The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 26, 1943 · Page 24
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 24

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 26, 1943
Page 24
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21 THE IXDIAXAPOLIS STAR, MONDAY, JULY 26, 1943. TAXPAYERS URGED TO BE ON ALERT New Law to Become Effective Near Sept. 1, Miesse Warns. C2 1 Charles Mayer & Company's own (pjgfflwiss t H ? - n't t CLEANERS for Quality Work We Can Take About 500 More Orders This Week ... for Rugs and Drapery Cleaning! and that should be good news for the many householders who couldn't get this service "for love or money" during April, May and June. Send your work NOW and get the old-time quality work an unhurried job individual service and all necessary hand work. Call us TODAY. But. Rnwnhr Sn T'phnlifrM Furniture No TWIST-WKAVK Rtigii. 3 o t e t Lincoln 3505 1120 North Illlnol. 1822 North Illinois Sixteenth at Penn. CLEANERS I o o if FORESIGHT FOR SIGHT if your eyes are failing, don't put off doing something about it NOW. Things we "put off" never seem to get done. Stop in TODAY and let us help you. Reghfered Optamefriit for 14 Yean Dignified iudget Plan Mondays: t:J0 A. W. Jo 7 P. M. Othtr Dayv 1:30 A. W. fa 5 P. M.. nr. Paul W. Schmidt 11 E. OHIO ST., Across From Post Office FR. 0577 if m n III H S3 CDOoSOCDSSaXS HIi.i cms - JMMR0M1 Ration Calendar. Blue N, P and Q stamps valid through Aug. 7. MEATS, CHEESE, BUTTER, FATS, CANNED FISH, CANNED MILK. Red P, Q, R and S stamps valid through July 31. Red T stamp becomes valid July 25 through Aug. 31. COFFEE. Coffee stamp No. 21 in War Ration Book 1 invalid. Coffee stamp No. 22 valid for purchase of one pound of coffee through Aug. 11. SUGAR. Aug. 15, sugar stamp No. 13 tn IWar Ration Book 1, which became Valid June 1 for the purchase ot five pounds of sugar, expires. Application may be made now for canning sugar. Allotments are on the same basis as last year one pound of sugar for every four quarts of fruit canned, with a maximum allotment of 25 pounds a person, which includes - five pounds for Jellies, Jams, preserves, etc. The first 10 pounds may be purchased with stamps No. 15 and 16 in War Ration Book 1 (good for five pounds eachi through Oct 31. As fruit ripens, application may be made at local boards for additional allotments up to 15 pounds a person if needed. SHOES. Oct. 31, shoe stamp No. IS tn War Ration Book 1, which became valid June 16 for the purchase of one pair of shoes, expires. Stamp may be transferred among members of the family in one household. GASOLINE. Stamp No. 7 in new "A" book now valid. Stamps in "B" and "C" books good as noted on book. (Coupons must be detached by filling tation operator.) 1 . FUEL OIL. Period 1 coupons and inventory coupons for the 1943-44 season are now valid and at present each unit represents 10 gallons. - Sept. 30, fuel' oil coupon No. 5 xplres in both Zones B-2 and C-2. Applications for new rations should be mailed at once to local boirds. TIKES. Sept. 30, second Inspection for holders of A cards due. Tires on commercial vehicles must be in 8,000 miles, wmcnever u nrsc Victim of Shooting In Fair Condition Ancil Barnett, 27 years old, R.R. 20, Box 546-N, who allegedly was shot in the left hip and through the left hand late Saturday night by Arthur Ora Merritt, 45 years old, R.R, 20, Box 5R0, is in a fair condition' at City Hospital. Merritt, who was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, is held in the county jail in default of $2,500 bond. Deputy Sheriffs tJ. N. Maeey and G. H. Berry, who investigated the case, said the shooting was the aftermath of an argument after a craps game si. weeks ago-' Schcnck Blames Government for Corn Shortage "A current shortage of corn on Indiana farms for live stock feeding purposes is a result of government al fumbling," Ilnssil E. Schenek, president of (he Indiana Farm Bu reau, Inc., contended yesterday. "The trouble started more than a year ago when the government placed ceilings on corn, holding the price below 80 cents," Mr. Schenek said. "Now, as a result, corn is being held In storage in many of the large corn producing areas when it is needed by Indiana farmers." The Farm Bureau president asserted that many Indiana farms, particularly those In central Indiana, consume more corn than they produce. "Corn crop prospects for this year in Indiana are unusually good," he said, "but t lint does not solve the present problems of the farmers." $1,389 In Gems, Clothes Stolen From Auto The theft of jewelry and clothing valued at $1,389 from an automobile parked Saturday night in the 100 block of West Georgia street was reported to police yes terday by Ervin Hinkes, 41 years old, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Hinkes parked (he car while he stayed overnight. In a downtown hotel. The jewelry, which was hidden under the front seat of the ear, in- eluded a diamond ring valued at $1,000; a platinum wrist, watch val ued at $179; four men's suits in two zipper bags valued at $200 and a man's rohe valued at $10. FRANK FOWLER BROWN. Frank Fowler Brown, 62 years old, 8.10 North West, street, died yesterday after an illness of six weeks. A vaudeville performer, he was best known for his performance as "Red Feather" in the Cole and Johnson show, ''Red Moon." Mr. Brown also .was director of the choir of Ihe Bethel A.M.E. Church for many years. Funeral services will be in the Bethel A.M.E. Church at. 