Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 27, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1934
Page 2
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HOPE STAft, HOPE, "ARKANSAS, Monday, August 27, 1934 Hope & Star O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald, From False Report I every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. & Pakner & Alex. H. Washburn), «rt The Star building, 212-214 South tft&rat street, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. PALMER, President AJJBC. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher Entered «s secoad-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansu Under the Act of March 3,1897. flteUnHlon: '"th* newspapw is &n institution developed by modem civil- bfttion to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, ? \hrough wicWy circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon 3 r "-*rt*nunent which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. RifcCormJck. v Subscription Rflle (Always Payable in Advance)". By city carrier, per & lOc; six month?,,52.75; one year $5.00. By mail v in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.0ft. I Member of Ihe Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively <«rtltterl to the use for republicstion of all news dispatches credited to it or »3t otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Nntkmnl Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis, Teaa., SJerick Bldg.f New York City 1 , Graybar Bldg.r Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wacker* Drive; Detroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold lo this policy in the news columns to.protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBE1N Editor, Journal of (lie American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magazine, YOUR CHILDREN Mosquito Still Holds Some Health Menace By Olive Roberts Barton The mosquito is a pest, but it does not represent the menace to health in this country that it represents in the ; tropics. It's A Wise Mother Who Knows Her * child By His Many Nicknames "Names" fci the Subject today. Perhaps there 'is fea'^new baby—perhaps Mosquitoes in the northern portions i not _ i t doesn't matter, because after of the United States carry little clis- | M we are goin g \ a - tl i ck " him uny . ease. Nevertheless, they are suffi-1 ciently a nuisance to make it desir-1 able to get rid of them. I say-Elizabeth. Margaret and Edward, the conditions tinder winch berore she - siutably controlled, it ; fa . „ lh «_ \nf thrttf miiini ruanr.mir* i _ . * way A mother has thi . ee children< ]et Us After the Drouth GLORIFYING _YOURSELF pf By Alicia Hart fj Costly IJIeiu'h Isn't Needed to lK--T«n 'Political Announcements they breed ore Is conceivable that they might become a serious menace to health. ! Malaria is the disease chiefly trans- • nutted States. most comrminine.s uy MUUIUIL- )""•""-• Lj/.zic health measures. ' falher andmother insists on Eii/a. the girls hef R ^ ^ t , ttlllsshl . r ' . , ,, . J T .. j fan nt-i Dtrui. j tie CUH.-IOI cans m-i 1 by mosquitoes m the United, . ^ b f ;. It lias been stamped out in communities by suitable public | ^- t77 - tc - T "-"' measures. j A f Margaret, 'the child has to It may be said of the mosquito that j " the female of the specie sis more deadly than the male. The female mosquito is. the only one that bites human beings; the male is a vegetarian. people realize that there are answer to almost anything—the usual string attached to "Margaret"—Peg and Marg nnd Gretla and Maggie and Me. And Ed Even More So Edward gets Ted. and Ed, and Ned and Red or Slim or Butch or Pie Face. -„ . .. . •,.«. an 500 var.et.es of mosquitoes comor _ S ^< lth ? US ln n him Edgar. He even gets Eclson or seven or ag coinnVnly *en .n ^ ^^^ the cittes of the United ^ ales - T he result is that their mother tries hard to avoicl a n nicknames so the (;hildren arc fit and not travc i ing with To breed and develop mosquito must have water, » ..»^,.