Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 11, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 11, 1952
Page 13
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W' X^;:vM •• '• ^.^ H0>* ifAfc, HAM, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED AJi Mtttt it to Ofttfle D»y Before PubllcttlM AD RATES 5SIFI6D DISPLAY „„„..„»„ tto p«r Inch ;;,»,,.„„,... ..... ,. Ma p«r Inch ».»» Me p«r Inch L .. above or* («r eon» iloni, Ifrtfiutor of IKID> ink* fht onettoy rale, BM OdVerllUng copy until » orn. w followum day. ,r*»erve »he rlgM h» • • tjdY»rtiwm*nti of* ifton and to refect or more letter*. mch at ItwMol ai one IHtf will not b« MMon. "i In Wont Mt uffiii* JlMf to euf ortinllon Inwftlon of od end LV (ho ONI ineorrKi 1.7-3431 II, oll«fnoon by AtlUMIM . Mm.r, M«h. Itiff. Aavtrtiimi Mao««*f *• t«i* lUilii MM* (poyobl* in od- >\U In Hop* orxJ ntlohbor- ?» ,™ ^-) 44^M»t>*f4MUMMI«»M4MI4wf 1 nwtMd and M ,.,. .„.,,,,,.,,,,.,,.,,..„ i,ov ...*».««.., a.«o «».-«•«('».*-•«.-.•.•' <•«» 100 PIANOS MW8T »»tl Immedlfltcly to nittp •tortfff. |AO, |7fl, |05. 202 B. Elm 81. Hot»#. H 1m NTCK 3 room hou»« on dmihii> lot on Brut 8rd 8tr«"?l. Mi»»§W(»ble price. Write L, W, Hparki, Jlox 757, Hobtoi, New Mexico, or cnll 7-3H7 (ho 4th or fllh of July, 30 J2t ft ttOOM modvrn hminv with lion- dlx ttutomnllc wd*h«r, 710 Adiilr, down and ftnnuinc rnmithly i>l |2».;<R, 4 lot* 100 x 2BO, n«*(iton Honri. "i rnll«' tmm Tol-K-Tex. $000. M(inro« <!n«nt, 710 Adiilr. «-fit IJICAUttFUl, »|iifllHy Holdtciri ll.'lf- ITU, §7n up, Munition Mink, «;i.1 up, Vol«ht Fnnn» Linnlrn, Win -Atlftnln, Texwu. 0-lflt I CAHIC pickup bitllnr. Good Price* $0(K). Rill Henrd, I milo on ColuiTihim hluhwuy. ll-IH Real Estato for Sole TWO bedroom home, hnrdwood floor*, vcwtliin blind ». dS by M2 kit, on pnvoment, smnll down puymonl, bnlnnci- |,15 p(<r inonth, 102 South Spruce Htrecd, KIVE jroom home, hnrdwood floors vtmetlim blinds, fflOO ci.-,h arid iKHiiniu 6,1 loun, totul monthly jiiiymr-nt, |,'lil. Locutcd on paw- munt at ItIO South Spruce. room homo with three bedroom*, modorn thcuiiuhout und elose In, never til JnrKo ttluulo tri^ON, 10U foot frontiiMi! on pnvc- mrmt tit ftOO Kimt 'ITiIrd ftintut, 'J'HllKK bedroom homo with ntllc vcniiltitlon, vunullan blliuls, lintd wood flours, Kiint|(f, 117 by !!)() lot buy ixtully nn<i nmiumo fc'HA limn, 14 10 South Finn F1VK room honio on cornitr lot, ULTII»« roml Tixiin llrookwood Mehnul, on piivoinonl und clone In, lniy I'tatlty und ustuimo I'M I A loun, immihly ptiymentH of $;i-i.ui, FOSTF.lt — KU.I8 Itofil l^Htiite, InNiirnnre, I, onus I (HI lOnHt HeciiuU Phone 7--UIUU 0-31 Notice HAUL ami xpvond siind »1.25 yurd Ornvfll livnllnbk', f*6y llommom 7-aonu, .IU-IM Rtpr«*intotlv»n nc.) U01 Mwlck " m a, Mich.j ihomo ,?lty C •of th» AuwtlotKt fr«««i ;|fll»d pttit.li tMilltd »»• ~ MH ui« tar npublkollpo |Q60l r (VIW% pflAHra w) tntk 91 w»l| 01 oil A* n«wt Htlp Wanted |&nmd Cata will puy n eady oxpurienccd wult- ey <l»y, plun iv\»ul» », Sou'Mm, Ctirroll, ,., 741 P, '!'. KtiijiUtt linn moved liln law office from (JiuTlmm lluildinii •to tho fortHH (lour ot the KlrM NultoniU Vluuli nulUllnHi Uwnu 400, Hope, ArkmthiiH, 7-Ot Servicos Offered it All V Hitting done at my home. Mr«, Nellie Urookn, Dial 7-4<ClO, 10-3t MAN'S wrUl wntch. Mudo by Ql'tuin. ' Howiud, Uliil 7-8AI1, n-3t Strayed BROWN Jioi'«*> mulo from my ploc« ol Shuvor Spi1n«8, Plounc notify Q, P, Yuung, Rinito ii, Moon, Avkitnsna, 11-H Wor>f.d wnltrtM. dood MM. CtrroU, Dl». 