Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1934
Page 6
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MGESIX 'tt Sl'AK. HOrfl, ARKANSAS^ Friday, August 24, 1934 Center Point The farmers would appreciate a good rain. The Rev. L. L. Midlebrooks of Ross- Ion will fill his regular appointment her Sunday. August 26. The public is invited to come. Mrs. Thelma DeVenny mid children have returned to their home in Bodcaw after spending fever;)! weeks with her brother W. W. Wrisht and family. Mrs. Dick Atkinson and children of Minden, La., visited a few clays last week with her sister. Mrs. W.W. Wright and family. Misses Gurteen and Iva Nell Caudle spent a while Wednesday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Wright and children. Mrs. Marion Huhbard spent several days last week with relatives in Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Carl May returned fo their home after spending several days with relatives at Falcon. j Mrs. A. L. Caudle and daughter, \Iis<i Gurteen spot a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Roth-, well and family in Hope. 1 Mr. and Mrs, Homer Vines and vhilciron s;>e!it several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Iliad Vines and children near Harmony. j Mi. and Mrs. Carl May spent Sal-| urday nis>ht with Mr. and Mrs. Mor- j yi'.n May in Hope. j Misse.s Jessie Mae. Lorene and Irene ; Wright spent Saturday night and Sun- j day with Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Caudle I and children. Mr. and Mrs. Bus Tunstall and baby spent a while Sunday afternoon at ihe home of iflr. and Mrs. Marion Hub bard. ?vlrs. .1. B. Wright of Bodcaw spent the weok end with the W.W. Wright family. Merman Putmaii called at the home cf. Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Caudle Sunday morning. Popular Actor I take this means to express my appreciation and thanks to my many friends for the vote you gave me and for 'all the kindness shown me in my race for Representative. I live at '517 South Pine Street and maintain an office in the First National Bank building, I want you to let me know when I can be of service to you. I will thank you for your vote and support in the Primary of August 28th. WILLIE HARRIS Candidate for Representative SATURDAY SPECIALS Laundry Soap White r.r Bars —PRODUCE SPECIALS— GREEN BEANS—2 Lbs 25c TURNIPS & TOPS—Large Bunch lOc CARROTS—2 Large Bunches 15c Bulk Macaroni or Spaghetti, Ib. 1 Qc LIP TON'S TEA */4 Lb. Tea—1 Tea Glass 21c l /2 Lb. Tea—2 Tea Glasses 40c 1 Lb Tea—4 Tea Glasses 75c Sanitest Toilet Tissue-). innn . 17c QUART ,JAK FRUIT JARS PINTS, Doz 72c QUARTS, Doz 79c '/, GALLON $1.10 GREEN BEANS—3 No. 2 Cans 25c TOMATOES—3 No. 2 Cans 25c TINY WAITRESS CORN—No. 2 Can ...lOc -MEAT MAKKli'l' St'iitiALS- Sweet Mixed Pickles, Ib. 23c LOAF MEAT, fresh Picnic Hams 4to61b. ave. Ib. KlD.S 1 rounds 25c -Lb. Cured Ham, cen- &$ ter sliced, Ib &a Baby H(.;ei: STEAK, Ib. 1 SAUSAGE 2 Ib. 15c Bacon Squares Pound uacun BEEF ROAST 3 Ibs. 25c Buffalo and Cat FIS II Ea.-b -,• d !• ryeiv 35c MOlU/.O.NT.VIi l.S Who is the ni'tiT ill the lili-ture? 5 UiHH- rii.^. VJ Uuslo I'Utnl. KMValUed. 15 To I'oiirl. 16 Above. 17 Center of an amphitheater. .IS fl.ul of love. 20 Nonconformist. 21 To illsiigveo. I'l spiiin. U"> Knock. 27 Thespian. 31 He works in Answer to 1'rovlous Pu/./.lc 03 Governor ot "•I ('iinipuHilinn [or nine in- slriunents. .",7 Srvmul lUili.-. o,< To pii7./le. 13 Antiseptic powders. i7 Kim. -IS Kdihlo 5ii To redact. 51 Pertaining to wings. , r >2 Fracrant olenresin. !i:> Not any 51. , r '."i He >9 world-famous A KRTIUAL 2 To dwell. ;; To affirm. •I Uncommon. 5 Refuse from pressing fruit. fi War flyer 7 To wait upon. 9 Inspires reverence 10 Tiresome person 11 Kish-ealiiiK divinp liird in Bucket 1! riiilform. 