The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 18, 1926 · Page 14
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 14

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Tuesday, May 18, 1926
Page 14
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THE IXDIAXAPOLlS STAK. TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1926.' 14 Indianapolis Defeats Louisville, ? to 4; Trade Is Made With Giants I IMIS HIT IT OPPDHTUNE TIME TO BEAT RllS Deberry and Henry Both Clouted Hard Yoter ; r Proves a Star. BY V. BLAINE PATTOV, Sports Editor The Star. IWNIE BUSH'S Indians transferred the hostilities from Louisville, where two games were divided on Sunday, to the local yard yesterday and defeated the league leaders by a 7-to-4 count. Both Henry unci Dt-berry were hit hard, but the Tribe bunched Its blown trltor than the Colonels and this is what decided a Fee-saw tilt in widen first one club then the other would forge to the front. Incidentally. Elmi-r Yoter was a bit-' fat-tor In making it a large afternoon for the Iiushmen. His triple in the third chased two runs In and then hi; scored himself, and his single In the eighth added another. IXHiisvllle will be met again this afternoon and then the locals wili go over to Toledo and Columbus before returning home to play the Colonels live games starting on Friday of ntxt week. TK1IIK SCOItrS FIRST. The Tribe got a-aay to a run lead in the opening stanza in which a c'ouble play t-u down 'he chances for more tallies. Four hit.- in all wire chalked up in the round. Matthews led off with -i sMfe bunt and nftr-r Sicking popp.d out Russell sent Matty on lo third with a single, from wlr-p- he scored on Stophi nson's single to :ih'. Holko beat out an inlleld bit to till the sacks, and Schrelbi-r hit Into a two-ply killing, lX-berry to DeVuraior to Colter. The visitors got a man around In Hi; econd to knot the count at 1 all. Cotter beat oul an infield bit, ivacht--I eecond on Betzcl's out. and tallied or-DeVormer's two-cushion wallop. In the fourtli the Colonels got two more around. Cotter led oft" with a ilngle and Bethel followed with fin- ma to leu wniui sent ins mate 01. m third, but was caught at second at-"emptlng to stretch the blow. A sacrifice fly registered Cutter and I)c r-mer crashed the pellet over the low Wail In left for a hom r. YOTER C'LKAKH HACKS. In the Tribe's half of the same ln-lilng, three runs wen: counted to put the locals In the lead. 4 to 3. Ste-phenion and Schrelber ,ot on with singles and Yoter hit to deep left center lor three basis to- clear the I'Hgs and tallied iiiiiistlf on Florence's i ingle to tenter. Henry ended the rally by ruling Into a double play. The Colonels tied it up In their turn ft the fifth and the Indians came bai k with another in thulr chance to keep the lead. Hits by Pltto.nger, ;uyv.n nd Kills accounted for the visitors tally, while a hit, a walk mi ! it single by Holke gave the Tribe its run. In the eighth the Bushmen clinched It by scoring two more on Holke's triple, an error by PeVormer and a single by Yoter. Tnn game In figures: INDIANAPOLIS. AB 3 mi ro A Matthews, rf 3 1 1 1 0 kln. 2h 4 0 0 3 4 fcussHl, rf 3 8tHi,henson, If ... 3 Holke. It 4 H-hreiher, ss 4 Yoter. 3b 4 Florence, c 4 Henry, p 4 Totals H3 7 : LOtmvILLE, AB R Plttenger, ss 6 1 Guyon. rf 3 0 Anderson, cf .... 3 0 Kills. If 4 tl Cotter, lb 4 2 Hetzel. 2b 4 0 Shanks. 3b 2 0 l)Vormer, c 4 1 Jieberrv, p 3 0 Gaffney 1 0 BU PO 2 4 Totals 33 4 1 4 14 12 Batted for littberry hi ninth. Jndlan'polls 1 0 0 3 1 0 0 2 - 7 LoullvllU. . 