3 tO ., Salt Ufct City. Ifcowin Chamblosa «t pel, l*ayln« July Bevoc- jjsdroom .PIPE ' WELDERS welt Political Announcements tint ftur l* tuthoflttd to ifinminc* that the following *r» e*ndidat«i for public offic* •ubj*ct to the »ction of the Democratic primary election! 4 , Fdr Tux AM«ner CRIT STUART For Clreult c:«r* OARMKIT WILLIS 8, A. (Speedy) HUTSON For R«pr«ienUtlv* TALUOT FKILD JR. For County Judge CMUft II. BUTTON U. O, OAHRKTT A. LUCK For Sheriff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOE niUTT R, C. (Hob) DANIELS JOK JONKS For Alderman Ward t mien JOHNSON DWIOJIT IUDOD1LL PAUL BALKY For Alderman Ward I n. L, i State Senate TOM J, SILVRY DH. V. C. CROW Chancellor (Plfit Dlvlilon, flth Dlttrlct) WIORLKY HOWARD A. P. STKICL For Cemcirsii OHICN HAKFUS Fair Enough By Wottbrook Poglor Copyright, 1952 By King Fnaturet Byndlcste. Hope Juniors Lose 3 to 0 otTexarkona Thr Hope Junior Legion* were twstrn in TrKdrknna Thnndfty 3 In 0. Uiilc; Jonei, Hope pitcher, hurled n nn«'-hlttnr, utriick wit nevert, and v.'nlk<'d one. Wnynr Johnson wad! th-> local*' top hitter, with an avc-j mt!i? of .243. '1'cxnrknnn icored three rim* on IHI hit* in the fifth Inning. Hi,kin-n yielded four hlu while hurling Un> nhiitout fur Tcarkona. Hi- .nil nek out neve/I und wtilkvd Hirer. FiiHti-r, tin- compo*cr v. ho won fnmu lor hi* sortita ubout tlif .South, was n Northerner. He v.as born in LnwrcncovDIe, Pn, NATO projcctfi, nnrl more war. It ilncs acorn strntiKe thnt men of mi'iigiT bxpt'uliincy and colon- sill wt filth should oppose- tho null liiRrfil economic proposal* of the ccmxcrvutlve Hrpnl)llcniiH. Nrvcrlhi'lcss they hnv<r tooled "P. us the wiir-jiirKon hud It, to inilutlmttiry practice* nnd dread Hie election of « mnn who would tUfliitc. To them now, Inflation In nontinl mnind c c o n a rn y. And llirmiKh (unit ln> found In detail with thin nwei'pliiji interpretation, the facts remain that Ike In the ldiiU- of these Wull Street fellows, (hut Duwuy is their political nisent ntul thnt Eisenhower appar- i-ntly dot<« not know the character nnd political motives of many of hli fiercely Jealous manager*. He KIWI- aiuclp uvldencc of thut lit his selection of his in the war. It would be sheer bullion to any ll'iit over these Indecent proceed- DEADLY FLOWER — This carnation-shaped cloud ot smoke "blossoms" from a lOrinch rifle aboard the U. S. S. Iowa, as the battleship opens up on Chongjin, Communist supply and transportation center on North Korea's west coast. Tomics Here Tonight in Return Game The Hope Legionnaires will be trying for n second win over the Red River Tomics at 8 tonight In Fnir park here, after winning Wednesday In Texarkana by a score of 10 to 1 behind the effective hurling of Kclsel Nix. Tonight Dariz Stevens will be on the mound for the locals. Last Friday he went all the way to beat the Mineral Springs Flyers. Hot Springs comes to Hope Monday SPORTS ROUNDUP By GAYLE TALBOT. By MILT MARMOR (For GAYLE TALBOT) I1KLS1NKI Oft— Finland may be :i proper host In an idyllic setting CHICAGO, July That In Chicago there brooded thit'f,,,- tho 1052 Olympic names but U of tlKiusiinds of youiu! ;il»o is keen on KnrnerlnK its share of mednls In truck nnd field competition. The tfnldcn dnys when Paavo Nurinl und Willie Ritola led the durable Finns to world Rlory in nlhli'ties are past. However, at this pro-Kiune stiitfe Finland fools (.