The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1940
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VOI.U.MK XXXVH-NO. 13. fflJ^^ttiE_coyrap NEWS I Blythcville Dally News Blythcville Ccurler Mississippi Valley Leader UlytlicvlUn Herald Asks For Inquiry By House Into German White Book_Charge WASHINGTON, April ). (U1 1 )— Ucpvosontativc llmnil- ( <J 'i I'ish (Rep., N, Y.), today inU'uiliiced a resolution tiill- U 1 W i" f ' VC niil " ' 101IS(; > m ' l!sl 'K illil) " <>r the Uurrrmi] While- iwuk (hat (|uoU'il American diplomats as iuforininif ih<! i oiish govmimenL that the United States would assist in war against Gevnmny. *—— • • Hit rcsolnllon provided (or a Jil ' v ' ri !!i^^'' : ' AI{K AN.SAS, MONDAY, APRII, Threat Of Subway Employes Strike llanos () vcr Now York H.V josi:ni i,. MH.UCH Uiiilc.l l>rc« 5 Slail Cotii!»iioiiil»iit NKW YOliK, April 1 (Ul>)__ Hie nrlorln ol the nation's .Vacancies Adjourns Until August 7 Tractor Costs Gill The Self. 13, died at Port to the house within 30 days, It directed "particular rotorence" to stniemtnt.s alleged to have been made by Ambassadors t William C.J ""llitl and t Joseph i>.) Kennedy .''"dangfring the pence, safety aiu interests, neutrality ol tin: Unitci •Slates nnd In violation of ofllcla 'I'lty the liuvs of our country, the spirit of the constitution, thu practice in our diplomatic service aw. tlie regulations established by the state department." Biillitt and Kennedy's views were quoted in reports alleged to have been made by Polish diplomats be lore tl-e war began. Fish said thai the charges In Ihe German White Book should bo investigated "in all fail-uses to President Roosevelt and our ambassadors in Europe." ' "t cannot conceive that the German foreign office should fabricate or forge documents ns it is certainly in the interest of the German country lo maintain peaceful relations with us," he said, "ff upon investigation tlic facts warrant impeachment of any American ambassador or minister 01 even of the president for making secret' commitments that might jeopardize our neutrality and involve us 'In war then It is the duty of the house of representatives to initiate imiiwiclwient pro-. also scalded het ceedings." e .Mississippi comity Demos munil i-ommUiei- in a M -s- loday ,-u th<> city hull )„.,.,. sot ; lees fur I)),. Democratic primary to be held in August tilled FIITIL it II nr-i r A n '' .'" "'' " tlK ' '" A1| a<ist. filled V P f ll ^ c ' :llK ' k ' s «nd elretwl officers I HP I ll • JC '' !SC T " ylw ' lot ' 1 " ""Wiley, was I ULL! ( !U '<'-e)c'tled cluiirman of (he cominlt- - I lw> ' J - H. Jlmiii of Os-ci-olii wns rc- Fuel Explosion Life Of Young of tractor' lusl oil to Kl ' Lsel , Hling lees fixed for the primary In this county are us follows- Justice of tin- tvnw, $a; const u Die, 510; coroner, $10; )-e|)ri:sciila- . .s iho Inim.-in liody -were tiirent- cm'd lodny. 'I'lu- arteries are ihi< niilos of un- d('iKiiiu:-d riillroiKl-lhe subways - nnd lh« threat mmtf f , om ,„,,„. uiilonlwd employes who went at Hie point of striking. '1 Ilii-y strike, V,(WU,0(IO persons will liiitl tlicir iioriiiiil dally joiil- iicyniB between work uiul IIDIIH; dir- lic'iill II' not ImiHissibk' Thes' MUI),WIO operat ries dttiii K a l offices and facto- business in tin fertentl court nl once It Ihe strlkn is fulled. II posted notices last nli;hl In nil impmlrml Millions nnd key points addn-ssi-d lo "i-mpluyivij and ull othi-r persons whomsoever" calling nlU-iilion to , ( \yy> federal lujiiiinii-!! prohibitInt; unyuni- tr<mi hUi'ilciliH! with llu- nmimur-mcut i» pi) nf the I'uiiipaiiyVi receiver-. Thimuis K. Murray, the re- pointed out that' n,|, s j,,_ junction Killl svas effecllve. The ransi- of the crisis wns coin- COT ELECTORS Fill MUNICIPAL stnrt a fire caused ani^r de»lh \ £. ^- ™Zy S ^''"^ here ywtcrdav when Hutu- v*» ™it „!