Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, BOW:, ARKANSAS Friday, A iifii-^ 24,J.034! A< U«J age of (H. Edward A. Profst, Ctvil War wtettm of Groc-nviow, 111. t»ste» tte? faihcr of an JHi {ton/id sou. Bigger Than Ever Rp\nll Faolorv In Yon SALE Profits ."sjcr mofe io innko JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "Til e. BEVALL ffAojv?" Hop*. Ark. Rrrtablishpd 1885 COOL Wash Drosses Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive nut Not Expensive" NOTICE! I have moved my shoe shop to the Hope Fruit Co. Store building. AH Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone C67. We call for and deliver 111 South Main Street 19-Uiince -Baby's Bracelet Is Ring Ladies We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Main. The 19-ounce son of Mr. and Sire. Blagglo San Flllpito r,?. Hammonton, N. J.. is KO tiny that Nurse Hildegard Couney'a ring serves as a bracelet. Miss Conney, an inculjatnr baby 27 years ago, Is caring for the infant, who was born three months prematurely. She «tpect3 he, too, will live. Sell III Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market P!a ce Bcmembcr, the more you tell, (be quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c Vat consecutive insertions, minimum o£ 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, Gc line, min. 50c • b times, 5c line, min. 30c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.f6 CAverage 5V6 words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha tittA publication Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT Rocky Mound The Baptist revival is going on nt this plnce now. We invite the public to come and attend the services with us. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jordan left Monday for their home in West Texas after spending a week with their parents and other relatives here. Miss Helen Nix spent Sunday with Misses Fay and Alma Pate. Elston Messtr called on Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Rogers Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunt spent Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Barto Bearden. Mrs. E. O. Rogers and daughter called on Mrs. Archie Sommers of near Hope Tuesday. Miss Nora Arnett called on Miss Fay Pickard Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Deward Silvcy and family were the Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt called on Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt Tuesday afternoon. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 232 NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We make them look new. Call for and deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop It. E. Halt her 115 N. Hazel St. FOR RENT—Nice bed room 2 block from' 'business district. Call at 107 West Ave. C. 23 Itp. FOR RENT—Modern five room house with garage; clo.st in. Su-e A. 'H. Ever;,- meyer at 4'X) South Pino. 22-:;tp Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phone 259 FOR SALE Used parts tor all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. lC-2Ct. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE—120 acre.-; on Hope and Blevins pike, 2 miles south of city lirn. ils. Good house. Fine water. Place i.s fenced and cross-fenced. Two barns full of feed, 19 head of cattle, 5 hogs, 3 mules, all farm implements. Price $4100, Take $1500 cash to handle, balance on long time. An ideal home. Well located all equipped. BRIDEWELL & TYLER, HOPE, ARK. 23-3tc. Used cars bought and sold. P. A. J.ewis Motor Co. 1C-2CI. Wall Paper-Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. LOST LOST—Black leather suitcase he- tvje&n Nashville und Hope. Contents, children's clothing. Return to 1301 Sooth Main Street. Reward. 