•nnserlpts, plucked from their homes, their Jolm nnd studios by the prejts-HiinBji of u nation no Ioniser free, und slauxhterod In Korin, muny of them by .shooting in (he bnrk of the head a.x they knelt with their wrists bound behind Cotton States League W L them, There- was no sense of Mich .sad surveillance, as r.ross carnival swung into tho tra- >iny | confident it will take at least one gold modal—the Javelin—and bo a Ntii/uri> nf nms;i imhorllltyl (litlnnnl mocltorlo.s. NevorthelOtss, by which Ilio prrniiliMitii of the (irOiitcyt fii-o niitliiii mi onrlh art on the i>i<o|ilf, tin' >u<a.son «>f noinlnntlms onnvcntioiis, is now offlcliilly open, The stylish hike front Ni'i'llon of C'hlci.itn iiiul oor- loin nrons of tho loop ii with limp and «n||My »>'t iirluit huduoH of Tuft, Ike iind the Conrad Hilton hotel formerly! hU'Vi'fis. pt'rhupii the bitfgcMt room cry on onrlh. Is n'boillnm of hl«h ly pnrli«nn tnit on tho whoto, oml- ltlnt<t trui1<Jiil({ tho unyloUUnK of tho lobhlos on whlniiiK have passed Certified Pipe Test, arid have refinery; powerhouse, booster station, etc. Welders experience. $275 per hour, 54-hour workweek, $16775. PIPE FITTERS Must have 5 years experience in refinery and powerhouse piping. New construction. $275 per hour, 54-hour work week. $16775. Ung Job. 1 Savannah River Plant r ^Augusta, Georgia i. i* I $omaci James E. Brown 'Sf. F.SHAW CO. GrimKotsl. PkJUltt T« find . ... pickr.'t-ciircls heiirjnfe ,ilnniin.i on the Whole hitnnl nnd sweetly Impersonal The meanest ornoU in Iho Kroat Kiiln for St'iuitor Tart which was ballyhooed through llu- sln-rl.s with Miund trucks pluyiiu; Irrelevant music re.dtl: "Alibi Iko lot the In llcrlin," This wa» no more Ihlu. ti fuir rojoiiiiler of the »uncU- adjuration of a toi.m of phuriKoos in nn Klsouhower ftuuiui WIIK<'II who hud dh.neil In Uu< ours of the multitude "Thou nlu.lt not steal". This referred to tho dispute over the Texas dclcgu< lion \\iuoh both sides claimed on Sepiirule und omuilly viilld Inter- pretuUons of law and the private rules uf the Toxns Hepubllcim party. It came with jii'otescme effect, howovets from n ft.elkm led by Thomas K, Oowoy, jjovcrnor of New York, by virtue of u font of rnscnllty •!» the last election thut was worthy of Tom I'onderuusl or Hurry S. 'IVunuin or, to deny him Hi. iiuirtyrs to a cause lost bo- the faintest hope of victory certainly were present in the thotiKlUs of some of us as their countrymen swarmed in the streets, lobbies and bars und the bosses potty .squabbles over routine polltlcnl utratctfy into great ntors.l issues. .More than u hundred thousand Americans had been shot, burned, blasted and otherwise put to death, wounded or ciipturod In U lottery thut left millions of others safe and indiffer- (jnl luiek home, and yet the convention of one of tho major parties, the first of the two this month, was u mardi Krns. One explauiitlon Is, of course, that these tilings are u freak which has evolved out of Ignorance, cure- Uvssness and hubit. The Constitution directed that the state should appoint electors to elect the pros- UienU nnd in the bc|<lnnlni< the Re-publican principle w;\s so strong Ihnt this was done by the several U'Klsltiiuros. Though n process of .•leuenerntlon which will repay careful Inquiry with stiirtllnK information, the election of the presidents became lung ajjo n travesty ou tho original, basic system und today Is n noisy babble of a rabble who find t h e m selves faintly aroused sometimes by cynical terms such us "smoke-filled room" tinrt "bigotry". The rieloKuU-s are always, in the main, greenhorns selected by skul- tus in tho case of tho Vermont and Connecticut group s, which wot their orders at machine definite' throat In tho marathon, the slot pleehnse, hop - step - ;md jump nnd distance riu'es. The Finns have enteri'd Meridian Natchez Monroe Greenwood Pine Bluff El Dorado Hot Springs 4!) 