„.,. ".ii CJUK ' $ll>0 ' l ' i| Pay ck'rt, SI50; iir n ,T , j--.- %..^iiv, ^.uu ussi.'.'isnr, S15n- Walls Jiospilal' sheriff, S250; treasurer, S''50' colmtv 'U'ed Salllrtlnv . tiul:, a fin*. ...'.*'. ollm l burns received Saturday $250; ""'•"•""ji j^iiiuf. c'ju iii'Ospfin i morning when a can of the ull ex-| $25; elreMll ii, Le S 0 lodert at her tann home on the i - [ississiiipi River near Perry landing. prosecuting attorney ,, ^ Hii! inilas j-unrcd into Alaiilnil- Inii. tin- !>orough uf Industry and ullli-i-.s this i ..... -nlii).; W ltli the workers from thu Uoroiighs of (•Jiircns, Ihonx, imd Hruoklyn, th> iKM-oiiijhs of homes, liui the irnh,s may not Ijc ninnini; this evening to take them buck. Mayor R H. Uitiuurilli, was tiii- Hm-d ( .ii e ,, s ,. a n, a ,, ist nllm , lc effort to head it off. lie was the only rifficiul io predict that there would IK no strike and it was believed he would confer with Michael •>. Quill, Intcrnallonii) president of the union this morning, before the deadline. L. II was reported that Lewis, president of the George Dillahunty, Jr. afternoon tcry. Besides body. at Sandy Ridge Ceme- her parents, Mr. and • • ~*.,.*.^,, , lvl i^aju-uih, iMi". aim Hurt. Auto Damaged *"' s -. scir> s!le Ls Sl " vi ™i i> y three I brothers, Eugene. Rov ami .mi«, George Dillahnnty Jr., received lacerations about the head and his car was badly damaged when his car overturned on Highway 61 near tlie Arkansas-Missouri line early Sunday morning, Enrpiite home, he swerved the machine io avoid striking an ap- pcoachine. truck, both of which j reached the curve at Ihe nrch nt the same time, and in doing so he struck a hole in the pavement which caused his cnr lo overturn. After receiving first aid treatment al Walls Hospital he wns able to return home. , , AfJlton Self, and four sisters. Hetty Sue, Em-line, Lexie ,, m | Jine Self n r- « , ' J ° 1 " 1 Mcll!l " e y <"«' Cobb Pmier^^^^; -• ,- SteT.: ^SfeTlS" ---,,, j..%..... lv , IL , wi 11 iv; Coiigrcxs of Industrial Oruinilza- Hons. might fly here- from Washington to participate in n conference Heavy police r;unid.s were .set around the power plnnts which send Ihc electricity into the third nuts. Approximately 100 pollcemsn spcnl (he nlijlit around (he union's headquarters where Qnlll ,„„( h is assistants worked. They l,,,d already established cafeterias and dormitories in all tlie boroughs for the use of .strikers, Police Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine had cut short - „,„„,.„,,„,. "f 11 , 0 . 11 "'' 1 ' ''"'" IV1IS "' "cttvc charge they seek. This rule of desi«nalion ,- S r °'' co of 2I - 0flo »«"'. All po- 5ih:ill rinnUp in n,.. .,..:...( , ,, nceiiieii off duly were subject to call on a moment's notice. The tnlci-boroush Rapid the officer whose office -;-•• ' J1|| is rule of designation shall apply j,, (lie printing of (he Mid ballots for primaries J. J, Moore, John Mcllaiiey and Transit s Co one of the two lines against -- the strike will lie directed |nd'calcd lhat It vvm ,| () ni , |)0! ,, , Q ' New York Cotton May Jill. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 01XM1 1050 . 1020 07G 9G2 955 . 