The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE srx BLVmBYILLB (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Worst Title Roul In History Ends Dismally At New York - By HARRY FERGUSON t'nHctl Press Kiiorls Killlor NEW YORK, March 30. (UP)—[ Joe Louis endorsed (lie Paychck with a right lo the Jnw and tile Paychek bounced. > IJounccd about six Inches oil the canvas ring in Madison square; Garden and ihc-n flopped back 1 fiatler ihan n pauper's wallet. It was n dreary end lo a dreary,' lop-sided fight for Die heavyweight I championship of tlie world, and today there's not one word of cou- i-olallon that can be whispered into the ringing ears of Johnny Paychck of DCS Moines, la. He fluttered nervously around the ring for three minutes ami 14 seconds hit Die canvas four times ant never threw an effective punch. Maybe Payclieli was scared aiu if lie wasn't lie should have been For Louis was just mad cnougl last night lo make him a killei and from Ihe moment the bel sent him shuffling into battle lie \vas out lo make up for his pom showing against. Arturo Godoy ir Ihe same ring a few weeks ago. it was a cold, calculating anger that made the Brown Bomber's punches travel sharp'and straight to the btillcn. Louis missed only one • punch—a whistling right in the first round—and thai one was so close lliat Ihc wind gave Paychek tlie sniffles. All other blows were right on the target mid what- a target thai Paychck turned out to be with his head buck, slnml uj straight style! " When the fight started, the tip- off was that Louis began shoot LEFT FIELD Fly Chasers On Hand Don't Fill Bill For McKeclinie ing immediately for the jaw. There was no waste motion, no throwing of hooks into ihc belly in n'i attempt to soften up Paychek, no sparring for an opening. Louis shuffled out, whnmmcd a left hook to the head, crashed across a righl and anoliicr lefl and Pay- click's knees went rubbery us he willed to the canvas. Later Johnny said everything was a blank after that, first knockdown, but al least lie had sense enough to take a count of nine. Louis caught him in mid-ring almost as soon as lie was up and a left hook thai travelled about a fool nnd went rattling against the i 'teeth • sent Paychcfc down again. Once more he waited until Referee .Arthur Donovan readied the count of nine and this lime lie came up slowly and began lo do n curious, jltler-bug dance around Louis with his own knocking knees providing the swing music. Paychek hnd time to do only about three steps and a hl-de-ho before Louis' right, smashed into his Jaw. This time Paychek fell in his own corner, but got up at the nine count, blearing and ua- enthusiastic. Louis was measuring him when Ihc bell rang ending the round. In <H more seconds it was all over. Louis went out and flicked his left into Pnychek's face. Then the Brown Bomber brought his right clear up past his shoulder and let fly. The glove travelled so fast it. was only a red blur under the glaring lights. Whoosh! The right exploded on the lip o[ Paychek's jaw nnd this lime it was "Oh, Johnny. Oh, Johnny, Oh|" Paychck sailed aboul three feet through the air, landed flat on his Back and bounced. Referee Donovan didn't even bother to start a count, for he would have had to have gone far up into tlie nuiltlplicalion tables. He waved Louis to Iiis corner, hailed the fight and helped pick up Pay- chek. Tlie 11,620 customers let loose their bobs against Paychck and today ttiere appears to be plenty By iiAituv CJKAVSON ! NKA Service Sports IMltor TAMPA, March 30.—The Cincinnati l?e<ls have seven fly-chasers -yet Bill McKeclinie is not at all certain they have one u-lw will lilt well enough to play left field reuu ; liirly. ; Although they won the prn'ianl iMcKechnie never was completely satisfied with the Reds of 1030 i'.si;ccliilly in left field, so lie is sbt where he was last fail Ucacon Bill's left field Dope of i the moment Is Mike McCormick | who would only have to duplicate (llP tlllttfni/ nirivrnrm !»