40 Pet .021) Sizzling Pace Is Set in St. Paul Open ST. PAUL, Minn. OH—A. golfer cciiild tei? off for the second 1-hole round in the St. Paul Open Golf Tournament today with a neat par 72 under his belt and find himself at least 3 places back in the field. That's how hot the scoring was yesterday in the starting 18 holes of the $15,000 tourney at Keller Golf Court. Twenty-two players matched par—but !>' others did better. Heading the pack with near-record B4s were Al Besselink, Escon- clido, Calif., pro in his third season iind Henry R;msom. St. Andrews III., who has been in the business 21 years. The sub - par scores were achieved despite rainy weather before the tourney, which softenec fairways and produced luxurian ruutih. The traveling pros made low scores by avoiding the rougl and by hot putting. Besselink ii particular "was happy about hi putting. "Jack Burke (a fellow pro) gets the credit and I want him to know it," Besselink said. "He gave me The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Fnehe 74474 Or brlnq Iteme to MIM Turner •t Hleki Funeral Hdrrte The Kings of Harmony wilt Stage a program at BeeBee Memorial C. M. E. Church-Sunday night, "July 13. The public is invited. Charles Powell of Richmond. California is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Warren Powell, and other relatives. Mrs. Girhar M. Berry and ,, ter. Mr. and Mrs. Orlen McClellanJh of Los Angeles, Calif., are visit-; ing relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smith and daughter of Chicago, 111., arc visit- Ing relatives and friends. Arthur Stroughter, Sr., and Junior of Wichita, Kansas are visiting elatives and friends. 00 track and field. Among them is Sdiiio Nikkinen, 29-year"-old rail- rand switchman who has the best rt'Cent mark anywhere In the world for the javelin. Last year he threw tht spenr 75.02 meters (2-10 feet 1 Inch) which compares well with the world mark of 7.7 meters 42 S7 .532 41 Hi! 39 41 30 41! 2!) 52 ! Last night's results: 111 (Monroe 0 El Dorado (1 42 ')7 5T2 ; a Putting lesson at the Motor City Tournament in Detroit last week.' Hesselink went out in 31—five inder par—and came back in 33, n.-' throe undor. Ransom's card read Meridian 4 Natchez 2 Greenwood 3 Greenville 2 Pine Bluff 6 Hot Springs 3 Tonight's games: Pine Bluff ;it Hot Springs El Dorado at Monroe Greenville at Greenwood Meridian :\t Natchez (50 feet 2 : v,, inches) set in I9:W by another Finn with a similar Southern Association name—Yrjo Nikkanen. New Orleans 50 40 ,SurprislJ»f;ly, many Finns put. | Mobile 50 42 tleir hopes in. the Javelin, on the i ChatlanooRa 47 40 strong shoulders of Toivo Hyytini- Atlanta ' 47 40 tK>n, 27-year-old farmer, whose) Nashville 44 45 best mink is 74.55 meters (244 feet 7.1 Inches). They feel that while Birmingham Memphis Nikkanen has the best technique, j mile Rock Hyytiaimm is the better compel- 1 40 38 30 47 50 48 .550 .543 .540 .'540 .404 .400 .432 .429 itor. Mobile at Atlanta Thvee marathon runners, headed New Orleans at Birmingham by Veikko Kiirvonen, 20, post 9 uttlo Rock at Chattanooga man, may be swept along by Fin-; Memphis at Nashville nlsh tradition to upset the world L :ls t night's results: distance runners. Karvonen hus. a best time of two hours 2!!:07.4, well under the Olympic murk of 2:23:19.2. But clock- Ings in these races huve little S No games scheduled Tied for second are Gary Mid- dleeoff, Memphis, Tenn., and Ted Kroll, New Hing 9rd, N. Y., each with 65. At the end of today's 1-holc round the field will be cut to the low (iOs and ties, plus Minesota pros. The schedule calls for another 18 Saturday and the final round on Sunday. Field of 17 for Arlington Futurity Race Grandfather and Babe