950 high 1058 1030 984 9G8 958 955 low 10*8 1024 97G SC2 950 919 prnv. close close 1052 10GO io:ia 88 ti 1030 918 BS-1 S5C 955 972 967 958 I wo Convicled Of Larcein In First Ca'scs Of'°," , A " K>Kt ° '" na " le "w&s ami o • flcrks for Ihc primaries ocssion Avraigumcnt of prisoners in the county jnll who have already en- lot boxes foi- the primary. The conimitlee elected llic following to committee membership to nil vacancies: Chickasawba township. Oscar Bailey .succeeding J. J. Dnly ( removed; byess township. W. M. Totnctl and J M- Thompson, .succeeding o. B. Jea;i and ll. E, Roberts, removed.- Carson township, O. M. Hilt Jr succeeding J. D. stotts, removed. l\1emohiatK Tn The committee will meet at;ain mull ! Jnlans J 0 j priii A noto of humor was injected into today's meetina when W. P nil) Wilson suggested that 'the .. the four biuouijhs'. Miin- hnttnn, lii-onx, (jmx'iis, Uriiolilyn (Stalcn Island, (lie [Ifd, ijuniush Is coiiiH-eled lu tho olher.s by ferry.) One is the Indepi-nik-nt wlik-h is . llic lutiTtKuongh Hnpld itnil Ihi- llrunklyii-Mniihiitlnn Triin- slt which arc ID )u- iiiki-n am bv Ihe city Jui-c 1 nnd imidi-d ivitii till' llUll'|K'lldl!|ll. The union has closed simp nui- tt-ncts with (be in |- ,u u i \\\n, -i-\ w employes of Ihc Independent' i m . civil snrvln- employty ami ,,re not unlont/ert. When Die dly lakes over tin* IltT nnd 11MT employs will be "blanketed" Into civil sciv- !"'•. with (he nssurofl tenure, pensions, and other benefits which Ihe civil service luw assures. City offlcluls mnlntnln lhat the city can neither legally reroiiiite Unclosed civil service . under Ihe civil law. lo obtain ihi'lr ixists by competitive c'xiimlnatlon. nor the right. ID strike against llu- uavcrn- menl. The union Is .striking to force (he city to recognize Us co:i- inicls ami operate Uu.' IRT and UMT on u closed shop basis, Approximately 27,00:) HIT and liMT eiiijiloyes were subject to tiic Con I cs Is For Municipal Judge, Cily Clerk mid Cily Attorney More than ItHKi residents of Hly- "1 |i»H lux, nl. ti'iisl) U, voli- In 1 ni'sday'.t municipal election but i)olltlcnl observer.'; ijt-nOMlly |mi- :llcl«l a vulc of not more Hum U.OflO to 1:1,0011. Unusually (|ulot In pre-elei-tlon i-ltii:c-«, (tic issui- will in, di'tciinln- .-il IOJUIMKW in |in w races. With UK! nmyor'B olilci- iioL nl iinke Hits year Ihc principal olilci' (>' be lilli-d Is l| u . (oiir-ycai ollli-o :>f nuintclpnl jiul(ji! with tlic h,- fiimbciit., Ooyk- Henderson and ii-ornt! \V. Unrhnni us «i>poncnl.s. Three ciuidldiilm nro In lb e mc« for city clerk, which rante n two- Mil- term. They ure: j u |,n Hister Jharles Bhorl nnd Frnnl; whit- worth, Do.v Nelson nnd Percy A. Wright, ii-n candldnles for the ofltcc of ;lly altoniey. CandldnlM nmniiiK wllhoul op- Dslllon in-e: Sam o. Owens, nliler- mnn, llrst wnrd: Loy II, Welch, i!dnri;;iin. second ward, and K. u!, iildcriniin, Ihlixl ward Polling places will be open from a o'clock In the morntm; until li o'clock In the t-venlnu, It wns nil- noimccd (odiiy by V. G. Holland, clinlrniiiii of (ho Comity Election Commission, which mimed (he city Hull as the polllnc jilnco foi \Vnnl strike call—Irnin crews, slntlon iisent.s nnd employes, power house workers, and the employes of the , . , ' ,' "",' " '""' subsidinry bus nnd elevated lines f! c , .'M'"" Lunil)c1 ' Company opealed by ll,e companies. If all '"'" "" w ' -csjioiid, It was authoritatively staled lhat II would be Impossible o operate Ihc high-speed, complex trarsporlallon system because there wouldn't be enough skilled ivuilnble. Merc "* ""bb^iLu umi me - lll; " u "- iMciupms I committee scud a "missionary", to 1 "'™l tourists come lo On Cotion C a r Good Will Ton r When the Memphis Cotton Cnr- Dlythcvlllc tered plcns of eiiilly WAS completed i !!' e "' ecli ' l!! ' s che(lulcd .uuu, m \---~- ».u..»uy io advertise their "- - : "~" ''He HcpuWlcan county committee, coming attraction, they will bo tokl New Orleans Cotton May Jill. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1058 11)39 082 BG7 9 GO 952 high ini;6 1047 888 97-1 9G2 060 prev. low close close in circuit court tills afternoon following opening of the court term this morning. Judge Neil KiUough, of Wynne I is presiding nt the term which i.s' expected to continue through most of next week. "i this morning's session, Joe i soon, ofi 1 "^ Monday to advertise theh (Pastor Refuses To Wed , to come back next fall when Bly- thcvlllc be host lo tlie | IT . "•". *v kuc II1M. , National Cotion ' plcklny Contest, tOUpIes RecenHv Met , K , expected in draw thoH- ^ J i sands 01 vi.silors. NIAOAKA FALLS, N. Y. (UP>-! en'tcrl-.l^t" 1 ,"! 1 /, 1 ' "I" 1 ' 1 "" 0 Wi " ' )C TI ' C Hw - — -:^ W ±: ; ?- -- ^^r^ 1058 1039 982 007 000 95? 1005 1013 98-1 DBS 962 !)5f) 1008 1048 99(1 97S 90S 9CI) Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric 172 1-4 89 2!) 3-8 Tfi B(J 1-1 130 1-2 33 3.4 General Motors 54 « ,. . . fnt Harvester -. 58 1-4 | A PP e ntlfClt(S ratal ...,.i iiuuijiii^^ .session, JOCl *n >. u.iyiu Alnicus Gnrvey nnd Warren James i Episcopalian minister who never vil hoi-,. ,h«, ( ncsra-.,. were each sentenced lo i'»«"•!« a couple who have not n'minced tod,w each other at least a year noon. It wn.s nn- who will | je offi- , hosts for (he affair has not iranllcd yet bct , n dccldciVrpeiidiii'i! a"iiiccl- '"a Of (liO Hmrrl <if "Hint for Un ••IHIOI5T1 Conviction 01 Can-ill's One; thu Ihirdaway Appliance Co julldlnit across from Klvst Prcsby- eriiiii chun-li tor Ward Two, and for Slayer Is Upheld Supreme Court Argue Over Loan; One Killed, Another Jailed A lunii of a dime caused tlic deal)) of .Jim George Hush, •!«, negro, who wus fatally shot by Fred Dnpiee, n, negro, who was futnlly shot by Fred Duurcc, -la, negio, as the clftunx to Ihe iirnu- Miciil whlcli took place late Sutur- dny ill tlio Jllythuvlllc Cotton Oil Mill where bolh negroes Iitid been employed for a number of years. A!lhoiii;h the rlioollng allegedly followed the argument iiboiit the S1NGLK COPIES FIVK Flood Waters Menace Pennsylvania Area And Other Sections , waters Wrisls Apparonlly Had Been Slashed; Funeral Held This Afternoon John Albert Dim, for go years n resilient »| Dlvllu-vllli- wns- found , tlt'iul at his home yesterday moin- I"K by Ills son, Cecil Ulm, The wrist of tin! ii7-yoar-old man hud ipimreiitly been slashed ,-iKor blndi! which caused him to lo donlli. There was no In- April M bi ' I \lt " "tt*- l«JJ/l JHUJUteUU ndi Wyoming Valley aiiihradlo '* belt Iwiiiy. 