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Burial will be in Crown Hill cemetery. Survivors are a sister, Mrs. Julia Ferris and a brother, Charles Brown, both of Indianapolis. An act of the 194.3 General As sembly, fixing the time when annual meetings must be held for the adoption of budgets and tax rates, will become effective when the new laws are promulgated, -possibly near Sept. 1. Harry Miesse, secretary of the Indiana Taxpayers' Association, has called attention to the dates included in this statute and urges that they be kept in mind by all taxpayer who wish to protect their own interests. The date provided for the adoption of budgets and rates in civil towns and cities is the last Monday in August each year, for school cities and towns the date is the last Thursday in August, for townships the last Tuesday of August, and for counties the first Tuesday after the first Monday in September. Since the exact date for promulgation of the new laws will depend upon their publication in book form, Mr. Miesse "urged taxpayers to be especially on the alert. If they do not become effective until after Sept. 1, of course the August dates listed above will not be fol lowed and the dates under the old law will be operative. Notice to Be Given. Notice by publication must be given to taxpayers of the meetings for the adoption of all budgets, at least 18 days prior to the meeting. Any taxpayer has a right to attend these meetings and be heard on any matter pertaining to the budget af fecting his taxes. "Now, more than ever before," said Mr. Miesse, "such savings as are made in the cost of government will have to be made at home. Despite the enormous and neces sary increase in Federal expenditures, due to war's demands, there is a tendency on the part of many public officials to continue spending on a grand scale in the local units. We are reminded constantly to make sacrifices and endure hardships to the end that we may help win the war quickly and completely, but (here are many governmental units where the greatest unwillingness is shown to any sug gestion for economy. This attitude on the part of many officials makes it all the more necessary for taxpayers to remember these dates, attend budget hearings, question proposed expenditures and insist that property taxes be kept as low as possible. We will fail our armed forces if we permit money to be wasted in needless governmental activities at home. "Due to laws enacted by the last General Assembly all taxing units in the slate are faced with tax ncreases. The laws that will affect taxes most, in this respect have to do with salaries of governmental employes, and taxpayers should check carefully all budget items in order to hold lax increases to the minimum. Poor Relief Excessive. "Poor relief is an item that Is still excessive in many taxing units. It is under the direct, supervision of the township trustee and the budget for this item of expense will be adopted at the same lime as other township budgets. There Is no reason why poor relief in 1944 should not be the lowest since 1929. "The number of persons receiving old-age assistance and assistance for the care of dependent children has decreased somewhat during'the last two years, and this decrease should continue next year, thus reflecting a decrease In welfare budgets. "Hospitals which have received considerable taxpayer support in the past should be able to operate on a more self-supporting basis. "Taxpayers should be watchful for additional appropriations. While they are not a part of the annual budget, such items deplete working balances and this deficiency has to be made up by the next tax levy established. The budget law provides for additional appropriations only in the case of an emergency but many such items are allowed that might be eliminated by proper investigation. Requests for additional appropriations are published in the local newspapers and taxpayers should not permit unnecessary- items to be allowed." m If tad m QUALITY TOILETRIES These preparation are made especially for us ... of the finest ingredient. A maximum