Lost in the Woods : RUSSELLViLLE', I/PI—A missing grandfather and his 18-month-old. grandson were sought today in a wooded area' near hero by Pope County officers. ' •< •: Prosecutor Robert H. Williams, identified the man as John Geren, 50, of Russellvllle. He said Gcren fled into the mosquito3infested woods of the Flagg Lake area tb avoid turning the child over to its parents. Williams said Gcren had taken care of his grandson for about six months until Pope Circuit Court ordered him to return, the child to its parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Go; ren. The man and child disappear' ed shortly after tho decision, said Williams. ' . .' The baby's parents left the child in Geren's care and went to Searcy, Ark., to look for work, Wll- liums said. While in Senrcy, they separated and neither returned to Russellville for the child, the pros.- ecutor said. The couple was convicted two months ago of child abandonment, but the-sentences of $1,000 fine and, a year in jail accessed against them were suspended after they agreed to reunite and care for the jiiby. Williams said Geren has been charged with concealing n child from its parents. CHICAGO One of turfdom's AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB meaning in forecasts. Immediate | New York 01'his own due, Tlu.wns K.! ^uvvniion.s and cume here labeled ivi'iie Dewe.v, himself. This WHS an arrangement by which Jt-v llanley. a M-usoiied iind redoubtable nonentity, who was then HouU'n«nt-govt?r- nor of New York,' rt'ceivcd » de >f nodal security nt for Kistnhower. In Vermont, Re- imblicans of impeccable regularity were snorted down when they tried to s pe uk, nnd in Connecticut, John l.od^c, u flippunt, ephumernl KOV- ernor who served a brief term as the " Win-!" These uro typical events In our thrtip AUlrleh «nd the Clutse Nrt-, . . . . tumal bank control of the New S " !U "» lllul "»««worthy only a« a York dclo«utiou in support of Ki- There hus been « »srvut deul ol tuwy talk about Wall Street «nd the "tnU'riiiUumtdists" in this oon-j tluve, but the Biut ot the matter j U th«A the Eisenhower faction art- New Deal eupUulists who had adjusted their monumental interests to the inflation wum«ht by rejection of the Kuld standard. w;u% bu- ivuucraey, vast public works, the Used Cars For Salt SELECT USED CARS AT RETTIG NASH MOTORS $895 $595 Ifrttt Clievrolot Aero Sedan. See this one ... 1848 Jeep Panel. Don't miss Uib buy .-! 105) Nash Station r> T r* f~\ r- Wttgiui. A real buyHx S W S for oi\ly *V \ *~S S <*J l!M7 STUDEBAKBR (h / r (\ pucudtu J650 the other good buys .1 innii-iH on the cosmic bollytiche ot the same diction because n similar process went against Ike in Texas, The point of importance is thnt the people have no authority over the selection of the two or, at most, three candidates who any chance of election. The ittes know little if anything n bout the issues, they know the candidates only as creatures of publicitj. und they are traded like brutes In the pens at the stockyards so that one boss may become attorney general and another muy reap contracts to build cannon foundries. It was different and the delegates were held in deeper contempt, If possible, in the Roosevelt regime, but actually the method was no worse. The people couM not have had less authority under Kooscvt'll than they have now that he gone. After 1U32. Roosevelt factors such as weather and bli.s-j Chicago tcred feet carry more weight than j Cleveland past performances. Running' with. Washington Karvonen will be F.rkki Puolakka, i Boston 27, a foreman, and Mikko Hietenan' Philadelphia 31. a munitions worker. j St. Louis An ideii of Finnish determina- j Detroit 4l> 2!) 