'I'lin laxlnij 8mi|iielmmin river, swollen by spring rains and thaw- l"ii snow, rapidly approached the hfeli water mark It reached in .the disastrous Hoods of ISW. Nine deaths were reported. Ty/o otliiii- persons were reported drown- t'd In a liont necldent hut this was not conlirmf.d. Muro thtin 10,000 persons were forced lo evaeunte their home's?', All of the 21,600 Inhabitants pf"1 KhiHslon were ordered to prepare > lo cvnoiinli- whi'ii a temporary sec- , lion of a dyki: along tfarro\vs road i KIIVU way, flooding the territory under six feet ot water. Smoking was banned In the elty of Wtlkes-Hano when the escaping Biisollnc was detected. It spread rapidly on the wrst side No note wns left but It WIM Ijc- ilevi-d that he wns despondent over ill health, lie imd | )e( . n fueling Milly recently nnd his son went to i Is homo to mnke him a fire as wns Ills t-iLsluni, Urmblo lo rouse his father he Imd o brenh open Iho door lo find hl m lend, lie lived In n house ,,t the •enr of the ceell ulm residence on South Luke street. l-'iincritl nei-vlcm wcro held (his iflernoon »l, Dm i, n vo street Moth-1 ocllst Church by the Ifev, W. ' ,l". .,..„ and into Kingston, The crest apparently hod/not yet been reached. For n time the Stls- qticlinnnn began receding but soon It slartcd rising again. Uown tho river at, Columbia the waters were rising at the rate of thrr.c Inches un hour. Fearing thai a carelessly dls- ciudcd match, cigar or cigarette mtulil (cinch off a major nre, city officials brondenst llic no smoke warnings and asked residents to be extremely careful lo avoid disaster. Schools throughout the territory Man business cstab- some "istw, with burial in Elmwood !einclery. Pallbearers wero: irn Hohnmilnjr, Arch Llnilsey, .J. w, Miilonc-y. J. o. 'dime loan, there Is said (o hnvc -been some previous III feellni; between llic two men. Hush died :!l) minutes follosvhijj Hie shooting which look place nl LITTLE HOCK. April I (ui'l—'• r ' : ''° ''• "'• " l 'l» CI; . who was placed Eugem: linirlson, convicted ot '" tilL ' t(>nilt >' J"ll hero on a matwlntiBlitcr in Phillips county f. lmr f "' "'"><l'r. »>» bo tried at times Fedcrnl ..„. „„ „ „ in rn,,r ,.„„,.,. i,. .!,„ i"" leim of Circuit Court now Iti home of Sylvester Oaslon and In Marsh, , Turner. Horn In mini! lii-i-e . S|ieek mid Hubert Mora, ill., M,-. ulm (a enter thu dicil«o -- -• v.,^ ..ivkiKu ditch which he continued for ninny ycnrs. He Is survived by three sons, Ceell and Arai of ulythcvllle, and Alfred Ulm of Union City, Tenn • one daughter, Mrs. Ooliie Grimes of-pyci'sbHi'K, Twin,; two'brothers, Cleorijo uim of Hen.sebr, !n<l.. nnd Willlnm Dim of Stockllng, c.illf. Mrs-. Ulm died several years HBO, Hull runernl llimic was'iuchnrge. Cripple Finally Exhausts Federal Agenls' Patience ST. LOUIS <UI'>—More limn 30 • ••«-..- v..,vll -11.LIU llt:LU IO inrcc \cnrs in the .state pcnitcn-i'-'- 1 "*" --''fi uuta a liary on charges of grand luru-ny t rteelnrcs his syslem in companion cnses which involved I '" fewcl ' divorces. the then of SUO from a:> age:! negro i " ! believe," he said , ui ,,,,, ,...-.„„„,. , woman, jnmes is also to lie tried ; lilc ranlractini; parties to lie happy , llp ,.„" ,'"„" ,„ . Commerce, but and started .• •>» « similar charge in another < «»'! avoid future trouble tho • ' 1"° "I". l .'"L 1JC «' vc "' nctw "- l >" ll <*« """"8 nml .sentenced to four years in the pcnlleiitlnry for .slaying IR-niuin CarvlII, stale revenue depnilmcnt employe, lost his appeal cnse In llic Arkansas .supreme court today. CarvlII was shot when he and other revenue audits stopped an out of .slate truck driven by llar- rlroii nt West Helena Aug. ;|'|, 11)39, to see if the driver Iiad n .slate i and avoid should thai long. "Urn-ins my 20 years as rector future trouble known each , liniillri(! liquor, said hi- Directors of IlioiiHht hi; was being hl-Jnckcd but and slarted shooting, one of the , 1 , . "rooks, ID cliar(ie| The court nf firmed a $1500 Judff- " similar charge in another •confidence" case in which SIOS was alhgocily obtained from an- olln-r iii'sro. yirgll Greene was nl- U-.v lor (hi- l\vo defe;-.