration. We desire to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of the American Legion Auxiliary, and other citizens of Hope who have responed and co-operated in the preparation for said proposed celebration, and assure thorn that we are deeply grateful for any assistance that has been rendered. Leslie Huddleston Post No. 12 American Legian By Oliver Williams helping your people plan work for years. Tn many cases 1 have had lo show parents how wrong they woro in forcing' their boy or pirl to attend college when their .success lies somewhoer else. If oyvti boy or girl is inclined toward a collog education and ambitious lo learn in order to broaden their characters; by all moans send them to college. But for your boys and girls who are not so inclined the best method is to consult a capable psychologist. Psychology is not a method; it is a study and a deep one. You must have a psychological mind and thought before you can become n true psychologist or able to master Ihe sub. jocl and solve tho problems of others. Ask yourself tho question: Why does tho president, (he merchant or the banker have his personal advisor? I can answer those for you. Ho needs a psychological mind to solve his problems. What makes a good detoclive? His mind and subconscious mind work in harmony. I cart fill Ihis paper up on Ihis subject and not cover the first chapter of it but space will not permit further discusion at this lime. In conclusion I will say that each of us wants to bo happy and successful in life and by a true understanding of ourselves, the goal can bo accomplished. Methodist Revival to Start Next Sunday An error has boon made as to tho time of the revival meeting at the First Methodist church. Numbers of persons have tho impression lhal services began Ihe week of August 26. Tho lime for meeting is Sunday, September 2, and continuing through tho wook thereafter. Announcement will be made as to the conlinualion of Ihe mooting beyond lhat time. ceived louder and longer applau.se than the winner, in tribute lo.soir.e feat of skill or nerve. One such driver was 14-yoar-old Claude Hcaly of Detroit. In the semifinal hoat, an iron lire broke and curled up, ;mrl Hoaly drove tho last GO yards with his loft front' wheel jammed lo a standstill, yet succeeded in keeping Ihe car from going -into tho rail. . Tho neatest trick of the race was performed by an' unidentified driver. Just as ho crossed under tho bridge at tho finish line, the rubber tiro of his right fron wheel came off. As tho driver overtook the rolling -tire . ho calmly readied out, picked il up,'and waved it to the crowd to show that all was well. ' ' RREGULATION SEEN (Continued from Page One) A skin parasite causes the horns so frequently found on rabbits; as many as 1C horns have been found on one- rabbit nnrl these were not confined solely to the bend. regulations .will evolve from the requirement that the commission submit to congress recommendations for new legislation on all phases of its activity, the report says "the commercial consequences of the commission's regulations will be far-reaching, but in all probability the social consequences will be even greater." i, early and lafr- lo save what oil crops- (hoy have. Di-s. Chus. und Ettn Champlin and WISH Mamie Twilchell of Hope were Sunday evening callers at the Sanford homo. Friends of Mr. John Rocso arc glad ot !;ce him able to walk around the yard nfinin. .Mr. and Mrs. Barto Boardcn xvcre Sunday callers at the J. W, McWill- ianis nnd H. B. Sanford homos. Clinl Martin recently received a -letter from his family at Colorado Springs, Colo., saying that tho hoi weather has abated there and.pft-t the limo fires arc being enjoyed. Joff Wrighl and family spent Fridaj night wilh friends at Rocky Mound. Mrs. Milton Rokcrs and Miss'Mar: Rogers were business visitors in Hop Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. John Crews is not able to leav Ihc Julia Chester hospital yet. The health of Mrs. Thad Vines i much improved at this time. Joo McWilliams of West Texas is vi: ittng his brother Ray, in this commun ity. Work at tho Austin \vell is temper arily suspended, but the popular vole is "lei the good work go on." The many friends of Everell Webb re sorry lo learn of his having his lip broken. The Harmony school house and also he- grounds are being put in order foi he fall term of school. Do You GAMBLE (1) Ilnvo you ever cut out of line of traffic? (If so your chances of having an accident are mulliplicrl by 50.) (2) Have you ever driven over 40 miles an hour? (If so your chances of having an accident are multiplied by 25.) (3) Have you ever passed another car on a curve? (If so your chances of having an accident are multiplied by 21.) , (4) Have you over passed another car going up a hill? (If so your chances of having an accident are multiplied by 10.) (5) Have you ever failed to signal a turn or stop? (If so your chances of having an accident nre multiplied by 5.) ROY AMWON t CO. COMPLETE INSURANCE$ERVI« Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas Atlantci Rallies to Beat Transporters Four Runs in" Final Frame Enough to Give Rabbits First Game TEXAnKANA.