„ n .1 die balling to lilt 50 points more than he did i in 1030. I So foremast In McKcchnlc's j mind at the moment is developing I or obtaining a left fielder who can , smack (he ball a fair piece, i He has remarkable defensive ! outfielders In Hairy craft and Vince UIMaggio, bin ihero is not sufficient power elsewhere to permit him to pack two lizht-nliiing relrievcrs. KKKK HAVK ONLY TIIHKK HARD HIT'J'KKS IvaJ Goodman is the lone fly- chaser with a written guarantee ' as a major league thumper, and Frank McCormick at first base and Lombard! are the only oilier genuine threats. Vlntc DI.Magglo would be perfect if he could maintain th« he set until the fug-end of Un- American Association race of lust year. Tint the elder DIMagaio slumped Just as Warren Giles gave ICaiwns City $.10,000 and Frctidiy Hordu- garay for hi.s contract, and you now suspect Ihe Cincinuaii management fears it made a bad deal. Wally Berger Is still around and has been meeting Hie ball well, but the Califoraian's average SATURDAY, MARCH 30, HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis he compiled Horses failed lo clear Hie second (once. Is .shown above, midway in his fall, also hit the track. seconds later Today's Sport Parade By HENt.I ,U'lt hook, coming toward him, He I didn't wen know what round he I was finished In, ; ,nd kcpl inumblin" j over and over again "j'm sorrv ll'tn (sorry." Forty five mimils-s later I after the tight lie was .still sitilnu I on the table, lights on, rin" shops lacccl. A ft'iv more hcjivywcighi. championship fights like this, and even tree admission won't Jure ihc custo incrs Into Ihe arena. They'll have to have a bunk nite in connection or give away a set of crockery to Ihc Incites. On jack Fi-osl NEW YORK, March 30. (OC> — There is but one comolntlon for the 11,620 chumps who paid prices ittnglng from $3 to $lii.50 to sec the Joe Louis-Johnny 1'aychck fight in Madison Square Garden. They will be nblc to tell their children mid their grandchildren Ihat they saw the worst bout In history for Hie world's heavyweight boxing championship. No matter what fights tire held in the luture, (he affair of last nlijht will stand us (lie sorriest spectacle In which u chnuiplon mid R olinlleuifGr were i involved. " ' Long after the biggest redwood , DorjWl'S Sfaii Homo TivL-- has succumbed to lime, and the v , , "uiitc "CK, scar (hat Is the gi and canyon lias! lailKS Have |/ Of 19 healed, 1'ixyehck's slaughter by in one round and 4>i seconds will remain unmatched as n display of poor matchmaking mill frlglii, particularly the latler. The Iowa boy, who was billed as Record fighting man, and who'dUlii'l put n a denial, was a palliclic excuse as a challenger for the cliiunpion- ship. He. scarcely could mniiaee the steps that led into Ihc ring, so ifrnid was he, nnd us lie sat on his chair awaiting instructions his :i\<xn literally knocked together. His iiccfc was clmiky, and lit; •witched with n nervousness that u as unwholesome. When the bell rang for Ihe first •omul nnd lie struggled out toward Louis, Paychck wr.s something lo «ake you want to turn your head. AMERICUS. Oa., March M (UP) The Brooklyn Dodgers make the first slop of (hch- homeward Irek r re here loriny when nicy meet the New ^ork Glnnts in an exhibition name. Luke Hnmlin will pilch us long as he can" for the Dodgers, Mnimijcr I.eo Onrocher announced. Tlie Plants amiomiccd Ihat Carl lliibbrll u'ili pit,.!, (| U . nrs( sc , von He held his hands in VronT of 'him Ll'T'XU as a frightened womnu would, nnd ya,,k s ( n( to n \e shook all over. Fear, lerrlblc lion names 'ear, was all over bis face, ami in ils