of quality at a minimum price. Slock up now! Once you try these excellent toiletries we know you will become a regular enthusiast! SATIN CLEANSING CREAM, Full pound jar. SlilO FACE POWDER Medium in vtighf, packed in glau CC container, atsorted jAod'ei 036 CREAM SATINET m, in A fine teiture cream WlilU EAU DE COLOGNE An invigorating after-bath, untcented, coaling cologne. Generous a J ft ihed bottle lilU SKIN FRESHENER CCg A delightful tkin tonic ALMOND HAND LOTION wm A year-round enential, t-ot. jar 04C ORAL MOUTH WASH A refreshing and elective mouth wash l-Ou 39C 4-Ou 29c 16-Ou 49c VELVET HAND CREAM R-A superior treat for lovely handi, i-oi. jar, DOC HANKIE TISSUES 300 in a package J0C FACIAL TISSUES mm 500 in a package .....DC LARGE FACIAL TISSUES ca S00 in package 09C Pricet Include Tat Mail and Phone Orders Filled. LI. 5501. Charles Mayer & Co. 29 W. Washington Su . FOR SALE AND RENT-AIR COMPRESSORS Ilolti and Derrick! MIXERS AND PUMPS Meltlni Ketttet, Ktc. Air Tools, Etc., Ripairid Trd ( for Kent. Blf 4 Switch BOCK EQUIPMENT CO. J 00 Korthwrttera Ave., Indpls. For All Occasions! .vum -mass-- . MM. eW0 W M ?XWjS- The ALLIED - C HO CTC ACC'M Buy Tl. S. War Bonds and Stamps'?? of Indianapolis "Taf" Shows Lighter Side of Garden Z3' J Hi nn Harry E. Hoffman To Manage WMC Employment Office v JEWELS Diamonds Precious Stones Custom Work 9 MANUFACTURER B(M good Jewelry or wear none Snd Floor, Guaranty Building HARRY E. HOFFMAN. Announcement was made yester day of the appointment of Harry E. Hoffman as manager of the War Manpower Commission's Unit ed States employment office in Indianapolis at 148 East Market street. Ralph C. Shuftlebarger, assistant director of the United States Em ployment Service for Indiana, said Mr. Hoffman will succeed Miss Alelha Pettijohn, who will be transferred to the administrative office as assistant director in charge of technical services. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Hoffman was manager of operations in the Evansville otiice. He has been engaged in employment service work for approximately seven years, five and a half of which have been in managerial po sitions in the Lawrenceburg, New- Albany and Evansville offices. Mr Hoffman is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He formerly held supervisory positions in va rious private industries in Illinois and Ohio. 1 The Victory gardeners of Marlon life Into their work, there has i growing on the lawn of the Propy- county, who incidentally are doing a remarkably fine job on th- home front, are faced with many trials and tribulations of pest and weather. To lighten their burdens and to inject a little of the lighter side of sprung into being the Victory Gar-;laeum near his studio. While in deners' Boasters' Club. Elmer Taf-linger, Indianapolis artist, is one of the founders, owing to the fact that he has called attention publicly to the large crop of tomatoes he is this cause, he has run into that pretty little visitor , known as the tomato worm. At request of The Star, he has drawn the above sketch showing how he operates on the tomato battle line. Vandal Catch Puts Gardener In Club Henry R. Wade, 1934 South Sheffield avenue, yesterday caught two vandals in his Victory garden in the 1700 block of West McCarty street. And because he and police recovered three-fourths bushel of tomatoes, carrots and squash which the vandals allegedly stole, he was invited by Elmer E. Taflinger, artist-president of the Victory Gardeners' Boasters' Club, to join the organization. "If one of the vandals had got away, Mr. Wade would have been eligible to membership in the inner circle of the club," Mr. Taflinger said. The vandals were two boys, one 3 years old. and the other 11. They were turned over to the juvenile aid department and their parents notified. Mr. Wade recovered tne vegetables and took them home. Falls From Railing Riding the railing of the White River bridge at 30th street on his bicycle proved disastrous yesterday fP rtnnni Jent. 13 vear.. oio, .! River boulevard, who fell about eight feet and was knocked unconscious. He was sent to City-Hospital by police. He suffered cuts and bruises on his arm and shoulder. 1 DECORATIVE SUMMER FLOWERS Reatonably Priced tuy MORE War Bondt Ohio at Moridian MA. 5133 Harris Named Manager Of Wawasee Hotel Ed Harris, former manager of hotels in Elkhart and Marion, has been named manager of the South Shore Inn at Lake Wawasee, it was announced yesterday. The South Shore Inn was bought recently by Jap Jones, owner of the Spencer HoteJ in Indianapolis and other hotels in the state. 