40 34 42 :)4 3D 36 39 311 32 37 32 46 25 49 .613 .575 2' .520 7 .520 7 .464 11 .410 15 .338 20' richest and most important tests for 2-year-old thoroxighbreds, to- ivorrow's $100,000 Arlington Futurity, is expected to lure as large a field as 17. The six-furlong dash at Arling ton Park may pay as much as §10,000 to the winning juvenile. Early favorite is Happy Carreir, owned by William V. Veeneman of ^' j Louisville, winner of the Arlington Primer Stakes and one division of the LaFayclte land. Two imports, threat to Happy Carrier. The Cain Stakes at Keene however, loom a tioii was the recent feat of llmari T«ip;\la, 24, who came out of a THURSDAY'S RESULTS Now York 10 St. Louis 2 plaster cast on his broken back. Chicago 2-4 Washington 0-2 to run third in tho Olympic trials; Philadelphia 11 Cleveland 1 in tho 5,(A)0 i Detroit at Boston, postponed rain NATIONAL LEAGUE Harrison New Star of the Cotton States . By The Associated Press Bobby Harrison's new winning | streak just hus two victories in | it but the Meridian nce's 17-1 niarkj^ today is by far the best in the: st."umi's"lo" P^Tfa'delphia 3 Brooklyn New York St. Louis . C'hicagii I'hiUulelphin Cincinnati Boston I'iltsbur&h W 51 22 47 27 47 34 43 35 35 41 34 41 30 47 ^ Hoy stable Sunday shipped in I Count Cain from New York, especially for the futurity. Also on hand will be Doc Walker, broughl in by J. C. Brady after two straigh 1 wins at Monmouth Park. Calumet Farm, whose Hill Gai won last year.'s futurity, has two L Pet. GB L-iigibles hero, Bob Away and Med .699 .635 4'. .580 8 " .551 10'', .461 17' a .436 19 1 .3(10 ^3 22 59 .272 33 THURSDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 7 Brooklyn 6 Pittsburgh ti Now York 4, 12 in- 5 Boston 3 Cotton States League. Harrison won 15 games before I losing his first game, lost one and! has now won two more. Last night! S W ARKANSAS LEAGUE (Through July 4, Incomplete) he trimmed Natchez 7-1, to broal I Team Won Lost Pet. a three-game Miller losing streak. Prides , lli 3 Greenwood routed two Greenville Nashville 11 4 pitchers to thump the Bucks, 11-3. ' Mineral Springs 10 5 Jim Hogan made his manageru ' Tomics 5 9 dtbut cm the mound for Hot Springs! Hope 5 10 and lost a 1-0, shutout to Pine! Hot Snrincs 1 13 Bluff. j -^ - . El Dorado defeated Monroe, 8-2. ' Harrison had a four-hit shutout' until the ninth inning husi Hate. Calumet's canny trainer Ben Jones, won't say if either 01 both will start, but it's suspectec Meditate will get the call. I <wa haye today. Moses always chose himself, and the tunc tion of tho delegates was merely to get drunk, whoop in folish svr vilily. grovel b«for* his wUe. Hurry Hopkins and Sidney Hillman and rntify aU that he decreed. Frances Perkins, whose dreadful Influence contributed so much to the degradation of American labor, wrote in her memoirs that Roosevelt phoned h*r iu Chicago in 1MO and said: "Yes; I suess it will have to be Wallace". And thus the convention approved for vic« president in wartime a wicked, lyinx conspirator, iulatu- al«d with a »iulst«r Russian faker, who by 1W8 w»* frankly «r»d ag- ;«islv*ly the caudidat* of th* TM night. He walked the first batter | in the ninth and then two singles ' s,eore-i the first Natchez run. j Greenwood scored three runs in: the first And second iruiings and; John Fwto never trailed despite; walking five men and allowing 10 hits. He stranded 11 Buck base run ners. No-Hitter Is Ruined in the Ninth By The Associated Press Dallas Holds 5-Game Lead in Texas DALLAS —Dallas' Eagles rode their supremacy over