^ , from an egg deposited in water. Its P _°_ favorite breeding grounds are rain , ,,«v«v barrels, cisterns, tanks, garden i"pqols,' slow-flowingi streams, panels, and saggering gutters on houses and sewer catch basins. The time required for hatching from the egg to a mosquito that is able to fly is from seven to ten days. Hence it is clear htat the way to get rid of mosquitoes in any vicinity is to get rid of all stagnant water. When it is impossible to get rid of such water, control the breeding o£ mosquitoes by suitable methods. The placing of oil on the water will stop their breeding, but this naturally It is posssible for a single female J A giant Russian airplane contains lousefly and her progeny to produce jits own telephone exchange, radio i,598,72l).OI)0.000 offspring in one sea- .station, movie, and printing press. It from May to October. leaflets. By use of photography and indexed rnys. antiquarians are now reading Euvptiim manuscripts too dinv to hi 1 doc'iphered heretofore. Mention bleaching nnd reconditioning-of-.si mimer-skin-prep;ini lions '""I some woman is sure to sny, "But I don't want to put n lot of money inl" creams and lotions which I'll need for only H few weeks." Buci«es( being whnl they are. (lint's a reasonable enough argument. And the answer is that it is- possible to uet :i cumpU xion buck into shape without spending, money on anything ex<-e[il liss'iie cre.-im. The kitchen shelf lu.kl.-i plenty of effective bleaches nnd softeners. l-'irst of all, there's tomato juice. It] bleaches and it tones. Simply pat '' on after you've cleaned your face 1 , let it dry nnd then rinse off. The liquid from cucumber rinds that have been left over night in n small bowl of water is good, too. Apply with cotton pads. Lemon juice, of course, is an c-ffi- ciicious bleach—but be sure to dilute it before you put it on face nnd nock. Use it full-strength on elbows and hands. Don't forget about oatmeal, it's a fine, yet inexpensive, softener. Cook it just as you would for breakfast, strain off the liquid, let it cool and then pat it into your skin. Always re member to use tissue cream after any kind of u bleach. Rinse .incl dry the skin before pattinc,' i ton. If the summer sun has made your skin quite dry, It-aye a bit uf the iii-ain on Ml iiifju. The Star !s authorized to •rmouncc (he following? ns rnndidnte.-) subject to the action of the Democratic primary Aiiimsl 28, iniM. For Stnl<« Sennlor (20lh District) JOHN I.,. WILSON For Sheriff CI.ARKNCE E. BAKIR J. K. (JIM) BKARDKN Tnx Assessor MRS. 1SABELLE ONSTRAfc A nocwly selablislipil school for dmujhlors of wealthy purr-tils in England teaches them housekeeping, care of babies, politics, biology, and sports in a year's time. $45,550,000 (or - Corii-Hog Payments WASHINGTON- (/Tl— The benefit pnymerH. being disbursed nt the rnlo of $2,000,000 every 24 hours, was said Saturday by the farm nd- rninistrution 'n have -plm-rd approximately $45.!>rill.OOO in the bunds (if fiinw.-r.i. Payments ti> ArUnnsas [itmicrs to- luled $1HO,292. In ilirj lust lii years, tuberculosis h;is decreased S7 per rrnl. inninly thrmiKli funds derived from the snip of Christ. - mus souls. Drink Water With Meals Good For Stomach Water with meals helps stomach juii-pv, niils digestion. If bloated with gas odd a Spoonful of. Adlerika. One dose cleans out poisons and washes BOTH upper and lower bowels. John S. Gibson Drug Company. Shepparcl a dozen aliases. One o£ the hardest questions to solve is the name for the new baby. But once selected, it is a problem of selecting a nickname. There should be two christenings, one has come to think, because when Katherine is a year old it would never do to call hei that. She must be Kay, or Kate, Kitty or Kit. Reeny Kathy or anything but her own cognomen. Even Mary Suffers i Mary, the loveliest name in the j world, has as many short-cuts us a _. corner lot. Strange, isn't it? I£ her makes it impossible to use the water j name were Meredith, she would be for any ordinary domestic purpose. . ca n cc j Merry. But it wouldn't be Mosquitoes may of course be kept j spe n ec i "Mary" by the smallest chance- out of houses or prevented from bit- i o]l no B ecausc w hat we are trying ing human beings by using_ 16 mesh to (lo today is to avoicl g ; v i ng any one wire screening, attached tightly to 1 2 real namc £ . xee pt at the altar, on windows and doors. When fosquitots | c ]i p i omaSi on sav ings accounts or are in the house, it has been suggest- | vcuchers . cd that they he removed by a very ; why? Tho f, abit is cerla inly grow- Eimple teehnic. | j ngi although it is not new. First darken the rooms during the i The love]iest names o f a past gen- latter part of the afternoon, then wait j eraticn or two were o f ten ruined, about a half hour ^for the^mosciuitoes Corne i ia was N e m y , Elmira was Ella— Leti( .