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 1) 04 Two-base hits 1 leVonuer (21. Yoti-r. Three-base hits oter, Hoike. Home run l)e Vormer. Ka'-nfices ' luyon. Anderson, Shanks. Double plays Deberry to IteVormer lo Cotter; Hhahks to lli-tzcl to Cottar; Srhrelber to lloike, Hf-brelber to Sicking to Holke; Hetzcl to Shanks: Voter to HlrklliK to HniUe. Ift on bases Indianapolis. a: I.wu!svH1p, 6. Hases on bulls Off Ht'niy. I; ,,lf le-berry. 2. Struck out My I'd. city, 1; by Henry. 1; Hit by t.i!-,cr - Hv- !-hpri l ilupsell I. I'mpln-s -''hill ;iinl 1'eri. Time 1 :43. j A(i A INST1 ' I HI' R WELL WILL PITCH THE COLONELS TODAY. Th percentage table shows the Tribe In sixth position and still the team is only one full game ond place. OUt of S'l In spite of being where they are, the Hushmen have either won or broken COXTINI KO OV I'AOK FIFTKKN. H!JII(!lll!III!lllilll!ll!El!li:iS!iL Because WE Save! It doesn't cost us much to run our business (our rentals are low; our operating costs are small; we conduct a strictly cash business). Therefore, it doesn't cost you much to buy Hauler's FINE clothes. They are bought with the association of .39 stores they are sold at the smallest margin of profit known to the clothing business! We repeat COME SETTS AVE. AM) Hauler Clothiers and 25 Vcars on First Mock tfS J":. Atf2&S '.on, JftSSs Sr ."xsw' vimr- . "JliuUie Figures in Deal (Pholo by Star Staff 4 J. . PA I'll "PKPPEK" 'Ml J ' ! . 'J . " mm 'nf km if vf? r $m it i 1fc M ft f, rffW. tl s ..1 , i I x ' X J4 f J1-J 1 U ' ' ' I Paul "i'epper" Florence, Indianapolis catcher, figured prominently in a deal yesterday between the local ball club authorities and the New York Giants. Florence goes to McGraw's team as G rover Hartley conies to1 the Indians accompanied by Pitcher Jack Visner, who is acquired through the Fitzsiminons deal last season. Florence originally came to the Tribe from the Giants and has been playing a Kn at game behind the bat. SPEEDWAY GOSSIP. Preparations for the fourteenth $100,0t)0, to be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway I from next Monday, entered the last of the nominations for the great gasoline derby already on the ground and whirling off practice laps. Two of the French built .Schmidt Specials an- at the track with 1.. K Conim, cowinner with the late Joe Ilnycr nf the 11)'J4 race, chief driver ami .Steve .Vemlsh, Corum's former mechanic In the driver's scat of tde other. The third Schmidt Speelal entered, with the elrirer unnamed, and the two English built entries, the Eldrldge Specials are on the high seas, as well us Albert iiyot the -'ren.-limnn, and Ills Guyol Special. ' Harry Miller, builder of the Miller Specials, arrived with his son, Ted, and his wife accompanied by I hive Lewis, Karl Cooper and a corps of mechanics. Lewis and Cooper will bu pilots of front wheel drive cars, while Bennett Hill and Jules KUingboe, Miller stable entries, will be at the wheel of conventional cars. l'eter Krels, who was leading the Italian (.rand Prix at Moniu, Turin, Italy, last yenr, after his participation in the Butt-mile race here, driving an American car when he lilt a curve too fast and turned over, Is ready to wheel his Job on the track. . The new front-wheel cars of ninety-one and one-half cubic Inches piston dif placement, being displayed here for the first time, arc real works of mechanical art and Dave Lewis and K'irl Cooper ;d ouid prove va c' litcnder.i C the cars trav-i as well nt tiwy ap-I cm r. The Schmidt itis- curs of the other cur.': at straight eight Specials ore slx-cylln-Kieesc vale lype, while the track are of the variety. The first for- elgn arrivals carrying the blue racing ; colors of France are built low sod i'ne rsilhln'.s are walling an opportunity to see them In a brush with some of