(bnt.s. j -• ":' "".- v^muun IIL-IL- omy uvo nrn-innc «r* nn i m ^'~ " "" ' J " J An order was smiled removing! 0 ! »«* ™ marri,, S e.s I performed c n ?tm r, ?,? , T °" rs f ° r Htc co " rt f01 ' " disabilitirs in the rnse of Huford i KelT " f divorced people" he said , i' lo ^ Jiclcl in Mny. he fell from a ladder. Halter said Stiibbs. is. a minor, which involved ' : ', ^ Memphis cliBinbi-r n fellow employe was holding the Ihe propped .sale of certain laii'is ' n ' \ • t ! lcl ' c0 ' vvln '"chide several ladder but had left. It for n few i" which Hie , n |, 101 . iiml inherited ! Han Road F.xnsrisinn i !.!', L _'° Uon . cf I'^t years, us mlnules when Ihc accident oc- j of Epiphany Church here only two wrvloiK I nf tho i;o,: ,.,~..,; r f . J ; ' (t( "UJ other w_, oi local nrrangcments. i meiil awarded M. W. Iliiltor from me .io Memphis visitors, a iiuni- the Southwest Gas anil Electric ner of whom have been here un compuny by a Papc countv circuit " v 'Oonciwlll Tours" for (he court for injuries received when an irteiesl.. George repi-csein.-d stubbs. w, Montgomery Ward . N Y Central North Am Aviation 1'ackard Radio Republic Steel ... Socouy Vacuum ... Stitdcbaker Standard of N J . Texas Corp U S Steel 53 3-8 15 23 7-8 3 5-8 6 5-8 eo 7-8 12 II 1-4 « 1-2 45 5-8 S3 fi-8 To Gosnell Farm %S Plail ?° a<1 EX P 5 " S '°" i »•'•» - -Piesentative^ of a mnn- curie,,. Barhnn, p rogram fa Arkansas '^ Memi)hls - hM known busi- '• - After visiting' .it several towns' enroutc here, the visitors will leave I in the early afternoon for n lour of Western Mississippi County and session, it was annoiniccd lodny. Dell Infant Dies At Home Stiiulay Thomas Eugene Miller, Iwn-wccta old .son of Mr. and Mrs. Winfrcd Miller of iieiir Dell, died yesterday inornhiB at the Iniully residence, lluiinl was made, (bis morning In Wilklns Cemetery. The Iraby, wbo had been III since blrlh, l» survived by his parct'ts; two brollim. Whirred Jr. and Herschel, and one sislcr, Marie, Hnnna l-'unernl Home wns lu clinrge. 1(1 of the raids Illicit liquor wns fniiiid. Gusloii. -Hl-yenr-old L-rippJed nritro. escaped prosesntloii because [-'cderiil nnlhorltles pilled him. O us ton troubled Interim! rirvcnni- ,'cnts once (no often, however' imd l-VdcrnI Judge John Collctl si-nlcnced him lo. two years In prison. While elusion was In court hearing sentence pronounced police milled his home nif ain nnd found more Kimor If you walked the coastline ot Maine, it would measure about 2500 milc.s. yet the two ends arc only 225 miles apnit by nir. "Swinll of Mu- llrow" Wins AUSTIN, Tex. (UP, - "Sweul of ««; brow" awards arc hclng made niimially to 10 University of Texas eiiBlncu-iiii; stiidenLs- by" I3r. T, U Tuylor. 82-ycur-old di-nn emeritus of the university's school of engineering. The awards me $15 each and they BO to the students whom the clcnu liellcvcs arc selling their professional training the hard way l-'orly-Korlh, Prlnijlc, Scranton, Sayre, Wllllumsiiorl, Sunbury, Haiv rlsburii and other cominunttles were Inundated. The New York district of tlie U, S. const guard was sending motor boats to stricken areas or to points where emergencies were anticipated. Fifty const guards were assigned to Wllkes niirro to ninn the • motor boats there If 'necessary. ,"•'' The Susquehnnna at LpckliBVen', Pa.,' Hooded an area i: occ.tiplcd by 100 residences, ,' '" »' Unemployed, • boy 'scouts and other agencies aided the fled Cross In nearly all sections. Pennsylvania nnd New York each reported three deaths, California two. Horace Fitzgerald and his wife were killed near HnfTnto when (heir automobile skidded on a flooded hlfhwny, nnd two-year-old Stewart Fletcher, Jr., of West Sank Lake, M. Y., \yas drowned when hii. slipped on an icy hill and fell into a pool. Ullen I'eark Kctfer, 34, drowned when her automobile went over an embankment, Into the Youghlo.