1G Ho was bor» In .U.S. A J!) He Is a per s;m;\lity 22 Mulure female lish. 2,1 Male servant. 2". Wand. 2(i To handle. 2S Dove's ery 2!) i'OOO pounds. lid I'oem ;:2 \'ery small domestic fowl "J Tries for (lavor :',ti Slomac'h of a rumimint. ;',7 Small memorial S.'i Part of a shatt -in Tidy -tl Kairy -C' Sun •\:\ Half •II Hill of (aru •IT. Smell •ICi How •1!) forded cloth. HARRY GRAYSON '" | Amntcur Ring Champions Afiulu (inih ~ ; Spotlight from Professionals j CLEVELAND—Tlicre lias been a j tlii'tinct switch from the professionals j to the amateurs in boxinij clurinK tl>e |-:i.'.t. several yenrs. Success of Golden Gloves tournaments throughout the country has bad ;i groat (leal to do with this. It used to be- that when a newspaper or a social organization required money for a charily or for a cause it turned to professional boxing as a medium. But the New Yorlt Milk Fund is- the lone organization cloin? this Laneburg Mrs. J. Jamison and children have arrived from Indianapolis, Ind., for an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Hance Jackson- Miss Natalie Martin of Macon, Miss., who is spending a vacation with her parents at Prcscott, vjsited friends here Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hitt and family of Weatherford, Texas arc the guests of Mr. and Mrs, N. N. Daniell. Mrs. C. F. Nelms and son. Charles Jr., will leave Friday for Little Rock where they will join Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Wren for a week's trip to Chicago. ) Mrs. A, B. Weatherington, Mrs. H. ' C. Bright and Mrs. C. M. Gann, Misses I Nancy Weatherington and Miss Weatherington of Arkadelphja, spent the • the day Thursday, at the women's rest camp at Seripta Springs. i dcliy-ef ! Misa Ruth Gann has returned from ' (Jamclen following a brief visit with ! her sister, Mary Jane Gann. Mrs. Elmer N. Murray of Macon, l Miss., arrived Monday for an extend' ed visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bolls and other relatives. | Mrs. Charles Nclms and son Char, les Jr., have returned home fro man I extended visit at Murfrecsbaro and Little Rock. Mrs. P. W. Sampson left Saturday for an extended stay with relatives at Fort Worth, Texas. ' Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gourley of i Imboden have arrive for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. Gourley. Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Gann of i Little Rock recently visited Mr. and , Mrs. C. M. Gann. I Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Moore and fam- 1 ily of Emmet were ret.'ent guests of : Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bright. I Miss Natalie Martin of Macon, Miss., i is spending a vacation with her par| cnts at Prcscott and othe relatives here | Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Downs and children of Badcaw spent a brief time Sunday with Mrs. C. M. Gann. Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Weatherington have returned from a week end visit with relatives in Arkadclphia. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Anthony and Bonnie Marie of Murfrecsboro, spent the week end as guests of Mrs. C.F. Nc-lni;;. Miss Ruth Gann left Friday for an extended visit with Mr. ;md Mrs. Cleveland Gann in Little Rock Mrs. Pearson Sampson has returned champion" home following a week's visit with! A'«... '.. with any success now, and that is because the pugilists need the help of the newspapers in back of the fund. Exorbiant demands of managers finally forced tho Manhattan institution to insist upon 10 per cent off the top. Financial statements of a number of benefit bills revealed rich purses for j the principnls. and nothing at all for | the poor kiddies. Several similar performances wound up in the red. The Cleveland Press Child