eyes, and In every movement. Never once did he throw n punch. Backward, sideways, lie hopped n::d swayed as Louis, unbelieving, mrsucd him, lists cocked, body sel. eiuly to unloose rights anil lolls. Finally Ixiuis caught up with Pay- click and put him on Ihe floor for i count of nine. Later I'aychck said tint (lip knockdown was all ho c.vr remembered. But he got up, somehow, mid ivcnl j uwn signiii for another nine count, flic cud of Ihc round saw him, out Jf his mind, but swaying on his ect after coming up from the .invns for the third time. I'ayciii-k lidn'l actually reach the canvas >n Ihe third knockdown. His knees buckled when Louis cAUght him ind he slipped slowly lo tin- floor as if to pray. He would have fullen his face but fortmiatclv tin NEW ORLEANS. March 30. (UP) — Ihe New York Yankees stop oif here today on their southern exhibition lour to play ih« New Or- Icims Pelicans. Home runs by Uabe Djihlgren and Joe DiMngglo in yesterday's seven-inning. ia-i brought the in in exhibi- TAAH'A. Fla., Mnrch .'JO. (UP)— Cincinnati's Reds, winners of only six names in ir> exhibit Inn stalls. • ^.;gue, and il is plain McKeclinie has his doubts. Besides, he is not exactly crazy about McCormick batting in only Cl runs In HO games. McKpchnle makes no attcmpl lo conceal the fact that lie would like to have Johnny Riv^o O f tlie Pitts- luirgh.s, and intends to make Frank Frisch n proposition when the Pirates return from t] )e pacific coast. Fi'isch has a surplus oi outfielders and could use an extra in- ficldcr, and McKeclinie will offer Third Baseman Lew Iligxs and a Pitcher . . . and cash is now no object in the fibineland. McICcchnic doesn't expect Bucky Walters and Paul Derringer to repeat their phenomenal pitching of lfl:i!), when between them they bagged 52 engagements. .JOOST MAY 8TAKT I.V I'LACK OF FKKV .- Util McKeclinie expect* the pllch- j nig slack to be taken up by Junior Thompson. Johnny Vander Mcer and Jim Turner, the latler obtained from the Bees. That still leaves Whitcy Moore Milburn Shofdier. Hed Barrett' Joe Beggs. Elmer Eiddle and Johnny Hutchlngs, who set an all- inie Southeastern League record :ith 205 .strikeouts and led earned run average with play Ihe Uoslon lird Sox IMts absorbed their .sotbucl; jvstciiliiy nt the liunds of Die Di'iroil Timers, !0-8. llmik Urceiibe-ris's homer wlih loadrd bsis- fliiinc-lhroiver u'iclded by tlie German above Is- not, being used to destroy French railroad tracks but merely lo thaw out German Hacks after rwenl cold wave ici".l (lipm, causmi; much delay in traffic. (lie seventh tliv Bailie. day there appears to be plenty "• J1 " "»«»uuciy me of truth in tile old slogan that scoo " d 5 "' ill!<! of ro i« wuytit his the customer Is always right. Rrms antl hc h »»ST !>>ere. It was a clear-cut triumph for Lollls stepped tack, afraid to hit him. It is well Ihat he did for n brawn over brain, for In Paychek's corner was Benny Leonard, former lightweight champion, who Intended to think Mr. Louis out of the title. Prof. Leonard attired himself in a dark sweater and blue trousers and sent thought waves out Into the opening bell. As radio engineers say, Ihe sending was perfect but the reception was poor, for somewhere along the line Louis' fists injected some static into the setup and a lelt hool: turned Paychek out of the picture. Ten per cent of the gross went to the Finnish relief fund and, at long last, the Finns got a double break In their favor. They got the dough and Ihey didu't have to watch the fight. blow at broken his neck. He tiad just milled himself to his feet when Ihe bell Tlie finishing punch was one of the hardest Louis ever threw. It was a full right hand, star tad from as Tur back as he could sweep his arm. and it caught i'aychck flush on the jaw/ The lowan's mouth flew open mid he was liftwl into Sikes Wins Over Merrill In Third HOT SPRINGS, March 30.