the American models. . wiiili-: many of t71k caks auk brim; torn mown hy the mkohan'ios and a km jjeino Snve to $2 on your Straw lints nt Hunger's UP OX SAVE! MASSACHU- Clothes Matters Maxsarhusef t Ave. With Giants, Photographer ) MiOKEXCE. international fiOO-mile ace for i week lap yesterday with the majority HAI'IDLY TlKIH'll.T. 4TIIK KAlIi-r.lilDS AHK OI LI NT, VP THK1K STOP WATCH NS V'Olt Till-: AK-1 1 10 N'T I'RACTICU I'KI! lOil WHICH WILL TWO OX IX I'lAHNKST WITHIN A DAY OH SO. For the first time In many years practically every motor stall In the Sp'-edway's gasoline alley Is filled and there are many restless mechanical horses sheltered under the long roof of the pnddork Karai;es ready to scamper fh the summer air on the Indianapolis bricks with the agility of colts. The following contributions to the lap prize fund were reported Monday: Charles Mayer & Co., ltobblns I tody Corporation, Prestollte (2), Cleveland Automobile Company, Dayton Steel Foundry Company (3), Continental Motors Corporation (.), Horg and Heck, O. 1J. Hnskett Lumber Coin-puny, Lincoln hotel, Lycoming Manufacturing Company (1), Henkel Randall Company, Ktudebaker Motor Corporation (.1), Pratt and Iambert, Interstate Iron and Steel Company and Standard Oil of Indiana. This brings the total subscriptions to 100. There will be a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce at noon today to work out details for putting the Irive over. Mow Tue PONiLS Finished ' JAMAICA. I'lrtt (V mile; 3-v n r-olils ; (irtif e. 1 to 4 : i'l. I to iluiminK: putse, 1 1 .lt(i0 I M arv 111 I McAillirre , 2 to I, 7 to 111. l.;uly Hasina, 113 t Sorrell , . 7 i, 2: lonesome. Ill (Kills), 2 to li. Tuns. I : 1 a k ( J a net t a Mn lulled Pt'f'uml. hut un liiu:i.lnd i. ilurianm alnu mn, S('M)iil Hai-r (1 nill and 70 yanU; 3-yrar-olds nnd up; maidenn; olnimintr; iurF. $i,(kiI) llrnnliwood, 112 ( H. MrupnltiKi, 9 to 2. 2 to I, even; I'tjfnlfv, 102 (Hudlnm, fi to 1. ,1 to 1: Phuko, 107 (!Urvei, 7 to 6. Time, 1:4Vfc. Vl, Ttnptti. Hp n h t p , ('npa Horn, Mlfl, (inldeti (Ircrn ninl (lain N'ltcht nlo run, Third Itftpf (5 furlonH; (iiffnUld ' 'IftlriInK HtaltPn ; 'l ynr-olds; pur, $2.00 Rddt-df lTiU'l Hood. 122 (Hnndpt, K in s, 7 lo 10, 1 (n 3; No Regrta. 114 (HhHrpp). ft to 1, h to 2; CRprtmrn. 112 (MfAtfr), 6 to 5. Time, 1 :M. f't, H-t Kriend, Nppt AKflln. Pptr Ptr, Sturdy Htplla, Knntil and Policeman Jay hIpo rnn. Fourth Harp (d furlon; Chatham 1 1 and i cap ; 3-yrar-nldB and up; turv $1.2'h Hddpdi I-'iMUe. 116 (K. Bnrnpai, 1 ;i to 10, out, out ; Mlno, 1 1N ( Htinde). nut, out : PhfHunnt, 8 8 niavllandj. 7 to 5. Tlmo, 1 :13 b. Hillside and ttifpM n Token hIho mri. Fifth Ttiict' f6 furlongs; 3-ypnr-olds; (i 1 low h nee.: purf J 1 , 0 0 0 HiiHtitiiilwp, Mo i I Fnt.or, to I to H, out; LHiotiho. 115 (F.lll). 2 to 6- out; Mflyn, 11") ( Handt't, out. Time. 1:13V tiaivt h u tid H Ik hlM'tdfrt n I so ra n. 1 Sfxt li liai'f ' " f urlont" ; 2- p r-old 1 inn Idt-ns ; al htw a )' h ; put 1 1 ,iiK) i fhropa. IIS Ffttor), 1 :i to &, 7 (o lit. 1 to ; Mormaf!:, 1 1 H ) MnntU-2 to 5. I I to 6; PrumiroM- Hoy, 1 1 S iMal'ent, 4 to :,. Thnp. !artv Fciod, S-ttvr, Iluyai MiKliniFM and -d(Ili)K Hells a l(i ran. AT I Ol 1SV1I.I.K. First Kaoe ( 8 xh furlongf; 3-year-olda and up; clalmlnR, ihmno, $l,2u0i (Jran-Hp Warp, 110 iZurchlnh, f 4. 80, $4.40. $3,60: Mftnapy. 96 iKviini, JS.SO, $15, 2J; Waponoca, 110 M.PKrrti. $4.20. Tlm, 1:10. Roan Mint, J'rudy, VS'plcome, Jolly Hny, Trlnkut, Antiquarian and FatiHto alfo ran. Second Harp i furlonif; ,3-year-olda nnd up; maldnH; rlauni; purap, $1 ,Tfl0 I- l-ovat I-pRlon, 1'Hi ( j. Johnann,, $i 60. $7.4, $5.20; Kalaba. mo iPlchonl. $:4. $31. SO; Amir. l-4 j Flnnertv. $K SO. Tlmp. 1:26. t ira KufiK Wucpn Na-varrp. Iouble Star, VUarnlirr. I'recp-dt'iicp.. Tribal. Wufhoc, ipn Hand, hir tatna. Mamola, Unotf ie and I la dig ny iilo ran. Third Rnr" 1 3 -1 ii m i)v ; 3-vpar-nl la and up; clfilmliiR ; porae. $l.;u0i l.ailv Von (I'nVmtfl Sj.'tiO to t ti'l. fjla.'k (rnirklr. 