21-3tp. LOST—Between Gee. Williams store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's clothes. Reward of $3.00 to the finder. Ellis Williams. FOUND FOUND—Arkansas license plate, number S)5937. Oy/tier may poises;; tag by paying Xor thn ad. . 20 3tc. WANTED Complete coverage nn your home is vory (f.'isenlial. Head your policy carefully. If the SO 1 ;, is not clear, be sure to aik our vice. ROY ANDERSON & CO. CQMPLITC INSUMNte SfWICC PHONE 610- HPPt, ARK. WANTED—U:;efl grain flrill. Write x«x 33J Hope, Ark. 20 3 tp TRADES DAY Thursday Aug. 3O Ask for Trades Day Tickets elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash SuiU Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 8 OUR BOARDING HOUSE. By AHERN OUT OUR WAY TO OUT-SMART TRAPS/. >f%f YES LAt)S-^LAT>V u \ff If YOUR MEAD ^ W LUCK BESTOWED HE* M WAS fcNYSOntljU ^ H1SNC LOVHE5T SMILES ON }} y^y COULD WEAR K { -ruArv «si7F- ME LAST NU<S,HT »N )f A JELLY MOLD * * THE "POKEP, GAME / / TOR A HAT / 1 CAME AWAY A I \ THOSE <3UYS NK Wl NNER OIF $ "286 / K* SHARKS — LET V- : "^-^ ^^ —UM-M—TWEY ARE j \OU WIN TH'TIRST__ J ' SUCH CHARMING A T!WG --BUT <SENTLEMEN— >-rX , YOU GO THRU 1H .V FSSZ^f —WE PLAV ^-^ ShAELTEft TO "^ — ^-/-sf AGAIN THI&. />,.' 'VV ~^H """ ' " EVENING / )%- '{ c ' u T>»LE / -X^-,. v ' .)' . " .^ - *1 5,/H**^ c-. ii^S-5^ <& , N\ACSOR/ " CURVES AW\EAt>" T M.Mtil. U f, HAT OIT. f. MUMtlA^rHvtCf. 1HC WILLVOU PROMISE TO CUT OUT THAT MAKE IT A PfME PER A DIME WE WILL . * A WAV, AMP ST/W , If- J (3IVE A NlCKE EACH? <S>BORN Tr-URTY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WOT W vovwe A-cat T "X'OO AVV. T ASOOT AW GOOO VtQ AViV \AOVO Count on Willie! s f fly MARTIN ALLEY OOP , SV £*•'•• &*,$•%$*•<: ;?'£ .^^'•^\A>,.,^ Xbii - ^ 3^«f-A ^r-C:-Y^~ '--'. WASH TUBES ' "" /^LX;V-y •, f^V^tlA^Ste^X- •:-.'-; .-.' ' ) S~~fa--;f •''• /7 >! /'i.- .- V-''.j'""^ ; '"" '"'' "•' By HAMLIN 'WHOOSH f? WHAT A TOUGH ; FBLLEK OL' SABHR-TOOTH TURNED OUT T'BE;'/ _> ; rfS ^SD ^S^flfJCT,'/ 1 -'?.',^ *^«^S *"' I9M D» HEA StnVICC, IfjC T M HCC U 5. ''AT Trying to Please! By CRANE FuTiJ «^$W^%Y HeVf WHERE YOU QOIN6? HELP? TURN AROUMD/)'^ ^E Noty,su l^|^fe^ R K^ri^ Ul^^^--( ----- ?^22rtJB^r.^ -^BB s?^'-" ••^^'--'.Vi"- j ^-'/ v »-'^iaj!(K!^i»' ^^ vi*.-;." K',:;,;>'^- ?v >i^l^p8w- ^L. ^^^sffl?. :gfig^-- - FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Charlie's Strategy! LOOK, CHARLIE... ) AND THAT LOOKS AM LIKE DUE OF THE WITH TWE SHAFT / .ARPGW TIPS I BURNED OFF » \ CACHED ACROSS IT'S IMBEDDED M TrllS BURrJED TREE.' r^-: THE RIVER.' ~^~~(-.Ss. ./•-' vL l'.(,'./ ', Sj|T; (•'/()•>.• '.• K'S,:"-// A^l ARKCV/ DEjCCr<..'!3EC A PERFECT ARC V/H13IJ IT'S IM FLIGHT, AI-JD "miO ONE IS BURIED DGKP IH THE TRE/£ .'/ ^ MMM... THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) YOU / I'M sufttH or- IT.' iT- n yyT^. j I" 1 " V,'A3 COvliREij .._ rr "' < V.'ITl-l BURHIHG U^l:; U* \ TO GTAPT ) PITCH AND SHOT THE . FIRE : ACROSS THE RIVER I / JT / BUT MOV/ } THAT'S EASY. 1 AH ARROW, CAM YC.U VJD BE SHOT ACROSS "WE TELL WMBVE j RIVER AT 1HI6 PoiMT, IT WAS /WOULD HAVE TO BE •SHOT ) SHOT VERY HARD... FROM ? } AND IT'S CERTAIW IT •IE FROM DIRECTLY , OPPOSITE HERB. The Thief "Will H^ve to Wait! / WHAT ARE / You SHOOTING ,S ATI "u V -^-. T'M GOING 'It; H THE OTHER SIDE'...IT'S IIJ LIU.'.-. \ WITH THIS ONE! THEIJ V/E'LI.. CRCSC i OVER ...AND HAVE ; To WORK ou .1 By BLOSSER A -[M.-. L < >|.j J r r> fe.i^ /;:, V«7A^ /^c?.»«//^^.'; ,, T M R£C U S PAT. Or T M ('1934 BY nr« SERVICE. I By CUWAN : WAS /4CTIN' KlhlDA, SUSPICIOUS, ) I'LL. 1 FCL'_EO£D H1M>W<D HE. / C//ER TO xiO.'S HOUSE TELL HIV1 TO COHt DOVA4 M-ID LCT YOU IW D'YA\ ATHE OVNISTABLE'S GOT THE THiEF WHO'S BEEN STEAUN STUFF, COPHeDtD IN YOU& HE YOU TO POWH THERE QUICK 1 ,! I CANT EVEN COME DOWNSTAIRS- VVWIFE. HID MY WOODt'.U AHD I CAH'T LEKVE. THE HOUSE UNTIL. SHC GETS BACK FOOKl THE

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