—It took Sob Sikes, Southern heavyweight champion, just one minute and 50 seconds In the third round to knock-out Jimmy Merrill, 230-j pound Oklahoma Indian, here tonight. Sikes' weighed 195. ' The crowd was a disappointment ! The Pine Bluff lad gave a good ' account of himself. He wanted to fight and was "rarin' to go." Hc have much opposition. j the air. He fell backward, with moan, and Ihe sound of his head sliikins the floor was like nn echo to the crash of the champion's Three helpers picked up Paychek and lugged him back to his corner The last fislit of the card was re.idy to heem before he was sufficiently recovered to leave the r !n s under his own jxnver. ' [ In his dressing room Payclie-k sat dumbly on the nibbing (s |)|<, hl , | head cupped in bis hands. He re- '• members nothing, save tiic sUht of Louis' first knockdown Rich Will Be By id's Opponent _ Sergeant Hirb. who claims Ihe Texas mut championship, will be featured on Monday niglil's wrestling program at ' the" American f«i,'i"ii nivna. fie will meet Floyd u.vrd In a livo-oul-of-Uirco fall nlfair on n bill (lint promises an unusual amount of fast nclion. The Texan is a runner boxer but in recent, years has campaign- l wl successfully on die padded catiwis where he is known ns the i '"lo.xas boy." However, local | fans know he will be meeting no novice in Byvd. wiio has something There will also bo a special bout between Charles Sinkey. Ihe Dar- biirous bavbev. nml "Dymniihe" Joe iMllmnn. big Greek, who will singe n bout on which there will be no time limit mid no holds tarred. Tlie New Vork zoo hns a metal cylinder for picking up porcupines. Tlie cylinder actually scoops up the animal. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Kor Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Some of the parks In Leicester. Englar.d, have planted highly scented flowers in special corners lor the blind. R«f>.d Courier News •rout ads. DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS 0 !, an<i cannot corr «« themselves. Relict • All , leg ache. clc. DRS. NESS & NIES Why Drive a SHABBY l>e proud of your car and pain Ihc added respect of others. Our f.vpcr! repair men will !«• happy lo give jnii an /•slinmtc. Body Dented? Fenders Ben I? Class Broken? THEN SEE US TODAY! WK'I.I, MAKK YOUR CAR LOOK 1,1 KK NK\Y AT VRKY UTTLK COST TO YOU. PHILIPS MOTOR CO. Slh ,V W.ilnul Plionc 810 lo .258 year. He was a terrific jiower flop in Hie world series. Milt GntalKer lacks tin McKeclinie seeks. So, unless Mike McCormick makes the grade or Vincc DiMag- Sio relocates the range, the Reds are precisely where they were In 1939 — will) a shortage of imi manufacturing in the outfield. BRUCE CATION IN WASHINGTON By BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Cortcsiioudent WASHINGTON. March 30— The dust hasn't settled yet, but when it does Ihere is every chance that Congress will be found lo have ditched economy for good. The Senate's action in hiking (he farm bill did more than just wreck thai one chance for a big saving, it was a way-paver fur more wreckage later. "I'AUITY" NEVER AUANI>ONEI> What happened to Hie farm bill was perfectly simple. In 1038 Congress voted that the farmer ought to get close to Hie 1009-14 average price on five rasic crops-colton, wheat, corn, tobacco and rice. It would cost too much to jjivi "Guess \vhal, Doclor—I've discovered a brand-new syrup- 10)111" --, „-.- him full parity, so in! tlle BOH! sliot at is 75 per cent ---..