10 ( Rpnhnin i, i . $4. SO; VtM'ifU Mt") Step i.m. SI il.Hu. Thiih, 2:01. HI ue Sprrp, Jlamli in. I icspnlr, Hroad Ak V'ontror and Hmrmrt.-M' alf ran. Fourth Hac ( 1 uj f ;i r ln k : Highland rut'i"p . l' - "h r-o'd: a ! 1 t w Dili' e v , niii"p. II ao-u foinradp 11.1 (Sf(d-)p. $14". f-!n: Khalifa. IK. HV ii;t-nr. $t40. $.". L'O ; Kport Trnit. I 1 (.Me laxnart I. $2 fiO.' Tim'. :4 2:.. Itpiip l: hHn. I rnr-born. Ihitor Hen. Trppk Indian. , Royal Julian, lvnarno and Mll- Frun- dlsn i'hh. Fifth Ram f 1 1-16 miles; I,ouifl lllp HotPl Handlnap: Jl-ypar-oilt and up. purap, $'J,000) Captain Hal, 124 ( K, ! A Race S NATHURLERSTO REGISTER, 12 TP 5 Washington Held to Seven Blows, While Cleveland Gets Nineteen. WASHINGTON, May 17. (JP) Cleveland battered three Washington pitchers today to win the second game of the series, 12 to 5. The Indians collected nineteen hits while Buckeye and Karr held the Sen ators to seven. Score : Cleve. ABH O Al Vnh. ABH O Jamiesn.lf 4 11 4 2 1 (42 HiH.HilitIi,!, 6 2 4 (32 C'P.ecelrfo.rf 410 3 2 1 4joslln.lf . .. 3 1 3 4 2 6 0 JudK.l--. 3 0 1 1 0 4 0 Bluege,3. . 4 4) 2 6 17 0 Pecks.... 3 0 0 5 3 2 0 Myer.s 1 0 0 2 1 (I 1 Huel.c 3 2 4 2 10 0 Ruether.p. 2 0 0 S 1 2 0 (igden.R. ..000 i Kericusull.p 0 0 0 I Tate 1 0 0 purKon,2. Hpeaiier.rf J.Hewell.s. Hurns.l . ., Kliode.l . . Kumma.rf. I.utzke,3 .. Hu keye.p Ksrr.p. . . IKeweli.c 0 Totals. .41 1 27 131 Totals.. .33 'Batted for Ogdun In eighth. 7 13 Cleveland ls0S2Ji Washington . S1010000 412 0 6 Errors Burns 3, Huekeye. MeNeeiy, B, Harris. Judge. v Kuns McNeely. . Harris, Kerelrfo, Rtiel (21. Two-J.s hits McNeely, Kumma. Buckeye, Kuel, S. Harris, Jiurns. flpeaker. Three-haae hits Bpeaker, L. riewell. Sacrifices Speaker. Ooslln. Juriire, Punther. Mi-Neelv, Spurgeon. Double plays 3. Harris to Pckinpaugli lo Judpe. 1-eft on hases t'leveland, 9: Washinston, 7 .. Hases on balls Off Buckve 2: orr Huether, 3; off Ogden. 1 ; off I-'rinison, 1. Struck out Hv Karr, 1: by Ruether. 2 Hits Oft Buckeye, S In 4 InnlnKs; nff Ituelhbr. 13 in 6. InnlnKs; on iva.ri I vi f. nn inir' rtfT (irOPn. .1 HI -.3 in-. Wln- hi..--. f t.-n,'...,i n i 1 Innlnr " iin niteher ftuether. Umpliee HIMebrtvtU, Howlani and Kvans. Time 1 : r, 9. TANKICEH 1UMP 5 TO 3. Slith Blmisht for Iluemen Meusel (racks Fifth Homer. NEW YORK. May 17. UP! The Tanks clicked off their sixth straight victory today. hentlliK the White Sox 5 to 3, In the second of the series. r"" hit his (Ifth homer of the season. IThan Shocker kent ten lis jell .nmi. .cttttered to chalk lus fifth victory of the year. Score rhi AB it o A is. ) AB If O MosUl. rf (i 1 OiKoenlK.s. . , 4 1 4 11 2k:omis,i f . . (31 1 OehrlK,l... 4 1 S 2Kuth,rf... 1 0 0 0 Mnusel.lf.. 4 2 2 0l,a7.zerl.2.. 3 0 4 llOazella,3.. Ill ('P.Colllns,c. 4 0 3 liSuocker.p. 0 2 1 10 1 3 H uncfld,3. KColllns, 2 RheHly.l . . Barrett, rf Valk.lf . . . Harris, rf. M ct'urdy.l t'rouse.c. . .. Bill nshp.p Galley. . . Kdwrds.p. 'Morehart Kamm. .. 3 12 3 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 tl 0 0 0 1 110 1' 1 o o o 57 10 24 111 Totals.. .27 8 27 JO 'Batted for Blankenshlp In seventh 'Batted for Scott in iniii". Batted for Edwards in ninth. Chicago 00()2000 18 New Yo'rk:. 0 0 0 2 0 S 0 0 Errors Harris. Lo uteri. Runs Most 1. Hunnelleld. Morehart. Gelirig. tutn. . hcI (2). Gaiella. Two-base lilts l-alk . CM Scott Morehart. Home run Meusel. !.:'.'