^ Tj s h—Matilda, Tillie—Angeline, Inc—Selina, Ina-«-Martria, Mattie to emerge from their hiding places, then spray any commercial mosquito destroying fluid into the room. , After about another half hour, the I yoorn may bo ventilated. | In spreading diseases, the mosquito | bites a person whose blood is infect- j tortecl so much as those o£ girls, eel; then, after a suitable incubation though "Abraham" ever was -period within its own body, transplants the infection to a healthy person, whom it bites later. The battle between man and the insect pests is a continuous one. Here's A 'Newsreel' o£ Liberty Rvenis —Gossip of Books, Authors i" Paragraph Form By 6RUCE CATION Here's a brief newsreel of current literary doings, for ihe reader who is i« a. hurry. "Let Us Be Faithful," by Allsne Corliss (Farrar ar.d Hinc-harl: $2). is a —and Agnes just plain Ag. The Case of "Flea" Boys' names have never been clis- even Abe." As a rule male names were abbreviated to the first syllable, or the last, I and it went at,.that. j It .is strange.'nbout nicknames, .some.. i times. Often they have no relation to i the actual name at all, such as that of the girl called Madeliene. She eventually became "Flea," so dubbed by her brothers, because .she was small. She even gets mail addressed i lo Miss Flca.CmUb, because half the j people do not know her name. ; This is the trouble with the short- j ; cnecl name. It •' • is confusing when ! i someone wants ,tn, 'look up the own . ! t:r in Ihe telephone book, make out a check, or give him for reference-. We are skidding -pretty fast, I believe, into Ihe.habit of the nomdu, makeshift. IC.thevO is to be one, best, li> have it just one, and not a clu/i-n. . .. public Asked to Assure Fair Louisiana Election viages don't seern to be in style. It is ' told with tenderness and insight; un- , ORLEANS, —(/[')— More than fortunately, the author inadvertently \ 1W) o{ Ncw Orleans' leading citizens makes the husband such a blistering \ prcm j n ent in civic, professional and ass that it's hard to care what hap- ; V oc j a t affairs, and for the most part pens to him. ,.,' not conected with any political rnove- "Wasn't the Depression Terrible? , , Iien t s , Saturday issued a public call by O. Soglow (Covici, Friede: %'l> is a j to ,j uty to f e |i O w citizens to join them book'of sketches about the depression in guaranteeing a fair and peaceful In, the man who draws the Little ccngressiona i election September II. IIRIIF! TODAY SYljVIA R I V F! K S rnlc« the younger sc« of I,nrcline«.'k, laxli- lunalile Nt-w York suburb, M>e disliki-H HOOTS HAKIIUHN whose (iiinily IIHN Illlle money. One iiltthl at the Ysioht Cliib Ilouls IN put In nn omhnrrn*»liiB Hlltmllon hy HARDY WHITMOHK, one <if Sylvia'* suost». who linil been UrlnklitR. Sylvia mnllrloiwly ••untrlvrN lo force Boom' reslKiia- linn from the .Inrtlnrx. Hliiulll- nioil, Uoni.-i withilrniVM from Ihe <-ro\vil. She noes nbout wrlth UUSS I.i:M). the xvrlmnilnis Instruelor. JJii.s.s falls In love wllh her nnd itnnounceH lie's KohiK nwny. lie hi-l«» UOOIH to plopi- with him null «Uf n.itix for lime lo Ihliik II over, .llrx. ICnchitrn rKlirns from n visit and liootH ilreuds havlna her in oilier hear about her re»iKnatlo« from the .'lull. Out for n moruini; \valk, HOOIN meem HEMS PRN- \V.\V. j-oiuiK ttiithnr. nnil they have a !<>»« lalk. HUSH sem Ilit-ni NOW an ON WITH TIIK STOUX C1IAPTKR XVI pOOTS faced the young man •*-* snuarely, a small, ereet, deliant figure with her white skirts whipping bi(Pk from her rounded tlguve, her dai-1; eyer; hlaxins with a sudden question. "I don't know what you're talk- Ins nbnnt," she told Huss I.unrt slowly. "I—and Denis Fenway? Why. I couldn't r.leep. I inst came out for a breath of air—1 happened to run into him. This," Hoots averred, "is only the second timo I have ever spoken to him." "You seemed to have a lot to say to each other," RUKS arciised. He had been running. lie bad caught up to her just where the path dipped away from tho water. Hat- lews, bis brown hair blown every v.