-Scoring four runs ti the ninth inning, Atlanta took the 'jrst of a five'-garne championship se- •ics from Southwestern Sunday afternoon at Texarkana, 4 lo 3. Lumpkin had hurled effectively gainst the Rpbbit suntil he suddenly tveukened in the final frame. Phillips vent to hi srcKcue hut was unable to lalt the rally. Both clubs played artight ball in the fieM. Manager Alkfey of Atlanta handler} 12 chances at second base? vVithciiit an error, \ TEXTILE STRIKE (Continued from Page One) fikals said. An additional 30d,80d they said, may subseqenetry be ordered from the mills in the silk, rayon and woolen industries. The date for the walkout, jealously guarded by the strike committee, head ed by J. Francis Gorman, was set for September 4 to give the union time to complete details for the strike, th« largest numerically to confront the administration with the exception of the general strike in San/Francisco. The strike committee was ordered by a recent convention'to 'call the general strike "on or before- Septeih* ufday, when few rnifls ate irt opera- *; lion.-. The Mtowhig'. Monday Lalw M Day, is a holiday, and the strike s£f&* exists setteled upon September 4 ag ifid day upon which they hope to achlerfl : stoppage of cotton mills operations, her I." Thq deadline folk on a Sat- The Laxative for Upset Stomacht Wh.rt you n««d i U*»ti»« pout itomteh <l uiiuily upHt— ,o rake FMn-imint, th* d™. . oling and »oolhing — «nd «lt fi 1 .* u > «ne flavor, helpful uliva juicei, and a ttntlt laxative innredient which doctore regul.tlr prtKribe. And, be« u «e you ch.w FW»-J»tftt, j "*"'« ,fn*«aient l> ifinntnired tftfttfr and uniformly into th« inttstines lo (tiv* vdu a mote natural but thorough, «etioE! Ufl«r is dangerous so today gtt Wle an tchtdule and «ray ihere — chtw non-/ub!( forming F«n.». m jm Cot coostipition. Vote Tuesday for Your Home Man Steve Carrigan for Prosecuting Attorney He is able, qualified and experienced. He will be faithful and fearless in the discharge of his duty. Written and paid for by friends of Mr. Carrigan BUY l/ousi T H E CAR ON THE BASIS OF THE PRICE THE rROI'OSEI) CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 2« Referred to the People by the General Assembly In regular session assembled, 191)3. Be it resolved by the Senate of the Stale of Arkansas and the House of Representatives of the Slale of Arkansas, a majority of all members elected lo each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as a amendment to the Consli- tulion of the Slato of Arkansas, and, upon boinK submitted to the electors of the Slato for approval or rejection at the next .general election for Senators and Ifcnresenlulives, if a inajor- ly of the electors, voting thereon, at such an election udopl such unu-iid- 1 uent, thu same shall become a parti o£ tho Constitution of the Slale ofj Arkr.nsu.s, to-wil: Kxcept for the purpose of refunding the fxislfng outstanding indebtedness of the Slaty und for assuming and refunding vnlid outstanding road improvement, district bonds, the Stale of Arkansas shall issue no bonds or other evidence of indebtedness pledging the faith and credit of Hie Stale or any of ils revenues for any purpose whatsoever, except by and with the consent of the majority of tho qualified electors of ihe Stale voling on the question at a general election or at a' special election called for that pur-; po.se. \ This Amendment to the Constitution) of Arkansas shall be self-executing nnd require no enabling act, but shall take ;ind have full force and effect immediately upon ils adoption by the electors of Ihe Stale. Tho above resolulion was filed in the office of tho Secretary of Slate of: the Slate of Arkansus on Ihe liuih duy : of January, 1933. Each elector may vote for, or against, the above proposed amendment. WITNESS MY HAND and Official seal of Ihi.s office the 2bth day ot March, 19.U ED F. MCDONALD, Secretary of State. C1IEVKOJ.KT MASTER six SE11AN M ANY people find it • good plan, when buying a car, to consider first what it does to make motoring more enjoyable; next, what it costs to operate; and last, its price. Proceeding tbuff, you find that Chevrolet atone combines Knee-Action, Body by Fisher, a valve-in-Uead engine, and cable- controlled brakes— definite additions to motoring pleasure. Further investigation reveals that owners Bay a Chevrolet saves on gas, oil, and upkeep. If you now consider price you discover that the Chevrolet is priced extremely low. Your Chevrolet dealer invites you to go over the facts with him. AND UP. Liifprices/Stood, ord Six Sport Roadster at FHnt, Mich., $465. WiA buuipert, spare tire and tint loci, the lilt price is $18.00 adiiitianat. Prices tubject ft* change witiuMt notice. Com* pvo Chevrolet's lou> delivered priaaund easy G.Af.A.C. terms. A General Motors Value. CUEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY BDETfiOIT. CHEVROLET PUCES HAVE BEEN REDUCED AS MUCH AS PCAl-EM AQV£RTISCMEHT EVROLET CO

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