-- jtu-ny river al Dnwsoti, Pa,: Edith-Stewart, ID-months-old, disappeared al Armagh, Pn,, aiid her body was found In swollen Brush Creek; nnd Ilve-ycar-old Bobby olnwson, drowned in the Ktsklmlm-lns river nt Leechshiirg. UTfLE ROCK. Apr. 1 i(JI J >— j Plans for « 1.910 higlnvay building j and railroad crossing elimination J prot;r,ini for Arkansas costing Sl,- Meet Fuehrer Chaplin, Duce Oakie May July Chiccwo Wheat open high low close 105 1-4 1053-4 1043-1 104 104 1045-8 1035-8 1033-4 Chicago Corn Homer t.ucius. 37-year-old fann- er of n;;ir Gosnell.'dicd at Walls Hospital (hi s mornlnsr following an operation lor nppeudicitls. He was aomitteil ; 0 Die hospital eijjtiC days «so when His comlilion bec.ime sc- rious. limn-,"] services will be hr-lcl lucsday i.ftoi-iioou, •> o'clock, at Second H;ii)tj s t church with the 1 lev. J. 1\- |j e ,,r ro . ims | or o f New Liberty K,ipj| s t cimrch. and the Hev. O. V.. DC.SS. pastor O I Pilgrim Tabrinacle. cfficiatini;. Burial will be 474.t)41 of which S929.CW"wilMie °" '" Jonesboro where they will federal aid were announced today ' be guests nt a cocktail party lo be by the public roads administration ? lvcn >{y Ro >' Slgler, Joncsbnio -• •- - — - - -— - business man of the Federal Works Agency. The program includes construc- . Les BacVicrli; is chairman of the lion of 72 miles of highway elimi- Tcur CcrnmlUcc for th Irip which to,-! ' m Ma|11 ° GrOVC CTmc -.: fcdcrnl alrt. In addition will lie: S. Bcvill. Ed- open 5S7-8 581-8 high 57 1-8 531-8 low 56 5-8 5C 1-2 close 553-4 w.-nd Rccc<> McGiurily. land llods Horn In of five Bracie crossings and reconstruction of another and protection of 10 crossings by signals. Ninety eight miles of highway six grade crossing eliminations anil protection of 12 crossings by signals had been scheduled for Improvement and plans were beiiiR prepared. This work will cost S2 044,861 of which S1.C13.C80 will be nifl. In addition there remained 81.524,355 of federal aid will be made by bus. Tankers Fuel British Naval Craft At Sea - LONDON (UP)-Brltish warships charged with protecting Allied shipping and sweeping the sens of German commerce now may remain at sea eight months T n melt THfm L"oti "i 1 "™'" 0 "" 1 Arkansas available for without pulling Inlo „- '"•:": T '- l ' or ":, L ; tn f"'-»>fr work. , plcnlsh sunnhes. Mr. The administration reported thnl March 102 Livestock . „, .aiii.ii»;iii. ..H.-r-.. nil. . - - - UlilCS Of highway '•" I Lucius came here several years ago. rcc crossing pliminations and He is survivnrl hv his witc M°rs l""" tC(:tiQ n of .six crossinj-s by signals were under construction this work will cost $2,082,182 of which port to replenish supplies. Refueling o|icratioi\s are carried out In midoccan with the navy's survived by „_ „ ,. i Vid.