Vacation Fluid committee is the latest to prove (hat benefits and charities can get along without the professional!!. The Press committee could not arrange a professional match for Cleveland that would draw expenses, let alone net some money for its fresh air activities. j Amateurs Respond j So Stuart Bell, the Press sports ed| itor. struck upon a novel idea. He'd match the national amateur champions with the best boys of his own district. And this the Press is doing in the magnificant Municipal Stadium here <m August 1-t, at prices ranging from : 50 cents to $1.50. I Imagine a matchmaker making such a request of eight professional titleholders. One or two would ask for a I mortgage on tho Cleveland Terminal. | Weeks would be spent harranguing i about everything from training schcd- I tiles to the judges and referee. ' The difference in (he spirit of pro- I fessionals and amateurs again strik- I ingly was illustrated when six sim- 'rn-pure rulers responded to the call \ of the Press. One had turned profcss- j ional and work prevented the other i from getting into condition. Fred Apostoli, middleweight and . i Norbert Meehan. lightweight, readily i consented to fly from San Francisco for the show. To obtain a worthwhile cpponent for Apostoli the Press went to Fort Monroe, Va., and there landed 1 Claude Bingaman, the Virginia State ternotlonnl flavor by the presence of S'ammy LufsprinK, of Toronto, the Ontario lightweight leader, who is to squnrc off with Johnny Bonus. I Rny Shnrkey, feather finalist in the national tourney, is to engage Add Net low of Detroit. One of the three additional heavyweight bouts will show Max Marek, the Chicago star and Notre Dame football player and Joe Bauer. '. Meanwhile some of our professional j champions sit back and wonder why a majority of those who used to compose the fistic trade cannot recall their names. ! Sunday afternoon the 2flth at 2 o'clock and everybody is invited to come and help us sing. Benjamin Franklin invented the "armonica," a cabinet containing n series of gloss bowls capable of giving forth the notes of the scale. The original instrument is in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. The belief (hat i( increased (he butter content of milk led to the naming of the buttercup; it grows only on sound, dry. old pastures which afford the best of food to cows. Shover Springs Vote for ODELL GARRETT For County Treasurer Nevada County Honest, Courteous, Efficient iiiMiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimiimiiii relatives at Fort Worth, Texas. Amateurs fight for fun, so why not a bit more of it, so that more under•»*• 1-1 •**• « •> T _, 11 |MU1LIHIJI^'JVH., OU |.| ICl I- II1U1 <- ».* l !>.<«-« Mrs. C. M. Gann and son Billy, privile g ed children can be sent to the Mack spent the week end in Camclcn health camps. as guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Scott Champs in Match Bouts and Miss Jane Gann. j Thc rcsu i t i s that the Press is offer- Miss Glynn Bright spent Fnday m ; one of tho fincs , amatcur prog . Little Rock shopping Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gurley of Imboden. Ark., have arrived here for a visit with relatives. Cross Roads A rain would certainly be appreciated by th people of this community. Everyone was sorry to learn of Mr. grams ever presented—the first in which tho national champions appear in match bouts. Stanley Evans, national heavyweight champion is coming from Highland Park. Mich., to tackle Steve Smo/.y. Danny Farrcr, national welter ruler will run in from Youngstown to block and sock with Frankie Bojack. Meehan is to engage Chuck Clcmen/.o. Springfield 111., is sending Armando Sicilia, bantam, and Tommy Barrk, fly. ?.?. rd u°™? ' n ! S u°!'. Uln0 .. 