. ,:.-,A.i.n.erl! Hunnelleld. Col- iT... a.Vria',..Hh, cker (2). KoenlK. Meusel. Double piay,P Collins o Koellig; Harris to Hunnelleld Left on bases N-v York. 8: Chicago. 10 Bases ,,, ,Ills-off Shocker. 8; off Blanke.hU.. 8; nff Kciwards. 3 fl'K ou'm. shocker. 3; bv Jilankenshlp, 4. IJI' Off Hiankenship. 8 in innings: off vd-warrls 0 In 2 InnlnKs. Losing pitcher nfnnl'emihlp. fmplres-Nallln. Ormsby and Connolly. Time 1:5. ATHLETICS WALLOP TIGERS, 5-1. Marks Score All Runs In First Session i off Ktoner. 'PHILADELPHIA, Fa., My IT. OP) The Athletics made It two straight over Iietrolt todsy by winning, 6 tp 1. "h-rielphia scored all h.r runs in th "rst inn ng off Lll Stoner. Well, blanked the Ms-ks with three hits and fanned seven during the balance of the game. The Tigers made, half of their hits oft Qulnn lu the nlnili and averted a shut-niit. Score: Dot. ABH O A Phlla. AB H O Hlue.l . . .. ( ;ehrngr,2 0iBlshop,2 1 1 iCochrane.c 0 I.amar.lf . . (i Hauser.l . . 0 . 2 Dykes, 3. . . 1 Mlller.rf . . Oldalloway.s 1 Qulnn, p. . . li II 1 3 0 0 1 16 1 2 0 3 2 0 0 2 0 0 i Wlngo.if.. i onu.ei . . . Manush.rf dKouik.3 Tavener.a. Hetlman. Hasslei-.c. Stoner, p.. Wclls.p. .. Totals.. 32 6 24 71 Totals.. .29 6 27 11 'Batted for Tavener In ninth. Detroit.... 00000000 1 1 Phila...... B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Errors Wlnro. O'Bourke. Runs Wlngo. Bishop, Cochrane. Hauser. Simmons. Dykes. Two-base hit Hauser. stolen base Simmons. Sacrifices Uniar, Cochrane, Tavener. Left on buses Detroit, 6; Philadelphia, 7. Hases on balls Off Btoner. 3; off W e Is. 2; off ijuliin. 1. Struck out By Mells, 7; by guiiin, 1. Hits Off Stoner. 3 in s Inning- off Wells. 3 In 7' Innings. Losing pitcher Stoner. empires Owens, del-sel and Moriarlty. Time 1 .ill. Hole-in-One Club. KVAN'SVILLK, Intl.. May 17. P) Mm. C. Q. Speck of Kvansville today mndp ft bolp-ln-one on the ninth hole of the country club roume, a JttVyard drive It i the. aecond time auch a fat hn roume by been aoinpliehed cm the a woman. wi" "M n H'-wwn" tm nmmm INDIAN HAMMER T Ha SiBpe gd& is Comaitg Murphy-Hickenbacke? Co. 436-40 North Capitol Ave. Lincoln 7554 IiIiiiIiii'iIIiim'Tmi FREE Inspection and Adjustment of Your GABRIEL SNUBBERS GABRIEL SNUBBER SALES & SERVICE CO. 1111 X. Illinois Street. Phone: Circle .5014 SENATORS POUND SIX HURLERS TO DEFEAT MUDHENS BY S TO 5 Harris Checks Rally in Fourth and KHolds Toledo Safely for Remainder of Game. TOLEDO, O., May 17. (JP) Columbus won Its sixth victory of the season, here today, defeating Toledo, 8 to 5. Stueland started the game for Columbus, but was wild and was taken out in the fourth with the bases full and nqne out. Harris succeeded him, checked the rally and held the Mudhens safely the rest of the game. Toledo used six pitchers. Nemo I,lc-boid sprained his ankle sliding into second in the third and had to be carried from the field. Score : Col. AB H O Tol. ' Sroh. J AB H O Mnosky.lf. 4 2 2 3 u Mlller.s. .. Ballet. Kr, 3 Utirlnii-S.l KeKan.2. . I.eihold.rf. 'Ktrand.rf Mfuter.c, Ktuelna.p. Harris, p.. 4:Masulre,2. t 0 4 1 0 0 10 1 4 (l Lebivsu.rf. 1 iVeach.if . .. OIP.avGrms.l 6, Oit'rban.c. . . OIKnsllah.s.. 1 1 2 0 1 13 0 3 0f'oimolly,s a.Tunney.p.. O'johnson.p. Myers. . . . Ca"avan,p. Thomas.p. Mi Nmra.p 'Schliebnr. Woulfolk.p Totals. .33 10 27 1J Totals.. .32 7 27 17 'Ran for Leibold in third. 'Batted for Johnson In fourth. Batted for English In eighth. Batted for McNamara In eighth. Columbus.. 30102002 0 S Toledo 10021001 0 5 Errors Miller, English. Runs Meno-skj, Miller, Ballenger (21. Orimes, Lang-ford, Regan, M"Uter, Oroh. Mus'llis. l.obourvcau, Veach (21. Two-uae hits Lifthuld, ' Veach, Lebourveau, Ballenger. Three-hasn hit Groh, Home run Meno-i-ky. Sacrldces Hlueland. Regan. Con-i.'