8 In Signal Corps School Eight soldiers from Indianapolis have been enrolled in A special course of instruction in the Southern signal corps school at Camp Murphy, Florida. The men are LADIES' HALF SOLES MEN'S HALF SOLES MEN'S FELT HATS CLEANED and BLOCKED OHIO SHOE REPAIR 45-47 WEST OHIO STREET 18 S. Illinois (Just Off Wash.) Nooni f0.30 to 2:15 Evenings 4:30 to 7:30 Chied Sundays Which Is tho IMPORTANT Job? Many people would say the most important (or ONLY important) job in ihis war is that of the man right in the thick of the fighting. Any military man would tell you that all our fighting men (presumably 10,000,000 or more of them) couldn't do a thing without the food and equipment being provided by the men and women back home. Only because the Quartermaster Dept. is doing so much so well are we on our way to winning this war sooner, easier, at less cost in money, effort, and in LIVES. Likewise, on the "home front" all those who labor to produce planes, ships, guns, ammunition and all else that is needed at the front would be unable to carry on if they were not supplied with the ordinary necessities of life (goods and services) on a regular schedule. Yes, any man working to produce, process, distribute and SERVE food to America's toiling millions has an IMPORTANT "job"-in fact, it is a solemn responsibility, INDISPENSABLE to the war effort. Persons desiring to engage in "essential" work will not all find employment in the glamorous role of the shop mechanic or the lady welder and even in our great war factories, the CAFETERIA workers are considered as much a part of the war effort as the electricians. Please remember that smiling young lady who so cheerfully serves you at Russet today is doing "essential" work,, too. And we have "essential" positions here for two or three more of her, right now, TODAY. R usset Iho Unuiual CAFETERIA 07 SOUTH O I KERIDIAJI IS YOUR LIVER ASLEEP? Do You Drag Out of Bed and Drag Through Each Day Without Any Tep? Don't b that way I The only troubla ! that you need Haag'a PUli to put you right back on top. It ta very Important that everyone bava ufflcisnt bile flow to keep Inteitlnal waata moving. If this la not dona you become bloated, your atom-ach la aour and lite in general looks pretty dark. Keep that bile moving Into your Inteatlnea every day and keep that smile on your face heoauee you're feeling TOPS! Available at all Haag Drug Stores In 25a and S0o sites. Adv. Sergt. Howard R. Poole, 2230 Ringgold avenue; Technical Cor porals A. Whitehill, 2725 North Gale street; Max D. Minnix, 306 Last New York street; Frank J, Danzig, 951 High street Edward L. Jordan, 4405 East 34th street; Robert C. Johnston, 1946 Arrow avenue; Michael Leon, 1352 South Meridian street, and Richard L. Beard Sr., 563 West 31st street. THE STAR'S CROSSWORD PVZZLE HORIZONTAL. 1 Necessary. 10 Weep. 13 Winged insect. 14 Confederate general. 15 Loveliness. 16 Excuse for in court. 18 Nerflings. 19 Mexican coins. 20 Passage money. 22 Parent. 23 Rugged crest. 26 Worm. 27 Endure. 29 Paradise. 30 By. 31 Outline. 33 Neon (sym.). 34 Skmder organ of plant. 36 Large casks. 37 Bombay (abbr.). 38 Treatise. 40 Concerning. 41 Small boat. 42 Plural of this. 44 Proper. 45 Evident. 47 Legendary Persian hero. 50 Raw metal. 51 Toy. 53 Through. 54 Retail dealers. VERTICAL. 1 Recede. 2 Institute legal proceedings. 3 Steps. 4 Musical exercise. 5 Snares. 6 Attempt. 7 Conjunction. 8 Opposed to aweather. 9 Hydrophobia. 10 Sealed. 11 Brazilian coin. Answer to Saturday's Fuzzle. LJP AhM SMDIUISITISI 5 TQ5SI JPERtrj A 1 nTlEk s k lFMp d 7-J Average time of solution: 33 min. Distributed by King Featurea Syndicate, Inc. 12 Japanese coin. 17 More painful. 19 Grazing land. 20 Sumptuous meal. 21 Flower. 22 Gasp. 24 Singer. 25 Adversary. 27 Behold. 28 Musical sound. 31 Hiding place. 32 Pronoun. 35 Rag. 37 Under part. 39 Dogma. 41 Circular flat plates. 43 Mix. 44 Melt. 45 Small explosive sound. 46 Part of "to be." 47 Light pole. 48 Monkey. 49 Chess pieces. 52 Davyum (sym.). i 2 3 4 5 7 a 9 VM 10 IT 12 F n .Jm 7 35 36 mv m 'm 38 39 j40 jjp' . 50 51 52 -I 1 EH 11 liHi PINAFORE OR JUMPER llkVV 4373 Two captivating styles from one simple pattern is a value no smart mother can resist! First use Pat tern 4373 by Anne Adams for a jumper and blouse outfit Then make the saucy, ruffled pinafore version. Buttoned down the back! Pattern 4373 is available only in children's sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Size 6, jumper, requires 1M yards 35-inch; blouse, yard 35-inch; pinafore, 1, yards 35-inch. Send SIXTEEN CENTS in coins for this Anne Adams pattern. Write plainly SIZE, NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER. TEN CENTS more brings you the Anne Adams Summer Pattern Book. A sunbonnet pattern prrhled right in tne book! Send your order to THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAT-T E R N DEPARTMENT. SS4 WEST RANDOLPH STREET, CHICAGO 80, ILL. V il

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