Oklahoma City last night in a 5-game lead .800 In the Texas League, so far the .733 biggest margin a club has been in .667 front. .357! Juse Santiago annexed his sev- .333! enth triumph — and sixth straight .71 — in winning 6-4. It set the stage for a big welcome party today when the Eagles 109 Casualties . in Korea Report WASHINGTON Iff) The Defense. Department today identified 10p additional battle casualties in Kq- rea. A new list reported 17 killed] 78 wounded, 10 missing and tout injured. In British administrated islands of Oceania, head hunting was, until recently, a vital part of the ceremonial life of the people and it? suppression lead to social decay and a''sharp-reduction in population. homer in the Eagles' 10-hit attac^ Ft. Worth's Dick McCoy, southpawed Tulsa's Johnny Vandermeer in their game. A 2-run triple by John Simmons in sixth inning set the pace for Ft! Worth. Tulsa got but 5 hits oft McCoy. ' Legal Notice move against larite. Houston, the eel- Houston, which won only three of their previous 19 games, fell again last night to San Antonio 1-0. The Buff mustered two hits off Jose Bracho, the winning pitcher. Shreveport, in the cellar on June 23. won its fifth in the last six NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEtf. That the partnership heretofore existing by and between Vincent W. Foster and Leonard Ellis under the name of "Foster-Ellis Insurance Agency" is dissolved by mutual consent as of the close of business May 31, 1952. All the assets of the partnership have been conveyed by Vincent Wf. Foster to. Leonard Ellis, who ha' assumed all the liabilities and obi: gation of the partnership and whij will continue to do business in the same location at 108 East Eecond Street, Hope, Arkansas, under the firm name of "Foster-Ellis Insuiv ance Agency," but Vincent Foster will no longer be intereste| or in any way responsible for the obligations or liabilities of the busit ness. ' WITNESS Our hands on this 31 s( day of May, 1952. Vincent W, Foster Leonard Ellis July U, 1952 Bob Holfmun of Greenwood fell, games from Beaumont 5-2. In tho iw Manager Hogan lost a pitch before the ninth inning no-hitter i other game Ft Worth stopped ing duel to Joe Ricken of Pino game last night in the Cotton Sta-, Tulsa 4-1. Tonight Dallas is at Houston. Ft. Worth at San Antonio, Tulsa at Shreveport and Oklahoma City at San Antonio. Pallas, with a 4-run fifth inning, went ahead of Oklahoma City Joe Macko hit an inside-the-park when the Judges scored in the tes League. fifth ituting ou l.«on Wasik's sin-' Hoffman had a no-hit game go- glt, Rieken's sacrifice, an error u-.g uotii he entered the fatal ninth ami a fly boll. \ inning against the Greenville Buck Riekvn pitched a six-hitter. Ho-' but the Bucks rattled out three hits ejm $ave up one more. It was; for two runs. Greenwood still won Rieken's sixth wu» against three i the game. 3-2. no tosses. | New blood began to tell on the Bielik scattered seven! Monroe Sports. Three new players. Us to mark up his llthigpai^led as the Sports ripped El Be « CajntreU followed with » double of the year against five losses Do* ado. 9-6. an* &°b ChurchilJ cb«»ed in Kl Dorado got H hits. The Meridian downed Natchez 4-J. 9,000 *»ectators at the g»me wete and Hot Springs lost its l<th stra TI*™...