.lly. Double pltys Oroh to Magulre to Grimes; Ktgan to lllller to Grimes. Ieft on bases Columbus, 8; Toledo. 7. Bases on bails Off Johnson. 2; off Stueland. 4: off Canavan, 1; off Thomas 1: off McNamara. 1; off Harris, 2. Struck out By Thomas, 2; by Wolfolk. 1; by HarrK 3. Hits Off Tur.nev. 4 in 'A Inning; off Stueland, 3 in 3 Innings (pitched to four men in fourth): off Johnson, 2 In 34 Innings; oft Harris 4 In IS Innings; off Canavan, 1 In Inning; off McNamara. 2 In Inning; off Thomas. 1 In 2 innings; off W olfolk. 0 in 1 Inning. Hit by pitcher Bv Johnson (Meuter. Mi-nosky); bv Canavan (Grimes). Wild pitch Stueland. Winning pitcher Harris. Losing pitcher Tunney. Umpires-Powell and McGrew. Time 2:10. IvAWS DROP BREWERS. 6-5. Olsen Hit Hard, but Given, Excellent Support. MILWAUKEE, Wis., May IT (Pi Kansas City scored a 6-to-S victory over Milwaukee today, scoring five of their runs In the fourth inning on cornblna tlon or four hits and two n was lilt hard all the way, b asses. Olsen ut was given CONTINUED ON PACE FIFTEEN. GOLF AS CHAMPIONS TI.AT IT. Cutting down GOLF EXPENSE Use spar? clubs IN WET WEATHER Ifyou LOSE MANV BALLS USE THt? now can the average man cut down the expense of golft BY BODBY C1U ICKSIIANK, One of America's Greatest Players. The first thing that I would get woud bo a set of the best clubs and all the necessary equipment besides. In very wet weather I would use spare wooden clubs In order to save tne good ones. Many people think they can save expenses by getting cheap clubs, but these do not last long. nrst ten Dest scorers ana meir oraer If a player loses lots of bulls or i of finish follow: Mrs. J. E. Cady, cuts them up badly, use a chenp bpll Mrs. I-i. C. Stevenson, Mrs. C. H. Mc-lr, the first place and 1 uy one with a Caskey. Mrs. H. J. liuchsnan, Mrs. rmiirli cover In the ccir.(l. See tint the clubs are oiled slightly now and then, so that the shafts will retain tiieir life. As regards the fees, duci; and social side of the expenses, that is a rhatter for the player's own inclination. Much expense is involve 1 in the many Indiscretion of committeemen who do not know the first thing about running a club. III I IM I Ill ft ASEBALL STANDINGS and CALENDAR AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Pet. .800 .5S .561 .fi.1t .533 JS17 .483 .207 lxmisvllle 18 Toledo 1 Kansas Ur 16 St. Paul - 16 Minneapolis If 12 13 13 13 14 14 15 3 INDIANAPOLIS t 15 Milwaukee 14 Coluinbus , 6 AMERICAN LEAGUE. W. New York 20 Washington 20 Philadelphia IS Cleveland 16 ( hi. ago 17 Uttrolt 14 Boston ft Bt. Louis Pet. .090 .803 .61 .662 .631 .47 .286 .267 NATIONAL LEAGUE. W. L. ret. .667 .630 .630 .600 .469 ,4 67 .379 .276 Cincinnati .. Brooklyn ... Chicago .... PlttshurKh ., St. Louis .. New York . . , Philadelphia Boston 20 10 10 10 14 17 111 18 21 17 17 14 H 14 11 t YESTERDAY'S RESULTS. AMERICAN' ASSOCIATION. INDIANAPOLIS, 7; I-ouis-ville, 4, v St. Paul, 8: Minneapolis. 2. Columbus, 8; Toledo,5. Kansas- City, 6: Milwaukee, 1. AMERICAN LEAdlE. Cleveland, 12; Washington, 6. New York, 5; Chicago. 3. Philadelphia. 5; Detroit, 1. St. Loula-Boston (rain). NATIONAL LEAGl E. Now York. 7: Cincinnati, Chicago, 7; Philadelphia. Pittsburgh, 7; Brooklyn, (12 innings). Bt. Louis. 8; Boston, S. TODAY'S SCHEDULE. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. lAHiisville at INDIANAPOLIS. Columbus at Toledo, SI. Paul at Minneapolis. Kansas City at Milwaukee. AMERICAN LKAGCE. Chicago at New York, tit. Louis at Boston. Cleveland at Washington. Detroit at Philadelphia. NATIONAL LEAGl' E, ( Philadelphia at Chl:RRo. Brooklyn at Plttiburjfh. Kpw York, at Cincinnati, BOfetpn at St. Loula. NELSON AND ZIMMER TAKE PRO-AMATEUR Miss Roemler Wins Women's Tourney at Pleasant Run. Le Nelson, professional at the Indianapolis Country Club, teamed with Eddie ZImmer, former state amateur champion won the weekly proamateur golf tournament over the Country Club course yesterday afternoon with a best ball score of 7,'!. Chick Nelson, Riverside pro and J. AV. Early, Elverslde amateur won second plane with a score of 74 after a playoff with a team composed of Jock Collins, pro at the Kokomo Country Club and Bennett Bobhitt,, Kokomo amateur. Nelson shot a birdie 3 on the nineteenth hole to give hla team victory. Weather conditions were Ideal and the course was In fine condition for play. Twenty-six professionals and amateurs were entered. Miss Marjorle Roemler, with a card of lot, won JJie blind par eightcen-hole tournament held by the Indianapolis Women's Golf Association over the Pleasant Run course. Mrs. C. A. Jaqua was second and Mrs. A. J. Abbott was third. Par was set at 104 by the tournament committee. Others, the I Fred Ball. Miss Eleanor Taylor and Mrs. II. K. Hess. Where Thousands Have Been Cured Is the race ror iou 10 bo: I can point with pride to the many people of all ages that have come to me when they considered life not worth living, that today are enjoying all the health and strength that nature can eive them, and as a result, they are successful in their work and business. YOU SHOW ME AN Y, ONE WHO IS DESPONDENT, IHSHFVL, NERVOUS and not full of . energy, and I will show you an unsuccessful person who shuns, rather than enjoys, society.. No ordinary treatment will cure you. MY METHODS OE TREATMENT ARE BASED UPON DEFINITE SCIENTIFIC LAtfS. My method of treating Prostatic. Enlargement is by reducing It not by removing it. I cure Piles and other Rectal Diseases without surgery. I have extraordinary success In treating Rupture by reliable and painless methods, without recourse to the knife Diseases of the Kidney and Bladder are speedily healed, and the patient saved from fatal results which often follow neglected cases of long standing. Don't delay taking treatment for chronic pelvic diseases. Nervous ' troubles often have their seat in local causes which I can Ascertain and remove. n-.-Btlnr Thl. I Do Not re the Knife. 1 Do No Cutting. t wtil.IZIO IN PITPTITRE. 1 lVKKS PROSTATIC KNI.AROKMKXT, VAKKHM-KUO. HR,(,TI';l'J;'l I1ST-' ASKS OF TH K MT.APDKH, KIDNEYS, LIVER, STOMACH AN I 1 H nriYVMIJ s" ltHKl WATItiM. (iOlTKK by a imlnlesg and bloodies method OWEIrf, ItHKl R1A1I.M, Ulllll-.K U H innili:r biiu . lv l'eei Are Within Ihe Kem-h of All. 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"Working over in front of the timer's stand, McCoy feinted the Englishman into leading a right, and when it landed on top of his head, the Kid went down. As he groveled on the .canvas, he reached out of the ring, seized the glass of Scotch and tossed it down in one gulp. Immediately there was an uproar. The referee started to count In a hesitating way, not knowing what to do under the circumstances. The hesitancy of the referee gave McCoy several additional seconds. He arose much refreshed find finally won in twenty rounds. ' ' What would you have done had you been referee V Was it a foul or not? BUBBLING OVER TO GET HARD TRAINING FOR LATONIA DERBY LEXINGTON, Ky May 17. IF) Bubbling Over will remain in strenuous training for his next engagement, the Latonia Derby at Latonla Saturday, June 5, Barry Shannon, manager of Idle Hour farm; said today. The Kentucky Derby winner will remain with the other E. R. Bradley horses In training and will travel with them. In