„ 1.97.! ° r the 18D9-H average. Ritldlc, brother of the catching ' Although P. D. B. didn't include Johnny, served with Birmingham . a "l' money for parity payment!; in ind Indianapolis last trip. | the current budget, he left the Vander Mcer, tile no-hit no- ' <loor 0|)0 " b >' saying that lie hope;! nm sensation of 1938, is in better mnrl:ct - Prices would go up to tlie )t iltli tliiin he was a year a"o 75 |)cr cellt leVBl -' sai(l he wasn't when lie suffered from old appendix trouble and had a touch of flu. As things are, McKechnle is also concerned about second base where Eddie Joost may start in place of Linus Prey, who fell apart at the scams In the world series <ind is now below weight. McKeclinie docs not believe ;iH the ribbing he has taken for his celebrated snooze al Ibe plale in tlie closing scene of the world series will have any effccl on lumbering, phlegmatic and unima"- tiniate of $881,230.000 to $922,£04,000, including $212,000,000 for parity; in addition, it authorized RFC to lend $90.000.000 for rural electrification and farm tenancy KCONOJIV AMIDST FKSENDLESS Real economizers are lew. when the farmer is concerned and it's election year. In the Senate, only Byrd of Virginia made a real fight against this increase. In (he House, you can bank on Woodnim of Virginia and Tnber of New York, but the chances are the House will override them. It is what is apt lo follow the farm bill that is important. A move lo boost the WPA appropriation is gaining headway. The budget calls for approximately SI.000,000.000 for this purpose; it is figured this would keep an aver- aye of 1.325,000 people on Ihe rolls. Already Congressman Cochran of Missouri lias demanded Ihat the appropriation he made big enough to care for a million additional persons. VETERANS WANT MOUK Pending in the House, and due to get .strong support, is a bill lo pay pensions to 05-year-old World War veterans, or their widows. Initial cost Is estimated at $90,000.000 a year. Aid for war veterans Ls just about as touchy an election-year subject for economizers as aid to farmers. There are other items, too. Congressman Collins of Mississippi is fighting to raise the National Youth Administration appropriation from $85,000,000 to $100.000,000. A drive for a $115,000,000 rivers and harbors bill is next. And the bars lhal were Inken down when Ihe Senate increased tlie farm bill are likely to stay down. Key West. Fla.. has an elevation only n feet above tlie level of the sea. HlyilievilJe Gasoline At STATE LINK ['RICES (i Gals, for $1.00 JOYNER OIL CO. U. S. Highway Cl, Norlh A( Kcd Top Gin inativp Ernie Lombard!, who figures 75 per cent level; said ... „„.,„ t . abandoning tile idea of parity, and lhal "future events may call for some appropriation to this cud." All the Senate did was walk through that door, egged on by .such leaders as Senators Russell, Bankhi'ad and Lee. On past performance, it was even fairly moderate. Thus— For the 1939 fiscal year. Congress gave Ihe Department of Agriculture SI.139.73S.OOO, iiicindhi" $212.000,000 for parity. For 1010°! il voicd si.27W05.o6o. including'j American Legion Arena S22a.COO.000 for parity. What the t>nrdI,jvhojigiircs_SciiBtc did was raise 'a budget es- Special Match—-No Time Limit—No Holds Barred vs. JOE DillMAN vs. FLOYD BYRD Monday S p. m. RIGIDAIRE "Cold-Wall" Now at New Loiv Prices! Wc'rc now showing the refrigerator tint will stay modern for years to come. It's the Frigid'airc "Cold- Wall" built on an entirely new principle of food rotcction. Brings life-preserving cold to your foods in a new way that keeps them from drying out. Sives vitamins, saves freshness, color. S.n-cs vital food juices days longer. Come in. New low pticcs are now in effect See this new miracle of food- kccping-the l ; ri.gidairc"Co!d-\VaH" at our store today. Greatest Advance In Home Kcfrigeration In 25 Years! 206 W. Main St. ;«-H FARMER TERMS: 1-3 DOWN 1-3 THIS FALL 1-3 FALL 1941 HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. /. W, Adams, Manager Phone 233

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