* . ....... .. ..» ot the t^« game to Ptoe Biuljt, &9, Hofifman's ao-hitter WM 4 bV Bm poiuWack* in i two runs with a 4 t»rf « N»tc*«» crowd f b«t O Johnny i Inrtina- V i P nyqn er, Attention Formers: You con plant the following feed crops as late as July 20th: • Funks G. Hybrid Seed Corn Sw«tt Sudan Combine Milo Hegori Whipporwlll Table Pto*. MO HOFt STAR, HOM, •y Clitek You«§ 02ARK IKI WEU., LETS GET THIS STPAlGHT I'LL 6UV THE TOOTH PASTE MV WAV HOME PTOM \WO«?K TONIGHT TS GONG TO BE OOD TO B(?USM VV TEETH WITH TOOTW TON1GHT DID voo THE TOOTH PASTE NO. DEAR, j I'LL GET WHEN I GO TO MAPKET TOOAV BUV TOOTH FKSte? WE MET At tH' W AND NOW WAS eerriwa HIS ANKIC PATCHBO •V MlehMl 0-Meiltov eiiiel •v J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY Answer to Previous Puzzle ( 1 THINJK HE ) / V&.F, IT'S Y NOBODV THIMK.'i\ YEH, He\| ' BUMPED S. ( f*ROB'l_V \ OF BI?INJ<SIW1H' ) MIC.HT 1 R.IWT1& MCU LUS5. ONTWEM.' UP Many Mothers HIS KNEECAP \ V TH' KNEE- I oUY TO £>O HE ' < KWQW <. AW FAIMTEP.' ) f CAP/ , f CAN SPEAK FOR I WHAT HIMSELF— THEY ALL, \ TO HlM- WAWT TO DO \ SELF -- I'LL TH' TALKING.' ) BET ITS THE OTHER HORIZONTAL mother 2 State Speed contest 4 Make happy 5 Club 6 Evades 7 Dry 8 Vista 9 Prince Charles' mother 10 Clamping device AM' BEIM' A>v FOREMAM, WE \ ' RUSHEP HIM IM HERE.'y .ft Margaret Truman's mother • MoUitrof Cain (Bib.) IS Egj-ihaped 13 Fish sauce 14 Ignited 15 Seize again 26 Trifle 45 Form (suffix) 28 Change 46 Mother's 30 Ancient Greek husband 47 Prevaricator 48 Sword used in fencing 50 Italian city M Indians S2 Teaspoons 17 Equal (prefix) n Famous ••'Mountain English school city Hdge ' ie N ex t to last *. 31 Stringed 1» Resident , sy iiable 21 Noun «ufflx 20 Angry 23 A«e .: • >*• 22 Belief 24 Piece of work 2 4 Mother of 2,7-— Major gods (myth.) 20 Son of Adam 25 Individuals * (Bib.) '32 Incapabla A 34 Recently M 36 Nullify «nr : 37 Sway 38 Glacial ridges 39 Horned r ruminant vtlHavc (Scot.) 42 Beverage 44 Fall in drops 44 Promised •49 Aleutian ' island native •S3 Trouble 54 Outer layers V of gastrulae S6 Friend (coll,) • M Require instrument 33 Stripped 35 Television part 40 Swirls 43 Deputy Uil!« Turrt«r OH.WV STARiS! TWO OP T^TOP AAV BEST MASTERPIECES | TMlEF ONfcSlDE?, 1 \ GOT TO &OVL \ WHHM ARE WE601106TO AMD BOPVl\ •'OtJT.OPTHI* NEIdH IT* MI5» J MBRTOKJ? I TOLD \00 IT Ws 1SUUL OP.VUttKb CHARAC" (ab.) 55 Gourds (ab.) Wim Major Hoopta OUR BOARDING MOUSE ARE YOLS IDB^T OR JUST RONNllMG A ^> HOSE WA6 SlTTSNl >-c FEVER, z you've eeeM AS yit ALMOST I^TVMO ev A rv RD TO FINJD AS A <•"-' I 6AVA6e NFAMT X REPUBLICAM BOTTOM );.'\ ATTEMPTED TO KIS6 n-ir\lM ALABAMA IU BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ir4 PUBLIC \MITH THIS NASAL MOM6TRO61TY, '- MUD '. ~* /FIELO DAY/ m^r}/ •y Edgor Martin ' • * ••••• • 58 Pace 59 Exist COThertsa's v nickname 01 Disorder VERTICAL 1 Time unit (pros.) f > VOU CATCH f- J > Irt A •v Dick TMHIW CARNIVAL <iU(iS BUNNY WOUMDED WARRIOR= I WONPER V/KBRE 1$ ? E PON'T <=.GE HER I'LL (v\EBT VOU THE NINTH .C'/AON, PORKV HOLE FOR v_X GST Uf AN' kUNCH/ )A 6WKTONB/ By Henhberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP MO9T OFFENSIVE TO/ WHO CARES HIS ROYAL / ABOUT HIGHNE59! I HI0 "ROVAL ess INI TKOUBL0 J KNOW ABOUT 6HEBM HERE, / WHAT'S TRY THESE ON/ WRONG FOR SIZE/ ^1 WITH THE CUOTHE6 WE SOT 7 "Ev«r since you'vf b«en gone it seems like everything costs money I'j •y Golbrallh SIDE GLANCES "That window? That's to keep an eye on my husband when he starts wandering!" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploncreer ow* TM/UT* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS UVeeMORe.PBOPRIETOR SsTWetWSHW CUSTOMBR, .., IMWTOR. OF THE CRUMPET HUT CQOUMG AHEM ! OOMT THE SMA14. PRINT AT TUB BOTTOM. MASTER. FetlClTATlONS ASte ^UTOMATtCjaJ-Y SUSPENDED IF ANP| WHEM TWC i , , COOK CODING WSTBM M I FAILS T&OPBUTE/* IMVENTORSYlVtSTOt COCK WHO *"*"- *

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