all probability Bubbling Over will be kept at Churchill Downs until the close of the meeting and then will go to Latonia. The North Star II-Keaming Beauty colt also Is eligible for the Fairmont Derby, Colllnsville, 111., and the latonla championship, stakes, the latter a rich event of the fall meeting. , He Is not eligible for the. Belmont Stakes. GET WELL PH. OSIJORX, who has been established la Indiana 27 years, believes that no curable person who was ever strong, and Is now weak, has a plausible excuse for remaining so. If you are not the person you once were, you are doubtless "the silent suffer'er from some hidden disease that affects one or more of the vital organs or nerve centers of the body. TITLES. FISTULA, FISMJRK, RECTAL -All-'.'. . ... "" fcXjlL I ! . - - - SI LONG FILLED JSlfT hand made, Sumatra wrapped, generously Hood jifhmMW , LONG FILLED jlHUIW real leaf, no scrap ywWiW'lllw LONG FILLED Jtw It burns better Imrnir . LONG FILLED JfllBiW&Mr it holds Its a;h wMP'rfSi Five cents never bought WmMiftWijP feL 4 Retail Dealer SuppUmd By XPMllyir'' j. n. moos co". Nfitffi' Actual Slz ST So. Meridian St. MAln 0507 I " - -- - -T - - - K I 1 Established in 1890 invt'OTiei' Avn t.KT THK rKori.E WHAT YOU CAN 1 u. r. i ROMISE." r. r- T?riinMATTfl - FLORENCE GOES; HARTLEY, VVISNER COME TO LOCUS Pitcher and Catcher Expected to Bolster Bushmen in Dash for Pennant. The Indianapolis baseball club and the New York Giants were involved In an important trade yesterday which will send Paul "Pepper" Florence, catcher, to the National League team, and bring a new battery to Ownle Bush's Indians Grover Hartley, catcher, and Jack Wisner, pitcher. Florence originally was obtained from McGraw after being signed by the Giants following a successful college career at Georgetown university. He has been catching regularly for the Tribe this season with Eddie Ainsmith out of the lineup owing to an injury to his shoulder sustained at the Hot Springs (Ark.) training camp of the' Indians early this spring. EXPECTED TO HELP, The addition of Wisner to the Tribe's hurling staff is expected to bolster up that department of the team. Last year he served as a right-handed relief twlrler for the McGraw men and played In twenty-five games, sixteen of which he finished. Of the Ifl7 batsmen that .'ai: '1 Urn, thirteen were U-'.icl: out, fourteen wera walked, two war hit owl thirty-three hits WeV aemtlfei off his delivery. Grover Hartley was the . Giants's most useful relief catcher last year and played In forty-six games. lie is a right-handed batter and thrower. His hatting average for the forty-six games was .316. He was at bat ninety- ' five times, secured thirty safe hits, for a total of thirty-three baaes. The Giants are playing at Cincinnati and will send both Hartley and Wisner here this morning. Florence will depart tonight to join McGraw's outfit at Pittsburgh tomorrow. j Wisner comes to the Iriflians in final' payment for Fred Fitzslmknons who . was sold to the Giants last 'season. ALTE TO MEET RYAN Booked for Speedway Card May 31 Atherton-Dun-. dee Matched. Tommy Ryan, McICeesport, Pa., bantamweight, was matched to box ten rounds with Merle Alte, Indianapolis, on May 31, the night following the annual 500-mlle race here. The boxers must weigh 124 pounds at S o'clock the afternoon of the bout. Midget Mike Dundee, Columbus, O., bantami, will meet Happy Atherton, Indianapolis, In another ten-round content on the same card. RUPTURE Can Be Cured Without the Knife AVOID THE OPERATING TABLE You need not be told of the suffering and agony resulting from the neglect of this awful affliction. 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