-liicli way by the rising morning wind, ho braced himself on a hillock just above her. "Ob, that!" A midden revulsion , of feel ins swept over tho girl. It wa.-j abmird—this whole situation. Had she r.--ally been lying awake most of the night, turning over in her mind the possibility of marrying this square-shouldered yonns; man with the imsmilinft dark eyes'.' She miiKf. have been mad. "Let mo pass," slio said coldly. "I've got lo E^frt home. They don't know where I am." A r.creen of trees bid this particular spot from the main ro.id. HIII-.M took two great steps and his hands were on her slionldei-.s. "Let me i;o!" .she. commanded. "You're hurting me!" "i',u that's I lie way it Is," growled her captor. "You've been stringing rnu aloiiK. two-tiniins mo with tbi la-de-da Ivllow from the bi« city." "Oil. bow can you be .so silly;" Pettishly Nhe r,a!d ir, strivins to Kliai-:* 1 hr-rnelf fii'.c. "I've told yon —-yuii can bf-liovo it or not. juvf fis you like —that I barely know him." Rn:;.-i released her. "lie's rich." he pin-Kiied frrlmly. "He's probably got a sv.'i-ll line. No wouder yon )il:c him Letter. You've probably been biii!;hiii^ at u:e for the hid; I :MU." from which stie Had lust come. irM.ols nalrt with enthualaam. "This Denis should take It into his head j Is such a friendly little town, BO to stroll this way It would be rather awkward. I'lcase, Cod, have Him go the. other way, she prayed. Russ had his arms folded now. Hi3 head was lowered, he was staring at her fixedly. "You're my girl." he stated. "Nobody's going to take you away from me- and that's a fact. You've got mo going. Inarticulate, fum- Ming love-makhiK but Boots was many affairs going on all the time, and she has always been popular. •She'll marry, of course; one hopes she will marry money." "Anil that," Denis mused, "will bo the end." "How can you say that?" Lola demanded, shocked. "She'll have a lovely time; probably a little car, a nice house, somo children. Just like all the other girls." touched. There was .something Ir-1 "But in the meantime," De&ls resistible about his clumsy suit. ] said pleasantly, interrogatively. She began to tremble again. | "just what does she do with, her "You mustn't say such things." I self?" Tier laugh had a nervous note it. "I belong to myself, promised anything." In , "Oh, you make mo very c.ngry 1 haven't ; some times, Denis," announced his cousin crisply, rising. "Jack, talk the cloak of hlr, anger ! some sense- to him, won't you? I? His voice : everybody were like you." she nald i hotly, "there- just would not be any world." , „ Suddenly seemed to fall from him. took on a wooing noto. "Don't you want io he my trirl, Boots? Don't you. want to corno ; away with m.i? Oh, we'd have a grand time of. H. I'd show you places you'vo rtfivor dreamed of. We'd have nothing but I'uu together." "I — I don't know," whispered ti'c girl, frightened at tho spell of Ills nearness, his touch on her arm. "1 can't think when you're near me. Oh, RUSH, it's t.oo miu-h to decide all of a sudden, and I'm too young. ..." I lilt suddenly tho world was a gay and beautiful placo for her again. The song of birds was freighted with loveliness Intended only for her ears. Sho forgot her problems and her worries, losing herself in t.ho kiss ho gavu to lior. Thon she tore, herself frets. "lluss — let mo go! I tell you, we're both of us riuil.e crazy. 1 praml.se to see yen at Uio beach — about three." Then !>he was gone, a slim white figure running wildly down the shaded path between the birches. William Chandler and Wiilter Cornelius are on the sick list. We wish for them a speedy recovery. Ero. Jesse A. Mason of Hot Springs ;: holdinu n meeting at Guernsey on he old highway. Everybody is cor- lially invited ID come ;iml worship with us. Walter Cornelias wns in Hope Wed- ncsday on business. Misses Lucille and Christcrn Cornel- u;j spent Friday niuht with Miss Nun 110. Lee Arnett near here. Mrs. Fannie Blackwoocl nnd Little June Blackwoocl returned Monday after spending a week with relatives in Arkadelphia. Frank Chandler was shopping in Hope one clay this week. George Gilbert Jr., was in Hope Friday. Miss Ophelia Cunningham spent Friday with Miss Lula Harden. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cornelius and Mr. Jesse Mason and Mrs. Fannie Blackwoocl spent Wednesday with Mrs. Will Harden of Guernsey. What Do You Want To Know? Hindu Seer Will Answer Your Questions Malaria! Banish Chills and Fever J To conquer Malaria, you must do -CIS Isisghed and, youtig Dr. two things (1) Destroy the infection in Hart, r:ug&.vin s ' his third c\;p o£ the blood. (2) Build up the blood to coffee, milled indulgently. LoH overcome the effects and to fortify and licnis Fenway had practically against further attack. There is one frown up together mid quarreled medicine that does these two things pa=wionat"ly and interj.mtteTjtly .IB and that is Grove's Tasteless Clull FKNWAY lingered over | -*-' his breakfast in the plen.saiu dining room of IUH cousin's IIOIIKO. Jean, t.liu pleasantly slarched ami smiling Scotch maid, in her blue and while print and rubber soled shoes moved s-oftly to and fro. The dirshes wi-re. blue and white and tho chintz at the awninged windows. There were yellow roues drooping In a low bowl, n-llwted In the shining sin-fare n£ the chirk uui- hOKUiiy. "Honey, Deiii.-,'.'" Dr. Hart cnipijeil the top from his egg and turned another pai;e in the morning paper. "Well, you bad a good walk," be observed. "When r was slnrtin^ out for the .Man-lies I saw you lejj- ging it down toward the shore." Denis held out hi.s cup to Lois and ahe tilled it again. "Yep," be .said easily, lazily. "Fine morning. "flow can you say that?" she de- ' lia ''. a swi " 1 - To! . 1 nie -" lle a(lt ! cd the man who draws me i^iui^ ccngrt -ss King. With a few. exceptions, they, -»»— are remarkably dull a^jin-ftjnny^ . ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^_ -lillan: I lieve that lightning will not strike- a Agin Stone M D. cmilla maucled indignantly. But it was tnu; that in Ihe few momenta sl'.e had lalUeil to U'j;iiy the contrast between Ihe two men bad (lushed upon liar— (inc. so easy and suave aiuJ polished, so lightly sure of liini.xfclf. ibo oilier big and male and udurinj. Vtt it was Uuss who bail ri;:n!a hi j r piilaers beat faster. . . . They wen.- beat in.;; [aster .a of btr uunoyanco. in s| H( tie book. --of the Hamilton College of ulty meeting he New Deal, to be published | . . . . Harold Lamb, who writes i ;nisjhts and such-like, is ail- | lille in production >J ; "Don'.t bu ci-d "J —1 told ji.ii yi- ;t.-i i!:iy. Wh lif.-d wilb Iliair \-n<n i iiu'l Sbo was his .-aid softly, jiid of you .u be iialiii- •» ig likince over the direction people o! the ramn Hood often do, but there wa? no real rancor In their altercations. Although, aa Lois sail! to herself, slnco Denis came bncl" from Europe this timo ho wns ton sophisticated and horcci for words. Of courr.o it was only a jiosv;. Anyone could (Bll that and yer. it irritate'. 1 her :it times, worried her, too. "Thevo wouldn't bo iiny bablea for Jack to briiig, Unit's what you me:>n," IJeniy said, lar.sl'intc again fit bar nii.'iniiliiig face. Dut under V,is langhlev and badinagd IIR was remembering the white, strained. face n? tha girl lie !iad talked to th.:r i!'«vning. What, was troubling fccr? Surely DO light villnse ro- _ inanf.-ft with ono of t.'ieae callow ~ hnyti v.-'ir, '.v^re a.lvny? tumbling Ik);or "lit of liaUaMv! cars hereabouts? |s Tlie--.-- v.-.-i". Ko'-iethhip- tleilnltely E appoaliu 1 ! •>beur. the child. A Ira- fij-aiiM, intangiblo nnd de'.icata, luiverci'. about her. Thu fight of her iilini, sunibnrned (nun! on flip (ji-.u-s he:ilde him I hat monU'ig, clcnchiiiK and uin.l'--nch!ii' ; '. itself, had fiUiTcl Hiu' oddly. And her oyea, r. f i limi-lil, :-o appealln:;, hue? b<---.!ii tii'tc'": '.<> him for heip. Tlir- tcle.pln'Bi r'uiK and Jean cams '-'•• tlrs -lining room door r«.i> liiHtant later to any that old Mrs. Aiaiiuii'" had another uttack and he u,(;?iti:p v.