-i Lucius; one daimhlcr. Marie; his iMi-enn, jr,.. and .Mrs. J. S. Lucius, nil ( ,f |, rre . ( j vc brothers. EAST ST. LOUIS, III., April l.j Lawrence. Alfred and Finis Lucius c ' 10 (UP)-Hogs: 15,850-15.000 on sale. t of here. ci,, ( | c Lucills 0[ stccU ,_: 5.00 ' • - - • . sl -' I8J . ( ' 7 * 1 al(l - ,. be met with fed- ' , Top, 170-230 Ibs,, 400-5.00 1-10-160 Ibs., 4.10-4.00 Bulk sows, 3,85-4.40 Cattle: 4,100—4.000 on sale. hrre. and Steers, 8.25-9.25 jof Steelc. Slaughter steers, 6.50-11.50 | Haima f Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-0.10 .Slaughter heifers, 0.50-10.50 > The nve-'M'-- Decf cows, 5.00-6.00 j| s 2fi'.5flO iniios -i ' Cutters and low ciillere, 3.50-4.75 Uti.-die.s l)av ( . S |, mvil ' t 1'roud Kr-ccrd ,,,,, . „ „ , —-" lllc 25-year perfect iu n;ii- Mildred Bets of dance record al Sunday school lor .. rs. Lorcne HillJoiise M( SS E va Blatr. She enrolled In Ihe German pockel the Emery Bible class at the Mcth- mlral Grnf Spec ral Home is In charge, artist cinirch here March 10. 1915. - • Mnrch 10, 1D40, she More Trucks Needed In Clean Up Drive The loan of more trucks arc needed to complete the city's animal "Clean Up," it was announced tcdny by Loy H. Welch, who Is In charge of securing private trucks nnd drivers to supplement the city's trucks being used to haul trash from alleys of all residential sections of the city. Mr, Welch, who Is serving on the Jury for the court term, issued n plea this afternoon for the loan of trucks for one day so that the work can be completed as quickly ^s possible. Anyone who will donate a truck amid driver for a day is asked to :ull Mayor Williams. Severn! flrms have already donated these trucks .11 intervals since Thursday when (lie drive started. fleet of 2 overseas tankers, all" iiieiitcil by a number of chartered tankers, acting as "feeder" ships The tnnkcrs oblain their supplies from reserves placed nt depots throughout the world before the i outbreak of war. I Among the warships refueled i under this new system were those lias which participated In tho Battle ien-' of Montevideo, which led to the and subsequent scuttling ol j I- The same kind of secrecy with which Europe's dictators "Knothole" Spectators To Miss 1940 Derby LOUISVILLE. Ky. (UP) — Kentucky Derby "knothole" spectators I may have to buy admission tickets | if they expect to witness the rtm- ' nlng of the 1940 derby. • Officials of Churchill Downs have erected a brick wall around the entire backstretch of the famous track from where many. hundreds of persons have seen the I derby free In past years. Step- j ladders and pulley-lines often were pressed into service to hoist fence-sitters to vantage points on the old wooden barrier. lillly Gilbert as Hermann Gocrhiff .Tack Oakie as Bcnlto Mussolini Charlie Chaplin as Adolf Hitler ! Cllnrl " > afterward she became 111. Ter "" tcs ' f'twcntly called "while ail species are white. » ° new movie. |, Wc ,, 1£>)r mows llM bMn " ltlcr rolc a travesty on one-mnn government. Charlie's moustache made it man- role himself. JHCK oakie will portray II Uuce under tlie name Benzmo 5 ...., nnd Billy Gilbert will r!o Hermann Oocrlng. Chaplin has allowed no pictures to leak out , but here.s an artist's ver.sbn of Ihe three roles, made by puttlns «,„ Hollywood faces In the uniforms I of Ihelr European counterpart.^ Any rosomblance to chnrnctcr.s living In -Europe is entirely intentional. WEATHER A.rkansaA —Cloudy to partly cloudy, not much change In temperature tonight and Tuesday Memphis and vicinity — Pair somewhat warmer tonight lowest temperature nbottt 65, Tuesday In* creasing clouding, unsettled In atternooon pr night.

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