0 AJ" S ! n , S to ft '»' ce wi 'h Troy Bellini and Jesse Levels respectively. The production will be given an in- l,ii|tiifl, Tali'rs, Salve, Nose Dropi Clii'cks Miiliiriii in .'! di.v>. Colds l''ii's( clay, Headache; 01 Neuralgia in .'III minutes, FINK l.AXATIVi: A.N'I) TONIC Most Speedy IJemeflios Known. his leg, but hope for him a speedy H-- covery. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hicks, Miss Lola Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parduc and family spent a few days last week on Little River fishing. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Calhoun and family spent the week end with rcl- tives and friends at Hickory Shade. Mr. and Mrs. Martin spent Ri'nduy with relatives in Washington. Mrs. J. E. Mosicr, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hamilton and family spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. G. W. Rosenbaum. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Dudney and family, Mr. Will Griffin and daughter. Lillian, attended church ut Liberty Sunday. George Calhoun spent the v/er-: cr.'i with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Calho-,:.-. *r.-i family. Mr. and Mrs. Hardis Terrs;! :•-•*.-..' Saturday night and Sunday •*•',:',•: M,and Mrs. Garner Thompson. Thc friends of jitllc Orric YA >-^-'.: are all glad to have him b=ick <.". "j ;P.'lay school again. M if KOS Venue Lou and l/jl>.ir: ?':',". Edwards spoilt Sunday v/i'.h M'...-.4. Willie Madge and Louise Ciiir.r,.:. Miss Skeeter Calhoun : ;;xn: Sunday with Miss McCoy Edv/;,id:-.. Thc parties given by M:-,-/J>. Evelyn Harrison and Wilrna NV ; a! Friday and Saturday nights wfcrt '.v.-ll i;t- '.ended. Everyone reported ;> nice tim*. Bro. Gene Moore begin;; Uu fJ/if.ti.'.t revivial meeting next Sunday rr.orning ic-xt Sunday and everyone K invited. Com e and bring some one with you. Sun'Jay school evf-iy Suiui;iy rf t rnii- ing at 0:l"i. "Let's hiivc a bit-fir-.- ;,nd hrtter Sunfki>- :.chool." Swil/.crlan'l hus l.'i l!l j'•>• cent of its' population trained for military service: lliis is tho world's greatest proportion for such Tlie dry weather still continues anil water for stock is getting scarce in the county. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers of El- Dorado are spending their vacation with Mrs. Charles Rogers and son Parker. John Henry Ncal and Lyman Butler spent last Friday nifiht and Saturday with their grandmother, Mrs. J. W. McWilliams. Mrs, O. J. Phillips and little daughter, Mary Sue spent the week end with Mrs. Moly Tayor at Hope. Mrs. Allen Walker and Miss Jimmie Givens spent Friday with Mrs. J.W. McWilliams. Little Miss Mary Elizabeth Reed of Minden. La., and little Frances Benton of Hot Springs have returned home after spending a few days with Elizabeth's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed. The many friends of Mr. John Reese are glad to know that he is some bet- , tor after being confined to his home for some lime on account of sickness. Several of the young people attended the party at the home of Ernest Ross Saturday night. | Mrs. B. Sherman and daughter. Miss Oma, and little granddaughter Erline spent a whi.le Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams. Mr, and Mrs. Barto Bcarden of Rocky Mound called on their father J. W. McWilliams and Mrs. McWilliams Sunday evening. Als;> Mr. and Mrs. Joe D.uightcry called at the same place. Mi. and Mrs. E. Ross of Hope have recently moved in the house occupied by II. L. Dyers. We welcome them to Shover. Mis-.s Marjorie McWilliams was the dinner guest of Miss Sylvia Ross Sunday, i Mr. and Mr. Pete Lascter and son, Donald Joe, of Hope were the Sunday guests of their father, John Lascter. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers and mother Mrs. Charles Kogers and son Parker were bedtime guests of Mr. and Mrs. Early McWilliams Sunday night. ' Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Bycrs and daughter. Miss Marjorie were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Col- Her. ' : There will be a singing here next LOO K... THE MARKET PLACE Opens Saturday THE MARKET PLACE 221.5 South Main Street. 1'hono •! 1.2 "Price, Quality and Service" Women Prefer This Laxative Needing Itrativen mora ottin, women prefer drlicioiM Peen-a-mint, the chewing Bum laxattv«. It distributes it* iaxnetvt ingredient by chewinc, more uniformly into the system, thui giving a more natural and complete action that it not harsh on delicate orflinf. Delicious Feen-a-mint comains a laxative in* Sredient reRuIarly prescribed by physic!jns. It cont.iini no richness to upjec stomach or diet. Delay is dangerous. Today get btcL on schedule and stiy there. Chew non-habit forming Feon-a-mint for conatipition. To the Voters of Hempstead County I \vish to express my appreciation for the nice vote that you gave me in mv race for Sheriff. George W. Schooley HOT SPRINGS, ARK R ATI'S—5! 1.50 to #3.00 PER DAY New — Fireproof 100 Rooms European Plan Centrally Located Owner of Central ana Canyon street:; -only one block Iron; bath hoiK-'e ro'.v, shopping district, doctors' office^ and theatres. All highways ana street oars pass our doors All outside rooms v.ith bath toi'pt --lavatory-—phones—fans - bed lar/iDS. Fine /tK'nlshings and equipment. Reasonably Priced C A F E Roof-Gardon. (Jarage, Beauty Parlor, Burber Shop, t'isar and News Stand. Golf and Country Club Privileges J. WILL HOWE President ana General Manager Something to Think About "If a District has a roprcHcntative in Congress who has served several terms and if such Representative is a person of honor and integrity and reasonable intelligence ,such District makes a mistake to defeat him and send a new Representative in his place, as it is only by long and faithtul service that a Representative in 1 Congress gains power, prestige and influence under and through seniority rule ***. Mr. Parks enjoys the reputation of being a man of honor and straight integrity with an ability far above the average Congressman." (Quotation from letter of lion. ,J. 15. Buchanan, Chairman of Appropriations Committee.) Consider this carefully and vole for Tilman B. Parks (This advertisement paid for by Hempstead County friends of Mr. Parks) ALL OVER THE WORLD BANANAS, Yellow Ripe—3 Pounds LEMONS, Extra Fancy—Dozen RED RIPE TOMATOES—Lb CELERY, Well Bleached—Stalk ...... CARROTS Or BEETS—Bunch CABBAGE, nice green—Lb BUNCH TURNIPS—ach 17c 25c lOc lOc 5c 4c .E .lOc PICKLES SOUR OR DILI^-QUAKT MILK, Country Club—3 Tall cans CALO DOG FOOD—2 Cans MUSTARD—Quart Jar .17c .15c .10c WKsco-2 POUND nox KRAUT, Silver Thread—No. 2>/ 2 Can 13c SOAP, Lux Toilet—4 Bars 25c SOAP, large bar—7 for 25c STRING BAN, Avondale—Can lie GET YOL'HS NOW—CAN LARD, Humko— 8 Pounds LUX FLAKES— Large Box LUX FLAKES— Small Box .65c .22c .10c CORN COUNTUV GENTLEMAN .2can 10e APPLE SAUCE—No. 2 Can SALT, 5c Box—3 Boxes MEAL, Full Cream—10 Pounds .10c .10c .27c MFFEE COtlNTllY CUHl VOUNI) t'AN SWEET RELISH— 10 oz. Jar ..................... POTTED MEAT, Armour's— 2 Cans ......... VIENNA SAUSAGE, Armour's— 2 Cans... HAM LOAF, Armour's— Can ..................... DRIED BEEF, Armour's — Glass ................. PORK & BEANS, Country Club— Can KIDNEY BEANS, Country Club— 3 Cans Quality Meats ROAST STEW POT-ROAST Ground BEEF, Lb. FRESH FlSIi-Pouml Cooked SAL1MI .10c . 5c ,15c 10c 5c AKMOUK'S .STAK—Ml. Itl.NDI.K.SS—I ic Ic ic ICO(M) AM) I.OIN" -I'Or.M) SMOKED MEAT-Found STEAKS Koast BEEF ™ ^:^,, VEAL SALT MEAT Choice Rib Chops Milk Fed Shoulder Roast, Lb. STKKAKKl)—POUND 11 1 2 ! 2

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