-ar r .toii to know If tha doctor would rove over light away. "Oh. darling, and you'ro so tired! I lioped you could snatch, a llttla reiii." Loi.' lamer.ted. Sbe followeit bhn our. Into the liaM, patting hla coat lapel, nnd Dcpis rejected that it wns rathsr chGi-mine to see fyOla aad Juc:l; together. They were fourt of each other and no mistake. Hs'd c-ojiio to be ratlior cynical about Tonic! The tasteless quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic destroys the malarial infection in the blood while the iron builds up the blood. Thousands of people have conquered Malaria with the aid of Grove's Tasteless Chil 1 Tonic. In addition to beinji a notec remedy for Malaria, it is also an excellent tonic of general use. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is pleasant to take nnd contains nothing harmful, Even children like it and they car take it safely. For sale by all stores Now two sixes—50c and $1. The $1 Ki/.e contains 2!i times as much as the 50c sue and gives you 2r>'> more foi your mont'y DR. RAJAH ROMA RADIO AND STAGE ARTIST IS PSYCHOLOGIST AND MENTALIST Dr. Raah is a native of India where mystery voigns supreme. In the land where dreams come true. He will be available for private readings at the Barlow Hotel for the next several days. Dr. Rajah tells your name yet never met or saw you before, and tells you the nature of your visit without your having said aword. Tie ask some of these pertinent questions—When and whom will I marry? Is my sweetheart true to me? Does my husband love anyone else/ Will 1 win my lawsuit? How soon will I make a change.' l«or what am I best a'dapted? Why have I lost control of my position? Shall I die rich or poor? Can I develop sell- control and magnetic powers? through the columns _...__._ Sign initials only, your or any initials.will do, but questions must be in your own handwriting. The Rajah will give an answer to any four questions that you mak ask. No matter how hard your questions may be he will solve them for you. Which is absolutely FREE with each order tor a 1Q34 Horoscope, containing a big full reading. Make sure you give you.' hiyth date in full, name and address, and enclose &1.00, and you will receive your answer by return mail. Ilo will locate hidden or buried treasures. to Lois, "about this flueburn girl, frelty little thing, isn't she':" "You meet her'.'" Loi:; wanted to know, signaling to .Jean that inure toast was needed. "Caught a glimpse fit \\sr down at the shore." Denl* said casir-illy. "Well, Ehc-'s re-ally a charming child," Lois uil'urfid judicially. "Hhu's bright—got A'a in ovx-ryUiiug .school. .She would have liked to go to colU>-.'(- but the. fami'.y finances—" Kho spread her buuiis iu a hopeless gesture to indicate lo Denis what u Ktnte the Kaebnrn linauces were in. He nodded sympathetically. iini|f-;-:- : l:iniliiigly. "Now what i : ; [here fur tier to do?" be demanded. "Oil, liouta ha,:i a bemitifu.1 Unit:," To the Voters of Hempstead County Til" peo = accept my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful vote given me in the first Primary; I feel that when you ^•ave me a plurality of 164 votes (a sufficient number to have won for me at any election heretofore) that you were endorsing my platform of law enforcement. Be not deceived by last minute propaganda. The victory will be won for honest law enforcement. in .should some tangible auce about u. would Be JIM BEARDEN Law and Order Candidate for SHERIFF marriage, on the whole, pie be had known in PavH, a jolly, |5- casual, garrulous lot, with tha j^ morals of tomcats . . . we! 1 ., they = hadn't strengthened his faith !i\ tbu = old and honorable institution. jz Tho thought M.-i.'jutnd him allj-S murnins that ho liacln't rpilte tiieas- E tired up to Bor.is' -jxi.'Setiilitii'S. Ho ~ have- been »b)c to S'.VK her •£• he'p —'-roM'.e a'.^sur-j™ j'.-b, anylbin^ tha! I -Z liav<; lifted 1.1:.it f. 1 :raided, ^ anxious look I rum ''cv :':iee. "Well. !'l! "ive !'t;r a i-iiis tomorrow," be lull! liirn -.'It r;i.K ! .ly. "Tbut -.vl _ _ _ mori'uvV he bad no !cant '' '~ ^(((llllllltlllHIIIIIIhlllilHIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIMnillllllllllllinillllllllltlllllllllUllllllMIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIllllMIIIIIIIrr -Puid Political Advertisement. —

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